Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wednesday 4/4 Midday Report

Cold, windy weather overnight with some rain and snow kept an adult sitting on the eaglets all morning.

It's feeding time now and all three eaglets are active. The forecast is for continued brisk weather over the next several days, so let's keep rooting for the third eaglet, who still has a ways to go.


Nancy K. said...

I am rooting for the littlest eaglet! I've posted a link to the eagle cam on my blog and encourage visitors to check out the eagles. I find them absolutely addictive! Of course, when I have lambs, in a week or so, I may not be QUITE as attentive... ;-)

Thank you SO much for this incredible opportunity to witness something that most people never get the chance to see! I will watch the eagles as long as they visit the next.

Jo Anne T said...

I work with children with multiple disabilities. The Eagles have brought a great deal of joy into our class room. thank you.

Nature Lover said...

These loving and dedicated eagles have won a special place in my heart. What wonderful parents! I love watching the eaglets progress, and worry for their safety. I guess as a mom myself, I worry they will "go over the edge", but these parents seem to be ahead of them. I'm facinated by the added features to the nest to protect their little ones. I am wondering if they have any nature predators such as hawks, etc.?
I can't thank you enough for the privilege of watching nature in a "birds eye view". I checked quite often the evening of the storms, but what a joy to see the parent spread it's wings in protection of their precious babies. Watching them is a highlight of my everyday, and I pray daily for their survival. What a beautiful, majestic bird.

Steven said...

Two years ago a Red Tail Hawk got too close to the nest and one of the adult eagles took immediate and rather violent action to remove the threat.

Thanks for your continued comments and thoughts.

jean c said...

This eagle watching IS addictive!!
I am in Dallas and my sister is in Houston and we will call each other and watch together. It is a time of bonding for us as well as the eaglets and parents.
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and privilege.