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Wish things were up to speed many things electronic things breaking down recently...

Best wishes for a fine holiday season to all.

New thread.


Here's the picture that you have been waiting for.
Still image is on, they are working with the video now.

New thread.


Sorry Folks, they are still having issues getting things online.  Here is a screenshot from the local feed I just grabbed.

New thread.

Monday Update

The Wednesday date was a little premature.  Here's is the projection from the tech folks:

"The new eagle camera install went well last Wednesday. I will be working with Ryan to clear up a vine that has wrapped around the signal antenna. Todd & I will be installing the new wire harness into the protective tubing sometime T-Thr. If all goes well the camera should be up by Monday."

Wed night

Night vision working good.

Wed. PM

Here's the new image, be online soon.    Note that they have been preparing the nest.


Friday update. 

I signed two of the procurements today, the third one next week.  We'll be scheduling a trip up the tree, around or just after Thanksgiving to replace the cam (which will have decent night vision).  In addition, we'll be adding some software that will improve the picture.

Have not seen the birds around, but I'm sure they are around.  This storm has disrupted a lot of the wildlife...

TGIF thread.


What a week.  Hope everyone weathered the storm ok.  We just got our power back last night.

I don't do this often, but I want to give you a link to a place I had the opportunity to visit this summer--Kingswood Camp for Boys.

For those of you who attended summer camp as a kid, like I did,  it will be familiar place.   I lived and worked in New Hampshire of and on throughout the eighties, and I can tell you there is no better place to spend some summer time than in the White Mountains.  Kingswood Camp is the classic camp, nestled on the wild an beautiful Lake Tarleton, called "Mother Tarleton" by those who have spent time there.

If you know a young man looking to have a life changing experience in the wilds of the White Mountains, this is the place.

New thread.

PS...we are working on the cam procurement, finally...hang in there.  As far as effects form the storm:  There is no apparent damage to the nest or tree, other than all of the leaves being blown off.  Have not seen…


I have been getting a number of questions on the cam replcement status.  Here's the scoop:

We are on a procurement freeze until 21 October.  After that, we can proceed with high priority purchase requests.  We'll do out best to get the cam and the tree service in there.  NCTC is also facing, along with the rest of the federal government a potential 8.5% across the board budget cut due to the pending sequestration.  That has an impact on our budget priorities.

We'll keep our fingers crossed...  New thread.


Pic of an adult eagle on the Shenandoah River, eyeing the biggest box turtle I have ever seen.

Fresh thread.


Sorry for the delay, been in training class this week.  Dr. Jim Siegel has noticed a few times that one of the eaglets has been hopping up onto a limb out of the nest. 

He is heading over soon to confirm that that is the case this time.

New thread.


New thread.   We all got a kick out of the behavior yesterday where the eaglets were being covered with grass by the adult.  We think it was to keep them warm in the wind and possibly shield them from a predator (although it's very doubtful a predator would get through the adults).


New week thread.

Wanted to do a quick plug for a program that NCTC hosts each year at NCTC called SC3.  This is a weeklong event that brings talented high school kids from across the nation to Shepherdstown.  This year there is a great speaker list, including the great writer, Barry Lopez, and a host of scientists, filmmakers, photographers and sustainable building experts.  Students take the skills they learn back to their schools and communities.

 If you know a high school student who might be interested, or a teacher that may have interested students, please take a look at the SC3 website: