Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday 4/7

We had a rainy morning, but it's drying out a bit and the eagles are up and active now. Here's our daily family shot above. The food continues to pour in to feed these hungry youngsters, mostly fish with an occasional snake.

We're optimistic about our youngest eaglet, who was getting a full meal an hour or so ago with minimal interferance from the oldest eaglet. But as we continue to say only time will tell.

Thanks for your continued comments, and we'll have that announcement early next week.


Nancy K. said...

I just posted the link to the eagle cam and this blog on two Shetland sheep breeders lists that I belong to. I just think it is such a miricle to be able to wittness these beautiful birds caring for their young! Thank you for making it happen!!

Nancy Krohn
Bluff Country Shetlands
Houston, Minnesota

Jim Brannon said...

The streaming video is awesome. As a retired educator it that is so real and meaningful in teaching students, plus it brings out the kid in me! I have shared this link with many educators. You are to be commended for your excellent project.