Monday, November 19, 2012


New thread.


magpie said...

Well! this is GREAT Steve,
I just announced a SPLIT at post #200
now I can update that!

Many Best Wishes to you and all your Family and your Work Folks,
for a Happy Thanksgiving Week.
Thank you so much for all you do!

magpie said...

Good Morning all Eagle Pals....

Sayonara for a few hours, my to-do list is saying:

You're Behind, Magpie !!

Best Wishes on Everyone's Day

Prayers for Wellness and Peace...
xoxox ♥

Mema Jo said...

Good morning everyone - Thank you Steve for the fresh new thread - Glad you got the feather, Margy.

It's Monday morning and let's make the best of this new day! ♥

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good morning my eagle budlets!

Lolly said...

Good morning! Gollllleeeee...I slept late again! What has gotten into me?

Now, no time to chat! Must get busy!!!

Have a great day!

NatureNut said...

Wow! A new thread. Thank you Steve and good day to all the Eagle Buds.Such a pleasant day,did some plant work outside, now time to come in and shovel the house!

Hoda said...

Good morning/ good afternoon everyone.

I am tired after yesterday's work with the African Dinner so do not have much to do today except writing reports on how to improve on the kitchen work and how to improve on the glitches we glitches go away glitches!!!

Thinking of ANNE MARIE wishing you well and quick healing. It was fun to see your pictures on FB with your theatrical production...

Google does not have special design on my page here JUDYE...

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone...

Snow is thick on the mountains...35cm of fresh snow!!! Rain in town...

Have an awesome day all.

Steve Chase said...

There was an eagle in the tree at 12 Noon.

Hoda said...

Thanks STEVE for letting us know...I so look for when we have the camera up and running.
Happy thanksgiving to you and to your family.
Happy Thankgiving to all at NCTC.
Thank you all.

Hoda said...

We are coming close to the 6000 dollar mark for our African Dinner and NO absolutely NO OVERHEAD COSTS!!! Even the donation to the United Church for the use of their hall came from Save-on Foods, one of the grocery stores...we have two more gift certificates which we will convert to cash and donate to the Stephen Lewis Foundation. We did not need to use all the gift certificates that we got...Amazing is it not???

DanaMo said...

Tired, tired, tired. Half day to go!

Kay said...

Oh, Happy Day ! Thank you STEVE, both for the nice new thread and for the nest news ! MARGY is right, we can go back in time and envision the usual nest activties while the cam is non-existent. Looking forward to 2013 nestorations and nestcapades !

Had a delightful holiday meal with Julie's family last night. Such a happy occasion as we gave thanks for her renewed health and my progress ! So looking forward to having Malcolm here to give me his unconditional love over the holiday !

Wishing GLO safe travel and a nice visit !

And thinking of all my dear Eagle Buds as this shortened work week is completed, shopping is done, meal preparations begin to fill homes with delightful aromas...hmmm such delightful moments ahead with much to be thankful for !


Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

(((HUGS))), DanaMo! Hang in there!
Say, I've read back as far as I could, but think I may have missed a post or two from you. What ever happened with Boomer, after he urped up a sock? Have been concerned about him. Hope he's doing OK! Golly, in the last couple of days I've gotten a dime and Ken's pedometer away from Miss Emma! She is relentless! The pedometer now has numerous toothmarks on it, but still works OK. Emma still works OK, too. Yikes!

Happy to see that Steve saw an eagle at the Sycamore Palace! Hope we get our new camera soon. I can hardly wait!

Loretta, I'm with you--I've been busy "shoveling" the house today!
Once Ken and Emma head for bed tonight I'll have to vacuum the rest of the house. Emma is terrified by the vacuum! She feels safe in her crate, though, which is in the bedroom.

Better run now. Ken will be home from work before long, and I've got some stuff to do online before he gets here! Will check in later tonight, after dinner. Have a good day, everyone. Prayers for all continue from this roost.
I ♥ us!!!

JudyE said...

Home from work and find a fresh brand spanking new thread
now gotta read the emial ones and the new thread pretty light reading now days
count down to the eagle cam being installed huh

JudyE said...

MARGIE did you do your own honeydolist I got a list longer than my arm and it just keeps getting longer and longer A shovel wouldn't do here would need a bulldozer and heavy equipment LOL

no special design on our Google page either is today a special day that I have missed something????
COOL BEANS STEVE saw one of our regal eagle today LOVE IT

HODA that is fantastic news on the money you all raised KUDOS to all of you that worked on it pat yourself on you back you deserve a round of applause

Hoda said...

Thanks JUDYE

Headed off to Yoga BBL

Lolly said...

Just checking in! Well, just so you know, I am getting tired of Steve spotting our eagles!!! What about us? Only kidding, of course! We are thrilled when he gives us a sighting report!

Baked cornbread for dressing today, also made fresh cranberry sauce. Have a great recipe that calls for maple syrup and apple cider. Yum!

Eagle-Eyed's Sissy said...

Here is an update for our new thread from Nicole: Slow and steady...Isaac continues to do very well. Chuck and I were able to be trained on some of his physical therapy today. We asked to be as involved in his care as possible and we feel grateful to be helping him in a way that makes us feel a little like his Mommy & Daddy again. We don't have any specifics on the measurements of the gap at this point, but feel certain that the Lord's hand is guiding and blessing as it has been so evident throughout this entire process.

Eli is having the time of his life with my parents right now and we talk to him daily. Eli always wants to know first and foremost about his baby brother and is excited to see him "without his tube & machine".

Denver & Cheryl arrived yesterday and it has been wonderful to have some company. I'm not sure where we would be without the wonderful support network we have...God is good ALL the time!

I cannot thank you all enough for everything you have done for us. I really do love us!! There is a pic over on FB and Caring Bridge.

Sandi said...

Good evening my eagle friends! Thanks Steve, for the new thread and for the news about spotting one of our eagles. Like others, I cannot wait til I can see them again with my own 2 eyes!

Hoda, what a great return on your time investment - almost $6000!!

Glad to read a positive update on little Isaac - prayers continue for him and for his family.

One work day down and one to go for me - woohoo!!

Later all!

paula eagleholic said...

I have a short week too! 2 more days, whew!

Thanks for the update on our pair, Steve.

Warming up some chicken soup for dinner, got a sore throat that needs to GO AWAY!

I need one of those shovels too. Are they magic? LOL!

Mema Jo said...

Hoda - your successful dinner money raised is awesome! No overhead is the way to run a benefit of any kind. ♥

Thanks for the report on the sighting, Steve. Jenny & Aaron also sighted this afternoon our eagles over the river as they crossed the bridge! Yahoo! Come on Cam!


magpie said...

Well we might as well apply for group rates for shovels, small bulldozer, Bobcats and so on!

Good Evening Eagle Pals...

What a lovely report from Nicole regarding Isaac....♥

Hoda, Bravo, Clap Clap Clap on the African Dinner and all who helped make it happen !

magpie said...

Oh wow Jo...Aaron and Jenny seeing OUR Eagles- Magical !
Happy Thanksgiving !

I am loving these reports from Steve also....I just cannot eke out the time to ride down there these days...yet !

magpie said...

Sore throat! NO !!
Not allowed!
I guess you know the salt water gargle routine...
really does some good, sometimes,
as yucky as it can be

Mema Jo said...

I am having a relaxing evening - mainly playing catch up- I have not ordered Christmas cards yet - Perhaps I would be forgiven if I used the beautiful Jacquie Lawson e-cards. We'll see.

So thankful for Chuck and Nicole day with their son. Prayers to continue!

I am closing down for now - AOYP to all
Good night ♥

NatureNut said...

Checking in after some shoveling. Need to do more!
Paula, you can't have a sore throat! Stay away from cold water! I looked up the terrapins on Wiki and it said some of the Fall hatchlings may stay in the nest all winter!The rest of them dig under the mud. Also cool is that the temp. of the nest determines what sex all that clutch will be!!!!!
Didn't vacuum the whole house, but what I did caused cats to disappear!Have to finish after work next 2 days.
Poor Fubby put all new brake shoes on the back wheels of my car.(the old ones didn't look worn) I helped him Sunday "pump up the brakes!" Pedal still wants to go on down to the floor almost, but it does stop. I don't want to play Russian Roulette, so I'll drive his and he will now try a new master cylinder! AARRGGHH
So wonderful to hear good news about baby Isaac! We can pray also for Michael. Isn't tommorrow his moving day?
Gotta do the do and nails, so if I'm not back, Pleasant Feather Dreams ;>) Prayers for ALL, esp. Jo, Thelma's BIL, Glo's MIL, Sandi's Mom, Dana's Dad, and all in need ♥

JudyE said...

Good evening eagle buds watching the news and headin to bed I posted 9 pic on facebook and on the blog of todays wildlife at the retention pond I stay at work and sit out side since it so nice out and watch the birds and turtle

Heron,Egret, Ibis,Ducks,Turtles at lunch

JudyE said...

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

magpie said...

One by one we are winding down...I'm next...
Whooo it is pretty cold outside!
but nice and toasty inside...
heated blanket in place....nice and toasty coming snooze time coming up

Hope what's on the Horizon Tuesday has bright things in store for us all, especially where it is most needed....

Prayers for Wellness All Around....

God Bless Us, Every One
xoxoxo ♥

paula eagleholic said...

Lowreeda, thanks for the turtle info. I read the same thing about the turtles. They may have been swept out of their nest from the storm. I also thought maybe they were already hibernating, and were swept from the dunes.

Hoda said...

NO NO No PAULA...not a cold. Go to the health food store and get oil of oregano and take a few drops will clear the sore throat. Start taking zinc to prevent the next one from even thinking of coming.
I hope you feel better for Thanksgiving.

Nice ring on your avatar JUDYE.

Excellent reports on ISAAC. Prayers continue.
I would like to hear more on where MICHAEL will go when he is discharged and how close a medical watch they will keep on him.

Thinking of JO and Wednesday's procedure.

Sending love and Light to JUDIE and hoping she has sent the sandman off and I hope he does not lose his way to Nelson. It is so dark here.

Very good yoga practice. Time seems to pass really fast.

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Gang,

Dropping in quickly after dinner to say hello and goodnight.

Hoda, I don't think I mentioned it, but congratulations on the success of the African Dinner! The food sounded delicious, and you folks raised a tidy sum! Good job!

I've got to get busy with the vacuum. I sure could use a bulldozer to clean house! It's a never-ending, thankless job, isn't it?! Need to get busy tomorrow and make fresh cranberry sauce, and start toasting bread cubes for the stuffing. It's going to be just Ken & Emma and me this year.
Sis-in-law and Bro-in-law are going to Big Bear for Thanksgiving.
Bet it will be pretty up there!

Well, gotta get busy. Have said prayers for everyone, and the porch light is on. Both security systems are enabled. Sleep tight, and have SED! God bless,and goodnight. I love all of you!
♥♥Thinking of Lynn♥♥
♥♥Carolyn & Christie♥♥
I ♥ us!!!

Hoda said...

Thank you JO MARGY and SANDI...we have rounded the corner towards the 6 thousand as we have broken 5500 dollars and money is still coming in from the silent auction and the market.

Hoda said...



Lolly said...

Getting on to say good night.

Had two hawk encounters today. First one, I drove into town to make a purchase. To get to Michaels in a strip mall I go behind the stores and drive by a big drainage area. There was a hawk circling and flying very low hunting the area. I parked and just watched him hunting. Need to look it up, not sure what kind it was. Then when we were sitting outside this evening one of our rs hawks flew into one of our pecan trees. Beautiful! eagles here, will be happy with my hawks!

Probably no time to get on in the morning. We are headed to Dallas to Zach's school. Grandparents are invited tomorrow morning at 10. Very thrilled to be going!!!

Heading towards getting ready for bed. Night all! SED!!!

Costume Lady said...


I finished my grocery shoping at about 7 o'clock this evening. Hope the turkey thaws out in time!
I'm so sleepy...can't keep my eyes open...
Love and prayers for all♥

Lori said...

Good Tuesday Morning Everyone!!!!

Well, I'm caught up - on this thread anyway! Everyone sounds so happy. This is such a great time of year!

HODA, congrats on the African Dinner - quite a haul you made! That money will do a lot of good!

PAULA, sorry you're feeling puny... I echo HODA's suggestion. Oregano will kill most anything!

SANDI, saw your house restored pic on FB! YAY for you. I know it can't be fast enough for you. :)

LOLLY, had a happy hawk day, yesterday. I am so thankful for Steve's news that he has seen our Eagles! Anxiously awaiting the day we get to see them again!

I had a nice time with my parents over the weekend.
Brought home the pumpkin quilt and have already taken pictures of it! Now, to find the time to post them. Haven't done it in such a long time, I've probably forgotten how! :)

Prayers continue for JO, KAY, Michael, Baby Isaac and his family, DanaMo's Dad, SANDI's Mom, THELMA's BIL. I haven't read back over the weekend, but hope GLO's MIL is doing well.

Love and hugs to all of you wonderful Momsters!

Sandi said...

Good Tuesday morning Lori and all my eagle friends! Today is my Friday - really looking forward to 5 days off and I am NOT doing ANY school work!!

Lolly, enjoy your Zach time!

Paula, feel better!

Prayers for Michael, Jo, Dana's dad, Thelma's brother-in-law, Glo's "mom,", Emily, and baby Isaac and his parents.

Make it a great day all!

DanaMo said...

Good morning! Half day today and then some time off.
Sandi-the pictures of your house look great. So glad that things are moving along.
Today is my moms birthday and my dad's last chemo treatment for this round. We don't know what the next step will be, but I'm praying for 100% remission.
Please pray for my classroom aide's brother. He was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It has a complicated name, but it is basically cancer of the lining of the stomach. He has only been given 6-12 months. They thought they were going in to remove a tumor and when they opened him up they found that it had spread and they couldn't do anything. Now because he was opened up they can't even start chemo for 6 weeks because they have to wait for the incision to heal. He is only 65 years old.

DanaMo said...

I texted Aric last night to see if he was all set to come home today. When I asked if he had a ride to the airport he said he had a "tentative" ride. What the Heck! That makes me just a little nervous!

T-Bird said...

Good morning my eagle peeps.

JudyE said...


Sad news about the aides brother DANAMO with the cancer and such a short time left
SANDI also saw the pic and so happy things are moving along good for you

LORI glad you had a good visit with parents Family time is oh so important

WANDA oh no hope your turkeys un thaws in time My mom would put hers in water in the sink years ago and now they say not to do it

LOLLY great news about the hawks you saw keep looking maybe one day a eagle

Two more days of living nightmare at work and then it starts all over again for the Christmas dinner LOL

T-Bird said...

Prayers out to Beverly, Tom, along with the Crisco and Riffe families. It is on this day (in 1980)that Beverly and Tom lost their 2 children in a house fire.

Linda said...

Good Morning Eagle Friends!

Indeed, T-Bird, we lift BEV and TOM up in prayer today on this tragic anniversary date. To have come through one of the worst imaginable events in life and yet still be together and full of love and gratitude for so many things in their lives is a true testimony to Christ in their hearts.

Praying for continued improvement with BABY ISAAC and for MICHAEL today as well!

KAY - Happy to hear you had a good weekend and are still in good spirits! You are in my prayers.

GLO - Thinking of your "Mom" and praying her final days and hours are peaceful as she waits for the Lord's timing.

JO - Thinking of you today in preparation of tomorrow! God be with you!

magpie said...

Sincere prayers for your families, T-Bird, for comfort during this difficult time of the anniversary of this tragic day
(( Hugs ))

magpie said...

Best wishes, Eagle Pals,
on this day and every day....
So many important things
going on with all our families....
Prayers for Wellness
and good outcomes for all
challenges of
the mind, body and spirit....

xo ♥

Linda said...

As we all go about our preparations for our celebrations of Thanksgiving, may you all be Blessed throughout this week and enjoy your families!

I am thankful for the friendships we have here and the genuine relationships we have formed!

Linda said...

Speaking of preparations........I best get my day started here.

I have family from FL, KY and NY coming for Thanksgiving this year. We are expecting 16 for dinner and 10 will be staying overnight!! It will be wonderful to get the family together.

We will drive to Boston on Friday afternoon to bury my Mom's ashes with her parents in the family plot there. We will spend the night there and drive back on Saturday.

It will be a full weekend, but I am thankful we have the chance to do this together!

magpie said...

Yesindeedy this is a busy
week for you, Lina....
Best and Happy Wishes on all
these things...

Lovin' the Thanksgiving Avatars,
folks !

ttfn, time to get
the rest of this
day rollin'

magpie said...

Lina = LINDA
☺ ♥

Linda said...

Thanks, MARGY!

May You be Blessed this Thanksgiving and enjoy your extended family!


Mema Jo said...

Give thanks for a

Fresh new thread and an

Eagle report from Steve