Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tuesday, April 11

Here's a report from our land manager:

At three weeks+ old, the largest eaglet is nearing the one foot high growth mark. The smaller two are not too far behind. The webcam images are a little deceiving when it comes to gauging their size. The darker feathers we see coming in are the secondary down feathers. They are a little darker and thicker than the first down feathers. In another 2-3 weeks, we will start to see the darker juvenile body and flight feathers. As the adults move around the nest, you might have noticed it looks like their talons are curved into a ball. They do this to protect the young eaglets. The adult's talons are very sharp, and could easily injure one of the chicks if they are not careful. All three are eating well and growing fast.


Nancy said...

I'm calling the eaglets Liberty, Justice and Freedom. I think the oldest eaglet is Freedom, because that's what he seems to want - always hanging out on the edge of the nest and causing so much consternation among all the eagle watchers. I never would have guessed he/she is a foot high (tall?), although every morning when I tune in, they all seem to have grownlike weeds since the day before. Thanks again for the information about nest happenings!

eagle-eyed sharon said...

I love the Liberty, Justice and Freedom. Those are cool names. Freedom makes me nervous too. I pray he/she doesn't fall off. I guess that is the mommy in me!! Thank you so much for the information you feed us every day. I check all the time for new information. I work on my computer all day so I keep the eagle cam up on my computer all the time. It has been so amazing watching these babies go from three little (or they looked little to me) eggs to three thriving, growing eaglets. This is the most amazing thing I have ever had the privilege to witness. I am really anxious for the live feed now. I don't know what I will do about working then - LOL! :)