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Finally a warm up.  We should have some nest action any day now.

New thread.


Linda said…
Just thought I'd steal a minute and check in!! And no one is here yet!

I'll call 'em over...........

Good Morning, Friends!!
Thanks for the new thread....

Yes, we are looking for a hatch!!
Linda said…
I wasn't sure of the days or if there had already been a hatch!! I'm happy I may get so see the wee ones when they come into this world!! They're so precious in those first few days!!

Thinking of all of you and hoping things are going well. Once again, I will have lots of catchin' up to do, which I will when things in my life settle down a bit.

Praying for all those needs out there and thinking of
you all so often!!

Love and hugs to all........
In regards to dog food. You can feed a lesser quantity of the better quality food. I was feeding about 3 1/2 cups of the not so good VS 2 cups of the good food.

and yes, there is less waste, because the food is more nutritious. A win win all around.
I am adding a day to my original thoughts on hatching....was looking at last years calendar!!

My guess for hatching days is Thurs, 3/28 (38 days for egg 1), Friday/Saturday 3/29 (36-37 days Egg 2) and Tuesday 4/1 (36 days egg 3)

We are well within our range for egg #1
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all and thank you Steve for the fresh new thread.

Hello Linda - you got a feather ♥ Any
of your maple trees being tapped yet?

Mema Jo said…
Paula - I'm just now having my coffee but your date comment is
got be all befuddled..
Today is Thursday the 27th (my pill container tells me this) but you are referring to Thursday 28th... so I don't know whether to believe the Thurs or to believe the 28th... lol
I am so easily confused these days please come back here and straighten me out ♥

Jo, it's the days that matter...

My guess for hatching days is Thurs, 3/27 (38 days for egg 1), Friday/Saturday 3/28-29 (36-37 days Egg 2) and Tuesday 4/1 (36 days egg 3)
Mema Jo said…
Thank you Paula for keeping me straight- Today just may be the Day

Patti- O: It took me a while to find my remark and know for sure what
you were asking... Over on FB our JudyE puts all nest pics over on
Eaglet Momsters. Then another site on FB that I watch where Debi and Terri put their pictures is EAGLE CAM.
stronghunter said…
Thanks for all of the hatching information. I will continue to watch that nest.

On dog food--we have found lots of good pet food and bird seed at the feed store. And, we get much better customer service than at one of those big pet stores. They even carry the bags of food out to the car.
Put a pic of the eggs on my eaglet momster blog...possible pip
Janet said…
good morning. just got up.

JUDYE: NUTRO doesn't STOP poop, but what we have learned is that the higher end dog foods have less fillers, therefore the dogs digest more of the food and less is there to excrete in the end result.

I feed scout and seven as such:
in the a.m. 1/2 cup dry nutro each.

in the evening 1 and a half cups of nutro and 1/3 can of wet food.

as for sable, the old grandma, she has a slightly different diet, 2 chicken tenders (boiled) in the a.m. and a piece of hot dog with her meds in it. in the p.m. 1 and 1/2 cups of nutro plus 1/3 can wet food (with meds)

mr. beano, who is only 10 lbs gets 1/4 c nutro and a table spoon of wet food in the p.m. and a light snack in the a.m.

they are less hungry than feeding them once a day, although they still eat heartily.

it doesn't have to be nutro brand, but the purina one and others that are of a higher quality will produce similar results.

I like the nutro because it is made in the us, has good ingredients to include glucosamine, which is important for sable. I also supplement her with a glucosamine/cetyl m pill that helps with her older joints.

okay, now you know the gory details of my dogs' diets. like I said, they will still defecate, but over time you will see it is smaller in size.

I did put the cats on nutro catfood as well, and the litter pans do not stink nearly as bad!

now, on to read!
Janet said…

could be hatching day. so glad the new computer is fixed so I can put on the camera!!!

good to be home. need to get the kid up in a min, so this will be short.

hoping everyone has a lovely day. I am off til a week from today. I am glad I took this time off because my left shoulder is still giving me a fit. :( bah humbug.

the tendonitis in the right hand is much improved though!

all right will check in later. tick to rock on with this day!

love and hugs to all!
Judie said…
Good morning.

Thank you Steve for the fresh thread and Linda for the call over.

Quiet at the nest. Will watch as often as I can today.

Oh Linda, saw an ad for a new migraine treatment. Don't remember the name. Maybe ask your doctor.

Wishing everyone the best day possible.
stronghunter said…
Oh, I see that possible pip, Paula. It does look promising.

Cancellation of baseball practice has been cancelled. Practice is now on for this afternoon.

I think that is Belle on the nest
Up for egg roll...couldn't see a thing. Back down facing 10
Bird Girl said…
Good morning everyone!

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first bobblehead! So excited!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Bird Girl
Bird Girl said…
Regarding dog food:

Miss Lily eats Blue Buffalo for small breeds (she is a Shih Tzu mix), she gets 1/8 cup three times a day. She does not get any wet food. Her daily diet also has a few small treats, she loves cucumbers and carrots; 2-3 times a week she gets a Dentastix.

My vet said to think of 1 cup of food per day for a 20-pound dog.

It is true that the better foods cost more - but it is better for them, you use less because they get more out of it, and they will be healthier overall. This reduces vet bills for diet-related issues. If you switch suddenly, the dog may experience some intestinal upset but it should pass after a few days; it is better to switch slowly (75/25%, 50/50, 25/75) over a period of a couple of weeks.

Mema Jo said…
Live feed is giving me 15 min before I need to refresh

Lori - Hope your 4 day weekend can include some free time for you.

magpie said…
Good Morning, Eagle Pals.....

Have a Jolly Good Day,
Pip-Pip and all that jazz, Mateys !

Lovely to see so many Friends on here

stronghunter said…
Been playing with Google Earth. Checked out Nelson, BC, and tried to find a dragon boat. Did not see one yet.

Love looking at the lake and all of those mountains.
magpie said…
cancellation of a cancellation, Shirley....
guess that's kind of like
a "double negative"

Hope the practice goes well...

time to get along here, not working
but lots of things to do regardless

(( All Day Hugs )) and
let's get a move on, egglets !!
Delphia...When I started out with Nick...he was I did 3 to 3 1/2 cups a day of the good stuff...his weight shot up to 87#...I had to back him down to 2 cups...he has lost some of the weight...I still have him at the 2 4 oz of wet food every other day...You have to gauge your own dog....
Missed a roll or turn...eagle now facing noon
Lolly said…
Good morning! Was nice to sleep in my comfy bed last night. The trailer bed is okay, but not like my king size comfy one!

Can not get the cam up this morning. Going to try the ipad and see if it works!
Yea, live feed on and off another snip of the eggs...still looks like a pip to me. will try to post this one one EM blog as well.
Lolly said…
Yep, just saw a wiggle wiggle, but no sound. Is the sound down?
Lolly said…
She was up again and another wiggle wiggle.
Lolly said…
Well, I gained a good 5 lbs on the trip. Need to get back to walking and less good eating.

Second eagle just flew in with more flugg. Not sure who is who!
Lolly said…
Parental switch at the nest but just got a very short peek at two of the eggs.
stronghunter said…
Was hoping to get a look at the eggs during the parent switch, but the cam froze up just then.
stronghunter said…
I got a glimpse, but not sure how many eggs I saw. It was truly a glimpse.
Put the pic on my Eaglet Momsters Blog
I lucked out, the live feed froze on that shot...
stronghunter said…
We were feeding Luna two cups a day, plus a couple of spoonfuls of wet food, but she really seemed hungry, so I increased it a bit. I think she might need to be backed down some now. She will not eat straight dry food, really wants that wet food. Our vet recommends wet food.

The cats get canned food. They are old men who need that extra moisture in their food.
stronghunter said…
Really looks promising there, Paula. I think we have a pip.
Lolly said…
Rebooted and now have the cam up on my laptop and my ipad. Eagle on nest does seem to be sitting high, not snuggled down low.
stronghunter said…
For awhile, we had to watch carefully because George would push the dogs away and eat their food, or would eat anything they left. Not so much now.
Lolly said…
You really think that is a pip? I was thinking a bit of flugg.
Lolly said…
I am off to eat some breakfast. I know...a bit late!
Kay said…
Phooey, no visible pip yet. However, I'm heartened by PAULA's expertise in figuring out the likely timetable ! Thanks, PAULA !

Interesting range of dog food practices and theories. In spite of the fact that she sells high powered dog foods in the clinic, my vet feeds her doxies, Iams. She has Penny on 2/3 of a cup of Diet Iams per day, doled out in three small helpings, morning, noon and night. This vet says absolutely no wet food. She can chew on little rawhide bones daily, but "remember they have calories, too", she said. Penny gets several dentistix a week. One teaspoonful of peanut butter stuffed into her toy along with broken up pieces of dog biscuit, once a week. She works hard enough on this project to use up any calories it contains ! And, she gets half an Iams diet dog biscuit when she goes in her crate at night. It's just so darned important to keep her weight at the 14 pound mark, since she has that long doxie spine. Oh, and she's on a daily glucosamine supplement, too.

We're all treating our pets like the precious family members they are. I wanna come back as a beloved and cherished black lab myself ! Or, maybe a dog like Rhonda, cause I do love mothering little ones ! ☺
Kay said…
Please keep those prayers going for my Joplin Shirley and son. There is a message on my machine saying Gary went into surgery at 9 and is expected to be back in ICU about 1. No word about what the surgery entails or if it was an emergency situation. She says she'll call when she has word from Dallas. I do not want to call for more details as I'm sure she wants to keep that phone line open.
stronghunter said…
Maybe it was brunch, Lolly.
stronghunter said…
I think it might be a pip because it is visible in two pictures not taken at the same time, Lolly.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
We keep dog food bowls out all the time. They all eat at different times during the day. Not sure if we could retrain their eating habits or not.

I cooked chicken and going to add rice to it for Buddy for a couple of days. I had the chicken broth in a bowl to cool to get the fat out of it. I guess it was not far enough back on the counter because Buddy dumped half of it in the floor. ARRRGGGHHHH!
Mema Jo said…
It has been a long day so far - just
watching and waiting. It won't long I hope - new flugg looks great but sure wish those crib railings on the left could be put back in place.

I'll be gone 2-3 - perhaps that when
you will see a half shell ! BBL
stronghunter said…
I have to go to the grocery store. Hoping for that empty shell to be visible when I get back.
Lolly said…
Just got a glimpse of the eggs, but that is all! We are headed out! See you this evening and maybe you will have some good news!!
Shep was up, rolled the eggs and right back down. Still facing 11 position,. Couldn't see a thing!

could see the eggs, but not all of them. Shep had a heck of a time getting comfy
Judie said…
Switch. Belle on duty.

Saw three eggs. No broken shell. I wonder if what looks like a pip is a gap between eggs showing a speck of nest?
Still is ahead of the live cam...
Shep wrestling with that stick
Oh, thanks JUdie...was wondering why Shep looked like Belle !!
Didn't see any pip that time either...egg roll
Kay said…
Just heard from Shirley. Today's surgery, to remove a sizable blood clot, is over. No guarantees that some little pieces did not break off. He is being kept in an operating room, sedated and under close scrutiny for the next 24 to 36 hours. From that o.r. they can go back in at a moments notice. This has nothing to do with the possibility that a heart transplant may be needed--it was necessary in order to maintain what little quality of life he has currently. She thanks you all for the prayers and asks that you continue to remember him.
stronghunter said…
Back from store. I see an eagle tail.
JudyE said…
at Angie see new thread will check box
JudyE said…
oops had to sign in and didn't get box checked
JudyE said…
exciting day of sorts Jordyn fell asleep on the boat ride at Winter Dolphin It is a 90 excursion out in the bay they do a net drag for 3 min and marine biologist are aboard and record what is pulled up
Pretty interesting each time we go out They have 50 area to drag from with the net pull and that can't do it more that two times a month this way they find out if the water are healthy or not Today that had a good pull a huge Seahorse was pulled up a large blue crab, file fish, pin fish, and lots of others and a crab that looks like a spider forgot the name of it but got pic of it Jordyn sleep maybe 30 min on the ride out which was fine with me but I woke her up when we got to the island and got to pic shells and take home She loves to collect shell big time, she is the kid of kid that comes home with pockets full of shells and rocks and pine cones everyday from school on the playground she get them
It was cold and windy so funny they provide blankets on the boat also funny some people were in shorts Know you know they aren't from Fl tourist don't think this is cold LOL was suppose to get 76 today but lucky if we got 67 with the wind in the 50° the reverse of the forecast The sun has not showed it self

two eagles in nest
JudyE said…
JudyE said…
waiting for the eggs to be exposed just sitting there
Judie said…
First grocery delivery. Fish. Time is near.
JudyE said…
Belle guess that is here on the eggs is just sittin pretty and Shep is waiting for her to take the fish Not hungry Such a good provider he is already
Judie said…
JudyE, so nice that Jordyn got some shells.

Yes, tourists are easy to spot. DC is hilarious.
JudyE said…
Have you noticed that this is about the third or forth time he has delivered food to her in the evening usually early today
JudyE said…
We got a bag full I take a bag with me because the don't hand the bags out until you board the boat back most kids may drop the bag and go in the water and they don't want that So I am responsible for the bag holding LOL Inportant job LOL
JudyE said…
Dogs are out side eating a palm frong Sharing it LOL Jordyn is in her room playing Angie and Carl aren't home yet
JudyE said…
eggs exposed I see no PIP swil post pic on FB momster
JudyE said…
Belle as turned her back to us and fish is still there I guess she is not hungry many a late nite snack of dinner for later Ok gonna go see what the dogs are doing
JudyE said…
Picture is on EM momster page on FB not on EM album yet I don't have the link on angie puter
stronghunter said…
Wentot to do some errands and came back to see a lovely fish in the nest.
Cool looking fish in the nest. Hope that means a hatch is imminent!
JudyE said…
All is ok so I am back pacing back and forth back and forth in the waiting room LOL or delivery labor room maybe forgot to buy cigars LOL
JudyE said…
Jordyn is in her room Angie said she is like that when she gets home from school goes to the play room and plays and I threw the dogs outside Told them its is to pretty to be in LOL
JudyE, that is really neat about the ride. Sounds like fun!
stronghunter said…

Eagle got up, but did not let me see the eggs . . . well a glimpse of part of an egg, but that was it.
JudyE said…
I also just saw a peek at one egg darn it she is playing hide and seek lol Well Easter is just right around the corner
JudyE said…
she is up and looks to be picking in cut can't tell with back to us no peek yet
JudyE said…
wiggle wiggle down she is
stronghunter said…
Time to get ready for baseball practice.
JudyE said…
she getting up again
JudyE said…
looks like picking at bowl can't tell in the IEZ but see head movement
JudyE said…
Got to figure out what we are going to do tomorrow 50% chance of rain
Will have to be indoor stuff I guess but today wasn't suppose to be rainy but it was drizzly

Maybe Great Explorations we have a yearly member to it may just work
I wanted to do the Dinosaur World haven't been there with her only with someone I dated But with the chance of rain Will have to play by ear
Angie should be hear shortly
JudyE said…
should have read Giving the finger this is what happened Angie key board is sticking
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
magpie said…
I absolutely do not do road rage
of any sort, don't even look
at offensive drivers....

learned that a long time ago....
did not watch that video JudyE and probably won't

See that long skinny fish, is a good sign....maybe a "Gar" - come on
fishermen and fisherwomen...maybe you can tell us for sure

xo Good Evening Eagle Pals

magpie said…
Infant Bluebells are still very infant at Swinging Bridge, but much more of them
did get some pictures this time

Saw Two Hooded Merganser Pair on the creek

magpie said…
My brother Fred in Houston did that once, give the Houston on I-10
I was in the passenger seat and

Yes, I gave him a little speech
magpie said…
and my absolute pet peeve is
I even use that as one of the answers to those Computer "Security

Good to see all the comments today,
sure hope it really IS a Pip...thinking from your all's comments that it must be
magpie said…
Osprey on the platform at BWO
magpie said…
I did watch it, JudyE

guess that was pretty much well deserved....

worst tail gater ever for me was actually a police officer, for a good 15 mi, I did call and speak to him about it

Best Wishes for a Good Evening,
Eagle Pals..for all of us

stronghunter said…
Hi--Sitting in my car at the baseball field. Not as cold as before. But still not warm.
LynneDUH! said…
Good grief there has been enough new threads this week that we might have to have an embroidery class!
magpie said…
That's a good one Lynne2!

Maybe Angler Steve can give
a thought on that fish in the nest

LynneDUH! said…
can't get the cam to stay up, relying on you all for reports!

Pgh nest...just saw and egg roll, no pips noticeable.

HEY GUESS WHAT!!! So exciting! My Catalytic converter needs to be replaced!!!! WOO HOO $750 more!
magpie said…
Oh Lynne....I am so sorry to hear that !!!
I have received many such costly
repairs news over the years...but not that one yet !!!
There's not much left on my
car that does NOT need to be replaced

LynneDUH! said…
I have the money, thank GOD! And it's not an emergency. But...goodbye sewing machine, recliner, binos. I may still try to get a flatscreen TV from Wallyworld. Ours is ovre 25 years old and the picture and sound now are both pretty bad.

Good news is, if we go to my MILs for Easter, we should be fine if it isn't fixed yet, and I think based on my calculations of previous Redbud bloomings and factoring in the cold snap...we should be spot on for the peak!
LynneDUH! said…
How is your hand hold up Margy?
magpie said…
It's doing OK, Lynne...especially when I am not at work typing and writing for long stretches of time....
I go back Friday for four days of that

I am pretty excited that you will probably get to see your beloved redbuds pretty soon !!! I think your calculations should be right on!

Hoda said…
I am having such a hard time keeping up with you all!!!
Gracious me!
Where are you!!
New Thread and we are having a sewing or weaving class that requires a converter for 750$!!! I got lost on mixing dog food. Why not cook your own?

Anyway. Back at the flat. Did some laundry, did some gardening and generally feel well.

Off to yoga.
Hoda said…
In case you change threads on me, it has been nice catching up with you today!!!
stronghunter said…
Just saw your road rage video on CNN, Judy.
stronghunter said…
The guy ran from the scene of the accident and got arrested for a variety of offenses.

stronghunter said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
stronghunter said…
My delete...double posted.
stronghunter said…
Had to go to a new place for baseball practice this evening--at least new to me. Kathryn and Hunter have been there.

Anyway, Hunter said he knew how to get there. As we were getting in the car, he said. "Do you know the first part of how to get there? I will know when we get there."

Fortunately, I had the GPS. I had gotten it from Kathryn when my cell phone map told me that the place I wanted to go was located in a body of water. And, to get there, I needed to go through a gated community--I think they keep their gates locked.
Mema Jo said…
Looks like our nest is in sleep mode
I need to check out FB if any news on our nest before nightfall.
Had family guest this afternoon and for dinner. I was taken away from my
computer - I really hoped I had missed some good egg news but I don't see any remarks.

Lori said…
Hi everyone!

I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it feels, to have read the blog and know what's going on here, and I don't have to rush anywhere! Loving that I had a leisurely time reading the blog - like the old days - BNS, before nursing school!

We lost another student today. SHe didn't pass the Pediatrics final, so we're down to 17 from the original class of 38, and the 3 girls who failed out last year, have just returned to try and pass the classes they failed previously. Hope that makes sense.

Kay, prayers for Shirley from Joplin's son.

Sandi, prayers continue for you and your family.

Wanda, of course thinking of you, too, and praying for your healing.

Loved reading all the dog food info. I found a little dog on my way home from school today. Pic on my FB page. Luckily it had an ID tag and his Mom was here to pick him up within 20 minutes.

I'm off from school/clinical tomorrow and Monday. WooooHooo!

Think we'll see an eaglet at daylight tomorrow?

So GREAT to be back here like old times!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
magpie said…
Oh dear, those GPS's can do send one to weird roundabout places, Shirley...
I don't have any of that at this time but do have a Magellan than I can hook up...
glad you got there okay

Jo, glad you had a family dinner guest....sorry you did not Miss anything as in, a hatch...
I hear that GAR is a lousy tasting fish, does not even seem like
Belle wanted any of it...Yet!

Hoda: I am going to scout out
some options for YOGA, very soon, I know it will help many things with me....

time to wrap things up here, and hit the sack, dent the pillows, and cuddle with the blankies and stuffed animals, one bear, and one lamb

Prayers for Wellness for All Amongst us....

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox
magpie said…
Just missed you Lori!
So good to see you...
oh dear, tough curriculum for you
gals..are they any Guys in the class ??

Best Wishes that you enjoy many parts of this four day week-end upon you

G'Night, now xoxo
Evening all.
I don't see any further egg comments either .

Larry doing well today. no crash:-) ..although he is a little tired...went shopping and got Pepper clipped . She looks nekkid :-)
Lori good to see you on here...

Margy don't think that is a Gar...they are much thinner.
Lolly said…
Fun at the track meet. Joseph got his personal best and that was what we wanted! It is a matter of puberty and he is not there yet. Boys with muscles and brawn were jumping farther. He understands and was happy with his jump.

On way home. We enjoyed being in their backyard as the night herons are back. Looks like they were gathering twigs for a nest. Last years nest is gone. The male was also putting on a show for the female. Very interesting!
stronghunter said…
Looks like the fish was peeled and half eaten.

Hoda, I believe Andy cooks food for her dog. I know they have nutritional needs that are different from ours. Haven't tried to prepare dog food. Might be a good idea, but some days I keep myself busy enough taking care of cooking for humans.

So happy you are getting some time off from the grind, Lori.

That is a pretty high failure rate. More than 50%.
stronghunter said…
Maybe we will see an eaglet tomorrow morning, Lori. I think it's a good possibility.

Congratulations to Joseph, Lolly.

I remember being tired when I had chemo, Paula. Didn't have many other problems, though. I did think it caused me to have the hiccups, but the doctor said he had never heard of that.
Janet said…
good evening to all. love all the dog food stories. HODA: I do make my own dog treats. they love them and they are very simple to make.

.JUDYE: sounds as if you and jordyn had a great day.

KAY: sending light, love and healing...

been a busy day here. got new ID (military) cards today as mine was expired.

that's done for 4 years.

we took beano, Natasha, and boris in for their rabies shots today. seven and scout will go tomorrow.

then, the winds had died down a bit, so after a quick run to the grocery, we deicded to top out a tree that was hanging very close to the pool. it took about 2 and half hours, and we still have several branches to cut up and move, but they are on the ground.

now,it is raining.

I am enjoying my time off. the shoulder that spasmed up last night and gave me a raging headache at the same time is feeling better. think I will hit the TENS unit before bedtime. it was not pleasant waking up with a spasm in the shoulder running up my lateral neck straight up into my head @ 4 a.m. bah humbug. ice packs are my friend! I have stretched a lot today....feeling better.

moving around outside made me feel good. got a bit of exercise.

temps are cool. would love some sun.

oh well.

hope everyone has a lovely evening. looking forward to hatching eggs and bobbleheads!!!
light, love, hugs, and smiles to all!
Judie said…
Hi everyone.

Lori, sorry about those who didn't pass and had to leave. Never a thought that you would not succeed.

Chemo and tired go together. Larry will regain his energy in time after the treatments.

I'll read back more tomorrow. Will watch the remainder of Midsomer Murders then dent the pillows.

Judie said…
Night light is on.

Sandperson has filled a very large satchel and is on the way.

Restful sleep for all.

May daylight bring an eaglet.
stronghunter said…
Very sleepy and finding it hard to operate the mouse with George sitting on my hand.

SED, everyone.
Lolly said…
So, no hatching today, will see what tomorrow brings.

I really was fun today. Great to see the boys. In triple jump you get three jumps. We were there to see all three and Laurel made it for the last jump which was his best. Yea!

Good to be home with them again. Monday we head back up for Jacob's basketball game.

Think I am going to read a while. Night all! SED!!
Lolly Michael loved jumping in track ..he did the triple and long jump..nice to see them get a personal best :-)

Hitting the pillows. Think the first pipe pic was valid..think the second might be flugg .

SED love and hugs for all<3
Mema Jo said…
I predict that tomorrow the 28th of March our nest will have one new
bobblehead! ♥

Goodnight to all ♥
Prayers for healing for all in need.
Hoda said…
Glad of your report on LARRY PAULA. Prayers continue.

JUDIE I hope you told the Sandman I am at the flat tonight.

LOLLY so happy to hear JOSEPH and JACOB reports. Zacharouski news please.

LORI so sad yet another class mate dropped. I agree with SHIRLEY high failure rate.

I wonder if ANDY KEN decided to litigate his termination? Thinking of them.

Thank you KAY for report on Joplin Shirley's son.

Very good yoga practice.

Good Night
God Bless Us All
magpie said…
Good RED Friday Morning, Eagle Pals

God Bless Our Military,
Every Day
magpie said…
Lolly: Bravo, Clap Clap Clap for
Joseph ! Wonderful you and Jack could be there, and Laurel for the final and BEST Jump

magpie said…
Everything is black and dark on the Still Cam :(

Waaaaah! I sure hope that straightens out, it is the only thing I can access during the workday

If we get the rain, we would see some
Mom- and Dad-brelling for sure

magpie said…
Best Wishes to Every One
for a Very Good Day....

and, for whatever is on YOUR Dance Cards

time to finish the morning shuffle

TTFN "See Ya' Much Later "

Sandi said…
Goodorming Margy and all my eagle friends.

I can't get the live feed OR the still cam!!!! Of all times to lose both!!!

Rainy morning here too - wet is the forecast for the next couple of days.

We will be hitting the road for Balto. as soon as I get home from school - will check in from Mom's tonight.

Prayers for all - have a good day!
magpie said…
Good to See Another Momster at this
early hour, Sandi.....

Best Wishes for a Good FRIDAY and for Good Travels to Baltimore

(( HUGS )) xoxox
grannyblt said…
Good morning all. No connection here either. Safe travels Sandi and hopefully Prez will make an appearance today--with all of us watching.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

I do have the live feed this morning. Eagle on the eggs. Partially eaten fish strung all over the place. I guess it is refrigerated pretty well, not that it matters to the eagles. Don't see any eggshells right now.
JudyE said…
GOOD MORNING eagle buds

I have both live feed and still cam up

No action sitting pretty

JudyE said…
LOOKS like more food was delivered to teh nest
JudyE said…
getting ready to head of for the day
where we are going doesn't open till 10 so I will be coming back with Jordyn till then
grannyblt said…
Sitting tight, I see One quick glimpse
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

No time to read back just now. Shirley just called to say Gary had a rough night in that they couldn't regulate his B/P. He is back in surgery at this moment due to internal bleeding. Thanks so much for your prayers ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
grannyblt said…
Kay, things don't sound too good for your friend. Prayers
grannyblt said…
Just now an egg roll. I couldn't see any pipping but parent keeping close.
stronghunter said…
Prayers, Kay. I hope the surgery is successful for Gary.
JudyE said…
egg roll and wiggle but no peek at eggs
Mema Jo said…
Good Red Friday Morning to all ♥
Looks like a fish market at our nest which means Prez best get here today

Kay, many prayers being said for your friends

Safe travels Sandi to Baltimore.
Have you heard anything from Brian and Lynnis?

JudyE said…
Is that a stick on her back
Might have seen pips on 2 eggs on that egg roll. Wish he would get that stick out of the way!
JudyE said…
there is a stick that is on the eagle again
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
I think I saw a pip on the middle egg right before the least egg roll.
And on the egg on the far left of the screen, although that may be the one with the flugg stuck on it.
OK, kinda got that stick out of the way.
And I think that is Shep....anyone?
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
I think it is Shep too Paula.
Mema Jo said…
WOW that is a whole tree branch - Shep trying to move it
Janet said…
Good morning to one and all

LORI: hang in there girl. You are so close. You can do this! We got your back!
LOLLY: wonderful about Joseph. When dealing with my kids, (and now grands) I always try to remember that line from Deserata, Child of the Universe, ‘FOR ALWAYS THERE WILL BE GREATER AND LESSERS PERSONS THAN YOURSELF” (something close to that) and get them to celebrate their achievements. Competition is good, but for me, competition against one’s personal best is also important.

KAY: continuing with light and love…

It’s a warm wet morning here at my nest. Rain anticipated today. I have plenty of indoor stuff to do, and the grands are coming for the night about 4, so plenty to do there!

Shoulder is sore this morning. Not nearly what it was yesterday, but still sore.
Hoping everyone has a pleasant RED FRIDAY. Hoping for bobbleheads today…. The wait is on!! It will be soon soon soon !
Will check in a bit later.
(P.S. these days off have me all skeewonky! I am glad Margy said it is RED FRIDAY, I wasn’t sure. My pill minder tells me…but the date, well that’s another issue! Lol)
Mema Jo said…
Oh my - all 3 in a row
Mema Jo said…
Sharon - Paula are you with me

Yes, Jo, saw part of it. I think Belle came in and left with the partial fish...or Shep left with it...not sure
Mema Jo said…
Smart bird - stick (Branch) is now over the tail and won't poke
Was trying to look at the eggs...couldn't see any pips on that exchange
Mema Jo said…
The pip(s) could have been on the under side as there was an egg roll.
I just hope our Royal Couple doesn't have a hatching of Triplets lol
I think Belle came in and Shep left with the partially eaten fish.
stronghunter said…
Heard a commotion downstairs awhile ago. Looked out of my room to see Will carrying Lucky upstairs. He said Lucky the cat had Luna the dog cornered in the kitchen and was in full battle mode.

Poor Luna. She is afraid of the cats. But the truth is that Lucky is 100 years old and can't really pack much of a punch. I would say Luna should just bark at him, but he is deaf.

Anyway, Lucky is confined to Kathryn's room for now.
Too Funny, Shirley!

I think she just dug the bowl out and covered up the skinny fish.
Mema Jo said…
I agree that it is Belle on the eggs
Shep took the hunk of leftover fish
with him... That branch still needs
to be moved!

I hope we see a bobblehead or two very soon.......... I have to go out around 1:00... won't want to miss the
first sighting of the hatching. But I know there will be many pics!
Mema Jo said…
Yes, the skinny fish is gone out of view
Kay said…
Read back over pip watch, fingers crossed that we'll soon see a hatch or two !

Thanks again for prayers, light and love---I feel your presence with me and I hope Shirley does, too. I have three different prayer partner groups petitioning on Gary's behalf, Shirley has a couple and I'm sure the prayer numbers have grown as word of mouth goes on round the country and beyond. HIS will be done.

I'm having a hard time thinking of anything but Gary, Shirley, Belle and Shep this morning. Will have play catch up later.

I do know SANDI and Denny are heading for Baltimore today---hoping for safe travel and a productive, satisfying weekend.

Prayers for Larry, PAULA !

Mema Jo said…
Mumbrealla is in effect - Is it for the rain or just to make room underneath for some activity ?????
Kay said…
Looks like Shirley is in for quite a roller coaster ride. Gary is out of surgery, bleeding has been stemmed and now it's "just wait and carefully monitor". I learned that, between neighbors in her Senior Apt. bldg. and friends from the Blind Association, Shirley is rarely alone. That comforts me.
Mumbrella out...must be raining at the nest.
stronghunter said…
It is comforting to know that Shirley has friends around her, Kay.
Mema Jo said…
Belle was getting re-situated
only got a glimpse of the eggs
readjusting...3 eggs visible
stronghunter said…
Just saw three eggs. Did not see a pip, but only got a quick look.
Mema Jo said…
Kay - I can understand your feelings of anxiety for your friend. Prayers for you - glad you have contact with her friends and that you know she has their support - I'm sure Shirley
knows that you are right there with her in Spirit. ♥
stronghunter said…
One egg peeking out from under Mom.
Kay said…
SHIRLEY, funny Luna n' Lucky story !

PAULA, so happy to hear Larry did not crash yesterday ! He must be made of sturdy stuff !

LORI, wow, only 17 of 38 left in the class. Guess we should all be glad that only the cream of the crop actually graduate. Wonder how that failure rate scores with other years there and at schools across the country. So very proud of you, girl !
Really dug out the facing 10
Mema Jo said…
Darn stick is still bothering her

The cautious way she settled down tells me that their is some precious
cargo under her...... I think it is Belle but the tail feathers may tell me differently........
Lolly said…
Good morning! Just saw all three eggs! But, did not see pips, could be on the underside. cam is working good this morning.

Today we finish cleaning the trailer and take it back to its home until next week.

Another egg roll, momma is restless!

Laurel played volleyball and she was a track star in hs. At 5'11" those long legs did well. She ran relays and did triple jump. Joseph is working hard to jump further than she did. LOL He will pass her for sure! She was laughing last night. She is playing kickball with her church team. (baseball with a ball to kick) She said one time she had to really hustle to first base. Over heard some friends comment about how fast she was. She thought to herself, "Ah, at 41 I still have it!" We all laughed at her story.
Mema Jo said…
Another wiggle wiggle and still could not see all 3 eggs :(
up and more digging. She sure is restless today
Mema Jo said…
Had to change my avatar
Maybe it will give them the right idea... ♥
up again. Saw the pip on the middle egg, which is now the last egg!!
Mema Jo said…
Wish she could get some of the fresh looking flugg nearer to her
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