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New thread.


Kay said…
Thank you, STEVE ! I'm heading over to alert the gang. Please know how much we appreciate your sharing this blog !!!!!
Kay said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥

Thanks Steve for the fresh new thread

Kay - thanks for signing in and finding this new thread and calling everyone over.

Eagles were in the nest at 9:01am but didn't stay long and now it is MT again. 23° at the nest with clear skies and some sunshine. More snow predicted for Wednesday or Thursday
Kay said…
Good Morning Dear Eagle Buds !!!

You're welcome, JO ! I'm loving my feathers !

PAULA, adding your dear Larry to the prayer list. Two heads are better than one and it's clear you and he are making wise decisions and very quickly ! So glad you have each other and that you have Momster power backing you up !

SANDI, your Mom is in good hands with you, Denny and Kevin all there to answer her needs. This gives Lisa a nice break, too ! Good on you, great sis and great daughter !

LORI, "no rest for the weary", but I'm glad you finally have an almost extra day off to tend to pending assignments. Yes, Seth was here to watch Opening Ceremonies with me---went home at 11a.m. Sunday and then back out to campus last night.

SHIRLEY, if practice makes perfect you are going to be one heck of a good bowler for your team ! You go girl !

That delete was mine which won't surprise---I got sooo excited over the new thread. I'm hoping to get eggcited very soon over developments at Sycamore Palace ! No fears about snow, or the egg cup. Belle is an old hand at quickly clearing the cup and both she and Shep are well equipped with winter wear. After all, they're hanging out there in this icky weather---might as well be doing something productive !
Lolly said…
Good morning! Definitely working on a roaring sinus infection now. It just goes from one thing to another. Can talk a wee bit better, but sound like a fog horn. Staying quiet, not talking!

Artic front came in..presently 33 and expecting wintry mix this evening and tomorrow morning.

Lori, glad you have a day off and can work on your projects. Your work load is unreal!! I really admire you! You are going to be a fantastic, caring nurse!
Hoda said…
Good morning!
Thank you for new thread and for alert STEVE KAY
Hoda said…
Eviction notice LOLLY!!!
The only way to deal with the infection

Enjoy the day!!!
Mema Jo said…
Lolly I was so hoping you would be feeling better today. As you said about the sinus infection - Are you going to go to the dr and get your antibiotic meds to clear this up ?
Mema Jo said…
MT nest's snow is vanishing...... Our Royal Eagle Couple should begin laying egg(s) soon - storm suppose to come in Wed night..
Kay said…
HODA, I like the idea of eviction notices for infections---wish we had em' for benign and cancerous growths, aneurysms and more.....

LOLLY, at least you can "talk" as much as you like here with no stress on the voicebox !

SANDI, when my dear old grandma saw a box of Velveeta for the first time, she said, "Velveeta, that would be a good name for a girl !" So, I'm thinking ala Grandma Irick, how about Velveeta ?
Velveeta Brie or is that just toooo cheesy ?
Lolly said…
LOL Kay....your killing me! A bit cheesy I would say. roflmbo ☺

I have eaten, used my Netty Pot, taken my meds and hoping Jack will go to the grossssserie store with me.

Jack was saying doctor but....I do not want to go to Fort Worth, do not know if I can get in, and lots of times no antibiotics.
Kay said…
LOLLY, excuses, excuses ! Listen to your wise Jubby. You're so lucky to have a companion. It's in the companion job description---"take care of one another !

Grandma Irick raised her family in Pilot Point, TX and in widowhood left the farm and lived out her life in McKinney. LOLLY, I'm sure you're familiar with those communities ! We visited Grandma every summer in my growin' up years. It wasn't the bustling Dallas suburb it is today !
Kay said…
Ah yes, the Neti Pot---love mine. At that first glimmer of something coming on, I pull mine out. Teamed with Listerine gargles, Vitamin C and Ibuprofen--that's the ticket for me ! Hot tea and nutritious soups are also wonderfully hydrating at those times.
Judie said…
Good early afternoon.

Thank you Steve for the fresh thread and Kay for hollerin' over.

Lori, I feel your pain with the ndew assignment. Remember, we're here for you.

Lolly, truly sorry you are feeling so poorly. Maybe Jack is correct and a dr. would be best. Feel better soon. Eviction notice needed.

Happy bowling practice Shirley. No one can ever say you're a giver-upper.

Kay, how clever. Velveeta. Velveeta Conqueso. Cheesy AND saucy.

Okay, off to check the nest. MT a few minutes ago but snow was almost gone.


Lolly said…
Oh, yes, names of communities are very familiar, Kay.

Have served the eviction notice. Shall see the the bugs pay any attention!! Hope they are not rebellious!
Kay said…
LOL, JUDIE ! Conqueso, ole' !

SANDI, I hope you know this is all in good fun and that we do understand your feelings about being kept in the dark on the prospective name of Little Miss. Lynnis must be holding back because of Brian's reservations about the name---or should I say hatred for her chosen name ? I think we're preparing ourselves just in case she wins out in this matter. The name can't possibly be as bad as those we're conjuring up ! ☺
Judie said…
Good grief! Neti Pot? Lolly, are you experimenting with a new recipe for Nelson brownies? And with Kay's encouragement? Can't wait for Hoda to find out about this.

JudyE said…
Kay said…
Hmmm, Netty Potts. I think I went to grade school with a girl by that name.
Kay said…
Greetings, JUDYE ! Have a good lunch ! I just finished mine and think it's time for the Panda Nap !
JudyE said…
I just had one of their new Chocolate and strawberry frappe OMG its is soooooo yummy in the tummy
JudyE said…
there is a big fish whole fish in the Fl Ft Meyers nest pretty fish too
NatureNut said…
Not gonna look at that nest~~~cannibalism report kept me up til 4:30AM that night
stronghunter said…

It is so cold out there, and I am so tired of being cold.

I bought a birdbath to go with the birdbath heater I purchased earlier. The heater is too big for the tiny birdbath I have been using. I had placed the heater under the birdbath and stuck the whole thing in a planter on my porch. So far, I have not seen any critters visit it, but the plants are convinced it's spring and are in for a shock.
stronghunter said…
Bowling practice was good, although there was something wrong with the pinsetter/scoring system. It even gave me an unearned spare. It was dropping pins, showing non existent pins, etc. Since I was practicing, I didn't worry about it, but someone might have to fix that thing before a league will be satisfied.
Sandi said…
Hi all - quick minute to check the box so comments go to my email. Kids will be leaving and then so will I - have to stop at the grocery store for dog food fixin's and then head home so Denny can run out. Mom has not had a good day so he didn't want to leave her alone. After dinner, I will do the grocery shopping alone so Denny can stay home with Mom again. may not have time to check in this evening.

I LOVE all of the name suggestions for Little Miss - her real name may be a real disappointment after all the fun we've had!

Later all!
stronghunter said…
Good that Denny can help with your mom today, Sandi. So nice to have that kind of support.

Some melting has taken place at the nest. trying to figure out what I am seeing there. I guess the shadow is the stump near 11:00. Hard to tell.

Lolly said…
Have been to Target and the grosssserie store. Now, I am going to sit for the rest of the day.

Presently 32, there has been a light rain, more a mist and a sprinkle. More to come so fear roads will be bad.

Please do not tell me more snow for the nest. Our poor eagles.
Lolly said…
Is that an eagle shadow in the nest?
Lolly said…
Both eagles are there. Belle might be sitting in the egg cup.
Lolly said…
Actually eagle is working on the egg cup.
Lolly said…
One of those irritating times where I can not get the live cam to work. Watching on still cam.
Lolly said…
Both still there a little rearrangement of the furniture.
Kay said…
What a beautiful sight !
Kay said…
Well ! I didn't mean to chase them off, but they've both POOFED !
Hoda said…
I saw that!!!
Beautiful Sight indeed.

Kudos to DENNY!

Kay said…
I can see the wind blowing through the flugg, but no sound today.
Lolly said…
Kay, why did you do that? I rebooted and you scared them away while I was gone. ☺
Kay said…
SANDI, the old song says "a good man is hard to find", but you struck gold with Denny !
Mema Jo said…
I missed the visit - any of you get any photo?
Kay said…
I dunno, LOLLY. I'll take the blame for it. First Shep flew off from the 1 spot and Belle had her eye on him---then she followed from the 3. Boo-hoo, they don't like me.
Kay said…
JO, sorry none of the camera buffs were on as far as LOLLY n' I know. It would have been a wonderful pic for the album as both eagles would have been in the shot and Shep's spot was showing clearly.
Lolly said…
I was having cam difficulty. Now, after rebooting, I am running.
Lolly said…
Just realized I did not have snipping tool on task bar on the laptop. It is there now and next time maybe I will think of it.
Mema Jo said…
I usually have both cams up - Still cam gives you a heads-up as to what is coming to the live feed a few secs
before it appears. I really use the still feed for photos - has the date and time stamp. Our album if filling up quite quickly with all of Judy's photos.

Shirley, sorry the pin setter wasn't cooperating with you today!

Sandi - praying your mom starts to feel better very soon while visiting. ♥
Mema Jo said…
I am hoping our eagles bring dinner into the nest this evening... ♥
Mema Jo said…
BBL Medicine time for me
JudyE said…
get on the right thread judy

home from wrok and was so excited when I saw the MAIL

IRS envelope

false hope

no check

just telling me they are aware of my situation I want my money but this time there is a Phone# and I also can inquiry by mail
JudyE said…
I seem to have sound but its real faint will find out when eagle come in Odd we never hear the kids or the geese or the train any longer

I have the shushing sound I guess you can call it white noise on the cam
JudyE said…
went to Panera and lost my card tried to get a new one and can't with the way thier system is but I got a nice answer from them Will have to tell cashier my # next time I go and she can give me a new on at the register Why didn't they tell me that yesterday when I was there telling them I lost my card and then they gave me another to register But only one card per email address Maybe she didn't know Will have to print out the letter from them when I go to show the cashier step by step how to do it
JudyE said…
it is 72° glorious out now
JudyE, at least they will be including a small interest payment when you finally get your refund check!

Oh Lolly, sorry you are still feeling puny. I know some people that swear by those netti pots...but sometimes antibiotics will get rid of that sinus infection quicker!
Kay said…
There is a little critter peeking our of the nest at the 7 spot---I see eyes, nose, a muppet like mouth and it has a little Flugg Cap atop it's head. Okay, I'm loony, it must be time for a nap and a fig newton !
Mema Jo said…
Shirley Check your email about EM email address change
Mema Jo said…
Headed out for a few hours

Oh look at the pretty sun on the nest. No sunshine here today.
Hoda said…
Yesterday I hear sirens!
I say a prayer that all be well.
Today I read the police report.
B U S T E D!!!
Our city police were hot in persuit of a shoe thief!
We take our shoes off when we enter each other's homes!
This twenty something had a pair of stolen shoes in his pockets. Yes he also had brownies and an assortment of drugs!!!
He is spending famy day sobering up in the local cells compliments of Nelson City Police. They report that he enjoyed his breakfast! Asked for more coffee!!
Heading home, catch ya on the flip side.
Love your news reports Hoda. They are always so entertaining! LOL
Hoda said…
Safe drive PAULA.
Thank you for sun set light alert in nest.
Very pretty
JudyE said…
.♥.EAGLE in nest.♥

Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
HP with Belle's head pushed into the nest.
JudyE said…
I could barley hear them but I head them and saw him push her down in the cup area
JudyE said…
I did get a snip and it s on FB
JudyE said…
Picking at flugg and now in cup also
JudyE said…
I wonder if STEVE could check on the sound
JudyE said…
I heard the HP before I saw it but it was oh so faint Did anyone else hear and I have two browser open to help it be louder
JudyE said…
I no longer see any one in the IEZ

or hear anything
JudyE said…
the nest is so fluffy now with all the flugg
JudyE said…
the still is way behind the live now
JudyE said…
eagle was only in Live feed never in still but I did get two snips from the live feed that was totally opposite of what has happened no to show up in still cam
JudyE said…
no longer see a eagle in the nest maybe in the IEZ
grannyblt said…
Good evening eagle friends. I seem to miss the action at the nest these days
Update for all you that sent up prayers for my son. I talked with him a while ago, and after 4 days of treatment the doctors have declared that they have dissolved one of the blood clots and the remaining obstruction is perhaps scar tissue. He may be allowed to return home tomorrow., not cured, but better than he was. Thank you all again for your prayers and concern.
Mema Jo said…
Just returned home and I really did miss seeing all the commotion in the nest. From what I see and read in your comments - the nest is MT as of right now.

Going to watch Jeopardy

Ms Bookworm said…
Oh, my--got stuck on the other thread. Bringing this over:

Hi, Everyone,
I apologize for being MIA again, but it's been kind of a crazy few days. Last Thursday, Ken was laid off at work. Well, I guess you'd call it retired. He's been with Fender Musical Instruments for 48 years, and didn't see this coming at all. There's been a regime change recently, and they are "cutting back." Thank God, they did give him a severance package, and he's covered with medical insurance through the end of the month. We can COBRA his insurance, and once we get him signed up with Medicare Part B, we can sign him up for Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage, which is what I have. The payment comes out of your Social Security check. He's really pretty OK with this sudden "retirement", as he was only planning on working 2 more years, but it was a bit of a shock, with no warning. He went in on Sunday morning--they let him come in to pack up his stuff in his office. A couple of other old-timers were let go too, including his good buddy Chuck, who is taking this decidedly harder than Ken is. Please say some prayers for him! We are both meeting him for lunch on Wednesday, and hope to keep in close touch with him after that.
One good thing about this is that I have been able to begin walking the mall with Ken again! So far today I have logged over 10,200 steps, and it's not even dinnertime!

Have kept up a little with our blog, and prayers are going up bigtime for Sandi's Mom, and that entire family. My heart goes out to all of you! Also, prayers for Lynne1's David, and for Lolly & Jack. Sure hope everyone feels better soon! Oh--I have FANTASTIC news about our GD, Courtney! She and her fellow cheerleaders on the Platinum Team with Pro Spirit were in San Antonio, TX for a major competition, and they gave the performance of their lives! They won Level 4 Senior 1st place, All Level 4 Grand Champion, and they're going to the Summit in May, at Disney World! The bid to the Summit will be fully paid. When they go to the Summit, they will be on ESPN TV! They have won jackets and a ring, so it's sort of like winning the Super Bowl! We are so thrilled for them, and couldn't be prouder!
OK, I'd better get going now, but hope to be back for a bit after dinner tonight. Right now, Emma is getting hungry. BBL! I ♥ us!!!
JudyE said…
make sure you go outside and check out the moon and Jupiter so pretty
Ms Bookworm said…
Oh my, Paula! Adding your Larry to the prayer list too! Sorry--almost forgot to mention him! Glad you both have a plan for treatment in place. Prayers going up!
Lolly said…
Okay, Andy! You can now move to Texas to be close to family! ☺
Andy sorry about Ken's forced retirement. Hopefully they actually laid him off and he can collect unemployment as well. Congrats to Gd and her squad.
Rats! Just missed the hp tonight .
Judie said…
Andy, very sorry about Ken's unexpected retirement but if you both are okay then that's all that matters. As you say, more time together to walk, etc. Also hope Ken's friend adjusts quickly.

Paula, updates on Larry Studmuffin as appropriate, please and thank you.

Sandi, glad you mom is with you and Dennis. I'm sure she will continue to improve being with family.

Have a busy day tomorrow so will wish you all restful sleep. The nightlight is on and sandperson has just disappeared into the closet to fill a satchel.

Wonder where Hoda is? Sure hope she hasn't been into the Neti Pot.

Peaceful sleep.

stronghunter said…
Very sleepy tonight. I will see you tomorrow.

stronghunter said…
Hoping that Ken finds retirement to be a very good thing, Andy. Wishing the same for Chuck.
Hoda said…
Anastasia Buscis is a speed skater for Canada 500meters. She competes tomorrow at the Olympics.
She is a cousin of a friend of mine!
I hope she does well!

Wonderful snow falling. It is milder than it has been.
Great yoga. Great outdoors. Great food and feeling blessed.

Neti Pot is very good when applied to the nose...
Otherwise neti POT would be rather gross JUDIE.

Good to see you ANDY. Congratulations on KEN'S retirement. It takes some adjusting AND it is fantastic.

PAULA have you arrived yet?
I hope so it is 9:20 your time.
Oh Hoda. I have been home since 6.

Just talked to Larry..he is feeling good after talking with his doctor today..also good that he went to his beach house and got to see his buddies. He is coming home tomorrow :-)
First pre op test on Thursday ..will probably know surgery date tomorrow or next day.
Hoda said…
Yay LARRY glad he is feeling good today.
Glad he talked to dr and buddies.
Welcome Home PAULA. Glad you have been there for hours...
Hoda said…
You tell Mr LARRY we have got him covered.
Thursday pre op and when you know the date of the surgery let us know so we could double the prayers.
Blessed Be PAULA. I am so happy you two found each other. This journey is so much easier to do together.
Blessed Be
LynneDUH! said…
Prayers continue for Larry, Sandi's mom, all all in need. Sorry to learn of Ken's sudden loss of job...48 years and not even a clue. That sucks
LynneDUH! said…
The weather forecast continues to worsen by the hour. The area around the nest will get 5 or more inches of wet snow, and wind gusting to 30mph. Not good. Hopefully it will take a sharp turn out to sea....
Mema Jo said…
Andy I am so glad you got on here and gave us all you info. Prayers for Ken and you and for Ken's friend.
Sounds as though you and Ken have things under control. ♥

I hung out with the TV Hallmark movies this evening with some of the Olympic in between.

Mema Jo said…
Tomorrow morning is Michael's dr visit down at the UMMC. Asking for prayers for him to have a good report


Goodnight to all and Prayers Many prayers for all..... ♥
Hoda said…
Prayers for MICHAEL'S dr visit JO.
I hope the roads are also clear.
Keep us posted.

LYNNE so good to see you. I too hope the weather predictions go out to sea. You all have had enough!
Lolly said…
Well, we are iced! Roads are now parking lots. I am glad I have nowhere to go. Laurel already knows she is home tomorrow.

Sandi...she has been burning her candle! LOL

Prayers for all the needs. Glad Larry had a good day and have him and Sandi's mom on the top of the list. As well as Miracle Michael.

Time for hot shower.

I want to wake up tomorrow....feeling better!!!

Night all! SED!
Hoda said…
Good night my friends.
Tomorrow a visit to the dentist.
A meeting to volunteer.
More volunteer
Snowing here for the week
Pretty and much warmer

PRAYERS for all
Love and Light to all

God Bless Us All
Hoda said…
GRANNYBLT very glad to hear the blood clot is taken care of. Praying the scar tissue does not cause DAVID discomfort.
Lori said…
Good morning...

Oooops. Almost time to jump in the shower and get this Root Touch Up outta my hair. Time flies as you're reading the blog.

PAULA, prayers for you & Larry. What kind of cancer is it? Forgive me for forgetting so soon. ♥ and Big Hugs.


SANDI, how is Mom doing today?

LOLLY, hope you're feeling better.

My Dad has been having some strange spells recently and is going to the Dr. about it today. He gets so dizzy, but not nauseous, that he can't get out of bed or stand up. Will keep you posted. We thought it was some med he was taking for peripheral neuropathy in his legs, but he's quit taking it and the spells keep on happening, most times keeping his down for a day or two.

Okay, my "stubborn grays" should be completely covered by now. Off to begin my day.

Love you all, dearly. ♥

Sandi said…
Goodorming Lori and all my eagle friends. Nest is MT. I wonder what's going on with our eagles - it's the 11th!? Time is ticking!!

Andy, what an awful way to treat a loyal employee. Still, I hope Ken enjoys his new retirement status and am glad you have the health insurance thing figured out.

Lolly, I sure hope you feel better today. If you really have a sinus infection, antibiotics would do the trick. I''l be lighting my snow candle tomorrow - I could use the day off on Thurs. to be with Mom. Right now, the snow is supposed to stay west of us here at the beach and we're just scheduled for lots of rain and lots of wind.

Prayers for Michael, Larry, and Lori's dad. Yesterday was not a good day for Mom - she never even got dressed.

Have a good one.
JudyE said…
STILL cam isn't working for me
JudyE said…
in cup sitting picking at flugg
JudyE said…
picking at cup now and no longer in it
JudyE said…
JudyE said…
MOVING stick on rail at 5
JudyE said…
HEARD IT WAS IN THE IEZ could see wings flapping
JudyE said…
and Belle get in cup right after moving flugg while she sits
JudyE said…
Tonight I start going back to Angie to watch Jordyn
It stopped for a while because Carl wasn't playing baseball because one of the team members died But now they are starting back up playing and Angie still goes to zumba
JudyE said…
my still cam isn't working but apparently others are
JudyE said…
I tired IE and google chrome but can't get to work on either I am buffaloed why not working but Others have the still up
JudyE said…
she is still in cup been in nest over a half a hour now Gotta go to work
Janet said…
good morning my friends. It is now Tuesday.
I apologize for my absence.
MS> BOOKWORM: so sorry to hear of the “sudden retirement”. Although I am sure it will be a major adjustment, I am hoping it will be one you can both find pleasure and togetherness in.
Ahhh. Sadness. Shirley temple passed to the next journey. I loved watching her as a child. I didn’t realize she was born the same year as mom was!
Thinking of Michael, Sandi’s Mom…..GRANNYBLT’s David, Lori’s Dad, Lolly, and sending light, love and healing to anyone I may have missed.
It was a busy weekend. I woke to snow Saturday morning. It looked like someone sprinkled confectioners sugar all over my yard! (smile). It snowed all the way out to mind body, which was a beautiful drive. Thankfully it was not enough snow to stop my students. I arrived @ mind body about 8:30 a.m., classes were from 10 til 5:30 and I got home close to 7.
Sunday, classes ran 10 to 3. It was a long but very rewarding weekend.
Bowling report: miracles never cease. It was position week so we bowled the team next to us. We are in last position. We won all 3 games plus overall! We all had super games.
And then it was Monday. I made it thru yesterday. Olivia had sylvan last night. Tom reheated the pizza from Saturday night for dinner.
I was in bed early the last three nights. I finally feel caught up.
Tom has the results of his biopsy today. We will be there about 10:30 . I have a 1 p.m. massage over in franklin.
The rest of the day? Well my house needs some attention. I haven’t put my class materials away, yet. Not to mention, sweeping, dusting, etc. oh and ice skating @ 5. Nothing to do. I shall be so bored. Lol. NOT
Hope everyone has a lovely day. Light, love, hugs, smiles and healing for all!
stronghunter said…
Good morning!

Suddenly an eagle head appeared from the NHZ.
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Good Tuesday morning to all my lovely eagle budlets!!!!


Belle is digging in the egg cup.
stronghunter said…
Wishing for good results on the biopsy, Janet.

I will be getting a report some time soon on the small growth I had removed.
stronghunter said…
Now Belle is working on the crib rails.
stronghunter said…
Need to get ready to bowl.

Congratulations on your wins, Janet!
Judie said…
Good morning.

New thread. Thank you Steve.
WVJerry said…
Good morning...see an eagle on nest. Didn't check in over weekend. Working late shift today. See I missed some things. Paula - Sorry to hear about Larry's health issues. I'm sure he is glad he has you to help him though and sounds like your being positive is going to be some good medicine. Hope everyone enjoys their day and all activities go well. I guess this weather is delaying the egg-laying process? Calling for more snow tomorrow night here. Looks like I will be working 6 days a week now for at least this month and maybe some into March. So for I'm not getting too tired and the extra funds never hurt. Take care all.
stronghunter said…
Thanks Judie!

Heading to the new thread.

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