Friday, April 22, 2016


New thread.


JudyE said...


JudyE said...

oops word THANKS didn't make it

I called other over

both parents were in the nest one brought in flugg and the other a stick

Sandi said...

Checking in from school.

Thanks Steve for the new thread and Judy for the call over.


Mema Jo said...



Hoda said...

Do happy to read this Jo.
Welcome home.
Do not over do it please.
Love to you.
Prayers continue.

Hoda said...

So not do!
Do not do too much!

Lori said...

Hello! JO so glad to see you're back on and hoping you are home now! ♥

Thanks for the hot flash support. Just really don't like sweating and having to shower three times a day. My head gets so hot sometimes I think it's going to rocket off my shoulders. Some women have them forever. Noooooo. lol

Waiting on the results of the Prince autopsy any minute now.

It's Kate's day off and we watched the fracking documentary Gasland Part II. It's excellent. Had to use the restroom and stood in the doorway of the bathroom until it was over because I couldn't walk away from it.

Thanks for the call over JudyE! Happy Earth Day everyone!

Judie said...

Welcome home, Jo.

Please make serious use of your recliner. Wishing you a quick and complete recovery.

stronghunter said...

Hi Jo!

Welcome back to our blog! :) :) :)

Sandi said...

Hi Jo!

What a pleasant surprise to see a post from you on this new thread! Welcome home. Now, take it easy!!

Barbara said...

Lori, choosing to get off HRT is a good thing. Up your intake of soy ang tofu products -- they have lots of phyto-estrogens that moderate the hot flashes etc. I'm living proof it works.

NCSuzan said...

Jo, how wonderful that you are home!!!!! Please take it easy and take all the time you need to recover. It is great to see you here as you have been missed.

Janet Neely said...

good evening to all.
THANKS to STEVE for a new thread and JUDYE, that feather shore do look purdy on ya.... lol.

MEMA JO: welcome home!!!!! rest rest rest!

LORI: I read a book the year I entered the post menopausal phase, wish I had read it sooner. Its called THE PAUSE. it has many helpful hints, both "natural" and medical. For example, a lot of people don't know that certain anti-depressants can tame hot flashes. It also can help with mood swings....

The last year was a beast of a year for me....Its been about 18 months now, and I am happy to report that it did get better for me. I have an occasional, and I do mean occasional hot flash....but nothing dramatic, I get a bit toasty for a moment or two...but I'm not trying to crawl out of my skin any more.

I was stubborn and gritted my teeth and never did go on hormones. I was about ready to at the end, between the hot flashes, the mood swings, and all the other stuff....but, some things happened that sent me to the M.D. and through a series of tests, they determined I was already post menopausal and after reading that book, I learned if I just tried some other things (anti depressants for me, which worked like a charm!) the body would even out in about 18 months...and here we are. AND I am THANKFUL.

Menopause, as we all know is no joke for many of us.

ANYWAY! its been a busy day. Lorelei was here yesterday and we played!

Got some great news. Every year Massage Envy has a conference out in Vegas. Upper management, etc of course go. This year, our lead therapist, Holly got therapist of the year for our region! This is great....but, just as great, out of the 1100+ clinics in the united states our clinic, Bellevue, TN is ranked #1 in customer service!!!!!! We are the little clinic (literally little, only 10 therapy rooms) that could and DID!!!!! We were all beyond excited! What validation!

Our weather has been incredibly beautiful. Nice weekend ahead. 70's and 80's. We had a lovely rain yesterday.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Almost time to dent those pillows! Work tomorrow!

Nite all!

JudyE said...

JO good to see you got released from the hospital now is the time to rest as we know in hospital that is the last thing you get

Nice evening with family

Belle is spending the night with the kids maybe because of the rain

We had rain here also Got a inch in the gauge

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all
♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need
"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle"

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Jo, I'm SO glad to see that you're back at home again! Try to get caught up on sleep, as I know it's almost impossible to sleep while in the hospital! Really, really nice to have you back on the blog, though. Prayers for complete healing continue!

We've finally gotten rid of our HOT weather here, and it's supposed to be in the high 60s for the next week. Got pretty windy this evening, with the wind coming in off the ocean, not from the northeast, as it was while it was so hot. We have a beach hazards alert in place: High surf and rip tides for the next 2 days.

Our granddaughter, Courtney, and her mom, Jen are in Orlando at Disney World for the Worlds Cheer Competition--Court's Pro Spirit 'Mystic' team. They'll be there thru Tuesday! Go Courtney & Mystic!! ♥♥

Lolly, hope you're enjoying your trip immensely!! Safe travels!

Well, it's getting pretty late, and I need to hit the hay. Eyes don't want to stay open any more! Have SED, and sleep tight. God bless, and goodnight. I ♥ us!! (Prayers for everyone continue!)

WVJerry said...

Good morning. I see a soaked eagle family. I also see Jo has returned. Keep getting better Jo. Last of my work days before vacation. Thanks for New Thread. Congrats to Judy on feather. Have a great weekend.

Sandi said...

Goodorming Jerry and all my eagle friends.

Like Jerry said, the nest has one very wet eagle parent and 2 kids with their heads shoved under the parent.

Jo, I bet it felt good to sleep at home last night!

Tennis for me this morning at 9.

Have a greyt day all.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

adult in nest seemed to be on alert for a bit but not now

must have been in the tree while I was out and about could hear adult but didn't see

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Got here in time to see on parent exiting and the other landing immediately afterward. Now again. The parents seem to be perplexed, but Clover and Shamrock are sleeping through it all as the nest sways with some pretty strong gusts of wind.

JO, I'm sure you feel the love and elation over your homecoming and "talking" to us! We're thrilled to have you back, but worry about your overdoing. Take care and know our prayers continue!

Belle and Shep are definitely showing signs of consternation, but are apparently comfortable leaving the little ones in the nest alone. The cam keeps buffering, causing me some consternation, too!

Have a great Saturday everyone!

Prayers for all in need!!!


Sandi said...

Hi all. Wet day here, but at least it's washing the yellow pollen off of everything.

Tennis was good. I saw my first hummingbird at one of the front porch feeders this afternoon. Still haven't seen any at the back porch feeder.

I have another new Freyja avatar. She has a "bike hat" on her head and a "boo boo sticker" on her knee - Freyja words. Denny and I just finished chatting with her on FaceTime.

I have housework to do but I am feeling very lazy today. Maybe tomorrow.

Jo, I hope you are feeling lazy today as well.

glo said...

ge everyone. End of a beautiful but busy day and week. Had lots of dog company this week. Patches enjoys when other dogs come around. Had a couple of photo shoots in my back yard since it is fenced in and pretty in the spring.

So very glad MeMa Jo is home. I surely hope she is resting. and feeling stronger each day.

Tomorrow we will see 80. That means after church Patches will get a bath. I can then sit outside with her and let her dry without the blow dryer. Baths are not her favorite thing but the blow dryer is definitely worse. We will be all done and outside in 10 mins. Not too bad :-)

I am afraid to say that I believe Patches is having seizures. She had the first spell that I saw about 2 months after I brought her home. I seriously thought she was having a heart attack as it was quite different than the seizures Dex had in his last years of life. I have now seen 4 of them. She had one tonight and had one about a month ago as well. She seems to know when they are coming on. Got off the sofa and went around the coffee table. I heard a strange noise and got up to see her trying to walk but losing control of her legs. She stiffens for a minute or so but doesn't jerk or become incontinent. Then she slowly just goes back to her normal self. I guess I will talk to the vet about what I saw tonight and how close it was to the last one. :-(. argh. We will get through this ok.

Well sort of sums up my week andmy day. AOYP everyone. SED

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle fiends. Two eagle kids alone in the nest as the sun comes up. Looks peaceful in Shepherdstown.

Glo, sorry to hear news of seizures with Patches. Perhaps they can be treated with medication?

I've seen some great pics of Lolly and Lynne1 on Facebook, both enjoying their families.

I wonder how Lynne2 and Steve and their animals are settling in at the in-laws?

Jo, how are you feeling? I hope well-rested and stronger every day. Prayers continue for you.

Jerry, is this vacation week for you? I hope so - you've been putting in a lot of hours at work lately. I haven't heard you mention fishing or golf in a while - any time for fun?

Must do housework today - cleaning the upstairs. And maybe a walk on the boardwalk with the 3 dogs.

Have a greyt day all.

WVJerry said...

Good morning Sandi. I see Shamrock and Clover together in nest. Everything getting nice and green now. Yes Sandi, I am on vacation and then most likely another 6 days week when Monday comes around. I hope to work some outside around yard. Hoping to play golf with my friends. Dean and I plan on getting our fishing licenses too. He had to work Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Tomorrow we take one of Rhonda's brothers to Fairfax, Virginia. Going to do normal chores today - light cleaning and laundry. I did play golf by myself last Monday. Thanks for asking. Global - I sure hope Patches can get help at the Vet. Jo - good morning. Everyone have a great weekend.

Janet Neely said...

good morning folks. I have a request...albeit an odd one.
many of you will be experiencing the 13/17 year cicada swarm this year. would any of you be willing to collect some dead ones and mail them to me?

we have a friend who makes lovely earrings out of the wings. I am going to experiment with it....and if I am successful, I would be willing to give anyone who wants them a pair (I can send a pix if you like). I will also reimburse shipping...but i'm thinking like a padded envelope size....please and thank you.

stop laughing and shaking your heads. its me. you know I walk to my own drum beat and we won't have any cicadas for another half dozen years or so.

off to get pool chemicals and celebrate our wedding anniversary! love to all!

JudyE said...

hey sis I have sent lizard carcass to our LYNNE2 so your request fit in LOL and yes I was laughing

Good MorningEagle Buds We have to grey/black fuzzy lumps in the nest eat sleep and poop is the stage they are now.
Can't wait till they are more entertaining like wingersizing etc LOL

The tree is really getting green buds now and is that a vine growing at the stump larger leaves on it compared to the tree

JudyE said...

JANET here in FL we don't seem to get them Lucky I have been told Hey put your request on FB also A bunch of us was comment on just this same subject I found a map I posted for them with the arrivals for all three types of them

Sandi said...

Janet, the cicadas aren't in my area until 2017 I think, so I can't help you with those wings.

Judy, not a vine at the stump. A parent flew in this morning with a long branch that had leaves on it and placed it there.

Beautiful day here but chilly. I hope to see a post from Jo today.

JudyE said...

thanks SANDI I knew that couldn't have grown there over night

JudyE said...

on of the kids is picking at it

JudyE said...

Big fish delivered

Hoda said...

Awesome photo of Miss Frryja Sandi.
Sorry about the booboisie.
Stylin' with dress and helmet. What is she holding in her left hand, red?

Prayers continue.

Start of a slowed down week for me. Five volunteer events. One a day. Yoga and exercise for the rest. Cooking too.
We launch the Dragon this Saturday.
Practice starts on Monday. I am happy.

Raining here today.
Two fires near us.
BC glaciers are melting!
Attended a forum yesterday that spoke of the glaciers. The closest one to us list two meters in 2015!

Enjoy your Sunday.

Hoda said...


stronghunter said...

We had cicadas a couple of years ago, so I think we wont be having them again for awhile.

Booboos for Freyja? I knew she had some awhile ago. Hope she is okay now.

Nice to know you have been enjoying some vacation time, Jerry.

If possible, perhaps you could get a video of Patches during a seizure for the vet, Glo. Goodness, so sorry you have to deal with this. Maybe some kind of medication would help.

Hi Jo, hope you are having a good day.

I think I might head to the bowling alley. Sometimes it is best to practice alone.

Kay said...

Good Evening Eagle Buds!!!

Clover and Shamrock alone in the nest with some leftover fish nearby. They're lookin' good!

SHIRLEY, look closely at SANDI's avatar and you'll see a bandage on Freyja's left knee. What a doll she with her "bike hat" and "boo-boo sticker".

HODA, rejoicing the start up of Dragon boating with you!

JERRY, hope this 1st day of vacation was grrreeeaaat!

It's been another day for outdoor fun here. Just beautiful!

JO, I'm betting you had some Sunday visitors--sit back and don't let em' wear you out!

Prayers for all in need!!!


Kay said...

Cicadas in 2016

Cicadas, the noisy insects that emerge every 17 years, are going to be out in force this spring in parts of the northeast U.S., making for a noisy spring in Ohio and points east.

As CNN reports, once the temperature of the soil reaches 64 degrees in parts of Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia, the cicadas will emerge from the soil and drown the region in their noisy song.

Collecting their dead bugs me, so I'll be of no help JANET.

BEagle said...

Hello eagle lovers!

I don't get the opportunity to get on here much but I have been able to keep up with the eaglets during the day. They have big appetites.

One of them just now stretched out a little. The one that found it's nest legs quickly and looks more than eager to get ready for the day it will fly out of there. What a bonnie eagle.

I didn't know that Mema Jo was in the hospital or what for. Mema is on my prayer list for good healing. We don't always have to know details because the Lord knows them and will put our prayers where they need to go.

stronghunter said...

Will have to check Sandi's picture, Lolly.

Hi BEagle! Nice to see you when you can hop on the blog.

Hoping Judie is okay.

stronghunter said...

Looks like the cicada story was from 2013, Kay, and that is about the time we had them here if I remember correctly. I have pictures somewhere. It was very noisy.

stronghunter said...

Yes, I found lots of cicada videos from 2013, so that is when we had them.

stronghunter said...

Time for sleep. SED, everyone. Cheeto is already sound asleep on my bed. Sometimes he gets tired of my keeping the light on.

Hoda said...

Lolly posted some terrific pictures on FB.
She is having a super time.

All is well here.

I believe Judie is well. She posted at one point she is simply taking some time off. No need to worry was her message.

Prayers sent.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Only 6 more Mondays in this school year (fewer than that for me).

Jo, I hope no posts from you yesterday meant that you had family company and not that you weren't feeling up to posting. Prayers continue for you.

Shirley, Freyja is still insisting that she MUST have a boo boo sticker for her knee although the scrape from when she fell at the pyramids is long gone. No new injuries.

Took all 3 dogs to the Bethany boardwalk yesterday for a stroll. We ALL got ice cream and the dogs got lots of attention.

Have a greyt day.

Mema Jo said...

gm - i'm still taking it slow - really no visitors - not up to it yet

love ya all -

Jewels said...

New thread come on over!! I even named it, in my own way :)