Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Today's obituary for Jo lets folks know that they can send checks in Jo's memory to the Eaglecam c/o me at the NCTC address.  I will forward anything I get to the Friends of the NCTC, who manage the eagle cam donation account.

For an alternative and quicker method for the eaglecam donations in Jo's memory, use this link .



Tuesday, July 19, 2016

In Honor of our Friend Jo

Many years ago this community came together around a pair of eagles setting up shop in a nest in the Eastern Panhandle.

This blog was started to provide folks with the early forum to discuss the eagles, and a tight community from around the globe quickly developed, called by some the Eaglet Momsters.

The leader of this group was Jo Lennox.  She was a friend to all, and was a tough advocate for her eagles.   Her advice and counsel was always welcomed, and she always spoke her mind and was relentless in ensuring that her cam was online and working.

Few people watched the birds more than Jo,  she knew them like family, and I'm sure they knew it. What an honor to have known her, and to be sure, she can now soar with her beloved eagles.

You all have been posting your fond memories of Jo.  Please continue to do so.  We will miss her, but her legacy will continue.



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