Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tuesday April 4 Morning Report

From Our Land Manager:

Today, eaglet 1 is 18 days old, eaglet 2 is 15 days, and the little one is 13 days. All of the eaglets are beginning to get a few dark feathers on their backs and heads. Its most apparent in the oldest one. All three are surviving the strong winds, rain and cooler temperatures. Mom and Dad continue to bring fresh grass to the nest for insulation and fresh bedding. Feeding times will probably get a little more consistent and often. The eaglets are growing very fast. Maximum growth will happen in the 3rd and 4th weeks when the eaglets will gain about 4 ounces a day. It also looks like the parents have been adding a few sticks to the perimeter of the nest--probably in preparation for the increased movement of the eaglets as they begin to explore their surroundings. Stay tuned.


Nancy said...

I don't consider myself a bird watcher, but I've practically been mesmerized watching this eagle family. I became concerned yesterday when the first eaglet looked to be precariously close to the rim of the nest while the mother (or father) seemed to be looking elsewhere. I just discovered the blog so it's great to get details about the eagles that you can't discern from the webcam. Thanks so much!

Steven said...

Thanks to all who are posting comments. We too are mesmerized by what we are seeing.

Glo said...

Well I too have been greatly enjoying this but what I am seeing today has me a little concerned. I have not seen anyone eating and mostly mom just sitting on the edge of OoR is it really a sad day afterall..I surely hope not!!!