Friday, April 21, 2006

More soon 4/21

Was in an all day meeting yesterday that continues through the morning today. Will try to get a land manager update this PM.


Janet said...

I have found your site very educational and entertaining. Thanks. I have dial-up and can not get the video but I have found that the Northeast Utilities live stream 56kbps comes thru on dial- up. Maybe we could have this in the future for your dial-up fans.

janetm said...

I was able to view the live video for the first time yesterday - incredible! I'm a birder from way back, but have never had an opportunity like this before. To actually see the adults feeding the chicks & yes, even watching the chicks "poop shoot" over the side - amazing and addictive! We're expecting thunderstorms and possible heavy rain here in WV tonight, so I hope the parents are able to keep the chicks safe.
thanks again NCTC for sharing this with the world!