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Today we see the resilience and determination of these birds.  Snow whould subside later today, then a cold day tomorrow, and then, hopefully some spring weather.

Fresh thread.


Kay said…
Thank you, STEVE ! You're so right about the resilience of our beloved Eagles ! And, like you, hope this is the last winter blast before a glorious Spring.

Going back for the gang.....
Kay said…
Bringing this over since it was so recent as I preen my purty feathers !

Blogger Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

Checking for news before I head to the hair SALON---no saloons for me today ! Expected snow overnight that did not materialize. Still in the forecast for this afternoon---will probably hit while I out, but it's not expected to be much.

So happy to read news like:

LORETTA, has a daughter visiting !

WANDA, enjoyed quality time with Dustin and will be receiving nice donations of clothing from SANDI and MARGY !

SHAR is busy relearning the art of mastication and must have a gorgeous smile with the new choppers !

LOLLY and JACK are wending their way homeward through a bit of bad weather, but beauteous territory.

JUDIE is finally going to clean and organize her kitchen today--the Dynamically Distressing Duo may have been rooting through things in the wee small hours of the morning !

And good reports from others of you today---except for that lengthy dental appt. HODA ! My thoughts are with you on that one !

Hoping for a pip today !

Kay said…
And another recent entry, since JO concludes with a BBL:

Blogger Mema Jo said...

Thinking of Hoda in the dentist chair...
Thinking of Shirley at the alley - hope her team has their 1st place in their league...
Wondering if Wanda has soup kitchen every Tuesday...
Hoping the temp rises soon so that tomorrow I can drive myself to lunch with past co-workers...
Wondering if after Judie cleans out her kitchen cupboards she will come and do mine.. I love those plastic containers but on my do I ever have too many...

Of course you'll all go back for news of others, I know !
Judie said…
Thank you Steve for the snowy new thread. If you have a minute, perhaps you could take a hair dryer out to the nest to melt the snow, please and thank you.

Congrats on the feather, Kay. Perhaps your stylist can create a "feather do" for you.

Jo, so sorry to read that you have too many plastic containers. Was going to give my many extras to you. lol

The kitchen was a good thought but a library book is calling my name. Reading on a snowy day is a good thing.

Hope Shirley is having a good bowling day. Seriously hoping her team is tops.

Do NOT like all that snow in the nest. Worries me.
Mema Jo said…
Good afternoon to all ♥

Thank you Steve for the fresh new thread and for you comments about our Tough Old Birds.

Congrats Kay on your feather - don't take it to the hairdresser as she could clip your wings.

Head for the books Judie - I can so easily bypass my kitchen cupboards and then just dig for whatever I need when I need it.
Mema Jo said…

SELBYVILLE, Del.- The Indian River Board of Education has moved the last day of classes for the district's schools to Tuesday, June 10.
The school district recently extended the school day by 30 minutes to make up lost instructional hours resulting from eight inclement weather cancellations this school year. This policy will remain in effect for the rest of the school year, district officials said.
It is not all bad news for students looking to enjoy their summer, as the Delaware Board of Education voted to forgive four of the district's weather closings.
stronghunter said…

Thanks Steve and Kay!

Back from bowling.

We won 2 games and had the highest total score for a 3rd game. Still do not know about last week's games. Word was that the other team will do their make-up games today. I do hope that the snow does not prevent them from doing that.

Has been snowing all day here.

Kind of hard to tell what I am seeing in the nest, but it looks like an eagle with snow on it.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good afternoon my eagle budlets. I had to go back this morning for some adjustments of my new choppers. They feel much better now. It is so weird having teeth that are not completely worn smooth.
Mema Jo said…
Sharon - that has to feel great when eating steak or just anything. Did you get a full set or just the uppers

Shirley hope you soon know about your team's position.

Our snow is very very fine but still coming down. Still have NOT see a good shake off - so wish I could see our eagle's head up there at noon

Hoda said…
Thank you STEVE! Thank you KAY!
My snow tires come off tomorrow, I hope I am not too eager!

Thank you all for the wishes in regards my time at the Dentist.
I have a crown next to a molar and it somehow traps food there...water pick became necessary...she will fix the molar and will readjust the crown. She suspects a crack in the molar and wants to fix that...when I asked how long I will be there she said two hours bring your prayer beads... SO prayer beads are in my purse and I am ready to just spend two hours accepting the situation.

Thank you it is all good. I am amazed I can go to the Dentist and that the insurance picks the tab...most of it anyway now that I am 65...I only pick 20% of the tab...

Off I go there is so much beauty to discover.
I am so very grateful for the clothes donations SANDI and MARGEY...such a beautiful world we live in because you two are in it...LOLLY too did the same grief continue to look after the less fortunate...BLESSED BE, and WANDA making sure it is all channeled in the right direction to the right people. Love and Light to you all.

Hoda said…
Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

I just got another invitation to house sit another house on the lake over the summer I think!!!
Me thinks not but it makes me laugh!!!
Mema Jo said…
*** You're getting a good reputation for Best House Sitter of Nelson ***

Find out about their fireplace first!
Judie said…
Hoda, wishing for you a painless visit.

Also, before accepting or declining the summer lake house invitation, you might want to ask if there is an automatic air conditioning fireplace. lol

Congratulations to you and the team Shirley. (:

Sharon, hope the adjustment comes quickly.

Hard to tell but sort of looks like Shep in the nest. Whichever, would like to see less snow.

Jo, the book won out. Jonathan Kellerman titled Monster.

Still snowing here. Chili and cornbread night.

JudyE said…
IN tears seeng all that darns snow on our precious eagles


Hoda said…
OK I just promised myself that if I handle the dentist visit well I will head to the coop for a palm sized chocolate mocha brownie!!! I will try to not eat it all in one sitting! it all depends on the level of stress that builds up over two hours!!! I will also sip some tea with that!!!
Hoda said…
JUDIE you will laugh!!!
Yes the new offer for the Beach House comes with air conditioning!!!
So does this house have it!!!
For heavens sake they are on the beach open a window and get a breeze flowing!!!

Sandi said…
Jo, the article you referenced forgot to mention that, although the school year will end for students on June 10th, teachers will be required to be in school for 3 additional full days - the 11th, 12th, and 13th. That's when this teacher will be using her 3 personal business days! Many others use theirs throughout the school year but I hang onto mine for the end of the year. There is nothing more useless than sitting through 3 days of boring meetings, discussing NEXT school year when THIS school year just ended and you are completely burned out.

Got an email this morning that there was a new message in the online guest book from the funeral home. The message was from a woman my age who was a friend of mine in grades 1-3 when we attended the same elementary school (in 4th grade, a new school opened and new boundaries were drawn, putting Denise and I in different schools). Our mothers were in the same card club back in the 60s and were good friends. It turns out that Denise's mom died on the same day that Mom did ... AND her viewing was in the same funeral home! Of course Denise and I didn't recognize one another at the funeral home but what an amazing coincidence! I then wrote an entry in Denise's mom's guest book saying I would like to think that Mom and Mrs. Margie are playing endless games of pinochle, hearts, and gin rummy together, along with all the other card club ladies who have already passed! Nice image - my mom sure did love playing cards!

Wanda, we will definitely plan on meeting at the park on 4/13. I'll leave Mom's clothes right on the hangers for you!

Snowing here now and it's supposed to continue into tonight. Nothing sticking yet - it would be very ironic if we got another snow day right after the board publicly announced the new last day of school!! Too bad my snow candle is all used up!

Will try to check in from home, though the accountant is coming this evening to review our taxes and Mom's. Jo, we owe federal and state a whole lotta money, even with sending quarterly estimated tax payments!! It's the downside to being in business for yourself - the estimated payments are based on how much Denny made the previous year. So, if he has an especially good year, which he did in 2013, then the estimated payments don't cover all of the tax liability.

Later all!
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Okay, I am not going to watch our nest until someone reports movement on the eagle incubating the eggs.
Mema Jo said…
Sandi - I know you had said that last year you used your days at the end - I so totally agree there is no point in teachers to be at school without any students. I guess they can hold lunches and good things like that. You are very wise ♥

The coincidence of your acquaintance's mom being right there is unexplainable. I bet they are up there playing cards.

Thanks for taking hangers to Wanda - She once had asked for some.

I know what you mean about taxes for having your own business - youngest son have run into the same tax situation. Nightmare..
PattiO said…
I'm with you Shar ... hasn't moved in quite a while. Came here to check what you all have observed today.
Judie said…
Sandi, amazing coincidence. Lovely image of the two moms and friends playing cards together again. Hope the tax review goes smoothly.

Hoda, air conditioning should shoot out of a fireplace that turns on

Uh oh, Hoda's into brownies again. That should certainly calm her stress level.

Is it my imagination or has the eagle in the nest not moved for the entire day? Maybe the cam is frozen but thought I saw a twig move in the wind.

Mema Jo said…
I keep checking our nest - I am getting concerned about the length
of time passing that our eagle hasn't
moved - at least I haven't seen any movement. That's what MOMsters do.
Mema Jo said…
Hi Patti-O
I share your concern.. I have still and live cams up/running. I also
keep in touch on FB with Eagle Cam
and Eagle Peeps sites. The alert
is out for hollering loud with our
eagles' first movement. There should
have been a switch by now I would
think........ :(
Judie said…
Jo, I too am concerned. Something just doesn't seem right.
PattiO said…
Cam doesn't seem frozen to me. I took a pic this morning and there was a lot less snow... but that eagle has not moved at all.
Guess eagle had already moved. Facing 9 now....I see head moving :)
Check out those big talon prints in the nest!
Mema Jo said…
Whoo Hoo

I think he heard all our concerns and

moved - I see an eagle body
Mema Jo said…
Oooo, yeah, yeah

They say it's alright
They say it's alright

'Cause it's alright
Whoa it's alright
Going to pick Larry up...He is almost done his first treatment. I stayed there until they got the IV in, then came into work.

Catch ya'll later.

snow here, but it's not sticking.
Mema Jo said…
Prayers to go with you for Larry's healing and your care giving. ♥
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Hugs and prayers to Paula and Larry.

WHOO HOOO!!! The eagle has moved!
Judie said…
Thinking of Larry and Nurse Paula. Wishing you both a comfortable evening.

Finally, I saw eagle movement. Greatly relieved.
PattiO said…
Whew! Thank goodness. I guess that was Shep on the nest all day. I hope Belle was off having something good to eat. Thank you all for being here - it's good to be able to check in. :)
stronghunter said…
So glad the eagle finally moved. I have been wondering, too.

Hi PattiO. Long time since we've seen you.
Kay said…
Got home with my freshened Judy Dench Do just in time. (You scared me JO, so I left the feather at home !) Saw a few random flakes while out, came home, settled in, put groceries away and a half hour later decided to take Penny out. Opened the door to find snow coming down and visibility low, but it only lasted a few minutes. Now have a 1/2" on the ground with random flakes still falling. Sounds like many of you are getting a lot more than we are.

Thoughts and prayers for Larry, PAULA !

SANDI, that is a beautiful and amazing "small world isn't it" story !

HODA, hoping to hear you were a good girl so you were able to have that PSMB and tea !

SHIRLEY, fingers crossed for your team !

PattiO, happy to see you today !

stronghunter said…
Thanks, Kay.

I am still learning. There are cash prizes at the end of the season for doing well. I have no idea how much.
JudyE said…
there was a food delivery at the back door
stronghunter said…
Started snowing again here awhile ago. Roads have been fine all day, but the ground is covered with snow.
JudyE said…
quick roll and a few picks and tucks
JudyE said…
wiggle wiggle down we go sideways now
JudyE said…
gathering flugg and tucking in from wide to side
Mema Jo said…
Thanks JudyE for ll the photos and coverage. It is misting snow again.
It had stopped completely.

Terrific Tues TV Tonight

Guess I'll be back - WHOA I am
missing my Jeopardy. I was out clearing some snow off our deck.

Judie said…
Dinner over.

Still snowing here. Mixed snow and rain. Street out front wet but clear of snow.

Tense day with eagle behavior (or lack thereof). Thank you JudyE for the play-by-play.

Kay, did you and Penny brave the falling flakes?

Jo, didn't see anything of interest to me. Am I missing something good? Thought I might finish my book.

Lolly said…
Hi all! Have stopped for the night in Vernon, Tx. We should be home early tomorrow afternoon. We will get Annie and start unloading the trailer. Hope to attend Joseph's district track meet Thursday afternoon.

We will be home for a week and the head out again the following Thurs. Going to Texas Hill Country for an all years HS reunion. (You can imagine Jack loves this. NOT! But, I do and my sister and brother are going too. We will all be in our rv's. Jack and Dan can hang together!

Keep posting on Belle and Lib till I can get home and do my own observing!
Lolly said…
I have to say it is nice to not be cold. It is 57 and sunny.
JudyE said…
Shep doesn't take offense LOL
LynneDUH! said…
I need some prayers....
LynneDUH! said…
I've been having some problems recently. AFib diagnosis and meds and blah blah blah...

Something hasn't been quite right for a while now. Very short of breath, very fatigued. Had an ECG and the Dr and I talked by phone briefly last week once she got the results.

Seems that I have Left Ventricle Dysfunction. That one is responsible for pumping my blood throughout my body, and it's only functioning at 65%. Somewhat complicated by the AFib.

I have an appt next week to discuss all of this with her. In the mean time, I have started a medicine to help get my BP down, and help the LV work better.

LynneDUH! said…
At least I know why I have been feeling like dog poop all the time.

I didn't say anything before now because I've been trying to hide my symptoms from Steve (rather unsuccessfully, I might add) and I didn't give him the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth until this evening. I had hoped to wait til after I actually saw the Dr next week, but I had a really REALLY bad weekend and Monday.

He is NOT amused that I didn't tell him.
LynneDUH! said…
Anyway, I could use a bit of prayers!
LynneDUH! said…
Anyway, I could use a bit of prayers!
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Lynne, excuse me but DUH!!!! We are not amused either. We love each other through this stuff you know!!!!! Love and hugs and prayers and positive energy and light!!!!
stronghunter said…
Prayers, Lynne. Please continue to take care of yourself. You know that we are here for you.

Let us know what the doctor has to say.
Judie said…
LynneDuh, lots of prayers for successful treatment. Steve and the Momsters/Dadsters will see you through this.

Again, hope Larry and Paula are having a comfortable evening.

Sandperson is just waking from a nap before packing a large satchel. Jufie and Shirtey have been confined in a dark and dungeonous cell.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.
Lolly said…
Ok, ok, ok! So I said Lib. Lol

Lynne! Of course you have our prayers! We gotta get you felling well! This has been going on too long!

Jack is habby! He has the STARS on TV tonight!
JudyE said…
LYNNE2 sending you positive energy and healing thoughts We will get you through this and YES STEVE should paddle you Please take it easy and keep us posted LOVE YOU ♥
magpie said…
I'm IN on the prayer request, Lynne2,
there is ALWAYS room on my list for any and all that come along

magpie said…
After Terrific Tuesday...
Yes, always hangers,...and I'll try to scarf up some more and they WILL NOT BE WIRE HANGERS !!

Good Evening, Eagle Pals...

Paula: Right now share the Top of the List of Prayers with four or five others....
Tell Larry...I sure you have been...
that we are sending Positive Momster and Dadster Lovins' his way
and to YOU also !!
magpie said…
I bought groceries 6 hours ago and they rode around in my car while I attended to other commitments...
not I must put them away

Hoda: Hoping for the best on that Crown will surely deserve that Brownie !!

Lolly and Jack
Happy Final Trails as your approach your Hawkwood Gardens...and thanks for the Marvy Postcards !!

ttfn xoxox Pals
magpie said…
oh brother, typo
LARRY SHARES the top of the Prayers List with several others

Sandi: Incredible story about your elementary school friend and your Mothers....! Simply Amazing...
Mema Jo said…
Lynne - I wouldn't blame Steve one little bit if he gave you 30 lashes with a wet noddle... Secondly when you go for your consultation I suggest that you invite Steve to go with you if he wants. The reason I take my hubby to my appointments is because I don't want to repeat it all and then miss telling him something. It also gives hubby a chance to ask questions that I wouldn't have thought about.

You have my prayers for your good health to come back full force to you and the quicker the better ♥
Kay said…
LYNNEDUH!, I'm "on it", too ! Momster prayers have brought me through some mighty bad times and they're going to do the same for you !

JUDIE, Penny and I did go out, but she's a smarty and sized up the situation quickly. Did her thing and led me right back inside !

LOLLY, glad you're back in Star's territory. Nice to have that reunion coming up, so you can hit the road again.

Thanks to all praying for my Joplin Shirley. Gary is in intensive care so she can't talk to him---DIL is taking it all badly, so she can't talk to her other than to try to be supportive. She's found the nursing staff to be most empathetic--they are on 12 hour shifts of 7 to 7. She talks to one of them on each shift at 5 and 5. No real news yet, just lots of testing and retesting.

stronghunter said…
I have to say good night and crawl under the covers.

See you tomorrow.

magpie said…
G'Night Busy Busy Shirley

SED xoxo
JudyE said…
follow the leader I am nest

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

Mema Jo said…
I only watched NCIS and NCIS:LA
A good book Judie may have been much more entertaining......
magpie said…
Hi Jo
I've been watching some of the
NCIS-Los Angeles Marathon shows....
I love Hedy....!
magpie said…
And I have been reading
"Highest Duty" by Capt. Sully
Sullengerger - about when he landed the AirBus into the Hudson 5 years ago
What a story...not just the "ditching" but his entire career and family life.
LynneDUH! said…
Thanks everyone! I vanished because the movie I have been waiting to see started. (Blackfish)

LynneDUH! said…
Major life style changes will be implemented post haste. However, I really think that a xanax, a special brownie and some milk every 6 hours would bring it all back to normal...LOL!
Lolly said…
Love sending postcards to you, Margy! I send them to the three grand boys, you, and another special friend! Glad you enjoyed them! I am sure iI will be hearing from friend, Annie! (Not the cat! Lol)

Think I am going to curl up with a book for the rest of the evening. Going to be interesting to live in a big house again. We do so well in our trailer!

Night all! Special prayers for Lynne and Larry.

Nurse Paula..reporting in. :-)

Patient is doing far so good on the first round of chemotherapy ..patient received some prednisone today ..and is eating up a storm :-).

The nurse said he might even feel fantastic tomorrow and then crash on Thursday .

We got the movie Gravity from redbox ...and are tucked in nice and warm. Still windy and snowy but not sticking too much.
Lolly said…
Glad he is doing well, Paula! Hope he does not crash on Thurs!
LynneDUH! said…
oh Paula, why will he crash on Thursday???
Lynne..the prednisone wearing off and full effect of the chemotherapy will hit then..we shall see.
magpie said…
Thanks for the update, Paula........
Larry is with the BEST
"Home Health Nurse"

xoxo to you both

Lynne2: As Sharon said...
We are going to LOVE you through this
lastest "downturn" -
do as much as you can to Take Care of WeatherLynne
Lynne...mega prayers.

Margy ..thanks for the cards...he knows the prayers are still coming...thank you all
magpie said…
About to sign off....
Windy in the forecast for Wednesday...

Prayers for Wellness,
All Around, for ALL in ALL our Eagle Corners

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo
LynneDUH! said…
oh, I see Paula. I hope it won't be too bad....
LynneDUH! said…
and in other disturbing news...

My cat Joker just managed to find a mouse. He's been scoping out near the frig all evening. We just heard a scuffle and he came out with his prize. OMG. It was not dead. Put him out on the deck, mouse in mouth. The mouse escaped, although badly wounded. He scrambled over the edge. Suicide, I think. Joker is now pacing the sliding glass door, looking for his prized.

My cat is a murderous beast.
LynneDUH! said…
We have seen no sign of mice in here so far. Maybe this isn't his first...

No good for my blood pressure.

Must go to bed.

Goodnight, prayers for all.
Mema Jo said…
Happy to see all of you on here before your bedtime. Mine is here now

Prayers for all of you and all of your loved ones. Keep your spirits up and our prayers will help weather
your storms.

Goodnight to all ♥
Hoda said…
LYNNE Prayers Light and Love to you friend.
I agree with SHAR'S post to you.
Moving on with giving you the support you need.

Good to read your posts PAULA. One day at a time. One step at a time.
We got your back and praying for LARRY.

Amazing SANDI!!! I do not believe in coincidence.

Heart still very sad as I remember WANDA'S post yesterday about tears on filling your back to Dear Lady.
Hoda said…
Good night
God Bless us all.

Dentist was good.
I got up and walked around when I got tired and went to the bathroom. They were very friendly and cooperative.
The bill was very reasonable.
Ate every last bite before yoga class!!!Drank tea too!!!
I am spoilt.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Breakfast time here.

Two-hour delay for Hunter.

Snow on the nest. I see an eagle on the egg cup.

Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. 2 hour delay this morning - I'll take it! Only got about an inch and a half of snow but the roads did get slushy and then froze over night. Looking at a snowy nest - wonder if we'll get an eaglet today?

Lynne, sending positive energy your way for encouraging news when you meet with the doctor and for a plan of action that works quickly. You and Steve have been through so much!

Paula, hoping the chemo crash isn't too bad for Larry and that he responds well to the treatments. When does radiation start?

Margy, how is the hand holding up now that you're back to work?

Brian and Lynnis were supposed to leave yesterday for a week in Rome before Brian returns to Yemen. Got an email from him last night that they missed their flight! He didn't elaborate on the reason - just said he was furious. They are now scheduled to leave today.

Accountant had good news on Mom's taxes and not good news on ours. We will be writing checks - oh well.

Have a godd day all.
JudyE said…
stronghunter said…
Got the report from bowling make-up game.

We won one; they won three. Not sure what means for the ranking.
JudyE said…
PAULA good news with Larry

sorry about the check you have to write SANDI

stronghunter said…
Hoping that Lynne got a good night's sleep and that Larry is doing well with the chemo.
JudyE said…
TEMP at nest is 28°

I am heading out in 46° brr for me the cold front has arrived

JudyE said…
Richard Pettys wife died Linda
JudyE said…
the eagle in the nest hasn't moved since I signed on
Sandi said…
Schools are now closed here.

That means I'll have to reschedule the IEP meeting I was supposed to have this afternoon, which is a bit of a PIA. Still, I can really use the day to get some Mom business taken care of.

Wonder what our school board will decide to do about this one? I'd bet money they won't excuse teachers from it, even if they excuse it for the kids. Bet teachers will be working til June 16th now, No problem - I've still got those 3 personal business days!
Hoda said…
Good morning!
Posted on the wrong thread!
JUDYE who died!???
Don't know the name you mentioned!

Might not be a good idea to change snow tires today???
stronghunter said…
Richard Petty is a race-car driver, Hoda.

I think I would not get rid of the snow tires just yet.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥

Just having my cup of coffee.. I think our schools are on time but they cancelled evening activities
due to snow emergency plan in effect.
Then why send kids to school...

Hoda said…
Thank you SHIRLEY

I need a cup of tea
Mema Jo said…
If that were me up in that nest I would not be moving - It is 28° with 18 mph winds - so it feels like 11°.
I would hunker down on my eggs too.
The squirrels at the feeders look like they are going to take off with
their tails blowing......
stronghunter said…
I agree, Jo.

I just heard Hunter come upstairs to get dressed.

He has grown so much, Kathryn took him out last night and bought 6 pairs of new jeans and a number of t-shirts, so he has lots to choose from now.
Mema Jo said…
Keep your snow tires on, Hoda. Even if it is officially Spring - you sure
can't prove it by the weather. Happy that you rewarded yourself after your
dental appointment!

Mema Jo said…
The nest must have some sun - I can see shadows of the tree limbs moving in the wind. I can only pray that none of those limbs comes blowing down in our nest.... Not to worry ♥
Just a Momsters' thought.
stronghunter said…
Looked out at the bus stop to see two kids in shorts, one a small child. He cannot be a middle school kid.

Hunter is wearing his new jeans. His old ones were too small for sure, maybe one reason he has wanted to wear shorts.
Morning, all.

Still 3 eggs...up to adjust and settle back down. No rolling.
stronghunter said…
Cold and windy here. Just opening the door is enough for me!
Mema Jo said…
New delivery of flugg is needed at the nest
stronghunter said…
I do see our eagle moving around, shadows of limbs on the snow in the nest.

Good to know that three eggs are still in the cup. Remember when eggs got lost in the snow.
Egg roll, 3 eggs, wiggle wiggle
Lolly said…
Good morning! Would you believe we are a few hours from home and it is 43' still dropping, and rain!!! Lovely way to travel.

Have a great day and I will see you from home!
magpie said…
Home Sweet Home,
After Home Sweet Vacation, Lolly
and Jack....

Living in a Big House again, that was a funny comment!

Good Morning All Eagle Pals I SEE here, and more to come for sure!

Yes, windy....cold....

Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

Breezy and cold here--23° at the moment. Short walks today !

Condo association election meeting this evening and out for dinner with two of my condo-mates. We'll have a good rehash of the doings, I'm sure.

Oh, how I hope those three eggs are all viable after the snowy, icy cold conditions. Belle n' Shep have certainly done all they can do for the trio !

LOLLY, I'm sure you're rejoicing over the rain in TX !

SHIRLEY, I remember the challenge of keeping a growing young man outfitted ! Glad Hunter has some "long pants" to wear til' Spring really arrives !

Kay said…
HODA, it is Richard Petty's wife who died. He is a race car legend, having won the annual championship seven times. And his wife has been held in high esteem:

Lynda Petty, the wife of racing legend Richard Petty is often referred to as the "First Lady of NASCAR,". She died Tuesday at age 72.

The devoted wife and mother of four reportedly succumbed to central nervous system lymphoma, after having battled the debilitating disease for more than four years.

Their son Kyle enjoyed some racing success during his racing career, but never became THE driver his dad was.

Mema Jo said…
I just posted a pic of our nest and eagle on FB - it was taken by Debi and posted on Eagle Cam. You can see a possible pip but of course it is uncertain at this time. Today being
the 26th - well it is time~
Judie said…
Good late morning.

Well, shifty Shirtey got me again last night. Need to install an alarm.

Sunshine here this morning but lots of wind. Cold - brrrrrrr.

Paula, thank you for the report on Larry. Prayers continue.

Kay, enjoy your short walks. Hope the meeting goes well and dinner goes really well.

Glad Hunter was enticed to wear jeans on this cold day.

Shirley, be sure to let us know the bowling outcome. Would love to have your team in 1st place.

At least Sandi got half good tax news. Sorry about Brian's flight snafu. Hope they got to Rome.

Safe final travel miles for Lolly and Jack. Sure the rain is welcome.

Thinking of Lynne2. Hope she gets a good treatment plan. Prayers.

Okay, might actually try to do something productive this afternoon.

Watched cams earlier. GA feeding baby; our nest still with snow; Phoebe incubating and think today is first hatch watch; Pete's Pond quiet; bears quiet; Big Red blowing in strong wind at Cornell. Starting to check Loch of Lowes - so hoping Isla returns.


stronghunter said…
NEW THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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