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New thread.  Been offline, sorry for being so late.  Good to see the alternative cam up and I can see a juvie right now.


I just got the prognosis for the latest problem, and it is not good.  The cable used to power the  wireless transmitter from the tree to the server has been chewed partially through in multiple places by some sort of small critter/rodent.  The transmitter is located about 15-20 feet up the tree, and there is a ton of poison ivy surrounding it and the chewed cable. 

We're going to have to take care of the poison ivy, and then see what we can do to get the wireless back, with a new cable.  This replacement may not be possible right now, so we could be looking at a problem that ends the season.  I'm not going there yet, but we'll need to stand by and see what can be done.  We are discussing a few alternatives.

More info when I get it.

New thread.


New thread. 

Latest on the outage:

"We have preformed two power resets to try and fix the Eaglecam system, but the camera is still not reachable. We explore other options and update you ASAP.