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Blackwater Eagle Watchers Guide

Saw you folks mention this in the comments. It is really good and something we should try to do here...

Thursday 28 September

New Thread.

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Planning for the Winter

We recently held a meeting here at NCTC to discuss new plans for this year's eagle cam. We are fortunate to have a new staff member on board who previously worked for a company that sells webcams for use with wildlife, so our expertise in this area just took a huge step forward.

We should have a game plan for what we plan to do this winter, and when we have some decisions , I'll post them here. Some ideas includ: multiple cams, robotic cam that can be controlled remotely (moved), and audio so we can hear what's going on.

Can't say how this will settle out just yet, but we are excited for a new nesting season, assuming our pair comes back, which we ceretainly anticipate.


Friday September 22

Friday thread.

update: Forgot to mention, heard a bald eagle squacking yesterday here at NCTC, and saw a bald eagle soaring over the Potomac River at Harper's Ferry last evening (there's a nest a mile or two downriver from Harper's Ferry on the south bank.

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Sunday thread.

Have you seen this article?

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Boy did it rain last night thread.

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Friday Thread. Couldn't resist putting this pic in again...

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Cool Site

Click here for some great eagle photos.

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Another rainy day thread.

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Conference almost over thread.

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Friday afternoon thread.

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Thursday September 7

Thursday post. I know some folks have been trying to get in touch with me. Please indulge my lack of communication and or response.

We are in final crunch mode on a 350 person conference here at NCTC that starts tonight and goes through the weekend.

Folks from all over the country are coming in for an invitation-only dialogue on the issue of children becoming disconnected with nature. We have been living and breathing this event for the past two weeks.

The inspiration for the event is the recent book by Richard Louv--Last Child in the Woods--Saving our Children from Nature-deficit Disorder. Highly recommended.

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