Thursday, February 27, 2014


New thread.


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magpie said...

Well, Good Morning, Steve,
And Thank You So Much


Spring really IS coming, is it not?

Have a Good Day...


stronghunter said...

Brought this over . . .

Blogger stronghunter said...
Now that Shep has taken over the nesting duties, I can go find food for myself.

Should be able to stay home today. Groceries are in the refrigerator. Bowling alley is very busy on Thursdays, so I would not likely get a lane for practice.

Thursday, February 27, 2014 11:16:00 AM

Thanks, Steve and Margy.

Congrats on the feather, Margy!

magpie said...

I behaved myself before opening up the computer Shirley....
had a round of exercises to do,
and a great time for prayers...

Good Wishes to Lori on all her
school work, yes, understand how that must come first now for awhile...
as Janet says: We will be here !!!

Sissy, Best Wishes on Tom's post-op
treatments today....boy, won't he be relieved !!

Kay: I Love that flower ~~~
Who couldn't: It's YELLOW :)

magpie said...

For Sandi:
Prayers were included, are included, daily for your Mother....
One day at a time....
and surely hoping and praying the right combinations will develop,
pain-relief, nutrition, mobility

(( HUGS ))

magpie said...

those socks are: Fabulous!

magpie said...

I'll have to see if James has discovered their existence yet

Jo: great on the RW blackbird, I know they are in Berkeley Springs, but I am not sure when I get to go there to see them: a wonderful marshy area with cattails near the
Goodwill store, guaranteed !

magpie said...

Thinking of all the Wrights during this time, every moment of every day

Will be wonderful to meet Mrs WVJerry,
and surely hope to see Jerry there Saturday also

Jo: Thank you, ever so much,
for being such a terrific leader
for us all...

magpie said...

Thinking, as always, of all
SEEN and UNSEEN here amongst us,
nationally, AND internationally

((HUGS to all Momsters and Dadsters, and Eagle Cam Bloggers xoxo ))

ttfn, have things to do, and EVERYTHING takes a lot longer with one hand....

xoxo Have a Good Day !

Lolly said...

Men's shoe sizes for little boys. Joseph at 13 wears a men's 11. Jacob at 9 wears a men's 9. I have some western boots...handed down to me from my 9 year old grandson. LOL Laurel also has boots handed down from her sons.

Jacob needed green socks for his basketball uniform. For Joseph I got a color he did not have. Also, Joseph had socks that he had paid for himself and had received some from a friend as a birthday present.

Lolly said...

Going to miss Lori on here but perfectly understand her not getting on. Prayers for her as she continues with her studies. She is to be admired!!

Mema Jo said...

Good Good morning and Thank you Steve

Great shout over Margy... lol
Use your feather wisely

There are many signs of spring that excite people But perhaps the best sign in the bird world is male Red-winged Blackbirds. - I saw him so there is no doubt in my mind that Spring is getting ready to be Sprung

Lolly said...

Janet...will think of Michael as we head to California. Who knows, he may be driving a truck that passes us on the interstate!! We go slow as it's a job pulling a trailer. No chance at all of us getting a speeding ticket. LOL

Mema Jo said...

Drams between raccoon and PIX eagle nest

Lolly said...

We get our trailer tomorrow and start loading. Glad we will have several days. Was going to get the do done today, but Becky called and asked to put it off to tomorrow.

Mema Jo said...

If you are on FB - Birthday wishes today for Deb Stecyk who shares all those wonderful nest videos from NCTC

Lolly said...

Good morning, Jo. Yes, the signs of spring are soooo great. I am now beginning to see trees in bloom. No leaves yet, but the pear trees in bloom. And, I love hearing the geese headed north. They are hard to spot as they are so high, but I look for them when I hear them.

Hoda said...

Good Morning.

Prayers for all.

Thank you JO. Blessed Be Friend to us all and an awesome MATRIARCH.
Thanks to STEVE
Thanks to MARGY

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good morning my eagle budlets.

stronghunter said...

I think Hunter is a size 10 in men's shoes now. He's 13.

I am afraid he does not have western boots to hand down to me.

Kay said...

Thanks be to STEVE for a nice new Thread !

MARGY, I know--so many wonderful things are yellow--Sunshine, lemons, bananas, some M&M's and the list goes on, but the sweetest of all is Sunshine and yellow flowers !!!!

Oh, I do hope all you FB'ers will wish Deb a very happy birthday. Her videos mean so much to all of us !!!

JudyE said...

Thanks for the new thread STEVE I didn't see it when I got up and have been on the old LOL

Lolly said...

Shirley, our boys love their boots. They do not wear them to school but to church.

JudyE said...

Hello and still good morning

Haven't caught up still reading

My cam only runs for a few then it gets stuck on the spiny cycle

1st Mate would also be a great name for one of our eagle just a thought

SANDI I agree if your mom took the med or a reg basis and not wait for the pain it may help Take them religiously even if she has no pain to keep in her system to prevent the pain


Kay said...

MARGY, thank you for the call over and wear that feather with pride !!

Went outside w/Penny to find it snowing like a son of a gun. Ugh. Back in for her much needed bath and now she's swaddled in a warm towel on my lap. She smells good ! She'll be good and dry by the time she must go out again in about 4 hours.

Lolly said...

Think I will go back and bring over Wanda's post. Just in case someone does not go back and see it. Loved seeing her name on here.

Kay said...

Hmmm, how about Prez, Lib and Captain, three names memorializing important beings that figure in with this month of their "beginnings" and the history of the nest ?

Kay said...

LOLLY, great idea ! You rock !!!

Lolly said...

Brought over from old thread....just in case you missed it.

Costume Lady said...
Good Evening, dear friends,
I have gone back and read all of your comments over a 2 day period. My tears wouldn't allow me to see very well, so I had to read in increments for the past 2 days. My heart had a hole so big that I didn't think anything could fill it up again, but your kindness and love for us has filled that very big hole!
I don't think I need to tell any of you how much Capt. Gene and I loved each other...everything in life we did with or for each other. Right now, I feel as if there is no life for me without him, but I know these feelings will pass along with time. I do have my children and grandchildren & GG to make my life worth living, so I will hold onto that thought until "This too shall pass".
My pain and sadness is too great to comment anymore for a while, so I will be absent again for a while. I will be back when my tears have dried up enough to allow me to talk about Happy Things. I love you all more than you will ever know...your love and kindness is helping me get through these difficult days. Blessings to you all ♥

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 8:45:00 PM

Lolly said...

Awesome name for the middle eagle! Love, love, love the idea!!!!

I vote for Prez, Lib, and Capt!!!!

Thank you, Kay!!

Lolly said...

Three strong names!!! Our baby eagles will soar!☺

Lolly said...

Time for me to get busy! We leave at 2 for the track meet.

JudyE said...

This early evening is Jordyn Daddy Daughter Dance at school
Angie is volunteering for before and after clean up for some hours I told her if the school needed more I would be willing to help and give them more hours
But I haven't heard for her so I guess not and I was looking forward to doing it
OH well

JudyE said...

Gotta run to the PO and go do some running around LM and be back later

cam is really a big pia

JudyE said...


Kay said...

Thanks, LOLLY, I hope others will agree. They are all names that can apply to either gender in this modern era !

Kay said...

JUDYE, I hope Angie n' Carl will get pics you can share on your blog ! What a special evening that will be for Jordyn !

stronghunter said...

Love those three names. I vote "yes."

JudyE said...

oops i didn't check facebook mssg they can use me so lucky i was still her when Angie called just now

Kay said...

Very windy at the nest and here--hope it's not blowing the Ohio snowfall in that direction.

Is that a small whole fish lying in the middle of the nest ?

Kay said...

And, thank you, SHIRLEY, consensus is building....☺ PREZ, LIB and CAPT ! Here's hoping all three eggs are viable and produce thriving eaglets !

Kay said...

I'm having the same frustrating experience with the cam today. It's reloading every few seconds.

JudyE said...

Angie told Jordyn that her and I will be there to vol and that she was to pay attention only to daddy and her friends and not to OMA or Mommy

JudyE said...

my cam keeps either spinning and getting stuck or going to the pretty picture screen also KAY

stronghunter said...

Having cam issues here, too.

Kay said...

Perhaps it's due to the wind ???

JUDYE, happy for you that your offer of help at the dance has been accepted ! No need to tell you to enjoy--it's a given !

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...


stronghunter said...

Could be the wind, Kay. It is surely windy there.

stronghunter said...


Kay said...

Love having you weigh in, SHAR ! And, of course I love the fact that others are seeing those names appropriate and pleasant !

JudyE said...

both eagle in

stronghunter said...

I think I am seeing two eagles, but not easy to make it out.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

I am seeing more whirly-gigs than live cam.

Kay said...

Me, too ! I guess we can't tell what names we each have for the "whirly-gigs". No "R" rated stuff allowed here.

Mema Jo said...


Good suggestions

Just need 3 little bobble heads before
it's official ♥

Mema Jo said...


Off to order Gene's reception cake

Donations are coming in so we are doing well so far....... ♥ TY

Kay said...

Fantastic, JO ! My guess is we'll easily cover the floral arrangement and cake with a nice lump left over for the Pantry the CAPT. so ably and eagerly ran along with our dear WANDA ! I remember the story of how the minister made it known from the pulpit that they were in dire need of someone to run the program. GENE was touched and led to say something on the order of, "I think my wife and I should take a crack at that." I've so loved hearing their interesting stories, seeing pictures of their work and reading their mouth watering menus !

Mema Jo said...

Scar is on his way to the Vet for x-ray of heart and lungs and check for any blockage as he hasn't shown any interest in eating for days.


Mema Jo said...

Kay - doing the best to disburse $$
You all are so generous in so many ways not just your monies.
We have included in the expense of the
flowers, cake, chicken bucket for Wanda and a donation to the church group for the reception foods. The remainder will be the donation for the Heavenly Soup Kitchen. ♥

Kay said...

The Berry College, Georgia nest that STEVE felt would be of interest to us is just gorgeous---the camera is ideally located. Mama is feeding her little fluff ball right now. The chick almost balances itself on it's "sibling egg", which they suspect is not viable. Apparently it's too far overdue.

Kay said...

Wonderful, JO ! I'm so pleased that you're feeling it possible to cover all those items ! I LOVE US !!!!!

Kay said...

Praying for Scar. Hope the pictures reveal the problem and that's it's something easily treated. Love our petsters, too !!!!

Kay said...

Is the wind blowing hard all over the world ? It is here and at NCTC as well as northern Georgia !

Mema Jo said...

Wind is very wild

I think it is blowing in another
Ice Storm........ Grrrrrrr

JudyE said...

just running in to do a nature call before heading to the school

Shhh came in the door and heard the wind of cam so my cam is still running for almost a hour now

TAXES in the mail

Lolly said...

We are getting ready to leave. Since last night we have prepared 6 delicious meals to go in the freezer. Meals that take a lot of prep. Oh, we wine and dine very well while traveling! ☺ Our trailer is our port a potty and wine cellar. LOL

Gotta run! Later Gators! ((Hugs))

I smile when I think of the 3 names!

JudyE said...

should have kept mouth shut now the cam has stalled out and the arrow is going around and around and around OVER a hour and it goes Phooey

Kay said...

My cam has been running 15 minutes which is a record for today. Saying that will probably put a hex on me.

LOLLY, will look forward to a Track Meet report later today or tomorrow.

We certainly have a bunch of attentive grandparents here. Nary a day goes by without some good GRAND or even GREAT GRAND stories to tell, humor to pass on or events to report on. Wonderful !

JudyE said...

Have to be at school 330 Angie will be there after work 440 to set up cones in parking lot I will help with decorations and what ever else they need so talk with ya all later

Hey I did I think what LOLLY said I let one of the live feeds stay in the stalled position and didn't refresh it but I did the other one and the one that was running over a hours has kicked back in to going ODD

JudyE said...

off the eggs

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

back on eggs maybe came in for back yep that is what hapend

JudyE said...

Hard to tell with the cam stalling and stopping and going almost like having another still cam going LOL

Kay said...

Nap time for this eagle watcher aka fanatic ! BBL

Mema Jo said...

Mr Scar is ready to cross over the
Rainbow Bridge

His heart is 4x's the size it should be. Not much fluid around the lungs and no stomach blockage.

Very sorrowful day for us ♥

CarolAnne said...

Oh Mema Jo

Janet said...

good afternoon folks. Thanks to Steve for the new thread.
MAGPIE: congrats on the feather.
MEMA JO: so so sorry to hear of Mr. Scar's health issues. (((hugs))) for both of you.

LOLLY: yes Michael could well pass you in one of those Western Express flatbeds that he drives.

I am wishing we were getting ready to hit the road...soon soon soon.

SPeaking of, Tom and I have been discussing it and I think we are going to sell our current little travel trailer and get a motorhome. Maybe 25 feet or so. There are several reasons, but I think we will start looking around this weekend. So here we go.

Its been a good day. I am having my afternoon coffee. Wish I could be there with you all on Saturday, but my heart and thoughts will certainly be there.

I hope everyone has a lovely afternoon. hugs, smiles, light, and love to all.

Judie said...

Dearest Jo,

I am so very sad for you. Mr. Scar was extra special for you. I am truly sorry.

Mema Jo said...

Thanks for your comments - they do help me accept the situation ♥


NCSuzan said...

Oh Jo, I am so very sorry about Scar. I was so hoping for better news. Will be thinking of you.

stronghunter said...

Oh, Jo, I am sorry about your fur child Scar.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

((((Hugs))) Mema Jo. I love you much!

Sandi said...

Hi all - LONG day. The English teacher on our team, who is new to the school this year and who I do not like at all, decided to call in sick today. Unfortunately, I had already used her emergency sub plans the last time she unexpectedly called in sick and, despite the fact that I asked her to replenish them, she didn't. Also unfortunately, the school secretary was unable to find a sub so, as the kids were walking down the hall this AM, I was informed that I would have to be the sub AND I had no lesson plans or materials run off. And this was after my 13 hour day yesterday - got to school by 7:15am and left after parent conferences at 8:15pm. NOT a good day.

Came home to a phone call from my sister that Mom had forgotten to take her meds again last night and still is not eating. She had a cup of applesauce yesterday - period. She had no idea what day it was, could not remember how to log onto her online banking site to pay her bills, slept in her clothes last night instead of undressing and getting into her pajamas, and slept on the sofa instead of in her bed. Things are not looking good. Lisa has tried setting alarms, she has tried being mean, she has tried being nice.

Time to feed people and pets and then go grocery shopping. Have done one load of laundry and just put a second in the washer while the first is in the dryer, since I'm not home to do laundry on the weekends now. I am so tired.

Jo, I was very sad to read about Mr. Scar. Sorry that what is wrong with him isn't treatable and sorry that you are losing your sidekick.

I doubt I'll get back on the blog til the morning so I'll say goodnight now - goodnight all.

CarolAnne said...

Do they have a CareGivers company or HomeInstead company near your Mom? They can come in for an hour or hours or even all day. Help with meals & meds. Or even Meals on Wheels. Use that for my Mom (89).

Kay said...

JO, you know we pet lovers are sharing your pain. Dear Mr. Scar, he gave you so much joy and you gave him the kind of life other cats only dream about ! xxxoooxxxooo

CarolAnne, I love seeing your name pop up ! Glad to know you're lurking about and keeping up with our eagles ! Hope the winter hasn't been too tough on you. Good advice for SANDI.

SANDI, thoughts are with you and Lisa as you struggle to find the right solutions for your Mom. I know you're getting worn down with an overload at work and weekly trips to her home. Please take your vitamins and stay well !

stronghunter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stronghunter said...

Watching Jeopardy.

The controversial guy is doing very well indeed.

NatureNut said...

Good Evening Eaglebuds! Had a somewhat busy day going down to Dunkirk for a hair trim. No tornadoes predicted like last week!
So sorry, Jo, about your kitty. I get upset when they just have minor things wrong.
Lolly, thanks for bringing over Wanda's wonderful, blessed message to us.The dearest Family!!

I also vote for the eggbert names chosen!!
Went to WallyMart and heard the most special story from elderly gent wanting some help in the greeting card section. He told me and another lady about his family and a high school sweetheart's family owning farms in the same area. They both went their separate ways, farms are still w/ the families. They must have been away for decades. His wife passed & he returned to stay w/brother & SIL at the farm back here. Two weeks later, he went to his old friend Liz's family farm and knocked on the door. Liz answered!
She had returned in 1997 to be w/elderly Mom who passed at near 100 years of age.
He and Liz have been dating for a few months, he proposed to her last weekend and has been renting an apt. at her farm. He assured us that they are very religious and there will be NO HP until after their June wedding!!!!

stronghunter said...

What a sweet story, Loretta.

Mema Jo said...

The Caregiver's are covered by Medicare or other insurances. The meds and meals taken care of would be a blessing form your mom and for you and Lisa.
Wanda had purchased some sort of pill container with alarm system or something to help GG - Push comes to shove a phone call locally from Lisa at Pill Time.

Mema Jo said...

Loretta that story sounds like it
would be a wonderful Hallmark movie.
Love happy endings.

Mema Jo said...

Just read your remarks Sandi ♥
So sorry for all the frustrations at the school - time for the vice principal to take over some classes instead of putting it all on the teaching staff - I could really get steamed up over this situation.

It is time to get Mom some help and let her know it is because you love her and are concerned. Prayers ♥

Mema Jo said...

This is my Mr Scar

AZPatti said...

Just a quick check-in. Jo, I'm so, so sorry about Mr. Scar. I know how your heart is aching.

Prayers for all in need, Larry, Sandi and her mom, and all the others I'm sure I've missed.

Back to evening chores. SED!

AZPatti said...

Oh, I almost forgot! Drama today at "my" virtual nest (since I haven't found it yet!). Two adult eagles had a juvie "treed". One one a branch above, the other on a branch below. Cries all afternoon. I was barely able to see the tree on my way out and the juvie just looked hunkered down. Guess s/he thought it was safer to stay put.

Does anyone know how to estimate the age of a juvie? Does the white, mottled look gradually go away with age? This one still has a fair bit of mottling.

Kay said...

Back after an hour on the phone with my dear friend in TN who's husband of 54 years passed away Monday, too. Like WANDA, Marty is a strong and realistic woman. I know they are both going to be okay, but it's never easy to bid a loved one farewell, for a while.

JO, love the pic of Mr. Scar, looks like he's sitting on a throne with that superior air cats are so well know for !

Yes, SHIRLEY, that Jeopardy guy is doing right well--he lives somewhere in Ohio--I don't find him very appealing, but I see nothing wrong with his astute method of playing the game.

AZPatti, eagles reach their full adulthood and coloring at age 5. Even then there may be signs of immaturity left, like Shep's black spot on the head. Sounds like your friend is probably 2 or 3 years old. Keep us posted on these great eagle sightings !

Mema Jo said...

White head and tail not until about5 yrs

Juvie stays chocolate brown and is splotchie (?)

Kay said...

Time to turn PBS on for Doc Martin. Anyone else watching this British (what else ?) production ? He and the people of the quaint little seaside town are a hoot !

See you tomorrow.

Love and prayers for all !


Kay said...

Oh, but I forgot--LORETTA, that is such a sweet love story--you never know what you're going to learn at WallyWorld ! Like JO says, it has the makings of a Hallmark tale !

JudyE said...

Good evening eagle buds

Well not much to report had a nice time decorating and chatting with the other parents and Angie I saw Jordyn as I got to school she was waiting for Carl who was in car line and she seemed to be excited with the dance Told her I would see her later when she came with Daddy

But the bad news is she feel asleep on the way home and said Daddy I am so tired can I take a nap and of course Carl let her and then couldn't get her to get up to come to the dance she got up to eat but insisted she was too tired to go So very disappointed that she didn't go All the kids looks so cute they had a DJ and two photo booths I put in 5 hours for Angie and that counts I guess but so disappointed but such as life I guess

JO so so sorry to hear of Mr. Scar's being ready to cross over the rainbow bridge but he will be in good company with all the pets from the blog that have crossed over HUGS ((((((HUGS)))))))

Mema Jo said...

Did you say

I am out of here for a while

TY Kay

paula eagleholic said...

Evening all. :-:-)

Sorry I Didn't get on last night .

Larry's. Dr appt went very well. Dr pleased with his progress thus far...and that made a world of difference for Larry . Just his walk and step and attitudes are much better .

He Will start radiation and chemotherapy within 5 weeks .

NatureNut said...

Kay, thank you SO much. We love Doc Martin!!! I never know when it's on!

NatureNut said...

Paula, that sounds really good, meaning Larry's perkier attitude! HE WILL BE FINE!!!

LynneDUH! said...

evening all.

Very sad about Scar, Jo. I saw on FB.

Shirley, those socks...OMG!

I have just shared some pictures on FB of some dogs that are in the rescue...

Sweet story Loretta!

Oh Sandi, sorry about all the work crap. And prayers still going strong for your mom.

Good to hear that Larry is more positive after the good Dr report!

LynneDUH! said...

I have watched quite a few espisodes of Doc Martin...but never in any order! I really like it and I'll have to investigate if the library has the DVDs so I can watch in order.

LynneDUH! said...

Anyone watching the PGH eagle nest? Video of raccoon invader last night posted on the FB page! WHEW!

I saw Tom got his packing out of his nose. Let me tell you, I had sinus surgery a few years ago and if anyone had told me ahead of time how much packing was in there...not to mention getting it back out...WHOA NELLY! I may not have had the guts to do it! But it was SO worth it.

LynneDUH! said...

Steve and I were back in court today regarding our upstairs neighbor...he prayed a jury trial last time, so it went from circut court to district court where today the excuse was that he didn't have an attorney....because he called the public defender's office and no one called him back. OMG.

On the bright side, the state's attorney was awesome. I talked to her yesterday and she said that she prosocuted Bruce 10 years ago for the SAME thing!!!! She is very unimpressed with his bullshit and asked the judge to grant pre trial supervision, which he did! This way, he has to report to someone regularly between now and the new date of April 7.

LynneDUH! said...

and I apologize for using the bad word...I meant to bleep it before I hit send and forgot. DUH! So I'm going to just leave it. LOL!

paula eagleholic said... is the wrist doing?

Jo so very sorry to hear of Scar's diagnosis ..I hope he has a peaceful transition.

Sandi is it time for your Mom to be with you or your sister full time?

Jo thank you for your direction

Judie said...

Again, my thoughts of sympathy are with you, Jo.

Paula, seems a good report for Larry. Chemo and radiation may not be fun but remind him it's worth it to stay around and be with the beauteous Paula. You two rock!

Where's Hoda?

Sandperosn is already packing an oversized satchel. Says he might be blown off course with these horrific winds but will complete his appointed rounds.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all. Hugs and extra hugs for our Wanda.

LynneDUH! said...

I need to sign off and get a hot shower and some rest. I've got The Crud. It's now settling in my chest and I have a bad, unproductive cough which usually precedes a nasty bronchitis, as history is an indicator. I haven't be sick for 3 years and that year was and out of the ER, fevers, the worst cough I have ever had, inhalers, meds, turning to pneumonia. I hope I never get that sick again. And I must say that I don't appreciate sick people coming to work and infecting me. LOL!

LynneDUH! said...

So prayers for Wanda and family, for Larry, Sandi's mom, Margy's wrist, Tom's nose, for Jo, for Lori and her school work, for Penny's back, and for all of you. Good night...

Lolly said...

We are home! What a great day even though we froze at the track meet. Joseph got 6th place in the mile and a half run. He did great! Then in the triple jump he got third place! So very proud!

Then we hurried to Jacob's school for the science fair awards program. Jacob got 2nd place in third grade. Wow! So proud!

Jo, so very sorry about Mr. Scar. I was so hoping it would not come to this. I feel for you!! Just know he knew he was loved!!

Sandi, all of Laurel's kids have to carry library books with them at all times. If they have those books....then class time of reading!!

Loretta, loved the story of elderly gentleman at Wally World! Priceless!

CAROLANNE!!!!!!! You are being sneaky popping in with a comment. So glad you are lurking. Love you and miss your comments! very sorry the CRUD has you in it's grips. Rest when you can and keep on drinking the water!!

Lolly said...

Paula, good to hear about Larry. Keeping him in prayer.

Sandi, sorry your mom is having bad days. Keeping her in prayer, too. Along with Wanda, Tom, and Margy.

JudyE said...

Hope you feel better LYNNEDUH

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

stronghunter said...

Sleepy and saying good night.

SE, everyone.

Linda said...

God Bless, WANDA, for reaching out to all those who love and worry about her. It was heartbreaking reading through her obvious broken heart. Will keep Wanda and the whole Wright family in prayer. Her whole life changed in a moment, with no warning. So very sad!

And poor little Mr Scar - A beautiful cat, JO, and so very sorry he is no longer with you. (((( HUGS ))))

SANDI - Your poor dear Mom. Praying that you and Lisa can figure out what is the best next step in seeing to it your Mom is comfortable, and hopefully getting some norishment and some pain relief.
Sorry your work day was so awful, too. When it rains it pours, huh? Hang in there.... xoxo

LORI - Totally understand the need to focus on your studies. That program sure sounds tough! You're doing so great and we're all so proud of you, Gal!!

Happy to hear from PAULA that Larry had a good visit with the doctor and will begin his next treatment soon. He is in good hands!!

LORETTA - loved the story from the man at WalMart!! A Hallmark movie for sure!!

Linda said...

Hope you're taking care of yourself there,
Miss MARGY!! Your typing is fantastic for
someone who just went through surgery!

Many thanks to JO for arranging everything for the group. I know it will lift Wanda's spirits, especially when she sees the faces of those who will be able to make the service.

Oh, my, LYNNE take care of that CRUD!! So hoping you lick this thing and it doesn't get any worse. Lost of fluids and rest for you!! Feel better!! xoxo

Love the stories about HUNTER, Shirley!! He's quite the character!!

And LOLLY's grands are keeping you and Jack busy, too!! So great you're able to attend all those important events of the boys! Grand parents are such a blessing!!

Linda said...

It's off to bed for me, now!! Wishing you all
sweet dreams and restful sleep!!

Keeping WANDA, the WRIGHT family, MARGY,
JO, SANDI & Her MOM, PAULA and LARRY, LYNNE, LORI and all our Eaglet Momsters in prayer tonight.

Love and ((((( HUGS ))))) to all!

Hoda said...

What a day!
First sorry about MR SCAR JO.
Too too too soon after your other cat.

SANDI! I hear you about school. I hear you about MOM. I continue to say you NEED TO LOOK AFTER YOU!

Miss you LORI and understand. Sending energy.

Cool story LORETTA.

Good news PAULA. Let us know when the treatment starts so we can pray him through it.

JUDIE... I headed out to yoga in the morning. Avalanche warnings were lifted so headed out to some cross country skiing. Came back in time to go to my evening yoga! I am amazed I survived it.
Wonderful practice with an excellent teacher. I had to go. Had soup for lunch and a salad for supper and now I need something hot to drink. I will sleep well tonight.
The sun was out the skies were mostly blue.

Mema Jo said...

Getting ready to close down ♥
So lonely as Mr Scar was always right beside me... Thanks for your concerns

Paula - good report for Larry
Lynne - Take care of yourself - please
Linda - good to have you here

I am exhausted mentally and emotionally tonight...... I need
peaceful sleep and hope the same for all of you Goodnight ♥

magpie said...

It's about the end of the day here...

My sadness and sorrow is extended to the Family Lennox...Mr Scar is as handsome as I bet he has been happy with Jo and the Family....
((HUGS, friend ))

Good Report from Paula on Larry!
Of course, WE KNOW who his favorite nurse AND companion is.
makes it easier for those positive attitudes to take shape

magpie said...

Sandi, the trails and travails continue for you, I am so sorry
for your Mother's downturn and a difficult day school...
Let's hope tomorrow will be
so much better

RED FRIDAY coming up just around the corner while I am thinking of it to say so

Lolly, Bravo on the boys' accomplishments today

Loved! the story Loretta shared...

And to All, A Good Night, good to
SEE You here

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox

Hoda said...

Good night all
God Bless.

Lolly said...

Lori posted this on fb this evening. Know there are those of you who are not on fb, but would be thrilled to read this. So here tis!

Lori Gaston Olivieri

4 hours ago

Happy girl! After four explanations on how to do the Clinical Patient Meds homework, and a lot of help from Seairra Rudolph and the best clinical group EVER, I got my papers back today with "You got it!" written on top! Finally!!! — feeling WoooHoooo!

We can all do a habby dance for our Lori!!!!

Heading to the pillows. It has been a long day.

Prayers for comfort and healing for so many!!!

Love and hugs!! Night all! SED

Kay said...

Good RED FRIDAY Morning Eagle Buds !!!

I'm doing the first happy dance of the last day of February for the spectacularly successful nursing student, gLORI !!! You Go Girl !!!

That wild and crazy dance should mean I'll collapse back into my warm bed for another couple of hours.

PAULA, good report on your dear Larry !

LYNNEDUH, too bad you had to come down the the creepy crud. Hope you can take some time to rest and hydrate yourself back to good health !

JO, it was a tooo busy and tooo stressful day for you yesterday. I hope you're having SED right this minute !

HODA, you had a vigorous day and should also be having SED now !

LOLLY, the boys did you proud ! Good on them !

Kay said...

Hope you Doc Martin fans found it running on your PBS station last night. Those stations do vary in their programs at times, I know. Seth and I watched the entire series on Netflix last year, but I'm loving it in rerun, too. Last nights episode, "the bad breath kiss", is a favorite ! My family enjoys the fact that Mrs. Cronk and her son, Peter, figure prominently in several of the shows. That is an unusual little surname, but one I had for 28 years and the one my three kids all go by still.

Kay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kay said...

Have satisfied myself that our nest is peaceful. Belle has her head tucked so she's getting some needed SED's, too.

With that I'll head back to bed.

Have a good morning all ! BBL

Kay said...

My delete--JO, I did one of those little gymnastic tricks, jumping over my second entry and then a repeat of the first. What the..??

Hoda said...

Your wild cheering and dancing woke me up!!!
And what is that?!!?
Did you curse? Where you about to curse???
My oh my!!!
I can not believe my ears!!!
I hope you can get back to bed!!!

CarolAnne said...

Happy Friday everyone. It's the absentee CarolAnne here.

Just wanted to wish safe travels to those going to support Wanda & family tomorrow.

I, like others, will offer up my prayers from here.

Saying prayers for those on the mend & those with difficult situations to deal with.

And cheers for Lori!

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Just saw a video of a manhole explosion in Columbus. Maybe Kay's celebrations and dancing got out of hand.

Seriously, I hope no one was hurt. It doesn't seem so from what I saw, but it was quite a blast. Yikes.

So cold this morning. I see our eagle settled into the fluggy nest. Sunny, but very cold.

Had to make Hunter close his bedroom window last night. Closed the heat vent for him. I do hope that will keep the room cool enough for him. Really cannot pay to heat the outdoors.

Eagle-Eyed's Sissy said...

Good morning everyone. Just scanned over the some of the posts and saw where Mr. Scar passed over the Rainbow Bridge. So sorry Mema Jo!! Hoping every one has a good day and stays warm. Will see some of you tomorrow at the Memorial for Capt. Gene. Still can't wrap my head around that. Love and hugs!!!

stronghunter said...

Hi, CarolAnne!

Hooray for our Lori! You go, girl!

Hoping for a good day at school for Sandi. And a good day at home for her mother.

Margy's typing is beauteous--especially for someone who just had hand surgery.

Travel on, Lolly and Jack. Enjoy that new trailer.

stronghunter said...

Thinking of Wanda and her family today.

Thinking of Jo and her special friend and companion Mr. Scar.

stronghunter said...

Tomorrow is the first day of March. Spring will come--somewhere beyond this next blast of winter.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Today is a 1/2 day teacher inservice day. I decided last night at about 9pm that this teacher was going to take a 1/2 day sick day and not attend the morning inservice meeting on writing Behavior Intervention Plans and Functional Behavioral Assessments. Slept a little later this morning, will get things packed while Denny has his morning appointments, and then we'll get on the road earlier to Mom's.

Lori, saw your post on FB - you go, girl!!

Paula, I was so happy to read that Larry got a good report from the doctor. It's amazing the psychological effect that can have on recovery! Prayers continue for him.

Jo, I know today will be a sad one for you without your sidekick Mr. Scar - thinking of you!

CarolAnne, it's wonderful to see you back on the blog!! I have missed you!!

Need to get moving. 15 degrees here in Bethany Beach, DE! Wow!
Have a great day all.

Linda said...

Good Morning.....

Thinking of WANDA, and how those first mornings must be for her. Waking up, wishing it was all just a dream.....and then realizing The Lord really did call Gene home......

And then the question of...
Why now, Lord?
I don't think I can do this life without him....
I don't want to life this life without him...

But with The Lord by her side, holding her hand,
He says, "You're right, my child, you can't,
But with Me, you can.....and you will."

Loving you through each moment, WANDA,
we will be with you, too.

Draw near to Him, Wanda......
And he will draw near to you...
James 4:8

May God abundantly bless you, WANDA!

Linda said...

So very pleased you took this day
off, SANDI......

It surely has been a rough few days and
you Mom is so much more important
than writing "Behavioral Intervention
Plans and Functional Behavioral Assessments!"
You could probably do that with your eyes closed!!

Praying for you and Denny as you travel....
and for your MOM

I was so shocked to read your post that
day you reported what the doctor told you.
It cut me to the core and my heart was heavy.
I pray she doesn't suffer with pain she can't
manage for too very long. It must be unbearable
to see your Mom suffer and become so helpless.

She is a very blessed woman to have YOU to
love her through this, to make decisions for her
and her care.

Please take care of yourself, too, as this can
really drain you, as I know you are fully aware of!

God Speed to you today and through this weekend....

Ms Bookworm said...

Good Morning, Everyone,
Whoooeeey, is it ever raining here! We are in for it! A little while ago my phone piped up with a Wind Advisory for our area too, so apparently it will be raining sideways!

Have been thinking about Wanda and the whole Wright family. Loved the story about GG and the orange jumpsuit! (((HUGS))) for Wanda.

Margy, thank you for Capt. Gene's obituary.

Mema Jo, so very sorry that Mr. Scar's about to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Please take comfort in the fact that you gave him a wonderful life. (((HUGS))) for you, too.

Prayers continue for everyone.
LynneDUH, hope you feel better soon!

Need to get going. Ken and I are
going to one of Sis-in-Law's time shares, in Capistrano Beach, for the weekend. We're taking Emma to Petsmart Pet Hotel, then meeting SIL and driving to the time share. (She has to meet a couple of clients down there today.) We'll check in, then have some lunch with Sis-in-Law. I hope to take the laptop along. Hope there's a hookup for it there.

Know that I will be thinking of everyone, especially Wanda and the whole Wright family, on Saturday. My heart is aching for everyone.

Must sign off now and get ready to leave. Take care, everyone.
I ♥ us!!!

Linda said...

Wonderful to see a post from our dear friend,
CarolAnne!! Hope you are staying warm
out there in the frozen tundra!! We surely
miss your love and humor!!

Thinking of JO, as her mornings are also
not the same without her furry companion....
Oh, how we love our family pets..... xoxo

Off to work for me.....
So far, this season is quite challenging.....
I never know what transpired with so many
of my clients over the past year until it's done
and gone....

Then they look to me to make some miraculous they don't have to pay the
consequences of what transpired!!!

I can only do my best.....and that I always do.....

Blessings to each of you on this Friday...

Eagle-Eyed's Sissy said...

By the way, I wanted to thank you all for all the prayers for Tom. He is doing much better. He is going back to work Monday. Thank God!!

Kay said...

Goodness, Gracious, Sakes Alive !!! Thankfully the explosion was downtown, 10 miles south of me, and at 1 a.m.---I'd hate to have to take the rap for that traffic disruption. I am sorry my Happy Dance woke you HODA ! I've got to stop projecting my thoughts and actions to locations so far away---and to another country yet. LOL on the "almost swear word" ! It's rare for me to go any further than Dear Martha with my expletives in every day speech.

Kay said...

Wahoo, hurray for TOM, SISSIE ! And hurray for Momster prayers ! They are being said for you and SHAR as you wend your way northward. Wishing God's blessings on all who gather to celebrate the life of a beloved man.

Kay said...

SANDI, good, good girl--cancelling that unneeded morning meeting was the best thing you could do for yourself. You need all the energy you can muster for the weekend ahead. Prayers continue for your Mom and for the solutions that will smooth life out a bit for you all.

CAROLANNE, it thrills me so to see your return--will never forget all you've done for us---the cookbook, LYNN's memorial tribute---the list goes on. We want you to stay with us ! Have wondered how the cottage and wildlife up north are faring during this winter to beat all winters ?

LINDA, it also thrills me to have you back and I know it isn't easy to post much during your heaviest work season. Your words of wisdom are always inspiring.

ANDY, I take it you aren't in an area preparing for mudslides. Good ! Enjoy a beautiful weekend with the SIL---what a great getaway spot.

stronghunter said...

You made me chuckle, Kay. I watched the explosion on CNN. With so many cameras around, not many events go unrecorded these days.

Going to go check out Hunter's room today. It is a problem when I cannot get across the room to close a window.

Judie said...

Good morning.

Wishing everyone the best day possible, especially Sandy and her mom, Jo, Larry, Tom, and our one-handed bandit Margy.


stronghunter said...

Hope the California rains do not hinder Jack and Lolly in their travels.

stronghunter said...

Hi, Judie!

Kay said...

Oh, and yes, I did crawl back in bed after that wild dance for gLORI. Penny and I slept til' 7:45. She seemed a little mopey after the cold but brief walk in 10°'s. I do think she has some arthritis in her bones and will ask the vet about Dasaquin with MSM as SANDI recommended. We go in today at 11 for nail trimming.

Kay said...

SHIRLEY, hopefully the CA rains will dissipate before LOLLY and JACK depart on the 4th. If not they can revise and stop short of the storms somewhere in NM or AZ, states with many beautiful, scenic spots, too. I look forward to hearing how the new home on rollers shakes down on it's first road test.

Kay said...

Looks like Shep is pulling nest duty and soaking up some good early morning rays. I may be wrong, but thought I saw the "spot". Have any of you had a better view this morning ?

Kay said...

Someone is home and back on an upper branch--a little eagle talk going on. Love the sound of communication !

Kay said...

Sound of a back up beeper and equipment in the background. Folks at NCTC are workin' hard. No heavy wind today, yeah !

Kay said...

The Berry College Georgia nest looks beautiful today--no wind and eaglet peeking out as a parent warms the other egg.

I'm off to get set for the vet. BBL

magpie said...

Good RED Friday Morning, Eagle Pals

God Bless Our Military, Near and Far, and all their Families, Every Day


magpie said...

The Beauty, Brightness, Good News,
and Inspiring Wisdom for so many,
is DAZZLING this morning....

even it was not sunny here, it would be now

Best Wishes for a Good Day...Everyone...

May we all continute to help hold each other together in our hearts and souls, with Love,
through good times and sad times

magpie said...

Lovely to see CarolAnne, Ditto!
and to see Linda popping in often also....
It goes a looooong way to read your words, friends

My typing? Well I am supposed to wiggle my fingers just not do anything well, it's not perfect but manageable I guess

magpie said...

Some bodacious foods supplies in the nest at Blackwater, I see a duck or a goose, and a fish, and who knows what else is in there

must run along, getting a "Do" done since I cannot do that for myself here


ttfn xo

paula eagleholic said...

Morning, all!

So..we have an exciting evening planned! We are going to have a cocktail out on the porch (which has heat) ... and watch the sunset!

Going to run out at lunchtime and grab a couple of movies, too.

paula eagleholic said...

Carol Anne, so very good to see you here!

Lynne...kick that crud in the pants!!

stronghunter said...

Sounds like a great plan, Paula.

Lolly said...

Good morning! Day started off at 42, much better than 24. Going up into the 70's.

Shirley, know you will appreciate this. Yesterday was 17 in Denton. Joseph went to school in shorts!!! Crazy kid!

Laurel called. She is home sick. Went to school and her team sent her home. She has LynneDuh's crud. Track meet yesterday did not help. Hope it does not go through the family. put a smile on my face seeing your comment. Please continue!!

Maybe in California I can gather rain and bring it back to Texas! Get out your maps! We are headed first to Paso Robles, CA. Then go north through San Fran to Petaluma. From there to the Redwoods. After that up to Yachats, OR. Then we return home. It all depends on the weather what our route will be coming home. We would like to take the Utah, CO route, but it all depends on the weather and road conditions.

We get the trailer this afternoon after I get my do done. Going to start loading, but also friends are coming over to tour the new abode on wheels. Yes, if CA continues to float away, we could just hole up at the Grand Canyon and Zion Natl. Park. But, want to do CA wine tasting! ☺

magpie said...


"Have one for me," and
well, how about a toast to
Captain and First Mate tonight,
Paula ....

enjoy your beautiful-to-be
Arf Arfs to the pups!

Thanks for checking in!

Lolly, sorry for Laurel, as
well as for Lynne2: bummerini !

must run along now....
ttfn xo

Lolly said...

At Yatchts, OR we are staying at the Sea Perch RV Resort. It is right on the ocean, as in we are getting a sight that has only rocks between us and the ocean. Beautiful view and tidal pools to explore!!

Paula, sounds like you have a great plan for today. While in OR, sitting and looking at the sunset....I will think of you and Larry.

Lolly said...

Time to get a move on.

Prayers for Sandi's mom, Larry, and for Wanda and family. Safe travel's Sandi!

Have had the cam up. Got a glimpse of the eggs during a roll. Brought the cam up, it ran for a while then the twirly swirly thingy. Ignored it, kept on blogging, and then it came back and has been running 26 minutes. I really think the thing to do is let the twirly swirly thingy do it's thing!

Have a great day. Whoops, I see the eggs again. Prez and Lib and be!!☺

stronghunter said...

Seventeen degrees is too cold for shorts in Denton or in Fredericksburg. Just my opinion. I like to be warm. :)

Mema Jo said...

Almost missed the Good Morning Greeting ♥

Sandi - I m so proud of you and your decision ♥

Lolly, you and Jack are blessed ♥

Mema Jo said...

Quite a lot of Runners didn't go out this morning . Christine said she tried but the cold made her face really hurt. Don't think Dana went out either.

I took the peanuts and seeds out and that was the fastest I've moved recently.

paula eagleholic said...

Oh Lolly, that will be such a pretty drive up the coast!

We will have to toast each other one night...viewing our respective sunsets!

Mema Jo said...




CarolAnne said...

Lolly - 70's? Is that an age group?? :o)

Might reach 17 here today.

Want to share with you an org in northern WI that rescues & rehabs wild birds. But their link is currently down. Will in the future when things are working again. My heart goes pitter patter when they show an eagle release. OMG - they get to hold an eagle in their arms. How wonderful that must be!

JudyE said...

Good afternoon and someome just flew in the back door

NCSuzan said...

Hello, all.

Jo, I know your heart is still tender over Mr. Scar. I have kept my Olivia close and let her know how special he is. Things can happen so fast as we have experienced this week. And yes, my Olivia is a he! Long story.

Also Jo, hope you have received my money order. It was mailed Wednesday from Raleigh, NC.

Sandi, I am glad you are going to your Mom's. I know it is hard but sounds like she should not be alone until she gets a handle on her pain drug. It is so easy to sit here and diagnose. I'm sorry. Just wish I had solutions for everyone's hurt.

Paula, it is amazing what a positive word from a doctor will do for someone. Larry needed to know that he had a chance. Awesome.

I have a daughter and while they have issues seeing what you go through with boys makes me a little nervous. Growing up is hard to do.

Margy, sounds like you are doing ok. Hang in there.

Lynneduh, I so hope your crud does not become worse.

It has been a rough week. Hoping for healing of heart, soul and limb for each and all of us!

JudyE said...

Poof to the left

NCSuzan said...

WVJerry, jump up and down, yell at the top of your lungs and run around the block! Let the world know you are alive! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Mema Jo said...

**** I will send out individual email for money received so you will know I have it. Thank you so much ♥

JudyE said...


♫♪ ♫♪[̲̅̅H̲̅][̲̅̅A̲̅][̲̅̅P̲̅][̲̅̅P̲̅][̲̅̅Y̲̅] [̲̅̅B̲̅][̲̅̅I̲̅][̲̅̅R̲̅][̲̅̅T̲̅][̲̅̅H̲̅[̲̅̅D̲̅][̲̅̅A̲̅][̲̅̅Y̲̅]♫♪ ♫

paula eagleholic said...

Birthday Jerry

Mema Jo said...

Lunch time


NCSuzan said...

Almost forgot. Kay, I just discovered Doc Martin this year. I love it! I will check out Netflix to see about watching the whole series.

Thank you, Jo.

Mema Jo said...

Margy - check email, please

WVJerry said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes.

Lolly said...

Hear an eagle really fussing! Up off eggs

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Our eagle is not a happy camper. Up off the eggs and chirping loudly.

paula eagleholic said...

Belle up and looking about...big cam shake just a little while ago...but things seem quiet

paula eagleholic said...

Oh, I couldn't hear the chirping from the eagle in the nest

Lolly said...

Calm now. Loading the trailer. Put new dishes in. Yes, had to have new dishes in new trailer. Plastic from Target. Old one were green, went with old trailer. Could not have that! LOL

paula eagleholic said...

Got some nice pics, though :)

Lolly said...

It was quite loud, Paula. At first I thought rs hawks outside, then realized it was from my computer.

paula eagleholic said...

Yay for new dishes, Lolly~

Off to the left...

Big tree shake

paula eagleholic said...

Eagle in at the noon spot...It's Shep

paula eagleholic said...

He's tucking it in...trying to fill in from Belle's bigger impression

Mema Jo said...

Hoping for no drama
Ravens could be around the nest again

Today has gotten away from me ♥

Judie said...

Good afternoon.

♪♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY JERRY ♪♫ Hope the day has been and continues to be special for you.

Hi CarolAnne. Hi Linda.

LynnDuh, hope you feel better quickly. Take care of yourself.

Sandi, your mom will be more restful with you there. Safe travels.

Lolly, enjoy your trip. Hope Laurel is feeling better.

Paula, wishing you and Larry a lovely evening sipping and watching the sunset.

Hoda, of course there was no avalanche with you on the slopes. No avalanche would dare interfere with your activities. lol Stay safe. Don't blame me if you are sleepy tonight. It was Kay who woke you up so early. Oh, and would you be so kind to send an email to the Prime Minister requesting he keep all this frigid air on his side of the Canadian border? Please and thank you.

To the scullery early. Braised beef short ribs over grits (Cinderella to Polenta) with salad.


Judie said...

Forgot, had a few minutes to check out the GA nest. Beautiful set up and a beautiful adult and adorable bobble head.

Kay said...

Glad you're enjoying the GA nest, too, JUDIE ! I have yet to see the parents at the same time, but I'd say Papa is working overtime. What a lot of food they have in the pantry !

Your dinners always sound sooooo good ! Darth is one lucky guy !

Kay said...

Almost ready to go "slip sliddin' a way, so perhaps I'll be the last of the first 200 to wish JERRY a super duper birthday ! Age only counts in wine and cheese, so have no worries about growing older---just enjoy !!!!

Kay said...

LOLLY, food always tastes better on new plates---there are a lot of homilies like that---clean cars and cars with a full tank of gas always driver better---okay, so I said a lot and I've already run out of ideas.

Penny had her Mani-Pedi this morning. SANDI, the vet thought you had a stellar idea about putting Penny on something for her little joints. We came home with a sample bottle of Pyhcox, soft chews with MSM. She has one dose of her anti-inflammatory left and is acting quite perky.

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