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Shot above Priestly Rapids.

new thread.

one more

Sunrise on the St.John, last Friday at 5:00 am or so.

More St.John River Pics

Here's three new photos. The first shows myself and my buddy and Maine guide and canoe builder extraordinaire Pete Wallace, then the start of th St. John River at Baker outlet, and finally dinner a few days down the river.

St. John Eagle

Here's a shot of an eagle we saw on the second day of our St. John river float. Not the best picture, but a cool sight to see.


Back from the north. Snow, heat, and no bugs.

Saturday thread

here's a picture of the place we're headed, photo by the Nature Conservancy, an the canoes we're using, built by my friends Rollin and Pete.

in advance...


new thread. Pic by Suzanne.

I am heading up to Northern Maine in the morning for a river trip on the St.John River. Needless to say I will be away from computers and thus my next entry will be in a week of so.

NCTC visit pics

Here's a couple of pictures from yesterday's NCTC visit.


Foggy morning here, and the cam is reflecting the lack of visibility and solar energy.

New thread.

Update: Saw the male in the nest yesterday and he was continuing to build up the sides of the nest. Suzanne has pics of a visit this AM, they seem to be showing up right at dawn each day.


New thread.

With our lack of activity in the nest, this has prompted us to start a dialogue to plan the improvements to the cam that we had hoped to deal with last year. I'll keep you posted on the planning as we go forward.

Sunday night

new thread with a picture of a maine eaglet.


New thread.

Photo from Suzanne.