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Saturday PM

New thread.

First Egg Saturday

Been following the conversations on the appearance of the first egg. Glad it will be warmer tomorrow to get the snow melted in the nest.

New thread.


New thread.

Update, 12:38:

Thursday PM

We've been working hard to complete the new power system for the cam. Here is a shot of the new solar panel, note the eagle in the tree behind the panel.

new thread.


Icy day thread.

Tuesday PM

Eagle in the nest right now eating a fish. Not sure what is going on with the various web addresses. I was able to access things using this url, but it is not working consistently. You can also try accessing through the FWS website, then clicking on the training link, and finally the eagle cam link on the NCTC website.

new thread.

Thursday PM

Evening thread.

Tuesday Afternoon

Back with lunch.


Fresh thread.


Weekend thread 1