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New thread.   We all got a kick out of the behavior yesterday where the eaglets were being covered with grass by the adult.  We think it was to keep them warm in the wind and possibly shield them from a predator (although it's very doubtful a predator would get through the adults).


New week thread.

Wanted to do a quick plug for a program that NCTC hosts each year at NCTC called SC3.  This is a weeklong event that brings talented high school kids from across the nation to Shepherdstown.  This year there is a great speaker list, including the great writer, Barry Lopez, and a host of scientists, filmmakers, photographers and sustainable building experts.  Students take the skills they learn back to their schools and communities.

 If you know a high school student who might be interested, or a teacher that may have interested students, please take a look at the SC3 website: