Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday 4/14

Hi Folks,

Thanks for the huge response to the live feed. For those of you with technical problems, the only thing I can say right now is please follow the instructions carefully. let me know on the comments if you keep having problems and we'll see if we can help.

Here's an update from our land manager:

The oldest eaglet will be 4 weeks old tomorrow. They are all growing very fast now. At 4 weeks, the eaglets are able to hold their heads up for long periods of time, flap their growing wings, and stand and walk around. You might have noticed how big their feet and beaks are. The feet and beaks grow faster, and are nearly adult size at this time. As the weather gets warmer, we will see more activity by the parents to shade the eaglets. You might have noticed the male doing this yesterday with his wings spread wide. The only water the eaglets get at this time is through the food brought to them, so it is important to not get too overheated. You might notice their beaks opened a little part of the time. They are panting to help them stay cool--just like dogs. Be sure to check out the live video feed if you have a broadband internet connection, and pass it on to any school contacts you think might be interested.


MEMA Jo said...

The information you have given us is great as we watch this nest activity. I was able to see a feeding today and the littlest was first up and ate alot. I also witnessed the adult eagle shake his feathers, spread its wings and take off in flight. What a majestic bird! I am to be getting the house ready for my large family easter gathering - but will admit it's difficult concentrating on cleaning and food prep. I know for sure that during the Easter meal - everyone is going to be watching the live cam. Steve, if your work site is near the tree in that long white building, why don't you go to the back of the bldg and wave to us? (If you do-let us know when so we wouldn't miss you)

Steven said...

Thanks Jo.

The building many of us work in is way off to the left of the camera. The really amazing thing about this whole eagle nest thing is the National Conservation training Center is a big place (400,000 square feet), that more than 16,000 folks come to every year. That many people makes for a lot of traffic and activity, and yet these eagles chose this tree, merely a few hundred yards away from one of our main buildings, and they have accepted the racket that we all make. (We do maintain a perimeter around the nest to ensure that the eagles are not disturbed.)

We hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.

eagle-eyed sharon said...

This is the absolutely coolest thing I have ever seen. Thanks so much for all the information and also for the live feed. Jo I was thinking the same thing about the majestic bird. I am having a really hard time working today and watching everybody at the same time. It touches my heart every time I see the mommy or daddy spread their wings to protect the babies from weather. And I am so proud that this is in my home state of WV!!

Pete said...

I had the opportunity last weekend to visit the Eagle nest and what a majestic site. I couldn't get real close so as not to disturb the Eagle at the nest. But I used my telephoto lens to get some great shots. I watch them every day at work also. And at home in the evenings. If I could attach the pictures I would, Pete

Judy said...

I would love to see your photos. If you could email me at I'm watching a nest near Pierre Part, Louisiana, and have been getting some good shots. The nest started out with two babies, but sadly only one made it.
I really love this website and the ability to watch the eagles live now. Thanks so much for the opportunity, and I hope everyone has a great Easter.

Judy said...

Thanks Steve for all your hard work, and whoever else has a hand in this!

MEMA Jo said...

Pete: Send your photos online as a jpg file to Karen or Steven would be the ones to post them on the blog.

Steven: The Eagle Cam video on Real Player stated that the streaming video is only available for several hours each day. Is that why I am unable to get it up and running? I viewed it all morning, but around 3:30 -4:30 this afternoon I could not get it going.

janetm said...

I have to agree with the other comments - the webcam is awesome! I checked out the other birdcams on, but this is definitely the best. Thank you Steven and everyone at NCTC from another West Virginian!!

But I haven't been able to view the live video yet. does anyone know what hours of the day it operates? I do have the latest realplayer, broadband connection etc.

pete said...

I just sent my Eagle Nest pictures to NCTC (Karen) they will have to post them. If you would like for me to send them directly to you , you may E-mail me at
The file is a 5 meg file for all of the pictures. I can send just a few for those with Dial up.