Friday, March 07, 2014


Big warm up this weekend.

TGIF thread.


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Mema Jo said...

Good Good Morning to all ♥
Thank you Steve and have a great weekend


Going over to call the others

stronghunter said...

Hi Jo!

Thanks for the call-over. And thanks for the new thread, Steve.

Can you get the live cam, Jo? I am not getting it.

Mema Jo said...

QUOTE OF THE DAY From Shirley:

Something to consider: If you can locate your socks by smell, you should not wear them. :)

Don't know what Hunter would do without you ♥ That was my morning chuckle.

Mema Jo said...

The selected item is currently not available

Still cam is ok, Shirley

Mema Jo said...

We didn't get any precipitation over night. I am going over to meet Jenny to go to lunch with my gs ♥

We had a full head count this morning

I do miss Lori and hope studies are going well.

Mema Jo said...

Karla - thank you for the wrap up with your morning comments. It got me
started at full steam ♥

Mema Jo said...

Judie - Thanks for those Maxine jewels of wisdom ♥ I want to be like her when I grow up ♥

Mema Jo said...

I am getting ready to head out - I'll be back early afternoon and catch up with all of you.


Linda said...

Good Morning.....

Reeling from a 2 day migraine.......and
hoping my head stays calm today.

Wow, Karla you've got some serious
reading comprehension going there, Gal!! If
I don't take notes, I can't remember all that is
happenin' in the busy lives of our group!!

Welcome back and it's such a joy to see you
here. We do love everything Wright
here on this blog!! Fond memories of your Dad
and lots of love to share with you through the
loss of the most incredible man in your life!! Our
hearts are with you and your whole family.

Judie - Happy to hear you're feeling better,
but I must say that something that was nothing to
worry about, surely was a big deal to recover from!
I'm glad we paid no attention to your comments
and put the Momster Prayers to work on you!!

NCSuzan - Thank you.....

Margy - hope you get a good report
today and feel better without those itchy stiches!!

Janet - All we can do with our kids is
our best, and it is obvious you are doing that!!
Praying that something will click with Livvy soon
and your frustrations will ease. She is in a difficult
age for girls, too!! My stepson is a great kid, but
still at almost 27 he can't seem to figure out what he wants to do in life! We struggled through school
with him, he even finished college in 6 years......
and is still trying to find his "niche" in life career wise.
He wants to get married and have a family, but
has yet to secure a career that will afford him all
he dreams of.......

Judy Sleep is wonderful in my book!!
Hoping all is okay with Jordyn! Kids keep much
busier schedules in these days and kudos to her
for demanding the sleep she needs!! Too many
kids these days are sleep deprived!!

Lolly Hope the traveling today is easier
on Jack......and you sound like you're enjoying
yourselves..... No surprise there!!

Sandi - My prayers are with you, your
Mom and Lisa as you face each new day....
Hoping your time in Baltimore this weekend
calms things down a bit to give your Mom and
Lisa a better week ahead. Bless you for the
daughter you are to your Mom!!

Whew....that is enough for one post. So sorry
for the wordiness.....

Time to see if I can do today......


Judie said...

Good morning.

Thank you Steve for the fresh Red Friday thread and Jo for hollerin' at us.

Cannot get the live cam this morning. Something to look forward to later today.

I too got a chuckle from Shirley's sock description.

Paula such good progress for Larry. Positive thoughts continue. Happy Steve is doing so well and will be staying at your house. Sad, however, for John and Ajay - especially the little ones.

Hi Karla. Had some rotor rooter work done on my femoral arteries. Just sore and enjoying a lazy recovery.

JudyE, I thought when you told Shirley the apple doesn't fall far from the tree you were referring to Shirley finding HER socks by smell. Not a chance in this lifetime. lol

Jo, have a wonderful time with Jenny today.

Margy, hope you're stitchless by now.

Sandi, perhaps your visit will be a good respite for mom and Lisa. Safe travels.

Okay, off to finish coffee and play invalid. Yes, I like Maxine and we needed a chuckle or two.


stronghunter said...

I got a couple of nice chuckles over the responses to my sock post.

Got the socks in the washer and dryer. When I checked, they were not quite dry. When Hunter checked, he said they were dry and immediately put them on. Hmmm.

Just finished ordering a couple of pairs of socks and a couple of pairs of shorts. Went round and round with the website at Eastbay, then found a very nice lady who helped me on the phone. :)

stronghunter said...

So sorry about the migraine, Linda. I hope today is good.

stronghunter said...

Such an interesting price differential on those socks and on the shorts as well. My goodness.

Costume Lady said...

I have put off posting for so long that I scarcely know where to begin. I am doing well, except when I talk of my Love's death or write about it, as I am now. I could read only a few cards at a time, for they were so beautifully written that they made me cry. Thank you for the beautiful cards and sentiments!

The Memorial Service was beautiful, especially because there were so many BIRD PEOPLE there :)
Gene and I decided many years ago to be cremated and have our ashes placed together when the time came, then, perhaps tossed into the ocean. The day he died, I told my girls that I couldn't bear the thought of having his body disposed of that way. The funeral director gave me 24 hours to decide. After much discussion with Denise and Karla and Jillian...I opted for the way that Gene and I had planned, so many years ago. Thank God I made that decision...I would recommend that over a casket funeral many times over! Now, all my family members and a lot of friends have decided to do the same.

The reception was far beyond what I had hoped for. The food, the BEAUTIFUL cake (many said looking at the cake made them cry). There were so many friends and family that 2 classrooms had to be opened up to accommodate them all. Gene would have been so pleased with the attendance in his honor!

Now, about your donations to the Soup Kitchen...YOU ALL ARE AWESOME! Our funds were getting VERY low and some of the Angel Helpers were spending our own money buying supplies (plates, cutlery, napkins, coffee, creamer, etc.) $1,000 may see us through the end of 2014...THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ♥

GG has done well, although I think she misses Gene as much as I do...she has stopped crying. She is now trying to MOTHER me :)

I am starting to ramble on, so I will close, for now. I love all of my SISTERS so very much (((MOMSTERS)))~

stronghunter said...

So nice to see you on the blog this morning, Wanda. Love and prayers for you and your family. I'm so pleased the Momsters made that contribution to the soup kitchen. It makes me happy to think of the good meals that will be served to those in need. God bless.

stronghunter said...

Nah, I do not usually have to locate my socks by the smell. And I do appreciate your vote of confidence on that topic, Judie!

Lolly said...

Good morning!

STEVE.....again thank for the new thread. Makes my keeping in touch while traveling so much easier. Have not been able to view the nest. WiFi hookups in RV parks are not strong enough. Relying on others to tell me about egg rolls. LOL

WANDA, so happy to see you on here. Please post at least once a day. Makes us feel much better. ☺ Jack and I feel the same about cremation. Laurel knows to haul us to The Loch in RMNP to scatter our ashes. We have laughed about her carrying us, as Michael and Laurel's first time there we hauled them 2 1/2 miles up a mountain!!!

Ahhh , Eastbay, yes Shirley, that is where I ordered the boy's socks and now get a ton of catalogs in the mail. What gets me is you pay an arm and a leg for the socks and then they wear them outside without shoes!!!!

Gotta run! Time to eat an hit the road. Not far to go today and then we will spend several days in Paso Robles, CA.

Have a great day!

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

Thanks for the reThread, STEVE and for the call over, dear JO. Nice feather you've got there ! Have a great time with Jenny !

WANDA, we loved and honored GENE, but hope you know we love you every bit as much ! It's nice to know the $ may carry the Kitchen through 2014. When we think of such efforts we just think of the food and it's preparation. Good reminder that there are many things like "(plates, cutlery, napkins, coffee, creamer, etc)" to be considered ! I so admire your strength as well as that of your girls and GG ! Thinking of you and praying for you daily. Don't have to tell you, but your KARLA is a gem !

SHIRLEY, big laugh over the smelly socks !

SANDI, Penny has been frisky as a pup yesterday and today. Thanks for the thoughts ! So glad you're able to give Lisa a break and I know you're like a ray of sunshine for your Mom. Praying for safe travel and good outcomes for all !

LINDA, hope that migraine has taken a hike ! Prayers !!!

JudyE said...

sing on this still morning late but still morning and find a fresh new thread THANKS FOR THE NEW THREAD STEVE but now I must get caught up

Kay said...

LOLLY, looking forward to hearing from you from Paso Robles ! Glad JACK doesn't have far to drive today.

Butterfly Momma said...

Isn't my mother amazing? Such beautiful words.
JUDIE ~ glad roto rooter was an option to prevent further damage. Take care of you.
LINDA ~ I had a Word document going and kept looking back and taking notes. LOL

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

LOL looking for a sock my smell now that is funny

Kay said...

Yes, KARLA, your mother is amazing ! You aren't so bad yourself ! ♥

Hi, JUDEYE, yep, no cam available right now. Boo-hoo !

Kay said...

JUDYE, that is !

Judie said...

Good almost afternoon.

Wanda, so happy to see you here this morning. AS Karla said, she has an amazing mother. It is comforting to know that the contribution in Capt. Gene's honor will serve those in need as you both would want. Please give Miss GG some extra hugs from me.

I see a short story in the making "Tales Of A Smelly Sock." Think of all the adventures a smelly sock might have - well, no don't.

Feeling better today. May venture out tomorrow in warmer weather to test the pain level in my legs when I walk.

Janet, please send me your email address.

Kay, glad Penny is feeling so much better. Hope it continues.

Want to hear from stitchless Margy.


JudyE said...

funny reading WANDA and LOLLY about the ashes spreading I also want to be cremated and Angie and I have had the talk But she said MOM I will be to old to climb up the top of the mountain to spread your ashes
So I told her if that was the case just drive over the viaduct bridge and toss me over

Years ago everyone would say that my ashes should be spread on the local race tracks along with the one I have been to see but since I am not a race junkie (a believe me I was a race addict big time) I would never miss a race and had so much race memorabilia) LOL

So nice nice WANDA popped in LOVE YOU WANDA ♥

JudyE said...

Just a quick thought on the SOCK

Do you think that is why some socks run away after they get washed and dried LOL

JudyE said...

Well I must get busy gotta pick up Jordyn later so must get stuff done

Kay said...

LOL, JUDYE ! Socks running away--so that's what happens in those mysterious disappearances !

JUDIE, so happy to hear you're feeling good enough to anticipate giving those legs a test ! Careful !

JudyE said...


Kay said...

When the cam refuses to run during this important season for our nest I feel so lost.

Penny and I just took a walk--48° and sunny---mahvelous !

Time to think about lunch. BBL

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good afternoon my fine eagle budlets.


JudyE said...

OH my On facebook a nest was taken over by another pair Lucy and Larry are the original pair
the site is Nature at its worst Nest taken over by another pair of eagle

JudyE said...

they post pic on fb and the link is to the cam

JudyE said...

This is from the site""""""""""""""""""""

JB Maberry From:
Update: There are more questions than answers right now. The new pair is still there. There has been mating and bringing in of straw. The deer dropped off have little to nothing to do with the activity we are seeing. This is solely a territorial dispute and they want this nest. It is a wait and see game. I liked the game before when we were looking for Lucy to lay an egg, but this is nature, and we may not like what we see. All the emotions that people have are real and sincere. I wish I had a crystal ball, but the students and I will be waiting just as everyone will to see how this all plays out. I have had several discussion with students today, and although they are very saddened by the events, they are strong and understand. I can only call things as I see them, and I hope that everyone understands. Eagle on ~ Darrin Briggs (E4K)

Lolly said...

Nice to be out of the Mojave! Now in the Greenhorn Mts. Very cloudy and cool. 131 miles to go to Paso Robles!

Lolly said...

Yes, it is awesome to travel and see the USA! Now, see the Valley!

Judie said...

Been doing some reading. Psychopaths, of course.

Contemplating dinner. Thinking pasghetti and mini-meatballs.

Sounds as if you two are having a great travel day, Lolly. Enjoy.


Sandi said...

On the road - hoping I can get a box 2 check so comments go 2 my inbox. maybe after I publish this?

Sandi said...

No luck - will have 2 wait til I m on my laptop at moms.

Wanda its great 2 see u on the blog! karla u 2!

Sorry 4 the text speak. later.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Well, I tried to sign in for Sandi. I guess you changed your username and password?

Mema Jo said...

I have had a short nap after coming home from lunch - I was at Panera's in Ranson WV just above Walmart.

I crossed the Potomac and the Susquehanna rivers and did NOT see any eagles in flight. Disappointing as Jenny usually sees an eagle as she crosses one of those bridges. I did see a Pileated Woodpecker on one of the trees.

It was a great journey and the rivers were running wild.

Judie said...

Hi Jo. Glad you and Jenny enjoyed Panera (love Panera). No eagles in my trees. Robins and cardinals and doves and chickadees.

Okay, meatballs made and cooked. Sauce is simmering. Now to put my feet up for a while.

Sure do wish Sandi a weekend of progress.

Where's Margy?

Oooooo! I see we have the live cam back. Yippee!

Jo and Margy - First 48 tonight.

JudyE said...

HELLO at Angie house and


JudyE said...

OOPS see Judie posted when I signed on she hadn't posted yet I had to jump through hoops to get signed on and we were doing the same announcement with live feed being up

Hoda said...

SHAR did I ever tell you what an awesome friend you are?
Sooooo sooooo sooooo cool that you remembered you used to sign in for SANDI and tried to help her out.
Blessed Be Friend.

JudyE said...

Left park early really chilly with the wind and Jordyn got a blister on both top of her feet from not wearing socks I told her she should always wear socks with leather shoes with straps because of the rubbing the funny thing is Carl told both Jordyn that this am before going to school and Angie said it would be fine but Carl said what about PE and getting dirt in her shoes LOL so HE said told you so when he saw Jordyn blister

JudyE said...

ok gonna go join the family just wanted to pop in Now popping out

stronghunter said...

Ohh, very busy at the nest. Looks like dinner is served there. Yummy! Three eggs visible.

stronghunter said...

Egg roll.

Kay said...

Good Afternoon !

LOLLY, You must be sitting pretty in Paso Robles by now. Beautiful !

JUDYE, the news on Lucy and Larry's Wisconsin nest is distressing and quite a lesson in the hard times endured by our wild creatures. There are a lot of kids who watch that nest and I hope they are not upset, but rather in awe of the fact that they are witnessing such a thing. When I think of this or of the trauma we've been through with the Belle, Liberty, Shep triangle, I think of all the nests without cams and the fact that such things go on out there daily !

Oh, oh, seems Jordyn learned an important lesson today ! Blisters hurt---ow ! I'll bet you carry bandaids with you all the time. I do !

HODA is right SHAR--you are an awesome friend ! So is she and so, too are you all !

JO, love Panera's, what did you have today ? Sorry no eagles, but glad you saw the woodpecker. One is really hard at work near my place this week. I look and look, but cannot spot it.

Penny and I took a long walk on this gorgeous 55° day. Met a delightful new neighbor down the streer. Faith is my age and was for years a Prof of English at Ohio State. Love it when good weather brings people out of their houses. Penny is a magnet--I've met so many more people through her !

SANDI, looking forward to a report from your Mom's home.

JUDIE, psychopaths, spaghetti n' meatballs---things are getting back to normal at your house. Yeah !

Kay said...

SHIRLEY, isn't it great to have the cam back up ? It looks to be peaceful and sunny. That dinner is almost gone and unrecognizable now.

Kay said...

Yes, where is MARGY today ? I hope we hear from DANA and LORI this weekend. Did DANA ever report the news of her parents homecoming and if they liked the cruise ?

Kay said...

Well, I'm going to go all out and pop a Marie Callendar Turkey Potpie in the Microwave. Then it's on with my usual Friday night with the national and local political pols.

Will be lurking as I want to be in on any report from SANDI.

Love and prayers for all !


stronghunter said...

Called Kathryn at work and suggested that we should use the Cracker Barrel gift cards I got for Christmas tonight. Good grief, she is still at work and not sure when she will leave. I am hungry.

stronghunter said...

Yes, Kay, it's great to have the cam back. Sun is setting on the nest. Lovely view of our eagle.

Janet said...

good afternoon all. its friday yet again.

thank you for your kind

In fact, I appreciate everyone's kind words with regards to Olivia.

Took her shopping this afternoon as she had outgrown her jeans! She is in a size 1. We hit up Ross, Old Navy and Target. She has jeans again.

Work was good today.

We decided last night to cancel the contract on the RV. Tom is working with them to cancel it. They were not happy of course, and I get that. But he was so stressed out over it, I said, so let's not buy it. I would love to have it, but not at the expense of his happiness.

Speaking of, he just got home! :)

Heat guys should be here soon. woo hoo.

Home made pizzas for dinner tonight. I'm hungry.

Later gaters! (((hugs))))

Mema Jo said...

Lunch today at Panera's was a simple Tuna Fish sandwich and tonight from
IHops was a stack of buttermilk pancakes. On Fridays' during Lent we don't eat meat. It is usually Pizza but we had that Ash Wed...
Judie's spaghetti and mini meatballs sound good the same as Shirley's Cracker Barrel......

Mema Jo said...

Live Feed: Rob Ball · Top Commenter · IT Specialist/Computer Lab Manager at National Conservation Training Center

I just reset the server, looks like it fixed the issue.

Kay said...

Hmmmm, Cracker Barrel--love their fried okra and many other things. Good ol' home cookin' fare.

JANET, so sorry you must cancel the RV purchase. Hard decision, but you are right Happiness is the most important thing. It's always wise to know when something just isn't right--maybe later.

Judie said...

Whoa Kay! Marie Callendar's pot pie? Good grief. A nice walk with Penny and meeting a new neighbor has made you giddy with abandon.

Missed dinner but do see someone egg sitting. Likely Shep.

Shirley, bacon and eggs tonight and Cracker Barrel tomorrow night. Yum!

Did not see any report from Dana on her parents' cruise. Maybe she will check in soon. Would also enjoy an update from Lori.

Okay, back to the scullery. Later.

Kay said...

JO, there are plenty of good options for meals without meat and you've come up with a couple of good ones for today ! Two of my favs !

Thanks for the NCTC news, SHIRLEY ! It's lookin' right now !

Judie said...

Thank you, Rob. We appreciate you.

Kay said...

I know, JUDIE, I like to give you an idea of what it's like to live life on the wild side ! Did ja ever wonder why it's called Potpie ? Think about it !

Hoda said...

JUDIE and KAY are discussing Potpie!!!!
I assure you it was NOT made in Nelson!!!
Just saying! Check the label!

LynneDUH! said...

evening all....

That Wanda, what a post. LOVE YOU!!! I will tell you that in these first few days after loosing Gene, well, she is incredible for so many reasons. I hope I grow up to be like her someday.

LynneDUH! said...

Kay I'm so glad you got to take Penny for a nice walk today! Dogs surely are icebreakers for meeting people and I hope Faith will be a great new friend for you!

I'm so sad to see the events at Lucy and Larry's nest, and SO close to egg laying to boot. I'm hopeful that they will be back to run the intruders out.

Kay said...

Hey, HODA, I saw a hint for fudgier brownies today. Bake them for half the time, take them out of the oven for 15 minutes and pop them back in for the other half cooking time. With that and any secret ingredient you may have on hand and you'll have all of Nelson lining up for a package of HODA's Brownies ! A cottage industry in the making !!

Kay said...

LYNNDUH, it's painful to think of the dilemma Lucy and Larry are in. No nest, no time to build, what will they do ?

Thanks for the sweet words re:Penny the icebreaker and our new acquaintance !

You're right, WANDA is a wonderful role model for all you younguns'.

WVJerry said...

Good evening all. Lot's of talk about food - like them all - from Marie Callender to home made pasgetti and mini-meatballs. LGlad to see Wanda posting again...still feel bad I missed everything that Saturday. Glad to see Judie's surgery went well. Looks like this will be my last week of six days for a while as one man is coming back to work with restrictions. Also - Happy Birthday to Sharon - sorry it is a day late as well. Maybe now I can check in a little more often. It's gonna take a while to catch up on some things that went un-done. I've been checking some on Facebook and have enjoyed the pictures posted there - I can't see the Cam on my phone when I'm breaks at work anymore. Take care all and enjoy your weekend.

Janet said...

pizza has been eaten. heater dude is here. all is quiet. i am having my fruit, in form of a glass of wine.

as for the RV, we will keep shopping, unless we have to buy a new heating system for the down stairs, then it may have to wait a bit. either way, so much to be thankful for. thankful that tom and i can talk the way we do and come to an agreement on things.

*sigh* life is good.

lovely to hear wanda's words. such an amazing woman

many amazing women here.

Janet said...

and some pretty phenomenal men as well.

Janet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LynneDUH! said...

Janet...sorry about the RV, but all things in good time.

magpie said...

Good Evening, Eagle Pals...
Oh many lovely and loving, caring, and interesting posts today....

Special thanks to Karla and Wanda for sharing time with us today....

I'd write more about more if I could, but getting weary as the Night and Energy Bandits team up against me

Stiches are out, sign of infection at a few of the suture sights maybe a sensitivity to the sutures themselves as I have been Super Vigilant about sterility and instructions...
antiobiotic for a week, follow up in a week,
return to work date is, for now...
March 17

I am well, thanks for all the concern, caring and prayers

xoxox ((HUGS A'PLENTY)))

Sandi said...

Hi all - what a drive! Bandit howled for 2 hours and 30 minutes of a 2 hour and 45 minute trip!! And that was AFTER we gave him 1/2 a xanax before leaving home that the vet prescribed as well as an allergy pill on the road when it became obvious that the xanax wasn't going to knock him out.

Mom looks good! She got to talk with the hospice nurse today without Lisa being here - it gave her an opportunity to vent a little, and to someone who has heard similar complaints from many other patients.

Lisa brought Mom's meds over this evening - but only brought them for the next 2 days. I explained to Mom that it's up to her to remember to take the right pills at the right times.

Shar, thanks so much for trying to sign me in - what a sweetheart you are!! I'm thinking I need to use the mobile version of the blog when I'm on my phone. As for my password, next time try capitalizing the first letter of my old password, putting an ! at the end, and I think you'll have the new one.

Janet, I agree with others that, if the RV was going to cause stress for either you or Tom, it wasn't the right time.

Kay, personally I think Marie Callandar (sp?) is one fabulous cook!!

Judie, glad to hear that you're feeling better, but don't tell darth. BTW, I thought Darth was his real name - didn't know until I read someone's comment yesterday that his name is really Frank (am I remembering correctly??). Is his nickname Darth, as in Darth Vader?? Explain please.

Shirley, when Kevin was Hunter's age, he would wear his underwear right side out and then again inside out so he didn't have to put different ones on as often. I could never understand why, since it takes just as much time to turn them inside out as it does to put on clean ones. Kids!!

Lolly, sounds like you're loving the new wheels!

Hoda, 5 more sleeps for me til my boy is back in the USA!! Do Nelsoners do Daylight Savings Time? Will like the fact that it gets dark later but won't like losing an hour of sleep tomorrow night.

It's feeling like bath and bed time for me. Goodnight all - will check in tomorrow early AM. NOW I can check the box for comments to come to my email.

Mema Jo said...

I watched and enjoyed Jeopardy this evening. Then I watched Bones - Yuck!
Nothing interesting is on for me - I really don't do 48 hrs. Guess I should start!

Margy - glad you have 10 more days to heal before work begins

Jerry - Happy you will have a more decent work week - time for some family doings with a day of not working.

Mema Jo said...

Well Brian comes home the day Margy goes back to work.

Hoda said...

I know SANDI. I have been counting and praying.
Yes we do the time change. Several communities here do not so it becomes quite the exercise when one is trying to figure out the ferry schedule.
I am happy with the longer evenings.

Good to hear your news MARGY.

Skiing tomorrow and hopefully Sunday.
I think this might be the last of the skiing if the weather keeps like it. Too warm for our own good. Thinking fire season is going to be an issue, also beetle infestations in Pine Trees.
Not good.
Anxious to go out water testing on Kootenay Lake to figure out how it fared for this odd winter.

magpie said...

I must say Good Night now

Prayers for Wellness Amongst us ALL...and that Saturday is a Happy Day, Serene, Stress-Free and Hopeful

Thank you's to All for your very dear friendship....which extends to and from Momsters and Dadsters in all our Eagle dear is this !!

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox

Hoda said...

JO I think MARGY said she goes back on the 17th and BRIAN comes home on USA soil in five more sleeps that would be the 11th or 12th... I presume he leaves The Yemen a couple if days prior which will be a welcome relief here. Blessed Be. SAFE TRAVELS BRIAN.

paula eagleholic said...

I agree and love every comment that was made tonight! Had crabcake, asparagus answer baked potato tonight. About ready to hit it. Love!(((hugs ))) you all

JudyE said...

Home from afternoon and evening with family Have to be at work at 7 in the morning so I am trying to go to bed early
Jordyn went to bed a 830 tired after being in the fresh air chilly air its 53° that cold front came through suppose to be 71°

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

JudyE said...

71 tomorrow is what I meant to say fast finger

paula eagleholic said...

I agree and love every comment that was made tonight! Had crabcake, asparagus answer baked potato tonight. About ready to hit it. Love!(((hugs ))) you all

Judie said...

Good grief! Hoda is being encouraged to add a secret ingredient into her brownies. Happy skiing tomorrow. Flyin' high, girl.

Jo, you have to watch 48 Hours. You're the one who posted about it and got me hooked. Well, duh!

Hi Jerry. Hope next week is a better schedule for you. Have a good weekend. You were with Wanda and family in spirit and I know she is deeply grateful.

Sandi, hope the weekend goes well with your mom. Maybe talking with the hospice nurse was a good step forward. As for Darth, last name gets butchered. I would tell my students to pretend my husband is Darth Vader and it would be close enough. The Brian countdown is on...(:

Margy, sorry about the infection. You'll be fine. Just be vigilant.

Janet, sorry about the RV but that will happen when it is supposed to. Stress should not be part of a fun event.

stronghunter said...

Nice to read thoughts of spring on here tonight.

Cracker Barrel was good. I had the chicken fried steak, a favorite of mine. We bought dinner for Hunter, Kathryn, and myself, and even had some money left on the card. Not bad!

Judie said...

Going to dent the pillows. Had a relatively active day and plan my first outing tomorrow to test the legs and pain level.

Sandperson is in a frenzy packing his satchel of sleepy dust. Will be departing momentarily.

Night light is on. Restful sleep for all.

stronghunter said...

Getting sleepy. Going to sign off for the night.

God bless and good night, everyone.


Mema Jo said...

Goodnight to all ♥

Prayers for all of us and our loved ones ♥

Hoda said...

SHIRLEY what is a chicken fried steak?
A combination if chicken and beef???

Hoda said...

Good night
God Bless Us all.
Safe travels BRIAN.

LynneDUH! said...

Caitlyn Virts has been found and is unharmed, father is in custody. Found them in S. Carolina.

LynneDUH! said...

Thank GOD!

LynneDUH! said...

She is in the custody of social services, waiting to return to MD. Father will be extradited back to MD. No other details as of yet.

LynneDUH! said...

Prayers for all, hope everyone gets a chance to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather predicted for tomorrow!

Hoda said...

Thank God is right.
Thank you for posting the news LYNNE

Kay said...

Finally woke up with no semblance of the TV show I thought I was watching in sight---oh, oh, could be because 2 hours had elapsed since I was last cognizant of anything ! I did get a couple of half hour programs in before losing consciousness !

Came back here to see if SANDI had checked in. Thankfully, yes. SANDI, glad your Mom had a chance to satisfy herself in talking to the hospice rep. Your observations this weekend will be interesting. So very happy for you all that Brian is due back in a few days ! That will provide a much needed adrenaline boost !

SHIRLEY, hmmm, good choice, Chicken Fried Steak !

HODA, since she's gone to bed I'll tell you that the delectable Southern dish is most often cube aka minute steak, breaded and fryed--like chicken. It is then covered with white gravy made of milk, flour and pan drippings. (It was my Stan's favorite dish, but he always requested brown gravy on his) I understand it actually got it's name from the fact that in olden days folks fried it in a pan of fat that had already been used for the frying of chicken. Some eateries now deep fry it. Mashed potatoes are the usual side dish, also covered with gravy. Oh, and the meat, breading and frying closely resembles German Wiener Schnitzel if you're familiar with that.

Kay said...

LYNNEDUH, thanks for news on Amber Alert--good outcome !

MARGY, glad those stitches are out and sure the dab of infection will be easily treated. Back to work on the 17th--just in time to deal with the woozy St. Paddy's Day celebrants. Whoopee !

Love the night time nest, a scene of serenity with Belle, head tucked in and resting comfortably.

JUDIE, thanks for the night light ! I'm now going to use it to make my way to the bed. zzzzzzz

SED all ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Hoda said...

Thank you KAY.
Yes I know Wiener Schnitzel.
It is a wonderful background story you gave. Thank you. Great explanation. HUGS

Lolly said...

We arrived early afternoon. Please tell Lori we observed the 4 oz limit in wine tasting. Much less than 4 oz per glass! LOL

We are here and will be here until Tues AM. Will take pics and share. We are at Wine Country RV Resort....very nice!

Night all! SED!!

Lolly said...

Time to say good night Love and hugs all around.


Lolly said...

Janet....unless you travel a whole lot forget the RV. We are so happy in our trailer. We do not see investing so much in something we do not use a whole lot. We LOVE our new trailer!

JudyE said...



JudyE said...


Sandi said...

Goodorming Judy and all my eagle friends.

Hoda, Brian leaves Yemen on the 11th and will be home the evening of the 12th. I have not liked what I have heard during his last few calls home and his latest emails (phrases like "things are really heating up" don't make a mother happy when it's not a reference to the weather), so I will be SO happy when he's in the air ... and even happier when he's away from that awful place for good in October.

Mom's ipad alarm went off at 9:45 (Lisa has the alarm set to some upbeat music), Mom and her dance partner (her walker) cha-cha stepped over to it, turned it off, and opened her pill container for her night meds. I love that she had a sense of humor about the whole thing. I think her talk with the nurse did her good. It was a good evening.

Today we tackle getting Mom's finances organized. I need to broach the subject of whether Mom wants me to take over paying her monthly bills or continue doing that herself, and I have to get her income tax stuff together. Wish me luck.

Belle is sitting quietly in the morning sun. Have a good day all!

paula eagleholic said...

Morning all!

Pretty sunshine today .

Should put every one in a good mood :-)

Going to enjoy some fresh air today and get some things accomplished

Judie said...

Good morning.

Sunshine and blueish sky here.

Someone in the nest.

Plan to try to make myself less scary and, when it gets a bit warmer, venture out to test the legs. Will report.

Kay, so happy the night light was useful. Also happy you got some needed sleep.

Paula, have a good day.


Mema Jo said...

Good Saturday morning to all ♥

Late morning for me - don't know what I'll do with the time change tonight I'll be an night owl for sure..

Good to see those of you that are reporting in this morning.
Sandi - you have your weekend planned out for yourself - those are all essential chores to do for mom.

Mema Jo said...

Judie - when you test out those legs - remember our "no fall" rule.

Kay said...

Good Saturday Morning, Eagle Buds !!!

Cam is puzzling---timer running, but pic is frozen. True for anyone else ?

SANDI, good luck with the paper gathering and the financial considerations to go over with your Mom ! I know she'll be happy if you have the ability to step in and take over at any time. I hope I'm way out ahead of that game with Julie--she's much trusted and a co-signer on all my accounts, etc.. We never know how quickly such a take over can become a must.

Yesterday I even went through my printed e-mail contact list and my address book, marking in pink all those who should be notified if I die or come down with some serious ailment. Guess the sudden loss of our dear CAPT GENE had a profound effect on me.

JUDIE, hope you find your land legs today and that all goes well !

LOLLY, love the sounds of life on the road---especially the sampling of some mighty fine wine !

Looks like we're off to a slow gabfest start today. Guess many are like PAULA and getting a lot accomplished today !

Another beauteous day here, so some good walking ahead for Penny n' me.

Seth stayed on campus last night as there was an Irish fest he wanted to go to---both because he's an English/Irish anything fan and because he was assigned to interview participants and will turn in a report to one of his communications profs. He is coming home this a.m. and will be here tonight, I believe.

Tomorrow he, his parents and I will go to Otterbein for an afternoon performance of "The Importance of Being Ernest". It's sure to please as the school is more noted for it's drama dept. than for anything else.

Mema Jo said...

Today is the birthday for one of our original Momsters and she lives in Israel. So wish for Geula a happy day and even more so that we could hear form her. I sent an e-card and hopefully she will be able to receive it.

Happy Birthday Geula

Butterfly Momma said...

Good Morning,
We had a wonderful evening at GG's. Some of our cousins on Daddy's side joined us with their little ones and we had a busy time enjoying everyone.
Things happen in 3's ~ Rachael had a busted tire last Saturday, and Jillian's car overheated last night..... let's hope for nothing more.
MARGY ~ I'm sure getting those stitches out are a bit more comfortable. Good thing you have taken such good care, the infection might be worse.
JANET ~ better you cancel now than be sorry later.
SANDI ~ Love that your mom "Cha-cha's" with her walker.
PAULA ~ received a beautiful card from you "Thank you"
JUDIE ~ Be careful testing those legs today. One step at a time.
LOLLY ~ I like wine. Sample a good one and give us a report.
JO ~ My daughter Jillian makes the best oatmeal pancakes. I wonder if Ihop serves those.
Well, off of here for now. Jayden has surrounded me with toys and I should dig my way out to get to the coffee pot. xoxo

Mema Jo said...

Geula does have a FB page but not sure she uses it. I left a greeting just in case.

Mema Jo said...

Good morning Karla! Give that young man a hug from me! Enjoy your day and thank you for the report on GG's Friday night festivity.

Butterfly Momma said...

Have to share a Jayden funny ~ he is playing with his action figures. Harry Potter is making a phone call on the Spiderman phone, trying to reach Buzz that they can save the Universe. LOL I love having him around.

Mema Jo said...

I hear ya! ♥

Mema Jo said...

I hear ya! ♥

Kay said...

Thanks for the reminder, JO ! I love GUELA for being the first Momster to greet me and assure me I'd landed in the right Blog, back when we were in the throes of the Belle-Lib-Shep trauma. I worry about her due to her residence in one of the world's hot spots and I do so miss seeing her here.

♫♪ H♥ppy Birthd♥y, De♥r GUELA ♪♪♪

KARLA, I'm so glad you've stepped into telling us about Family Friday's for the Wright clan. We love you all and are always delighted to hear what the adorable Jayden is up to ! Last evening had to be especially meaningful for your Mom and GG.

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Thanks for the description of chicken-fried steak, Kay. I hope it did not shock Hoda too much, knowing her ideas about healthy food. (I do not eat it every day, Hoda. I try to be healthy.) Yes, I had potatoes with it. Also coleslaw and apples.

I got two $25 gift cards from my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas. Fifty dollars goes a long way at Cracker Barrel.

Sandi, your mother may really appreciate your help with finances. I do remember taking over some of those duties for my mother. It's when I learned lots of things about dealing with Medicare, etc.

Eagle moving around. Looks like eggs are being rolled.

stronghunter said...

Happy birthday, Geula!

stronghunter said...

Love to hear about Jayden, Karla. So nice that your family can enjoy these get-togethers.

Kay said...

Glad the cam is now on the move for me. Some snacking going on whilst covering those precious eggs. Talk about killing two birds with one stone---oops---forgive me Belle n' Shep---not PC to use that phrase with you !

SHIRLEY, I'd have had coleslaw with that meal, too ! I can't go to CB without having a side of fried okra, no matter what else I choose. Theirs is not nearly as good as Mother's was back in the day, but a good substitute. I never got the hang of frying okra up so that the cornmeal n' egg coating would stick well. Being raised by an Okie and a Texan in Southern AZ, I've had a lot of chicken fried steak in days gone by ! Can't believe HODA didn't encounter it when living in OK as an exchange student, but maybe her US family were not from there originally ??

Mema Jo said...

3 beautiful eagle eggs unattended for a few moments

Mema Jo said...

3 beautiful eagle eggs unattended for a few moments

Kay said...

Eggs now safely covered again. I think a quick poop shot and stretch were needed after that meal.

Hoda said...

Good morning all

Sounds like a good day PAULA

11th it is then!
Don't worry too much about the heating up part.
Nothing to do with the USA.
El Qaeda attacked an army base, they executed someone they accused of spying and killed a couple of other Yemenis. While it is upsetting the violence nothing indicates USA Nationals or interests are in danger.

FUNNY SHIRLEY. When I was in my twenties I ate Wiener Schnitzel so as KAY explained I have an idea about the chicken steak feast. I hope you all don't mind me when I share health food information. Not being critical just sharing that is all. We are all free to eat and buy what we think is best for us. I hope no offence is taken by anyone. Sorry if it upset anyone.

Off to skiing and yoga. The French Community had a special cultural day today so I must attend. No baking goods for me, as I am still feeling the effects of the spaghetti dinner two weeks ago! I will however sample their apple butter! Yum

Hoda said...

Stay Safe.

Hoda said...

No never tried fried chicken steak in Oklahoma!
Mom never served anything fried and we all liked her food over restaurant food so we did not go out to eat much.
They were from Massachusetts was born in Iowa and then went to University back east.

Lolly said...

Good Morning! We slept 10 hours last night! WOW!!!

Jack is presently cooking breakfast and we are having a lazy morning. We are here in one place, Paso Robles, until Tues.AM.

Had some great wine yesterday.

Breakfast is about ready. I'll be back!

Kay said...

Aha, HODA, that explains it---in MA and IA they didn't grow up on CFS ! I think New Englanders were more likely to boil food, years ago. I don't recall what year(s)you spent in OKC, but no one amongst my family or friends ate out much until the mid-50's and then only for special occasions. I probably had my first restaurant CFS at about age 12, somewhere on the road between Tucson and Dallas, as we went there every summer to see Grandma. Your Mom was smart not to serve fried foods, she apparently knew about the pitfalls ahead of her time !

I had Wiener Schnitzel in Poing, near Munich, Germany in about 1977, so I knew of the similarity. My ex and our children have dear relatives there and they remain my friends to this day.

HODA, I'm sure no one takes offense when reading of your eating and food prep habits. One of the great things about this group is it's diversity. The eagles did bring each of us here and yes, we did stay for the friendships. I watch several wildlife cams, but have never gotten "involved" with others anywhere but here. Not only do we share the eagle and wildlife bond, but I think we all have a healthy interest in the varied lifestyles represented. We're each free to latch on to things that work for us and to ignore things we don't relate to. We respect those with other religions or political views by not entering those realms, but other than that---it's no holds barred ! I LOVE US !

Kay said...

LOLLY, it must feel good to settle into one spot for a few days after a couple of days of intense driving. Don't have to tell you to enjoy--I know you will !

Costume Lady said...

I was about to comment about our Super Fun Family gathering last evening, but see my Butterfly Karla beat me to it. Good for her!
LOL, Jayden is really serious about his action figures...he shared custody of Buzz Lightyear with his Grandpa. Grandpa could keep it during the week, but on Fridays it belonged to Jayden. He always put it away on top of the TV before he went home so Grandpa could have his turn:)

I want to bring to the attention of SANDI, the Automatic Pill Dispenser that I bought several years ago for GG. I highly recommend has been a God-send. When it is time for her pills, a red light flashes brightly and an alarm beeps until the pills are removed. The web site is:
SANDI, if you have any questions, email me, facebook pm me or call me! Maybe you have your Mom's medication problem solved by now, but, if not, I urge you to look into this device!

Costume Lady said...

Click here for more Information

Medready Medication Dispenser 1700 FL, Audible Alarm + Flashing Light

Item Code


Our Price


Medready Automatic Pill Box with Dual Alarms, Low Frequency Alarm Plus Light Choose either the 85 decibel low frequency of 400Hz alarm and/or flashing red light

This is the model that I chose~

Mema Jo said...

I received an email from CarolAnne this morning - Request for prayers

Just got called out of town.
Have to go to my Mom's & stay with her. Brother had her to emergency this morning for leg (knee) injury & she can't stay alone until she can see surgeon. No internet there & I don't have fancy phone to access it.

Janet said...

good morning to all.

Heater issue is the thermostat. an easy enough fix which tom can do himself.

travel trailer sold. left this morning.

rv contract canceled, just have to sign the papers in a bit.

sunny morning here. nothing much going on. going to go and do some yard work.

reiki share this evening. tom is getting his first tattoo later this evening.

other than that, get ready for work tomorrow.


Lolly said...

Great idea, Wanda for Sandy's mom. We never got to that point with Mother. Larry would fix her pill case but she never forgot or got mixed up. It was amazing how alert she was until the very end.

Prayers for Lori, she is working intensely on that report....and totally disliking it. (to put it mildly!)

We are taking it easy this morn. I have washed my hair and letting it dry. Jack is doing trailer maintenance. Grosssserie store later and then wine tasting.

What is really cool about Paso Robles is they have over 300 wineries and most of them mom and pop type wineries. You do not see their lables nation wide, but it is great wine. Two of the places we went to yesterday did not charge for the tasting. In Napa you see big expensive places that charge accordingly to taste. Not our thing!

Right now I am at our table.
View out of my window is a vineyard, hills turning green. Honeysuckle on a fence and a small willow tree. Beautiful!

Kay, as always you can express so very well what all of us feel about this blog.

As for chicken fried steak...never cook it, seldom eat it when out to eat. Mother never cooked it either.

Mema Jo said...

Good morning Wanda - Thanks for sharing GG's pill dispenser with Sandi. It could help a lot with her mom.

It is great that Karla visits us regularly now a days. I love Jayden stories.

Lunch time here BBL

stronghunter said...

Hi again,

Thanks Kay. You explained things very well. Not offended by anything Hoda says. I respect her opinions greatly.

I will have to try that fried okra. My mother served boiled okra when I was growing up. I ate it then, but have no desire to eat it now. Not sure my family would touch any form of okra. They aren't too big on coleslaw either, which is one reason I try to get my coleslaw fix when I go out.

I think I'll head over to the bowling alley here in a bit.

stronghunter said...

Jayden stories are the best!

stronghunter said...

Egg roll.

stronghunter said...

That sounds like a fantastic pill box, Wanda.

stronghunter said...

Glad Tom can fix the thermostat, Janet.

Prayer request heard, Carol Anne. Hoping things work out well for your mother.

Sandi said...

Wanda, thanks for the link to the pill dispenser. It sounds PERFECT!!! I emailed the link to my sister and told her I thought it was a great idea and asked what she thought. I'll let you all know when I hear back but I am willing to bet money that Lisa will say it isn't necessary - that she is fine with coming over every day to give Mom her meds. Bottom line, I think Lisa loves being "in control," even if Mom doesn't like being controlled.

Janet, how did you sell your trailer so fast - wow!! Glad you were able to get out of the contract for the new RV. Also glad your heat can be fixed without it costing you an arm and a leg!

Mom is in the shower and then we are heading to the grocery store - could take all afternoon! But what the heck, we don't have anything else on the agenda for today. All of Mom's receipts and statements are now organized in labeled hanging files and I have all of the 2013 tax stuff to take home so our accountant can do her taxes.

Sandi said...

Oh no - just read Jo's post about CarolAnne's mom possibly needing surgery on her knee! Must have missed it the first time I read through the morning comments. Sending prayers and positive energy her way.

Next Saturday is the Blackwater Eagle Festival - obviously we won't make it this year but I would recommend it anyone who can get there. Also, it looks like their 3rd egg isn't going to hatch.

Hoda, I am never offended by your posts about healthy eating, any more than you are offended by me eating pepperoni pizza or a cheeseburger! Some of the things you eat sound like a form of punishment to me (like anything with kale in it), but I sure do respect your decision to eat whatever you want!

Kay, I would put okra in the same category as kale ... or brussel sprouts! Sorry! Enjoy your Seth time tonight!

JudyE said...

HELLO on lunch and just got caught up

CFS I think I have had maybe two times not my cup of tea

/Cole slaw I love and when even I think of it I think of my moms recipe TWO BLURB BLURBS of vinegar
and sugar then shake then taste

Will be thinking of CA and her MOM hope all goes ok for her

JANET wow you must of had a great price on the trailer to go so fast
also so happy with the fix for the heater nothing major

Count down for Brian coming home that is such good news SANDI just around the corner now LOVED the dancing mom story also

Good to see WANDA and KARLA on here also

JudyE said...

If you didn't get a chance to check out Google yesterday It is the same thing today Celebrating Women

Mema Jo said...

I suggest you go ahead and order the pill dispenser without further ado..
Lisa will still be in control as she checks it out to be sure Mom is using it But best of all it gives your mom a chance to stay independent with her her life. ♥

Kay said...

Thanks for the very nice compliment, LOLLY ! I know I get lengthy and blabby at times, but think it comes from living alone. Stan was a quiet man--good thing, for I more than made up for him !

Oh, icky poo is what I think slimy boiled okra is--only my Daddy had a taste for that. Fried okra is not at all like that ! But, it's not for every one. I love cabbage all kinds of ways---learned to fix the kind of coleslaw you cite JUDYE, from my 1st husbands dear ol' Grandma. Delicious ! About 25 years ago a doctor told me that if everyone would eat a helping of cabbage per day we'd see the end of colon cancer. Important to me because that is the cancer that took my sweet sisters life. I don't eat it everyday, but frequently.

Kay said...

SHIRLEY, thanks to you for approving my message as well. I do love this group so very much and appreciate the wide variety of personalities and customs represented here.

SANDI, you've made great strides today ! JO is right about the pill dispenser--it is expensive, but your Mom is worth it ! Lisa will wind up thanking you for it when she realizes how it frees her up. I will offer this as the Senior Momster, if there comes a time when you no longer need it, I will buy it from you at whatever price you deem fair. There will come a day when my kids will be glad to have it, I feel sure. I mean to be morbid, but I am trying to pave the way toward making my old age care easy on the family.

JUDY n' JANET, didn't your dear German mother serve Wiener Schnitzel ? Pretty much CFS !

JANET, someone up there loves you ! It's wonderful that your trailer sold quickly and that you were able to get out of the RV contract. You'll find another that is more suitable.

Kay said...

JUDYE, where do you go to "check out Google". My opening page is with Google and my blog sign it, etc. is, too. But I never see the goodies you describe.

Mema Jo said...

I was checking out tonight's TV shows
Nothing of interest in any movies

BUT Look what I found

Celtic Woman: Songs From the Heart
8pm - 10pm

Kay said...

Aha, JO, must be fund raising time at your PBS 28, too. That's the only time we get Celtic Women here.

Kay said...

Belle stretches, rolls eggs a bit and settles back down so we can see her head ! I believe the estimated time for the first hatch is the 24th and that's just a couple of weeks away !

Kay said...

Come to think of it, I guess PBS fund raising is nationwide as The News Hour and Washington Week were both shortened for it last night. I think we have an additional time or two during the year when the local station does an independent call for funds. I wish everyone would just git er' done the first day or two and let us get back to regular programming !

Mema Jo said...

Did a Panda Check"

BoaBoa is having a very deep sleep nap

Her mom is having a feast

The Atlanta Panda gals are outside in
the fresh air and sunshine ♥

Kay said...

Adorable balls of black and white fur, aren't they ?

Kay said...

I'm doing some roaming, too, JO. Beautiful day in northwest GA and that Berry College nest eaglet is itchin' to get free of that cup !

Mema Jo said...

Finally I have a pair of red winged blackbirds feeding. Now that is really a sign of Spring

Mema Jo said...

I am getting ready to leave for our Saturday evening Mass. I'll check back in upon my return.

Glad the blog is slow today as it means everyone is up-out-and about
enjoying the warmth of the day.


Judie said...

Happy Day for Me! Went foraging for sustenance and was without pain except for the incision sites. It was so nice to be out in the sunshine and fresh air. Most important, I DID NOT FALL DOWN (:


Hi Wanda. Good idea with the pill dispenser. Sandi, very nice that Kay has offered to re-purpose it later. So nice that papers are organized.

Fried okra is good. Used to like it in Campbell's Chicken Gumbo soup.

Hoda, does not offend with anything she says. Oh how I wish she would try CFS though. So yummy, especially in summer with gravy over fresh ripe tomatoes. Of course, next think is Hoda will be eating kelp she collects while dragon boating. lol

Thinking of CarolAnne and hoping her mom will not need surgery. Prayers.

Congrats to Janet on the RV sale and non-sale and the heater being fixable by Tom. Good day for you.

Tried to sort of catch up. Going to check the nest then headed to my chair to put my feet up. Did get a tiny bit tired.


Judie said...

Ugh, how could I forget. Thank you Karla for sharing news of Family Friday. Glad it went well. Jayden stories are always welcome.

NCSuzan said...

Happy Birthday, Geula! Hope you are safe and well.

Mmmmmm.....fried okra. It is truly a treat.

JudyE said...


home for work

buzzed by the nest and saw both adults on the tower

looked for eaglets must be taking a nap

Nature called so I had to answer it?? LOL

YES my mom served all kind of German dishes which included Wiener Schnitzel
I wish I would have gotten some recipe from her

SHH my cam has been running 18 hours plus

Maybe when he reset it It fixed it we can only hope
anyone having cam issues today??any twirling swirling spinning arrow to talk of??

JudyE said...

I think the law is in most states that you have a grace period of get out of a contract Don't they I know Fl has

JudyE said...

KAY on the google don't you have the symbol for women on it I did on my lap top and desktop just check and if you click the arrow if gives you different languages ???

JudyE said...

for Kay the google page should come up

JudyE said...

WOW wow

60° at the nest

first I thought it was my temp but we are 66°

JudyE said...

•*¨`*•. ☆ .•*¨`*•.• .•*¨`*•. ☆ .•*¨`*•.
Wishing You the HAPPIEST Of Birthdays!!!
✿•*¨`*•. (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) .•*¨`*•✿
. . . ✿•*¨`*•.¸(¯`v´¯)¸.•´*¨`*•✿
…………....♥ •.¸.•´♥……………..........


JudyE said...

more drama at the Eagle4Kids looks almost dejavu of our nest but female this time


JudyE said...

EAGLE CALLS off the egg

JudyE said...

someone may have come in the back door heard eagle calls and saw someone in the back haven't a clue what goes on behind close door LOL first I thought HP maybe

JudyE said...

eagle back on eggs came in the backdoor from the right

paula eagleholic said...

Afternoon all!

Worked outside raking some stuff burned. Larry came out and did some fire tending too.

Oh did poor Lucy get ousted ? Will have to check it out.

Hoda said...

Well first off PRAYERS for C/A and her MOM.
Thank you JO for the message.

KAY you are a precious dear lady and thank you...
So my friends putting ideas in my head... Yum yum yum a meal if Kale and Okra together with Basil Italian sauce!
Oh I can not wait!!! Okra was one if my favourite vegetables in Egypt. Not slimey at all and with Italuan sauce and rice it is to die for!
Kelp/ Seaweed MISS JUDIE recommends. I have that as a regular part of my weekly diet and my thyroid numbers come in rather strong.

LADY LYNN is right. I came for the eagles and stayed for the friendships I made.

JANET love and Light to you Friend. So very happy it all worked out and that financially you are not over your head. I hate that feeling so happy that you directed your reality to enjoy and celebrate the abundance you do have.
Blessed Be.

In my American Family we did not go out to eat much. Only on special occasions. Mom and Dad were very wealthy and when we went out to eat paid hefty bills.
Eating was always home cooked meals and yes Mom was a terrific cook. She enjoyed it. Most of the time my first year here I did not really know American menus but prices struck me as being high and I was shy to order. They noticed that I would ask for the cheapest thing on the menu and then they told me I do not have to do that and I got to asking what things were.
I always paid attention to the price though!!!
I was there in the late sixties KAY OKC.
In the seventies they helped me out with university and I always had a job to pay for my flights home and for food and rent. They helped with tuition to cover up the difference in scholarship amounts. I am so grateful and always try to pay it forward...
Blessed Be.


JudyE said...


Hoda said...

Fantastic Ski!
Oh how so very blessed I am.
Up hill starting off and a fast down hill coming back.

JUDIE so very happy for your exercise report. Proud of you dear Friend.
Give the stitches a chance to heal.
Do not push it too much.

PAULA sounds like a good day. Blessed Be.

WANDA I loved reading your words of JAYDEN sharing with GRANDPA. Do very precious. Glad these two met this lifetime. Such a sweet story. Blessed Be

stronghunter said...

Went over to the bowling alley and found that there no lanes available. It seems they have been very busy all day. Shucks. No bowling today.

Baseball season starts for Hunter on Monday, so we will be going to practice. He is in a different league this year. Babe Ruth Baseball. It should be more challenging for him.

I enjoyed the Google page, too, Judy, and thought of mentioning it, but you beat me to it.

Going to join Kathryn and friends for dinner out tonight.

No, we did not eat out very often at all when I was growing up. My parents were school teachers and there really was not a lot of money for such things.

Judie said...

Paula, glad you and Larry had some time together today outside. Enjoy.

Hoda, guess what? No stitches. Held together with some sort of super-glue.

Off to the scullery. BBL

stronghunter said...

Had a nice walk with Luna when I got back from the bowling alley. We walked down by the pond which was alive with chirping spring peepers. Unfortunately, there were also dogs eager to bark and stick their heads through the holes in their fence. We scurried by there. I was practicing my "take command" voice in case they got out. Poor Luna would have been terrified.

JudyE said...

Eagle peeping again so nice to hear it

stronghunter said...

Oh, and I spotted a bluebird flying around the neighborhood. :)

JudyE said...

Little PEEP

JudyE said...

Eagle calling out again

paula eagleholic said...

We didn't eat out either when I was growing up. Mcdonalds was a real treat for us kids...

JudyE said...

ME too McD and White Castle we would drive to Lousiville for them nothing in Radcliff at all
Mom was a excellent cook

paula eagleholic said...

Pretty sunset here tonight.

Glad the outing was good today Judie .

Gotta go scare up something for dinner :-)

paula eagleholic said...

Oh osprey should be back here in 2 weeks!

Sandi said...

Oh no, just saw something try to land in the nest and now belle is alarm calling big time!!

Sandi said...

Eggs are alone. Belle took off. Sawe the cam shake and heard lots of calling out - now i hear nothing. OK, someone is now covering the eggs again.

Sandi said...

Can't tell which parent is egg sitting and I'm not even sure it was Belle who got up and took off in a hurry - it sounded like her, since Belle has a louder call than Shep. But all seems OK now. It was so fast that I couldn't tell what kind of bird tried to land in the nest, but it was large and our eagle in the nest sure reacted.

JudyE said...


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