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Fresh thread.


NatureNut said…
Dear Steve, Thank you for the new thread.
I will chirp at the others ♪ ♫
NatureNut said…
Hey, Eaglebuds! It's Wednesday already on the NEW THREAD!!
Is that 3 feathers for me to go with 3 eggs??? ☺
Janet said…
Congrats NatureNut on a FEATHER! Thanks for the new thread Steve.

Hey all, sorry haven't checked in. Got new computer. Am setting up. Will read back and check in later/tomorrow.

Light and love to all.
NatureNut said…
Dear Jo, I wrote you a message on Yahoo mail, but have no idea if it went out. It looks like Greek to me.
Sandi said…
Thanks Steve, for the new thread and thanks Loretta for the call over.

Haven't read any news about Larry today - hope he is recovering well from his surgery. Paula, what kind of treatment plan is up for Larry?

Jo, thanks again for organizing everything for Gene's memorial service.

Goodnight all - see you in the early AM.
Mema Jo said…
Thank you Steve - perfect timing

Good evening to all ♥
I'm on my 2nd TV show but will return

Congrats Loretta - got your message
Mema Jo said…

Must be TN air

I'm just pleased to know that I made it through Tues lol
Janet said…
good evening to one and to all. it is tuesday evening and we have a wednesday thread. woo hoo!

i have read back over all of the posts. still so sad. MEMAJO: i will send some money via snail mail. whatever the group decides to do is fine by me. i have mixed feelings. plants/flowers are nice, but they die and you are left with nothing but maybe a nice basket. a donation to their cause would be longer lasting perhaps? i will send $$ and let you all decide to spend.

its been a busy day here. my 7 yr old sony viao laptop has been rapidly deteriorating...night before last it started to make this awful rattling noise! so tom helped me to get a new laptop today. another sony viao. my other one was so good we decided to stay the course.

not much new around here. february is drawing to a close. a very sad close.

i hope everyone rests well this evening. My heart and thoughts are with each of you, holding each in light and love.

SED to all.
grannyblt said…
Thank you Jo for organizing everything for the memorial service for Gene. I'm sure I speak for all of us that are unable to attend.

SED to all
Evening all.

SUCH lovely thoughts of Gene and Wanda . Truly a lovely couple .
So Larry has finally turned a small corner his pain med filled..a narcotic liquid ..was hard to find..and he was let out late on Sunday . Got it last night. It has really helped..he finally got some sleep last night. Eating is a chore...he'sdoing better with it each day. Dr appt tomorrow ..I Will go with him . It is with the surgeon/ENT...for a post surgery check up.

Insurance company Carefirst called...he has a cancer specialist contact person ...he Will speak with her after his appt tomorrow.
So tomorrow Will be fun getting cleaned up for the Dr appt ... then I Will bring him home and go to work for a couple of hours ...I get paid for the whole day if i am there part of the day. Feel very fortunate to have a very understanding boss.
stronghunter said…
Time for me to say good night.

Paula, so good that you are able to stay with Larry during this time.

Bowling was good today. We're happily remaining in first place so far. My practice is helping me to improve.

God bless and SED, everyone.
Kay said…
STEVE, we are grateful for a Fresh New Thread !

LORETTA, lookin' good with those three beautiful feathers ! Thanks for the ♪♫ Chirp ♪♪

Jo, so happy you're in charge of our Capt. GENE memorial funds. Thank you !

It's grand to know we'll have a good sized contingency at the service on Saturday. I know the Monster love will warm Wanda's heart.

PAULA, wishing Larry the best--this first week after surgery has to be the pits, but better days are ahead.

SHIRLEY, love that happy news re:your winning team !

It's been a rough day for me, but I hope a good nights sleep will put me in a good frame of mind. And, I know I'm not alone so SED !

Love and prayers for all !

JudyE said…
Just walked in the door from watching Jordyn on Zumba and Yoga and baseball night at the Taylors

checking the box and getting ready for bed
Lolly said…
Have been watching brain numbing TV tonight. Do not have to think that way!

We will be busy Sat loading up, but hope those of us not able to attend the memorial might get on here at that time.

Jo, have my envelope ready to mail in the morning.

Time to say good night. Love to all! ((hugs)) SED
Mema Jo said…
Closing down for tonight

I feel very humbled to be able to be a small part helping to honor Gene. I know that each and everyone of you would do the same for anyone of us
Love your all dearly ♥

Goodnight and Thank you all for your generous responses that you offer especially all the prayers and thoughts you are giving the Wright Family. ♥
Hoda said…
Good night
God Bless.
Thank you MEMA JO.
Good morning everyone. Up and at 'em this morning. A little windy at the nest but someone is settled on the cup. Grateful for the new thread,thanks Steve. Of course, thinking of the Wright's today. God bless us everyone!
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. All looks quiet at the nest.

Paula, I hope Larry gets good news today about the surgery and his follow-up treatment plan.

Bev, hope Tom has a good day - I can't imagine what it must be like to have your entire nasal cavity filled with packing - ugghh!

Long day for me - parent conference night til 8pm. Hoping to get another IEP written in between conferences but I should also have time to check in from school.

Prayers for all, especially Wanda and her family.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds

temp says 29° at the nest and sounds a little windy only see backside of the eagle tail toward 9

pulling flugg I just saw pulling from side to front saw beak briefly
JudyE said…
JO I will be dropping my card and envelope to you in the mail on the way to work will buzz by the PO on the way there
Janet said…
good morning ! wild wednesday. how did it get here so fast?

it is a chilly morning here, but no snow. supposedly we had a chance of snow flurries / showers last night, but alas and alak, none again. the cold sure found us though!

my normal wednesday on tap. hoping everyone has a great day, full of light, love, healing, comfort and smiles.
grannyblt said…
Good morning eagle friends.

Snow again for western PA. The eagle nest in Pittsburgh now has three eggs. Excitement is high as it has been mentioned on the television news stations. I don't think the snow will deter them as the nest is close to an industrial area and the eagles don't seem to mind the noise and activity, so what is one more thing?

Thinking of Wanda and family.

Hoping Larry gets a good Dr. report.

Also praying Sandi's Mom is comfortable and at peace with her situation.

JudyE said…
Eagle turned around and I see SNOW FLURRIES
JudyE said…
Belle I think its is here has something stuck on beak a leaf I think
JudyE said…
snow is starting to get on BELLE back
JudyE said…
she got the flugg of leaf off the beak don't see it stuck any longer

JudyE said…
the bloody mess is off to the side now on the edge near 5 just barely see it Picking at flugg around her
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

I am seeing something white on Belle's right wing. Not sure what it might be.

Snowing here. School on a 2-hour delay.
Judie said…
Good morning.

Thank you Steve for the fresh thread and Loweeda for hollerin' at us.

Light snow here. Might be a patch of snow on Bell's wing?

Wishing Larry a good dr. visit and good news. Do hope he got some much deserved sleep. You, too, for that matter.

Thinking of Wanda and family.

Congrats Shirley!(:

Do not want to go out in the snow but must. BBL
stronghunter said…
Hi, Judie!

Might venture out myself a bit later and practice bowling again.

Looks like there might be a little snow in the nest, so maybe there is some on Belle.

Flakes are still floating down here. School's supposed to start two hours late, though.
stronghunter said…
Woodpecker has been pecking away on my gutter this morning. A red-bellied one. An interesting variety of woodpeckers have been visiting my feeders this winter.
stronghunter said…
Thinking of Wanda and family here, too.

And hoping that Larry and Paula have a very good day.

Linda said…
Good Morning!

My last thoughts last night were of GENE and WANDA and their family and they were my first thoughts this morning! Keeping them in thought and prayer throughout the day today and those ahead!

This is just the most amazing group of people on this blog!! Reading back and feeling the love and support is so very touching. Anything I wished I had said was said by another one of you!! Your thoughts and words were my thoughts and words.

We sooooo compliment one another here!! We are such a loving, caring, genuine group of friends. Truly, it's like no other!! May each and every one of you be blessed in a special way today as we continue to love, care and support one another.....through the good times and the bad!!

I love us!!
stronghunter said…
Margy, how are you this morning?

Also hoping that Tom is better. Not fun to have the nasal cavities packed with that stuff.
stronghunter said…
BBL--need to see the boy off to school. It is snowing away. I am glad I do not have to spend the day with a bunch of middle schoolers watching this snowfall. They will be wound up.

Linda said…
I will try today to get into my yahoo account to get the emails to the group. I have not been successful yet, but I WILL do so today.

PAULA - Hoping today's appointment goes well with LARRY and that he is feeling a bit better. You both are in my prayers!

SANDI - Busy day for you today, but I know your Mom is on your mind constantly. Praying she gains a little more strength today and feels better just because she is back home.

KAY - So happy Penny responded so well to meds and is back to her happy self again. Thankfully they can communicate via their body language to us when they aren't well!

JO - Thinking of Mr. Scar and hoping he takes a bit of food today. Thank you for your love and leadership in this beautiful group of friends!

When one of us hurts, we all hurt.
When one of us grieves, we all grieve.

We're blessed to have each other!!
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good morning my eagle budlets. I stay amazed at the love, compassion and caring we have in this little Eaglet Momsters (and Dadsters) group. I joined this blog in March 2006 and by the end of that year, I knew how special this group is.

Just so ya know, I HATE SNOW!!! Lol! Really, I will be so glad when Spring gets here.
stronghunter said…
Oddly, Hunter wanted to head out to the bus stop a little earlier than usual. Then I saw the young lady walking over to meet him. Interesting.

Snowflakes still falling, but it has gotten a tiny bit warmer. Snow on the rooftops has melted. Weather Channel says it is 33 degrees.

Hoping that Penny and Mr. Scar both have a very good day.
stronghunter said…
Can't say that I completely hate snow, but I have had enough this winter. I am ready for spring.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

Sorry so many of you have snow to deal with--again. It's frigid here with a dusting of frozen snow on the ground.

But, hey, Spring is in the air---Hunter is getting a whiff of it ! Cute observation, SHIRLEY. Have you noticed any extra time spent on grooming, dressing, etc. ?

Just like LINDA, my last thoughts and prayers upon going to bed were of the Wright family---and my first were the same this morning. In addition to all the grief and remembrance I indulged in yesterday, there were thoughts of how I handled the loss when Stan died. How busy those first days are and perhaps that's a good thing. Oh, how my heart aches for WANDA.

SHAR n' SISSY, it pleases me to think of you joining the nest area Momster's for GENE's memorial service. Travel safely !
Kay said…
I see there are still remnants of that bloody meal of yesterday in the next--must have been something other than fish.

Time for the switcheroo and egg roll. I thought it was Shep taking over, but I don't see a spot of the head ????
Kay said…
"in the nest", of course....
magpie said…
Good Morning, Eagle Pals....

Lovely to continue to read
all of everyone's posts...

sorry that Tom is so uncomfortable, but that relief will come "pretty soon" it seems

For Paula and Larry...
steady as she goes, glad that there is some
improvement on the pain level for Larry...hope he latches unto some
special foods he really likes!
Best Wishes and Prayers on further

Snow skiff here, started at 7:30 -
ended now and some sunshine, but it is COLD

Many WV counties, middle and Southern parts, got more snow and more school closings

Best Wishes on Every One's Day...

(( HUGS and PRAYERS and LOVINS'A'Plenty for the Wrights....))

I will post a link to the obituary shortly

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox

magpie said…
If it easier, or necessary, I can copy all the words over to the blog....

need to take care of some chores...

bbl before heading out for that

xoxoxo (( HUGS , Friends ))
Kay said…
I think that white spot seen on an eagle wing earlier must have been a little feather. There are several sticking to branches, evidence that one of our lovely birds is in molting mode.

Hi, MARGY ! You are doing an amazing joy of typing these days ! Thanks in advance for the obituary posting. You are a Dear ! xoxox right back !!
Kay said…
What's wrong with me today ?

"you are doing an amazing job", MARGY. Both in typing and in spreading "JOY" with your kind deeds !
magpie said…
thanks Kay...I alternate between one-finger-one hand, and
both hands....
steady as she goes...
Dressing and grooming, that's another story altogether! LOL

Love you ALL Right Back !

Blessings on your day......

ttfn xo
Mema Jo said…
Morning - I have a dusting of snow and cold winds.

Margy thank you for bringing over Gene's obituary from the newspaper.

Mr Scar is up and about for short periods of time but has only taken water and not any food. He was uite friendly this morning and didn't shy away from us to go under the beds.
Blessings for sure.
Mema Jo said…
Shirley - so now we know the rest of the story about all the clothes shopping for Hunter... Bus stop romances are wonderful... I'm sure you and Kathryn are ready for this - Now Suzi is another story... ♥
Mema Jo said…
I haven't had to restart my Live feed - maybe all the wind is helping out lol

Mema Jo said…
My live feed just needed to be rebooted
Guess I jinx myself with the last comment....... Only got 49 mins worth
Mema Jo said…
Prayers and thoughts for Larry's check up to go well and healing process to start. Paula you are his

Sandi - prayers for your mom's comfort

Tom doesn't snore anymore lol He is something else.

Hope you have a good day, Kay ♥
Mema Jo said…
I have been concerned for our GG but Karla just put a story on FB that I would like to share:

Okay, through all of this sadness, I have a funny story. GG is so concerned about us all, and she wants to do anything to help, so she was telling us yesterday that she wants to drive Mother around....then she stops with the most serious sweet face and says "But I can't drive, it's illegal, they'd put me in jail...." Then the conversation went on about GG in an orange jumpsuit and that she'd be so cute the cops would let her go.
Hope you enjoyed ♥

Mema Jo said…
But like Lolly said - the live feed will start up again on its own

Whoo Hoo
Lolly said…
Good morning! I can not get my live feed to work longer than a few seconds today. Frustrating, for sure. Every time I think I have it conquered, it proves me wrong.

Thanks for the obit, Margy! ((hugs)) Glad you are doing so well, do NOT over due!

Jo, thanks for the funny story. GG is special, as is the whole family. They are taking good care of each other.

Jack took down my mail this morning.

Continued prayers for the Wright fmily, Larry, and Sandi's mom.
Lolly said…
33 this morn and now up to 34. What happened to my 70's???? Down into the 20's in the morning.

Dr. appointment this afternoon. Routine following blood tests. All is well! I do have a lingering cough, not bad, but will mention it.

Tomorrow I get my do done and then we are off to Denton for Joseph's first ever track meet. Right now I know he is doing the triple jump, high jump, and mile run. Laurel did triple jump in high school. She was a track star!
Lolly said…
Winter weather....winter mix is happening again SOUTH of us! Yea, glad it is not here!!!
Kay said…
Oh, JO, Karla's GG story certainly brought a ray of sunshine my way ! Thanks for sharing. I know we've all been very worried about WANDA's dear mom. The family is not forgetting a vital lifeline and one that GENE would insist on---humor. It eases the pain in a miraculous way.

JO, sorry Scar us still off his feed. Helping you pray for another of his 9 lives to be granted !

LOLLY, I thought I was a typo hypo today, but I'm comforted "due" to you ! Must be something in the err, eh ?
Lolly said…
Thinking of GG.....many times older folks can handle this kind of situation so much better than others. I am so very concerned for Wanda as Capt, helped so much with GG. However, I am sure the rest of the family is going to step up and handle anything that is needed.
Lolly said…
LOL Had to search for my "air". Finally found it! You are so right, Kay! Something in the err!

I love us!

Time to get a move on!
Kay said…
Oh, LOLLY, I love track meets ! My granddaughter, Dana, was a track star in H.S., high jump and mile runs. She was played Varsity Basketball,too. Ran down the court like a gazelle. She now does community marathons. Good luck to Joseph--I hope he takes after Laurel and sticks with it.
Mema Jo said…
Lots of upcoming birthdays for March
and of course Feb 28 is WV Jerry.
Check out your Momsters' list.
Mema Jo said…
I may have given you this link before - Steve has also suggested we view this nest at Berry College
Kay said…
Thanks for the heads up re:March dates, JO. And thanks, too, for the link. I've bookmarked the site and will check in now and then. Able to read only a bit since I'm not on FB. Seems they are tending to one eaglet and stilling sitting on an egg that is probably not viable. Beautiful pine tree nest !
magpie said…
I absolulely love the GG tale....
this embodies the spirit of this wonderful others have mentioned, always thinking of others.

Thank you Jo for bringing this to us
xoxox !!

Happy Travel Arrangements Lolly,
sounds like lots of fun ahead

magpie said…
Oh Belated Thanks to
STEVE for the new thread last night....

Very Much Appreciated

And I Love the Hunter Tales, always!
As I do ALL the grandchildren tales amongst us...They bring us
such Joy!

Rest Period here for someone,
I live alone, so it must be for me

xoxox ttfn xoxox
magpie said…
I love the furbaby tales...
All of Them!
Glad Mr Scar is skulking around
wanting some lovins', hope he
gets an appetite back Pronto!

xo 'see Ya' Later

JudyE said…
Helllo on lunch

LINDA I love what you wrote and I totally agree DITTO

HUNTER and a new girl this will be interesting for the blog Keep an ear out for phone calls tooo
JORDYN announced last night at her house OMA I have a boyfriend almost 6 now so its time LOL its is the boy Phoneix that was in her VPK he isn't in her class now but across the hall Angie arranged a play date with him on Sat and got some cute pictures

Love the GG story
MARGY thanks for the OBIT

Keeping all close to heart

Mema Jo said…
Address for Gene's daughters

Karla Wright Adams
P.O.B. 14
Berryville VA 22611

Denise Wright Millholland
3155 Middle Road
Winchester VA 22602

I will set up small gift bags to hold their cards if you are going to be there and decide not to mail. ♥

Judie said…
Good afternoon.

Back from errands and got my "do" did.

Snow has stopped and sun is shining.

Looks like lots of sunshine on the nest, also.

Paula, hope all is going well with Larry.

Jo, thank you for the GG story. She is just a sweetheart. Shared her Suddenly Salad with me the first time we met.

Thank you Margy for bringing over the obituary for Capt. Gene.

Happy that Penny is improving but so wish Mr. Scar would perk up a bit more.

Lolly, safe travels and good luck to Joseph.

Shirley, so cute about Hunter. Wondered when you mentioned about him turning into a fashion statement and now the reason may have appeared at the bus stop. Interesting times ahead, girlfriend.

Going to check the nest quickly. Then some household chores to attend to. BBL
JudyE said…
make sure you fill out the guest book on the obt page
JudyE said…
so happy its not snowing at the nest like it was this am When I left poor BELLE had snow on her

The NE fl nest is getting rain they look so wet wet I can't keep the cam up more that a couple of min PIA
JudyE said…
OH POO I just remembered I was suppose to pick up some stuff during lunch too late now lunch almost over Will just have to shop after work I don't like that but I must we have coke products on sale for 2 Angie wanted me to piick up some for the party they will have for Carl for mixed drinks
JudyE said…
another reason not to LIKE FL

was on the news the other day
ODD and they are trying to change the law If my employer asked me for my password to all my social networks I would have to give it to him That is bunk I hope the law gets changed
stronghunter said…
The discussion last night concerning Hunter and fashion:

Kathryn said that he is not to wear shorts to school until she okays them. He said that he cannot wear long pants with the high-fashion socks he has, therefore he heeds to wear shorts.

Pants to match the socks? Well, these socks were so special they came with security tags attached.

Anyway, Hunter was obedient and wore long pants today. And a jacket. I have been sitting aside and refraining from entering into these discussions. It is much safer that way. :)
stronghunter said…
What??? Passwords to all of your social networks??????????????

Oh my!

stronghunter said…
Meant to say Hunter claims he NEEDS to wear shorts.

Maybe he needs to live in Florida, Judy. Then he could wear shorts whenever.
Mema Jo said…
No passwords or phone numbers shared by me - no way Hosea (?)

I would give up a site first..
stronghunter said…
Don't tell Hunter, but I see the special socks sticking out from under his jeans. Think he wore them yesterday. Expect they will truly need washing tonight.
Lolly said…
Home!!! Purchased socks for the boys Christmas. One pair each, got a bank loan to get them. LOL Not really, but price is ridiculous!!

Dr. appointment went well. Keeping an eye on my blood count, close to be anemic. Not anemic, but close. BP good, and cholesterol great! ☺ Go back in 4 months.
JudyE said…
sis I sent you a email with addy and also I answered your FB message I love the voice mail that kicks butt LOL
JudyE said…
forgot to say home from work and shopped afterwork It was raining cats and dogs while I was so lucky I had shopping to do When I was done rain was also for the moment Cold front bringing it in with cooler weather Dern it
JudyE said…
I see temp at nest is 27° feels like 18° and sunny and says snow today
30% chance
We are raining and 65° high tomorrow only 61 lo tonight 56° Fri 70 50 lo Sat 70 58 lo so much for the cold front LOL
JudyE said…
but I forgot to get GAS I but money on my card but didn't get gas We get 3 cents off a gal if you use gift card at pump Oh well I can always drive back up
Lolly said…
Please send your rain this way, Judy!
JudyE said…
LOLLY IT on the way ♥ let me know when it get there LOL
JudyE said…
Love it how Belle has pulled the blugg up around her
JudyE said…
11 days to daylight saving time
22 days to vernal equinox
33 days to Spring Opening Day

my weather man posted that Paul
JudyE said…
I submitted a entry in the guest book and so far its not posted I did it from work on my lap top I wonder if that is why it not there How long did you do it SIS and CarolAnne
JudyE said…
that was at 2 also so I am just resubmitting it I guess
JudyE said…
and I also may have oopsed on my email addy with a cap J not a lower case j I remember seeing that after I had done it
JudyE said…
ok now I feel like a idiot
I have now three post on the guestbook I wonder why it hadn't posted before I posted the last Odd I can't seem to be able to delete them also
magpie said…
Hi Eagle Pals

JO, email to you regarding a detail,
if you can have a look-see...thanks!

magpie said…
Well, JudyE, don't beat yourself up!
I have seen that happen on other condolence pages...Rosedale's is sometimes trick to navigate.....

I haven't even check onto that yet

It is known, where your heart is,
Costume Lady said…
Good Evening, dear friends,
I have gone back and read all of your comments over a 2 day period. My tears wouldn't allow me to see very well, so I had to read in increments for the past 2 days. My heart had a hole so big that I didn't think anything could fill it up again, but your kindness and love for us has filled that very big hole!
I don't think I need to tell any of you how much Capt. Gene and I loved each other...everything in life we did with or for each other. Right now, I feel as if there is no life for me without him, but I know these feelings will pass along with time. I do have my children and grandchildren & GG to make my life worth living, so I will hold onto that thought until "This too shall pass".
My pain and sadness is too great to comment anymore for a while, so I will be absent again for a while. I will be back when my tears have dried up enough to allow me to talk about Happy Things. I love you all more than you will ever know...your love and kindness is helping me get through these difficult days. Blessings to you all ♥
Janet said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Janet said…
Good evening folks.

JUDYE: got your response. Thanks.
I posted my comment on the guest book this morning. I just assumed it took as I didn't have time to double check.

It was a cold day. Cold by the standards set by the weekend! It was in the 70's and today, barely in the 30's. A yo yo I tell ya!

LOL> Love the Hunter story. Kids have a fashion "sense" that befuddles the rest of us.

Not a lot else going on. Just wanted to check in. Going into the teens for the next couple of nights...time for the winter woolies ! SED
Janet said…
excuse my delete, pls. still fumbling on this new lap top.

WANDA: lovely to hear your voice tonight. light, love, and continued blessings to you, now and always.
JudyE said…
Samson and Delilah are 9 weeks old now fledgling is just around the corner

WANDA we will be here for you when you need us ♥

JudyE said…
Those are the NE Fl eagle didn't add that lots of wingersizing going on now and soon we will have ours to watch Going to watch AI

magpie said…
Bless your heart, Wanda...
We are definitely with you, we love you so very much
xo (( HUGS ))
magpie said…
funny JudyE, you put the Great White Wanda space in your post somehow

perfect timing
magpie said…
oh, Wanda's avatar...
dear and precious
JudyE said…
FYI I just filled out my 2013 taxes will put in mail tomorrow I am still old fashion just getting a tad more than last year probably because the exemption went up some and I remembered to put my pin # on it checked it for errors no boo boo's on my end now its in their ball court

Need to remember need money for vaca in June with family sort of a Birthday bash for Carl 40th and his mom 60th and a uncle 50th Their family does a vacation usually a cruise and I got invited this year so I am going

all exclusive trip hotel food etc

that is why I won't be able to come up in May if there is anything going on I have vacation put in for April already and June
stronghunter said…
Bless you, Wanda. You know we will be here for you and that you are very much in our thoughts.

Love your avatar.
Mema Jo said…
((((((((HUGS for Wanda)))))))))

Just tuned in - checking email
stronghunter said…
So did you buy some of those socks with security tags on them, Lolly?
JudyE said…
YEP I was correct I just got a notice in my email a bit ago on the desktop from the guest book
MY lap top as no email so that is why when I did the 3rd one with the email addy then posted and looks like in order of when I typed it earlier they aren't on the same page at least LOL

JudyE said…
EGG turn
and Fl boy just sang on AI pretty good
JudyE said…
from the area in Bradenton
JudyE said…
he sort of got slammed by the judges

I should has said Eggs turn not egg as one lOL
LynneDUH! said…
evening all....

So special to read Wanda's very special words.

And quite the chuckle about GG and the orange jumpsuit!
LynneDUH! said…
I am also so amused by Hunter and the socks and the girlfriend at the bus...I think there is very catchy country song coming out of this...

But tell me please. What the heck kind of socks ARE these??
Hoda said…
LYNNE where did you read a message from WANDA?
Hoda said…
Oh I scrolled back!
WANDA blessed lady and friend.
Thank you Thank you Thank you...
LynneDUH! said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
8:45 is Wanda comment HODA
JudyE said…
that what I get for waiting to see the comments in my mail box watchng the news

JudyE said…
Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
stronghunter said…
Nike Elite Socks

Lynne, these are the wonderful socks. Colorful, aren't they?
stronghunter said…
Sounds like a fun trip, Judy.
stronghunter said…
The socks are sold as basketball socks. Now, Hunter has been saying he does not like basketball. But he has been practicing his shots. I kind of thought that if I gave him a goal and it got put in the driveway, the interest might develop.
magpie said…
Saw my first grackle today.
Just before sunset.
Heard it first, unmistakable
sound, Spring IS coming.
Just one, he flew over me.
while I was out walking.
I think it is the very first bird
that my very first boyfriend
identified for me :)

magpie said…
And he, who is now and has been,
my New York Naturalist Pal

Mema Jo said…
Calling it a day and closing up shop ♥

Goodnight to all and prayers for all of us and our loved ones. ♥

stronghunter said…
Going to try to catch some z's now. SED, everyone.
magpie said…
Good Night, with Love, Precious Pals

Prayers for Wellness, Comfort,
and Peace

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo

stronghunter said…
Nice to have a naturalist friend, Margy.

I've seen some grackles around here, too.
magpie said…
Thanks, Shirley...
He's a good pal, and a Great Naturalist....

I'da probably seen some more grackles before now if I had gotten out more often

How about some pictures of those
jazzy socks?

Always enjoy the things you say!

G'Night, now, my friend
magpie said…
Well there you are Suzan....
Night-night xoxox (( HUGS ))
Hoda said…
Good Night
God Bless Us All

Lori said…

Good morning all!

So nice to hear from Wanda! Yes, we will pray her through this.

SHARON, loved your post on how much you love this group. Me, too! Special, special people here.

I've been doing a terrible job at trying to keep up reading and posting, so I'm going to take another brief break from the blog while I try to start and finish another Case Study for School. Last one was 36 pages, I expect this one to be at least 50+ pages and it's due March 11.

I love you all so much for the frienship, strength, support and encouragement you give me - always!

My prayers continue for the Wright family, Margy, Sandi's Mom and Larry.

Please, please email me if something happens at the nest I should know about. I'm hoping it's uneventful and we have 3 eaglets, soon!

Looking forward to March 12! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Sandi said…
Goodorming Lori and all my eagle friends. Belle is tucked in and all seems quiet at the nest.

Not a great day for Mom yesterday - some pain b/c she didn't take her meds right on schedule, and she still isn't eating. Not sure how long she'll be able to stay at home if this continues.

I am exhausted after a 13-hour day at school yesterday - and it's only Thursday - UGGHH!!

Prayers for Wanda and her family and for Larry. Did Paula check in to say how his doctor's appt. went yesterday? May have missed it with my speed reading through yesterday's comments.

Have a good day everyone.
Sandi said…
Belle is calling out - I hope she's just calling for Shep to give her a break for breakfast. No time to keep watching - gotta go! TTFN.
Janet said…
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Janet said…
good thursday morning to one and all.

SANDI: is your mom missing her meds because she forgets? if that is the case, would there be a way to set an alarm(s)? i know this is a tough and frustrating time for you. hang in there gal. (((hugs)))

LORI: focus on the end result, the big pix. you got this. do what you need to do. we are here...far as i know we aren't going

Went to sleep thinking about WANDAS words last night. her heartache just comes thru those words .... bless her and keep her....holding her in light and love...

watched survivor last night. had a surprise as the bad door opened and michael came strolling in? what? they did local runs the night before as the truck had to go in for some work. they take off later today for california.

time for me to get this day moving. hope everyone has a lovely day. holding you in the light, sending smiles and hugs and love to all.
Good morning everyone!! I am so glad Wanda was able to drop in for a minute. My heart breaks for her and her beautiful family. I can't even imagine the pain.

Hope y'all have a great Thursday and that everyone is doing okay. Tom goes today to get the tubes and packing out of his nose. Hopefully this will give him some much-needed relief.

Glad to hear Larry got some relief.

Love and hugs to you all. I will be lurking but have to try to stay on task. Mattie, Sher, and I will be there Saturday. Not sure about staying yet. Robyn graciously offered her home but 3 people is a lot to pile in on someone, so we may just get a motel room and come home Sunday. More will be revealed but we will see some of you on Saturday. Wish it was under different circumstances for sure.
stronghunter said…
Good morning!

Belle is still calling out.

Sounds like she wants Shep to bring her some breakfast and maybe a break from eggsitting.

Margy, I did post a picture of the magnificent socks last night.
stronghunter said…
Belle is downright upset. I definitely have sound this morning.
stronghunter said…
I saw all kinds of prices on those socks. Fifteen dollars a pair and down, as I recall. Might have been sale prices. The store clerk told Kathryn that if someone walks out with lots of pairs, it could amount to a good bit of money.

I expect they are very popular and a huge temptation to many kids.
WVJerry said…
Good morning. Glad to see Wanda posted - hope she is doing well today. Just want to update my status for Saturday. My wife will be bringing my donation for Jo and is to look for Margy. I am 50/50 on being able to attend the reception. I should be able to get there around 3:00PM if nothing happens at work. I'll be coming straight from work so may not have the best apperance for a reception. Thanks to Jo for organizing everything. Thanks Margy for being able to meet Rhonda and get my donation. I have no real opinion as to how to honor Gene - I only met him briefly but wish I could have become a friend of his. Sounds like he was a great father, husband and a community-oriented person. Whatever is decided by Jo and evryone will be fine by me. Watching Cam some - only about a minute at a time. Sounds like Belle is in need of assistance. It's cold here now and will be getting colder. Take care all.
stronghunter said…
Belle sounds more excited now, but I still do not see Shep.
stronghunter said…
Hi, Jerry. How nice of Rhonda to bring your donation and that you will be there as well.

I will be thinking of everyone. Just too much to take care of here and so many miles to drive on the beltway for this old lady.

I do have a family event here that I will be attending with Kathryn.
stronghunter said…
Having issues with the cam right now.
stronghunter said…
See things moving, but Belle is still.

Where is Shep, for heaven's sake?
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥
Cold out but the sun looks warming.

Things are coming together for the reception - the church is preparing all the food. Desserts are welcomed from us. We will use some of our donated money as a donation to the Church. Ordered a large cake with the pic of Wanda & Gene on it. Also ordered is an Eagle Floral Arrangement from our group. Mid week I can report $$ amount given as donation to Soup Kitchen. Thank to all of you for taking part our of your love for the Captain and his 1st Mate ♥
stronghunter said…
Will keep listening and will return later. Trying to find a picture to send to my alumni association.
stronghunter said…
Hi Jo,

Thank you so much for taking care of things.

Belle is calling out again.
Mema Jo said…
Those socks are quite the thing
Sure couldn't afford a clean pair for each day of the week lol

I just saw my first red winged blackbird! Pretty bird.

Mr Scar is still here - what is to be done remains to be seen. He doesn't appear to be in pain but the vet said fluid on lungs or heart. He is calm and sleeps most of the time - I can tell he would love to walk outside BUT I am afraid I couldn't keep track of him. ♥
stronghunter said…
Very excited calls from Belle.
stronghunter said…
Aren't those socks something, Jo?

Hunter says they are very comfortable. They should be.

Kathryn bought 2 pairs. I think I might see if I can locate the ones not on Hunter and put them into the wash. :)
Lolly said…
Good morning! Please excuse me for not getting on last night. My mind has been busy!

Heading to Denton this afternoon for track meet. Saw 24 this morning! Good grief! (as my mother would say!)

Fantastic to hear from Wanda and glad she is feeling our love and prayers. God be with her and give her comfort!

Jo, awesome that you were able to get an eagle arrangement of flowers. Picture please! And, the cake sounds wonderful.

The boys socks....Shirley, I ordered the boy's socks on line as they needed certain colors, so no tags on them. Interesting that across the country they are desired by all the boys! They are sturdy socks, and last well.
stronghunter said…
I agree about keeping Mr. Scar indoors, Jo. You will want to keep a close eye on him.
stronghunter said…
But only for a moment.

Wow, it is windy there.
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

So wonderful and gracious of WANDA to write her beautiful post ! She has it right, in time she will be able to "talk about happy things" and the love of family will see her through these difficult days. Those of us who've reached widowhood ahead of her can attest to that. Her Avatar brings a joyful tear to my eye as it oozes with the precious love she and GENE shared.

It's thrilling me each time I hear one of us mention attending Saturday's memorial service or the gathering afterward ! WANDA, her "girls" and GG are going to be so pleased with the warmth and love of those representing all Momsters ! My sincere thanks to all of you attendees !

SANDI, don't know how tactfully threatening you can be, but speaking for myself---if I were told I'd have to go to hospital or hospice if I didn't eat properly and take my meds on time, I'd start remembering in a hurry, I think. Prayers continuing for MOM and for her loving daughters.

LORI, we understand just how busy you are and we also know we're in your thoughts regardless. Keep up the good work, Girl !

SHIRLEY and LOLLY, those socks are pretty flashy ! Glad my grands are all beyond the age for such things---or if they aren't they haven't asked their "poor" ol' grandmother for a pair !

I think it's time to take Penny out onto the frozen tundra---then in for a nice warm bath. All of a sudden she seems a little stinky-- she ran a bit of a fever early on with her lumbar pain. I've washed her blanket and crate, so she's next. She has two more days of the anti-inflammatory to go and we do see the vet for nail trimming tomorrow. She'll give her a mini-check, temp, etc. I'm sure.

stronghunter said…
How nice of you to order the socks for the boys, Lolly. I have done some looking, but that is all. Yes, colors are important. They will want the socks to match the rest of the outfit. Kathryn drew the line at buying shoes to match everything else. Gonna have to work with the shoes he has.
stronghunter said…
Buying shoes for boys at this age is not easy. He wears men's sizes, but he is still growing rapidly. He can be hard on shoes, but he has been carefully changing before he goes outdoors to play at home.
Kay said…
JO, it's no surprise that you are doing us proud with the Monster tributes for CAPT. GENE ! The cake and the floral arrangement will be gorgeous beyond belief. I'm sure there will be pics on several Momster blogs ! God bless you, MARGY and anyone else who is working on behalf of the entire group !
magpie said…
Good Morning, Eagle Pals...

I am happy to inform you that:

stronghunter said…
Now that Shep has taken over the nesting duties, I can go find food for myself.

Should be able to stay home today. Groceries are in the refrigerator. Bowling alley is very busy on Thursdays, so I would not likely get a lane for practice.
stronghunter said…
Going to the


Kay said…
MARGY, this "bud's" for you. Isn't it a stunning yeller flower ? ☺
Kay said…
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magpie said…

JudyE said…
Hello and still good morning

Haven't caught up still reading

My cam only runs for a few then it gets stuck on the spiny cycle

1st Mate would also be a great name for one of our eagle just a thought
JudyE said…
SANDI I agree if your mom took the med or a reg basis and not wait for the pain it may help Take them religiously even if she has no pain to keep in her system to prevent the pain
Mema Jo said…



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