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New week thread.


Mema Jo said…
What a wonderful way to start a new week.
Thank you Steve - it is a beautiful day today. Hope the time change agrees with you.

I'll call others over ♥
stronghunter said…
Hi Jo!

Thanks for the call-over.

Hi Steve!

Thanks for the new thread.

Looks peaceful at the nest this morning.
Mema Jo said…
Loretta - Hoping you have a chance to visit with us today. There are lots of good wishes for your special day on this thread and the older one.

Happy Birthday Loretta - Celebrate you
Mema Jo said…
Hi Shirley - happy that you and Kathryn are getting along ok giving the cats their meds. Tricky chore

Lolly - I think Laurel should be well taken care of by her 3 good men ♥
I am enjoying all the pics and reports from you and Jack - Are you bringing any of this wine home?
Mema Jo said…
Linda - Is it Maple Syrup time yet? I know it is Tax time and thinking of you and all the numbers going by you.
I've been reading about our locals now in the process of taping the trees and thought about you and Dennis. Remembering you brought a jar to our gathering ♥
Mema Jo said…
I was happy to find in my emails this morning a Thank You reply from Sunny for the card I had sent. Sunny was with the group when we first went to NCTC to meet Steve and view the nest.
Sunny and her hubby always were kayaking on the Potomac.
Mema Jo said…
OK - need to read older thread for all your morning comments.

I am a bit concerned about all the eagle call outs especially at night. I pray our nest is secure ♥
The week of the 23rd through the `st of April should be our "bobble heads"
Mema Jo said…
Check out the BWO page - Great Horned owl and a Blue heron visiting the platform pictures.
grannyblt said…
Good Morning all.

Happy birthday to Loretta and Sunny.

See a tail on the still cam. I have no luck with the live camera except for a few seconds--at least on this PC. I seem to be having problems these days on this computer and it is only two years old.

Judie, there is still a slick spot on the road from the okra spill. Maybe a good hard rain shower will wash it away.

My cat sunk his tooth into my wrist a couple of weeks ago on a Friday while playing. I was contemplating a Dr. visit, but the redness subsided by Monday moring. I would have gone to the ER if a fever or streaks appeared. This cat has always been a biter while playing, a habit I haven't been able to break.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.
Mema Jo said…
Hoda - may those two adorable baby boys win the hearts of all the family
and dismiss all selfish feelings of not being notified. The end justifies the means............ LOVE ♥
Judie said…
Good morning!

Thank you Steve for the fresh Monday thread and Jo for the call over.

♪♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOWEEEDA ♪♫ Wishing you a extra special day to begin an extra special year.

Sandperson says he's glad he got to you early, Kay. No okra spills.

Hi Jo. I too am wondering about all the alarms at the nest. Maybe ravens and not eagle challenger.

Maybe Lolly and Jack will start home and keep heading East with many bottles of wine to share at a Clarion tailgate.

Shirley, don't know how you and Kathryn are doing the fluid procedure with cats. Tricky.

May venture to the library this afternoon. Wishing everyone a lovely day.

Mema Jo said…
Morning Lynne - I still am in awe at the photo of the frozen falls and the rainbow. Magnificent!
stronghunter said…
A visit to the library sounds like a good plan, Judie. Looking for anything specific or just browsing?

Cat fluids--The hardest part is that we have to hold them still for about 5-10 minutes because getting the proper amount of fluid into the cat takes awhile. Neither kitty likes to be restrained. They are both grumpy old men at times. They grumble but don't usually do anything else, so the sudden bite attempt was surprising, though you always need to be prepared for such a thing.

Wonder if the night alarm calls might be triggered by owls? It would me interesting to see what is going on near the nest. We would probably have lots of surprises.

Bird Girl said…
Hello everyone, and happy Monday!

This past week has been a little tough for me. Franklin Fourspots, the budgie I rescued from the feed store and whom I adored, succumbed to his condition(s) on Tuesday. His poor little body just couldn't keep going, but he sure did try. He is buried in my favorite iris patch, next to Pidgie. Pipsqueak, the remaining feed store budgie, is doing pretty well, with all his wounds healed. He is getting more hand-tame and vocal, and doesn't let his handicap slow him down one bit!

My friend Greg, who was Archimedes the Eurasian Eagle Owl's handler, passed away just shy of his 50th birthday. He was a troubled soul, but such an interesting one; he will definitely leave a void in the lives of many.

A friend's husband passed away after a very long illness, with dignity, at home. We should all be so lucky.

As sad as these events are, the one thing in common is that all were released from pain. That's really what matters.

Now, a new week has started, and with it new hope. I would ask all of you to take a moment today and hug the ones you love, tell them how important they are to you, and think about all the good things happening in your world right now.

I'm so glad we all have each other, some of us newer to the group and some of us not, but all together as a family :)

As always, I remain
Your very own
Bird Girl
Mema Jo said…
Hi Delphia - Sorry for all your loses but realize what you are saying. I thank you for your reminded that nothing is for certain and to seize the moment of the day.
movin said…
Good morning, everyone.
I wonder if you have been following the changes that have taken place on the Phoebe (Allen's Hummingbird) site lately.

They have a handsome new male with a very large, flashy, red throat display, who drove the original male and Phoebe out of the territory. And now we can see a new female (cute and younger and smaller) building a new nest (she could probably use some more practice).

Not only that, but she had just laid her first egg as I was tuning in at about 8:30 this morning. Take a look.

Also, you can check the facebook page for info on how they hand raised the abandoned chicks of Phoebe's and released them about a week ago.

I look in on the Sheptown nest now and then and have seen the three eggs being turned, and can see a bit of the adult doing his or her thing on the egg bowl ... still wish I could see a bit more though.

Enjoy, enjoy the cycles and processes of nature we can experience through the wonder of modern electronics.

C(°ٿ°)D Jim
Kay said…
Thanks to STEVE for our Monday New Thread and to JO for the call over !

DELPHIA, sorry to hear of your sad losses. Well put reminder to gather those we love into our arms with love ! You're so right about the extended family we Momsters have in each other.

SHIRLEY, Nocardia is akin to TB and thrives in rich soil. At the time Mark had it it was considered to be a disease seen only in cattle, but that has changed. It's often carried by cats and for some reason, bird dogs. The cat that bit him had CO tag on a collar, but I can't recall if that led to finding the owners or not. It was horrible and we thought we were going to lose him, but he's now 51 and goin' strong.

LYNNE, some truckers must have tracked that okra goo all over creation ! The main spill was on I70 just East of Columbus. We need to do a rain dance !
Kay said…
Hey, JIM ! See you daily at the candles site, but wonderful to see you here. Thanks for the heads up on Phoebe and family.
Kay said…
The alarm calls and increasing threats at our nest and others are apparently due to the thriving eagle population, now that they've been well protected for some years. Seems like there are plenty of forests, trees, good nesting sites to go around. However, I guess if a pair or a lone eagle can find a nest that is already in tact and can be commandeered it's fair game in Eagledom. A case can be made for the fact that some human beings exhibit that same behavior !
Kay said…
LORETTA, some of us got an early start on wishing you a HABBY BIRTHDAY on the last thread. Be sure to read back and also be sure to have an apple dumpling dandy day today !!!♥♥♥
NatureNut said…
Hello Everyone! Thanks for all the Good Wishes! I get to go to ENT specialist. Hope he has good news!
Been working outside the last few days & didn't get on here.
Gotta do the do before taking off, so BBL & everyone have a good day.
BTW, my folks said there was big snowstorm when I first appeared!
movin said…
Hi, Kay...and Mema Jo, Bird Girl and others. It's good for me to check back once in a while too.

I'm not able right now to keep up all my interests on.line and elsewhere AND deal with daily life too, so I haven't been as regular on the blog as I might have liked...

No blame to anyone; it's just the way it is. But I did enjoy it daily for quite a while and remember it happily.

C(°ٿ°)D Jim
Judie said…
Hi Jim. Thanks for the update on Phoebe. Coincidence, checked the site yesterday but it was too dark. Will check again today.

Hi Delpia. So sorry for all the loss in your life recently. Hugs for you.

Library: since I donated all my personal reading books (500+) to the library last May, I decided not to purchase more but to use the library. So, will be checking on newest releases by my favorite authors.

Mema Jo said…
Lunch time - I'm late again but not as late eating lunch as yesterday.
The time change I don't mind except for the late hunger pains. lol
Mema Jo said…
Hello Jim. my friend
Thanks for update on the hummer nest
All of us have gotten used to the missing noon position of our nest on the cam. There is a lot we can't see but hoping the little bobble heads come center stage!
Take care and I wish you well in your daily life. ♥
Lolly said…
Good morning! Apparently their were too many people trying to get on the wifi this weekend. Doing just great this morning!

Happy Birthday, Loretta! Love you and wishing you a great day!

Have had one text from Laurel this morn. She was at the doctor. Her reaction to the half a pain pill has passed. Hurrah! Now to get rid of the pain. Stress is getting to her. Bless her!

Sandi, we have always had our spring break in March. However, they have moved it earlier because of (you guessed it) testing. This way they have this week off, a week and a day of school and then the stupid STAR testing.

Yes, we are taking wine home. They produce wine you can not find in stores, only at the winery. Good stuff! ☺
Lolly said…
Their?????? Really, Lolly? Would like to pick up a pencil and erase that! LOL
Lolly said…
And, once again, STEVE, thank you for the new thread!!!
Lolly said…
Have been watching the ground squirrels play chase in the vineyard. Have also seen them up in that beautiful tree. Think we have one of the best spots in the park!

No morning plans but this afternoon driving to the coast, will see the elephant seals and dine at Ragged Point Inn.

Oh, and Jim.....watched a hummingbird in the honeysuckle hedge right by our trailer. Bet there is a nest in there somewhere!
JudyE said…




JudyE said…
JudyE said…
I also wanted to watch Cosmos last night but had to make a choice GW naturally so I had to choose either Resurrection or Cosmos I can catch Cosmos in the rerun season

NCSuzan said…
Loretta, Celebrate, Celebrate. Dance to the music! Happy Birthday!
JudyE said…
first I want to repost this in case she doesn't see it on the old thread


•*¨`*•. ☆ .•*¨`*•.• .•*¨`*•. ☆ .•*¨`*•.
Wishing You the HAPPIEST Of Birthdays!!!
✿•*¨`*•. (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) .•*¨`*•✿
. . . ✿•*¨`*•.¸(¯`v´¯)¸.•´*¨`*•✿
…………....♥ •.¸.•´♥……………..........
JudyE said…

DELPHIA so soory about the loss of the birds I see your post on FB

JIM YEAH Long time no see Don't be a stranger MOVIN right through

JudyE said…
OK I should have read this page I just saw that LORETTA did post on here oh well its her BDAY today and should be on this page LOL

Watching the Samson and Delilah in the tree branching don't spend to much time in the nest now days I love it that they follow them in the tree

Sandi said…
Checking in from school. Thanks Steve for the new thread and Jo for the call over.

Loretta, forgot to wish you a happy birthday this morning - hope the ENT gives you the gift of some good news.

Delphia and Jim, great to see you popping onto the blog!!

Will post again from home. Hmmm ... no box to check - looks like I'll have to publish this comment and then one more.
Afternoon, all!!

Larry should be safely home in Eburg by now...I'll talk to him later tonight. He'll be back on Wednesday.

I can take a walk on the beach when I get home...there will be plenty of daylight. Then I'll finish burning some leaves.

Cloudy and 45° here today.

Got the cam up, looks nice and sunny at the nest!

Howdy Jim! I've been keeping up w/ the Phoebe nest saga on FB. So very glad you could stop in!

Howdy, Delphia!


grannyblt said…
Afternoon folks.

Jim, I have also been keeping up with the Phoebe nest drama. Saw the release of the orphans. Glad to see you post.

Delphic, so sorry for your losses.

Jo, I checked out the Niagara Falls webcam this morning and there has been quite a bit of melting since Friday.

Kay, that okra slick has moved east to I79. It should be nearing the green garland's hideout soon after a few twists and turns. Jufie has the details.
Kay said…
Aha ! I should have guessed---the okra caper had Jufie's fingerprints all over it !!! Such a slimy, seedy little imp, that Jufie. Thanks for the vital info, LYNNE !!!
Oh, forgot to mention that I found another eagle nest down here! I believe it is a "2nd" nest...going to check it out this's just across the marsh from the house...can't believe I didn't notice it till yesterday!
Kay said…
The wind she is a'blowin' at our nest ! Looks serene if it weren't for that.

Julie is on Spring Break this week and is taking me to Nordsstom's Rack and then to a Mexican cafe for lunch tomorrow. Seth's Spring break begins Friday afternoon, so next week he and I will get some extra time together. Too bad for them that they don't match up so they could take a trip, but nice for me, of course !
Kay said…
Wow, Paula ! Great news ! What kind of tree is the nest in ? Do you see a lot of activity there ?
Kay said…
Egg roll ! Oh, I do so hope Prez, Lib and Capt are all viable inside those shells !
Kay, it's in a pine tree. I haven't had a chance to check for activity yet. I thought I saw an eagle sitting near the tree last week. Now that we have DST, I can check on the tree in the evening.
Hoda said…
OK earthquake in Northern California!
I am presuming LOLLY AND JACK are south.
Am I right?
Check in please LOLLY!
Kay said…
The Ellis's are in Paso Robles right now--central CA, near both mountains and coast, I believe. Hope they are far south of the quake !
Kay said…
The Ellis's are in Paso Robles right now--central CA, near both mountains and coast, I believe. Hope they are far south of the quake !
JudyE said…
Hello home from work and LOOKS like a nice sunny warm day 68° at the nest
MY temp is 70° catching up to FL
Mema Jo said…
So beautiful out there today

Getting ready for a roasting chicken for dinner........

Take care and see you later this evening
Kay said…
Just read a bit about it---hit last night at 10:18, a long roller that apparently didn't do a lot of damage. There are aftershocks today--Northern CA centered near Eureka. Since LOLLY didn't mention it in her posts today, I'm gonna say they didn't even feel it. Whew !
Kay said…
Wrong, near Eureka, but out at sea and ten miles below the ocean's surface. Felt along the No. CA and OR coastline, but no damage--this per CNN on line.
JudyE said…
My daughter asked me if I wanted to drive some kids on Fri and be a chaperon for the school on a field trip of course use her car since my truck only hold 3 her truck can fit 5-6

I got to think on it because that is a responsibility of other kids in the car and with the idiots that drive in Fl need to do some pondering on that I guess only one other person has volunteered with peeps working it hard
funny thing is that they sent a news letter out and said Take the day off from work to volunteer 6 hrs at school but get 8 in hours
I can just see bosses letting people go NOT at Walmart anyway
one of the mom there always says she has dr appts to do it

I keep getting the stalling stopping and starting of the spiny twirly swirly roundy circling arrow but it comes back on I wonder if that is why sometime the LIVE feed is behind the still cam which happens often for me
JudyE said…
Kay said…
Judging by the tail, that is Shep, probably giving Belle a chance to eat and stretch before night duty.

JUDYE, no opinion on the advisability of carting young children around--some here may know the liabilities involved. But, I do know FL drivers--and hope you could avoid Hwy. 19 if you do it ! FL drivers come from all over the country and you'd think laws and habits would be uniform. Apparently not.

Time for dinner. Think I'll do a veggie medley of green peas, corn and black eyed peas. Gonna fill myself up potassium, iron, vitamin C and more.

Have a good evening all !

Love and prayers ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
JudyE said…
KAY you maybe correct Maybe that was him calling out to her

come home dear its your turn on eggberts LOL

Hoda said…
JUDYE, check your insurance policy and your drivers license. Are you permitted to transport school age children on an outing?
In Canada a regular driver's license does not allow me to do that. Whose insurance covers yours or the schools. Read it in black and white not just word of mouth.
I would not do it without buying extra insurance. Here nothing less than five million dollars is the norm!
Do not do it!
JudyE said…
Judie said…
Hmmm. Lolly probably didn't mention the earthquake as she's been at the wineries for a couple of days.

Hmmm and double Hmmmm. So pleased Jufie is being blamed for the okra mess.

Paula, glad you have more daylight to enjoy the water and walking in the fresh air. Hope Larry's doing better by the day.

JudyE, do check your insurance coverage/liability before committing.

Quiet at the nest. Looks like Shep is still there.

Enjoyed browsing in the library. Brought home two books.

To the scullery I go. BBL

JudyE said…
JUDIE there was a switch at 627
Mema Jo said…
Judy at times for Field Trips all parents sign a wavier - I have no idea what the wavier says.
JudyE said…
Whoever was in the nest Poofed and don't know if came back or new eagle I thought Shep was in the nest and this is Belle but who know 100%
JudyE said…
I just answered Angie email with
Two vehicle isn't going to work for all of Jordyn class I think 18-maybe 20 not positive
they need a bus for things like this JMHO
JudyE said…
I will ask about the waiver because Jordyn has gone on a couple of field trips already Good idea JO
JudyE said…
Its been so long since my kids were little don't remember those things and they used buses when she was in school That is the one draw back to a charter school no buses The one school in Clearwater has one but not this one
JudyE said…
just got back from cell phone tower eagle nest
JudyE said…
got to see wingersizing in the corner got a pic of it
one parent I think Belle was on tower
LynneDUH! said…
evening all!

Happy Birthday LORETTA!!!!

Happy Birthday SUNNY!!!
LynneDUH! said…
Good to see JIM checking in....oh my, I haven't been watching the hummers so far. Will check it out.
Judie said…
All quiet at the nest. Looks as if a head is tucked for the night.

Kay, how nice you have two weeks of Spring break to enjoy family time. Have fun with Julie tomorrow.

Hoping Laurel is feeling better by now.

Sandperson is getting an early start with a filled-to-the-brim satchel of sleepy dust. Caught him at the computer earlier. Looking up some kind of anti-okra stuff. Blames Jufie for all the problems.

Night light is on. Headed to watch some news. Restful sleep for all.
Evening all.

Been raking and burned leaves till after dark. Working on laundry and cleaning. While the kids are away...moms

Larry made it home fine..long ride tired him out but other than that he'sok
Hoda said…
Well it is 6:00 AM in The Yemen!
Lift off time soon, a few hours?
Safe travels BRIAN. Safe travels son.
God Bless You.
God Bless a The USA
Hoda said…
Glad LARRY made a safe trip PAULA!

Mema Jo said…
I had a good Hallmark Movie Evening

Getting ready to hit the pillows

Goodnight to all
Prayers for all of us and our loved ones. ♥
stronghunter said…
Time for me to say good night.

Very cold at baseball practice this evening. And muddy!

We are the Mudcats this year. Appropriate for today.

SED, everyone.
Hoda said…
Good night
God Bless Us All.
Praying for BRIAN'S safe flight home.
God Bless The USA
Lolly said…
Hi all! What a glorious day we had!

First off, Laurel say the dr and got a muscle relaxer as well as a steroid to reduce inflammation. Hoping she slept a lot today. Will talk with her in the morn.

First off we went olive oil tasting. That was different! Learned all about olive oil and learned I prefer wine tasting! However, the view was awesome!

Then we drove to the coast. Saw the elephant seals and then went to Ragged Point Inn. Enjoyed the view and walk the gardens befor dining. We ate outside and had onion soup followed by lobster pot pie. It had a delicious crust, lots of lobster in a cheesy sauce. Yummy! On the way home enjoyed the sunset over the ocean, stopped to see the seals again. They were more active, playing in the water and making notice.

Tomorrow we head north to earthquake country! We are driving back where we were this evening along hwy 1. We are driving Big Sur, through SanFran and to Petaluma. We will spend 3 nights there and then on to the redwoods.
Lolly said…
Please excuse all typos! Typing with one figure on iPad!
Hoda said…
OK LORI in FB said tomorrow is a big day for her and her nurse buddies. She will breathe a sigh of relief when tomorrow is done!!!
At one point she said she had a 59 page paper and she was still not finished writing.
She has a busy week till Friday.
Tomorrow is a big day though.
Hoda said…
Tuesday is what I meant by tomorrow. Eastern time it is already Tuesday.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

Hoda, we got an email from Lynnis last night that Brian was safely ensconced in a hotel in Istanbul where he has a 1-day layover til his flight this evening for the US. So he is already out of Yemen - yay!

Lolly, hope the muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds do the trick for Laurel. I sure would love to see redwood trees one day.

Unpleasant IEP team meeting today to discuss a plan of action for one of the kids on my caseload who is currently failing 8th grade. He will be unable to attend the meeting b/c he was suspended yesterday for something (don't know the details yet).

Have a great day all.
Hoda said…
Istanbul is good!
Lots to do
Food is delicious!
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

good to here that he is almost home SANDI

LOLLY oil tasting Not my cup of tea I say Exactly how do you do it with bread???
JudyE said…
all is quite at the nest

JudyE said…
eagle call and poof
JudyE said…
lost the live FEED but eagle is back
JudyE said…
and the live feed is back
JudyE said…
JANET seems to be having issues with the blog not seeing the latest day She see a Thursday when she goes on the blog
I copied and pasted this page link to the FB message hope it brings her here When I click on it It did
JudyE said…
I see temp is 55° at the nest

Wishing LORI good luck

JudyE said…
LOL The temp in Fl is 56°
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Eagle on the nest. All is well.

Easier to wake up this morning.

Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥
It is clear here in my valley and it is 56° - same as at the nest. Some rain is in the forecast for tomorrow. It was very comfortable out when I fed all the critters and feathered friends.

I am very excited for Sandi and for Lynnis to hear that Brian has started his journey home.

Janet I hope you find us.. ♥

Mema Jo said…
Today is the dadster's birthday of
Steve Soper - Lynne's hubby
I am wishing him a year full of excellent accomplishments and and success in what he does

** Lynne tell Steve his FB page is filled with birthday wishes. That should make his day special
Mema Jo said…
Hubby has taken Michael for an early morning appointment down in Baltimore at UMMC. They are trying to get him on meds that will take away the pain that he experiences. So many different meds to try out to accomplish this. Truthfully he may have the pain for a lifetime. Thanks for all your continued prayers and healing vibes.
Mema Jo said…
Check out BWE nest - 2 little bobble heads all alone
Judie said…
Good morning.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO STEVE SOPER! Have an amazing day to celebrate a new year of life.

Overcast here and chilly.

Sandi, you must be near breathless with anticipation of seeing Brian. Continued safe travels for him.

Nest is quiet. Looks like there might be some mist.

Beautiful view of the Berry Babe. Growing leaps and bounds.

Jo, I too hope that Michael will someday be pain-free. Still amazed at how much he is still Michael - gracious, upbeat, and loving to be with people.

Off to find more coffee and contemplate the day's activities. So much on my "to do" list.

Have wonderful morning.


Mema Jo said…
March seems to be slipping right by -

Before you know it Easter will be here
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good Tuesday morning my eagle budlets. I don't know if I reported on here but Andrew and Kelsey bought me a laptop for my birthday. It has Windows 8 on it and I am adapting. It is not as difficult as I thought it would be. Just like everything else in life, it is a learning process.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
And now I am posting just so I can check the box. :)
Mema Jo said…
From the comments on our blog I can see that there aren't too many home today or else they are home and trying to catch that hour they lost on Sunday. lol

I am headed to find something for lunch - late as usual.

JudyE said…

on lunch

I wonder if JANET is still having Blog issues ODD not being able to see the latest post

i'll have to go to facebook to see if she responded on ith I posted this page link on it
JudyE said…

•*¨`*•. ☆ .•*¨`*•.• .•*¨`*•. ☆ .•*¨`*•.
Wishing You the HAPPIEST Of Birthdays!!!
✿•*¨`*•. (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) .•*¨`*•✿
. . . ✿•*¨`*•.¸(¯`v´¯)¸.•´*¨`*•✿
…………....♥ •.¸.•´♥……………..........
JudyE said…
Just got message from Angie being I have no form in the school file they can't use me this time

This is what I asked her""""""""""
Question do the parents sign a wavier I know I am a safe driver but the other as we all know cant be trusted and it scares me driving other people precious cargo around and you should check with your insurance co I am going to with mine """"
JudyE said…
Watchin NE nest and saw a beautiful fly away by adults I love the zoom

Our nest is uneventful sitting on three eggs at the moment
JudyE said…
SHAR do you line Windows 8 so far?????

is it easy for us ole people like me???

I have Vista on home desktop and Window Starter 7 on this laptop Not for sure what starter 7 means not the real think LOL
JudyE said…
Today is Tue going to Angie after work for Jordyn watching Talk at ya later
JudyE said…
E4 at the Ft Meyers nest is 76 days old now ok by now
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Judy, navigating Windows 8 is a process but I think I am going to be okay with it. It is just way different.
stronghunter said…

Bowling today. We won 2 lost two. Should still be in first place, but being challenged. I did so-so. Stayed to practice for awhile. Still just so-so.

Happy birthday, Steve S.
stronghunter said…
Congratulations on the new computer, Sharon. I'm sure you will master Windows 8 in no time.

Oh, Jo, I do hope a pain-free solution will be found for Michael, and that it will be found very soon.

Hope you are making good progress through the to-do list, Judy. The day started out chilly and cloudy, but has become warm and sunny down here. Didn't need a jacket by the time I came home from the bowling place.

Prayers and good wishes for Lori and her nursing-student friends. Wishing that they meet with success on their projects.

Istanbul sounds much better than Brian's prior location. Wonderful news!

Hmm, olive oil testing--Olive oil is certainly as slippery as okra. Hope that none of it has gotten spilled in the path of the Sandperson.

And earthquake country. Do stay safe out there, Lolly. I remember when we crossed over a very earthquake-prone place--Half Moon Bay, as I recall. It felt eerie to be there.
Judie said…
Congratulations on two-for-two,Shirley.

Well, Darth has had a red-letter day. Reporert and photographer from Fairfax Times were here to interview him and a 35 year participant in our neighborhood watch program. Oldest continuously active in the U.S. Couldn't do what I wanted to in the scullery (noise) so baked cookies (quiet & tasty).

I have Windows 7. Darth has Windows 8. He does not like 8. Long adjustment period for learning. Hope Shar adapts more quickly.

Just checking in. Live cam not available.
Judie said…
Ooops. Meant two of four, Shirley.
Judie said…
Oh my, I do need to catch up.

Lori and her classmates are surely under tremendous stress and like everyone, I wish them absolute and total success on their projects.
Judie said…
Guess I need to find some of those "no slip" booties hospitals use to give to the Sandperson. Okra and olive oil? I can hear him now: "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up."
Kay said…
Good Afternoon Eagle Buds !!!

Back from a wonderful shopping trip and Mexican lunch with Julie. She found a few good buys and I did not. Just as well, no need to spend. It was just good to be out with her.

67° here and have had a couple of nice walks with the wienie dog. Hard to fathom that 24 hours from now it's supposed to be in the high 20's with snow on the ground.

♫♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE ♪♪♪ I'll bet our LYNNEDUH is helping you celebrate Big Time !

JO, I do so hope the docs find a sure fire painkiller for Michael ! Hate to think of him enduring years and years of pain. Prayers !!!

JUDIE, that's impressive ! Good on Darth !!!

SHIRLEY, hope your team triumphs !

LORI, thinking of you and others in your class ! Thanks to whoever reported your FB thoughts !

LOLLY hasn't reported from the road yet today, huh ? Too busy truckin' northward.

HODA must be skiing---hope we hear from both of them before the days out.

SANDI, I know your heart is in your throat as you wait for Brian to set foot on American soil. Praying for his safety and for your mom's well being.

Sandi said…
Hi all - home from school. Two days down, 3 to go!

Jo, I hope the docs can find a miracle drug for Miracle Michael.

Judie, what's the latest on the decision to move to Solomon's Island (do I have the location right??) now that you're retired?

Lynnis's latest email said that Brian will be landing at Dulles around 4:45pm tomorrow. As excited as Denny and I are to know that he's back in the States, I know Lynnis is even more excited to see him. I can just picture that reunion! :)

Beautiful day outside today - sunny and warm - makes me feel very happy!
stronghunter said…
More cold and snowy weather, Kay?

One of my bowling teammates said that if we get more snow here, she is going to grab the kids and jump immediately on the nearest airplane and head south. She just might do it, too.

Just found out that Hunter is about to get 25 minutes added to each school day. I believe that starts March 17.
stronghunter said…
Checked the weather. We are supposed to get wind and cold temperatures on Thursday. No snow for us mentioned on TWC.
Mema Jo said…
Shirley - the added minutes - is that to make up for snow days?

Tomorrow we are to get thunderstorms -
rain. Thurs is to drop in temp big time - 30's .

Hubby and I ate at Red Lobster. We had a coupon - I had their breaded/deep fried butterfly shrimp. They were just right!
Mema Jo said…
Once again - all of my favorites for Terrific Tuesday TV are reruns.
Maybe next week....... :(

Janet said…
HELLLLLOOOOO ha ha! I found you! Thanks for the link. Not sure what happened. I would click my book mark and it didn't show the new thread. I did it again later, same thing. I appreciate the link.

And fiddlesticks, I wrote a long note and it disappeared into never never land. bah humbug. try try again.
Janet said…
So its been a busy few days. First off Happy Birthday to everyone whom I have missed. Hugs and love to all, especially those with sadness, illness, or losses.

I have a new laptop. Still adjusting from VISTA to Windows 8. It is a sony VAIO just like my last one. I like it well enough....but had to have my son in law "recalibrate " it, whatever that means. It kept switching screens in the middle of stuff. Still does it sometimes but better now.

As you know we cancled the itial RV contract. We have looked at a couple since...but think we may have found what we are looking for. It is in Chattanooga, so tomorrow we will drive there and take a gander. Gut feeling, this one might be what we are looking for. If not, well they do have others and worst case sceniero, we keep on looking.

I've been working. Worked Sun, Mon and today. Off tomorrow, then work Thurs, Fri and Sat.

Weather has been stunning. 70's. My daffodils are blooming!
I did some yard chores today. Rain moving in tomorrow. The ground is kind of dry, so its a good thing.

Hope everyone has a great evening. Will check in again later! (((hugs)))
Evening all!

Janet ..glad you found your way back in.

Got all my leaves and pine needles burned...yard is almost all raked.

Mt St Mary's is going to the NCAA tournament ! They just won the northeast conference championship game tonight. Whoo hoo Nice!

Tonight is finish mopping the floors night.
stronghunter said…
Susan is working on plans for backpacking trip to Yosemite. Says there are all kinds of permits, etc., and wants suggestions.
Judie said…
Hi everyone.

Sandi, we are still considering Solomons but there are two seemingly nice continuous care communities we want to look at in person. Ashby Ponds in Loudoun Cty and a place on the Occoquan River. Will make appointments when the weather improves.

If Brian needs a stop-over, he's welcome to stop here. We are about 30 minutes from Dulles.

Janet, do NOT make Jufie visit you. Talk of blooming daffodils when we are headed back to wet cold weather is not Good luck with the RV search.

Paula, congrats on the yard cleanup. Good luck to Mt. St. Mary's. Also wishing good luck to GDub against UMass in tournament play.

Baked some PNB cookies and almost caught up on laundry. Heading to the pillows early.
stronghunter said…
Yes--the added minutes are to make up for snow days. I hope it works out well. There is just no easy way to make up that much time.

We did the extra minutes once when I was teaching, and it was the same year we implemented block scheduling. So we went from 45-minute class periods to 90-minute class periods. That adjustment was okay, but then they added more time to the 90 minutes and I found that everyone just wound down and those last minutes were not really productive. Maybe Hunter's teachers can be more creative. (I wound down, too.)

Saturday classes are not very productive, either. Have done that. Attendance is down and nobody really is in the mood for school on Saturday. Again, I would respect anyone who might pull it off successfully.

I would think some kind of special educational event might be a good idea, but that might be hard to sell too. Kids would say, "We're just doing (whatever the event is), Mom, so I don't have to go." But if you do some big thing that has an important grade attached, you would probably have huge rebellion to that.

Glad I do not have to make these decisions.
Judie said…
Do hope we hear something from Lori soon. Miss her.

Don't see that Hoda checked in either.

Shirley, whatever are you going to do with an extra half hour on school days?

Routine eye exam tomorrow afternoon.
Judie said…
Okay, sandperson is almost ready to depart. Has donned non-skid booties. Out the door soon.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.

Nest is quiet.
stronghunter said…
Sounds like great planning for the future going on with you and Frank, Judie. Hope you find lots of good places out there.

Laundry--Yesterday evening, I came home to find Will busily doing his laundry and complaining that he had no clean pants. I was in a bind because I'd stripped my bed and needed to wash stuff so I could put it back together and go to sleep.

Sad thing was that Kathryn had washed Will's stuff and I'd dried it already. It got washed twice. All of that derailed laundry chores for everyone. Jufie, maybe??

I taught my kids to do their own laundry early on. It sounds like a good idea until you come home needing to wash your own stuff and find the laundry room going full blast and you have to wait your turn.
Kay said…
JUDIE, sounds like you are in danger of overdoing ! Do be careful ! Hope you and DARTH settle on someplace closely resembling Paradise. The transition to such a community is a big step. I have friends who are happy as can be with that kind of move and others who seem to be quite miserable. It's all about attitude, so I'm not worried about you !

PAULA, you are doing a days work around your place after getting home from putting in a days work ! Have you spotted the eagles at the nest across the marsh ?

JANET, hope you and Tom find THE perfect RV--guess the key is not to settle on one til' you feel that connection.

SHAR, I can't advise on Windows 8, but I can say I think your son and dil are terrific people. What a nice gift !!!

JO, I hear ya on the reruns--that's the reason I have time to get back here and blab, blab, blab ! Love that Red Lobster fried shrimp and oh, those cheese biscuits that melt in the mouth !
Lolly said…
Have not read back...need to. We have had a long day...too much. But we are here in Petaluma and all is well. Big Sur drive was beautiful but the traffic in the San Fran and Oakland area was awful!!

Proud of Jack for doing the driving.

Big Sur Drive was awesome. Nothing like driving along with mts on the right and ocean on the left. Did see a herd of elk. Very unexpected!!

Heating water for pasta. Having rolled flank steak with pasta and pesto. Will also prepare a salad.

stronghunter said…
Do you have to get Frank to drive you to this appointment, Judie? I've had issues with getting drops in my eyes and then having trouble driving home.

I've been thinking that I just might enjoy that extra half-hour, Judie. Different feeling when you're not in the classroom yourself.
stronghunter said…
Ohhh--non-skid booties. Bowlers wear those over their bowling shoes so they can go outdoors or into a place that might be wet. Can't get those bowling shoes wet.
Kay said…
JUDIE, catch the Sandman if you can--by the time he gets up here he's going to need his hooded rain coat !

SHIRLEY, sounds like you may have to set up a laundry sked for your housemates. I have a friend who lives in a Seniors only apt. and he has to do his wash on Wednesday afternoon from 1-3 or fuhgedaboudit.

So, they just break that 25 minutes into about 5 segments for a little extension on each class ? That might be the best snow day make up idea I've heard about.
Kay said…
LOLLY, what a beautiful day for you and JACK ! Hope you can stay in Petaluma area for a day or two so that he can rest up before driving on. Sip on some of that great wine country juice and totally relax !
stronghunter said…
Yes--that's what they do, Kay, add time to each class. It is probably the best solution. Hunter is expecting that it means minutes will be added to lunchtime.

I did not contradict him, but I know it's supposed to be instructional time. Even read something about shortening lunch. Cannot imagine that. Lunch time is usually pretty short as it is.
stronghunter said…
Laundry schedule might be a real challenge when I have a cat that barfs on my bed from time to time. Cannot schedule that.
Kay said…
From what I read in the news most school systems here are stilling arguing about the issue of making up snow days. They need to finalize it so parents can adjust their days, weeks or vacation plans to accommodate the change.
stronghunter said…
Speaking of cats, we visited Kathryn's friend Paul's cat tonight. (Paul is in Jerusalem.) This kitty grooms himself with a brush Paul keeps on the floor for him. Funny to watch.
stronghunter said…
The extra minutes added to the school day here even gives them a bit of extra time in case they have to miss another day.
Kay said…
Oh, oh, that man is fast--he's already swooped in from VA and my eyelids are mighty heavy.

♫♪ Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream
Make him the cutest that I've ever seen
Give him two lips like roses and clover
Then tell him that his lonesome nights are over

Sandman, I'm so alone
Don't have nobody to call my own
Please turn on your magic beams
Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream ♪♪♪

Love and prayers for all !


Shirley I bet it is funny to watch that cat

Kay I haven't been able to check on the eagle nest yet

floors are done time for some ice cream

glad you had a nice day lolly and Jack
stronghunter said…
Love the song, Kay!!

Waiting for a report on the eagle nest, Paula.

SED, everyone. Sandperson has arrived.
Mema Jo said…
Goodnight to all

Prayers for all

It's late - going to hit the pillows ♥
Hoda said…
Good evening all.
I just got back in.
Left early in the morning and volunteered with Kootenay Spirit Fest. On to hours of spring skiing with three dogs and two humans. Back to volunteering with Kootenay Spirit Fest and then in to volunteer with the Dragon Boat Team. Then on to a fantastic and challenging yoga practice and now a cup of tea.
I ate a terrific Quinoa salad ALS a scoop of Kale salad and I am full. Cost me five bucks and great protein for the day.
Agreed to go skiing to the Paulson Pass next Tuesday!
Now that will be more of a challenge. A whole day event back in time for evening yoga. Have to pack a lunch and will eat in a back country chalet. Excited and anxious at the same time. It is something I would not have given a second thought to twenty years ago. Of course I would go... I am sure it will go well.
I just have to have stamina. There is a ski guy to stop at and that is encouraging.

Prayers to all
Blessings to all
I am done!
Sandman won't need to sprinkle much dust here
Hoda said…
Make that a ski hut NOT a ski guy!!!
magpie said…
Good Morning, Afternoon, and Evening, Times Two,
Eagle Pals

Saw a soaring high-flying Adult Bald Eagle at Swinging Bridge on Monday....
awesome it was...
then it headed towards Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management area, where there are known Eagles' Nests at the Lake

Not too far from Jewels' Roost.
and not a place I can go to by

magpie said…
Feeling very happy about
Brian;'s almost arrival home,

Up to date on the posts...just
not up to date on typing abilities yet

Prayers for Wellness All Around

Good Night, Precious Pals

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox
Lolly said…
Time to think about my wonderful pillow! Heading to the shower!

Going to take it slow in the morn. Jack deserves it!

Night all ! SED!
Hoda said…
Very sad to report another avalanche death reported by Nelson Search and Rescue.
A man in his twenties again. This time triggered by a snow mobile! Totally different area.
Higher elevations are not too stable!
I wished people would take heed.
Blessed Be.
Puts a damper on my day and I am too sad to sleep.
Kay said…
Good Early Morn, Eagle Buds !!!

HODA, the avalanche news is disturbing, but I hope you are in the sweet arms of Morpheus by now.

MARGY, always a joy to read of Momster eagle sightings. Why is Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area a place you cannot go alone ? What are the dangers there ?

SANDI, Brian has just a little over 12 hours to go before he holds Lynnis in his loving arms ! Still holding him in thoughts and prayers. Hope your mom is following the rules and taking her pills as prescribed. Will Brian and Lynnis make it over to see you all in Baltimore over the weekend ?

LOLLY, does Jack do all the driving ? Be safe and have another glorious day !

I'm awake far too early--dreamed I was a turkey looking for a Presidential pardon. Julie and I discussed a YouTube video telling about the brutality suffered by the turkeys prior to their arrival in the market. I watched it and am not sure I can eat turkey again. I know there are such stories about the processing of pigs and cattle, too. Scientists are learning more and more about the societies, languages and feelings of all kinds of animals--elephants, hippos, dolphins... Makes me wonder if the human animal has a right to kill any animal unless in a life threatening situation. Okay, just me rummaging through thoughts that are running through my weary mind. So, never mind !

Back to bed....BBL
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends! kay & Hoda, I hope you are both sleeping soundly with no bad dreams of avalanches or turkey killings.

Hoda, a ski guy at lunch time would be nicer than a ski hut I think! ;)

Shirley, our school board has not made a decision yet but teachers are hoping for extra minutes instead of extra days. Five extra minutes in each of the 4 academic classes is pretty easy to handle. we did that 4 years ago.

Kay, we will see Brian and Lynnis Saturday at Mom's.

Janet, good luck with the RV hunt.

Judie, sounds like an exciting spring finding just the right place for retirement living.

Had a very good phone conversation with Mom last night - she had had a good day. Meds are going well and Mom is no longer complaining about Lisa bringing her meds one day at a time. She met a new nurse from hospice and liked her a lot - said they had an excellent conversation, just the 2 of them.

I have the link to Brian's flight and will be following it off and on today - I am a happy mom!

Have a great day everyone!
JudyE said…
Good morning eagle buds

JudyE said…
SANDI so happy things are going better for your mom and count down BIG TIME NOW not to much longer

JudyE said…
all is quite at the nest just sitting pretty
JudyE said…
lost live feed but Shep is in the house on Still
JudyE said…
live feed back and both eagle still there doing nestoration
JudyE said…
Poof in the still cam
JudyE said…
and now in the live flew in and out no exchange that I saw
JudyE said…
looks like flugg was brought in I see Belle moving it
JudyE said…
Belle getting up now and doing tuck and pick and moving flugg
magpie said…
Good Morning, Eagle Pals

Safe Travel Wishes and Prayers for
Brian, Sandi...
Wonderful report about your Mother

Going to be a rip-roaring weather day in many parts of the country...
including here and Washington DC area, a wide swath

Take Care, Batten Down, Secure your Loose items outdoors

Kay: Sleepy Creek is
1) pretty isolated and
2) the roads in and out, are more rugged than I care to drive in my
small-ish utility vehicle, need a good friend with a BIG truck


Best Wishes for a Good, Safe,
Serene kind of a day

Janet said…
good morning to one and all.

since I didn't have to work, slept in. felt great. coffee is in my tummy, now time to feed the furbabies, and wake up the kid.

looking forward to the drive in a bit!! excited!

dearest JUDIE: please do not release the evil JUFIE just because I mentioned blooming flowers. lol. I'd rather have a beating with a wet noodle, please.

LYNNE: thank you for helping me find Dr. K. i'm going to call that office in a bit. I was a bit off on the first name, but you are a wonder! thank you!!!!

will check in this evening. everyone have a safe and wonderful day! love you all!
grannyblt said…
GM all. Things looked good at the nest when I checked a few minutes ago. Nice and dry. The rain has started here with sleet predicted noonish then snow. Very cold tomorrow. There are still unmelted piles of snow, but I know it will be hot in August!
Good to hear that Sandi's Mom is having a good stretch and there will be a mini family reunion this weekend.
My day yesterday was unusual in that both of my children called on the same day and there was not a hooiday or family siuation to draw us together. My son is scheduled to go back to work on Saturday after 5 weeks sick time. He was in the hospital over 2 weeks and still must monitor his clotting factor daily. I guess this will be an ongoing problem. Thank you for all of your prayers for him. My daughter and family are getting ready to go to Hawaii later this month for some kind of Marathon type event. She says that over 200 Alaskans are participating. I sure don't know where this sports gene she has came from. No one else in both sides of the family are as athletically inclined.
Hoping everyone stays safe and has a wonderful day.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥

Only here for a moment - headed for
annual eye exam - I'm sure when I return I won't be able to read anything with dilated pupils.


Kay said…
A second Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

SANDI, my sleep was free of turkeys ! Woke up while dreaming that Penny was on the floor beside me and peeing. Looked at the clock--8:30 and Penny was still zonked out ! Her last outing was at 7 last night. She held it til' she was leashed and outside !

As for HODA, I'm thinking we should be wishing for a Ski Hunk rather than a Ski Hut !

I love tracking planes the way you are doing. That was one of LYNN's passions, too. Whenever I flew she wanted the details so she could watch. I recall the time her Christine and hubby were flying to Mexico for a vacation and their plane did an emergency landing in Cuba. That had LYNN going for a while, til' she heard from the kids that all was well. Surely Brian won't end up in Cuba, but is heading straight for Dulles as excitement builds for your family !

So happy with the Mom report today !
Kay said…
The OH State legislature has finally ruled on Hazard Days for our schools, extending the allowance from 4 to 8. They also recommend extension of the school day by 30 minutes til' the days misses are made up OR Blizzard Bags which would contain 3 days of make up to be taken home and completed there. A new ruling so I'm sure there will be many voices of dissension for various reason amongst educators.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Have been reading the posts and checking FB. Precious baby eaglet at Berry College. Thanks for sharing, Jo.
Kay said…
LINDA, I have you on my mind after seeing TV news last night, and a Reuter's report in my newspaper today. Hope you've seen that the FDA has approved a nerve-stimulating device--head band--to be worn for 20 minutes a day for Migraine sufferers. I know no one who has those debilitating headaches as often as you and I would love to see this newfangled invention be of benefit to you ! It's prescription only, so please ask your doctor about it.
stronghunter said…
Five minutes added to each class does not seem bad, Sandi. I can't remember how much time was added to classes the year we did that. It must have been more than 5 because I don't think I would even remember a five-minute extension.
Kay said…
LYNNE, happy news that your dear David is well enough to go back to work ! Your daughter sounds like my Eileen, who has become a Marathoner--running is almost an addiction--how does this happen in a family of klutsy non-athletes ? Who knows ? What a delightful opportunity a Hawaiian event has to be for someone living in Alaska !
Kay said…
MARGY, so we need to wish for a Hunk for you, too. An outdoor guy with a BIG TRUCK who loves adventuresome and winsome females who wear overalls. I can see the "ad" now on EHarmony !
Kay said…
Hi SHIRLEY, I am enjoying our peaceful nest and the GA eaglet, too.
stronghunter said…
I see some nestovers at 5:00. Looks to be Belle on the eggs.
Kay said…
JO and JUDIE, thinking of you and the eye exams today. Hoping for good reports when you can see clearly enough to write !
stronghunter said…
Love that EHarmony thought, Kay!!
Kay said…
Yep, some leftover fish. Hoping that pantry will begin to fill up next week with the hatching of Prez to lead things off.

Egg roll, and Belle steps out of site then back in to resettle.
stronghunter said…
Happy that your son is better, Lynne1. Hope that the recovery continues.
Kay said…
It looks so cold and windy at the Berry College nest, but the Rome, GA weather report says it's 63° with wind at 9 mph. Mama is halfway sitting on some of the pantry items.
Kay said…
If you're into the D.C. zoo Panda cam take a look now. Mama chowing down on bamboo leaves while Bao-Bao snoozes on a rock above. So cute !
Kay said…
The Blackwater nest looks good today, too, with an eaglet peeking out from under Mom. Too bad the third egg was "a dud"--first time since 2004 for that pair. Hope that does not happen here !
Judie said…
Good morning.

Nest is quiet. Looks like nestovers and Belle.

GA babe is growing quickly and is very active. Bear study waiting for the judge's decision on their work.

Lynne, happy that David can return to work. Wish him well.

Kay, Sandperson says the little ditty you provided was very pleasant in spite of not having a hooded rain coat.

Hoda, it is sad when lives are lost but the young always believe in invincibility. Caution develops like wisdom - later in life. You, however, can look forward to more skiing and lunch with a hunk - oops, at a hut.

Shirley, it's a guy thing. How does one not detect clean from dirty? Yes, a guy thing. Darth is particularly afflicted with this genetic anomaly.

Janet, wet noodle? Oh, please do not give Jufie more evil ideas. About the daffodils, I promised you were only kidding.

Sandi, safe landing for Brian and a happy reunion with Lynnis and all the family. Glad your mom had a good day.

Will return later when my eyes are back to seeing. Oh, Shirley, I use sunglasses and only need to navigate about 3 miles.


Kay said…
JUDIE, welcome back. Nice to see you can see clearly enough to "talk" to us ! Any changes in your eyesight since the last "routine appointment" ? I do the sunglass thing, too, and never have to take someone along. My ophthalmologists office is one of those whose organizational skills are questionable. I always plan on spend a couple of hours there and would hate to have someone waiting for me.
Judie said…
Hi Kay. Appt is at 3:30.

Came back to suggest checking out Phoebe's nest. Lovely picture and the new Phoebe is quite active. Bao Bao was just waking up and doing the very human stretching and eye-massaging. Adorable.
Kay said…
The cam ran for 56 minutes before the wee arrow chasing it's tail came sneaking in. Fixed with a reload.

Time for lunch--BBL, after the split I imagine.
stronghunter said…

Blooming crocus here!!!!!!!!!
stronghunter said…
Opthamologist visit--I took Will the last time--or he took me. He went in search of food while I waited, then went in with me when I talked with the doctor. I was a little surprised when he followed me in, but figured it was nice to have him along. And nice to have him drive.

I have handled things just fine most of the time with sunglasses, but I had a bad experience once. It was a bright, sunny day and when I put the dark glasses they gave me on, I had trouble adjusting when passing from sun to shade.

It was late afternoon, and I knew that I was going to have to drive into the setting sun on my westward trip home. That is a bit of a challenge when my eyes are in normal shape, so I just parked the car and sent for help from my offspring. Susan and Tom came to my rescue.

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