Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday 4/10

Second day in a row with great weather here in West Virginia. It's still brisk though, in the mid fifties today; although the seventies are forecast for tomorrow.

The bright sunshine has allowed our eagles to dry out from saturday's rains, and the adults have been spending a good deal of time out of the nest today between feedings. What you can't see in this shot is that the adult is plucking a bird that was caught for the midday meal.

Regarding that announcement,you're hearing it first on the NCTC Eagle Cam Daily:
the folks here at NCTC have been working on getting our real-time video feed of the nest up on the web.

I don't have full details to pass on to you yet, as it could still take several days to finalize. Our plan is to offer all you folks with broadband connections the chance to watch the cam in real time video for several hours each day.

We have tested this already and it looks good, if you have that fast connection.

More on this once we get our arrangements finalized.


eagle-eyed sharon said...

That is fantastic news. I am one who loves instant gratification and when the refresh went to 30 seconds I almost lost interest but I couldn't stay away. To get a real-time feed would be absolutely great. I am so enjoying watching mother nature really at work. I so appreciate you all having it for us to watch. I am sticking in for the long haul.


MEMA Jo said...

Ever since you first announced a change coming - I have been hoping for 'real time' coverage. Thank you ever so much. Now I won't have to wonder about the oldest eaglet between the refreshes as to whether or not he fell out of the nest. It is really breathtaking when I see him/her perched on the edge as though he sure is anxious to get out of there and see where mom and dad goes! Now you can work on placing a 'zoom' lens on the cam! Right?!

Lolly said...


Central NY

Just Vicky said...

This will be a GREAT DAY! I'm sooooo excited for this real time cam! I spend as much time as possible watching this family! (Tic, Tac and Toe!)


Glo said...

LOL So I am not the only one hoping that the oldest isn't falling and waiting for refresh to see he is me 30 more seconds to get something done. Well it's not that bad...but I too was watching a couple of minutes there and saying, back up, no don't fall aww silly bird, where's mom, How does she move him back anyway. Sounds exciting..Thanks.

Nilla said...

Applause i can not wait to see the birds moving around in real time. The 1st born is really moving and seems to be even eating on its own. I have been watching since day 1 and the parents are so attentive to the young. I also have named the eaglets.. 1st born is Onezee 2nd born is Twozee and 3rd is Threezee, I also am watching the oldest and hoping he doesnt fall. Thanks NTCT for this privledge of watching these magnificent birds.

Grandma said...

Great news! Can't wait for real time coverage.

We call them "Brutus";"LittleBit"; and "NotMuch."

paula said...

Thank you for bringing this wonderful eagle family for everyone to see. I have been watching these little guys from the start, and like everyone else, am totally fascinated with them. I can't wait for a real-time feed.
I'm rooting for the smallest eaglet, "Little-bit".