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New thread.

4:25 at the nest:


New thread.

Update 4:45pm A fresh squirrel for supper.


New thread.


New thread.

Thursday Update

Jo Sent Steve W and I a few pics from this AM. Above is one of them.

Steve is pretty convinced now that the bird hanging out yesterday is one of the original fledges from the NCTC nest, probably a male. He will likely set up a territory with 5-10 miles of here, find a mate, and work to build a new nest.


The shot above was captured this AM. Steve W. and I have discussed, and it seems like there are a couple of things that could be going on. First off, it is one of our adult eagles that has been eating carrion of some sort, like a dead deer and has not cleaned up yet.

It could be an adult that has gotten into a scrap with another critter.

Steve's first impression is that it may be a new eagle, and if so, because of the mottling on the head, could be one of the eaglets hatched four years ago in this nest. We'll need to keep a close eye to determine if this is the case. If it is a juvenile, it will be chased off by the adults.

There are other scenarios as well, but these seem the most likely to us.

Update 1:27 pm:

Steve W. just stopped in and said that he is more confident that the bird this AM is a four year old eagle. There's an eagle perched over the nest now, so we'll keep watching.


I looked at 7:10 and nothing, so I was ten minutes to thread with snapshot from Suzanne.