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New thread


New thread, and they're back...


First snow of the season.  We are working right now with the crane.   More soon.

update:  The cam is being mounted now.  The difference in quality is extraordinary.

Update 2
Many thanks to John, Keith, Karin, Clayton, Rob, Doug, Ryan and Nu for their efforts today. 


Just back from DC.  Here's the scoop on today's activities.

Our tree folks came out this morning, and after some observation and long discussion, it was decided that the tree was not safe enough for our climber to get up into the nest.  Our nesting tree is slowly deteriorating, and a number of the limbs that support the nest are dying or dead. 

This does not mean that getting our guy into the nest would have caused something catastrophic to happen, but it did mean that we were concerned enough about his safety that we could allow the work to happen today.

Our next step is to consider some alternatives, and we have targeted this Friday as the next day we can attempt to get the new cam in place. 

Will keep you posted.

New thread.