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New thread.


NatureNut said…
Good Morning dear friends!!
Thank you, Steve.
Will call the others.
Do I get a feather?????? That might make #2!!!
Eagle-Eyed Shar said…
Lowreeda!!! Good morning sunshine.

Thanks Steve for the new thread.
Hoda said…
Good morning all

Friday is surgery day GRANNYBLT

Thank you STEVE
Thank you LORETTA

SANDI love and Light. Glad Mom is not in pain.
Heart aches over the kidneys.

Hoda said…
NatureNut said…
Read back late last night. What is going on w/some of our Dadsters???
Sorry to hear about Tom's nose, Jack's slice. Prayers for everyone to get fixed and heal OK. Much Prayers and Blessings for Larry, Margy ,and Tom's surgeries tomorrow.
Dear Judie, I know you've been there, done that, but prayers for your stent placements. I assume you'll be partly awake. I was for my one and they gave me a bicycle horn to honk on command!(You're not supposed to move or talk!)
Day Off, so that means appt., of course. Gotta hit the road soon.
Love to all, ☺ ☺ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Congrats to Ms. Mattie!!! Be careful out there driving. I keep thinking she's about 12 yrs. old!
Lolly said…
Good morning! cam has been up for 15 minutes. Awesome!

Another good night's sleep and Jack continues to do well. He is using his arm quite a bit, so that is good. Dr appointment is this afternoon at 2:00. Jack is going to tell him we want to leave close to the first. We shall see.

About time for another egg. Come on Belle I am watching!!!

Yes, tomorrow is the big surgery day though Bev is saying Tom may not have his tomorrow.

Just saw an egg roll.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥
Beautiful day weather wise

I have a head cold - No play date with Mema having a head cold. :(

Good to ee both of our eagles
I did expect another egg... ♥
Mema Jo said…
Look closely up to the right -
Are there 2 eggs in the nest now?
Mema Jo said…
I think I am seeing things - probably white feathers...
Lolly said…
Jo, sorry you have a cold. Please take care of yourself and do not let it get out of control.

Time for me to get busy. Started both suduko and crossword but do not have time to sit here and work them. Going to the grosssserie store. Have things to make for tonight.

Later Gators! Keep an eye on our eagle!!!! I am leaving so she should lay an egg. LOL
Lolly said…
Jo, just a little while ago, I saw only one egg.
Judie said…
Good morning.

Thank you Steve for the fresh thread and congratulations for Lowreeda on her feather.

Lowreeda, I've never been asked to portray Clarabelle but having to remain flat for four hours requires endurance. When Darth had his procedures done 20 years ago he had to lay motionless for 12 hours with a brick on the incision area. Serious endurance test.

Jo, sorry you have a cold and that you will miss ggk fun today. Up side is a ggk fun day is something to look forward to.

I see what Jo is referring to but cannot tell what the white area is. Can't believe she would leave an egg uncovered all this time. Maybe nestover fish? I guess it could be feathers - a bad feather day?

Thanks Judy for posting the video of Belle and Shep and the flugg delivery.

Sandi, glad your mom is doing better with the pain and hope the kidney issue can be treated.

Lolly, wishing a good dr. report for Jack.

Hoda, what did I miss? Lynne is also having surgery?

Okay, off to do a chore or two. BBL
Mema Jo said…
I think you are right Lolly
I got a good look and pic at the 1 egg.

Stepping away from the pc for a few..

Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

Squeezing a little puter time in twixt thunderstorms.

Thanks for the fresh thread, STEVE and congrats to LORETTA on the 2nd feather !!!

Now I can't wait for an egg roll or parental unit change so I can check on JO's idea that there might be a 2nd egg.

SANDI, glad the morphine is helping your Mom with pain, but the kidney picture is distressing. Our bods are such intricate pieces of equipment, with all systems intertwined. It's a miracle they work as well as they do most of the time ! Prayers as always for her comfort.

Where's our nurse today ? LORI, hope you're just really busy and that all is well.

Oh, JO, too bad a cold had to snag you ! Hydrate and rest, rest, rest.

LOLLY, JACK is healing like a baby ! That's terrific !

ANDY, so glad you checked in. Sounds like you're helping Kubby settle into retirement right well !

On to other matters while the weather cooperates....BBL, hopefully.
JudyE said…
Thanks for the new thread STEVE and the call ober LORETTA

Still officially good morning for a short 19 min
Hoda said…
No no no JUDIE.
On old thread Lynne said surgery day today.
I simply pointed out surgery day is tomorrow Friday.
LARRY MARGY and possibly TOM.
Hoda said…
Sorry for the head cold JO
JudyE said…
JO so sorry for the head cold Are they afraid of you getting the kids sick ? Kids are pretty resilient
JudyE said…
Its 77° out and I just may go out and play somewhere
Judie said…
Thank you Hoda for bringing me up-to-date. How's life in Nelson?

Jo, I just looked as Belle moved. Seems it was just a bad-feather day. No white "thing" now.

Yep, Lori needs to check in as soon as she gets a minute. I'm sure she's at school/clinical working hard.

Also see I failed to say hello to Andy. Hoping you and Kubby enjoy the days together.

Okay, back to work.
stronghunter said…

A quick hello. The Verizon guy is busy installing stuff. My computer has been changed over already.

George does not approve of a strange man messing with the electronic equipment in his bedroom.

It seems that the noise on our phone line was because of the old connection via copper wires. Glad I did go buy new phones. I think I've done that before. Was hoping that Verizon would have the solution the noise on the phone lines.

stronghunter said…
Plumb wore out, and it is only early afternoon.

Verizon guy has done his work and gone away. George is pleased. He has been stressed.
JudyE said…
almost looks like two eggs but the other one isn't a oval shape maybe something else nestovers our rolled flugg
Hoda said…
Nelson is awesome JUDIE.
Skiing is good
It has been snowing all week.
Winter is here.
Yoga is fantastic so is meditation.
Eco society fund raisers are plenty.
We saw an environmental movie called Revolution yesterday. It was good. Full house.
Yoga, meeting, regards house sitting, and cooking on the agenda today.
Lolly said…
Back from the grossssserie store and see one beautiful egg in the nest.
Lolly said…
Jack is vacuuming for me. I was going to do it!!!! Bless him!

I should say the egg is all alone!
Lolly said…
Think I see an eagle shadow.
JudyE said…
and we are back on eggbert
Lolly said…
I have had to switch to the still cam. Waling by and now see an eagle on the egg cup.
JudyE said…
I am still have spiny twirly swirly around and around arrow issues F5 is getting plum wore out It seem the cam is sort of stalling out with the arrow and then will recover sometimes
JudyE said…
I have the still up ALWAYS for pic Love that it is working again
Hoda said…
Post from BEV on FB
Blessed Be to friends and family.
Lolly said…
Saw that, Hoda. So that makes Margy, Larry, and Tom, all with surgery tomorrow. Prayers for all three!

Watching USA and Canada women's gold metal hockey game. USA 2 Canada 0!
Lolly said…
Minute to go...tie 2-2!
grannyblt said…
Thanks for pointing out my error. I've been thinking it is Friday all day. I'll blame the long winter. LOL
JudyE said…
my still cam is stuck on 2 19 anyone else
Lolly said…
Still image is completely different from the live feed. I thin it is stuck again!
Lolly said…
My k key is sticky and stuck, too!
Lolly said…
Gold medal in women's hockey goes to Canada.
JudyE said…
See ya later heading out the door
Judie said…
Hey, got the live cam. Belle sitting on eggbert. Can't see it as she's not sharing.

Laundry caught up.

Tornado warning down in Janet's area. Sky is dark here.

Natl zoo expecting the other female lion to give birth soon.

Procedure is set for 9am on March 4th. Have to be there at 6:15am. Waaaaay to early for me.

Jo, hope you're feeling better. Thinking of all our surgery patients for tomorrow. Wishing each to be successful with complete and quick recovery.

Shirley, have you given your house the Lolly treatment?
JudyE said…
stopped at Boston Market and eating drove buy the tower but no eagle
Up out of the cup. 1 egg in view.

Poof to the left
magpie said…
oh dear my still cam is 2-something...

cannot see the live feed from here..

Hello Eagle Pals !!!

Sent an email to Steve about the still cam.
Lolly said…
Still cam not working, can not get live feed to work! Grrrrr!
Mema Jo said…
Whoa! Just had conflicting edits and couldn't save my comments.

I had just mentioned that I have emailed Steve with hope of having the Still can reset.

I am feeling pretty good but all I did was lounge all day. I am going to beat this head cold for sure.
Lolly said…
Thanks, Jo! Maybe he will get the message. LOL
LOL, poor Steve! We keep double emailing him.

I am doing good with the live feed on google chrome here at work.
Looks like it is Daddy-O's turn for awhile!
Lolly said…
Just rebooted and at this sec have the cam up.
Mema Jo said…
Calls for rain this evening and some again tomorrow.

They are working on the still cam. Thanks Steve and NCTC for all you do to keep the cam up and running!
Lolly said…
I thought it was Belle.
Mema Jo said…
BWE on the Osprey platform an eagle has a pretty good size fish.
magpie said…
thank you friends, I see still cam is not working, this is first chance I had to check today
NatureNut said…
Hello Eaglebuds!
My Still cam was stuck at 2:19 also. Live is still going after 17 min!!!!! I cannot see top of head, but there's a beautiful yellow beak!
Well, went to my 11 AM oncology appt. and got into the exam room at 12:50 PM!!!! Got home close to 3 PM. That's a shot day. It's always running late there, but their excuse for today was the rescheduling of missed snow appts. They tried to get in touch w/Georgtown about my left temporal (ear) CT scan results. NO luck for them either. Right after I got home, I DID get a call to schedule my appt. March 10!!!!My tests were 1st week of Feb!! Then they transferred me to scan report lady. Of course, her line was busy. I assume things are not too bad or I would have heard ASAP.
No work tomorrow, so I will try to get hair trim hopefully after any "thunderstorms".
Will be doing lots of praying for all our patients tomorrow. Hope to see reports on blog during the day.
Lolly, tell Jack he probably shouldn't be vacuuming while injured!!!! Superman Jack????
Lolly said…
Cam is crazy, I have had it up for almost an hour. This is after I rebooted.
Lolly said…
Loretta, Jack hates being an invalid!! He always does the vacuuming. He heard me say yesterday while cleaning house that I planned to vacuum today. While I was outside blowing leaves from the patio, he started the vacuum. It is very lightweight and easy to push.

Wish he would get home from his appointment.
Lolly said…
Whoops! He is home, stitches come out Monday the 3, we leave on the 4th!!!!!! This is just a couple days later than we planned on. We can deal with that! Everything looks good!!!

Off to make brownies!!
Mema Jo said…
Loretta - don't you wish you had a personal secretary to keep track of all these doctors' appointments and there follow ups. Some months are clear of all appointments but then other months it seems like if is filled with appointments. AGE :(
Mema Jo said…
Hurray for Jack's stitches coming out on the 3rd. You best make him a pie
stronghunter said…
Did vacuuming and tidying today. And some laundry. Then took George to the vet. Told vet he's constipated, but vet thought otherwise. Then she came back and said I was right. So, George is now repaired.

Vet wants him to have subcutaneous fluids, same as Lucky. I said. "Oh, my daughter can do that!" I want to be the assistant, not the main person doing this task. I will hold the cats.
stronghunter said…
Have done a quick read-back. I will be thinking of all of our surgical patients tomorrow--Tom, Margy, and Larry.
stronghunter said…
Picked up some yummy prepared food at Wegmans. Do not plan to cook anything tonight.
Lolly said…
Others are bringing snacks too, but Jack and I have prepared cheese balls to have with crackers. I also am baking Fontina cheese with herbs to dip bread in. Have made a bread bowl and cut up bread. Brownies are in the oven. We will eat very little if anything for dinner and not feel guilty eating snack food. ☺
Lolly said…
Hopefully I can work in the yard early next week before we get the trailer and start loading it up. We still have some leaves to clean up.
Lolly said…
Nice to have Belle facing towards us so we can see her.
Sandi said…
Hi all - home late from school. Got a text from my sister as I was leaving school that Mom has not had a good day - unable to hold any food down and seeing things that aren't there. Hoping it's just meds but I haven't called yet.

Will try to post an update this evening - right now, I have a dog with dementia howling at me. Must be hungry - or "lost" - not sure which.
stronghunter said…
Oh yes, it is nice to see that white head.

Sorry that your mother had such a bad day, Sandi.

Egg roll!
stronghunter said…
Now we get to admire Belle's tailfeathers.
stronghunter said…
Okay,now up again, flugg arranging, and now her head is turned toward us.
Mema Jo said…
Sandi - I hope your mom's condition is very temporary. Her meds could be
the reason.
Lolly said…
Two eggs! I think I saw two eggs!
Lolly said…
Oh, I am not positive....but I THINK I saw two eggs.
Lolly said…
Oh,come on, Belle, get up again!
Mema Jo said…
Deb Stecyk is recording the laying of our 2nd egg

Lolly said…
Jo, just saw your picture. I feel sure there are two eggs!!!!
Mema Jo said…
Our blog on Fb and my page has Terri's photo......

Lolly said…
Wahoooooo! So happy to have seen egg #2!!!!!!
Lolly said…
Oh, yes!!!!! Just saw egg #2 again!
Lolly said…
So very pleased that my live feed has been working this evening!
JudyE said…
YEAH two eggs that is great and about the same time as the other night 17th and now the 20th
Went to BM and then went to the cell phone tower and yep they were both there and she was a complaining the whole time He showed up with no dinner and then it began all over LOL got 122 pic and video uploading the eagle talk now

and it was in the 80s and I got a sunburn

JudyE said…
my live feed has been up the whole day funny how they weren't the same pic on both live feeds but we never have issues at night did you notice that
Whoo hooo. 2eggs...must have been quick like the other night
Lolly said…
Friends should be here soon, so I am off until late!! And, you might know my cam is running just great! Has been on for over 2 hours!
Judie said…
Hurray for Belle and Shep. A second eggbert or maybe eggberta.

Lowreeda, you would have heard something asap so likely not a serious problem. Keep us posted, please.

Lolly, hope you and Jack are having fun.

Shirley, how's the new FIOS working?

Okay, off to watch a Midsomer Murder. BBL
Lori said…
Good evening egg watchers!

What exciting news - 2 eggs. I'm thrilled. Watch a piece on Pittsburgh news tonight saying they have 3 mating pairs of eagles in Pittsburgh - who knew? Apparently, the TV station has a nest cam on the pair at the National Aviary in the city.

Sandi, hope your Mom is doing better. I remember those med hallucinations with Perry and my Dad. Not fun at all. I'm so sorry about that and her kidneys.

Look at the long surgery schedule for tomorrow. Prayers for fast healing for Margy, Larry and Tom.

Sorry I didn't get to jump on this morning. These 12 hour shifts are killer. Another one tomorrow.

Judi, four hours is a long time. Can't imagine that Darth did it for 12. Amazing! Prayers that it will go fast, and you'll be back on your feet quickly.

I'm headed to bed now. Alarm will go off at 3 ... then a 12 hour shift ... then a weekend!

Judie said…
Sleep well Lori.

Sandi, sorry your mom had a difficult day. Wishing she will have a better day tomorrow.

Likely will not return before the sandperson departs. There is an over-sized satchel by the door as he thinks there is need for some extra restful sleep. Night light is on.
stronghunter said…
Fios is fine so far, Judie.

Nice to have house phones that work properly.

Nice to have a remote that turns the TV in my bedroom on and off. I guess the same is true of the TV in the other rooms.

Now I can wake up and immediately turn on the TV even when I am semi-conscious. Yay!
Sandi said…
Woohoo - congrats to our eagles on egg #2!! Thanks for the heads-up everyone!

Denny and I have decided to drive to Baltimore for the weekend, but we will leave early Saturday morning rather than tomorrow evening (so I can get my bathrooms cleaned after school tomorrow).

My sister called my sister-in-law in Missouri today to fill her in about the latest on Mom. Jane's response was that money is really tight for them right now and she suspected Gene (my brother) would probably prefer to remember Mom the way she used to be rather than the way she is now. Translation, holding onto his money is more important to my brother than seeing his mother before she dies - what an ass!!! He wasn't there when my dad died either, so I'm not at all surprised. He'll show up for the funeral and ask for his third of the inheritance.

Lolly, good news that your trip only has to be postponed for a few days.

Prayers for Larry, Tom, and Margy for their surgeries tomorrow.

Belle looks tucked in for the night and that sounds good to me! Goodnight all!
Hoda said…
Oh SANDI so sorry about brother who seems to have no empathy!
I understand about that and the hurt is real and resonates with me. When my birth father was dying and before he breathed his last breath, they were already fighting about money and inheritance. I stayed away from it all.
When my birth mother died my youngest sister became very strange about money. Same when my sisters died. It shocked me and I know I have an easier life here than she does there. I signed papers that she could have the money. Never saw anything like it!!!
Strange behaviour from people over inheritance.
It even happened with my American Family and that is why brother in Greece is estranged.
Your brother's bad karma I would say!
Hoda said…
Thank you LOLLY for letting me know about the egg.
I was out of cell phone range on the lake for the day.

Congratulations everyone.
Sandi...sorry to hear of your brother and sil attitude ..such a shame. Feel very blessed my brothers and I were all on the same page after my mom passed. We all worked on the fighting over money.

Getting ready for bed here..early day tomorrow .

Will watch a few minutes of skating first.

Will keep you all posted tomorrow .

SED Many hugs love and prayers going out for tomorrow
WVJerry said…
Good late evening. Been watching Cam some...mostly a minute or two at a time. I've tried everything I know...guessing my PC is out-dated or runs low on memeory. Not sure and I'll keep trying to figure something out. Just gald I can see what I am seeing. Also see Lolly noticed a second - congrats Lolly.
WVJerry said…
Sandi - Sorry to hear of your Mom's problems and your brother's issues. I;m sure you don't need any complications now. Hoping your Mom gets better soon.
NatureNut said…
What! More eggciting news???? Hooray!! We went out to dinner at Red Lobster. Best meal I've had since Xmas!
Been trying to get on here to relay Best Wishes and Prayers for all our Hospital entrants in AM.
Luv to Larry, Margy and Tom.
Sandi, I don't know how you're staying sane! God must be helping keep you and most of family strong. There always does seem to be one bad apple in many groups.
Blessings for your Mom & you ☺ ♥ ♥ ♥
WVJerry said…
Paula - Hope Larry's surgery goes well and you all can have a good day tomorrow. Margy - hope your surgery goes well too and your pain goes away. Also - well wishes for Tom's nose repair surgery. Judie - hope your peocedure goes well and your walks are pain-free. Offering my prayers for all others I may have missed or not known about at this time. I check back tomorrow when I can. Take care all.
JudyE said…

Will be keeping MARGY, LARRY, and TOM in my thought through out the next day hoping for great results to all so happy LOLLY that JACK is pain free must have a high tolerance for pain huh some people are like that and habby you can go on your trip as planned

HODA the other day you mentioned Canada because I was getting a passport It will be for vacation going to Cancun- Crown Paradise Club is the resort we will be staying in

magpie said…
Good Evening Eagle Pals....

I read about the 2nd egg,
Yay about that for sure!
I have not been able to watch yet, but will catch up sometime tonight

Best Wishes, Positive Thoughts and
Big Time Prayers for all amongst us
with our dear concerns....

Sandi, (( HUGS )) and Prayers for Peaceful days ahead.....

for Larry, and Tom...and myself, will, may our surgeons be Spot On
as they work their magic

Thanks to all, for all your prayers and well means a Lot to this ol' Magpie

I have one hour and 9 minutes to
eat or drink anything, so I better get to it, I'm hungry NOW!
Report to the Surgi-Center and 11 Friday

Loretta....sorry all your appointments are akimbo right now, hope you can things done
Before March 10 so you can just enjoy that day!!!

For Jack: Steady as she goes: Be careful and Heal Well, my friend

Prayers for
Wellness....Amongst us ALL

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox
JudyE said…

SANDI we were told that the kidney failure is part of toward the end They told us to keep a eye on our parents urine in the bag the darker it gets means the body is breaking down HOSPICE was the best
I will be thinking of you and your family and pray your mom has a good transition if it is to be if not that I hope she gets better We never know about these thing Just take one day at a time a hope for the best and do all you can till then

Sam Wolfe is one of the AI finalist he is 17 and from the area in Bradenton I use to go to Bradenton every weekend for years for stock car racing The Hooter Cup series was there often Meet Alan Kulwicki, Michael Waltrip and Darrell Waltrip there

JudyE said…
Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
Mema Jo said…
Another day another egg! Happy about that for sure.

I watched 2 mysteries back to back

Prayers for healing for Margy, Tom and Larry.

Prayers for all of us and our loved ones - Bless us all

Goodnight ♥
magpie said…
Watched Deb's video, saw what I wasn't here to see earlier :)

Thanks for the link, JudyE, thanks for the video, Deb !!

Lady Blackwater seems very restless tonight....

changing positions often and seems to be awake

Good Night....
xo ((HUGS ))
Hoda said…
Good night all.
Great anti inflammatory cooking class tonight.
Learnt a terrific lot.

Prayers for surgeons and teams providing health care to LARRY MARGY TOM.
You all take K-Biotic after surgery.
It is a probiotic which will help you heal.

LARRY 3:00AM my time
MARGY 8:00 AM my time
Anyone know what time eastern for TOM?

Flag JACK is doing well

Mysterious note from JANET on FB chat..
We are alright going to sleep.
Anyone know what is going on?

Prayers to us all
Lori said…
Good morning everyone.

SANDI, so glad you're going to be with your family this weekend, and so sad about your brother. I'm very sorry. Big hugs to you, Lisa and Denny.

Prayers for everyone having surgery today, MARGY, LARRY and TOM. Hoping you all have speeding healing and get home, comfortably, ASAP!

I'm so tired. YAWN. Hope today goes fast, but not so fast that I can't keep up. ;0 Looking forward to catching up on some sleep tonight and over the weekend.

Jumping into the shower now to hit the road soon. Hope all the snow and ice melts today, but another big freeze coming next week. Really???

Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Not a good night's sleep for me, I'm afraid - woke up at 4am and that was the last of my sleep. Too much on my mind. Should make for a long day and one grouchy teacher - watch out 8th graders!

Larry should be getting prepped for his surgery right now - big time prayers for him. Prayers also for Tom and Margy today.

Belle has her wings kinda spread out - maybe just the way her head is tucked in (can't see her head since she's facing away from the cam). Wonder if it's raining at the nest - rain in the forecast for here.

Have a good day all.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Two eggs alone now.
Morning all!
They just took Larry back.

Surgery and recovery should be 4 hours.

Gonna find some coffee and a restroom.

Be back in a bit.
stronghunter said…
Prayers and good wishes, Paula.
Hoda said…
Hoping LARRY and hid team are done with surgery and all are resting comfortably.

Next up is MARGY...
Hoda said…
Oh PAULA's note says four hours...
Blessed Be...
Continued PRAYERS ...
Warm and breezy here this morning..and had fog too.

Thunderstorms later today .
Hoda said…
The word in BC this morning is AVALANCHE!!!
Major highway closed due to avalanche, back country is off limits, avalanche warnings extreme!
Hoda said…
Kootenay Highway closed here too!
Avalanche triggered by Rock slide!
Rough day it will be for road crews and anyone travelling!
I am staying in town!!!
Soda..I think Janet's post on FB was a quick check in.

Thanks for the prayers
Hoda said…
Bubble bubbles!!!
B U R P!!!
Soda here
Thanks PAULA re JANET post.
Any news of LARRY
Did you get breakfast?
stronghunter said…
Sounds like a good day to stay safely at home, Hoda.

I just scanned a bunch of insurance forms and sent them to the insurance guy. Kind of concerned that I have not heard from him for awhile. Need to get everything finished.
stronghunter said…
Waiting for a reply on one item on the insurance form. I am supposed to initial an acknowledgement that I agree to different limits for bodily injury liability for uninsured motorists than what I was offered. Asking for an explanation on that one.
Linda said…
Good Morning!!

Praying for the teams working on our loved ones here today and for quick and complete recoveries.....

Thinking of LARRY, MARGY and TOM!! God be with you!

Big time prayers going out to you, SANDI and your dear sweet MOM. I do feel that God has a way of taking that physical outward pain away as we come closer to our last days here on earth. My prayer is that your Mom's mind experiences peace and joy we cannot see or understand, even though her physical body is going through so much turmoil.

It's still so unbelievable, SANDI, all that has happened.

Stay safe, HODA! Those avalanches are deadly, as you well know!!

LOLLY - Amazing, how well JACK is doing, for such a huge gash! Continued prayers for complete healing and recovery!
Judie said…
Good morning.

Prayers for Larry, Margy, and Tom.

Looks as if there might be some misty rain at the nest. Feathers look a bit frizzy.

If I forgot last night, thank you Judy for the second egg video.

Sandi, I too cannot imagine how you are keeping your sanity. Your mom and sister surely are grateful for all you are doing.

Lori, may the day go quickly so you can head home to sleep.

Shirley, hope the insurance mess gets resolved and in your best interests.

Hoda, stay safe in town, please.

Jo, hope you feel better this morning.

Hi WVJerry.
Mema Jo said…
Good Rainy Red Friday Morning to all ♥

I checked BWE update:
Nest Update 02/21/14:
We saw what looks like a small hole in one of the eggs this morning. We'll have to see if it develops into a crack.
Mema Jo said…
Momster Bev is recording Tom's big day with lots of pics over on FB.
I sure hope she has his written permission to do so! lol

I need to read our morning comments

Prayers for Larry and Margy ♥ ♥
Mema Jo said…
It is raining heavily and I just happened to look out and the fog has
come in - it is heavy too -Can barely see down the back yard.
Kay said…
Good Red Friday Morning Dear Eagle Buds !!!

Egg #2 arrived last evening ? Boola, boola !!!

Prayers being said and a candle lit for our dear MARGY, LARRY and TOM !!!

SANDI, prayers continue for your Mom and I'm saying a special one for your sadly calloused and self-centered brother. Both LINDA and DANAMO can empathize with you and Lisa. They've shared concerns about sibs who've been lacking in some way when parents and they were in need of support.

LOLLY, happy news, stitches out on the 3rd and the new home on wheels departs on the 4th ! Wheeeee....

LORETTA, too bad the medicos don't realize how we wait, wonder and sometimes worry over test and biopsy reports. We want to be more than just a number in their file.

SHIRLEY, glad George has been roto-rootered, should make him one happy cat !

More rain overnight and more snow gone today. A good day for a Kroger run in preparation for the next blast of winter. Like LORI says, due next week. Arrrrggghhh.

Mema Jo said…
It is 46° here and it is 40° at the nest. Not a great day to have to be out and about or to be incubating 2 eggs.
Lolly said…
Good morning! My cam is up and running! I got it up before starting to read the paper. While reading it stopped and I did nothing just continued to read, After some time it just started up on its own and has been up for 45 minutes. Maybe that's the secret. When you get the spinning twirly thingy....leave it alone.????
Lolly said…
Prayers for Larry, Tom, and our very own Margy!! Have seen Tom's picture, on drugs and in La La Land.

We had a fabulous time!! Ten of us and the women won!!! Oh, we will not let them forget!!!!! Lots of laughter and good time!!! These are church friends of 40 years and we have fun! Mary even set her phone to remind her next year on Feb 20th...the women won!!! LOL
Lolly said…
Thank you, Jerry! It was eggciting last night to see the egg!

Yes, Jack is doing so great! Amazing, after how it all looked Tuesday and now we are getting everything in line to leave the 4th! We will just call him Scar from now on.

Blood test for me today and then off to Fort Worth to Babies R Us to buy baby gifts for a shower on Sunday. Shopping for Laurel, too as she does not have time and we just got the invitation a few days ago.

Today SIL, Joey, is 44. We are going to Denton tomorrow for Jacob's basketball game.
JudyE said…
HODA they had storms last night is why she said that haven't read yet if anyone answered you just now reading

grannyblt said…
GM all. Thanks to everyone who posted the second egg pictures. Wonder if that is the clutch?
Prayers for all involved in procedures today.And to Sandi and her family for what is a difficult time.
Off to help the Women's Club make soup today. I am on the late shift--ladeling it into containers. My long arms get a workout.
stronghunter said…
Got Luna out for a walk, but scurried back home when I saw those storm clouds blowing in.

Lots of cable and power company people out on the street. So far as I know, all is well at my house, but some people are having issues. I think it has to do with all of the new Fios lines out there, but not necessarily connected to my Fios installation.

They did come lay down a line in my yard earlier this morning. It's a happening place today. Luna had fun sniffing all of the new scents.

Insurance issues taken care of. Now all I have to do is cancel the old policies.
grannyblt said…
That is ladling the soup. I think you knew what I meant..
Larry still in surgery and...all going well. I can make a run for the restroom LOL
JudyE said…
My cameras have been up and running for over a hours now No swirly twirly spiny arrow at all today How about all of you?? I hope all is good with your cam also yesterday was awful I see a nice pile of flugg at 4ish
JudyE said…
STILL CAM is working I see
Mema Jo said…
thanks Judy for the heads up about our still cam. Thanks Steve and NCTC crew.

Grannyblt - so your on the ladle crew. Hope you can take some home!
One church used to make Pot Pies and they were the best!

Paula - thanks for keeping us posted.
Margy should be there and checked in for her procedure.
Tom is in recovery now.
Lolly said…
I see two eggs alone in the nest!!!!
Lolly said…
Judy, I have been up for 1 1/2 hour! Yea!!!
Lolly said…
Off to get beautiful before going to be stuck for blood!

Later Gators!
Mema Jo said…
My cam has also be up close to 2 hrs... what's with that - must be the fog in the area!

Things to do for a while

JudyE said…
I noticed that the cam that has been up the long is WAY behind the still I am F5 ing it to get caught up ODD anyone else notice it
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
ok now they look almost the same funny on the one of the live feed and the still was with eagle but the other live feed had no eagle for almost a min behind it was
JudyE said…
and we have the tail view of the eagle feather looks straight across so must be Belle
Linda said…
SANDI - Just read back again and I had missed your "I'm afraid.." comment!! God speed to you! He will give you strength, peace and comfort during these difficult days.

Praying your Mom is only experiencing adjustments and set backs, and you will see her in better spirits and with less pain when you arrive.
Linda said…
PAULA - any news on LARRY? Is he out of surgery and in recovery??

Keeping those prayers going.....
JudyE said…
Tom looks like he is doing good on FB loving the treatment and TV

Lolly said…
Home but about to go again. No word on Larry? Or Tom? Will go check fb! Cam has been up 3 hours!! Maybe they fixed something with it, too???
JudyE said…
Belle up and making noises
JudyE said…
can just barley here her
Lolly said…
Eggs alone and just saw the tree shakes the cam!
JudyE said…
I can hear the eagle chirping just barley now
JudyE said…
I can hear something on cam housing also when I have the speaker to my ear only
JudyE said…
I noticed I am getting the cam stalling and maybe that is why it get behind the still feed while I was watching I have the speaker to ear and the sound stopped and I noticed a quick arrow but then recovered so it is like stalling and starting EGGS still alone
JudyE said…
CAM shakes not Can LOL
JudyE said…
41° in the temp tray for the nest
2 eggs in view.

Surgery over..more extensive than thought..but went well. Heading up to room. Will check in later.
Mema Jo said…
Thanks Paula for Larry's report. I am praying he comes out of this Cancer Free.

Don't have any idea when we will hear something from Margy. Not sure
who went with her. I'll just keep praying.

I have just made a 2:45 dr appointment to be certain this is just a head cold... I just can't sit around and take chances with this COPD

I'll be back and I'll check in when I return.

I see our mombrella over our eggs.
JudyE said…
Heard a noise on cam just got out of shower
JudyE said…
almost time to go get Jordyn at school and off to Largo Central Park soo pretty out 77° now

stronghunter said…
Yes, Mombrella is protecting the eggs.
JudyE said…
both eagle in and poof
NatureNut said…
Good Afternoon Eaqlebuds.
Been praying all morning for our Momsters, Dadsters & all relatives and friends.
Just read Tom is done w/"nosejob"
and Paula said Larry's surgery is done! Praise the Lord. "More extensive surgery" can really be a POSITIVE THING~~~MEANS THEY REMOVED ALL THE BAD STUFF!!!!!
Don't know Margy's surgery time, but hope someone can write for her. After all she will be down to one hand use again! Then again, we all have phones, too!
Sandi, praying things get better for you, Lisa ,and your Mom.

I cancelled my haircut appt. for 2PM. It's S & E from here in Calvert Co! The rain was supposed to be over around that time, but now we are under tornado watch until 5PM. Not just here, but other areas South and East. It could have been exciting to go, take camera just in case, but know I'm older and hope wiser now!
Shirley, watch it down there near Fredericksburg!!!!

NatureNut said…
Kudos to Jo. Yes, get thee to the doctor's ☺ ♥
Lolly, Glad Jack is so much better and you can start your trip! You must be responsible for keeping him so healthy!!
Judie~~~re: Darth's 12 hour motionless position w/ brick on incision!!! Sounds like maybe surgery a century ago, not just 20 years!!!
Have both cams on and finally did see a tiny wiggle, so know they're working.
Gray, but no rain now~~going out to talk to the sky ☺ ♥
Judie said…

Paula, thank you for the updates on Larry. We all appreciate.

Lowreeda, it was a military hospital. Ridiculous rules and regulations. Was told yesterday I would likely go home in 4 to 5 hours. I understand that because you have to make sure the incisions into arteries seal up.

Glad Tom is better.

Jo, so glad you decided to be safe and see the doctor.

Do hope Margy will find someone to type for her or she will call someone with an update.

Shirley, bush day down your way. Bet your neighborhood is all "wired" up by now.

Going back to paperwork. BBL
NatureNut said…
Hi, Judie, Glad you saw my comment.
Guess what? Fubby said they just cancelled tornado watch! So gladly, my warning was not justified.
Mema Jo said…
I have returned with some prednasone and antibiotic - this should nip it in the bud... I am just so very thankful that I have Pulmonary doctors
that take me seriously about prevention

Two pretty white eggs in the nest.
Maybe it is switcharoo time.

NatureNut said…
TWO EGGS!!!!!! Will put in Momster album.
Judie said…
Hi Jo, glad you have meds to help you kick the cold down the road.

I see movement in the upper right above the nest but can't tell if it's leaves or an eagle. Eggs have been uncovered for quite some time. Wonder if a third is on the way?
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