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Watched an interesting interchange today with our two juveniles.  One was on a limb near the nest, the other came soaring in,  and slowly landed on the head of the other, which rousted the perched bird, who flew off.  Looked kinda playful and was a cool thing to see.

New thread.


My apologies for the scarce posts.

I have been on travel out west and am now up north the past week or so.

I have been contacted by several folks about the future plans for the cam.  We have the crane booked for August and will move to fix things during that time, with more ability to do the work carefully until literally the last available hours that we had in December.

New thread.


Cam will hopefully be back up next week.  The new part we got last problem was the one that was damaged by the storm/lightning.

Clayton is doing everything he can.

Fresh thread.