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More thread.


grannyblt said…
Good snowy morning eagle friends. Thank you Steve for the new thread
grannyblt said…
Looked like a switch. I think Belle has duty now. I did get a peek at the eggs
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all Need I ask what all that white stuff is out there on the ground?

Sandi said…
Good morning Jo and Lynne! Thanks Steve for the new thread and Jo for the call over.

Snowing like crazy here in Bethany now. Forecast is for 6-10 inches here. Looks like the snow has stopped at the nest - our eagles can handle this - they have really been working as a team this morning.
Janet said…
good morning to all. Thanks to Steve for the new thread Great way to start a new week.

I am iced in here in Nashville. Lots of wrecks, power out, etc. We are safe, snug, and warm in our home and plan to stay so

I went to one of those urgent care places yesterday and got a z pack. i have a sinus infection.

a day to let the meds work and drink hot tea. it is snowing right now. i have no inkling to go outside. i filled the bird feeders yesterday.

hope everyone is doing well. will check in later. light, love, hugs and smiles to all.
Linda said…
Good Monday Morning....

Glad to hear everyone is hunkered down and
staying in today.......

Snow is one thing, but ice is seriously another not
to be messed with!

Our nest sure is full of snow, but happy to
hear and see our eagles are keeping those
eggs warm and toasty!!

Thinking of WANDA, SANDI's MOM and LARRY
this morning and hoping today is a better day for all....
Mema Jo said…
Our snow has stopped (permanently I pray) Wonderful next door neighbor snow blowing our driveway - He never wants repaid in any way - gave him a gift card last time and they put it in the poor box at church. I love that kind of person ♥
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good morning my eagle budlets. I have made a decision to not watch our cam until the snow is over. My heart can't take it.

It was great being at the nest on Saturday. I LOVE THAT PLACE!!!!

I ♥ US!!
LynneDUH! said…
not much snow here...YAY! Don't have to go to work just yet. Will probably go in at noon.
Mema Jo said…
My Manners Bad Mema Jo

Steve - thank you so very much for the new thread on this snowy Monday morning
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Found you guys over here. Judie was still on the old blog, and I think some others where there as well.

I noticed that comments have been removed by a blog administrator. I think Steve took care of the spammers.

I got a good look at the three eggs awhile ago. Looks like thins are fine at this point.
Mema Jo said…
Lynne - great that you found our new thread and know you will take precious care of the feather...
Mema Jo said…
Enjoy the snow Sandi!

DANA: School closed and jury duty canceled for my juror number. It's a good day! Now, the roads need to clear by evening to get mom and dad home from BWI!

Anxiouis to hear all about their cruise.
Judie said…
Good morning.

I had to go really fast on my snow shoes but finally caught up with y'all.

Thank you Steve for the snowy new thread and Shirley for for all the call-overs.

Snow at the nest and snow here. Snow here is still heavy.

Looked like Belle eggsitting. Shep has become a good mate learning he needs to help protect Belle and the eggberts.

Oh, now I understand. The inappropriate comments have been removed. Thanks to Steve or whomever.

If roads are still unsafe, hope Carolyn accepts Margy's offer. What fun - a sleep over.

Safe travels, Lolly. Enjoy your new chariot.

Sandi, you WILL get taxes tended to today.

Janet, sure hope you feel better as the day goes forward.

Jo, you have the best kind of neighbor but then I cannot imagine anyone not wanting to do nice things for you and Mr. Jo.

Everyone who can, stay in and stay warm and safe. Anyone going out, stay safe.

Mema Jo said…
CarolAnne - New pic up on my FB from the family. The altar scene - I do really think we should make the booklet. I'm sure Denise and her friend will have a video or a large album and that our little table top booklet would be a good keepsake from us.
Momster albums also have pics but I can't snip them....
Mema Jo said…
Going to work on Taxes

Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

Thanks to STEVE for cleaning up the old thread, per SHIRLEY's request and for gifting us with a nice NEW THREAD.

LYNNE1, you're looking good with that purty feather !

The weather guru's, who are amazingly accurate these days, were dead wrong where central OH was concerned. No additional snow after all. Only going to 19° today, so Penny and I will pretty much lie low. Sorry so many of you, especially those unaccustomed to much ice and snow, have been slammed so hard.

DANAMO, wishing you safe travel to BWI. Can't wait to hear how the cruise went for your parents !

Okay, youse guys are shaming me into getting my tax stuff together some time this week. A task we all seem to hate !

Shep has certainly wormed his way deeper into my heart with his overnight snuggle to help Belle cope with the snow and cold ! What a great mate he's turned out to be.
Hoda said…
Good morning
Severe snow conditions here too.

Thank you SHIRLEY for keeping watch and capturing the eagles.

Thank you STEVE for every thing. Nice blog you administer.
stronghunter said…
Thanks, Steve, for getting rid of the Girls from Thailand or whatever that was. And for the nice, new thread.
Lolly said…
Good morning! Lots to do today so gotta get busy. But first...

Youse guys???? Really, Kay? ☺ LOL

We leave in the morning when it is light. 14 this morning (yes, that's my age) but now up to 26 and the SUN IS SHINING!

Yes, chatted on fb last night with Wanda, Denise, and Mits. It was light hearted and fun and I know this morn Bev was thinking "what the heck" as it was comments on her post. We went way over 90 comments. LOL

Interesting the eagles snuggled together last night. That is awesome. Took one peek and saw the snow. UGH!

Gotta run....I'll be back later!
CarolAnne said…
Jo - got the alter pic, thanks.
Will continue to seek out others before doing final composing.

Hoping the day is good for all.
Judie said…
Hmmmm, do y'ouse guys think maybe Kay is actually in New Joysee?

Snow still heavy and just doesn't seem to want to stop. Neighborhood teen is shoveling and will likely return to make another pass. Most important is the driveway for tomorrow am.

Getting some things done ahead so I can come home and go to sleep without a guilt trip.

Finally, for now: Thank you Steve for ridding us of the inappropriate posts.

Mema Jo said…
I am waiting for 6 more promised donations before having a tally.
With the snow today the mail was slow.

Mema Jo said…
Please watch for your email of Donation Confirmation and advise if you do NOT receive yours or if there is any information not correct - email me. THX
Judie said…
I'm good,Jo.Thanks.
Judie said…
Still snowing like all get out.

Looks like Belle is still eggsitting.
Mema Jo said…
I wish oh how I wish we could place photos on this blog page -
Judie said…
Well, a first. In 28 years in this house I have just seen a man go by on skis. Do I need to tell you how much snow we have?
JudyE said…
ON lunch and find a brand spanking new thread


Mema Jo said…
Judie - are you certain that it wasn't Hoda in disguise checking on you? lol
JudyE said…


Hoda said…
Now now you two!!!
Laughing on your comments MEMA JO and JUDYE.
The frozen north is truly frozen JO
You will remember that I asked you to extend me the sum I contributed the Celebration Of Life.
The Royal Mail is not moving too fast.
Thank you
Judie said…
How very interesting Jo and JudyE that you should ask. Thought I was hallucinating when I saw the skier waving a box and motioning me outside. Have contacted the RCMP to check all border crossings for "suspicious" packages and innocent looking women.

Hi Hoda. How are you? lol

Watched the GA eagle feed her babe. Made me wonder - has anyone seen a food delivery at our nest? Doesn't look like it to me. Hope Shep has a good hunting day.

Judie said…
Oh, looks as if the snow has stopped now. Teen shoveled and will return later to get what accumulated later.
Judie said…
Good news is if the snow stopped here it has likely slowed down or stopped at Shirley's.

Mema Jo said…
We don't need food delivery to our nest at this time as both Belle and Shep take turns incubating the eggs and then taking a break to get their own food. Once there are bobble heads is when we need the food delivery. ♥
We are good to go for now
Kay said…
JUDIE n' LOLLY, yeh, thought I'd throw a little Joisey on ya !

JUDIE, have you called to make sure your procedure appt. is still on for tomorrow ? Get the skis waxed up just in case they're needed for the trip !

LOLLY, wishing you and Jack a safe get away in the morning ! The time spent with WANDA and the gals sounds like the the ticket for her at this time. I sure do miss having her here.
Kay said…
JO, some one or two of you could place pics on your own blogs so we non-FBers could access. Not begging for I know it is we who are out of step and I really don't expect anyone to cater to us ! ☺
Mema Jo said…
Kay - I've never started a blog page for any pictures on here. ... sorry
Kay said…
Oh, I saw the nest pic that you sometimes use as an Avatar and an old reunion photo on the blog listed on your profile page, so, I thought you had. No apology necessary !
Kay said…
There are days when I long to soar like an eagle. Then there are days like this one when I think "I do not want to come back as an eagle" ! No sunshine there and no melting. Brrrr.
Judie said…
Jo, you are correct. I was jumping the gun.

Yes, Kay. All is set unless I get a call later today or first thing in the a.m. Very full of water. Have to drink at least six large glasses of water by tonight. Sure wish they had given the option of glasses of Jack

Kay said…
I hear that ! Interesting. Do they want you full of fluid so the veins are prominent or do they want you to spend the night trotting back and forth to the bathroom so you're exhausted by morning ?
stronghunter said…
Good afternoon,

Will try to post the pictures I got last night for non-Facebookers.

Have been watching the birds in my backyard. Tried to see if I could get my birdbath warmer going again. I have not decided if it is the warmer that is broken or the circuit I had it plugged into. We shall see.

Looks to be Shep on the eggs now.

Yes, Judie, it seems to have stopped snowing for now. But there is a bunch more of stuff south of here.

Kay said…
Thanks in advance, SHIRLEY ! Will be nice if you're able to post pics for us ! Yes it's Shep--his spot is quite prominent and there seems to be a bit of sun shining through right now.

Very windy at the Georgia nest and the bobblehead is mighty restless, constantly wanting to get out for a view of the world. Parent keeping it in check and diligently rolling the egg no matter what.
Kay said…
Blackwater nest looks as miserable as ours does---probably more so since there are a couple of hungry mouths to feed and little bodies to keep warm ! Looks like the fish in the pantry are frozen.
Kay said…
Oh, I see that Judy has posted a couple of new messages in CAPT GENE's obituary guestbook. One of the floral Eagle and one of the beautiful, beautiful cake. I would have hated to cut into that work of art. What a talented florist and an equally talented baker/icer.
stronghunter said…
Pictures are on my blog with brief explanations. It was heartwarming to watch them last night. I could see their movements, which helped me understand what was going on.

Will just got safely home, and I know Kathryn is on the way. She has been posting on FB.
Kay said…
Nice egg roll, Shep !
Sandi said…
Tax stuff is all gathered, just need to drop it off at the accountant's house (he is our neighbor 2 doors away - convenient, eh?)

Latest on Mom - I got a text from Lisa around 10:30 that Mom called to say she was on the floor in her bedroom and couldn't get up. She hadn't fallen, just sat on the edge of the bed and, when she started to slide off, she didn't have the leg muscles to stop herself. Just slid off and landed on the carpeting. When Lisa got there, she got Mom up from the floor and gave her her morning meds. When she went out to the kitchen to fix her something for breakfast, she glanced at Mom's bedtime pill dispenser. Sunday night was empty AND Monday night was empty! She took 2 nights worth of medicine at bedtime last night, PLUS Lisa gave her the morning pills! Yikes!

After Lisa finally got Mom dressed, she and Mitch (home from work today due to the snow) tried to get Mom out to their car to take her to their house for the day. Lisa didn't feel comfortable leaving Mom at the condo alone and both kids were at the house unsupervised. Mom fell on the front porch - with Mitch on one side of her, Lisa on the other AND using her walker. She didn't hurt herself but her clothes got wet from sitting in the snow.

They literally had to carry Mom back into the condo and plunk her in the closest chair. Lisa called the hospice nurse who said, just get her into bed so she can sleep off the medicine overdose.

So, I have spent the day contacting places that will send someone to the house each evening to help Mom with getting undressed, into bed, and taking the right meds at the right time. Got 3 names from the hospice nurse, called all 3, emailed the info. to Lisa, and have left it up to her to decide if she wants to do the in-person interviews or wants me to do it this coming weekend.

Still snowing here, though it has slowed down. Temp is at 22 degrees with a wind chill of 5. Lots of juncos, finches, wrens, and a beautiful male cardinal at the suet feeder right outside the window of the sunroom. Kevin went out to the bank and said the roads are a slippery mess - wonder when schools will reopen.

Judie, I say drink the 6 glasses of Jack Daniels before bed tonight - you may not even need anesthesia tomorrow! :)
Kay said…
SHIRLEY, so happy to see your pics of our dear eagles all snuggled up. So amazing that nature provides Shep with the knowledge needed at such times ! Wow !

SANDI, prayers--mega prayers for your Mom and you girls. So glad Lisa's husband was off today and able to help.
Kay said…
I understand, but I sure do miss gLORI's checking in here a time or two a day. Hope all is going well with our Nurse !
Lolly said…
Oh, Sandi, so very sorry for the complications with your mom's care.

Thought we were going to have to postpone our trip a day but finally worked it out. Dr. Office called to cancel Jack's appointment as the dr was in surgery. Lovely! Jack said she was going to call back if she could find someone else to take out his stitches. She did not call and I urged Jack to call her again. Dr. called while Jack was on the phone and they told him to come in at 4. He has gone now. Yea! Jack is so polite, does not tell the urgency on his side, and waits for them to return calls. I do not wait well. LOL

Have to load Annie by myself into the carrier and take her to the vet. That should be interesting. It takes two!!!

KAY, just want y'all to know now that I'm from the south and when you say youse guys, well it just jumps out at lil ol me.☺
Lolly said…
JO, I sent a check the next day. Do you want me to send you an email with the amount so that you know?
Kay said…
LOL, LOLLY ! I was raised in Southern AZ, by a Pilot Point, TX born father and a Norman, OK born mother. I've lived in several States, but mostly in AZ and OH. Son, Lee and family moved to NJ about 14 years ago and here came some Joisyisms that were new to us and fun to use at times. I love the wide variety of accents and customs to be observed across this great Country !
Kay said…
LOLLY again, so glad you pushed for getting those stitches out TODAY ! And, happy to know all systems are go for that scenic trip with the new home on wheels !
Kay said…
Cute to see all the talon and beak marks in the snow surrounding the nest cup !
Jo same ? you need to know what I Sent .

Sun is shining on the nest.

Got a couple of inches of snow here...its just about done.

Larry feeling much better today...we think he had a bit of a bug over the weekend.
Kay said…
PAULA, happy to hear Larry is better today--his resistance is undoubtedly low and there's no telling what he came into contact with the doctor's office the other day.
JudyE said…
Home from work and need to catch up on reading from lunch time I love it that I can read at lunch not so much to read when I get home

Went to fb and there was a mssge from Angie

Angie Taylor updated her status: "A sweet friend gave birth last night too early and her little guy can use some prayers, he is 1 lb 7oz and 13inches long, lets send a prayer to Julie Kelley and her beautiful baby boy that couldn't wait to come but now he needs to be a fighter. Dear God please watch over this family and give them lots of strength to fight and become stronger.""""
Lolly said…
Yea, glad to hear Larry is feeling better. Yea!!!!!
Haha. just saw some sunshine here. :-)
JudyE said…
KAY did you see the other floral arrangement that I put on the guest book page EGGS Alone
JudyE said…
saw a shadow go out the back
JudyE said…
I see shadow in the back of the nest we are there now
JudyE said…
KAY I wonder if I should put other pic on the guest???
Kay said…
Not yet, JUDYE, but I'll take a look. Thank you !

Will add that tiny little boy and his family to my prayer list.
JudyE said…
OH SANDI so sorry to hear your poor moms falling and the pill mixup
Mema Jo said…
Prayers for Angie's friend's newborn
Sure hope he makes it
Mema Jo said…
Paula I should get it tomorrow or Wed.
No need to advise - I'll wait for it to deposit.
Kay said…
I don't see the EGGS photo, JUDYE. I'm not the one to ask about the use of the guestbook, JUDYE. JO will be your best guide on such matters.
Mema Jo said…
Hi Kay - The Sycamore Palace nest tree has been my avatar for years. I only recently change it as an occasions arises such as Scar or Marvin or a holiday. I change it simply because it is user friendly to do so.

Mema Jo said…
Paula - happy Larry had a good day
Hopefully the smoothies will keep him filled - Try the Ensure or Boost energy drinks.

Sandi - My heart goes out to you and Lisa. Having someone come in in the evening is a great idea - even greater is for someone to also come in the late morning for dressing and lunch and meds. Does she have a medical alert? It was remarkable she could get to the phone to call Lisa. Prayers ♥
Hoda said…
Very concerned for SANDI'S MOM.

For the newborn in Florida.
Blessed Be

Hoda said…
Happy to read LARRY is feeling better.
Blessed Be
Kay said…
JO, I love that symbolic picture of the nest tree that you use and I am able to spot your posts because of it. Of course, a change for special occasions or personages is appropriate now and then !
JudyE said…
has anyone noticed that there doesn't seem to be sound again ???
JudyE said…
LOL I just went back and read my post KAY I meant did you see the other pic of the floral arrangements and the I posted Eggs Alone as alert not that the pic would be there I am putting in Em album tho
JudyE said…
AND THEN not and the I posted OLD FINGERS
Kay said…
Time for me to move aside for today. Must think about dinner, but am uninspired. Then it's on to news and Jeopardy. After than I'll have to find something good to fall asleep on ! ☺

Will start tomorrow off with positive thoughts for JUDIE as well as bon voyage thoughts for the Ellis's.

As always love and prayers for all

Kay said…
LOL, JUDYE---I get the picture ! Just a little slow on the draw at times---especially late in the day !
Sandi said…
Just had a very brief chat with Mom - she still couldn't speak a complete sentence. She did say she has not gotten out of bed since Lisa left and promised me she would stay in bed til Lisa cam back. I wish I didn't live so far away.

Jo, Mom has worn a medic alert necklace for several years. It was a Christmas gift from me when she was still living in the townhouse with steps and I pay the monthly fee. As a matter of fact, I have a very funny story about that. On Friday, before we left for Baltimore, I set up my first of March payments through my online bill pay service - the medic alert was one of them. Today I went onto my banking site and noticed that I authorized a payment of $24,095.00 instead of $24.95!!! The payment was already processing so I couldn't cancel it but, when I called PNC, they were able to stop it.

Judy, you mentioned the FMLA over the weekend. I have 55 accumulated sick days that I can take with pay if I need to, so I'm fine if I have to take time off from work, and will do that if necessary.

Waiting for a call from the school district about schools for tomorrow - the snow has stopped but I don't see buses picking kids up tomorrow morning.

Time to fix food for people and pets. Thanks so much for the continued prayers for my mom - I love you all!
JudyE said…
Just posted todays and the past couple days pic in the albums and I was the first to put pic in the album so the cover is the one of Shep on Belle this am I was gonna do the 3 eggs alone but I like the one of him on her so sweet
Judie said…
Checking in before headed to the scullery to prepare my "last" food for the day.

Sandi, I am sorry about the additional problems for your mom. Have you considered a caregiver during the days?

Wishing the best for the little baby.

Kay, assuming the water is to keep the veins from being dehydrated so easier to find and stab.

You deserve the sunshine, Paula. So very happy to read that Larry is better today.

Off to the scullery. Beef filet, skillet potatoes, spinach salad. Oh, and water.


Mema Jo said…
Sandi - your bill paying must have been done in haste - Glad you checked your account! FMLA for the caregiver is a good benefit - I know what you mean about paid sick leave.
Countdown for Brian WHoo Hoo
JudyE said…
and you will notice the temp to the nest is in some of the pictures now I changed it thought it would be odd to have a snowy nest with the temp of 80 below it LOL
JudyE said…
Just looking at the album and I see March last year has the same situation with Shep on top of Belle is the cover
Lolly said…
Annie is boarded. Hard to leave her. Jack is home, stitches removed and has only 3 bandaids across his arm. Wahoo!
Stitches also removed from his hand as well and no bandaid needed there.
JudyE said…
I have 192 hours of sick leave again that is the highest you can get and keep anything I accumulate now only a small percent of it rolls to personal time
JudyE said…
Have a marvelous time LOLLY and JACK

stronghunter said…
A quick hello. I got Will to fix steaks for tonight. I will fix some potatoes and beans.

School is closed for tomorrow.
magpie said…
cannot type much tonight, just want to say HELLO
and prayers for new needs, tiny newborn for JudyE's daughter's friend...
and our current/always/sometimers:
Sandi's Mother, Sandi, Lisa,
and all the health care team
Wanda, GG and all the Wrights,
and many others as needed

Paula: my stepdaughter in Florida has a somewhat-specialized "bullet"
blender, puts all kinds of things in there, when I can type more I will speak of it more

xoxo (( Hugs )) friends
magpie said…
seem Jewels made it home this morning, probably just as well, with the upstairs bowling ball and her 18 month old brother, it was right noisy early afternoon

remains ridiculous to me at times and when the time is right I am ready for another talk with the parents
magpie said…


magpie said…


Mema Jo said…
Margy - I hope you did not shovel and snow or even clean off your car today as to why you can't type long. You take care and prayers for your healing ♥
Lolly said…
We have decided to hook up in the morning. Hope I can get on to post on the road.

Preparing dinner now. Miss my kitty!
Mema Jo said…
great pictures Shirley
stronghunter said…
Battle of the Decades on Jeopardy tonight.
Mema Jo said…
They certainly weren't as "swift" as the younger contestants....
I enjoyed it -
stronghunter said…
Scooted upstairs while Hunter and Kathryn cleaned off the dinner table.
JudyE said…
12° at the nest so happy the snow stopped I looked at radar and see nothing yeah
JudyE said…
my shows are starting check ya later
Judie said…
Looks as if Shep might be on duty tonight. Can only just see tail feathers.

Margy, did you do something stuuuuuupid today with your healing hand? Remember, I know where you live and I know where Evil Jufie is!

Yes, the "last" meal is over and tomorrow night is planned: grilled cheese and tomato soup. I am pretending my last 24 oz. of water are J.D.

Jeopardy was good. I enjoyed seeing Eddie again.

Now, to refill my J.D. and settle in to watch The Blacklist. Adore James Spader.


grannyblt said…
Sandi, I did something similar last summer. I wish PNC had been able to stop my error. I paid a bill thousands instead of hundreds. I didn't know for three days when the checks started bouncing.. Fortunately I was able to transfer funds but it still cost me. Needless to say, I am much more careful now.

Judie, I will be thinking of you tomorrow while you are having your procedure. Six glasses of water will have you very hydrated.

SED to all.

Mema Jo said…
Judie - your eyeballs will be floating soon. Best of everything tomorrow and I will be waiting to hear that you are home and ok ♥

Going to close for the day
Prayers for all of us and our loved ones.

Goodnight and God Bless you through the night ♥
JudyE said…
JudyE said…
don't like the temp at the nest 8°

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

stronghunter said…
Going to shut down early tonight and hope for a bit more sleep than last night.

SED, everyone.
Judie ..will be thinking of your surgery tomorrow

Lolly and Jack travels and have fun.

Larry had 2 pretty normal meals today. Yay!. He is doing boost too.

Love the overnight and early morn eagle duo pics.
Sandi ...hope you can get someone pronto to help your Mom.
magpie said…
Night-night, Precious Pals

Prayers for all things good for
Judie in the morning

And all things good, for all of us, as well

wrote too many checks last night,
first of month bills and a few leftovers, that was tiresome for the hand, otherwise I'm being as good as possible...Thanks, friends!

Prayers for Wellness All Around,
Jack and Lolly: Happy Trails, May Wispy Angel Clouds and Wonderful Sunshine travel with you

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox
magpie said…
Oh ps

Glad Larry is feeling some-better, Paula...Go Boost !
and all the other positive things
you are bringing to the the ADLs -
Activities of Daily Living, Paula
Arfs Arfs to the Pups
Hoda said…
Glad LARRY is doing better. Blessed Be.

Good you are well MARGY.

Prayers for JUDIE tomorrow.

Sleep well SHIRLEY.

Safe travels LOLLY and JACK

Good Night
God Bless Us All
Judie said…
Fell asleep for a few minutes after The Blacklist. Woke up because I had this incredible need to peed. Also need to take another pill in a few.

Thank you all for your support. I plan to be home late afternoon and will check in when I am awake enough to type as well as Margy does.

Sandi, I cannot imagine how relieved you are at finding the payment error so quickly. Congrats.

Happy Birthday, Florida.

Sandperson has been gone for about an hour. Tried to get back inside because it is so dadgum cold outside. Told him he could come back in if he takes my place with the scalpel tomorrow. Never seen the dude move so fast.

Restful sleep for all. Until tomorrow night.
Lolly said…
Fell asleep watching tv. Jack is giving me a hard time. Please feel sorry for me. LOL

Night all! Thank you all for the good wishes! Made me smile.

See you in the morning....on the road again!♪♫♪

I love you all...hugs all around!

Kay said…
JUDIE, up for call of nature and wanted you to know, you are the lead Peein'est this morning, but you're not alone. I just lit a candle for you and will say a little prayer as I head back to my pillow. ♥
Judie said…
Good morning everyone.

Wishing all a wonderful day even with the awful cold. Hope for some sunshine.

BBL sometime. Bye
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

HODA how are the roads now?

Don't like the 3° in the tray of my puter for the nest Thanks good ness no more snow on it
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Sunny but 14 degrees here, feels like 6. No school again. I have a 2:30 periodontist appointment to have the scaling done on the other side of my mouth - first time wasn't nearly as bad as I thought so I can do this. Will be calling to take one of the earlier slots to get the procedure out of the way since I don't have school.

Thinking of Judie, who should be having her surgery/procedure right about now. Is this the thing where she has to lie flat for 4 hours afterward?

Lolly, happy trails to you!! I can see the smile on your face from here!

Paula, glad Larry had a good day and is able to eat a little better. I remember my dad's throat got very sore from his radiation treatments as well - when will Larry start with treatment?

Have a good day all.
JudyE said…
Keeping you in thought today JUDIE
Mema Jo said…
Morning to all ♥

Thinking of Judie lying flat out about now! Prayers for her to do well and return home soon. Also prayers for Darth - I always have concern for those who are waiting. ♥

I have been looking out in the cul-de-sac as a very meticulous snow plow driver who cleared our road. Wonderful job - not just a one swipe through deal but back and forth and back and forth until the snow was all pushed to where it didn't interfere with anyone's driveway ♥
Mema Jo said…
To Lolly and Jack I wish the safest trip ever - Making memories in that new RV and on new dishes to boot!

Thinking of all of you and praying for your being able to enjoy this day and that you are feeling well.

Paula - Larry's progress is reassuring and keep up the Boost!

Margy - rest those fingers today ♥ Where are you having your Shove Tues dinner?
Mema Jo said…
That's right - it is

Fat Tuesday

Lent starts tomorrow - Ash Wednesday

Go get your Kinklings ♥
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Thinking of Judie this morning. I suppose things are well under way by now.

Sunshiny and cold this morning.
Mema Jo said…
Wanda's message to all ♥

My Dear Jo... how can I ever thank you and all our Momster Sisters for the prayers, cards, messages of love, work, food, flowers and the BEAUTIFUL CAKE. OMG, I had so many friends to tell me that the cake made them cry...who ever heard of a cake making someone cry? I want to come to the Blog and thank everyone for EVERYTHING, but I am getting ready to go into the church and get ready for the Soup Kitchen. I will try to express my gratefulness and love for all of our friends a bit later. Love You
Lolly said…
On the road again.......come on, sing along with me! :). We just left and have a long ways to go!
Lolly said…
28 but the sun is shining! First bridge we crossed getting out of neighborhood and on to the interstate was icy but sanded. Roads are clear!
Kay said…
Waiting anxiously to hear from JUDIE, but didn't realize the procedure included lying flat for four hours afterward. Makes sense as standing and walking would no doubt be disastrous for recovering veins. I hope DARTH can be with her for that part it. Prayers continue.

SANDI, good luck with the "scraping". Hope it's as easy as the other side was.

JO, I wish our snowplow guys were as considerate as the one you've described ! Thank you for relaying WANDA's lovely message. So like her to be heading to the Soup Kitchen and going forward with the work she and GENE loved doing together !

JO, what are the "guilty pleasures" you enjoy on Fat Tuesday ? And do tell, what are Kinklings ?

LOLLY, keep us posted as you roll safe !

SHIRLEY, sunshiny cold here today, too. When up in the middle of the night, 4°, now 18° and headed for a balmy high of 28°.

Hoda said…
Good morning
On going prayers for JUDIE.

The roads were awful yesterday JUDYE.
Needed a four wheel drive to negotiate them.
A friend came to get me to get to yoga.
Don't know about today. I hear the trucks though so the crews are doing their best.

Good luck SANDI

Best Wishes LORI

Mema Jo said…
Kay - Fat Tues or Shrove Tues is getting ready for the Lent Season which starts on Ash Wed (tomorrow) It is customary to rid you home of all fats (grease) and use it up. Kinklings if you Google you will see a delicious greasy doughnut.
Most of us also have pancakes for dinner and stuff ourselves because tomorrow we will fast and abstain.
Mardi Gras is also beginning
CarolAnne said…
Morning all
Another 3" of snow last nite. Which is good cuz it means its a bit warmer (looking on the bright side) .

Kay, around here (Wisconsin) those fat Tuesday doughnuts are called patzkis (poosh keys). A once a year treat. People line up outside bakeries in the wee hours of the night to get theirs before they are sold out.

Thoughts & prayers for everyone.
Kay said…
JO and CAROLANNE, thanks for the primer on Fat Tuesday ! How did that piece of sacred history escape me for over 77 years ? Of course, I knew the term and connection to Ash Wednesday, Lent, Easter... However, I always thought it meant you could eat huge meals of all your favorites on this day. Never realized it had to do the cooking fat and the creation of such delectable doughnuts ! Pancakes for dinner--what a treat ! Enjoy !

Oh, and I didn't realize you fasted/abstained on Ash Wednesday either. I love learning new things and about customs that mean so much to my dear friends !
Kay said…
Oh, JO, I always love that live cam in New Orleans as Mardi Gras excitement builds ! Thank you !
Kay said…
Hmmmm, I can almost smell the Beignets now !
magpie said…
Good Very Cold Morning, Eagle Pals....

Adding my prayers and positive thoughts for Judie and all the health care team in charge of our
dear Lady

Jo, thank you for bringing Wanda's message to us, so dear....yes, that Cake....was Exquisite...."Good On You" my friend

magpie said…
for some reason I had thought that someone at the church said when there is no school, they also do not do soup kitchen....maybe not

I would so like to have been able to go to Wanda's to clean off her car and path to it....I am hoping she has neighborhood angels like Jo and
Judie have !!

Happy Wonderful Travel Trails for Jack and Lolly
magpie said…
The Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday
details are intriguing and
spiritual to learn more about,
thanks pals!

Fastnachts, that's another one of the name for some of the doughnuts I think....someone often brings them to work, hope they do this year even though I won't get any of those :)
magpie said…
I have not heard yet whether my Shrove Tuesday date is still on, hope so! I am hungry for it already!

disapearing now for a little while,
"homework" to tend to, kind of fun sometimes under these conditions, I have the time to take the time it takes

Kay said…
MARGY, don't you be overdoing it again with that hand !!!!
Kay said…
Well, whether they're Kinklings, Patzkis, Fastnachts, Beignets or Doughnuts, they have to be scrumptious ! Wonder if there is a sugar free, Diabetic friendly version ? ☺
Mema Jo said…
Message from Karla

The flowers we absolutely amazing and the cake not only beautiful, but delicious too. She is so blessed to have so many people that love and support her and I appreciate everything that everyone has done. I feel so bad that I was not able to speak with everyone at the service, yet I was constantly with someone. I so wanted to visit with all of the Momsters and hope that I was at least able to thank everyone. Mother is so appreciative of the love and support, but gets a little overwhelmed with the blog comments and has to step away. She told me that she has cried her river and wants to keep busy and move forward. What a beautiful, strong and classy lady she is. I want to be just like her when I grow up. Please pass my heartfelt thanks and love to all.
Kay said…
No melting going on at the nest, but whoever is brooding at the moment appears to be comfortable.
Mema Jo said…
Margy, soup kitchen is definitely a go
Wanda will be there but working in her clothes closet.
Kay said…
JO, thank you for posting Karla's lovely message ! She will obviously have the same poise and grace her mother has when she "grows up" ! The Concovia-Wright women are beautifully "strong and classy" !
Kay said…
Egg roll--the cup looks very dry and warm !
Hoda said…
Hoping to have regular check ins from our "on the road again" couple.
Safe travels LOLLY AND JACK
Judie said…
Hi everyone.

Guess what? I'm home. Rotor rooter was done and will know more in two weeks but Dr. said I did well. He played up my request (to Darth) that I have to stay on full rest for at least six weeks.(lol) Go back in two weeks to the surgeon for a checkup and more information. I think today's cleaning out of plaque will be a considerable benefit. Bonus: everyone there was so pleasant and caring. Would have no anxiety if I have to go back in the future. Interesting, my doctor is also the surgeon.

Still feeling the effects of the anesthesia so headed to bed to sleep.

Paula, happy that Larry has started to eat more. A good sign, I think.

So gracious of Wanda and Karla to post a message of appreciation. If I know Wanda, she will continue with the S/K and the C/C as service and in remembrance of the Capt.

Sandi, good luck with the scraping and hope it goes as easily as the first.

Okay, getting tired. Headed for bed.
magpie said…


magpie said…
i read the soup kitchen and clothes closet report, jo, also, thanks for the update
magpie said…
thanks JO for the
message from Karla..

met my typing limit....
xo ttfn xo
Kay said…
Whoopee ! JUDIE so happy with your report and hope you don't read this for hours as you need those zzzz's. Yep, play this up for all it's worth and put that DARTH feller to work !
Mema Jo said…
Judie, My you have a deep sleep as you rest
Thank you so much for reporting in to us as our concerns can now vanish.
Love ya
Hoda said…
Thank You JUDIE. Blessed Be
stronghunter said…

So nice to hear that Judie is home and headed for some rest.

Also nice to hear from Wanda and Karla. They are truly classy ladies.

I think it is Shep on egg sitting duty right now. Interesting shadow at the 5:00 spot. I think it might be a bit of flugg or s clump of snow. Looks almost like a little birdie.
stronghunter said…
Doctor's appointment for me tomorrow. Got reminded earlier by my cell phone calendar. Routine recheck at the dermatologist.

stronghunter said…
Happy to know that Lolly and Jack are off for adventures in their new trailer.
stronghunter said…
Thinking that there might not be school tomorrow. Street in front of the house is still icy.
Janet said…
good afternoon to all. a warmer, drier tuesday here in nashville. no school today, but going in the 40's so school should be in session tomorrow.

i have been thankful for the extra time off to sleep and take the z pack. i woke feeling 98% today.

went to ihop this morning for breakfast and goofball me left my phone there. thankfully it was there when we went to get it.

JUDIE: thanks for checking in. sweet dreams.

so sweet of WANDA and Katie to post such lovely comments. this is a situation where you always wish you could "do more"

let's see, did some olivia's hair blue and pink...some laundry going. yep that should about do it for the day, lol.

hope everyone is having a super tuesday. hugs for all!
Linda said…
Good Afternoon!!

Very pleased to see a post from Judie that she is already done and home and did so well!! You were in my prayers......and still are! Rest and take advantage of whatever you can!!

Beautiful messages from Wanda and Karla. Hoping Wanda is handling things okay. Keeping busy is good, but I am sure this is going to be a long road!! Bless her!

Very busy work day for me and then practice at church....
Tuesdays are long days for me....

Hoping our Lori is weathering all her studies, papers and such well. Sure do miss her!

Thanks for the posts, Jo and keeping us all up to date!

JudyE said…
ON LUNCH will go read and be back
JudyE said…
shh trying to keep it down don't want to wake JUDIE from her needed after procedure nap SO happy all we well Sleep good

so loved reading the post from WANDA and her dear sweet daughter KARLA
and keeping busy is the best for her right now

JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
One of the eaglets at the NE is on a branch
JudyE said…
the new found freedom they are loving I guess
JudyE said…
Moving sticks around the front of them can't tellwho is in the nest
JudyE said…
the area around the cup has melted now and lots of the nest is exposed I think that is Shep
JudyE said…
Its is amazing that meds can kick in that fast SIS so happy you are 98% better
Lolly said…
Have passed through Childress, rolling along! 55 and no ice or snow in sight.

Yea, for Judie? Very good report!!
Hoda said…
How is the trailer handling on the road LOLLY?
Lolly said…
We are doing just great, thank you! Beautiful day to be traveling!
Mema Jo said…



COME ON OVER..........

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