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TGIF thread.


JudyE said…
JudyE said…
BELLE is sitting on the edge of the nest I see feetsies Shep isn't getting up YET
JudyE said…
both eagles are at BW
magpie said…
Thanks Steve,
Happy Week-end to you....

Thanks JudyE for the call over
JudyE said…
The egg hasn't hatched yet I see it
stronghunter said…
Back from bowling. I came home exhausted; my teammate signed up for some more time on the lanes. She is 47; I am 71.

She is trying to teach me better bowling techniques. Well, if I get the foot placement part right, the hand placement thing goes all to heck. I will need more practice. Later.

We are to meet again on Monday.
Mema Jo said…
Good afternoon - tax info is ready now just need to set up an appointment..]

Waiting for a visit from VINCENT!
I'm getting excited for them to get here. He is 9 months old and growing like a weed!

Mema Jo said…
Thanks for the fresh thread Steve - Have a great weekend!
Hoda said…
Good morning all. It is still morning here. I have not done a thing!!! Spoke to Edward in Greece from 8:00 AM till now 11:30 AM!!! I am glad I do not have to pay this bill. All compliments of SKYPE!!!

YAY SHAR so gald it went well and that it was an open MRI and that your street was cleaned before you went out.

LORI I laugh!!! You asked what kind of bulbs I knew I would forget when I planted them. They were a gift from a flower shop. So smart as I am I decided to save the package so come spring I would remember...well I did forget what kind of bulbs they are and I ALSO forgot where I put the package!!!
LAUGHING SO HARD!!! Mystery Bulbs is what I am calling them. I have never planted bulbs before in my life!!!LOL!!! It is OK though I like mystery.
Hoda said…
Thank you STEVE for the new thread and JUDYE for the call over.

JO enjoy your visit with VINCENT.

I missed breakfast because I was talking for so long with Edward so now I think I will go make a spinach omlette...that will be part of lunch with a tahini and vegetable sandwich!!!
Janet said…
Good afternoon all. Been watching it rain/snow/sleet/snizzle off and on all day. Refilled feeders, put some bread out....and that's about it. Tired and coughing. Hot and cold. Bleech. Enough!


I was having hot flashes this morning and used it as an exucse to go out side and pooper scoop the yard.... :}

Everyone here is quiet, resting like me. I have been reading a great fictional book; WIDOW OF THE SOUTH by Rocert Hicks. A client leant it to me.

I need to go get Miss Olivia in a bit. She and her older sister are planning on that concert tomorrow night, I am sure she will be a twitter when she gets home. Hope she can put some of that energy to good use; ie cleanign her room?

Hugs to all!

Hoda said…
JANET you are supposed to do NOTHING!!! Not pooper scooper not to run a taxi service, not to even feed the birds!!! WOW LADY take time to heal will ya?
Sandi said…
Good afternoon my eagle friends! It's my weekend - woohoo! Had 2 substitute teachers on the hallway today so the kids were especially wired!! LOONNNGGG week!

Thanks Steve for a new thread and Judy for the call over!

Feeding going on at Blackwater and it looks like there's a hole in the 3rd egg.

Shar, glad the MRI was an open one - don't think I could do the closed type with my claustrophobia!

Lori, sorry your dad isn't doing better. How long did the doctor say it would take for the meds to kick in and help with his depression? I would think soon.

Hoda, can't wait to see what your mystery bulbs look like when they bloom! I surely know that feeling of putting something in a safe place and then forgetting the place! =)
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,

Happy Birthday, Tori! Have a fantastic day!

Shar, glad you were able to get to your MRI okay, and that it went well.

My shoulder is a little bit better today, so I decided to live dangerously and take a shower and wash my hair. That actually didn't work out too badly. Feels so much better to have clean hair!

Ken is going to do our weekly shopping at Trader Joe's on his way home from work, and he'll go to Wally World tomorrow morning. If my shoulder isn't bothering me much I may go with him. Hope everyone is having a good Red Friday! Think I'm going to go put the heating pad on my neck/shoulder before it starts hurting too badly. Emma is wanting some lap time, too. She's being particularly sweet today!
Will try to get back here later tonight to see what's happening. HAGD, everyone!
Hoda said…
ANDY you are waaaaayyyyyyyyy over due for some healing. PRAYERS!!!

SANDI I love your new avatar it reminds me of LIESL and dear LYNN.
Two subs on for a Friday with the kind of week you have had and I can see LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNG week!!!

A glass of wine perhaps?
Hoda said…
Well I have decided to not go out today!!! I have writing to do and am in need of slow time.
Tomorrow is exercise with the Dragons, and then to coffee and then to the French Market, first market of the season, then to music concert then to a TED-X presentation on Education in The Kootenay area. A full down time is warranted.
stronghunter said…
Have been having fun watching Dennis Rodman in North Korea. Very interesting.
Sandi said…
Shep just showed up with a nice big fish for Miss Belle! How sweet is he!?
Sandi said…
Belle is still eating (and mantling over the fish). Shep has settled on the eggs. What a good guy!
Judie said…
Good early evening.

Thank you Steve for the new thread. Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you JudyE for the call over.

Shar, glad the MRI was done and an open one at that. Had the closed procedure twice and had to mentally talk myself out of panic. Hope the diagnosis will be definitive and help immediate.

Shirley, glad you got some ally time. When I bowled, I was a "spot" bowler and it all had to do with the location of my feet relative to the middle of the ally.

Hmmm, Hoda planting mystery bulbs. Need to think on that one. Look forward to hearing about the dragon exercise and the market. Several months before our outdoor markets open. So nice you had such a long chat with Edward.

Lori, I'm sure you know but just in case, it can take several weeks before antidepressant meds are effective. Neurotransmitter fluids need to readjust before symptoms diminish.

Andy, do take care. You don't need to make a bad situation worse before you can get a diagnosis and treatment.

Hoping Janet feels better quickly.

Jo, have lots of fun with Vincent. Hard to believe he's nine months. Doesn't seem that long, does it?

Okay, off to the scullery. Oven baked pork chops, dressing, spinach salad.

Sandi said…
Belle is still eating - that was one BIG fish that Shep brought in! I'm pretty sure he had already eaten the head before he brought it in, but there was plenty left for his honey!
NatureNut said…
Good Afternoon Eaglebuds!!! Didn't think I'd ever get on here! This 'puter at work didn't want to go online. At home it looks like we may need a second 'puter!! Fubby's been busy on Ebay and my day off yesterday was playing chaffeur to No. MD to fetch his newest old acquisition!He's stolen my fave model & got another Trans Am - pewter- (because it's a 6-speed!!!) Boys and their toys! At least I got to watch the Pope in his helicopter while at car dealer.
My daughter has a business trip to DC!!!!So she will stay with us on the weekend she arrives---9th. That means----I shovel the house! So, I might be absent from 'puter again!
Got a few colorful pics to put in Nook as soon as I get home tonight.
If I get time around this area, I would love to hike around and look for a shed deer antler!! I saw a young buck Wednesday that only had one. They've gotta be around here somewhere!
Hope Lori's Dad starts feeling better and good health prayers for all in need~~~
Mema Jo said…
What a family scene at our nest
Both eagles are there
Shep is now on the eggs
Belle is eating the dinner Shep brought her
Mema Jo said…
Fly out by Belle

Going to have Pizza for dinner

Lolly said…
Good late afternoon! Worked in the yard today even though it really is too chilly. If the sun had been out it would have been ok, but cloudy and gloomy. We bought 3 new knockout rose bushes. They are planted, mulched, and watered. I did some other watering, pulling weeds, etc.

Hey Lynne!!! My redbuds are starting to bloom!! The oak trees are not getting their leaves yet, but I have seen some trees while out and about that are getting leaves. Spring has sprung!!

Talked with Laurel. Wahooo...she says she is feeling better!!!
Lolly said…
Loretta, so glad you are going to have your daughter their this weekend.
Lolly said…
Watched a feeding at BW. That 3rd egg is looking whole. May have a hole but it is itty bitty.
Janet said…
HODA: lol believe it or not, i have chilled out. my body starts hurting if i sit/lay around too long, so i have to move around some....and unfortunately, olivia still has to go to school and she is a car guess who has to take her. but i really am chilling.....i have spent more time on my rump in the past 4 days than i have in literally months.....

i have enjoyed watching the snow fall. i have enjoyed reading my book. it is supposed to continue snowing overnight....we shall see.

i have enjoyed snuggling my furbabies....i have 4 out of the 5 who would like to cuddle me.

i have however lost my voice. i think it has gone the way of the garland. if anyone sees it flying by, please send it back.

later yall.
DanaMo said…
Thanks everyone for all the kind words. Dad is doing well. They did walk him and he was in the chair all day. He is being a little stubborn though cause that is the way he is and I love him!
As for my brother,, poosha! I'm fine. He is an "adult" (sort of) and he will have to deal with his own conscience. My ONLY concern is the hurt that he is causing my parents. Mom seems to have come to terms though, not sure about dad.
Hoda said…
Oh no so he was a no show then today DANA? Sorry about that!!!
Glad of the news on your DAD...Blessings!!!
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good evening all. I have the results of my MRI. They are:

Small broad based central disc bulge at L4-5 level with an associated annular fissure.

Broad based right foraminal disc bulge with mild displacement of the exiting S1 nerve root.

A 1.8 cm right kidney upper pole exophytic cyst.

I go to the doctor on Thursday to see what to do from here. I will find a neurosurgeon in Charleston near Andrew to go to.
Lori said…
SHARON, do you understand what that MRI info means? Did they give you any information on how it's treated?

DANAMO, very good for your Dad, walking today and sitting in the chair all day -- that's GREAT!
Evening, all.

Got the house vacuumed and picked up. Going to meet Larry in a bit for dinner. Might venture out with John, Ajay, Michael and Laura.

Larry is off Sat and Sun, I am going in for awhile tomorrow. Our last official day is now Monday.
Is Shep on the nest tonight? Last I read, Belle had departed after devouring the nice fish Shep had brought her.
Sharon, sounds like a surgery in your future?
magpie said…
I have L-4-5 and S-1 disc degeneration, that caused severe sciatica for awhile, now not a problem....
I don't understand the other terminology, but I do hope the treatment options are attractive and will bring relief.
Keep Us Posted!

Hi Paula...thinking of you as you wind down at the workplace....
xoxox ((Hugs for all that ))
magpie said…
Liking the reports on DanaMo's [Stubborn] Dad...
and hoping that Lori's Dad will find uplifted spirits soon Judie says, it can take awhile for those medicines to start working...

magpie said…
Paula...while you might still be
close by

did you see the Owl links on the BWO site? GHO and Barney...
I saw GHO last night also, but not
magpie said…
Separation Anxiety kicking in big
time here...
Jewels and I had our official
last work shift together least for another two months, unless
one or the other of us fills in
on shifts...
Jewels starts midnights tonight!
She is truly an A++++ addition to
our staff, a Natural !
magpie said…
it seems to like the times
between 8 and 8:30 pm
magpie said…
Welcome to your
Week-end Sandi !

hard-fought it sounds like !!
magpie said…
GHO at BWO gone already :(
magpie said…
I think I heard some revelry from
Friday Night Fun at GG's -
her roost is only about a mile from here "as the crow flies"

Sure Hope that is what I heard....
or maybe it was Jo with Vincent ☺
magpie said…
Had I read Judie's Menu for tonight, earlier....I woulda
probably headed to Northern Virginia.

Enjoy your respective evenings,
Eagle Pals

(( Friday Night Hugs )) ♥
Judie said…
Shar, please do not let anyone other than a neurosurgeon treat your spine/nerve damage. I had part of a disc (SI/L5) removed. In at 10am, surgery 12pm, home 6pm. Rest for about a week but could walk immediately. No sutures. Glued. Not a twinge of pain since 2008. Please, please do not agree to a general surgeon.
Judie said…
Lowreeda, so glad Sherry will be visiting so just look forward to next weekend.

Lolly, glad Laurel is feeling better and hope she can get some serious rest this weekend.

Paula, hope you've had a very nice evening with Mr. Larry Studmuffin.

Oh my, as I type I keep hearing lots of revelry. It can only be the joyful noises from Wanda's family and Jo's family. Bet they are all having great fun.

Margy, all the more reason to plan a lunch or dinner play date with Carolyn.

Going to put my feets up. BBL
magpie said…
I'd like to Ditto on all of Judie's comments, as she included a lot of things I left out...
for our Momsters and their families here...
Thanks, Judie !

Lolly said…
No relvery here! Must all be in the east. We have decided to stay home tomorrow. No trip to Denton though there is basketball and soccer. Oh, and there was baseball practice tonight. No rest for the weary!!

I did enjoy my time in the yard and really look forward to warmer weather, so more time can be spent in the yard. While we were working two rs hawks came screaming into a tree just above our heads. I was hoping for hp but they immediatly flew on.
Lolly said…
make that fingers do not work.
Lolly said…
I know you do enjoy working with Carolyn, Margy. That is so neat! And so very happy to hear she is a natural at her job...I know that you are. I think of you often when there is something in the news concerning 911 operators.
NatureNut said…
Back for a sec.
Posted last weeks pics on the Nook.
Have not seen hardly any critters at Park or Chelsea except for some geese.

After getting home from yesterday's trip, Fubby put Court case on TV. I wondered if Judie had been watching. It's the Jodi Alias trial~~~she killed her ex-boyfriend. She said self defense. Then how come she took 3 gas containers in her car from CA to his apt. in AZ so as not to be purchasing anything in AZ????? DUH
Lolly said…
Who is Jodi Arias? Why is this trial so big on the news except for being so terrible? Have I missed something?
Lynne2 said…
evening all! Happy first day of meteorological spring! But just when you think it's safe to start thinking spring.......well, I'll tell you like I told everyone at work today, with a wink and a knowing nod of my head....

Hoda said…
Oh dear I googled Jodi Arias...she killed her Mormon boyfriend and took steps to cover her tracks through phone messages and emails and she says self defence from abuse. She is young and seemed well dressed and very emotional.
I do not know why it is on the news LOLLY except for the news liking to have sensational gorry stories.
magpie said…
Good Night, Eagle Pals

Prayers for Wellness All Around,
in all our Eagle Corners.

Sleep Sweetly, and Soundly...

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo ♥
stronghunter said…

Yawning and yawning.

Jodi Arias--There is a CNN special about her right now.

She killed her boyfriend and has told various lies on various television programs. Looks like an innocent librarian, but she ain't.

Cold-blooded killer.
Pathological liar.

stronghunter said…
The lawyers say that the defense is just trying to save her from execution.
stronghunter said…
A remarkable thing is that she has been testifying in her own trial.
Mema Jo said…
Our unhatched eggs and the storm that is coming - causes me lots of concern!
March in 2007, I think, did this to us when we lost our eggs. I won't lose my faith but I may worry with the first snowflakes!

Had a very wonderful visit from Vincent, his parents and his grandparents. What a jewel of a personality he has!

Now I need to touch base with those 5 great grands in Hedgesville!
Mema Jo said…
I am closing down for the day - Weekend is upon us! Hoping all of you can relax somewhat and enjoy the next few days.

Good night and God Bless all of us

I love us ♥
Lynne2 said…
Don't panic yet....(easy to type, hard to actually DO) because there are still too many variables with this potential storm.
Hoda said…
Oh JO!!! That would be awful really!!! I heard about 2007 losses and I hope we do not have a repeat. I hope the variables that LYNNE is talking of actually kick in.
Lynne2 said…
OK, was hoping to chat a while but I am just exhausted.
Hoda said…
Goodnight LYNNE have a terrific weekend.
Hoda said…
PAULA...I did not see the switch from the last report after Belle took off after her meal. The folks at the Hancock Foundation report Belle on night duty so all is normal.
Hoda said…
Belle was awake and it is certainly her...V and all...
stronghunter said…
Crawling under the covers for the night. See you tomorrow. Rest well, my friends.
Hoda said…
Bev posted that ISAACS is pretty sick. She has a post on FB that does not link.
Hoda said…

All is well at the nest. Egg roll and strong winds but she seems OK with it all.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
I will definitely be going to a neurosurgeon in Charleston. No one else will be allowed to be near my spine. I will go there so I can be near Andrew if I have to have surgery.

I love us!!!!!
Lolly said…
Heading to the pillows myself. So, this chic is sensational because of the killing and no other reason. Good grief!!

Do NOT like talk of storms. Not good!

Night all! Prayers for momsters, dadsters, hubbies and daddys. Guess I should not leave out moms and all relatives! Have I covered the bases?

Costume Lady said…

Yes Margy and Judie you did hear noises coming from GG's house! Laughter from children/grandchildren...the house was filled with laughter all evening. Jayden was so darn cute!
GG stayed up 3 hours past her bedtime. Soup, sandwich and fruit salad...she ate it all. her appetite has been so good for 3 or 4 months now. I think it may be the anti-depressant.

Good night...blessings and love for all♥
Jewels said…
Good early morning.
Margy your so sweet with your kind words. Sure did not feel like a natural Friday tho. I was so off in may ways!! But I am glad to hear the compliments, as you know we do not get many.
Seperation anxiety for sure!!! What am I going to do without you?! I love working with you~~ But I know that we get to see each other in passing and get my morning hugs!
Someone please do not say the S word!!! I don't want it for us or for the Eagles!!
Jewels said…
Wanda so happy to hear that all had a great time !!!! And Anti depressants are so good for many people!! Glad they are helping her!!!
Jewels said…
sounds like some serious stuff with your back! A friend of mine had issues with his back, they did surgery, put in these parts and a yr later had the parts removed. Helped him tremendously. Of course he too went to a top notch neuro surgeon. Lots of prayers to you my dear!
Jewels said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jewels said…
my delete, it posted twice.
DanaMo said…
Good morning.
Good report from mom last night. Waiting for her call now. She must be sleeping, which is good. I never heard any more from her so I guess my brother didn't show up and surprise them. I think I was holding out hope that he would be getting there late last night. He had told them Friday after work. I so prayed that he would come...

Got all the stuff to make Aric's cookies and realized I don't have enough butter or eggs! Dang. I rather make them now than later. I wonder if he can bring them on the plane?
magpie said…
Good Morning Eagle Pals...

Hi Jewels, if you are still watching, will welcome that hug this morning at shift change... ☺♥

DanaMo, maybe you could call the airlines about Aric taking the cookies on the plane....
Yay on that good report from your Mom, hope she got some good rest herself, hope you did also

magpie said…
Saw that happy Late Night Post from Wanda and Jo about times with their families...
magpie said…
Morning Shuffle time here.

Best Wishes to Everyone for a Good Day

xo ♥
DanaMo said…
Good idea Margy. I actually went to the TSA website and they have a tool where you plug in what you want to bring and it brings up the rules concerning that item! Cool beans. :)
Jewels said…
Good morning DanaMo and Margy!! I am here now, have been busier than on days!! Welcome Friday nights!!!
Just Me, Vania and, slowed down thank goodness!!
magpie said…
"Copy that" Jewels...
Good work crew for a busy night

"See You Soon."

DanaMo, sounds good, the TSA site....You're on top of things!

magpie said…
am sorry to read (from Hoda's post)
that baby Isaac has sickness, will be wathching for additional updates on that....
and keeping him and his family
in my prayers ♥
Jewels said…
I missed the Baby Isaac sickness, oh no, hope he gets well soon!!
See you in a bit Margy!!
Sandi said…
Good morning Dana, Margy, Jewels and all my eagle friends.

I see that Shep stayed the night in the nest and Belle has just returned to give him a break. Poof Shep and Belle is settling in.
Sandi said…
Have read last night's comments - sorry to hear about little Isaac.

Belle may have been on the nest at some point last night, but Shep was egg sitting when I opened the cam at 6:20am and Belle just relieved him a few minutes ago.

Dana, glad your dad had a good night. Don't even get me started about brothers who are complete asses! Just know I feel your pain!

This upcoming storm ... the possible forecasts are comparing this storm to the March storm of 1962. That storm was one of the worst to ever hit Bethany Beach - far worse than the one we just finished cleaning up from 4 months ago. I am praying big time that it fizzles!!!

Nothing on my agenda for today and nothing is just what I need!

2 more sleeps til my boy gets on a plane to return home from his 2 years in Africa!

Make it a great day all!
Jewels said…
Good morning Sandi, I too love the avatar. Does remind me of Mom and more so Cinnamon than LIESL cause of the color.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

Hope you all have a great day in what ever you do today

Sending healing thoughts to all who need them

so happy to hear GG is doing so good

Sandi said…
Paula, have been wondering about something ...

Are you doing all this cleaning out around the house just to do some cleaning out?

Or is there a house sale in your near future and you and Mr. Studmuffin will be taking up residence together?? =)

Inquiring minds wanna know??? I mean, you didn't tell us about the company closing for the longest time, so you're pretty good at secret keeping ...
Jewels said…
Yea Sandi, your son comes home!!! That is great news!
Good morning JudyE!!
Jewels said…
Wondering what this storm means for us here near the big Nest?! I am not really wanting the S now!!!!
JudyE said…
ITs 49° out now BRRRR
Sandi said…
Jewels, last night I posted on my Facebook a link to an article about the storm that is possibly coming. Brian (the son in Africa) responded that he is so excited about the prospect of being able to play in the snow with his big, diesel truck - they live in Ranson. He has been living close to the equator for 2 years so he would LOVE to come home to snow!

But if this storm hits Bethany Beach the way the March of 1962 storm did (which is one of the possibilities), he and his brother will no longer be inheriting a beach house when Dennis and I are gone!

I am praying BIG TIME that the forecasts are wrong!
Lori said…
Good Saturday Morning!

Not being in Maryland, I've missed the news on the big, upcoming storm. I hope it fizzles for you all.

MARGY, Happy Friday! Hope you're getting ready for a great weekend.

PAULA, that is a good question that SANDI asked, for those of us who are curious! Whatever, we're with you 100%!

LORETTA, great news that Sherry is coming next weekend. I know you are to the moon happy!

LOLLY, you've been so lucky to be out in the yard working. Can't wait til the temps warm up here, too, but think we still have a while of snow to get through.

JEWELS, HELLO! So nice to see you on here so much this morning. Hoping you get lots of rest after such a busy shift.

JANET, hope you are feeling better and rest like the doc wants you to! Be good to yourself. :) Are you going to your class today?

HODA, what's on your agenda today? Can hardly keep up with you! I know you told us yesterday what you were doing today, but there was a lot going on for you, as usual, you amazing lady!

KAY, good morning and big hugs to you and Penny. Hope you're feeling well and happy today!!! :)

DANAMO, I'm sure you'll be at the hospital today with your father. Great news that he is doing so well.

SHARON, glad you will only see a neurologist! Hope it happens fast for you. Big gentle hugs!
Lori said…

GLO, how is your weather? Are you going to the marina today? I really loved your snowy eagle pics of the other day!

JUDYE, guess it's back to work for you today. Hope your Thurs/Fri weekend was great!
Jewels said…
Good Morning Lori!!! I am excited to be on here! Day shift I barely had time, This shift its just spurts of busy,
Sandi, would love for him to get to play, but I am going to have to say a big HE!! no to the storm hitting you!!!!
Jewels said…
Time to sign off. Have a great day everyone!! Keep Margy smiling for me!! She has a new crew today.
Hugs to all!!!
glo said…
Good morning all. I feel so much better physically and emotionally today. I have a nice probably change of season kind of cold. My throat isn't as sore and well I can get away from the kleenex box some today I think. I am hoping to be able to spend a few hours here with "Mom" while my niece takes her sons ski ing. I would love that and I feel up to it today. I hope they come now! We left it up in the air yesterday with how I was feeling. Lori No Marina trips today/ I will pretty much stay in BUT there is always tomorrow. Our eagle count is way down BUT they are still around. HAGD all. Maybe Mom picture later today I hope I hope.
T-Bird said…
Good morning my friends.
Lori said…

Good Morning, THELMA!
Linda said…
Good Morning!!

Way behind here on the reading, but wanted to say Hello to my friends. Work is in full swing and my days have been very long this week.

SHAR - Hoping you get some more definitive answers now that you have MRI results, and I am praying you don't even require surgery!!

DANA - I have been following your Dad's surgery and recovery and am thankful he is doing so well. Prayers for continued healing.

SANDI - Feeling your excitement about your son coming home after 2 years in Africa!!! And I must say I was wondering the same thing about PAULA's cleaning out of so much stuff.....Hmmmmm Inquiring minds want to know!

LORI - So sorry your Dad is having such a tough time. Depression, yes, but who wouldn't be with all he is dealing with? When you don't feel well and when things aren't working like they have all your life, it is a real downer. Hoping and praying that Spring will lift his spirits, too! Big (((( HUGS )))) to him and to you!

Now to read back on the last thread!!

Have a great day!
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good morning my eagle budlets. So funny that you all were talking about the storm of 62. That is when I was born and the snow in Bluedield was measured in feet instead of inches.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning - I actually slept in for a while even though I don't have a set time to be up and at 'em.

Went to BWE and the update said:

Nest Update
We still have one egg on the cam. If we don't get a hatch by late Sunday, it will likely be a two-chick clutch.
Morning, all.

Had a nice evening...went out for a bite, ran into some friends. Never did get to see the kids, they were elsewhere.

Belle in the nest, she looks comfy.

No, no big move planned here. Just trying to get rid of years of accumulated stuff...was starting to look like a hoarder in the basement! The rest of the house needed de-cluttering as well.

If I can't find a job around here, I wouldn't have any problem moving to the beach, tho! Will try to stay in the area, since Larry is working around here now...
Gotta get ready to head into work for awhile, have some papers to sort out and some stuff to move around.

Sandi said…
Shep just arrived with some new grass for the nest.
Sandi said…
Poof Belle! Shep's turn! Smooth switch!
quiet exchange...Shep's turn
Judie said…
Good morning.

Sandperson got me first last night. Asleep before 10pm in spite of all the noise from Miss GG's home.

Wanda, so happy you all had such a nice family night.

Jodi Arias - been watching the live trial and the case is ugly but her psychology is fascinating. The question is indeed death or life without.

Shar, thank you for saying you will see a neurosurgeon and being near Andrew is terrific.

Glo, glad you are feeling better and hope you and Dex have a nice day.

Sandi, snow or not, so happy Brian will be home after two years.

Carolyn, just hop on the blog when you can to counteract separation anxiety.
Judie said…
Okay, today is a little laundry and then a basketball game and then I'll make pizza for dinner.

Gray with snow sky but weather person is not mentioning the S word until Wed. Just very very cold.

Oh, I apologize. So hoping Isaac will recover quickly.

Wishing everyone the best day possible.
Sandi said…
Feeding going on at BWE. 2 chicks.
glo said…
"Mom" is coming to visit for a few hours today. I am .SO HAPPY I never ever thought I would have time like this with her again. Thank you all for all the prayers sent for her. God I good. We are blessed.
Judie said…
Have a wonderful time today, Glo. Enjoy every moment.

Wonderful video of Lily and the two babes, a boy and a girl. Eyes open and into investigations.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Please pray for Baby Isaac. He is very ill. They aren't sure but he may have the stomach flu. He can't keep anything down and they are heading to Wake Forest with him. :-(
Lolly said…
Good morning! Sun is out today, but 38. Tomorrow will be warmer. Talk around here is about the drought. It is getting worse, lakes are going down and some going completely away. So very sad!

Had to laugh Sandi about your question to Paula. I was thinking the same thing. Thanks Paula for an answer. We will be keeping you in prayer to find the perfect job.

Eggs again in view and a hole in the third egg is clearly there. Come on little one, peck your way out of there.
Lolly said…
Prayers for baby Isaac. Know that it is scary when he is so sick! Not good!
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Prayers for little Isaac. Hoping that today is better for him.

stronghunter said…
Need to check the Weather Channel. Wondering about the snow forecast. Trying to remember a 1962 snow. I do recall something when I was at East Carolina. That was probably it. We did not get much snow there, and people went a little nuts when it happened. Or, I should say, a lot nuts.
stronghunter said…
Really sounds like it might be too warm for a big snow. Guess we just have to wait and see.
Janet said…
Good morning all.

No, I am not in class this morning. I am very much plopped on my sofa....feeling tired. Not in any shape to take a class or be near humans other than my family.

It did snow here. Tom said about 1/2 inch. It ws fat pretty flakes when I got up (at 9) but melting quickly now.

This is typical for Nashville.

Another long, quiet day for me. Thankfully I have a book...and Tom is home today to help with the furbabies....

Thinking of each of you....HUGS, light, love and healing....
Lolly said…
Hmmmm...????? 1962, the year I graduated from hs. I had never seen snow. Saw snow for the first time in 1963, my freshman year in college. I was so excited! It was on a couple of inches but I drug my room mate out on Saturday morning. lol Then in 1964 saw 12 of snow in Fort Worth. I was in hog heaven! lol A few weeks after that I met Jack. Have really been in hog heaven since!
Kay said…
Good afternoon Eagle Buds !

Hate to hear that baby Isaac is so ill----mega-prayers !

LORI, thanks for your early morning greetings ! I'm feeling as well as apparently can be expected at this time. Doing another step down in the weaning off painkiller program. Wish me luck ! Remembering your Dad is thoughts prayers daily !!!!

SHAR, so glad you intend to see a neurosurgeon per JUDIE's advice. It was her advice that led me to my doctor and I'm confident it was the right choice. Won't reiterate my history, as you know it well and every case is different. Suffice it to say, my prayers are with you all the way on this !!!!

Aw, MARGIE and JEWELS, I know you're going to miss working with each other on a regular basis. God bless you both for the vital role you fill for your community !!!!

Thinking of you all with love including Belle, Shep and their egglets ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
magpie said…
magpie said…
Slo-Mo on Stll Cam only here at work....looks like a chowin-down in progress
magpie said…
now I see only adult
and two eggs
and a chowin'down in progress
Sandi said…
Chicks are uncovered at BWE. Egg #3 is still in tact.
Lolly said…
Hi Kay! Returned to our "walking" knee lifts while walking are killing me. :)
Lolly said…
There is a big hole in one end of that egg, Sandi.
Sandi said…
Lolly, I thought I saw a hole too. But then on the next refresh, it wasn't there. Not sure it isn't just a little black beak in line with the egg.
Sandi said…
From the current view, it sure looked like a hole at the end though. Now being covered back up.
Lori said…
LOLLY, you reminded me that I wish I had brought my walking DVD's to PA with me! Sorry your knees are bothering you. :(

Where is everyone this afternoon?
Lolly said…
Knees really are not bothering me. Lifting my knees high while walking are killing my thighs. LOL

Occasionally I will have a knee twinge, but my real problem in my hip, but it does okay while walking.
Lolly said…
I am down 8 pounds this last two weeks. Keeping it up and plan to loose more.
Lolly said…
Watching a feeding at BW. Can possibly see a crack as well as a hole in the egg or is it just wishful thinking?
JudyE said…
Hellooo and good evening eagle buds

BW feeding and still see a egg with a crack maybe
JudyE said…
KNEE Pain I hear you mine has been bothering me for a week now ODD spot just above the knee I bought a brace and so far its helps Odd only get a stabbing pain on occasion not on getting up and down can't figure out what it is today is the first time no brace and no pain yet Shhh don't tell my knee

SHEP flew in with flugg nice fly in so gracefull too
JudyE said…
BELLE is still on eggs and Shep is standing there next to her
JudyE said…
Belle is up and poof
JudyE said…
SHEP is wiggle wiggle on the egg
JudyE said…
SHEP is still on the nest I wonder if he is gonna have the night shift?
Sandi said…
Shep just poofed! Eggs are alone!
JudyE said…
BELLE is in the house
Lori said…
SANDI & JUDYE, love your new avatars!
Mema Jo said…
It has been another lazy day! Love it!

Janet sure hope you start to feel better but in the meantime take care of yourself.

Prayers for Isaac - hope this is just a bug and goes away fast.

I do not want a repeat of the snow of '62

Shirley - I may have missed it Is the bed up?

Hey there Lori! I always seem to be 2 steps behind you!

Lolly - loved the basketball photos on FB - such a growing grandson!

Margy - thanks for my card! They always arrive at the best times!

Hi Kay! I keep missing you also. Hope you are doing ok

Happy that Wanda had a full house last night and that GG sounds to be doing so well.

Thinking of Glo and her very special visitor today. God is good!

I think I have some mysteries on this evening. I will go check it out.
magpie said…
Real happy that Glo had that visit planned for today, Sure hope it DID happen!

Been wanting to see a post from
NC Suzan...I know she is often if not always with us....but it's great to SEE her here too.

Good Evening Eagle Pals...was snowing in a fun way when I got off work, nothing landed anywhere that I could see, just flakes

magpie said…
Been meaning to mention,
I see Mom Cat and at least two of her kittens from the summer birthing on my porch,
running around in the neighborhood from time to time ☺
magpie said…
I think I remember that big storm of 1962 - I was 11...sure enjoyed not going to school for a
looooong time, and playing
fox and geese and building forts.
magpie said…
Felt like a duck out of water today at work without my work partner Jewels....
but enjoyed the hug at
Shift change....
We are supposed to have 7 on board today, one didn't come in,
two went home sick, one part-timer came in to help,
and one called out for 4-12.
Lots of illnesses going around:(

Kay, thanks for your kind words...

JudyE and Lolly so sorry about your knee problems, that is
one ailment I haven't had...yet !
magpie said…
Speaking of cats and 9-1-1
I wonder how Candy (calicosmom)
is going...
her jubby was with 9-1-1 in NC for a very long time also...and still helps out with emergency services I do believe.

Lots and lots of friendly folks
on this ol'blog...
Love 'em all !

xo ttfn ♥
magpie said…
oh meant to say
wonder how she is DOING not GOING.

But now I can add another comment:
so very nice, the kudos that Kathryn is getting at her new job,
and that she is feeling good about it also! Bravo!
Hoda said…
WELL SANDI!!! Good on you for asking and Good on PAULA for answering...I had the same thought!!!

LORI it was a full day. Left here a bit before 8 in the morning and came back around 3:30 PM my time. Very enjoyable day. Exercise in teh gym with the Dragons and then went to coffee/tea for me.Then distributed posters so new members would know they can join us. We have a membership day on the 9th, next Saturday.
I loved the French Market and spoke in French and carried a cutest little baby, her parents used to be my neighbours. Lots of arts and crafts and it was all very joyful. Good baked goods and had a delicious croissant.

Then went to an excellent TED-X presentation and there were excellent speakers and yes education in BC seems to have moved forwards. I have been out of it for ten years now and I never taught in BC and these guys sounded innovative and out of the box and hilarious. I loved it a lot but not enough to want to go back thank you very much!!! I am done with that...I asked questions and they were spot on with their answeres. Had tea and came back to the flat.

Tomorrow I go skiing and am looking forward to it.

I hope we do not get the snow you all are talking about even though it is SANDI'S BRIAN'S wish!
Sorry BRIAN.
Hoda said…
I think we will get snow overnight here...

I need a cup of hot chocolate and so will be back later.

Have to go to LOLLY'S page to see the Grandsons with Basket Ball...

SHAR I am worried. Are you for sure saying you will have surgery?
You are awfully young to be having back surgery are you not? PRAYERS♥
Lolly said…
I do NOT have knee problems!!!

I said lifting my knee high while walking is really felt in my thighs. My knees are just dandy, thank you! lol

What a day for sports. Jacob won, Joseph won, and now I have learned that my great nephew's high school basketball team is going to state!!! So proud of James!! He has one more year of high school and then wants a basketball scholarship. His dad, my sister's son, is also an assistant basketball coach. He is head volleyball coach and freshman coach, and assists with varsity. His daughter graduates from college in two months where she has gone on a volleyball scholarship. They have one more son...wonder what he will star in?
magpie said…
oooooops, sorry Lolly...
well I hope you never HAVE knee problems...
or hand or wrist or back problems. ☺
Like some people I know.

Hurray on all the sports stuff.
Bravoes all around
or maybe it is Bravos
xo ☺
New postcard stamps are APPLES by the way.
magpie said…
Going to chill out with
Celtic Woman CD...
My favorite Jo Songs ♪ ♫
have to drown out the persistent noise upstairs
including a rowsing argument at
4 a.m. which woke me up.

By the way, Jo, you are most welcome, snailmailing is my passion ☺ ♥

Good Night, Precious Pals...

Prayers for our most dear and precious needs

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo ♥
Lolly said…
Maybe I should correct my statement. On occasion I have had knee problems, but not right now!
Judie said…
Hi everyone!

Home from the basketball game. GDub lost to St.Louis. Dinner is over and the scullery has been restored to order.

Think I will do my imitation of Jo and put my feet up but in the bed. Well, that counts. Feet will not be on the floor.

Sandperson has his satchel filled with sleepy dust and will be on the way in a few. Night light is set for 11pm. Restful sleep for all.
Linda said…
Night, JUDIE!

I have quit for the night in the hopes of getting a better night's rest tonight. Need some down time before just showering and going to bed!

I see Belle and BWE Mom both tucked in already. Guess the sandperson has made it their way!! Of course BWE Mom will continue to feed her babies!
Hoda said…
HRH LYNNE knows so much about fur babies! Thank you YRH!
Evening, all!

Had a good day at work, went through some remaining boxes of papers at work, saved what I needed, and the rest got trashed! Left there about 4:30, hit the grocery store..spent some time at home with Michael and Laura, and then went to dinner with them and Larry at La Paz in Frederick....good Mexican food.

Just got home and ready to head to bed, I'm beat! Thank goodness tomorrow is a sleep in, big breakfast, putz around kind of day!
Linda said…
Think I did a quick speed read on the last few days. I am sure I missed some things, but I do care.....

SHIRLEY - So sorry Kathryn is dealing with diabetes along with being sick and a new job. But through it all, she is obviously doing a great job!!! So happy the new job is working out so well.

SANDI - Wow.....that crazy parent is really causing problems. I am just thankful she is not just after YOU, but after anyone she can get her teeth into. She definitely has issues and her case will surely go nowhere!

DANA - Keeping your Dad in prayer as he heals each day. That is some kind of cut, huh?

LORI - Same goes for your Dad! Hoping he gets just a little better and a little happier each day. It is just going to take time, I guess. I know it must be hard.

Lots of "light headedness" going on this week!!! Hope you ladies feel just beautiful!!

JANET - You sure got socked with something. Do you think it was the flu?? Are you feeling better yet?? So sorry you couldn't make that 16 hour class you were really looking forward to taking this weekend. It's good that you listened to your body and your doctor and have been resting and healing. Feel better!

MARGY - Sorry for the separation anxiety between you and JEWELS this week!! Bummer that she has to go back to nights. It seems like she just joined the day shift. My how time flies!

LOLLY - I guess Laurel just has worked herself sick between school and the move. Her immune system seems to have given in on her and she surely needs a break. Two weeks won't come soon enough for that spring break. Two boys with sports schedules, full time work, and a new home is enough to make anyone exhausted.

LYNNE - It will all get done......eventually! We all understand where you're coming from in wanting to get settled. can gain some normalcy to your life!!

Okay, gotta go. Hubby went to bed ahead of me.....which he never does. He isn't feeling so great and he prefers to wait on me. I'd better go on up there so he can fall asleep!!

Keeping each of you in prayer as I head to the pillows!

Hoda said…


I love us!
stronghunter said…
The bed is partially up, Jo. I heard Hunter say that he was too tired to do any more, and I think Kathryn must have been ready to quit because she did not push him.

I have mostly watched this operation. I have put together plenty of things in the past, but I think I would just be in the way on this one. I do not mind being a spectator.

This bed is something else. It is a twin bed that folds out to make a double bed. And there are two drawers underneath it all. So there are lots of wheels and tracks for the wheels to roll on, and two sets of bed slats (not the same length).

One of the little wheels has gotten lost, and Kathryn has replaced it with washers. She went to Ikea, and that is what they had.

There are so many little parts that are all mixed together in a box, and lots of things look very similar, but are slightly different in some way. It makes me crazy to contemplate.

There has been screwdriver throwing and cursing. At least two purchases of screwdriver-type things have been made. At $40 each, that has amounted to something.

And, in the middle of everything else this morning, Kathryn's ex called to say that he wants to bring some more of Hunter's stuff over here. It seems that he is cleaning out his house and filling up this one. The garage and the basement are pretty much full, but I do not want him to trash Hunter's stuff. Somewhat annoyed.
Mema Jo said…
I enjoyed my 2 mysteries this evening on TV Now it is time to call it a day and close down. All heads are tucked under the wing!

God bless and keep you all in His care
I love us

I am going to dream of La Paz salad! Yummy! I guess you hit First Sat down in Frederick! Cold Night!
stronghunter said…
Good night, Jo. Sounds like a nice dream.
stronghunter said…
Just to let you know . . . enough has been done on Hunter's bed that he can sleep on it tonight. Drawers are being constructed, and the other half of the double bed part needs to be constructed.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Hoda, I am not sure what treatment they will recommend but a neurosurgeon is who I will have to see. I will have to see a nephrologist for cyst on my kidney.
stronghunter said…
Hope all goes well, Sharon, and that you are quickly mended.
Sandi said…
Good Sunday morning my eagle friends! 30 degrees outside this morning! Doesn't feel like spring to me!!

Hoping today is a good day for Dana's dad, Lori's dad and little Isaac.

Glo, how was the visit with your mom-in-law?

JudyE said…

BRR Chilly here 44°
JudyE said…
I'm blaming the heat but it feels like I am getting a cold or allergys - our pollens is terrible Will pick up some stuff to take to help prevent it today at work The ocillium or what ever it was not forsure on the spelling of it but will get it today
JudyE said…
Do you remember I mentioned about the man that got swolled up in a sink hole in his house Well that is goning to be his finally resting place His name was Jeff Busch and he was 37yrs old and they are going to leave him there so sad that they can't find him with the radar equipement they have they still can't get near the house the sink hole is to dangerious and the two house next to it are in harms ways also the sink hole is still under the house the house still looks untouched they said its about 60-70feet deep and 30 wide and grwoing SO SAD
Sandi said…
Belle is calling for a break I guess. Didn't hear Shep answer her.

Judy, I hope you're feeling more like yourself today.

Shirley, what an interesting bed - saw the photos of the construction on FB.

Lynne2, hope you're feeling more settled in at your new place!

Tennis at 9 for me. After that, another lazy day. Just what I need before heading back to the grind! Only 18 days til spring break!
JudyE said…
while I was typing Belle called out I guess Shep hasn't shown up yet
T-Bird said…
Good morning my fine eagle peeps.
DanaMo said…
Good morning eagle friends. Looks beautiful at the nest this morning. The more I read the more it looks like this storm will not affect us too much. I hope I get dad and mom before it comes though either way.
JudyE said…
Be careful DANAMO and I hope you are correct and the nest doesn't get any bad weather as well as all of you
Lori said…

Good Morning Eagle Early Birds!

JUDYE, I hope you're not getting a cold and that you feel better today.

JANET, hope you are feeling better today today, after getting some rest yesterday. Glad you are following doc's orders. :)

PAULA, so was yesterday, your last day, or will that be tomorrow? I know I read it, but can't remember!

GLO, I hope you had a great day with your MIL! I'm sure she had a great time seeing you and Dex!

JO, How are you feeling now? Back to normal yet? You take it easy if you need to!

HODA the AMAZING, you are perhaps the only person I know who could keep up with my mother. We call her the Energizer Bunny, she never stops! Have a great day skiing today. Be safe.

LOLLY, sorry for starting that mixup about your knees. Glad to know they are 100% perfect right now! Congrats on losing the 8 lbs!!!

SHIRLEY, so happy the bed is finally coming along and that Hunter got to sleep in it last night. You have made me consider never buying furniture from IKEA!

KAY, hope your painkiller tapering off is not causing you any problems like sleeplessness! I love you, dear friend. Scratches for Penny! Big Hugs, too.

SHARON and ANDY, praying you both have less pain today, and start healing soon as the docs know what they're going to do for you.

SANDI, Good luck with tennis this morning. Enjoy your lazy day afterwards!

DANAMO, prayers that your DAD continues his healing quickly and that you get some rest today!

MARGY, enjoy your weekend! Anything exciting in your plans today?

Thanks for all the prayers for my Dad...he told the Home Health Nurse yesterday that he felt better than he has in 2 months! YAY!

Sandi said…
Oh Lori, I bet those words from your dad were music to your ears!! What great news!! =)

I think Paula said tomorrow is when the store closes for good.
Sandi said…
Feeding going on at BWE. I see 2 chicks and 1 egg.
Lori said…

Both eagles in the nest...Shep on the eggs, and Belle scarfing breakfast.
Sandi said…
There is definitely a hole in the egg at BWE!

OK, I'm off to play some tennis! Later!!
Morning, all!

Slept in some, it sure felt good.

See Shep in the nest, tucking in the flugg.

I think the rest of Belle's breakfast is at the 5 spot.
DanaMo said…
Just got off the phone with mom. The goal is 6 walks today. Dad is doing well and the surgeons assistant was in yesterday. Sounds like discharge isn't going to be until Wednesday or Thursday (right when this storm might hit). But it sounded like that would be the earliest. Only good thing is that these late storms usually don't last because the temperatures go up right after the storm passes. Cross my fingers.
Mema Jo said…
Good Morning - Shirley, I sure hope you are hearing correctly about this storm and that it moves away from us and our eggs!
I think BWE has one dud egg. Too late for it to hatch.
Jenny is coming over this morning...
No special plans - just glad for her visits.

My last official day will be Monday, and we will close. But the company that was supplying us with furniture is going to stay there for about 6 weeks to sell off the remaining inventory. That is good news for me, because I can stay and work in the office area and get all my paperwork done. I won't have to move my papers, computer or anything. Makes life much easier for the next couple of weeks while I get things wrapped up.

I think Nick stole one of Laura's socks and chewed a hole in it last night! Found it in the hallway this morning.

Margy, I did see the owl pics at BWO..kept missing seeing them.

Shirley, glad the bed is progressing. I hate that RTA stuff!

Lori, I hope your Dad feels a little better each day.

Kay, how much longer before they think you will totally be off the pain meds.

Sharon...not happy to hear about your back and kidney. Ajay had back surgery 3 years ago and felt immediate relief.

Sandi, glad you have some support at school with that awful parent. Some people just don't get it, do they.

Jo, it was one of the first Saturday's in Frederick, Vegas night I think. We just went in for dinner, never been to La Paz since they moved to the Carroll Creek location. Downtown was busy! Good to see!

The birds have cleaned out all 3 feeders, gotta refill them this morning.

Dana, great report on your Dad. Sorry your brother hasn't shown up. Does he live in MD?
Shep loves to tuck in that fluff, he's so cute!
DanaMo said…
Brother lives on Long Island. This is the last straw though, I will not try to contact him anymore. Very sad, but he obviously doesn't care? Very hard to handle, but I have to put it out of my mind and move on, it's putting too much stress on me. Found out this morning that Mom has had it with him too. He told us he couldn't come but yet he posted on FB that he was at the fire house friday night drinking with his buddies. We are done. We need to move on and be positive. Truly heartbreaking. Sorrry don't want to bring the group down with that depressing stuff.
So glad my dad is doing so well!! What a trooper. Talk about beating all the odds. He is my hero!

Glad it's going well for you Paula.
Jo-love the pictures on FB with the babies! So wonderful. I could use some baby snuggle time. Maybe a ride down to the puppies is an order this week, although they are moving on to their puppy parents so I think there are only two left.
Lori-Good news too about your dad!! Love to hear good news. Our dads are strong men :)

The story about the man in the sinkhole is so crazy. How sad.

Okay, I think it's time for me to get dress and think about what needs to be done.
Feeding at BWE...egg in view.
I agree with you Dana. You are not responsible for his actions. He is. Maybe it will change in the future, but best to just let it be.
magpie said…
Good Morning Eagle Pals

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