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New thread.


Mema Jo said…
Thank you Steve
Calling others over

I am headed to the Soup Kitchen
Full report when I return

Kay said…
Thank you, STEVE, and thank you, JO !

Wearing a new feather over to the Soup Kitchen, eh ?

Will look forward to that report and I know you'll be giving WANDA a big hug for us !
Kay said…
Looks like a bit of thawing going on at the nest. Yeah !
Kay said…
LOLLY, glad you're ♫♪Jus' rollin' along, singin' a song, Side by Side ♪♪♪
magpie said…



magpie said…


magpie said…


magpie said…


Sandi said…
Good afternoon all! Thanks Steve for another new thread - 2 in 2 days - and thanks Jo for the call over.

Periodontist visit went well - the hardest part was getting the Novocaine.

Also took Bandit to the vet today b/c he has really been limping lately. Turns out he has a torn ACL - good grief! No discussion of surgery to repair it. Came home with a week's worth of an anti-inflammatory. The vet said if this one doesn't help, there is one other we can try. If the 2nd one doesn't work, then it's time to say goodbye b/c the tear is definitely causing Bandit pain. Kevin went with me to the vet b/c he is the most reluctant to say it's time. The vet did draw blood to make sure Bandit's kidneys and liver are functioning well enough to metabolize the medicine so it doesn't build up in his body. I'm waiting now to hear back with the test results.

Also waiting to hear from Lisa about the home visit with the hospice nurse today.

Lots of melting today even though the temps stayed below freezing, since the sun was out. I expect to be back in school tomorrow.

Judie, glad to hear the procedure went well today - thanks for checking in when you got home.
Kay said…
And, ditto from me, too, SHAR !

Sorry the dinner for tonight is off, MARGY, but it sounds like a wise decision. Why take chances.
Kay said…
And thank you for checking in after the dental appt., SANDI.

Sorry to hear about Bandit's latest malady. Hope the tests show he can take and tolerate the med. I feel for Kevin--such a difficult thing to go through with a much loved pet.

Hope Lisa's meeting with the hospice nurse provides more solutions/answers.

JudyE said…
home from work and find a new thread and now I got to head to Angie to watch Jordyn Zumba nite I see we are eating and its 30° at the nest eggs are uncovered
JudyE said…



CarolAnne said…
Jo, received receipt - thanks
Sandi - have dog reco ering from tear - gave meds, curtailed activity - no running,jumping etc. Massaged leg daily. Went from limping around on 3 legs to a fully active dog again. The downside was it took weeks & weeks for 100% improvement. Good luck.

Happy trails Lolly.
Take care everyone - think Spring.
Judie said…
Thank you Steve for the fresh Wednesday thread.

Congrats to Jo on another feather.

Feeling some better now. Thank you all for your wonderful welcome home.

Looks as if Shep is on duty right now.

Margy, no dinner tonight means something to look forward to next weeks > PANCAKES!

Sandi, glad the periodontist work went well but very sorry Bandit is in such discomfort. Bandit prayers are in order. Hope Lisa sends a good news report about mom's care. Ask if in-home hospice is an option if not already looked into.

Jo, which soup kitchen? Wanda's? Whichever one it is I'm sure they will be happy to see you.

Happy trails to Lolly and Jack.

Darth is cooking for me tonight. Popeye's chicken. Probably won't each much but what I do will be tasty.

LynneDUH! said…
Glad that all went well today Judie, and Sandi too.

Wonderful messages from the Wright Women. It'a amazing that Wanda is going to soup kitchen. Will be difficult, no of those "firsts".
stronghunter said…

Grilled cheese and vegetable soup tonight. Flan is still chilling in the refrigerator.

I was impressed that Wanda is going to the soup kitchen tonight.

Hunter's school is closed again tomorrow. He will get to accompany me to my dermatologist's office.

Need to remember to turn on the laundry room heater. Supposed to be mighty cold tonight.
JudyE said…
Hello Jordyn is in bed and I am sitting here watching NCIS

SHIRLEY JO said that WANDA said she wanted to keep busy and she probably feels GENE there also

JudyE said…
one of my grandpuppies is a heavy snorer I think its the male
Judie said…
JudyE, anesthesiologist laughed and told me I snored through the entire procedure. Could not believe it as I do not often snore. Perhaps I belong in a dog house. lol

Ah Shirley, hope Hunter enjoys his travels with you tomorrow and hope for a good report tomorrow.

Hi LynneDUH.
Mema Jo said…
Email has gone out to all contributors - Please check it out.
Mema Jo said…
Patti is having Google trouble:

Evening all! So glad it looks like things are mostly going okay. Glad Judie's home and well. Sandi, so sorry about Bandit. We elected to do an ACL repair about 20 years ago and it was the worst thing we could've done for our Max. He did not do well with the no activity thing, and just did not bounce back. We had him for lots more years, but they just weren't the same.

More drama at "my" nest today. Guess that juvie did not listen as s/he was back today. Only one adult visible today so maybe the other is incubating! Saw a mid-air talon grab today that was pretty awesome. It was the adult and the juvie, though. The adult disappeared in the opposite direction I'd been looking for the nest. Found a great blue heron rookery tree, though. That will be fun to watch, too. I got some pics of the juvie perched in a snag. I'll try to get them reviewed and uploaded soon.

Off to evening chores and Terrific Tuesday TV. Love, hugs and prayers for all in need.
stronghunter said…
Good that Wanda feels the way she does about going to the soup kitchen.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Judie said…
I have removed the bandages which caused some discomfort. Will be able to shower tomorrow.

Have had to once again threaten sandperson with the reappearance of the Evil Jufie. Sandperson is hurriedly filling a very large satchel and adding many layers of clothing.

Night light will be on soon. I am headed to some more sleep and recovery. Restful sleep for all.
JudyE said…
Angie is here and out picking up the pile of leaves she did earlier suppose to rain later and she wanted the up So I sit here waiting for Gonna sign off battery lo
stronghunter said…
Hot tea and flan for the Sandperson upon arrival at Fredericksburg. Having to fend George off. He wants my flan.
Janet said…
good evening to all. THANKS to STEVE for the new thread!

JUDYE: i think meds act very quickly with me because i only take them when i don't take them very often.

SANDI: hugs to you my friend. you have so much going on...

its been a quiet day here. it didn't get as warm as they predicted, so we stayed in most of the day. we did venture to IHOP this morning and i accidentally left my phone there. we had to run back to get it.

other than that, its been a good day. i have cross stitched and spent the day relaxing after just a little housework.

LOLLY: hope you have a great trip. i am excited to get our new RV home this weekend. we got the phone call today that we close on Saturday. they said they would spend about 3 hours going thru it with us to make sure we know how each system works, etc.

now we have to sell the smaller travel trailer.

the weather is supposed to warm up so then we will get it cleaned up, pix made and get it online to sell.

hope everyone has a great evening! light, love, healing and hugs to all
Mema Jo said…
As of now all that received the Donation email have had time to open and read and look at the pictures of Wanda and Pastor Eddie.
Our group was able to donate $1000.00
in Gene's honor to the Soup Kitchen.

Very very proud to be a part of this
fantastic loving caring group. ♥

I have not mentioned any of this on FB
I'll let you know if Wanda does....
Lolly said…
I am so proud of this group!!! Hip hip hooray!!

Blessing on Wanda for going to the soup kitchen today. Know that was hard but will be very rewarding. Keeping busy will also be life saving.

We are stopped for the night in Santa Rosa, NM. First off....can not get the TV hooked up with the cable. Not sure what the problem is. Now, Jack can not get the oven lit. Wait....he just read the directions. It is lit! Yea!!

Jo, did I read you went to the soup kitchen? Awesome!
Lolly said…
Just checked the email and saw the pictures. Awesome, Jo! You did a fantastic job on the certificate. Thank you for all that you have done.
grannyblt said…
Thanks Jo for all you do.
magpie said…
Yesindeedy, Jo!

As my Dad would say,
"Hip Hip Hooray !! "

and as my Mother would say:
"Thank you Ever So Much"

"they had a way with words " :)


Happy to hear from Lolly and Jack on the road.

Glad Judie is home and recovering and that the procedure went well.

Thanks for the messages from Wanda and Karla . Glad Wanda went to the SK . Hope Jo enjoyed it too.
magpie said…
Judie sure did not miss a beat with her humor, before AND after surgery,
Good Show!

Prayers for sick friends and sick pets...I hope tomorrow is a better day in these regards for all amongst us (( HEALING HUGS ))

Good Night, Precious Pals

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox
stronghunter said…
Thanks, Jo, for taking care of the donation. I am sure that every cent will be well-spent.

Please take care of yourselves tonight, everyone. I will see you tomorrow.

God bless.

JudyE said…
Did you see that the falls at Niagara is almost froze over

Got home just a bit ago but wanted to say goodnight to one and all and
JO Loved the email
We did good I say ♥
I love us to ♥

and thank you thank you for all you do for us JO

JudyE said…
Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
Lolly said…
We have finally figured out the TV but shut it off, nothing on. Figured out the clock on the microwave. LOL Too old to figure out all these things. That is what a short trip would have done for us....time to figure out all things on this new trailer.

I am sleepy, so going to shower and get comfy.

See you on the road tomorrow!

Night all! SED!
Mema Jo said…
Goodnight friends

Prayers for all in need ♥
Hoda said…
Good night
God Bless us all

Headed out for a wonderful ski and then yoga.
Pretty wonderful day for me.

Most Grateful to JO.
Blessed Be.

See you all in the morning.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

I come to you with reddened eyes, having just opened JO's Yahoo mailing of the presentation of funds to WANDA and her Pastor. I'm amazed at what we were able to accomplish for our dear friend, for CAPT GENE's memory and the Soup Kitchen they've served so unselfishly. The outpouring of love from this group of Momsters/Dadsters is truly wonderful. It's an honor to be a part of this group ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Kay said…
SANDI, I'm concerned as I can't find anything from you since you were waiting for Lisa to report on the meeting with Hospice Care. Praying for you Mom, as always.

LOLLY, what an adventure you and JACK are having as you give the new "home" it's shake down trip. Isn't it a pain to have to read instruction manuals ? ☺

JUDIE, hope you had a restful, restorative night ! Haven't had Popeye's chicken for years--sounds good. DARTH is a good provider !

Almost time for Penny to begin her day. Still crunchy cold at 17°, but headed for the low 40's and some good thawing. Perhaps she and I can venture a little farther out by afternoon.


JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

More snow looks to be gone in the nest maybe by the end of the day it will be gone

stronghunter said…
Good morning!

Hi, Judy.

Yes, I also noticed the snow has retreated at the nest. But it is still pretty cold in these parts. Maybe later today.

stronghunter said…
I think I'm not getting sound at the nest this morning. Looked like there might have been a call from our eagle, but I heard nothing. I think that is Belle.
magpie said…

Good Morning, Eagle Pals...

I don't have sound either, Shirley, um well, maybe it is because I don't even have the live feed up !

Hope your doctor visit to the
dermatologist goes well today....

magpie said…





CarolAnne said…
Morning all
Just saw a fantastic news brief on 2 eagles whose talons got locked together. They ended up tangled in a tree. A man in a lift bucket with a helmet cam came to their aid. Both were able to fly off after the 4 hour ordeal.
One day closer to Spring.
Have a great day.
stronghunter said…
Doctor visit is just for a re-check on some of the spots the doctor froze about a month ago. It should not be a big deal.
stronghunter said…
Thanks for the good wishes, Margy.
Mema Jo said…
Morning to all ♥

School is on here in our county. Main Roads are in excellent shape and our
nest is starting to look snowless. Hopefully all of it will be gone by today.

Kay, like you I am overjoyed with our groups' donation to the Soup Kitchen. I really took full pleasure when handing them the check. lol They looked like they won the Lotto ♥ When I started with reading them a card from all of us I choked up - Wanda said Don't you satart to CRY
Mema Jo said…
Of course that is a typo

That is another feature I wish we had - EDIT
Lolly said…
A quick good morning! Did not have to read the instruction manual on the bed. We slept well! Going to eat my breakfast and hit the road.

Jo, again thank you for all you did. BUT, you did have a privilege delivering the check, didn't you? More fun!!!

Gotta run! Have a great day!!!
magpie said…
Too funny, Lolly...
you are a Stitch!



magpie said…


Sandi said…
Just a quick hi since I'm in school. Forgot to set the alarm so i overslept this morning. Had no time to hop on the blog. Will check in this afternoon. TTFN!
Mema Jo said…
Remember always:

People who shine from within
don't need the spotlight

That is how I truly feel and doing
the work of the good Lord with love for others leaves the most rewarding feeling in my heart. What I did for our group was out of love and I know each and everyone of you when called upon will do the very same thing.
We did good and I love us all ♥
Kay said…
Wise and gracious words, JO ! If we each just "pay it forward" in our own circle of relatives, friends, neighbors...the world will be a better place ! Love you ♥ much and like you, love us all !

SANDI, will look forward to more from you later, but am relieved to know you're O.K. and at school.

LOLLY, glad you made out alright in spite of not reading the manual on the bed---lucky you didn't get out on the wrong side ! Enjoy the ride today ! From Santa Rosa to where by evening ?

SHIRLEY, hope the dermatologist gives you the All Clear !

CAROLANNE, great eagle story with a happy outcome !

Hi, JUDYE, see you at lunchtime !

I'm having LORI and DANA withdrawal symptoms---I miss having some daily input from them !

Lolly said…
Coming into Albuquerque! Love seeing the s---- on the mt tops!

Yep, got out on the right side of the bed even without reading the manual! Lol
Judie said…
Good almost afternoon.

See someone in the nest in the IEZ. Sunshine.

Slept well. Still tired today. Pelvis looks, and feels, as if an 18-wheeler made a drive-by. Darth has gone to forage for sustenance. Me dozing off and on.

Sandi, good you are back in school today. If you can see today's Washington Post, there is a section dealing with issues you are facing.

Headed back to the pillows. Wishing everyone a wonderful afternoon.

Hoda said…
Good SANDI checked in, JUDIE checked in and LOLLY is in Albuquerque. Good timing you are doing with your new motor home. Blessed Be
Kay said…
LOLLY, ah yes, the beautiful Sandia Mountains ! I love that city---especially "Old Town" with wonderful shops and excellent restaurants !

JUDIE, I think the second day after any operation or procedure is always the worst. Just relax and get plenty of rest---don't forget to drink lots of water even if you're on the other side of the thing.

stronghunter said…

Just got back from the doctor's office. She decided the spots on my forehead needed more freezing. She took 3 or 4 passes at it and assured me that was all for now. I asked if I was cringing that much, and she said I was. Not that awful, but not my favorite activity.

She said that the sun causing damage on that part of my face is coming through the car window when I am driving, and that I need sunscreen there every day.

Funny, they were selling sunscreen at the check-out desk. And I did buy some. Figure I need to carry it with me.
stronghunter said…
Taking it easy sounds like a wonderful play, Judie.
Hoda said…
Thank you for checking in SHIRLEY.
Glad it is done for now.
Kay said…
Yes, SHIRLEY, HODA and I are in agreement ! Guess you're going to have to keep that sunscreen in the car.
Lolly said…
OMG!!!! We just saw a bald eagle!!! Brought years to my eyes!!!
Mema Jo said…
Lolly - Jack

You are being watched over as you travel ♥
Janet said…
Good early wednesday afternoon to all.

Another snow day for Metro Nashville. Now we start making up days. All of our snow days have been used up.

Went to Sylvan today for a meeting with the director. *sigh* Although Olivia is making isn't much. She is cooperative. But there isn't as much progress as she would like to see.

So we had a chat with Olivia when we got home, about engaging more in her work, having goals, etc. Look at the big picture. Where do you want to be when you graduate high school? Do you have any ideas that appeal to you?

I don't know. Feeling a bit defeated at this point.

Going to go out in a min and start cleaning out the travel trailer.

It is cloudy and still chilly out but I need to move around. tired of just sitting now.

So glad Sandi checked in. I was concerned.

LOLLY: when you bought the RV, didn't they go thru the systems with you on how to operate things? We have an appointment to close on ours Sat a.m. and there 2 to 3 hour time span where they do that with us. I am glad, because I know although I am familiar with most camping stuff, some of this is new to me. Everything is touch of a button, such as a/c, heat,etc. There is a generator....just stuff we've never dealt with.

I will take a note book I think.

I was so pleased to see the check that was contributed to the soup kitchen!!!!! In addition to the cake and flowers. Just wow. I am only a tiny part...but so honored to be a member of your community. Thank you.

All righty, not a lot else going on. Just need to get up and get moving. I will check in later.

Light and love, hugs and smiles to all...

Mema Jo said…
Our nest look good - no snow - just saw egg roll and the egg cup is deep deep deep. Hope it doesn't pop through the bottom of the nest

Kay said…
LOLLY, what a wonderful omen ! Hopefully that beautiful bird brought tears to your eyes. We don't want your eyes aging faster than you are ! Where are you ? Traveling I40, now west of Albuquerque ?
Lolly said…
Jack spotted it first and yelled for me to look up. There was another bird, possibly a crow pestering it, but what a beautiful white head and tail!
Kay said…
Yes, I'm amazed at the depth of the cup !
Lolly said…
Yes, on I 40!

Yes, Janet, went through a lot of things on pick up, but not until you do it yourself do you really learn.
Kay said…
JANET, sorry the Sylvan report was less than satisfactory for you. Olivia has one big advantage over many kids and that is engaged parents. Helping her think about goals is wise !
Kay said…
Haven't seen an eagle close by, but all kinds of birds think it's Spring today. It's still below freezing, but sunny and the chirping, whistling and rat-a-tat-tat of woodpeckers is very loud ! Saw the most brilliantly red cardinal I think I've ever seen. Renews my hope that winter is about to fade away !
JudyE said…
Hello on lunch naturally

started reading before I signed in and I am sitting here lol in McD at the years in the eyes LOLLY and JO

So happy you didn't have a bed that required any instructions LOLLY not in the wall or anything to pull our or put together is always nice

JANET so happy you got your new toy to go on vaca with are you gonna pull a car behind it??

LOVE that all the snow is gone on the nest YEAH happy dance

Kay said…
JUDYE, is that McD right in WalMart ?
There was one inside the Bullhead City store, but I've not paid any attention to the fact that they may have franchises in all of them.
JudyE said…
Janet I hope things improve for Olivia at Sylvan

Angie and Carl had their first appt and probably last for Jordyn at the Psychiatrist
Being she was having issues focusing staying on task etc or and chewing on crayons and eraser the school recommended along with her pediatrician to see one

Well the dr after talking to Angie and Carl separately and then to Jordyn and then back to them said WHY are you HERE ANYWAY??????
Angie said ped and school recommended it and the dr said well how old is this teacher and how long has she been teaching I don't like her negativity on your daughter I see no issue with her

Angie told him it was her first year as a teacher and then I THINK HE THINKS SHE SHOULD SEE A PSYCHIATRIST LOL

He does go along with Angie in thinking maybe Jordyn should have a complete blood work up for thyroids and others because of her wanting to sleep more that normal kids She always wants a nap after being picked up from school and she still does naps on weekend All by herself no suggestions
and she will tell them after I eat dinner can I go to bed so he thinks that may be a issue
JudyE said…
YEP its is in my Walmart KAY

JudyE said…
some stores have SSUBWAY
JudyE said…
we use to have snack bars but they got rid of all of them now
JudyE said…
watching the NE fl nest oh my are we branching and the camera guy follows them to the branch I love that they zoom
Kay said…
JUDY, glad the "kids" got such a good reaction from the psychiatrist. Wonder why the ped went along with the teacher's suggestion. Good thing to do the blood work just to be sure all is well with Jordyn. Kids--people in general have different sleep needs. I have two grands who require more rest than most of us and both will hie themselves off their bedrooms when that urge hits. One is Seth, who needs a good nine or ten hours of sleep each night. The other is my 22 year old Lauren, now a college graduate, working at the L.A. County Museum of Art and applying to grad schools. She's a high achiever and hopes to be a museum curator. She sleeps an average night, but has always taken naps.
JudyE said…
Jordyn is in bed at 8pm every night and gets up at 7 or so but she loves her naps still OK got go punch in 8 mn
Momma K said…
Karla here. Ok, I figured out how to get back on here. I don't believe all members here are my friends on FaceBook and I can't possibly miss saying THANK YOU to all of you for every bit of love and support you have given to my family in particular my Mother. You have no clue what it has meant to have you stepping up and even in the wings. You are all awesome and I love you from the bottom of my broken heart. xoxo
Momma K said…
Crap ~ how did I get on as Momma K and not Butterfly Momma?? Oh well at least I made it. LOL
Butterfly Momma said…
I believe I am fixed now. It logged me on from gmail instead of yahoo.
Mema Jo said…
Hello Karla ♥

I just signed in and so happy to see you here ! Everyone of us is so proud
of your mom being at the soup kitchen and getting along with all the support she is being shown.

stronghunter said…
So nice to see you here.

Definitely proud of your mom.
Butterfly Momma said…
She is amazing. I was going to the Soup Kitchen yesterday, but had to help Rachael with a flat tire. I waited at GG's for a while..... wish I'd known Jo was at the church, I would have headed that way.
stronghunter said…
Both of your parents have been amazing with what they have done at the soup kitchen for all of this time.

Good you were available to help Rachael.
JudyE said…
HELLO HOME from work and I love seeing 41° in my puter tray for the nest temp

HI KARLA I was a honor to do this for you dad I only meet him once and thought the world of him when I visited the nest in 2011
JudyE said…
don't know which avatar I like best Karla the sunset at MOMMAK or the butterfly one both pretty

a woman with two identity
Sandi said…

Karla, it's wonderful to see you on the blog! You, your mom, and your whole family are in my thoughts every day.

Jo, I'd say "we done good!!" Thanks for sharing the photos from the soup kitchen last night and the news about the total of our donation.

Margy, how's the hand healing?

Judie - I remember when I gave birth to Brian, the nurse said that 24 hours after delivery I would feel like a truck hit me, but 48 hours after delivery, I would feel like it backed up over me and then ran me down again! She was right! So tomorrow should be day 1 of starting to feel more like yourself. BTW, that Darth is my kinda cook - Popeye's chicken! :)

Lolly, loved the story about the eagle sighting! Keep up with the details of the trip - we're all traveling vicariously!!

Janet, I admire Sylvan for being honest in telling you that Livvy isn't making the progress they would like to see. They could just tell you what they know you want to hear. Brian went to Sylvan the summer between 12th grade and his freshman year of college to strengthen his math skills. He was not impressed, nor was I. Another thought - you could call the local high school and ask a guidance counselor if there are any juniors or seniors who are in honors/GT/AP math classes who might be interested in tutoring Livvy. I don't know how old her Sylvan tutor is but she may relate better to someone closer to her age.

The vet called last night to say that Bandit's liver and kidney function are like that of a much younger dog! He said Bandit is tough as nails and gave the go-ahead to start the anti-inflammatory meds for his torn ACL. CarolAnne, I was happy to read that you have had a dog recover successfully from an ACL tear. We shall see.

Last but not least, things are complicated with Mom. Mom is angry with Lisa for taking her meds away and "treating her like she's a child" (Mom's words). Lisa is angry with Mom b/c Mom is "being mean and nasty" to her (Lisa's words). Lucky me, I get to hear about each one of them from the other one!

OK, I've babbled on long enough. Time to fix food and then do some school work. Goodnight all!
JudyE said…
BELLE is calling out I can just hear a small squeak on the speaker
I wonder who controls the sound WE HAVE NO GOOD SOUND AGAIN
JudyE said…
Little more info on Jordyn

being she has always been ear sensitive always putting hands over ears Angie thought Autistic but the dr said no ( now remember she had ear surgery with tubes and they said that was a reason she was late on speaking She would hear like she was under water they said) and we assumed it was the reason she didn't like loud noises and she isn't ADHD or anything like that so they suggested a shrink, but happy she is normal which I knew that in the first place

Angie didn't want to do blood work because of the drawing of blood but just may have to
and like I told Angie she just comes from a family of sleepers ME FOR one and her Uncle Tommy is a sleeper and so was Angie when she was little Got all kinds of diplomas certificates for BEST RESTER in Kindergarten LOL

Kay said…
KARLA, I'm one of those who never met your Dad face to face. However, through your Mother's posts and things other Momster's had to say, I felt I knew him. I grew to love your entire family as WANDA told us about your family gatherings and events ! Your Dad will always live through memories shared ! Thanks for coming on board with your sweet words today !
JudyE said…
SANDI my sis will tell you our mom was that way also to the end Mean and nasty So sorry sure wish we could help

ok gonna go out and play it so nice out in the 70's
Kay said…
SANDI, great news on Bandit ! Not so good on your Mom. Being the soundboard for her and Lisa is a tough job ! Hang in there !
JudyE said…
EGGS alone saw fly out shadow
stronghunter said…
Such good news about Bandit, Sandi!

Sorry that the news about your mom is not so good. Hard on everyone when the roles get reversed. I remember my mother telling me that she knew she was sick, but she did not want to tell anyone because she knew she would have to go to the hospital and did not want to. Her way of telling me she needed me.

stronghunter said…
I think the hardest thing about my mother's problems was that it all hit when I was in the middle of a very nasty divorce. Everything got more complicated.
JudyE said…
OH I guess that was Shep in the nest when I saw the beak open and just a small squeak over the speaker really faint also
stronghunter said…
BBL. time to get something together for dinner.
Judie said…
Hi Karla. So nice to see you on the blog. We loved your father as we continue to love your mother.
Mema Jo said…
Getting ready to have plain cheese pizza for Ash Wed dinner as I need to abstain from eating meat on this Holy Day. Youngest son and family are joining us.

Judie said…
Janet, for more than half my life I struggled with math and geometric images and embedded figures. Brain just would not grasp/retain basic processes. Finally, age 48, had myself tested for learning disabilities. I have a profound disability with spacial relationships, retaining basic skills. If Olivia has not been tested, and if she does have a disability, finding out could be the greatest gift you could ever provide. I suffered far too many years blaming myself for something I could not control. Just a thought.
Judie said…
Sandi, good news about Bandit. Hoping for great improvement. Yes, nurse called this afternoon. Said I'm "normal" and I go back in two weeks. So sorry about your mom's behavior but what she is doing is not unusual at all. Near impossible task but hope you and Lisa can remember it is the illness and not either of you.

Judie said…
Okay, finally, have decided what I am giving up for Lent: surgery!

Having a grilled cheese and water.

Kay said…
JUDIE, thanks for sharing the fact that you have a real, defined, disability when it comes to math. I have always suffered with the same kind of deficit and at this late stage will not go for testing, but it makes me wonder. The math "games" on Lumosity are my most troublesome and the problems presented are truly just grade school arithmetic. I'm forcing myself to struggle through them in hopes for a breakthrough. Sounds like such testing would be perfect for Olivia and might ease JANET's mind, a lot !
Kay said…
JO and JUDIE, you're making me crave cheese---going to the kitchen to see what I can rustle up---grilled cheese sandwich sounds like something in my skill set. I have some Trader Joe's Red Pepper Tomato soup in the cupboard, too. Yeh, that's the ticket ! Grilled cheese and tomato soup---comfort foods !
stronghunter said…
Well. I served grilled cheese last night. Really have to find something else. Cheese is all gone.
Hoda said…
Very good to read the reports.
Blog World is good
Keeping your Mother in prayers SANDI.

Thank you for stopping by KARLA.

Every six months when I go see my doctor we work on an improvement plan.
For the past three times we just maintain.
Same again today.
She is very pleased with it all.
I thanked her and left hoping my blood and urine tests continue to reflect good health.
Blessed Be, what a relief!!!
LynneDUH! said…
evening all....

This morning, Steve and I took a ride up the Prettyboy reservoir. All frozen over!

We were joined briefly by an adult Bald Eagle soaring very close. Steve said later, "you know why we saw that eagle, don't you?" I said why? And he said "it was Gene coming to check on us"
Lolly said…
Gene is checking on us too, if that is the case! So excited to see that eagle today that it added years to my eyes! Oh, no, that is BAD!!!

Are you ready to sing....We are at an RV park in Winslow, Arizona. Very nice par!!
Lolly said…
There goes that sticky K again! Grrr!
CarolAnne said…
Lots of cheese on the menu today, a bit of tomato soup and someone appears to be having egg rolls.

Fish sticks & tuna/pasta salad here.

Have a great evening everyone.
JudyE said…
I went to KFC and had the buffet I love the buffet they have cabbage, beets,sweet potatoes and lots of veggies for salads and I had a grilled breast
they charged me the senior I didn't argue I guess the gray hair gives it away but the board said 64 not there till July I figured what the hey lOL
JudyE said…
Whoot Whoot I get to pick Jordyn up tomorrow after school as well as Fri more Jordyn time
but its gonna be 80% chance of rain so we will go to the indoor playworld

She called me herself and told me I am done with my weekly homework OMA so you can pick me up tomorrow too

I told Angie that last night when I was there that to give her a incentive to get her homework done
They get the weekly packet instead of daily and has to be turned in by Fri no homework on Fr or weekends
So she told Angie yes I will do all my homework so I can be with OMA on two days Super cute

She has computer home work also
I wonder what do parents do if they don't have internet access I will have to ask Angie maybe she knows
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
so instead of getting it done in 4 nights she can do it in 3
she LOVES math addition and she is good at it That is the first thing she does in he
r packets with out even asking She has a sort of laptop for learning that has math on it so she has lots of practice
and she loves word solving math problems
JudyE said…
my delete I left left out a word and didn't make sense
JudyE said…
ok gonna go see what is on the tube
Janet said…
Good evening to all! Whew much to respond to.

SANDI; JUDYE is right. Our mom was down right mean and nasty the last couple of months. She didn’t want me there and made no bones letting me know that. The only one she wanted there was our sister Connie. She and Connie had always been close, but after Dad died, Mom really stuck to Connie like glue. So know that it isn’t you nor your sister, simply where you mom is at this point in time. It will take patience beyond your years and your sisters as well…some tears, a lot of frustration, and more love than you could have ever imagined yourself drawing up from some deep well within.

Love the good news about Bandit, however!!!

JUDYE: so glad you are getting some JORDYN time. Personally, I think the doc went along just to cover his hide. Getting checked out is not a bad thing. It is possible her thyroid could be low; mine is. A check up for such wouldn’t hurt anything and could rule out things. A child who likes to sleep is a blessing in my book! Chelsea used to demand to go to bed she was little and Lorelei does the same!

JUDIE: I have had Olivia tested 2x plus evaluated by a psychologist. She tests as “no” disabilities. Each time, I found myself almost hoping they would find SOMETHING that we could define and help her with!
It is just so frustrating! If I had not raised two fairly successfully then I would feel like a total flub right now. I can’t seem to find her motivation point…
She IS making progress, but just not what we would like to see. The director (and I agree) part of it is the age…this is not where she wants to be.
KARLA: glad to make your acquaintance. Sorry that I never met your Dad, but everyone here loved your dad and love your mom dearly. Please check in with us as you can.

Let me scat for now. Survivor will be on shortly. Good night, love to all!
magpie said…
Good Evening, Eagle Pals...
typed that
"God Evening: at first, maybe, in fact it is

Butterfly Momma
joyous to see you here, and your two beauteous avatars...thanks so much, for thinking of US
non-FB-ers...dare I say, part of the Older Crowd ? LOL

You thank us for doing what comes so naturally, LOVE for all your family,
from the tippy top GG all the down to the tippy-bottom, Jayden...
and Everyone in Between


magpie said…
so much valuable and important insights shared here this day....

those about ourselves, and all our loved ones.....

difficult, yet, when our closest and most-loved ones are struggling, not themselves.....Keep the Faith,
every day is a " Brand New Room" -
ready and waiting for endless possibilities

I learn some of this from my Al-Anon readings...and it rings to very true
magpie said…
please try to overlook my
typos, they are a'plenty these days

saw a VERY LARGE SKUNK in the neighborhood yesterday, big as a Wolverine (not really)

I wanted to take a picture, but
the timing was not right

wonderful, a skunk, to go with all the other wonky things going on hereabouts on a daily basis

Beauteous Sunshine Almost Like Spring Day here today...

magpie said…
this bird is done magpie-ing for the night....

Shirley, Ouch! Hope all will be comfortable for you...

Prayers for wellness, comfort, serenity....things we need to carry on

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox
Mema Jo said…
Good evening - TV not so entertaining this evening and don't really want to work on tax info again.

Had emails from Linda: she'll try to get here tomorrow - does have a migraine
Patti - still having Google woes...
but she is doing well....
Mema Jo said…
I think I am going to close down for the day before I do a face plant.
Really yawning too much not to close my eyes.

Everyone wake up to a sunny day
Goodnight to all and prayers for all
JudyE said…
I see temp at nest is 32°

AI is what I watched

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
stronghunter said…
Please feel free to hang around with us, Karla. We have a lot of fun and would love to have you.

Yawning here. Time for sleep.

SED, everyone.
Lolly said…
We cooked tonight. That was fun and doing quite well with much more counter top.

Then I watched AI. Not enjoying it much this year. The contestants are not up to par in mho!!

Talked with Laurel. She is feeling much better and so far no one else has come down with the crud.

Sandi, typed you a page and then lost it. I am with you in sympathy as you go through this with your mom. Let is all flow off your backs. You and Lisa support each other, do not take things personally and just love your mother!!! And each other!
Lolly said…
Typed an is instead of it. Love typos!

Going to say good night. It has been a good day. We are making it across the dessert and enjoying it!

Night all! SED!

stronghunter said…
Haven't watched AI for a long time. But Kathryn and I did watch it tonight. Not familiar with the new contestants or judges, but tried to keep up. I will watch DWTS. Have kept up with that.

Looks like Hunter will go to school tomorrow for the first time this week. Maybe a late start, though. Roads seem to be in good shape, but there is still plenty of snow on the ground.
stronghunter said…
I agree with Lolly. Sympathizing with you, Sandi. Just love your mother and your sister. You will get through this with each other's support.
stronghunter said…

It is not really uncomfortable except when the freezing is happening. That does not last too long. This one was right over my temple and next to my eye. Okay now.
stronghunter said…
Yeah, I said good night awhile ago. Just not quite ready to relax. Need to get out and do more during the day. Bowling would be nice. Maybe this weekend.
stronghunter said…
Oh, Margy, I would avoid that skunk. I don't think I have ever seen a real, live one. There were lots of them at the Boy Scout camp where Rus went as a kid, and my night students told me they saw them on the campus at Culpeper High. Guess I went scurrying out of the building and straight to my car when I departed.

Did not see skunks.
stronghunter said…
I can see an eagle on the eggs. No snow, thank goodness.
Hoda said…
Headed out skiing first thing in the morning.
Trying a new area.
I plan to be back to go to core yoga at noon.
Followed by infra red sauna.
I will rest and maybe even a nap before evening yoga.

Prayers for us all
Good night
God Bless
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

Thanks for all the support with Mom. To be honest, she's not mean and nasty to me when I talk to her on the phone. Lisa gets the brunt of it b/c she's on the front line during the week. I will see first-hand what she's like this weekend.

Prayers for Dana's dad, Larry, Miracle Michael, and Margy's hand.

Have a good day!
Butterfly Momma said…
Good Morning everyone. 16 degrees up on Blue Mountain in Linden VA. I have coffee and the fireplace going. Nice and cozy. I am having lunch today with a very dear friend and will start to get back to normal. What is normal anyway?? LOL Be well and have a beautiful day.
grannyblt said…
Good morning eagle friends.

Welcome Karla, Butterfly Momma, to the blog. Some of us post several times a day, and others less often, but we all love and respect each other. I am Lynne1, but go by GrannyBLT here as there is anotherLynne. I never met you Dad, but I only heard wonderful things about him. Join us as you are able.
Butterfly Momma said…
Thank you Lynne1, it's been quite some time since I have participated here. For years I only had dial up internet and it was impossible to keep up. After losing baby Brantley and now my father, I feel the compassion and love from everyone here, I have decided this is where some more of my attention needs to be.
magpie said…
Howdy Do, My Friends....

How would you like to learn of a

I'll be reading backwards to SEE how "Youse'ns" are doing

xoxox (( Morning Hugs ))

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