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New thread for the new week.


Jewels said…
THank you Steve for the new thread, We shall call it it , In memory of my Mom thread, Lynn -Hedgie
Jewels said…
Good morning everyone. Wow, 4 years...
Shamrock and Clover alone in the nest again... almost everytime I look they are alone.
Momma Jo, sending you hugs and well wishes to becoming stronger and feeling better :) Love you all
Mema Jo said…
gm - thanks steve
jewels - good one
Janet Neely said…
Good morning to al Thanks STEVE for the Thread and to Jewels for the find!

Glad I was able to illicit a giggle about the cicadas. KAY: your comment had me laughing. Very clever, very clever indeed. And I can understand that too, many people are creeped out by them. But if anyone can/would be willing, I’d be most appreciative! And JUDYE: a dead lizard? Okay then. No, I do like my lizards alive, thank you. We have a blue tailed one that runs around the front of the house .
JO: so glad you are continuing to listen to your body and heal. Know that we have you covered in healing light and love!
JEWELS: what a beautiful way to name the new thread! Namaste and blessed be!
Yesterday was a busy “lazy” day. It was our 17th wedding anniversary, (Last Thurs was the 21st anniversary of when we started to date)….So we went out for breakfast yesterday morning. There is this place called Pfunky Griddle. It s a quaint little place,nothing to look at really. Inside they have tables set up with ceramic tile tops and griddles in the middle of each table. Certain items they will cook for your, but eggs & pancakes, they allow you to cook for yourself. Typically if I eat out, I wish for them to cook it AND do the dishes.! But this was easy peasy and fun too. They had this whole grain pancake batter that I just loved. Put pecans on top…yum.
Then we meandered about and got the pool chemicals and a trip to Home Depot for a couple things. My plan is to finish painting the bathroom today….and let’s not forget plants and seeds, lol.
Then I’ve been searching for bamboo. Can’t find It in local stores. Hmmmmmm
I know its invasive, and will take continued maintenance to keep under control, but, tom and I are kind of funny I guess, we love privacy. Likely we should have sold this house long ago and moved to the country, BUT the no mortgage thing is so wonderful….anyway….
So our dear neighbors love to sit on their porch. This is fine. I do it too BUT, they do it so much that when we are outside tending to whatever, we feel as if we are under the microscope! And so I want a bit of privacy in my back yard…thus the bamboo.
A friend from back in olivia’s elementary school days has her own private jungle inher back yard We dug up about 20 stalks to get us started on the first part of the project.
So the fun begins.

TakingBeano for his check up in a bit, so must skedaddle for now. Love an dhugs to all!
Sandi said…
Thanks Steve for the new thread and thanks Carolyn for the call over.

Carolyn, what a sad anniversary for you. I met your mom in person for the first time just a few days before she died, when a group of us visited the nest and had dinner together. I met Christy that same evening, since she was your mom's driver but never got the chance to meet you since we weren't able to stay for Sunday's nest visit and get together.

Jo, good to see a post from you. I hope and pray that you get stronger as each day passes.
Jewels said…
:) Thanks for checking in Momma Jo!
Happy Anniversary Janet and Tom! I had heard Bamboo was illegal here in my parts. And that to me sounded crazy. I dont know if there is any truth to that, cause who cares if I plant bamboo on my property when I take care of it myself?
would love to see pics when that is done Janet!
WVJerry said…
Good morning Carolyn, Jo, Janet and Sandi. Thanks for the New Lynn-Hedgie Thread. Carolyn - I wished I could have met your Mom. Thinking of you today along with Christie. I see Shamrock and Clover still alone. Have a great day today.
JudyE said…
Thanks for the new thread STEVE and the call over


hard to believe its been 4 yrs

JudyE said…
sis I have a ligustrun as a tree line edge that was planted here when I moved in. It makes a really nice block, something you may want to consider if you can't find bamboo.
I have always wanted bamboo but have never bought it
Jewels said…
Sandi, Yes it is a sad anniversary. :( Christie took her to the one and I took her to Sunday's get togther. A very sad ending for that day, as I think Mom knew that her end was close.
Lori said…
Good Monday morning eagle friends!

Awww. I think of Lynne - Hedgie a lot. She will always be a part of this blog. What a wonderful lady she was, Carolyn. Thank you for sharing the anniversary with us. ♥

Glo, it hope Patches seizures can be controlled easily. We had Dalai on Potassium Bromide for almost her entire life and she did very well with it until the very end when she was 10 1/2 which is pretty old for a bulldog.

***Kate saw a Hummingbird late yesterday afternoon, just after I put a flaming red flowering hibiscus tree on the deck!

Wishing everyone a wonderful day and lots of smiles. :)
Hoda said…
Best ever!
In celebration and always with love and Light.
As Jo said "good one".

How shocked I was when the news came. In a sense I was expecting it, in another my mind was not really wanting to fathom it.

RIP LYNN. You are loved. You are missed.
Hoda said…
Why is a deer in your house?
Why does it have a red ribbon?
Do answer please.
I wonder how Myrtle is?
Where is the big green frog? I think you wanted it in your yard???
How are the people who bought Lynn's house? Did you two ever take them up on their invitation for supper?
Jewels said…
Hoda thank you,

I with my ex and children raised that deer from a baby. She loved coming into the house for her bottle and food. She wore the ribbon to let others know, hey I am friendly, dont shoot me.
I pray Myrtle is still turtling around!! The frog I have, but is still at the house I rented, Cant get the guy that moved it there for me to move it back to my house again. When his time allows him to, I will get it back I guess. :(
The guy who bought mom's house is doing well and is still in contact with me, and not only took me up for a dinner invite, but a lot more than that. LOL umm, that was a no, sorry.. Ewww I mean how weird that would be? He and his girlfriend had broke u p and got back together again and it seems to be a big circle of events.
Lolly said…
Howdeeeee! We have moved from RV park in Kerrville and now in RV park in Fredericksburg . Now have wifi. Lightening had taken out the wifi at Johnson Creek RV!

HS reunion was a big success, had fun! The good times rolled every evening around the campfire back at the RV park. There were four of us there (4 rv's). Brother, sister, cousin. Then Sunday 5 more family members drove over from San Antonio. Two of them visiting from Michigan. Had a great time.

Now we are here until Wed. Going wildflower looking, going to Wildseen Farms and just relaxing the two of us.😃

Remembering Lynn with love and admiration. She was a good friend!❤️
Kay said…
Good Afternoon Eagle Buds!!!

CAROLYN, thinking of you and Christie with love today. We all adored your dear mom and will always miss her wisdom, sense of humor and sharp wit. Yes, RIP, dear friend!

Thanks to you for the call over and thanks to STEVE for supplying the new thread.

Busy day of errands here and now ready to kick back for what remains of Monday.

Prayers for JO and all who are in need!!!

Lynne2 said…
here I am!!

I have not read back at all but wanted to check in.

It's been a heck of a (little over) a week.

We had the apartment packed into the truck in just about 2 hours and due to not enough drivers had to leave my car behind. Steve's sister Wsndy drove up from FLA to help us and then see her mother. MIL is fine, they found nothing wrong, thank GOD.

The trip up was uneventful save for one episode of smoke coming out of the back of the truck. We never did figure it out and the truck was fine after that. We drove back w/ Wendy 2 days later to get my car and then drove back. So much driving! So pretty though, all the Redbud trees blooming along the highway!

I was not prepared for the actual chaos of my in-laws house. My God I think they have more clothes and knick knacks than 2 people should ever have. The truly cannot keep up with everything and yet keep buying things!

Puddles has peed on the floor 5 times now. OMG. I think she is stressed like all of the rest of us.

Daisy rushed past me and Steve and got out the front door last week and got hit by a car. She then took off running to the woods about 200 yards down the hill. I was hopeful that because she was able to run that she'd be OK. She was gone all night, we simply couldn't find her anywhere. I was fully prepared after staying up all night that we'd be going to look for her body the next morning. But the next morning that dog was sitting outside the door waiting to be let in!! THANK GOD!! She was in good shape, nothing broken, small lacerations here and there and pretty sore. Gums were pink, pupils equal and responsive, and she was active. So I didn't take he to the vet. She was pretty sore and lethargic for several days and has now returned to he old self!!!

At this point I think we are as settled in as we are ever going to be able to be. It's still a very unhappy time for us. We will go this week to find out what Steve has to do to get a license here and also get him set up with the V.A.

We still don't have internet at the house but the modem will be sent on Wed. and hopefully arrive by the weekend and soon after, we'll hopefully be online at the house. I can use the internet at the library but cannot use Facebook per their policy. Well, shucks!

Hope everyone is doing well and hopefully I will "see" everyone online soon! I wish I had time to read back but I can't stay on the internet here at the library too long.

Love you guys!
JudyE said…
LYNNE2 WELCOME back to cyber space
Hope things are turning around for you
JudyE said…
Belle has been in the nest for some time now flew in about 348 I have seen two food deliveries
stronghunter said…
Hi Lynne2!

Good to see you. Wow, what an experience you have had. I do hope things get turned around for the better now. I need to get dinner started very soon, but wanted to say hello at least.
stronghunter said…
Thinking of Hedgie today, too. I felt very fortunate to be able to sit at her table for that dinner. It was very nice to get to meet Christie and Carolyn that weekend. Thank you for sharing your mom with us then.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. Eaglets and one parent in the nest.

Lynne2, it's so good to hear from you. Scary about Daisy - it's amazing that she escaped with just a few scrapes and some soreness. Good luck with getting used to your new roommates, finding jobs, and Steve getting his license back. Please stay in touch.

Jo, prayers continue for strength and healing.

Schools here are closed for students due to primary election day, but teachers are to report. I guess the district worries if a crazed gunman walks into the building disguised as a voter and starts shooting kids, but it's OK if s/he only shoots teachers. Anyway, I won't be there. PT for me at 9am, then voting, then whatever. Weather today will be warm but cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. Maybe a hike with Janey this afternoon.

Have a greyt day all.

Mema Jo said…

starting my day slowly

good to hear of your progress Lynne - good luck

miss my Hedgie

take carer everyone xoxoxo
JudyE said…
camera just zoomed in
JudyE said…
I love it when they do this can see close up
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Too close up for my taste. I like to see the whole nest and all occupants fully. Very windy there. Shep just arrived with lunch and Belle immediately joined him, moving the fish to a spot off camera.
Kay said…
LYNNE2, glad you got a chance to get to the library and check in. Good luck to you and Steve as you settle in. Whew, that was a close call with Daisy!

JO, slow and steady does it. The nice thing about the retired life is that one can take things just that way!

SANDI, nice to have the day off. I think Election Days should be holidays. Either that or Sat. or Sun., enabling much better participation perhaps.

Feeding going on, but we can't fully enjoy it! Good view of a poop shot, however.☺

Have a good day all. Praying for those in need!!!


JudyE said…
I hope that the zoom goes back after the tour can only see half a eaglet in nest Was nice when they were in frame but not when they are not LOL I see a stick laying on the area that we said needed reinforced
JudyE said…
another new cam to watch in CALIF Bald Canyon San Clemente Island

4 cam on one page Calf

Bald Canyon nest their eaglets are younger than our

and more of the nest in Ft Meyers has falling They will have to rebuild it I hope they do
JudyE said…
Looks like both sides of Belle beak is either damaged or something stuck on both sides
Lori said…
Lynne2, Where did you move? Glad you made it safely.

It was so wonderful reading all the Hedgie/Lynne comments. Like yesterday. :)

Thanks for the links, JudyE. I'm always up for checking out another cam.

I saw my first hummer of the year last night!!! It stared me right in the face as I was planting a pot on the deck rail then took off, but it clearly knows the feeder is there. YAY!

Taking RoRo to the vet internal med specialist this evening. We got him into the reg vet on Friday afternoon after he was dripping blood from his penis....not in his urine that we could see, but bright red blood in dime to quarter size drops for 3 days. He's neutered. An ultrasound showed a big pool of blood in his bladder and supposedly his kidney values were okay, so we'll know more tonight.

JudyE said…
LORI Hope all is ok with RORO

really windy at the nest adult is hanging and the kids are down in the nest at 11
glo said…
Busy couple of days. Did a speed read back on this thread only. Glad Lynne checked in. Chaos chaos chaos. Prayers for peace. Prayers continue for MeMa Jo of course and for Lori's dog, sorry can't remember the name but my oh my I am thinking something didn't get sutured right after being neutered or he broke a suture before it was ready. Anyway sure hope he is ok That is scarey. Patches has been given a small script for valium if I see one coming on or to give her after to help her just relax and rest . Vet is hesitant to do phenobarb as she has already had those liver issues from the nexguard reaction last year. Will step up to something stronger if she needs it over time. I am ok with that. Sure hoping for only mild to moderate kinds spaced out far. Prayers for her are appreciated. I so want to give her many happy "healthy" years out of a cage. I wonder if she has had them before I got her. I honestly do not know. I do know she is not alone in a cage having a seizure anymore. That is the good news I must focus on at this point. She is playful, eatign and fine most of the time. Zoey is on meds but hanging in there. Is sick on occasion but it passes. Gabby is "gabby". Sweet wonderful fat cat. Take care all. Off to mow before it rains and grows to a hayfield over the rest of the week.
JudyE said…
Freedom and Liberty are the new names for the Washington Eagle
stronghunter said…

Good evening,

Watching Jeopardy and trying to think of a few of the answers.

So very nice to see you on here tonight, Jo.

Bowling banquet today was fun.
stronghunter said…
Two young eagles alone at the nest right now. I need to get a picture to post on FB. Have been asked how the youngsters are looking now.
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

Well, I had a blonde moment this morning. Last night I set the alarm to 5:30 but then forgot to move the alarm button to the "time" position. When I rolled over during the night, I looked at the clock and it said 5:30, so I got up. I picked up the 2 little dogs - Janey didn't get up - carried them downstairs, and took them out to pee. Then I fixed their food and took it to them - they eat in the sunroom where they're gated.

When I got back into the kitchen to fix Janey's food - she still hadn't come downstairs - I noticed the clock on the range said 2:30!! No wonder Janey didn't get out of bed, it was the middle of the night!!!

So, I left the little dogs in their downstairs beds and went back upstairs, moved the clock to the "time" position with the alarm set, and went back to sleep. Of course it took about a half hour to wind down and fall back to sleep. And then the alarm went off at the REAL 5:30. DUH!

Jo, prayers continue for you. I hope you feel up to popping on the blog today.

Lolly, I've enjoyed seeing your photos on Facebook! When do you get back home?

Jerry, any golf or fishing so far this week!

Rainy here this morning and much cooler. Yesterday got into the 80s. Janey and I took a hike, then I found 4 deer ticks on her. No more hikes in the woods til late fall.

Have a greyt day all.
Lori said…
Rainy and not so pretty here, instead it's a relaxing, wet shade of wet gray here today and rather calm as all the dogs are back in their beds snoring off their breakfast. :)

We had a 3 hour appt with RoRo at the internal med specialist vet last night...couldn't find anything since he stopped bleeding on Sunday. He had more blood work, urinalysis and a complete urinary tract ultrasound exam. This vet is so wonderful and thorough, she actually uses text books to show you and "teach" you what she's seen and explaining. Luckily Kate had taken pics of the blood on 3 different occasions and she knew we were not exaggerating.

Ticks, yuck. They are def out there. Kate had one on her when she came in the other day and we are not living in the woods anymore. :)
Lori said…
Glo, Valium sounds perfect for Patches at this stage. Glad you have her. :)
glo said…
TY Lori Your input re valium for patches is encouraging. I am saddened that she has this one more thing to deal with. A little deja vu but I kick that thought right out of there and we head on down the road.
Lolly said…
Good morning! Great to see Lynne2 checked in!

We are heading home today. About a 4 1/2 hours pulling the trailer. Had storms at home last night but think all must be okay. Would have heard from Laurel and neighbor. Oh dear! Hope they did not blow away! Only kidding!

Had a storm here, too. About 1:30 we had a little hail and massive wind. I admit, it scared me!!! However, the severe wind only lasted a few minutes, but then lightening, thunder some wind and pouring rain lasted about 45 minutes! Finally fell back to sleep with the sound of not so hard rain. Sunshine this morn and cool.

See you later when we are home!
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Our eaglets don't have sunshine, but are enjoying relaxing to the utmost! So cute.

Prayers abound for Petsters, Patches, Zoey, Ro-Ro and any others in need of healing. Our pets provide so much love and meaning. God Bless them all!

Feels a bit like winter again here. I'm not complaining as there will be many a hot day in the next few months!

Clover and Shamrock have decided to do some stretching, so much fun to watch!

Have a good, safe day, everyone!

Prayers for all in need!!!

JudyE said…
aww how sweet Belle is taking a nap in the rain with the kids Smart gal
glo said…
Kay Please check your email for a message from me Thanks
JudyE said…
Shamrock has been self feeding on nestovers at 12 so cute watching
Lolly said…
We be home! Very pleasant day traveling. Everything so green and wild flowers so pretty! Trailer is unloaded and on second of 5 or 6 loads of laundry.

About an inch of rain here last night but apparently no hail. More severe weather after midnight tomorrow. Watching the news and see tornado damage.
NCSuzan said…
Good afternoon everyone!

That was a beautiful arrival of a parent in the nest. Belle? The babies are not babies any more!

Lolly, glad you made a safe arrival home. Certainly enjoyed your photos.

Jo, hope you are doing well and getting stronger. Sending happy and healing thoughts your way.

Sorry I do not have thrilling news to convey. I almost killed my Antherium. After taking care of it all winter I sat it outside to enjoy a rain shower and to begin to harden for the season, forgot it and the leaves burned. Not all of them but enough that I feel so very guilty. You know if you forget, it is because you did not care enough to remember.

Take care.
Sandi said…
Suzan, sometimes if you forget, it's simply because you're human and has absolutely nothing to do with not caring. Please don't beat yourself up over the almost-death of a houseplant. It's not like you put a child or an animal outside and then forgot about him/her.

Lolly, welcome home!

Lori, no news is good news with RoRo I guess. Hope the bleeding doesn't start again.

Grocery store run is done. Time for Survivor. I'll see everyone in the early AM ... hopefully 5:30am and NOT 2:30am!
Janet Neely said…
good evening to all.
Sending healing and comfort to all in need: four and two footed...

back to work today.

nothing too much going on here. we had a very busy weekend, so I relaxed a good part of yesterday, and truthfully a good part of today as well.

tomorrow work and a staff meeting; then a celebration of our clinic being #1 in the country for customer service!

hugs to all!

NCSuzan said…
Sandi, thank you for your words. I do tend to be sensitive to those things that man has taken out of their natural habitat and thrust them in to an alien environment. There is a little reason to my insanity! haha
stronghunter said…

Just checking in after playing bridge. I see that Lolly is home and her house is safe.

Suzan is worried about her plant--I am sure it will recover.

Janet's company did well.

It got cold in Columbus. Cooled off a lot here, too.

Hoping that everyone is well.

See you tomorrow.

Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. The alarm went off and I got out of bed at the right time this morning. Sadly, Janey woke BEFORE the alarm and started whining for breakfast so I still didn't get to sleep until the alarm went off. 15 more teaching days and I won't have to set the alarm anymore.

Jo, prayers for you - I hope to see you on the blog today.

Lynne2, I saw on Facebook that your internet is up and running - maybe we'll see you more regularly now?

Lynne1, are you home yet, or still in OK/TX?

Cloudy and cool here with more rain in the forecast today.

Have a greyt day all.
Mema Jo said…
hi - messy at the nest
sorry about all pet concerns
nothing planned except rest and healing

stay well ♥
WVJerry said…
Good morning Sandi and Jo. Jo - hope you get some good rest today. I also see a soaked adult and eaglets. looks like rain here today for a while longer. I was wanting to work outside some today...not going to happen now. Enjoy your day.
Lolly said…
Good morning! 55 this morning! Really having a cool spring!

Have read the paper. Will soon get out and clean the trailer. Need to return it to it's home before more storms. Also,want toget my car in the garage and can not do that with the trailer in the drive. Also, want to mow before more rain. Going to be a busy day! Can only mow part of yard as some areas are way too muddy, some of yard is standing in water!

Have a great day!

Lolly said…
Forgot to mention. I think I am going to have squash! In flower bed saw something coming up. Was curious, so left it to grow. Well, it is a beautiful plant with big yellow blossoms! We shall see!
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Just a quick drop by. Rainy here today, too.

Received word of the loss of another friend last night--not unexpected, but always sad. So many of my friends are in their 80's and even a few in their 90's. This is the new normal in my life. This one is local so will be going to her service Monday.

GLO, received the message and appreciate your thoughts!

Prayers for all Momsters, Dadsters, Kidsters and Petsters in need!!!

JudyE said…
Good Morning still 79° out now

looks like the rain has subsided at the nest

two very wet looking eaglets on laying down the other sitting looking pretty pathetic Poor babies Belle stayed for a bit but poofed at 1120
glo said…
Home from running errands. Headache day for me :-( so not staying online long. Good to see MeMa Jo Our eaglets are getting a shower and nest wash today.
Hoda said…
Good afternoon all.
All is well here.
Happy to read about wellness in your realities too.
Good to see Jo and Lynne2.
Glad Lolly is home.
Glad Lori's dogs tests did not show drastic info.
Sorry about Patches and seizures. Sorry Glo is not feeling well today.
Learning a lot about technology...Google Docs is an amazing program. Makes a lot possible and organization is perfect!
Wished I knew about it before I retired in 2003. But maybe it did not exist then.
We launch the Dragon Saturday.
Last dry land training is tonight.
First race end of June in Alberta.
We paddle train on Monday.
I joined in a new yoga group. Kripalu. Awesome.
House sit starts Friday for two and a half weeks.
JudyE said…
I do believe one of our eaglets is tucked in like a adult growing to fast but one is on side still
Jewels said…
Good late evening, Hope all is well... Sorry for all the pet illnesses, but speaking of pets....
not sure , but try pasting that link in and look at it...pittsburgh eagle cam caught eagle feeding the young a cat...
ewww , I am at work and cant see the video from this computer.
If link doesnt work, it was found on New York Daily News
Lori said…
Should be headed to bed - soon enough. Lucy waits until I go upstairs because she knows she gets extra treats. ;)

Kay, so glad you have Penny and so sorry to hear that you lost another friend. You are such a remarkable lady. Big, big hugs for you dear friend.

Carolyn, can't even think of watching an eagle eat a cat. Nature can be beautiful and ugly. The Daily News is a fun paper at times - their headlines are screamers. lol

Congratulations on your customer service award, Janet. That is so cool. I walk out of so many businesses these days shaking my head at the horrible customer service that seems so widely accepted now.

Suzan, I agree with Sandi. Your antherium (sp?) would forgive you. At least you know you forgot and didn't forget that you forgot. ;)

Keep on healing, JO!
CarolAnne said…
Thinking of everyone and keeping all people and pets and situations in prayer. For those who are aware of the Bear Center, but unable to follow regularly, Honey Bear took a rapid decline and was laid to rest this week. Wishing well for all and looking forward to Spring for each of us (29 degrees here this early morning).
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

Two eaglets snuggled side by side in the center of the nest - no parent in sight. It looks dry in Shepherdstown.

Still raining here and it's expected to continue off and on throughout the day. But at least I don't have to go to school. I got a message from my sub last night that she won't be able to cover for me today. It's a computerized system so she went online and removed her name leaving the absence unfilled. That means another sub could still pick it up but it's highly unlikely this late. Oh well, not my problem.

PT for me at 9am, then a lengthy tennis club board meeting this afternoon to plan out the spring & summer season.

Jo, continued prayers for strength and healing.

Have a greyt day all.
Hoda said…
Good morning Sandi.
Sorry your sub cancelled out.
Raining here
Busy next two and a half weeks,
Sending Love and Light to Jo and Lynne2.
Sorry Kay. Life happens.
Lolly said…
Good morning!

Still have not turned on AC but have turned on the ceiling fans. 74, very still and very humid. No storms during the night but possible storms this afternoon. Figures.....Mayfest is going on in Ft. Worth and Jazz Fest in Denton.

Alright you Redskin fans be nice to Doctson! And watch him flash the TCU sign!

Going to walk this morn and then head to the grossssssserie store.

Have a great day!
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

SANDI, it's been hours since you posted and those eaglets are again snuggled up together in the middle of the nest. Growing and changing by the minute! Too bad the sub cancelled, but I don't suppose it's nearly as difficult a situation as having a sub teacher cancel out. Hope the PT session is or was a good one!

JO, thinking of you with loving prayers!

Oh, CAROLANNE, poor Honey Bear. Thanks for keeping us Bear Center informed.

Thanks to all who empathize with my loss of a long term and dear friend. As HODA says, "life happens".

Prayers for all in need!!!

JudyE said…
GM thought I posted earlier but looks like I didn't just got back from running around Stopped in at a collision center to check on what it would run to get a bumper on my truck He called the places he normally gets from and there is none for 2004 truck so he called Ford AS A JOKE the was over 2Thousand for it They are NUTS
I keep going on line and checking the U Pull it and none there yet I will keep looking

AS SANDI and KAY said both are huddled in the center of the nest I am so happy they are such buds Only once in a blue moon do I see a boink
stronghunter said…
Hello everyone.

We have a NEW THREAD!!!

Come on over.

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