Friday, April 01, 2016


April Fools Thread.


Judie said...

Good almost afternoon.

Hi Shirley. Yes, nest is very windy as are the ones in DC. So much wind it looked like a snow storm outside yesterday with all the cherry tree blossoms being blown around. I always like to see our cherry tree in bloom.

News this morning is that the nest at the police academy now has a camera. Will check that out momentarily.

Wishing everyone a lovely afternoon.

Sandi said...

Thanks Steve, thanks Judie.

Just checking the box on this new thread. Headed to the airport shortly.

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Much thanks to STEVE for the fresh thread and to JUDIE for the call over! Your headdress is lookin' good, JUDIE!

Happy to hear we have yet another cam to check in on!

I can't blame anyone for getting a little confused as to when our birthday celebration begins. Eileen and Bill will arrive about 5 this afternoon---we'll have dinner and an evening of visiting. Tomorrow a.m. the "girls" run in a 5K--The James Thurber House will be our destination in the afternoon and then the birthday dinner at Figlio's in the evening. I probably won't be on line much til' Sunday after E & B head back to MI.

SANDI, praying for safe travel and for quick relief from that cold you've been suffering with. I know it was saddening to say Adios to that dear little family. Happy to hear they'll be visiting you in August! Now thinking of the greeting Janey and the little girls will give you!

JO, glad to hear your recliner is providing a good spot for the relaxation you deserve!

Oh, how cute Shamrock and Clover are! Have seen both parents in the time I've been on today. All looks good!

Prayers for all in need!!!


Mema Jo said...

Good late morning to all ♥

Safe journeys to Sandi and to Dana - Rain seems to be coming up the coast line with Dana and camper.

Nest is looking very good - big fish filling the crops of the eaglets plus mom and dad.

Wanda has had all of the knee staples removed and the healing looks great!

Lynne and Steve are moving out Sat April 16th. Possibly storage for furnishings as they don't have a place to where they are moving. I wish I was able to help in some way.

Mema Jo said...

Thanks for the fresh new thread Steve and

Judie thanks for the alert and the feather is all yours !

Lolly said...

Good morning!

Safe travels to Sandi and hubby! Her pics on fb have been Awesome! I have never had the desire to visit Mexico City, but have enjoyed her pictures.

Cool, gloomy day. A day to stay inside and preparing for our party tomorrow. It is a Trivial Pursuit party with three other couples. Another couple that is usually here is on a cruise. She said to phone her with a question. She will be our "Phone a friend"! We are all friends at church and mostly all retired educators! Two teacher/assistant principals, two high school business teachers and one librarian. And, a really fun group! All bringing munchies.

Can not believe how big Shamrock and Clover look. No longer staying in the egg cup. Hope they stay hunkered down and do not blow away. Steve even commented on fb about the wind this year.

Now down 23 pounds! It is getting harder to loose, just one more week and then maintain. Jack is now down 8 or 9 pounds. We will continue with the walking. I loose faster when walking as well as doing gardening chores.

Neighbor behind us is building a new chicken coop. It is right next to the privacy fence and he has been up on a ladder. Has now twice complimented our garden.😃 We have been visiting with him more. Lol. Need to find out if they sell eggs.

Time to get busy. Have finished my coffee.

JudyE said...



Got some sort of bad news

I think I retired to early and am going back to work !!

JudyE said...

Out and about and checked the blog since I found some WIFI

Out running around for Jordyn day for Angie

talk at ya later

JudyE said...

Jordyn birthday coming up is what I wanted to say

JudyE said...

JUDIE are you reading my mind LOL

a new one has crossed my mind
But the truck 2004 still has many years left only 88T miles if I can just get a pump that wants to be quite LOL

or maybe back to work to get a new vehicle

JudyE said...

Headin out to get Jordyn after school then out to dinner HOPE RL

Lolly said...

Presently 61 and sunny,but feels really chilly. Baking a new recipe for a chocolate cake seen on fb. Jack is making cheese balls. Really sort of a lazy day.

Cam has been really jerky and pixelated (Is that a word?) but, it is berry rattle moment. Two eaglets at the far edge of the nest.

Lolly said...

Berry rattle? Lol. It is better at the moment!

Judie said...

Good late afternoon.

DC police nest - babes are looking fine.

DC arboretum nest - babes are growing quickly.

NCTC nest - babes are out and about and the pantry appears empty. Adult looking around - maybe for a food delivery?

Wonder if Sandi and Denny will drive home tonight or tomorrow?

Going to put my feet up again for a few before heading to the scullery. Salad and leftover lasagna tonight.

Judie said...

Here we go -- eaglets are showing off their new-found toddling skills. Don't like when they get close to the edge.

Lolly, hope the cake will be tasty. Oh, you are so nice to have made a berry rattle for the eaglets to play with. (:

Judie said...

Headed to my recliner for a few and then the pillows.

Hoping everyone had a spectacular day. Kay should be enjoying an evening with family as the beginning of a wonderful family weekend.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Back to say hello and catch up before I've been gone too long.

Ken and I have been at our friends Jim and Darlene's most of today. They are doing pretty well. Jim tested slightly anemic, so they've taken him off of aspirin therapy for now, and upped his iron supplement. Otherwise, he's doing

Since we've gotten back home I've been online looking for a good deal on airline tickets to go visit the kids in Texas in May. May 24th is Courtney's 18th Birthday, and the 27th is her high school graduation! Hope we can find something fairly reasonable to get us there and back! (Shhh--don't say anything loud enough for Emma to hear! She won't like having to go to "Puppy Camp" for 10 days!)

Wishing safe travels for Sandi and her hubby.

Sorry to hear that Lynne & Steve are going to have to move yet again! :o(

Shamrock and Clover are growing at an amazing rate! Glad that all is well with them.

Need to go to the kitchen and work on dinner for Emma and for us, so will say goodnight for now. Prayers for all those in need. I ♥ us!

stronghunter said...

Good evening,

Thanks for the information about our nearby eagle cams, Judie.

Looks like we are about to have some cold weather. April weather can be tricky.

Thanks for including us in your trip to Mexico City, Sandi. Your pictures were great, and I know you will have wonderful memories of your time with your lovely little family.

Loved seeing the pictures of you at the zoo, Jo. It really looked like you were having fun.

Great that you can lose 23 pounds while baking chocolate cakes, Lolly.

A trip to Texas in May, Andy--that will be coming up very soon. Emma will forgive you, and I'm sure she gets lots of loving at Puppy Camp.

James Thurber--one of my favorite writers, Kay. I have truly laughed out loud at his short stories. Used them to get my students writing. He created such funny images with his words, and so many were set in Columbus.

stronghunter said...

Almost time for sleep. SED, everyone. See you tomorrow.

Mema Jo said...

Coming in to see that all is well

However; our adult in the nest is standing and there are little wings I can see every
once in a while.


Lolly said...

Pillow time!💤

Have to admit I did not watch the cam this evening. Apparently lost the connection and my laptop went to slide show. Love watching the pictures. Jack and I laugh and try to guess where the picture was taken on our travels.

Saw on the weather that the bad stuff is headed your way. Nooooo! No snow or bed weather for the nest. Nooooo!😱😫

See you tomorrow! 💤

WVJerry said...

Good morning. I see Belle is awake early. Calling for high winds and low temperatures here tonight. Been pretty busy last few days. I am guessing the owl has not returned. Have a great weekend.

JudyE said...

Good Stormy Morning Eagle buds

We had a butterfly yesterday that cocoon that was on the basil plant
Carl keep hearing something as he was waiting for us and then realized it was the butterfly flapping its wings in the bug box we had it it So we released it when we got home Its was so pretty Our Megan says it agulf fritillary butterfly!

Kids are in the cup surprisingly to me LOL and one adult at 5 on edge looking around

grannyblt said...

Good morning eagle Momsters and Dadsters. Just viewed the nest for a few minutes. Shamrock and Clover are really growing. I did catch the quick glimpse of a poop shoot. 😜

Cold weather predicted here for the next while, maybe even snow.

Sounds as though many of you have been busy with new adventures this past week. I'm headed out on an adventure of my own in a couple of weeks. My daughter will fly in to help me drive to Oklahoma. From there I plan a side trip the see friends and family in TX. I haven't been back to TX since I sold my house in 2008. I hope there will still be a bluebonnet for me to see.

Hope that all of you have a great weekend.

Lolly said...

Good morning!

Lynne, you should see Bluebonnets in north Texas. They were saying on the news that mid April is when they are at their best. Ennis, just south of Dallas has a lot! They have a Bluebonnet trail.

Really chilly last night. Saw a low in the low 40's but the week ahead looks beautiful! Think it is going to be a major planting week for me.

No adult in the nest at present. Little guys are in the egg cup, but not asleep.

Today we prepare for tonight's party. Really not much to do, going to be a fun day!

Concern about Lydia. She made strange posts on fb blog. Made no sense at all!

Mema Jo said...

Good late late morning to all ♥
Not too much happening here - I have a heating pad around my rib cage - Not sure what it is but it's feeling better!
I've been watching the nest - our eaglets are getting independent. I think It is too soon for that - at least I am not ready for it- lol

We had morning rain - not that much - could be more on the way.

Hoping all is well ♥

Lolly said...

I agree, Jo! The Eaglets have grow way too fast in the last few days.

Just chatted with Lydia. She is fine. She has no idea about her posts last night. Thinking it was meds she took last night. That is scary!

Sandi said...

Hi all, we are headed home. Just crossed the MD/DE line. Janey was very happy to see us and I was very happy to see her. The flights home went very smoothly yesterday, though we didn't get to the hotel until about 1:30 this morning.

Jo, I hope you are feeling better. I loved your photos from the zoo trip!

Lynne1, sounds like a great trip coming up for you. Didn't you say you were going to move back to TX permanently?

Lynne2's situation is oncerning - i was hoping, when i read her FB post Bout needing help with moving, that they had found a new place to live, but that's not the case. And i wonder if Steve has found new work.

I really haven't watched the nest this past week but am happy to hear that both are thriving and there has only been a very little bit of drama at the nest.

I will check in from home while the washer is running - lots of dirty laundry to do. Later.

JudyE said...


I am amazed the kids are in the cup with Belle in front of her the nest is swaying

Sandi said...

Judy, i was happy to read that your cocoon actually hatched - what a neat experience for Jordyn!

Was your comment about returning to work just an April Fools joke, or are you really thinking of going back to work? I can promise everyone on the blog you will NEVER hear those words from me!

Also, I'm sorry to hear that after almost 4 weeks of waiting for your truck, it's still not right. I remember when I had my 13 year old Jeep Liberty with only 78,000 miles on it, I kept thinking it should still have plenty of life but things just started going wrong one after the other. Finally a mechanic said that it's not just about the mileage; the age of the vehicle really is a major factor to consider. Older vehicles have things that start to go regardless of how many miles they've been driven. Good luck.

JudyE said...

SANDI the going back to work was A APRIL FOOLS joke No one believed me LOL

kids are under and in the cup

I do have $ in my IRA and only a little in my 401K I can always pull out to buy a new vehicle in need be I am not worried about it at all Will see if the noise goes away on Mon when they install a aftermarket part (He said he has no choice) but the warranty will be still on it they said.

thinking of heading out being the storms seems to be all gone now I got 1 1/2 inches in my rain gauge

JudyE said...

I somehow got a split on my thumb nail and need to go get repaired

Judie said...

Good very late afternoon.

Sandi, so glad the travel home was easy and uneventful and very happy you and Janey had a greyt reunion.

JudyE, just keep tabs that your truck doesn't nickel and dime you broke.

Lynne1, congratulations on your upcoming visit to OK and TX. A former student, Houston detective now, goes with her mom each year to see the Bluebells - I seem to recall a Bluebell Festival?

Glad Jo is keeping company with that heating pad. Those things can work wonders.

I also am concerned for Lynne2. Saying a prayer that good things will happen quickly.

Happy to know that Lydia is okay.

DC babes and NCTC babes look fine.

Off to the scullery.

Judie said...

Going to put my feet up and watch a Midsomer Murder.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.

stronghunter said...

Good evening,

Wow, the wind really picked up here. I might go down and check on my front porch furniture. Wouldn't want it to blow away. I see it is windy at the nest as well. In fact, I copied a weather forecast for Shepherdstown:

Issued by The National Weather Service
Baltimore/Washington, MD

9:10pm EDT, Sat Apr 2




Other Alerts in the Vicinity

Freeze Warning
High Wind Warning

stronghunter said...

Cheeto came up and hopped into my bed with me a few minutes ago. It was obvious that he was worried about the wind.

Belle is tucked in the rocking nest. I have seen some traffic going by on the road. I do wonder who is there on a Saturday night.

stronghunter said...

I do hope we will be hearing good news from our Lynne2.

Lolly said...

JUDIE, it is Bluebonnets, Texas state flower.

Party over about an hour ago. Cleaned up and just had to sit quietly for a while. So much fun! We played Pub Trivia. Girls won! So much foolishness and laughter! We usually play Trivial Pursuit,so this was new and loads of fun. Very hard so the foolishness was the result. Lol

Time for the pillows now! Night all!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends - the dogs let me sleep in a little; it was almost 6:30am when they started prancing around. It felt really great to sleep in my own bed - maybe the dogs all felt the same way! Janey slept in her crate at my sister's and the doxies stayed in the sunroom all week. But tomorrow we will all be back to 5:30am wake-ups.

It's still very windy at the nest - chicks are huddled under a parent. It's windy here and back to winter temps, 41 with a real feel of 26 degrees.

I still have more laundry to finish today and the refrigerator is empty. My cold continues but it has stayed just a cold, nothing worse.

Have a greyt day all - don't blow away if you're on the east coast!

Sandi said...

Belle just arrived with 2 talons full of new grass. Shep got up quickly, adjusted a stick on the rails of the nest and then took off. Both chicks poked their heads up so all is fine at the nest. Belle is now protecting the chicks from the wind and covering them with the grass she brought in.

grannyblt said...

Windy at the nest for sure, but looks to be a sunny day.

Where I am it is 19 degrees with a couple of inches of snow and sleet on the ground. The road crews were even out before 6 this morning treating the streets. Very windy last night. I certainly hope this is the end of winter.

I was planning to spend this past winter in TX to see if I really wanted to move back, but some obstacles came up that burst that bubble of enthusiasm. I sure don't want to spend the summer just "to see". Maybe next winter.

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Nice to see the nest still intact after that windy night. It's still plenty windy, though. Parent protecting the little ones.

Lynne2 said...

KNOCK's me!

Sorry I have not been on here but I wanted to give everyone the "update" now that as of this weekend, our fate is sealed....

We have spent hours and days discussing, crying, whining, on the phone with the in-laws, packing up the apartment, downsizing, etc. in preparation to move SOMEWHERE.

Steve is now less than 7 weeks from being able to get his license back and being able to get a job finally. I'm not making enough to carry us until then. And we have to be out of here in 2 weeks. We have not been able to find a place that we can afford just now, let alone one that allows pets and we are out of time.

We will be moving to my in-laws in WV. I'm glad we have that option, but it comes at a great cost. Steve now will lose all of the stuff he's had to do to get his license back, (he's been trying daily to reach his case manager at the MVA to find out if anything will transfer, and every day she doesn't call him back) I'm a dog trainer moving to an area where most people are only interested in tying their dogs up outside and tossing them some food, I'm losing my job that I just started back in, I cannot take my cat because my mother in law is a cat hater, I'm losing all of my poop scooping and gardening side jobs so we'll be going basically's devastating and I have cried a LOT.

My bosses don't know about this yet so SHHHHHH on FB for now. I will be giving my notice tomorrow and they may or may not keep me on.

One of the ladies we garden for will be taking Joker, my cat. That is the plan, anyway. She'll give him a good home, which at some point after I get over myself, I'll be truly grateful for. Right now I can't see past the fact that I will be one of those people who has had a pet since baby-hood and now has to get rid of him.

This was going to happen eventually, no doubt. My father-in-law is really poorly off healthwise and his memory is going and my mother-in-law has her hands full trying to keep him straight while dealing with her own issues. It's going to be tough, four adults sharing a home, but I think she is really happy that we'll be there to help.

And all the while, over and over I just beat myself up because this is ALL my fault. If you remember, we didn't know Steve's MD license had been suspended until a YEAR after it was because when we moved here, I wasn't smart enough to change HIS address with the MVA when I changed mine. He was clear in PA, and I figured in 2 months after we moved in, we'd change it then when he had to go for license renewal for him anyway. HA. We then discovered that one month after we moved, a certified letter stating he was suspended in MD was delivered which we were not there at the old address to get, and the state of MD never forwards mail. Had it not been for my brilliance, we'd have known a year sooner, gotten everything done sooner and he'd be driving at least a year now and been able to get a job and we wouldn't be in this mess.

So now, the truck is reserved for the 16th, we will put everything in storage near my MILs place and we will be gone from here.

I'm trying not to even think about how my MIL is going to put the house on the market this spring.....

So that's where we are. Steve is freaking out daily because he thinks we should have planned to move next weekend in case "something goes wrong" and then we'd have an extra week to adjust things. His mother really wanted the extra week just to have enough time to move things around to get ready for us. Now I'm getting a creep feeling that we SHOULD have picked next weekend.

Please keep us in your prayers.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds I also agree so nice to see the tree standing up after and with the current winds Last night the house up the left corner as well as the parking lot lights in the right would completely disappear with the swaying.

Todays is a nice fresh day after the cold front Smells so nice out low dew points crisp air

Jewels said...

Plucking a Mallard Duck it looks like. Wow a whole duck to feast on!

JudyE said...

I was wondering what it was Thanks---- I got a snip of it being brought in and nice white feather all ovr the nest

LYNNE2 so sorry that thing haven't worked out for you and Steve

JudyE said...

I put a pic on the EM FB album of the item in talons but can't tell in the shadows what it was

will put in album later

Waiting to see if Angie wants me to watch Jordyn when they go to the funeral service If she is feeling good enough to go with her vertigo acting up

Judie said...

Good morning.

Lynne2, I have no words but will try - your circumstances are devastating for the strongest of people; however, I know you and Steve will weather this storm to find a rainbow. Prayers for you, Steve, the pets, and in-laws.

JudyE said...

Angie called she is going to attempt to go to the services I have to be there at 130 and the church is just around the corner from her house So if she has a issue with the vertigo she can come home.

Jewels said...

LYNNE2 I am so so sorry. I so know the heartache your dealing with. The thoughts going through your mind , you just cant beat yourself up over. Where in WV do Steve's parents live? I pray that your alls luck changes, Try calling the WV DMV and tell them what happened to see if what he has done so far will transfer to WV and allow him to keep going.

Your welcome JudyE, the girls and I here at work have been watching the nest all morning.

Sandi said...

Lynne2, thanks so much for the update - I was really worrying about what was going on with you and Steve. For the record, I think you've made a great decision to move in with Steve's folks. There have been so many times that you and Steve have been separated b/c he needed to be in WV with them. And I seem to recall you saying that if/when they ever sell the house in WV, you would all move somewhere together b/c it was becoming more and more obvious that they Steve's folks were going to need help and support. I also recall you saying that the place in WV is enormous so, even with 4 people living there, everyone should be able to have his/her own space.

It is sad that you will have to give up a job that you love and that you just returned to. And it's very sad that you will have to re-home Joker, though it sounds like you have found a wonderful home for him.

As for the MVA situation, that is NOT YOUR FAULT! Got that??? STOP beating yourself up! You had a lot on your plate when you two first moved to PA. And Steve is a grown-up - certainly he could have contacted the MVA about his change of address just as easily as you could have. At this point, it's just something that happened and you can't undo it so let it go! It's certainly possible that the time Steve has spent in his current program will transfer to a similar program in WV and obviously Steve will continue to call his case manager until he gets answers from her.

I will keep both of you in my thoughts and prayers.

Jo, how are you feeling today?

It is still very windy here and it feels like winter - I wore my parka, wool hat, and gloves to walk Janey a few minutes ago.

Headed to the grocery store shortly - later!

JudyE said...

so sad Hanover eagle cam has no eaglets now

Eagle4kids cam a intruder got in the nest and got both eggs I only read didn't want to watch the video so sad

JudyE said...

Three eggs not TWO

Eagle4Kids nest intruder got 3 eggs

in case someone wants to me

Lolly said...

Good afternoon! Slept a little late and after reading then paper had to hurry to leave for church.

Lynne, thanks for checking in and catching us up on the latest happenings. I "ditto" all that Sandi said. She gave you good advice. Just know that we all have you in our thoughts and prayers.

Presently 75 and sunny, but very cool in the house. Think I will be heading out as soon as I get a bite to eat!

Have turned down the sound on the cam. Looks like feather plucking is still going on at the nest!

grannyblt said...

Thanks Lynne for updating us on your situation. I agree with Sandi that the MVA situation isn't your fault and the move in with the in laws will be the best answer for now.

Snow is melting here, but I'll wear my winter coat to the grocery store in a few minutes.

WVJerry said...

Good afternoon. Sunny but windy and chilly here. Whole family in nest now. Heard some calling minutes ago but didn't see anything. Opening Day of baseball. Hope the Orioles and my Fantasy teams do well. Lynne2 - I also agree with Sandi and wish the two of you the best. Where in West Virginia will you be living?

Janet Neely said...

Good afternoon to one and all.

LOLLY: congrats on the weight loss! I am not losing that fast, by any means. But it is coming off and I just keep telling myself it is not a race. I am at my halfway point….just keep plugging at it!

JUDYE: fingers crossed for a quiet truck tomorrow!
LYNNE2: I am so sorry that your life has been turned topsy turvey. Keeping you close in my heart and thoughts.
SANDI: welcome home! I know it must have been very difficult to leave…..but you look as if you had a great time!
Hope everyone else is well.
It’s a Sunday here. Chelsea and her crew came over (daughter and fam) for our annual spring celebration. We have a nice day in the mid 60’s and sunny. We grilled out, ate, and chatted. The kids played.
Now everyone has gone home. Tom and I are sitting on the sofa. I worked yesterday and then we went out to Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway last night to watch the first races of the season. I am tired now. Tom is snoozing. I am trying to stay awake myself.

Its been the usual busy week. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of today and has a great upcoming week!
Light, love and hugs for all

Judie said...

Headed to my recliner and then the pillows.

Prayers for Lynne2 and Steve.

Wishing everyone a night of restful sleep.

NCSuzan said...

Sandi, glad you are home safely. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. I really enjoyed your pics.

Jo, I am still grinning over your expedition to the zoo. Hope you did not become too exhausted.

Shirley, my 15 y.o. kitty must have water from the spigot several times a day. He loves the running water! I had one of those fountain type bowls for cats but the dogs kept drinking the water!

Lynne2, this too will pass. Take a deep breath. Will keep good thoughts surrounding you.

"Call the Midwife" was back tonight on PBS. Have enjoyed the series.

The nest is full of sleeping eagles. Peaceful and calm.

Have a good evening.

stronghunter said...

Good very late evening,

Trying to settle down, but having some trouble getting to sleep.

Lynne2, I will add my agreement to what the others have said. It is not your fault. I have been thinking that you would decide to move in with Steve's parents, and that really sounds like the best plan for you all. And you have made the best decision you could for Joker. He will adjust.

And you know that you have a group of people who consider you to be very special. We have been thinking about you and Steve throughout this ordeal.

God bless both of you.

Lolly said...

About that time to call it a day! And, it was a beautiful day! Perfect temp outside, not hot and not too cool. Wish it would stay that way! (In my dreams!)

Our bluebirds are gone. Raised their family and departed. Hope they come back! Also, wrens have departed from birdhouse outside my kitchen window. Hope they return, too!

Nothing on the agenda this coming week. Nothing but work outside and it is going to be a good weather week. Watch out nurseries! Here I come! Going to get some new ferns to hang and plants to make hanging baskets. Also want to get some begonias and impatiens.

Janet weight loss has slowed way down. I am going to stick with it about one more week. It has been three months and I am down 22-23 lbs. that is what I wanted to do. Clothes fit better and I feel better. Now to just not let it creep back up. Think I can as I am eating more veggies and fruit and having smaller servings. We are also walking.

Jo, did you see that the Loon cam is back up?

All is peaceful at the nest. Night all!

stronghunter said...

Oh, hi, Suzan. I was probably writing my post as you were writing yours.

For the non-Facebookers, I posted a picture on FB of Allie Cat playing in the water flowing from the bathroom faucet. Allie has been fascinated for some time with watching me fill the upstairs water bowl for Luna and the kitties. She follows me into the bathroom, hops up on the toilet, and watches the water flow into the bowl, so I decided to let her play in the water. Of course, I had to make a video and post it.

Lucky, Kathryn's kitty who lived for 21 years, loved to drink water from the faucet. George, my kitty who lived for 17 years, didn't drink the flowing water, but he liked me to run a little into the basin for him to enjoy. Goodness knows what I am creating with Allie.

It is nice to see sleeping eagles in a peaceful nest. The wind has died down. That is a good thing.

Last night, Kathryn was having trouble getting to sleep. For one thing, the light on the porch across the street kept going off and on. Kathryn's window blinds have suffered cat damage, and the flashing light was getting into her room. I figure the neighbors have a motion light and the wind was causing the problem. I think we are in the market for new blinds in Kathryn's room. Maybe we'll buy something more substantial than vinyl this time.

stronghunter said...

Hi Lolly,

When I went on my weight-loss effort, I dropped about 20 pounds. That was awhile back. Since then, it has been very hard to lose any more, and my doctor says that, ideally, I should lose 30 more. Meanwhile, I am trying not to let the 20 creep back on.

stronghunter said...

And, I am celebrating the new light fixture in my kitchen. My children got inspired when I called an electrician. They found out that they could do this electrical repair stuff themselves. I do still have some things for the electrician to do, but I am enjoying having the new light in the kitchen.

Now, I am getting sleepy. SED, everyone.

stronghunter said...

Will check the Loon Cam tomorrow.

Was interested to see that Hunter was watching Fareed Zakaria on CNN today. I never know that that boy will do next.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends - back to school day. 10 more weeks til it's all over.

Belle is tucked and asleep.

Lolly, I admire how well you have stuck to your diet and am glad you're seeing the payoff.

Roller coaster weather - cold yesterday, up into the 60s today and a freeze warning tonight with temps only in the 40s tomorrow!

Have a greyt day all.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

64° out now

I think that is Belle in cup and I see no eaglets but a big pile of flugg in front of eagle

Barbara said...

Bobbleheads alone but appear to be sunning themselves. They are getting big!!! It looks like Shamrock already is growing feathers. Clover seems to be just hanging out. Aaah, spring!

Barbara said...

Oh, boy -- big food delivery and breakfast! Can't tell what is on the menu...

JudyE said...

big fish dropped

Lolly said...

Good morning! Going to be a great week! Beautiful weather!

I just love our cam! What a beautiful picture and listening to birds sing! And,as much as I have had the cam up this year it is surprising that I have not seen an eaglet poop shoot! Lol

Coffee about finished. Time to walk,run errands, then dig in the dirt!

Have a great day!

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Yes, the nest site is beauteous with it's lush spring green background. A sweet scene as the eaglets rest and more grass has just been brought in by, Belle, I believe. What attentive parents she and Shep are! He flew off and returned with more crib railing. Their housekeeping efforts never end.

LYNNE2, many wise Momsters have given wise advice. Moving on to help at his parent's place is quite admirable. And, it sounds like there is room for a couple of serious animal advocates to make a difference there. Sending positive thoughts your way!

We had a wonderful three day family celebration of Eileen's birthday. Saturday she and Julie did us proud in the 5K for Make-a-Wish Foundation---Julie has only been running one year and came in 20th in her age group---Eileen has been running for about four years and she came in 2nd in the 60+ age group! There were about 1025 entrants--yep, I'm mighty proud of my "girl"s!

I'm off to look at SHIRLEY's Allie Cat--BRB.....

Kay said...

SHIRLEY, I don't see Allie Cat's pic on either of "Shirley's Pics". Wow, Hunter is really growing up if he's getting into the serious news channels now! Good on him!

Also good on all you successful dieters! I'm impressed.

Prayers for all in need!!!


CarolAnne said...

Come on over. Steve has made a new one.