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New thread.


Mema Jo said…
Boy My Friend - you are Johnny on the Spot with these request for fresh new threads.

This should be our hatching week
We are on the PIP Alert Watch

Thanks for the thread, Steve

I'll call the others over
Mema Jo said…
I checked out Rhonda and her 6 pups
Some napping and some nursing.

Rhonda is taking a break and you can see the puppies very well. Someone just placed a little stuffed toy in their bed up against one of the pups.
Realizing it was in the way they removed it. Was a plush tan pup toy
Jo, TGW was totally unexpected for me...they kept that a good secret! I think it will totally change the show....
Kay said…
Thanks to STEVE for the pretty new thread and to JO, who is sporting a pretty new feather !

JO, PAULA, I'd read about TGW shocker and can't say I like it. However, the show has some of the best writers in the biz and I expect interesting things in the future. Read on Yahoo that some people are really upset and saying they'll never watch the show again. C'mon folks, so "Will" did not renew his contract---life goes on ! ☺

I'm going to check on Rhonda and the pups.....
Kay said…
Aren't they precious ? Thrills me to know what their future holds and what they'll mean to our Vets !
movin said…

If you are following the Channel Island nestcams this year, you might be interested in watching the single egg they have on cams at this time. The Two Harbors pair's egg is in the process of hatching. I saw a large pip within 5 minutes time, when the adult got up to check it out.

C(°ٿ°)D Jim
movin said…
Also, it appears a pair of Ospreys has chosen the BWO nest for this season, in case you hadn't commented on that already.

C(°ٿ°)D Jim

Mema Jo said…
Lisa at BWE had seen an osprey but at that time didn't know if she was just passing through or going to stay
I hope there is a good season for them..

I haven't been out to the cam at Two Harbors for a long time. I need to get back to them. Thanks for the information.

Hope you have been well - I am waiting for one more light snow and then SPRING.
Mema Jo said…
The BWE bobble heads are uncovered - Funny how they stretch out with those long legs and yellow talons
Kay said…
JIM, thanks for the heads up. Every once in a while JUDYE points our attention in the Channel Island direction. I really enjoy those "Western Eagles" !

Rhonda is cute as the dickens. She's been up wandering in and out of the shot with various toys in her mouth and tail wagging. Guess she figures the pups will come and go, but "my toys will be friends forever !".
Kay said…
Ideal conditions at the Berry College, GA nest today. Mama still moving flugg and attempting to keep Baby Berry confined in the cup. Doesn't look like that will work for long as the little one is thriving !
Mema Jo said…
Rhonda's Pups:It will take an estimated $25,000 per puppy to raise and train Rhonda's pups to fulfill their destiny as Service Dogs for our nation's wounded warriors. They are accepting donations and every donation counts! Mark your donation MICRO for bookkeeping. Link to donate:

Small donations from a lot of people making a big difference in the world.
Kay said…
JO, you are SO right. I've passed the link on to a bunch of dog lovers and feel sure many will respond with donations once Rhonda and the pups tug at their heart strings !

SANDI, are you following our Columbus Peregrine Falcons ? Durand laid her third egg this morning. The usual for her is four. If you go to the info page there are shots of both birds and their eggs.

Anyone else interested in adding yet another fascinating nest to those you watch ? If so, go to:

Kay said…
I see a server error in my Falcon link. Trying again:

JudyE said…
HELLO FROM MC SD on lunch and find afresh new thread

JudyE said…
g\GOOGLE is different today also
stronghunter said…
Eggs uncovered. Got a screen grab.
stronghunter said…
Picture of eggs on my blog. Can't say for sure, but I don't believe there are any pips.
stronghunter said…
Oh, thanks for the new thread, Steve.

And, thanks for the call-over, Jo.

This should be an eventful week.
stronghunter said…
It would really be a bit far for Hunter to walk to school if he missed the bus, Judie. Also, no sidewalks.

I'm hoping he'll not miss it again.
stronghunter said…
Bowling tomorrow. We still do not know our position, as results haven't been posted.

Someone asked if the absent team would have to forfeit the game last week. I had thought that was the rule, but was told they have 2 weeks to make up the game. I am not a bowling rules expert, so I do not know why.
Shirley...I asked that question....thanks for the answer
I didn't see any pips in your pic, Shirley...nice pic
stronghunter said…
Oh, sorry, Paula. It is only a couple of miles, but there are no sidewalks and would be risky. I just hope he does better from now on. For his own sake.

Not so bad to take him when he uses the time to look for birds.
stronghunter said…
The eggs look intact to me. Looks like there might be some bits of flugg on them.
Hoda said…
Oh here you all are.

THANK you SANDI and SHIRLEY about fire place comments.They are comforting and reassuring. Blessed Be.

Sunny today and I feel blessed to have had breakfast on the deck. As it gets warmer I would like to sleep out there and see the stars and the moon.

Tomorrow a dental appointment.
After tomorrow the snow tires come off...wish me luck that this is a correct decision.

Sending love and prayers to you all.

stronghunter said…
Oh, I hope the removal of those snow tires do mark the end of winter, Hoda.

Just enjoy your stay at that very nice house, Hoda.
Eagle up and digging...rolling...and back on the eggs. Couldn't see a thing :)
Sandi said…
Hi all! I am exhausted and it's only Monday. Only cried 4 or 5 times today in school - good grief. The kids were actually very gentle with me - I guess the teachers on the team told them why I was out since I NEVER miss a day.

Refrigerator is empty so we need to head to the grocery store after grabbing some pizza for dinner.

Haven't even looked at the cam in almost a week - will have to start up - hoping for an eaglet (or 2 or 3) very soon.

Thank you all for the cards. Will take a photo of the flower arrangement from the Momsters and Dadsters and put it on my blog as soon as I post this.

Judie said…
Good early evening.

Hoda, what a nice idea to literally sleep outside under stars and moon.

Shirley, did not know the distance and sidewalk situation. Was thinking, of course, Hunter might not like having to walk in late. Better safe.

Looks like Shep on the eggs. Very windy. Hope no eaglets until later in the week. After snow and cold.

Early dinner over. Darth has a meeting. Going to point my toes toward the ceiling.


Sandi said…
Flower arrangement photo is posted on my blog - African violet, ivy, peace lily, 2 kalanchoes and I don't recall the name of the lighter green plant with the kind of heart-shaped leaves. Help? Will try to keep them all alive - oh, the pressure!!

JudyE said…
Posted on the ole page was up when I came home and forgot LOL

LORI you have a post that I think is SPAM on your FB wall I marked it as spam but it just shows back up They said that there was a spam going around about the airplane crash so I am assuming that it is the SPAM and didn't open and I put warning under it for no others to open

I see temp at nest is now 39° warmed right up

We are gettting the cold front ok cool one with rain all day got a little over a inch so far and rain tommorrow also and lo 48°
JudyE said…
I was hoping with the cold weather maybe the hatching may be delayed like all the other cold nest we can only hope that will happen
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good evening all my eagle budlets. I am sitting here with a brand spanking new pair of teeth in my head. Now I just have to learn how to masticate again. :)
magpie said…
Good to see you here with us
especially heartwarming that
the students were gentle with you.
All of your posts have been
comforting and profound to read

(( HUGS )) xo
magpie said…
well, I'm pretty sure you'll get the hang of the new choppers
and your new smile !!

guess a day or so of some soft foods
might be on your diet
magpie said…
A full day of sunshine for the
Sycamore Palace

I am also hoping any hatchings
will wait until whatever we
might be getting in the next 36 hours is... over with

Appreciate the hatch date possibilities, and your
hatching guesses, Paula
Mema Jo said…
Good evening to all ♥

Thanks Sandi for the photo of the flowers. Hope they last a good while for you. I had received a basket such as yours but my daughters transplanted most of them into their own containers. They know that I, like you, can't keep anything alive for very long.
Very happy your students showed you respect - that is welcomed news.
Mema Jo said…
Judy The Article isn't on Lori's page anymore - Some of my other friends had the same message. It was SPAM..........
Mema Jo said…
Well, our tax appointment was somewhat fruitful! We don't OWE
Uncle Sam one penny ♥
stronghunter said…
Students can be surprising, can't they Sandi? I remember when my father died, my mother missed quite a bit of time. When she returned, she was touched by their sympathy. She said that the most disadvantaged kids were the sweetest ones--they understood.
Janet said…
Good Monday evening to one and all.

Our next to the last day/night (for now) here with our dear friends. So thankful to have had this time!

Reading back over today….so glad to see everyone checking in. touched to see sandi’s posts…
I can see hoda sleeping under the stars…

Its been such a nice few days. I am very relaxed. I may not post again til I get back to Nashville. Was pleased to find my friends do have wireless, so much touch base!

SED…..hugs, love, and smiles to all.
NatureNut said…
Good Evening Eaglebuds! Wanted to get on much earlier, but been fighting w/blogger cop on posting some pictures. I finally got OSPREY pictures from the Park and a surprising eagle view!
Daughter flew in from TX over the weekend and went to Baltimore for a few days of a work conference. She called when she got there to tells she could see the Aquarium from her hotel!!! Cool. She will come back down here and her hubby will fly in Friday night. So they'll be here until Sunday! He was probably joking, but said awhile back he would like to have our stray kittens to take home due to rodent problems! They must be one of the first pests to return after fires!
Hope everything is going well for everyone. Prayers for Good Health for all, and special prayers for the relatives of downed airplane passengers and Pleasant Feather Dreams ;>)
grannyblt said…
Hoda, I'm with you. Breakfast outside on the porch. I can't wait for the weather to cooperate. And I would sleep outside too, if I could.
Thanks for the picture of the flower basket,Sandi. You could plant most all of them in your flower bed when frost danger is past and enjoy for this summer
There were a few nasty s***flakes this afternoon
SED to all
Costume Lady said…
I, too, wanted to get on here earlier, Loretta, but still addressing Thank You notes. Florists used to put return addresses on the card, but only one had an address!

Family Friday was just so great. Being around family means so much to me, right now...they are all an extension of Gene.
Dustin came home from school for the weekend to spend some time with me. It was good to have someone in the house with me and to have someone to cook for. That boy can eat!!
We spent a few hours outside cleaning up underneath the had become a catch-all during all the snow we had. Dustin put about 12 large boxes up front to go on the garbage truck. Big relief for me!
He went back to school yesterday and I missed him so much today!

Finally took the Death Certificate to the fiduciary office today and for some reason, as I was signing one of the many forms, I broke down, cried my heart out. I don't cry very much, I know I have to stay strong for my girls (and myself), they have not seen me cry and I sure was glad they weren't with me today!
GG is handling the loss of Gene pretty well now. She tries to cheer me up. She cried off and on for the first two days, but has been very strong since then!

SANDI, so sorry to hear of your mother's passing, but we know she is no longer in pain and suffering ♥

Have a good night, and prayers ♥
stronghunter said…
Oh Wanda, sometimes it helps to cry, and I am sure your daughters can handle seeing you cry if it happens. But I understand how you feel.
Lolly said…
Good evening! Have to say the last two days have been "interesting"! The wind yesterday was awful! There were road signs warning of wind gusts to 50 mph! We plugged on and stopped in Laramie! Saw 19 as the low and it snowed during the night. This morn we headed to Cheyenne. Roads were clear (mostly), no wind, but it started snowing and then our high tech car told us a tire had low pressure. No place to stop as the shoulder was snowy and icy. Finally got to a gas station in Cheyenne, tire looked okay but was 10 lbs low. Googled a tire store,drove there, and sure nuff....we had a nail. Did not take too long to fix, great place, and skies cleared and we headed south through Denver. We are presently in Raton, NM. We could make it home in one day ,but want to arrive went it is still light, so we arrive home Wed.

Last night I could get on , but no wifi. I have about used up my time with AT&T. Then tonight no wifi, but it fixed and we now have it. Will go post pics!
Lolly said…
Hi Shirley! Thought of you passing by Ft. Collins today!
stronghunter said…

You would have gone right by Fort Collins when you went from Cheyenne to Denver.

Good that you fancy car warned you about the tire.

Getting sleepy.

Time to say good night. SED, everyone.
Lolly said…
Just read back! LOL Thinking of the fireplace starting up for Hoda. That would have been very startling!
Mema Jo said…
I have stayed up too late again ♥
So good to see you here Wanda ♥
Loretta, recently I was just talking about missing you - Glad your daughter was in for a visit.

Goodnight to all and prayers for all of us and our loved ones ♥

Lolly said…
Tried to up load this morn's pics, but no luck. Nite all!

Hoda said…
Goodnight All.
God Bless.
Tomorrow Dentist for almost two hours!
Prayers and positive thoughts welcome.

WANDA God's Love and Blessing dear Friend.

LOLLY glad you stopped in a safe place. Fancy car did good to warn you about the tire... Blessed Be!!!
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

Rain today, mixed with some snow this evening - won't this winter ever end??

Hoda, two hours at the dentist? Why? Yuk - good luck to you!

Janet and Lolly, safe travels!

Loretta and Wanda, good to see you on the blog.

Shar, congrats on your new teeth!

Yesterday I filled out something called an asset recovery form that the funeral home gave to me last week. Once I have the paperwork notarized and mail it, this company will attempt to track down any accounts that Mom had that I may not be aware of.

Jo, although the state board of ed. agreed to waive up to 6 days, my school district only requested that 3 be waived so we still have 5 to make up. The 30 extra minutes per day will make up 24 hours or 6 school days, which means we could still have an extra day added to the end of the school year. :( Our board met last night so we should hear the final verdict soon.

And Jo, I will do the same with the plants - separate them into different pots.

Have a great day all.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

stronghunter said…
Snowing at a steady pace here. Cars. grass, and rooftops are all white already.

Hunter has gone off to school on the bus.
stronghunter said…
I do not see snow at the nest. Hoping it stays that way.

Time to get ready for bowling. Still do not have last week's results.
Costume Lady said…
Snow is just starting here...1 to 3 inches expected, but not expected to last due to warmer temps. Hope eggbert doesn't try to hatch today...tomorrow will be soon enough!
magpie said…
Good Morning Eagle Pals....

and especially, Hello Wanda !!


magpie said…
I was touched by your post from last evening, Wanda....I can
picture Dustin doing his work
there for you....
xo He is a dear young man

magpie said…
We don't have snow starting yet
in THIS part of Martinsburg....but I guess it will be here soon....

I see that Shirley is getting it
magpie said…
I am gathering up some things
to bring for the Clothes Closet
and will try to get them there
next Tuesday.
magpie said…
Best Wishes to Everyone, for whatever is on YOUR Dance Cards today....

I have court for work, and
other "actitivities of daily living"
(Lori: ADL - LOL )
so it's time to shuffle along

Prayers for Wellness...
holding Larry up in prayer as his
treatments are to start soon


God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox
Costume Lady said…
So glad I came back here and saw your post, MARGIE. I'll be so happy to see you and chat ♥

I came back here to post a photo on my WANDA'S WISHES, but couldn't remember how to do it!
Sandi said…
Hopping on from school while kids are finishing an English test.

Wanda, Lisa and I will be packing up bags and bags of clothes and shoes in the next couple of weeks - Mom has so many in so many different sizes. I bought her 5 new outfits for Christmas b/c she had lost so much weight, and she hardly even wore them.

Lynnis's sister is having a baby shower for her on April 13th at Morgan's Grove Park in Shepherdstown. I wonder if we could hook up some time that day so I could give you everything for the Clothes Closet? It would make me feel really good to do that.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥

I am getting a White Snow Shower and the grass is covered. Just started minutes ago - I am happy to see the nest area is clear so far.

Just having my first cup of coffee and need to read back.

Blue jays and Cardinals are going wild with the seeds I just put out.
Mema Jo said…
Shirley Shirley - Before I forget again to tell you this. I saw a young man like Hunter's age yesterday when we went to Cracker Barrel with a pair of the socks on that you all have been talking about - Knocked your eyes out. Of course he reminded me of Hunter because he had Shorts on~!
Mema Jo said…
Wanda - sounds like your clothes closet needs more space! Margy and Sandi I know you have made Wanda very
happy! Don't forget the hangers ♥
Mema Jo said…
I hope this snow stops just as quickly as it started
Our eagle is getting snowed on and I hope the eggs don't have any pips in them. Towards the end of this week temps should be up in the 60°

Please Mother Nature - Let Spring get Sprung............ ♥
Judie said…
Good morning.

Finally! SNOW! Feared we might have a snowless winter. GAG

Snow on the nest, of course. Please little eaglets, wait another day or two or three.

Loweeeda, enjoy the time with Sherry and her hubby. How're you feeling?

Hoda, hoping such a long time at the dentist won't be too uncomfortable.

Shirley, did Hunter have school today? Jo's comment about the young fella at Cracker Barrel made me wonder.

Sandi, what a terrific and generous idea about contributing to the clothes closet. Wanda will be ecstatic and so grateful.

Wanda, so happy Family Friday was fun and GG is doing well. Dustin really is a kind and loving young man.

Off to refill my coffee cup and look through the paper.

May tackle some clean out and organizing of kitchen today.

Stay warm and safe.


Costume Lady said…
Your donation of clothes is most welcome!
SANDI, I would be more than happy to meet you at Morgan Grove...only a short drive from my house~
Lolly said…
Good morning! Sitting here eating my cereal. We will be on the road soon. No snow here, sunshine but saw 18 this morning! The underside of our trailer is insulated and heated when we have the heat on. This is good! We shower at night and then disconnect and store the hose. We have water, but using the pump.

I will soon be complaining about the heat.....and lack of H2O! Lol

Sandi, my sister and I did the very same thing for Mother. We kept her dressed very nicely, so easy to shop for her. She was proud of always getting complements. She had a closet full of nice clothes.

Time to run! Later!
Mema Jo said…
Sure is time for a good Shake Off at our nest.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

Checking for news before I head to the hair SALON---no saloons for me today ! Expected snow overnight that did not materialize. Still in the forecast for this afternoon---will probably hit while I out, but it's not expected to be much.

So happy to read news like:

LORETTA, has a daughter visiting !

WANDA, enjoyed quality time with Dustin and will be receiving nice donations of clothing from SANDI and MARGY !

SHAR is busy relearning the art of mastication and must have a gorgeous smile with the new choppers !

LOLLY and JACK are wending their way homeward through a bit of bad weather, but beauteous territory.

JUDIE is finally going to clean and organize her kitchen today--the Dynamically Distressing Duo may have been rooting through things in the wee small hours of the morning !

And good reports from others of you today---except for that lengthy dental appt. HODA ! My thoughts are with you on that one !

Hoping for a pip today !


Mema Jo said…
Thinking of Hoda in the dentist chair...
Thinking of Shirley at the alley - hope her team has their 1st place in their league...
Wondering if Wanda has soup kitchen every Tuesday...
Hoping the temp rises soon so that tomorrow I can drive myself to lunch with past co-workers...
Wondering if after Judie cleans out her kitchen cupboards she will come and do mine.. I love those plastic containers but on my do I ever have too many...
Kay said…
And I'm back to invite y'all to a nice new thread. Read Steve's comment before heading in !


COME ON OVER.........

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