Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Wed. PM

Here's the new image, be online soon.    Note that they have been preparing the nest.


DanaMo said...

Whoo Hoo!!!! An image.
Thanks Steve!
Looks like I get the "feather"?

stronghunter said...


Congratulations, Dana. You deserve several feathers.

stronghunter said...

The nest is beauteous.

I am still dealing with restoration people. Now I have two companies who are supposed to do the same job. I have already paid one of them, so I think I will go with them.

glo said...

Restorations and nestorations in progress.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...


paula eagleholic said...

Jo, thanks for the email about our cam! The nest looks like it's in great shape!


Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

I wonder if soon means today?

Sandi said...

Home from school and getting my nails done to find a photo of our nest!! Highlight of my day - woohoo!!

Thanks Steve for the update - feels like an early Christmas gift!! Can't wait to see our eagles again!! Happy to know they have been doing their thing to get the nest ready!

stronghunter said...

Need to go fix dinner. BBL.

stronghunter said...

Must feed George, too. He is bugging me.

Kay said...

Wahoo ! An early Christmas present for all of us ! Thank you STEVE, Nu et al ! Nestorations looking good ! Nice to know we'll soonget a vicarious high over seeing Belle, Shep and their nestcapades ! ☺ing from ear to ear !

Fantastic news today on both Michael and Isaac, our miracle "boys" ! I also see much hope in the news on your dad, DANA! Hallelujah !

SANDI, no luck on the dogquest. I've learned a lot about patience through my kidney abcerss and spinal surgery over the past year. An important virtue during my pound dog hunt, too ! ☺

For some reason I'm so sleepy I can hardly hold my head up. Going to get some zzzz's and louse up my inner clock in the bargain. ZZZzzz will be saying prayers while I nod off. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

WHOO HOO!! Thank you, Steve, for the new thread, with a nest picture!!!

Golly, it won't be long now! So happy to know that we'll soon be watching Belle and Shep!

I have been MIA for several days now, but you have all been in my thoughts and prayers. Just very busy trying to bulldoze the house and make ready for Christmas. No decorations up yet, but they will be within a day or two. It's been raining here over the weekend, so not possible to do outside decorations.

Glad to see that Red has checked in, and is doing fine!

Gosh, you folks back east have been dealing with stink bugs, and I find that we have a cricket invasion! Can't spray for them because of Emma--she hunts them down and eats them. We've been doing the "cricket tap dance"! The durn things chirp all night, and drive me nuts!

Bird report: In the last 2 weeks, all of our White Crowned Sparrows have returned. Saw one of our pair of Cooper's Hawks in the back yard yesterday. It didn't catch anything, and eventually flew away to hunt elsewhere.

We still have a squirrel in the yard every day. It chows down on birdseed, then takes off running. Not sure where it actually lives.

Shirley, it sounds like a fair amount of progress has been made at your abode. Hope they will finish the job soon.

Oops! The dryer is buzzing at me again. Gotta run, but want you to know that I'm praying for Sandi's mom, DanaMo's dad, Isaac, and Michael, as well as Jo! Will try not to be away for so long. Hope we have the nest cam soon! Take care, and have a good afternoon/evening!
♥♥Carolyn & Christie♥♥
Out, damned spot!
I ♥ us!!!

glo said...

blogging from my kindle.Try

glo said...

yeah it worked

stronghunter said...

Happily munching on leftovers at my desk. Kathryn and Hunter went out with friends.

I am eating steak from last night along with some mac and cheese and coleslaw left from a trip to KFC.

Called the doctor's office about the insurance stuff. They have discount cards. Told them I would be there tomorrow for one.

Lady at the doctor's office said that they are shorthanded because lots of them have the flu. Definitely time to get the flu shot.

stronghunter said...

You're coming through loud and clear, Glo.

JudyE said...

Whoo Hoo can't wait when will we be up

JudyE said...

two threads in one day we are special

DanaMo said...

Apparently I should be getting a call from dad's doctor tonight.

On that front, he has fluid in his chest, not sure what we will be doing for that. The ultrasound came back clear, so no blood clots in his legs. Our doctor has apparently talked with the Hopkins doctor today and I will get that report.
Not sure on the next date for chemo.
Adam goes to the orthopedist tomorrow. Monte is leaving NY at 4 am to get here in time to take Adam so I don't have to take off work again.

One appointment set up for conference. I decided I'm just going to welcome them in and let them talk. I have nothing to say that I didn't report on the progress report. I don't know what they want to hear from me. The other parent hasn't contacted me yet. December of kindergarten and I still have students who don't know their abc's what the...
Oh and I've told my aide that she has to call from another room at 3:15 to rescue me from the conference. There is no way I am going to entertain these people any longer than that!! LOL! Seriously, I don't mean to sound awful it's just that I have given these people all the information I can and I really don't know what more they want from me and the appointment is Friday at 3:00!!

JudyE said...

Silly me put a pic of the nest in the last album we had ending 10-31 Mema JO needs to make us a new album so we are ready I just wanted to post the pic

Eagle-Eyed's Sissy said...

OMG!! There is our nest!! Maybe the cam tomorrow?? Wouldn't that just be grand!! I have missed seeing that so bad!!

JudyE said...

Soon the definition

1.In or after a short time: "he'll be home soon".
2.Early: "it was too soon to know".

shortly - early - presently - anon - before long

Without hesitation; promptly: came as soon as possible. . Before the usual or appointed time; early. . With willingness; readily: I'd as soon leave right now.
b : without undue time lapse : before long . 2. : in a prompt manner : speedily <no sooner said ...

Soon means in a short time, in the near future or quickly. (adverb). An example of soon is arriving in five minutes from now, as in arriving soon.

DanaMo said...

LOL! JudyE

JudyE said...

Ok as a teacher DANA how much time do we
give Steve and call him on his soon
LOL I keep checking and the big Zero I would love to know today tomorrow of what Soon is a indecisive word LOL

JudyE said...

DANA I thought I would let you know JORDYN is in VPK and she knows all her letters and her number to 50 she can also add and take away just basic like we ask if you had 5 friends come over and two left how many are still there I am amazed with her being so delayed in speech she is doing good Her teacher said she is one of the smarter ones in class But only have one issue with her and its gonna be hard to break She doesn't want to get up from naps and tells her teacher no I am tired so now Angie is putting her to bed earlier and taking away movie wind down time before bed They always watch maybe 20 min of something (that she has seen over and over and over LOL)(she loves her Barbie movies) and read for 10 min before bed if that doesn't work she will take away Barbies but she did good today from what I under stand I told her olast night on the phone if she doesn't stay of green all week that we may not go to the park

JudyE said...

my daughter emailed me and wants to know if I am gonna put up all my decorations she wants to borrow my manager set that she bought me two years ago I feel like poop and am not in the mood to do lights with this crud I bend over and my eyes want to pop out LOL sinus WAPITA

NatureNut said...

WOW!!!!!! The nest!~ I was hoping to see it! I've missed seeing any eagles so far in the Park nest.
Nothing much has been going on, just the same ol', same ol'.
We did see one of the big foxes running thru the field on other side of pond today. Think it was the red one.
I'm really bummed on Xmas present ideas this year. Most want just money, which is OK, but I think there should be at least a couple surprises to unwrap! I've been going online, but didn't find anything. Maybe I'll just roam around Penney's tomorrow and get lucky!

JudyE said...

I am sure JUDIE would comment on you roaming the malls to get LUCKY LOL

Just tried call June again and as
always she doesn't answer

I feel like I lost two friends when Terry died
I wanted to say that on the machine didn't I know she goes early but I think 530 is a little early maybe I am wrong but I know was always in bed early even when I came up on vacation Her body clock gets her up before 5am

I know her kids down here say she is real short when they call and she doesn't answer all the time when they call

I think I will go to Hospice and talk with someone there I wish I had PEGGY's # SIS do you have it ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

paula eagleholic said...

sO jUDYe, you said you didn't have a blue still cam pic on your laptop...what kind of picture do you have on the still cam?

Mema Jo said...

Sight for sore eyes I'd say. Awesome...♥
Thank you Steve and Nu and all those involved.

JUDY - I just changed the Album ending date. Remind me to do the 2013 album later.

I guess some rain is scheduled for the rest of the week... Our Royal Pair has done very good housecleaning, I'd say.

This is great! ♥

paula eagleholic said...

I keep going back to look at the picture that Steve posted...we have missed a lot of nestorations!

JudyE said...

I know PAULA I looked at the album for the same time last year and we have almost 200 pic

I think I got it figured out I now have blue screen updated Abode and off course Google chrome as snuck in too I took it off my desktop because the real player doesn't like it having issues Will try on lap top I dislike my Windows7 I miss the tabs in the lower tray like Vista has

Janet said...

good evening all and what a GRAND SURPRISE! thanks STEVE for the nice new threads and THE PICTURE!!!! it feels like a holiday gift in the making...early please!

such a busy day. after my 8 a.m. massage, i decided to complete any loose ends shopping and i did. things are purchased, wrapped and put away.

chelsea got me motivated this a.m. she is 36 weeks today and had contractions for a couple hours this morning @ 10 min apart and then again this evening. miss lorelei will be here soon!!!! i know it could be another week or two, but jack came right about 36 weeks and amelia....was about 38 weeks or! new camera and pix AND a baby soon....i am beside myself!!!!

i got my bag ready in case i get to be at the hospital. (that will depend on when she goes into labor...if tom is working, i will watch the kids. if he is off of work, i will leave the grandkids with him and go to the hospital)....

olivia skated this afternoon. she was having a grand time. not many out there today, about 15. typically its 30 + out there...

well dinner is cooking: jambalaya. yum.

will keep ya'll posted when/if i know anything!

hugs and have a great evening!

Janet said...

p.s. my bag has a camera, a shirt, my kindle, massage cream....things like that.....

DanaMo said...

JudyE what is the V in VPK Pre-kindergarten but what is the V. I would love to have her in my class. This year's class is really immature and behind. This is the first time I have encountered this.
Go for Green!!! I hope she gets to go to the park :)

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

.♥ ♥ WELCOME♥♥.

new thread

new thread with night vision pic but my cam don't work does yours