Friday, April 08, 2016


TGIF thread.  Going to be cold this weekend, Some snow even!


JudyE said...


JudyE said...

sure hope we hear from JO or about her today

I can hear the excitement in your voice on the upcoming new arrival JEWELs The best is yet to come

JudyE said...

I am baking high heel cup cakes for Jordyn party Hope they turn out I didn't get enough batter to go half in all the cups Rip off LOL

stronghunter said...

Thanks, Carolyn. Always nice to get in touch with our Margy.

I see a little one beside the parent, who is on the cup. And, incoming! Both parents on the nest now

stronghunter said...

Thanks for the new cold-weather thread, Steve. And thanks for the call-over Judy.

Jewels said...

Thank you Steve for the new thread! thank you Judy E! I am sure the best is to come. Always had the kids' friends babies around, cant wait for mine to be there!! :)
I bet those cupcakes will be just darling! High heel cupcakes for the princess.

Your welcome Shirley~ :)

glo said...

Good morning everyone. It is so time for winter to head on out of here. Remember on Fri we wear red:-) Hope everyone has a great day. Off to run some errands this morning and we will see what the afternoon brings.

Judie said...

Good morning.

Thank you Steve for the fresh Red Friday thread.

Thank you Judy for the call over. Enjoy the feather.

Thinking of Jo and sending a prayer that she is stronger today.

Hoda, how nice it is to once again learn of all your amazing activities. Good luck with the Grans fund raising.

Carolyn, such exciting news for you and Jess. So happy she and little one are healthy.

Sandi, enjoy the last work day of the week.

Shirley, glad Hunter is making use of his Christmas present (finally). lol Sort of wish he were still young enough you could put ice cubes on a plate and tell him you captured some hail.

Will go a foraging today. First to PetCo (return), then to PetSmart (purchase), then to grocery to purchase for humans. Why two pet stores you ask? PetSmart carries THE variety in store. PetCo does not (online only). Down to one can of THE variety in the J&J MiniMart.

Wishing everyone the best day possible and so hoping Jo will feel well enough to stop by.

Hoda said...

Thank you Shirley.
Congratulations Carolyn

Lolly said...

Good morning!

Carolyn, drop what you are doing and go give Margy a hug and tell her it is from me!❤️ Great that you two are working together today!

Shirley, sorry about your weather. Hope the hail was not damaging to your roof! We have possible storms Monday. In the meantime experiencing very cool nights and pleasant days. Put out my hummingbird feeder on the 1st but have not seen a hummingbird. Very unusual!

Heading back out again today. Neglecting the House! Oh, well, plenty of time to do that when it rains next week. Some areas of the yard need rain while other areas are still muddy.

Have not seen an adult eagle since I started watching this morning. Bet one is in the tree and watching!

Drum roll, down 24 lbs. clothes are fitting nicely and some a little big! This is good!

A special good morning to Jo! Prayerfully keeping you close! Wishing many healthy blessings upon you! You are loved!

Have a great day! Time to get a move On!

Lolly said...

Whole family in the nest! Whale brought in for breakfast or is it brunch?

JudyE said...

WOW what a PIA these shoes are to do If anyone ever attempts them I would suggest icing the cupcakes FIRST not LAST after the shoe is put together it is a PIA to get the icing behind the milano cookie But this is as good as it gets I only made 12 shoes and 12 regular ones the carriers I have the top doesn't go down all the way Hey with3 inch heels they don't fit

but they are done

I discovered with my pointer finger it is hard for me to do the can icing but I got it done next time a pastry bag Mr Arthritis is in the joints of that finger I guess the knuckle has bumps on each side

Hoda said...

From Jo!
Yay yay yay
She posted:
Jo Lennox
Hatch to fledge - I thought it was 11 weeks ??
Hi Shirley -
treating me for pneumonia

stronghunter said...

Yes, good to see that our Jo is posting. I am sure she is taking good care of the pneumonia.

stronghunter said...

Must go buy milk for the bottomless pit.

JudyE said...

I think they are referring to FB post from JO i see none here

for those not on FB JO has posted on FB
I shared a picture of the nest this am with a Good Morning Greeting to her and she said GM back to me
Good to know she did

WVJerry said...

Good morning. On short break, thanks Hoda for Jo update. Have to go. Carolyn please say hi to Msrgy for me. Thanks.

Lolly said...

Yes, Jo posted on our messenger blog! Yay! She was confused about our post. Glo and I were talking about Bluebirds. She asked how long from hatch to fledge. I said I thought I remembered reading 3 weeks. That is what Jo read and thought I was talking about Eagles.

Jewels said...

delivered hugs Lolly and said Hi for you Jerry, Hellos back and Lolly she hugged tighter knowing it was from you. :)

glo said...

lol We are now all caught up on bluebirds and eagles. I would so love to have bluebirds nesting anywhere near me. I don't even have photos of that bird "yet" I do know a few farmers about 20 miles away who have nesting bluebirds. Cold and windy here today. Morning errands are run. Need to hit the grocery store this afternoon. Maybe I will buy comfort snow for cold cold weekend.

Jewels said...

Yay!! Glad Momma Jo is up and on the computer, maybe she will bless us with a hello here.

stronghunter said...

Oh, Glo, you do not have to buy snow. I am sure you meant you might buy some comfort foods. :)

JudyE said...

JEWEL tell MAGPIE I said hey and tell her she is missed on the blog big time also and everytime I think of her I think of swinging bridge and the beauty she showed me Give her a hug also from me

HEY is WANDA at her house or is she on the beach with dau???

getting ready to go get Jordyn and then to her house for dinner

not positive if I want to show her the cupcakes or surprise her with them tomorrow My house smells so sweet from baking
Also discovered my mixer not working so hope me beating my hand instead of mixer that the cup cakes will be ok We will find out tomorrow Didn't want to go buy one since I can't remember the last time I used one LOL

Kids are alone adult just poofed

Sandi said...

Hi all.

Thanks Steve for the new thread and Judy for the call over.

Good to hear that folks have heard fromJo on FB. Not good to hear that she has pneumonia.

We had 2 subs that didn't show up today so I am teaching 8thgrade ELA (aka English). Kids have been very good.


Kay said...

Good Red Friday afternoon Eagle Buds,

Oh,no, pneumonia on top of everything else for JO, prayers abound! I'm pretty sure she's had all available shots for that malady---I wonder how it got around those barriers?

Missed the cam show, but love seeing our fluffy eaglets stretch and preen. Very windy and I'm sure it's blowing some of our Ohio snow squalls their way. Brrrr.

CAROLYN, what exciting news! A little girl---yes, your mom would be beside herself with joy! Give Margy my best, too, please. Glad you're working together on day shift for a while!

SANDI, glad you're enjoying a good group of kids today!

JUDIE, hope all the cat food negotiations went well. I hope you were given some kind of coupon or compensation. That box of cans must have gone through quite a jolt.

SHIRLEY, there are signs that your "bottomless pit" is growing up! Wearing a hoodie against the cold, now that's progress.

LOLLY, just about time to go shopping! Congratulations!

Can't put my finger on anything wrong, so to speak ☺, but all I want to do in between dog care moments is sleep. I'm giving in to it since the calendar is clear. Will probably rue the day when I'm up in the middle of the night, all bright eyed and bushy tailed! Wish I still had HODAish and LOLLYish energy as I did until the last couple of years. Oh, well, aging must be accepted and enjoyed as much as possible, I reckon.

Prayers for all in need!!!


JudyE said...

nice healthy poop shoot and I did get the snip

back with Jordyn I showed her the cupcakes and she like them

Judie said...

Good late afternoon.

So relieved to know that Jo has posted on FB. Pneumonia is a concern but her doctors will work their magic and make it disappear.

Seems everyone has had a reasonably good Red Friday.

Going to check on the nest then feet going up before making their way to the scullery.

Oh, Kay the manager at PetCo was very nice. They actually had the variety in the storeroom so we made an even exchange. Whew! The J & J Mini Mart is now resupplied.

Sandi said...

Hi all - work week is over and Janey and I have taken our mile walk for the afternoon.

Hoda, I am soooo happy to see you posting on the blog. Please don't wait for someone else to get really sick before you post again! Guess what was delivered to my house today from - a yoga mat! When we were in Mexico, Lynnis showed me the yoga app she downloaded to her iPad that she really likes so I downloaded it too. I figure before I start spending money to go to yoga classes, I should decide if it's something I'll really enjoy so I got a mat to do some beginner stuff at home. We have hardwood floors throughout the house so I knew I couldn't do any kind of floor exercise program without something padded to exercise on. Any yoga advice for a newbie would be greatly appreciated.

Town council meeting for me tonight. Need to fix food for people and pets. Later.

stronghunter said...


Will called and asked if we'd like to join him, Stephanie and her mother for dinner tonight at Bone Fish. Sounds great to me. But now, I have to get decent. Been hanging around the house most of the day. A shower is in order.

Hunter helped me change light bulbs in the two fairly complicated fixtures in the foyer. One bulb came apart in then socket. If we can't fix it, maybe I'll get the electrician to help me out when he returns.

stronghunter said...

They are still speaking of snow this weekend.

stronghunter said...

I think our two eaglets are getting too big to fit easily under the parent,

glo said...

Nope didn't have to buy snow It fell free this afternoon for a while How goofy. Didn't make it to the grocery BUT alas I have comfort food right here. Patches got her bath with blow dry. She hates both. I was waiting for warm enough to just bathe her and take her out for a walk to dry BUT that isn't even in the long term forecast so alas It really was time. I have postponed it for quite a while. I am thinking by Sunday afternoon she will have a modified puppy cut. Stay tuned. :-)

NCSuzan said...

Sorry that Jo has pneumonia. No wonder she has felt bad. Hope this is short lived and she feels better very soon.

My brother sent this document to me last year. It is on Senior Fitness. Not how many jumping jacks you can do but how many steps you need to be able to take, how many times you can sit down and stand up, etc. in order to be able to get around as we age.

I don't know about you but I think if I could do it yesterday I'll be able to do it tomorrow but that isn't so as we reach old age. With yesterday's mention of activities and Sandi doing Yoga and Hoda being Hoda I thought I would share this.

It is only 7 pages, in pdf format.

Senior Fitness

I apologize for using words like aging and senior. I know those words do not really refer to us! lol

NCSuzan said...

Judie, glad you were victorious over the boys dented food cans. And they had the right flavor! It was a win win!

Have a good evening.

Sleep well Jo.

Judie said...

Dinner is over. Scullery in order. Body is tired.

Wising Jo a night of continued recovery.

Restful sleep everyone.

Lolly said...

Another day spent outside. Loving it! Today we mowed, edges, blew, etc. Then we tackled weeds. A mild winter did us no good..weed wise!

Carolyn,THANKS for delivering the hug. When I read your reply I laughed out loud and felt wonderful!

Well, I am determined to keep moving! My sister, 4 years older, does not climb stairs and moves so slow. She also has trouble getting out of chairs and in and out of cars. I know it is because she is over weight and does not Excercise. That isn't for me! We are still "walking" every morning as well as working out in the yard. I am determined to move it, move it, move it! Wish I lived in Nelson with Hoda. What a beautiful place to hike! And, I think being on the dragon boat team would be awesome!

Lolly said...

Interesting reading Suzan! Thanks!

Lolly said...

Heading for the pillows! Night all! Prayers of healing for Jo!馃檹

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Dropped in to say hello, and see that Jo hasn't been feeling well, and has pneumonia!!! Wow, mega prayers in progress, and best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery!

Prayers also for Shar and her family with all that is going on there. Glad that time with Andrew is in the near future.

Praying for Wanda, and hoping that her knee is healing quickly.

Have been praying for the Sycamore Palace for a couple of years now, and hoping that it will hang in there. Hope that the nest actually helps to hold it together.

Have been crazy busy lately, but hope to find time to actually nest watch tomorrow. Those two youngsters are getting pretty doggone LARGE!

Lynne2, been praying nonstop for you and Steve! Hoping that your nightmare situation will work out as an unexpected blessing for both of you. Glad you found a good home for your kitty, but totally understand your heartbreak about that situation. Do you move next weekend?

Hoda, it's FANTASTIC to see you posting here again! I have missed you more than you could possibly imagine!

Surprise! We have a squirrel coming to our backyard again! It's bigger than the one we had last year, so I think it may be a different one. He's really fat, too. Note to self: Better buy more bird seed.

We have a pair of Black Phoebes nesting under the eaves on the front side of the house again this year. They are very curious about everything, and not especially shy. I can get within about 6 feet of the male, without him flying away.

Today was my favorite kind of weather--totally gray, with light rain. We're supposed to have rain of some sort or another through next Thursday! LOVE IT!

Well, it's getting pretty late, so better say goodnight. Going to go watch some recorded TV, and then hit the hay. Wishing everyone SED, and restful slumber.
God bless, and goodnight. I ♥ us!!!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. I see 1 parent and 2 wiggly chicks in the nest. No breakfast food to be seen. Dry is Shepherdstown, wet here in Bethany Beach.

This afternoon, Janey and I will be at the Ocean City Convention Center at the Greyhound Pets of America - Delaware booth. Janey will be showing off her looks and good manners in the hope of persuading visitors to the Home Show to adopt a retired racing greyhound. Five new dogs just arrived in Delaware from West Virginia yesterday and they are all looking for their forever homes. Adoptions have been going very well lately. Twenty three dogs have been rescued from the racetrack in Charleston, WV and brought to DE since we got Janey (she was in the first group) and 21 have already been adopted.

Jo, I hope you are feeling better today - I see you posted a little on Facebook yesterday. Prayers continue for you.

Andy, gray and rainy is your favorite weather? Really?

Lolly, your yard photos are beautiful!

Shirley, how was dinner? Meeting Will's girlfriend's mother - sounds like a serious relationship.

Shep just arrived with breakfast - just a small fish but something for those hungry youngins to eat. Feeding commenced immediately.

Have a greyt day all.

Janet Neely said...

good Saturday morning to all.

chilly but gorgeous day here. work in a couple of hours.

livvy's spring break is almost done. back to it Monday; forty days to go.

hard to believe we about to complete her first year of high school. yikes.

love the fact that everyone here strives to be as active as they can. I have been working on that as well. I signed tom and myself up for a 5K in October. not to run...but my usual fast walk. there are 5 k's prior to this, but it is way too hot and humid in the summer.

thinking of JO as she heals...and of each of you....have a fabulous day! light and love to all

Hoda said...

Continued prayers for Jo's healing.
Shar you too are in my prayers as you dirt through your heavy load.
Volunteering with the Grans today.
Volunteering with Eco Society tomorrow.
Both days have choral concerts to go enjoy.
Summer weather in April is not good news.
I am praying June returns to being our rainy month.

Hoda said...

Sort through!
dirt through!
Auto correct. Sorry.

Enjoy your time with Jenny at the show Sandi.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

Hope JO is better today that she was yesterday

Hope everyone has a great day

Today is Jordyn Party

and this evening is Carl Bday Bash

Angie a little crazy two in one day

Judie said...

Good morning.

Eaglets enjoying an early brunch. Weather looks clear. Snowing here. Yep, snowing but not sticking.

Wishing Jo continued healing today.

Hoda, enjoy the day with the Grans. Sorry about the summer weather. I can send you some snowflakes.

Sandi, may all the greythounds find furever homes today. Enjoy the day.

Shirley? How was dinner? Hope you and Stephanie's mom enjoyed meeting. Is Will serious?

Hi Andy. I also enjoy a day of light rain -- when I have a good book to read! We have fewer squirrels since the foxes and the hawk arrived.

Going to spend the day in the scullery prepping yesterday's purchases for meals.

Wishing everyone the very best day possible.

Judie said...

Loon cam is live for the 2016 season.

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Yes, dinner was very nice. I enjoyed meeting Steph's mother.

I haven't seen snow here, but it does not feel spring-like in these parts.

Getting ready for bowling practice.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

stronghunter said...

Feeding at the nest. I don't see snow there, which is a good thing.

Jewels said...

Good morning,
No snow , just flurries from what I have been told.
JudyE, I just saw this so I will deliver your hug Monday. Momma Wanda is home and resting and going to Physical Therapy. Denise is home from the beach and have not heard when they will be going to the beach house.
Lolly, so glad that you were able to feel so good about that!
I know you all miss Margy here..... She is so busy with work and home front stuff..
Praying for Momma Jo and everyone else :)

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Snow may arrive at the nest by tomorrow as we have about a half inch on the ground and it's cold enough for it to stick around for a while. Ugh. The weather pattern often means our weather hits the nest as it heads for the Atlantic. Watched Belle feed Clover and Shamrock their lunch--a fish entree. Shep had been in the nest as well, but flew away when feeding time arrived. Amazing to see how the chicks change overnight day after day! (Big gap here as I took my daily call from Eileen) So now the kids are plozted. The wind sounds ominous. Brrrr.

SANDI, this should be a fun day for you and Janey! Hope all the rescue Greythounds luck out the way she did.

SHIRLEY, glad you enjoyed meeting Steph's mom.

JUDIE, thanks for the Loon heads up. Their time with us after hatching is so brief. Gotta watch em' while we can. I can just imagine the good aroma wafting from your scullery today!

ANDY, years ago a friend who moved from Michigan to Whittier wrote to me saying she was bored stiff with day after day after day of "unrelieved sunshine". Growing up in Tucson it was all I knew til' I moved to Ohio in 1966. Sometimes I get bored here with day after day after day of gloomy skies!

Time for lunch here.

Prayers for all in need!!!


Lolly said...

Good morning! Lazy morning here as we slept late, 8:30.

Not sure what is on the agenda. Do know I need to get to the grosssssserie store.

Zach called. He and his dad were on the way to his first ever competitive basketball game. He was elected captain. Wish we had known about it before hand so we could be there!

No going to Denton. I had wanted to go today, but Jack has a hockey game to watch this evening. Also, races today at Texas Motor Speedway. Our trip to Denton takes us right by the track. Traffic would be horrendous!

Sorry about the nasty weather some are having. Cloudy today but up to 65.

Have a great day! Continued prayers for Jo and for Wanda!

Lolly said...

Back from grossssserie store and running errands. Has started raining and temp has dropped to 58. Brrrrr! Feels like winter, not spring! Looks like I stay in today. Jack did get out and spread fertilizer. Living right!馃槣

NatureNut said...

Good afternoon Eagle buds. You're right, Lolly~~~weather is crazy. We had about 10 minutes of huge snowflakes this AM, now our thermometer says it's 52°, but the wind is up again and it feels like 40°!! Sun is out---very deceptive. Your garden pics on fb are gorgeous!
Lady & hubby from here moved to NC a couple years ago. They have lots of plants and we just heard she is out watering everything. They must be expecting freeze and she learned all the FL plant people do that. I've seen it w/oranges, but don't know if that saves everything.

Good health prayers for Jo today and Wanda's knee. Best to everyone.

glo said...

GE everyone. It's been a busy chilly day but no snow LOL. Patches has had her modified puppy cut. I only trimmed off a couple of inches for now as weather is still pretty cold and I have to get used to it too :-). Have a good evening everyone.

Judie said...

Good evening all.

Glo, maybe keep Patches away from mirrors less she be shocked at her new "do."

Loweeda, nice to see you stopped by. Hope the watering saves your friend's plants.

Hoda, how was the fundraising today?

Had hoped to see a blog post from Jo today. Continued prayers for her recovery.

Headed to my recliner then the pillows.

Restful sleep for all.

NCSuzan said...

Good chilly evening!

Any word from Jo or her family today? Hope she is resting and treatment is doing its work. Thinking of you Jo!

Lolly, glad you liked that document on fitness. It's so important that we do what we can to stay independent as long as possible.

The eagles are resting peacefully.Right now the wind seems to be calm at the tree.

Have a warm and restful night.

Sleep well Jo.

Hoda said...

Judie the Grans event was a terrific success.
People were lined up around the block to come in...they were happy. Nelsonites had donated an amazing lot of stuff: wool, jewelry, purses, scarves, yards of material, and they turned around and came in to buy stuff. We served tea and British scones. Yummy short cakes with cream and strawberries. We also served them with blue berries. Fresh cream...children helped us serve. They were like little angels, all dressed up and prettied up. They ranged in age from five year olds to twelve. They kept the tables pretty clean and fine china and silver made it back to the kitchen for washing. They also reset the tables. The Queen was in attendance and she served us tea with her diamond Tierra and all!!!
Fun and laughter. We thought pouring hot tea would be a bit much for the wee ones.
They had fun courtesying to Her Majesty.
We made money too! Lots of it. I dare say over five thousand after hall rental and such.
The treasurer has not yet sent us an email.
The next Grans event is Mother's Day Garden Fest. Nelson blocks off several blocks for the event and we have belly dancers and vendors, and lots and lots and lots of plants to Monday I start collecting blinds and cut them up for markers to name the plants we will be selling. Again people bring in clippings and on it goes!
Prayers continue.
Tomorrow Eco Society Fund raiser. We are hoping for 20 thousand.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. I see 2 baby eagles alone in the nest - snuggled together in the nest bowl. They both look the same size to me - I can no longer tell one from the other. 32 degrees here with a real feel of 25. Last week's frost destroyed almost the entire peach crop at a local orchard - very sad. And we have more frost this morning.

Jo, I hope you're feeling better today and are able to pop onto the blog. I miss you - prayers for healing continue.

Hoda, your Grans event sounds like great fun, especially for the children. Serving tea and scones on REAL china - I love it!

Yesterday was fun at the home show. When GPA-DE has a booth, they always have a "pen" set up with comforters spread on the floor so the dogs can go in there and rest when they get tired. As a breed, greyhounds are pretty lazy and spend much of their day sleeping. Not Janey! I couldn't even keep her at the booth! She wanted to walk around the entire time and collect as many ear scratches as possible. She is a wonderful ambassadress for the breed because she is friendly to old and young alike. She even tried to be friendly to the cats at the SPCA booth, though they did not like her!

The humans at the booth answered a lot of questions about greyhounds, handed out a lot of GPA-DE brochures about the adoption process, and showed photos of the new dogs that just arrived from WV on Thursday. Hopefully a few applications will be submitted. This afternoon we do it again.

Have a greyt day all.

grannyblt said...

Good morning eagle friends. The nest looks bright and cheery with patent feeding our almost half sized eaglets.

It is still so cold here this morning. The temperature in the low teens overnight and about 20 now.There is still snow covering grassy areas and tree branches. Thankfully the roads are clear and dry. It is actually a beautiful day and the temperature will be back to averages in a few days.

Our GFWC Woman's Club held our annual luncheon-style show yesterday. While we didn't raise the thousands that Hoda's group did, we did pretty well. I sold tickets for the basket raffle and we cleared over $600. Not bad for a small town with only 100 attendees at the luncheon. Our fund raising profits go back to the community, with the exception of a donation to the national organization Canine Companions for Independence. We also send non monetary contributions to Operation Smile.

Today I will be tending to last minute details concerning my drive to Oklahoma. Katie arrives Tuesday around 1 pm and we will leave from the airport towards the southwest. Hopefully we will make it to Columbus or beyond that night. Then towards Indianapolis, St Louis and beyond. Neither of us wants to drive past dark, so it should take a couple of days. The weather forecast looks good for the drive, at least at this point.

Wishing a good day for all and prayers for healing. Sorry about the novella.

Judie said...

Good morning.

Wishing for Jo that the sunshine here is also sunshining on her today.

Congratulations to Hoda and Lynne on their wonderful fund raising yesterday. Can only imagine how much fun it was with the youngsters AND the Queen. What good causes are the Canine Companions and Operation Smile.

Lynne, take your time and enjoy the travel to OK. Lovely countryside.

Sandi, congratulations on having a wonderful day at the home show with Ambassador Extraordinaire Janey. Wishing for all the rescues from WV to be adopted.

Wishing everyone the best day possible AND that Jo will be able to stop by later.

Judie said...

Eaglets in both DC nests are growing and toddling around with a few wings flaps.

NCTC eaglets basking in the sunshine.

Loon is bobbing up and down on her nest. Do not know if a mate has arrived.

Lady of the Loch is test-driving and making the egg cup deeper and deeper.

Wildlife Center of VA: two yearlings curled together sleeping this morning. Those bears should be released in a couple of weeks. Wish they could stay.

Pete's Pond quiet. Lots of birds.

Bei Bei no where to be seen. Likely hiding in a tree.

Hawks and owls all incubating their eggs. Wonder if Jo knows her lovely Barn Owls have five eggs this season?

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Happy to see all's well at our nest. Harsh wind subsided and apparently chased our Ohio snow away. Still Brrrr-ish here with a layer of icy sleety stuff covering everything.

JUDIE, I always love your nest and den sweeps. Thank you!

JO, here's hoping you're feeling better with each passing day! Prayers going on constantly across this nation and Canada!

LYNNE1, wish you and I could visit when you pass through Columbus, but I know you can't take time for that. Have a safe and wonderful trip---wave to me off to the West when you get to the Morse Rd. exit!☺

HODA, LYNNE1, SANDI--what wonderful weekend activities you gals are involved in! Good on you!

Aw, big poop shot by one of the chicks. Both are so vibrantly full of vim and vigor. Don'cha just love it?

Prayers for all in need!!!


WVJerry said...

Good morning. Chilly here and snowed yesterday at work in south central PA. Shamrock and Clover getting larger by the day. Thank you Carolyn for telling Margy hello for me. Sandi - sounds like you and Janey had a greyt time in Ocean City. Hope Jo is getting better and will recover from her pneumonia fast. Hi Jo - get better and get back to Blog. I wi8ll be working six days three of next four weeks with my vacation the last week of April in-between. Got three loads of laundry done and half way through drying. Have to head out to stores before watching the Masters tournament. This time last year I was on my golf vacation with my friens - they will be leaving tomorrow. I did not feel right about going with all the medical bills to be paid. Also wanted to say congrats to Lolly on her weight loss and her fitness program. Thanks to whomever supplied the Senior Fitness document. Hi Jo and get better soon. Talk later and take care all.

Janet Neely said...

good morning to all. it is a cool, rainy sunday morning. this was my day to sleep in. I enjoyed a long, peaceful sleep.

not a lot planned for the day. popping into check on everyone....hoping JO will be back soon.

wishing everyone a great day!

JudyE said...

Good afternoone eagle buds

JO hope you are feeling somewhat better day by day and we look forward to your feeling better post soon.

Got home about 2am or so last night Sure made for a long day
Both parties were awesome
Our weather is awesome 75 out now was suppose to get cold last night but didn't quite do what they said and I also noticed Shhh no snow at nest like was predicted which is great for our eagles

Shamrock and clover are basking in the sun adult back to up looking out

Lolly said...

Howdeeeee! Slept late this morn and did not have a chance to get on here before church. We had a luncheon at church and a silent auction for items to benefit Relay for Life. Not sure how much was made but think they did not do well. I took a huge bag of pecans that went for $11. Boy did they get a bargain!!

Jack has vacuumed and now I am going to mop and head out for a while. Rain yesterday was not huge but more possible this week.

Barbara said...

Those chicks sure have ginormous feetsies!!! Both just fed a nice mid-afternoon snack. Looks like the wind is picking up again.

Mema Jo said...

Good evening to All ♥
I can't stay long but needed to say thank you for all your thoughts and prayers..
My recovery this time is taking longer then usual. In due time I will return - thank you for all you do for me. ♥

stronghunter said...

Hi Jo, so very nice to see your post. Take all of the time you need to recover. We will be here waiting for you.

Judie said...

What a happy dance is in progress after seeing that Jo has been able to post on the blog. Yes, take all the time needed to make a full recovery. We will all be here waiting at the door for your return.

Restful and restorative sleep for all.

glo said...

It has been a blessed day in so very many ways. Prayers continue for all in need. AOYP and SED everyone.

Hoda said...

Thank you Jo.
Keeping you in prayers of gratitude.

NCSuzan said...

Jo, thank you for taking the time and effort to let us know about you. Do not rush yourself. Heal fully and completely.

Sleep well everyone.

JudyE said...

Good seeing MASTER ELLIOT picture on the blog today meaning JO stopped in Make sure you keep taking care of your self dear JO

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all
♀ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need
"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle"

Lolly said...

Happy dance! Happy dance!馃槏馃帀馃帀馃帀馃帀. Jo! So great to see you posted! Hugs!

Worked in the yard, then watched some TV on PBS.

Heading to bed soon! Nite all!

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

YAY!!!!! Jo felt well enough to post on the blog!! So good to hear from you, Jo!
You rest up and take care, and don't rush things. We'll patiently await your return. Don't want you to overdo! You remain in all our prayers!

Sandi, I guess I am what they call a Pluviophile: A lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. I love everything about it, from the gray skies and gray clouds to the moisture in the air, the smell of wet ground, the sound of rain on the roof--well, you get the idea. May have something to do with the fact that my dad's family came from Britain.

We did have more rain this morning, mostly light rain, but a couple of areas where it was heavier. Our lawn is SO happy! It's bright spring green.

Well, it's about time for me to head to TV land for a while, then to hit the hay. Goodnight and SED, everyone. God bless! I ♥ us!!

Hoda said...

Happy Birthday Paula.
Enjoy your trip around the sun.

To all have an awesome start of week.
Enjoy the delights of today.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. I see 1 parent eagle feeding 2 baby eagles.

Jo, however short, please know that your post yesterday made us very happy! Feel better!

Paula, happy birthday!

Hoda, are you still awake from yesterday or up already for today? :)

The Home Show yesterday was good. Two vendors stopped by the booth to say they had completed adoption applications after meeting the dogs on Saturday. Gail, the foster coordinator for GPA-DE will be making a second trip to WV this month to pick up new dogs b/c there are already applications for the 5 dogs that just arrived last week. If the 2 tracks in WV close due to the legislatures decision to eliminate the subsidies they have been receiving from the state, there will be a lot of greyhounds to find homes for in a very short period of time.

PT for me at 9am, then cleaning bathrooms. The weather here will be warmer today but cloudy with showers expected. So I guess Janey and I won't be taking a hike this afternoon. The current school year countdown is 45 student days, 49 teacher days, and 27 Sandi days!

Have a greyt day all.

Have a greyt day all.

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds


♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday Dear PAULA ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you!! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ And many, many, many more!!
***Sending birthday wishes your way***

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,
Dropping in very quickly, because I've gotta get myself cleaned up for the day, and Ken and I are off to the mall for our daily walk.


Hoda, Sandi, and JudyE, good to see you here. Have a wonderful day!
....I've gotta get going, so see you later. I ♥ us!!!

Jo, prayers for you continue. Hope you're feeling MUCH better today!
Love you! ♥♥

Jewels said...

Happy birthday Paula!!!!! Hope you have a great day!!
Hoping Momma Jo is getting better and stronger! Muah!!

Lolly said...

Good morning! 72 with a slight chance of rain. Not sure what is on the agenda today. Several things need to be done. A week from this coming Thursday we leave for 5 to 6 days, maybe a few more. Looking forward to all years HS reunion, seeing my siblings, and just fun being away in the trailer in the Texas Hill Country!

馃帀馃巿馃帀馃巿Happy Birthday, Paula!馃帀馃巿馃帀馃巿 when, I wonder, are you returning to your beach home further north?

Eaglets I the nest are looking huge! More often see them alone in the nest.

Hoping that Wanda is improving each day and prayers that Jo is doing the same!

Have a great week!

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

A little windy at the nest, but a beautiful sight to see a parent watching over two vibrant, healthy eaglets!

♫♪Happy Birthday, dear PAULA, Happy Birthday to YOU♪♪♪

JO, you've warmed the cockles of our hearts! Thanks for checking in with your Fan Club! Feel better soon!

Prayers for you and all others in need!!!


Judie said...

Wow! I am in some kind of time warp. The 11th is Monday or is it Tuesday? Or is it Tuesday the 11th? I'm in a time warp of confusion. So is my calendar. Never mind:

♪♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULA ♪♫ Enjoy both days and have a magnificent year to come.

Eaglets were having lunch when I looked.

Hope everyone had a terrific morning and that Jo will feel like stopping by this afternoon.

Wishing everyone the best afternoon possible.

Lolly said...

Observation while walking....eaglets have big feetsies and they are using them to take steps! First they maneuvered around the nest using their wings. No more! Shamrock and Clover are taking steps! Are we in the toddler stage?馃槂

Lolly said...

Another observation......I am hot! Put on shorts to walk and thinking the AC would be nice! What?!! I was freezing two days ago!

JudyE said...


Janet Neely said...

good afternoon to one and all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULA

I was most pleased to see that our sweet JO had enough energy to post a bit. Here's hoping the recovery continues on a speedy pace!

Went and had my mammogram @ 8 a.m. this was a repeat due to a lump I found last fall. Thankfully it turned out to be just a hematoma ... I had taken a nasty fall and had a big bruise last October. The lump showed up shortly thereafter. Today's procedures confirmed the previous thought. :) So thankful!

I was rather wanting to play outside today, but it is incredibly windy and cloudy. Rain is moving in. SOOOO I'm playing inside, so to speak. I am working on re-vamping our bathroom. Everything needs paint and the door hinges need to be replaced. So one step at a time.

Everyone have a lovely day!

JudyE said...

A bonding moment with Shep and Belle today

JudyE said...

JANET so happy it was nothing I had the same scare year ago turned out to the be the same

Got the back of my house painted this am only took a couple of hours
Tomorrow morning I will do the front being its cooler in the am and also my front of my house is in the shade because of the huge oak tree I have
Back was nice because of the porch

NCSuzan said...

Paula, a very Happy Birthday to you in your new home with your new life! I know good things are happening for you!

Yes, so happy to have heard from Jo. It will be important for her to save her energy and use it for getting well but it was great to have a message from her. Get well soon, Jo!

Judie, it must have been something going 'round yesterday because I thought it was the 11th and just had an all around awkward day!

The eagles have been busy today. Happy that the nest and occupants are thriving!

Have a good afternoon.

JudyE said...

LOLLY is all ok in you neck of the woods Just saw on news tornado warning

Hope all is ok

JudyE said...

Eagle almost got blown out of nest adult that is tail feather went up and took a nose dive of sorts

Judie said...

Good evening.

Yes, Suzan. I seem to have succumbed to the "I don't know what I am doing" syndrome the past two days. Hopefully, tomorrow will be without another ridiculous blunder. I will prevail! Yes, Scarlet, tamarrah is anuther day!

Dinner is over. Scullery is in order. The boys (Jake and Jude) are already asleep. Darth is in his dungeon working on taxes. I am headed to my recliner and then the pillows.

Continued prayers for Jo.

Restful sleep for all.

Lolly said...

All is okay here! No rain, no nothing! However.....Fritz family had BIG hail. Laurel said she was reading when she heard one bang, several seconds later another bang. What's that? She looked outside and it was just starting, big hail coming sideways in the wind, no rain. Then it got heavier and bigger and, of course, rain. Sirens going off, got boys in safe room, accounted for pets. Broke window in Living room, but skylights are okay. Will have the roof checked. It is a new roof, hoping it will be okay! Car was in garage and Joey was not home so his truck is okay.

Tornado east of us. Have not heard of damage.

Watching The Voice.(recorded)

See you all tomorrow!

JudyE said...


‎Jennifer Vallandingham‎ to Jo Lennox
2 mins ·
Mom is resting comfortably in the hospital. She was admitted this evening for a couple of days because she has pneumonia. No room number yet.
Night Mom .....luv ya and sleep tight.

JudyE said...

LOLLY our news said that there were hail size of grapefruits in Wiley Tx

grannyblt said...

Mega prayers for Mema Jo.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. I see 1 sleeping adult eagle and 2 sleeping eagle kids in the nest.

I do not like the most recent news about Jo. Prayers continue for relief and healing.

Lynne1, safe travels and enjoy your trip west!

School day for me. Have a greyt day all.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...


Judie said...
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