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New thread. Nice day today, and the warm weather is headed our way.

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New thread.

Walking in this morning I saw no sign of an adult around the nest, so they are now leaving the eaglet alone a bit.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wednesday #3

New live video is up here.

Our thanks to My Outdoor TV, and the NCTC tech folks.

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Wednesday Part 2

For a few weeks now we have been working with a FWS partner, My Outdoor TV, to figure out a way to get our eagle cam video out to more folks, with smooth video and sound. My Outdoor TV is a fantastic website that is filled with video programming for folks interested in a variety of outdoor activities, soon to include the NCTC Eagle Cam.

This should solve the shaky video and lack of audio caused by the tight bandwidth.

We will be changing the link as soon as testing is completed. The only difference in what you'll see, besides smooth video and audio, is that you will see the video on a My Outdoor TV site, which includes some ads and a variety of other links. It's a really cool site, and we really appreciate their interest in working with us.

More soon.


New thread. Rain coming in...