Saturday, April 08, 2006

Rainy Saturday 4/8

We're getting alot of rain today, and it is really needed. So, our eagle adults are "tenting" today to protect the eaglets. Weather for tomorrow is mostly sunny and warmer.

See the fresh fish? With all this food available it's interesting to note that eagles have a crop (on their esophagus) where food can be stored until ready to be eaten. The crop also helps separate the meat from bones, fur and feathers, based on what's being eaten at the time.


Grandma said...

We were very concerned because of the bad weather, even checked on them at 4:30 a.m. but couldn't see the eaglets.

We've become such eager eagle watchers that all news stories catch our eye. Here's a link to a story about a male eagle trying to care for his new eaglet--alone.

Glo said...

Thanks for the photo and the info. Such a wonderful site. I am s glad I have found it. I hope today proves much sunny and warmer for this family.

Spirit_Eagle said...

It has been a Joy and a Breath of Fresh air with all the crap on TV and In the news to watch such a great thing. Its an Honor to be named Wambly Nagee ( Spirit Eagle)
Pilamya for your efforts!
Spirit Eagle
Ozzie Osborne
Zanesville Ohio