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Wednesday PM

New thread.

Snoozin' again.


New thread.

Tuesday PM

New thread.

These young eaglets are really starting to get around the nest and are beginning to assert a little independence.

They were alone in the nest about an hour ago. Be assured, an adult was perched ten feet above them.

Wednesday PM

Another rainy day here in WV. The female eagle took the brunt of the rain and tented for several hours. When finally relieved by the male, who also brought in a fresh fish from the river, she was completely soaked.

At the same time on the closed circuit feed, we noticed that there was a change in vocalizations from the eaglets, I would guess from the oldest one. It has gone to more of a whistle than a peep. The male now has umbrella duty as the day wraps up.

We are very hopeful thus far that all three young eaglets are doing well, but only time will tell, and some luck!

Tuesday PM

It's been a raw day today with a brisk wind. Warm temps expected tomorrow. We got a chance to view two feedings today, and it's good to see the littlest eaglet being taken care of by these diligent parents.

New thread.


New hopefully drier weather thread.

Thursday PM

Two fish, one eaglet in the nest thread.


New thread.


Here's a minute by minute for the first eaglet sent to me this AM by Dana:

Jim, Nilla, Jill and AJ saw cracking in one of the eggs around 12:something.
2:27 Nilla said I see only 2 eggs.
2:27 Jill says I see a bobble head.
2:39 Nilla says is she picking egg shell out.
Dion on with them been watching for years.
2:39 AJ says think one chick hatched i saw it move she covered it.
2:39 Jill says Definitely only half
shell hard to see but she is moving something that blends in with the nest.
2:40 Dion says I see a chick!!!!!!
I want to thank our early morning watch group for these special comments.

We could hear the little eaglet chirping a few minutes ago.

Live Video

The live video is online. Go to the eaglecam page and click on the live video link. Note were are still struggling with the audio, so you'll not hear anything yet.
Update: You can access the video link from this blog by clicking "video feed info" in the link list below on the right hand link column.


New thread for the weekend.

Here's the latest Beakspeak rankings:

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