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Many thanks to those of you who sent the fruit bouquet.  It has been devoured by a grateful crew.  It was very kind of you to send it.

New thread.


New thread.


Some of you may know that we have had some drama with our birds the past few days.

We had indications that an intruder was in the vicinity of the nest on Saturday and again on Sunday morning.  Yesterday afternoon, our pair was involved with an extended altercation with another adult Bald Eagle who is likely interested in our pair's territory. 

One of our birds stationed itself on an adjacent tree watching, and soon, the other (likely the male) came flying across our entry road chasing another adult bald eagle.  These birds fought overhead while our other bird stationed itself in the top of the nest tree.  The fighting went on for some time, with the interloper bird was finally chased west away from the nest tree. 

We are not sure what the conclusion of this altercation was, but both of our birds are back in normal mode.  We'll see if there is any additional challenges.

Remember this is wild nature we are watching.  Nesting habitat is at a premium, thus nesting pairs will be ch…