Friday, April 29, 2016


TGIF thread.  Cool and rainy.


stronghunter said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the new thread. I'll tell the others.

stronghunter said...

Cool and rainy here as well.

stronghunter said...

One parent and two youngsters in the nest right now. A nice family scene. Two youngsters are cuddled together.

JudyE said...

SHIRLEY thanks for the call over.


ITS 90° LUCKY our humidity is 37 doesn't feel as hot

Sandi said...

Hi all. Thanks Steve for the new thread and thanks Shirley for the call over.

PT went well - after 4 weeks, I can really feel that my range of motion has improved but there is still pain associated with certain movements. Soooo, we keep working on it. Gives me legitimate reasons to not be in school, right?

Tennis club board meeting was long but productive. I'll be taking over as president of the club in the fall.

It's still gray and misty and almost downright cold here - we have both gas fireplaces running!

Time to fix food for pets and people. Later.

Janet Neely said...

good evening to all. Friday again.

Thanx for the congrats on the award. it is always nice to be recognized. we are one of the smallest clinics with only 10 therapy rooms.

it is cloudy but warm here. my get up and go has got up and gone this week. I've done a few things, but not my usual zippy self. listening to my body and just relaxing.

hope everyone has a great evening. JO: keep healing. SANDI: glad you are having success with your PT. STEVE: thanks for the new thread. JUDYE: 90? wow. already....

We should be opening the pool in the next couple of weekend. Rain this weekend, so we will wait a bit longer.

Hugs and healing to all in need!

NCSuzan said...

Is that stick long enough?

NCSuzan said...

Parents doing chores while teens watch! Familiar?

stronghunter said...

Whole family in the nest now. I guess the long stick you speak of is on the side of the nest that needs rails, Suzan. Maybe they are doing something about that. Perhaps they heard our comments.

Both parents poofed. Kiddies are in the middle of the nest. Looks to be a real eagle feather lying next to them.

NCSuzan said...

Double poof!

Candy, thanks for the notice about Honey. She had not been well for several days. Very sad to lose her.

Remember Buddy? He turned eight this week! He is one beautiful eagle.

NCSuzan said...

Shirley, so sorry. Was called away. But yes, I thought it was a feather too!

Lolly said...

Well. It has really been a stormy evening but think we came out smelling like a rose! About 4 it got very dark, wind, thunder, etc but only a gentle rain and no hail. Also, no tornado!! Has been rumbling ever since, so the worst passed very close. We have a double garage but Jack Has built in cabinets and we have a refrigerator out there . Also I drive a Ford Expedition so his truck does not come, but tonight we managed it! A very tight squeeze!

Guess we are going to go to Dentonto the Jazz Fest. Want to see Joseph play! Also have bulbs to take to Laurel.

Going to do my nails now.

Night all!

Lori said...

It's dark, but looks like the two little ones got restless and decided to go for a stroll around the nest. I can't see Belle or Shep in there.

Glad you escaped the bad weather, Lolly. We're sure getting a lot of dreary, rainy days here. Supposed to have up to 1/2" tomorrow night and another 1/2" on Sunday. Drenched eaglets!

It was an uneventful but productive day of cleaning around the house today. Like to get it done so I don't have to do it over the weekend when Kate is off. :)

Sleep well all!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Two eaglets laying side by side in the nest - no parent in sight.

Since April is over after today, could we please stop with the April showers? Today's forecast is for just cloudy but dry. Then tonight the rain returns and continues tomorrow. Yuk!

Jo, prayers continue for you to feel stronger and better with each passing day.

Janey and I will be spending the afternoon at a local pet store for a greyhound meet and greet. Several days ago, Gail - the lady who picks up the greyhounds at the track and brings them back to DE - sent out an email asking for foster homes for the next group of 5 dogs. She said whoever fosters them will only be committing for a week or two because the Home Show in Ocean City, where we had a booth, resulted in 7 new adoption applications! I asked Denny ... he said no.

Have a greyt day all.

Mema Jo said...

gm - yesterday i made my comment & never published it because of the kids coming - sorry

cool out today - staying in - lol

take care & know i'm with you xoxo

NCSuzan said...

Jo, good morning! I think we all have written a comment and failed to hit send. Know I have! Our thoughts and healing prayers are with you.

Sandi, Denny knows you guys become attached to any dog that comes through the doors! You have big hearts.

Hope everyone is ok and have fun plans for the weekend.

Take care.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

I also agree been there done that

not publishing your comment thinking you clicked but you didn't more than once for me

Looks like a nice peaceful day at the nest no wind I hear birds a singing

both are in middle of nest nice to see them like that such a calm and serene view

The Ft Meyers nest is falling each day a little more E7 still sleeps in it and hasn't fledge yet The other sleeps in the tree with adults
about one third of the nest remains not much

So sad another 6 eagles were found in ND had eaten a
prairie dog and assumed it was poisoned

Jordyn is doing her first day at soccer today
Had a late nite last nite got one 130 yuk and I think a nap will be needed although I normally don't do naps or should I say my body doesn't do them LOL

Lolly said...

Good morning! Cloudy, cool, 62 but headed to Denton to Jazz Fest! I am sure it will be very muddy! But, you do what you gotta do!

Have a great day!

Kay said...

Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

Love seeing Clover and Shamrock full to the gills, resting and growing right before our very eyes! I see "home" has some greenery for a nice decorating touch.

Good luck to Jordyn as she joins in the soccer craze. It's a great game for kids!

LOLLY, what we do for love. Enjoy watching/listening as Joseph performs.

SANDI, SUZAN is right about Denny's answer to the fostering of another greythound. You'd probably fall in love and add it to the Robert's canine collection!☺

Eaglets stirring--one doing a poop shot and now stretching and preening. Decided to plop down next to it's sib--they are quite the duo!

Dreary day here with rain due in soon, but the temps are quite comfortable. Hope the rain stops for the evening as I have a potluck dinner and a dance to attend. I'll be the greeter/cashier at the latter and the delighted eater at the former!

Have a good day all and know my prayers are with those in need!!!


stronghunter said...

Good afternoon,

Cool and damp here today.

Having trouble getting the nest cam to come up.

Oh, there it goes. Two eaglets flopped in the nest. Fresh greenery there.

JudyE said...

OH my goodness this is just the cutest video of a baby robin

a man in his backyard and how he feeds the baby

JudyE said...

whole family in for a bit Big fish delivered and now Shamrock is self feeding while parents are hanging and Belle is peeping I love that sound

grannyblt said...

Watched the kids a while ago and one of them was doing a lot of wingercising. Before too long that will be the norm.

I'm still in OK for a few more days. Grandsons prom is tonight. I actually posted a picture on FB of the two of us before he left a few minutes ago. Katie and I went to Houston for a couple of days earlier in the week. We missed big storms here, but slept through a tornado warning down there. Spring time always brings storms. Fortunately not when we were driving. Praying that will be the case when we head back to PA. We missed the bluebonnets this trip.

I've tried to post a couple of times this week, but the messages were lost in cyberspace.

Praying for good health for us all.

Lolly said...

We are home! A fun day. Spent with the Fritz family! Enjoyed Jazz Fest. Weather was perfect and not too muddy. Joseph's band did great! Then we grilled hamburgers and had a fun evening. Because of road construction it took an extra half hour to get home.

Tired! Heading to the pillows! SED!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Welcome to May! Looks like a wet morning in Shepherdstown - 1 adult in the nest with the kids huddled close.

Lynne1, saw the photo of you with your grandson - what a handsome young man he is ... and tall!

Jo, thanks for checking in yesterday. Prayers continue - I love you!

Jerry, hope you've enjoyed your vacation!

Nice meet & greet yesterday - met 6 or 7 other greyhound owners in the area. Janey fell in love with the only male greyhound that came. She was really quite the flirt! When we were at the Home Show in Salisbury back in February, I spent about a half hour talking with an older couple who seemed very interested in learning more about greyhounds. Then they kept stopping back at the booth off and on just to pet the dogs. Well, they showed up at the pet store yesterday - they read about the meet & greet on the GPA-DE website! The husband had read several books on owning retired racers and he had more questions. He said, "We don't have children, so a dog would be our child." Perfect pet owners, right??? After another half hour or so of talking, he asked what the next step was and I said he just needed to commit and fill out an application b/c more dogs would be arriving in May and in June.

The sun came out yesterday, though the temps stayed in the 50s. Today is back to gray with rain in the forecast for the day and for the next couple of days. Perfect weather for cleaning bathrooms and folding laundry.

Have a greyt day all.

Mema Jo said...

gm to all on this first day of may - hope the rain helps the flowers to grow

expecting Jenny to visit

no news except mrs red is at the feeder

take care xoxo

JudyE said...

Good morning eagle buds

kids eating what ever the parent brought in maybe fishscales or something white and fuzzy all over the nest to hared to tell
Shamrock is looking and standing at 5 to close to the edge for me

Kay said...

Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

Made it just in time for the big show. Looks like all is well with Shamrock and Clover and their environment. Yeah!

JO, I'm happy to hear Jenny is there today and I know you feel the same way Plus! Glad you have Mrs. Red and others to watch as you recover.

SANDI, kudos to you for doing so much on behalf of rescue greythounds!

The sun is peeking through so Penny and I will have a wonderful afternoon! Downright frabjous!

Thinking of and praying for all in need!!!


Lolly said...

Howdeeeee! Church this morn, no time to get on. Came home and headed outside. Beautiful day, presently sunny and 74. Now the STARS are about to play.

RS Hawks were in our yard today, one on the ground. We have found a nest, so we will be watching. Hawk or Mississippi Kite?

JudyE said...

Really neat looking scene now one adult on stump Shep and Belle is holding a big fish next to the stump and the kids are at the 12 area landed with huge fish and she took it over there must not be time for dinner yet

lots of calling by both

JudyE said...

must be intruder neat both looking around and calling out wanting that big fish I guess

JudyE said...

Shep poofed threat must be over now kids are being feed Love that squeal they make so stinking sweet sounding

Lori said...

Hope everyone had a great (or greyt) weekend! Love all your rescue work Sandi and your enthusiasm for it!

Yesterday Kate and I took a let of a 22 leg transport for a bulldog coming from GA to NY. We met him in Fredericksburg, VA and passed a huge bowling alley Kate pointed out off of 95 in Fredericksburg. You know I had to wonder if that is where SHIRLEY spends her bowling days! :) It would be so great to have a mental picture of it.

Still working on getting all my pots planted but have a few more to come. I've ordered a Brugmansia trumpet tree, 2 clematis (Diamantina & Avant Garde), 2 differents types of canna and a Winchester Honeysuckle all of which attract hummingbirds!

Have a great night and a happy Monday everyone!

stronghunter said...

Hi Lori,

Oh my, I would have enjoyed seeing you all in Fredericksburg. I doubt if you saw my bowling alley. There is one near 95 called Splitsville. It is a combination bowling alley, movie theater, and restaurant. I have bowled there, but my regular place is tucked away in a spot you would not see from the interstate.

How nice of you to take part in the bulldog transport. Susan has taken part in transporting chinchillas. Once she left one here for pick-up. Kathryn, Hunter, and I were away then, so Will took care of the little critter.

stronghunter said...

Have been on the computer so long today that I'm cross-eyed, so I have to say a quick good night. I will see you again tomorrow. SED.

WVJerry said...

Good Monday morning. I see a sleeping eagle family now. Back to work for me. Had a lazy didn't cooperate much for the outside stuff I wanted to get Done. Did play golf one day and made to trips to Fairfax, Va. Have a good Monday. Good morning Jo. Hope you are getting better each day.

WVJerry said...

Good Monday morning. I see a sleeping eagle family now. Back to work for me. Had a lazy didn't cooperate much for the outside stuff I wanted to get Done. Did play golf one day and made to trips to Fairfax, Va. Have a good Monday. Good morning Jo. Hope you are getting better each day.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

Another school day and another gray rainy day on tap. I need sunshine!!!!

Have a greyt day.

stronghunter said...

Wet eagles in a wet nest this morning. One is wingersizing.

stronghunter said...

More wingersizing.

Mema Jo said...

gm to all

another wet one

love the wingersizing - not too many more weeks


Janet Neely said...

Good Monday morning to one and to all.
SANDI: I LOVE your greyhound adventures. There was a time when I wanted one…..and maybe someday I will have one. They are so beautiful. Maybe when you retire you could do some more volunteering/work with the association. What a lovely thing you are doing for such noble creatures!
Hi JO! Keep healing! Lov eand hugs to you
It was a busy weekend. I didn’t work on Saturday, my shoulder had been giving me fits all week and Saturday it had had enough and there was no way I was massaging anyone. So I spent the day on the sofa resting, cross stitching, etc. Not like me to just sit on my rump, but it had to be to give the shoulder abreak. It was a lovely rainy day; perfect for what I needed to do.
Sunday felt better. We did the grocery shopping. In the evening we worked on planting the bamboo. Tom took tidy cat boxes (the yellow plastic ones) and cut them down to about 10” tall, maybe a bit more. Anyway, dug holes (having to jack hammer some rocks out of a couple of holes) and we placed the buckets down in the holes and planted bamboo inside the buckets. The idea is to help keep the plants contained. They may still spread some, BUT, hopefully not as badly. The root system is quite shallow on bamboo. It will just be a bit more maintenance on the yard, but the privacy given will be welcomed.
Today not a lot planned. I have a date shortly with my elliptical and then my foam roller and some yoga. From there, I need to work on the bathroom. I have to start painting. Probably won’t finish today, but can get started anyway.
Will check in later gaters. Have a wonderful day!

Lori said...

Well, I felt close to you just being in Fredericksburg, Shirley! :)

One of the eaglets just changed positions and stretched his wings, now it's laying totally stretched out, its big yellow feet and pointing talons like a ballerina!

High hopes for major healing today, Jo!

Janet, bamboo is an awesome earthy privacy wall. They will break the containers eventually, but it will slow down their spread. I've always wanted some Black Bamboo but never had a place to grow it.

Have a fabulous day! Big smiles and hugs for everyone!


Lolly said...

Good morning! Slept late. More storms early this morn. Knew I would not be working in the yard. Hard to believe it is May and 57 out! Parts of our acre garden are still standing in water. Prediction of sunny for the rest of the week. That would be good. Want to finish my spring planting.

Plans for today include chores in the house. It has been neglected lately!

Need to get my laptop fire up to monitor the nest!

Have a great week! Miss Judie!

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Love seeing the eaglets snoring in the sunshine. This time they are at opposite ends of the nest. Looks like one of them laid down some greenery defining "this is my side and that is yours".

Very cool here, too. It may reach 65° today, but there is a grey and chilly feel to it.

LORI, so glad you're back with us here! Please don't go away again! So happy you're signing off with the 7 hearts for Liberty!

JERRY, to bad the weather interfered with your outdoor plans, but hope you're returning to work with renewed energy!

JO, eat plenty of good, nutritious food---get plenty of good rehabilitating sleep/rest--stay hydrated--get a modicum of exercise and hang in there!!! Love you!!!

Have a good day all! Prayers for those in need!


JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

oops didn't click publish

EagleCam post

""""The EagleCam audio is temporarily turned off due to excess noise and activity from FWS training in the local area. We will resume audio on Wednesday, May 4.

JudyE said...

food was just brought in Shamrock claimed it LOL then Clover got it now adult is just watching

JudyE said...

adult poofed what ever the item was is under one of the eaglets and attempt to self feed It is small and white

Costume Lady said...

I am bringing over a note from facebook for those of you who do not have an account there (wish you all did!)

Many thanks to all of you who sent cards, flowers, prayers, phone calls and

a special thank you to those who brought me food and coffee to the Nursing

Home (food was not very tasty and the coffee was the worst I have ever had!)

A GREAT BIG thank you to my Karla who was with me nearly every day, from

the moment I went into surgery until I was released from the Nursing Home

on April 4 (they let me go 4 days early because I responded so well to therapy).

She was a self-appointed advocate for me in the hospital and Nursing Home. For

instance, she told the nurses to give me pain meds in my IV even when I said

I didn't need any...she knew I soon would; made me drink water to help raise

my very low blood pressure; got extra pillows and blankets and probably much

more than I was aware of (I spent the first 2and a half days in La La Land).

She followed the ambulance as they transported me to the Shenandoah Nursing

Home in Charles Town; helped the nurses get me settled in my room and made

sure they knew I had upper respiratory distress. She told them that I needed a

nebulizer at least 3 times a day, and checked when she came in for the day to

make sure they were giving me those treatments!

She drove me to my surgeon in Martinsburg for my check up and then back again

to the Nursing Home. She even brought our two grandsons in one

can't imagine how much that cheered me up!

My PT was difficult...1 hour in the morning and another hour in the afternoon.

the morning one was at 8 am and I am NOT a morning person. Many mornings,

I did my therapy in my pajamas (was too sleepy and sore to get dressed)

After 3 weeks, I was released and Denise (who had been busy moving into her

beach house) Karla and Christy Reed came to take me home. What a blessed

day that was. I pray I never have to spend time in a Nursing Home ever again!

I went directly to my Sun Room where Denise and Karla stayed with me day and

night for most of a week. Best pajama party I've ever had! I spend most of my

days in the Sun Room watching Spring coming alive and enjoying it even more

than I dreamed I would.

I have had 2 Physical Therapists and a nurse come to my home for 3 weeks and

as of last Friday, I have been discharged from their care. My surgeon cleared me

to drive Thursday and I have been grocery shopping (10 bags) and drove to church

this morning. I have been without pain meds for a week and without my cane for 2


I will be spending Mother's Day with Denise and Karla at OBX to finish recuperating.

I'm hoping my balance is better now and won't fall into the ocean again!

Thank you all, once again for your love and friendship.

BTW: If you are wondering, I lost 20 pounds (only lost 8 with my other knee surgery)

Costume Lady said...

Sorry this took up so much space...that IS NOT the way I typed it! What are you gonna do ?

Lori said...

Goodness Wanda! How do you lose so much weight after surgery. It's been the opposite for patients I've had. I'm so glad to hear you're back up to speed!

Lolly, we have been very cool here too. Coolest April in over a decade.

Thunderstorms moving in now with "super cells" and the local weather forecasters have taken over Lester Holt's evening news slot tonight.

Love you too, Kay!!!

Stay safe everyone! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Lolly said...

Yay! Happy to see you on here, Wanda! How about coming back each day to say good night! Always did enjoy your posts I the evening.

Stayed cool all day! The sun would peek out and then hide. I have been chilled all day!

JudyE said...

A fish just delivered and Shamrock I think claimed it LOL Parent letting eat at present

JudyE said...

poof adult letting the one still eat the other is watching but no trying to steal yet just keeps looking back to us but looks like tearing it up pretty good

JudyE said...

Clover has taken the fish and attempt to eat I think parent needs to come back there is no fight at all so neat these two

JudyE said...

both are together at 11 fish is all alone where they gave up and left it LOL Must not be that hungry heading to TV

Lolly said...

Nite all! 54 here. Think winter has Returned! SED!

WVJerry said...

Good morning. I see Shamrock and Clover sleeping now. Saw on Channel 4 that there was large hail in D.C. area last night. Thought I heard some thunder before I fell asleep around 9:30 or so. Have a nice day. Good to see Wanda posting and continuing to get better. Good morning Jo.

WVJerry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hoda said...

Wishing you a good morning and a good day.
All good here.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

Wanda, it's wonderful to see a post fom you and I'm so glad you are recovering from your knee replacement so well.

Hoda and Lori, I like seeing your name and your posts on the blog again!

Jo, prayers continue for you. Love the new Elliot photos on Facebook!

OMG, it's raining AGAIN! The sun actually came out for a few hours yesterday - a nice treat. But the ground is so soggy. I'm glad I haven't already planted all of my pots for the season - the roots would be rotting from all this rain!

No school for me - PT at 8:30 and then I don't know what I'll do with myself. No kayaking and no hiking with Janey, that's for sure!

Have a greyt day all.

Janet Neely said...

Good TUESDAY morning to all!

LOLLY: I wondered about it breaking thru the plastic buckets. Oh well, it will be a maintenance thing as we knew it would be, but the privacy will be welcomed! Thanks for the input.

WANDA: so lovely to see you on the blog. I am so sorry your recovery has been so difficult. I am glad that you are getting to enjoy your mothers day!!! Wonderful!

We had a lovely rainy day yesterday. It rained until early evening That was good for me so I stayed inside and worked on painting the bathroom. Most of it is done. I have one wall to go. I like the color very much. It is a very nice change up. I look forward to finishing it up.

We went to math tutoring last night, two more of those to go. Quietly, I am ready for summer break as the kid is. We are almost done with our freshman year. I will continue to use Discovery K-12 online as it has been a great program and Olivia likes it. (winner!) but I think for math I will use some form of a consumer math program and I also am going to this art studio to see if they offer affordable art classes as an out of the “classroom” supplement. We will also be getting her Tennessee drivers study guide, as of December she can get a permit. I will likely wait til early spring however. I do want to put her thru a drivers ed course once she has said permit. My opinion is that a non-parental teacher for that will have the most patience…..and is also tends to decrease insurance rates….and of course because parents are so “dumb” (lol) the professional person will undoubtedly know more! You know how our intelligence decreases as the teenagers age increases…..amazing how that happens!

Not a lot else going on. Work today, then I am not sure. Just going to roll with it this evening and see what I feel like doing!

Wishing JO a day of healing and health. And wishing EVERYONE a beautiful day full of love and laughter.
Hugs for all!

JudyE said...

Good Tuesday Morning

Thinking of JO today as always hoping with each day she get a little better

and I agree seeing everyone back on the blog is awesome

big fish

glo said...

gm everyone. There is actually some sunshine yeah!!!! May has the makings of an exciting and busy kind of month. My son will be here for a couple of days mid May. I will be leading 2 intro Bible art juornaling classes for my church and Percy Therapy Dog will be coming for a visit for 5 days at the end of the month while his family visits other family in Colorado. Percy is a gentle giant. It should be quite the experience for all of us. Hoping everyone has a good day. Prayers for MeMa Jo Time for some winged critters to grace her flowers. I bought a fuscia for my pergola yesterday. My hummers like that. Will be on the look out for my first visitors.

Lolly said...

Good morning! Yay, sunshine! Saw 47 this morning! This is unbelievable temps for us this time of year. I am thinking our caladium bulbs might rot!

Taking care of 3 dogs next door! They had to leave quickly for family emergency. Dogs were not sure of us the first time we entered the house. Marley actually barred her teeth at us. I yelled at her for doing that and she cowed. All was well this morning. Marley is getting old. This morning she wanted attention.

Have I mentioned I graduate this weekend? TCU honors it's 50th year graduates. Yes, it has been50 years for me! So, Friday at a luncheon I receive a medallion. Then Saturday we don caps and gowns and march in following the new grads. I have lost contact with all friends but participating in these two activities. Skipping the dinner/party Fridaynight and the luncheon on Saturday, but do get a tour Friday of a new building. Have been told I have to wear my medallion to churchSunday. Lol

JudyE said...

check out google today cute

JudyE said...

Congrats on the 50th LOLLY

We all are about in the range of reunions

we have a cold front heading our way from out west
gonna be cooler this week but with storms tomorrow with the front
Its 84° out now and will welcome some cooler weather Its been near 90 so sad down the street is a nursing home and a 65 yr old who is ambulatory and is allowed to do what he wants there was found dead of 2nd degree burns from being in the sun for who know how long so sad He had a heart attack after being taken to the ER Was noticed not a dinner That is so sad

JudyE said...

he died at the hospital just read that I wrote he was found dead he was found unresponsive and died at the hospital

Lori said...

The sun is out and the eaglets are snuggled together up by 11. Cute!

Congratulations Lolly on 50 yrs! It'll be fun to do the cap and gown thing again!

JudyE, so sad about the nursing home patient and only 65!

Sandi, love being back here - not as rushed as I used to be and really enjoying it! ♥

Glo, I can't wait to see your pics of Percy! I would so love a bulldog or low rider pit bull therapy dog ... just a fun goofy dog would be great to cuddle with patients.

Any news from Lynne2?

Hope you're far enough away from all this rain, Kay. Horrible storms and hail here last night that shredded every flower that was open.

Big hugs everyone - extra healing hugs for Jo and Wanda. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

JudyE said...

Heading out to meet Missy a gal that I worked with. She was making me something for my retirement but being I wasn't there at the end she held off on finishing it. So she is now done and want to give it to me so I am heading out now to get it.
I think I know what it is She does it for people leaving and it is adorable its a
Candy thing

I shall return

Hope someone is watching

Deb has me worried about Belle I am pretty sure that was her in the nest earlier but her and Doreen think it was Shep and Belle hasn't been seen in yesterday early am
I do have some snips and looks like her V put I may be wrong I hope not

so hope someone is looking at the nest I know Deb was at work

JudyE said...

I posted a picture of Missy card she made for me I love how she did that so cute also posted on FB
Missy card she created for me love that gal

Kay said...

Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

Love seeing Shamrock and Clover each in their own "corner" and enjoying the sunshine! No need to speculate on where each of the parents are IMHO. Most of the time alarmist prognostications are a waste of energy. Time will tell.

Sun's a shinin' here, too. Yeah!

Prayers for all in need!!!


JudyE said...

Missy card is haunting me


and there are several of my favorite candy on it LOL

I can't wait to show Jordyn it
It really is a cute idea Will have to keep in mind for the future

both are right in the center of the nest like a mirror image of sort

I do love it that there isn't much beaking or bonking of sorts with these two

FYI E8 fledge Ft Meyers nest today at 4 something

adult in

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

both had brought food A feeding frenzy went on and one poofed
looks like one is feeding on nestovers

Lots of issues with cam buffering of late

and from now on I will only believe what I see I knew I that was Belle earlier from her V

Costume Lady said...

I just noticed the names of our two both names!
LORI, my weight loss was partially due to the food, it was not to my liking.
And secondly, I had two hours of exercise/therapy every day for 3 weeks and 3 more weeks at home. Two therapists and a nurse came three times a week.
I'm trying very hard to keep the weight off. Hope I can resist the great foods that are available at the beach!

I might have left the impression that I wasn't treated well at the Nursing home...
not the case. Everyone was wonderful and did all they could to make my stay as pleasant as possible. It was just that the surroundings were depressing. I was supposed to go to a Nursing Home in Virginia that had a separate wing for patients who were there for PT, but they didn't have a room for me when I was released from the hospital. So, I was on the same floor with many older folks with no hopes of making it out of there!
Good Night All...Love and Blessings~

WVJerry said...

Good morning. I see Shamrock and Clover in nest alone. Sound in back working. I'm ready for it to stop raining. Have a nice day.

WVJerry said...
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WVJerry said...

Good morning again. I see Clover(?) trying to eat a fish. Got to find out why I am double posting everything.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Gray here this morning with temps only in the 50s and more rain in the forecast. UGGHH!!

Janet, like the new rings for you and Tom. There are some folks here in Bethany who have used bamboo as a privacy screen.

Jo, prayers continue for you. I hope you are feeling stronger each and every day.

Judy, cute parting gift from your co-worker. Very clever!

Today is my Friday - yay! Have a greyt day all.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

got woke up with heavy rain and storms the cold front from the West has arrived and I have over 2" of rain in gauge so far and still more coming Its 73° now and the temps are suppose to be milder this week with the front YEAH

JERRY sometime if i hold on the publish your comment to long my post double also or I double click it that will happen

Lori said...

I remember every time I have been to the nest and there were eaglets - usually right before they fledged - one of the parents would sit up above them on a limb to the left as you looked at the tree from the road just watching them the entire time. The parents were not in view on the cam, but they were there - the whole time.

What is your official retirement date, JudyE, or did I miss it?

Wanda, I spent many days in long term care facilities during nursing school and was offered jobs at one, but I knew I couldn't work there because it was so incredibly depressing. Not the people, but the facility something out of the 70's and early 80's and in desperate need of repair and redecorating. I think a clean facility, no smelly odors, open and airy goes a long way in keeping them happy and brightening up the environment when they can't be outside. I nearly gagged - really - every time we had to serve meals. I would not thrive in such a place either. :(

JudyE said...

LORI YEP you missed it I retired Feb 12 and am loving it
nice to be able not to worry about what time it is
My watch died and I haven't even replaced it

SANDI I think I am taking you advise. I am getting a new vehicle. I am having issue with the old truck still with leaks. I really think me hitting the back of that truck in Jan has done her in. (knocked things out of aline so doesn't fit well) Going there tomorrow to get the radiator checked and talk to them about a trade. Mike said he would get me with someone to help. I can't sink any more $$$ in to the old gal now. I love my truck and would love another but they don't make the small ranger (at present) only the big one and don't want that So just may go with the Escape

Mema Jo said...

yeah Judy - good decision - cool beans - lol

gm to all - where is that sunshine

Michael and Jenny are here - more preps on the remaining flower pots
should be raining on Sunday

really a damp day out there

I usually don't return to pc more then this am hour -
Take care and have a great day xoxoxoxoxoxo

Lolly said...

Good morning! Another beautiful day ahead! Have been over to let the dogs out for a while and they are now back in.

Need to get busy, eat, walk and head out on shopping for some more flowers.

No pictures of animals in our yard last night, but no digging either.

Good to see you on here, Jo! Have a good day!

Lolly said...

Wanda, great on the weight loss. When confronted with great food just remember portion size. So at the beach......walk! You should do well!

stronghunter said...

Good evening,

Nice to see you on the blog today, Wanda. We've been missing you. I am kind of sleepy already tonight as I stayed up late and got up early, so I will say good night now. SED, everyone.

JudyE said...

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all
♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need
"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle"

Hoda said...

Keep Deb S in your prayers.
She is away teaching this week, yet the Mill outside her town is burning.
Forest Fires in her Province, have forced the evacuation of a whole large town!!!

Hoda said...

Awesome day here.
It tried to rain.
Not much!
We did get thunder and lightning.
Now wondering where those strikes went.
No smoke yet.

Hoda said...

Fire in the mill outside of Deb S is now out of control. A mandatory evacuation order has been issued.

Hoda said...

Good night all.
Prayers for peace and safety.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

One eaglet dozing, the other is near the edge at 3, picking at some food in the nest. No parent in sight.

Rainy today, rainy tonight, rainy tomorrow. Hoda, I wish I could send it to BC. I've had enough wet weather, thank you very much.

Judy, I think you're making a smart move in replacing your truck. Happy vehicle shopping.

Jo, hope you feel better today than yesterday.

PT for me, then getting my fingers AND toes done so I can start wearing my flip flops and sandals.

Have a greyt day all.

WVJerry said...

Good morning Sandi. I see Shamrock and Clover hanging out in the nest. Looks like another day of rain here. Working late today...already have 26 hours in southern far. Should end up with another 23 hours or so before off on Sunday and Monday. Hope everyone has a relaxing day.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

STILL cam didn't make last night weekly update again and I love doing still picture the clarity is better that a reg snip unless I am on tablet which I like better also

Just got back from Ford go Mon they are ordering another radiator for it
get the leak fixed and will be looking for a vehicle in the meanwhile I wish the had new Rangers I love my little truck.

feeding going on at the nest love them little peeps they make

got to see both juvies fly at the ford dealer got a couple of pic also

JudyE said...

the live feed is doing lots of buffering that it didn't do before I wonder why

JudyE said...

Still cam is back


Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all

Prayers for Deb and her home

I'll try to come back later

JudyE said...

big fish and its still flapping its tail

Kay said...

Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

Our eaglets are enjoying a Cinco de Mayo Siesta!

HODA, prayers for Deb and all who are suffering through those horrible fires. Hope there aren't any outbreaks in your town!

Good to "see" you, JO!

Prayers for all in need!!!


Hoda said...

All good here.
Some rain.
Not much.
The closest fires to Nelson Kay are a few hours away.
All BC fire departments are on alert.
We are a tinder box waiting to ignite.
BC could not spare any firefighters to our neighbouring sister province Alberta. The Fort McMurry Fire has caused devastation.
Most of BC fire fighters wish they could help, yet they are in order not to leave the province. The eastern part of the country is wet. So their fire fighters are flying in to help Alberta.
God help us all.
Deb's husband returned to their home last night, according to a post on FB.
She is still away. She is glad he is there to make decisions about the property.

Hoda said...

On order
In order!

Hoda said...

Alberta Syrian Refugees only been in Canada for five months are donating clothes gathered for them to help the Fort Mac evacuees. They are collectig dollars as little as five dollars and up to a hundred dollars from each person in their group. They are grateful to Canada. The Syrian refugee children are surrendering their toys for the fire evacuees.
We all love Canada and everyone is helping out. Lac Megantic from Quebec is returning the favour. 11 million dollars to the Red Cross...the gov't will match dollar for dollar raised, the Prime Minister just announced. Employment Insurance activated for the evacuees. From the least capable to the post powerful we are all pitching in.
Insurable losses add up to 9 billion dollars!
Yikes!!! Worst Alberta Disaster ever.

stronghunter said...

Good evening,

Banquet for our Thursday bowling league today. It was very nice.

Enough already with the rain here as well, Sandi. I would join you in sending some wetness up to Alberta.

Hoda said...

The Alaska Highway is now closed both ways. The Alberta Fire is eight times as large as it was yesterday. 85 thousand hectares up in flames.
The First Nations are taking in evacuees. Housing them, feeding them, and providing medical care.
The British Columbia fire, affecting Deb S, is running away on them.
Sorry to take so much space on the fire. Feels like a crisis in Western Canada.

NCSuzan said...

Hoda, so very sad to hear of the fire and the damage to land, property and wildlife. Thank goodness for the First Nations, The Syrian evacuees for their kindness and generosity. A lesson for all of us.

Shirley, glad you had a nice banquet with the league today.

Happy Birthday Bob Quinn! Haven't seen you or any photos for a while. Hope you are well.

The huge chicks are exercising their wings. This month will be fun to watch!

Have a good evening.

Lolly said...

Howdeeee! Been busy! And, going to be busy the next few days. Tomorrow going to TCU for lunch. Class of '66 celebrating big! After lunch pictures and tour. Saturday is graduation and we don caps and gowns. More fun!

Saturday after graduation we head to see Joseph perform at a Jazz compition. Following that Laurel and boys are coming to our house for dinner and spending the night. Going to church with us Sunday. My Mother's Day treat.

Hoda, know how devastating the fires are and such beautiful land. Jack had lunch with friends and one told a story of a friend who is In Construction business. Took his equipment and parked it in the middle of a parking lot, hoping to protect it. During the night they had to flee. Fire was right at their house. Have no idea about his equipment. They lost everything, no time to pack. So very sad.

Time to get ready for bed. Night all! SED!

Hoda said...

A BC fire is crossing into Alberta.
All their resources are in Fort McMurray.
So our guys will cross into Alberta.
Please God send us rain.

I know Lolly!
No loss of human life so far.
Yet loss of every thing else humans own.

Peace and Prayers to all.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Steve started this thread last Friday and captioned it "Cool and rainy." Still that, one week later. I see 2 pitiful-looking wet eaglets standing in the nest. No parent in sight.

We had rain last night and it's supposed to rain all day today, tonight, and again tomorrow. We have too much and Hoda's part of Canada has too little. I will keep the people who have lost their homes and possessions in BC in my thoughts and prayers.

Jo, you are also in my thoughts and prayers, as always. I hope today is a good day for you and you feel well enough to visit the blog.

Absolutely nothing on my agenda today. With this weather, I need to find an "all day long" spring cleaning thing to do.

Have a greyt day all.

WVJerry said...

Good morning Hoda and Sandi. Hoda - I think rain may be coming to your area according to local news. I see breakfast being served at the nest this morning. Sandi - I hope you find something indoors to occupy your day. Take care all.

Mema Jo said...

Another Red Friday morning - show your support for our troops