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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Well, it's almost February and it seems like our birds are spending more time at the nest. It's 2:30 PM on a bright sunny day and there they are. We're suspecting that there could soon be some action here. We'll be watching, as I'm sure you folks will as well. We are also getting close to starting up the live video and audio feed. Should know more next week. This will be funded through your efforts and the Friends of the NCTC.

More soon.


New thread.

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Been gone for 24 hours. Late new thread.

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New week thread.

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New thread, with some snow and ice.
3:00pm update:

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Snow today(?) thread.

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New thread.

Update Picture:

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Weekend thread 2.

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Weekend thread 1.

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Cams Fixed Edition

They tell me the receiver was burned out... Thanks to John and the guys for the quick fix.


New thread.

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Monday PM

You know, I grew up skiing and sledding. I love winter and snow. The weather today is ridiculous, 70 degrees. I went up to Mercersburg to drop my daughter off at school and you could see the snow melting at Whitetail from miles away...

The eagles love it though...


New thread.

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Good Morning thread.

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New thread. Can't get to the cam right now?

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New Year's Day thread.