Friday, May 06, 2016


New thread.  Same weather.


Mema Jo said...

Thank you Steve for the fresh Friday thread

We sure do need sunshine

Headed over to call everyone over so that I can get my feather! xoxoxo

JudyE said...



that feather head dress is looking might fine on ya

Kay said...

Good Red Friday Morn, Eagle Buds!!!

Thanks to STEVE for threading us anew and to the beautifully befeathered JO for the call over!

I need to go back to check up on y'all, but meantime am praying for those in need and hoping everyone has a super duper weekend!


Kay said...

HODA, prayers continue for those Canadians living in areas that are so very dry and in danger---Dear God, let it rain, in fact, let it pour! Such tragedies bring out the very best, the goodness, in our fellow man. So very thankful for First Nations and the Syrian evacuees who are stepping up so generously. Prayers, too, for the firefighters and auxiliary personnel.

Sandi said...

Hi all.

Thanks Steve for the new date, same old weather thread. And thanks Jo for the call over.

Jo, it's good to see you on the blog this morning!

Hoda said...

Thank you Steve and Jo.
Another hot sunny July day in May!
Sitting 86 and continues for the rest of the weekend.
Maybe rain on Monday.
Stay safe everyone.
Some awesome stories though!
Even from Toronto, which is a national Canadian pass time to bash, stepped up!
A Fort Mac bride lost her wedding dress to the fire. Her wedding is this weekend in Toronto. She thought she would get married in her jeans. A picture of her wedding dress was circulated. 100 wedding dresses offered.
Stylists stepped up, caterers took over and voila she has her wedding in Toronto style...
I love it that in situations that are devastating there are always helpers.
Thinking of Deb S. She was to return to her home after her teaching week ended. Hope her family and property are safe.

stronghunter said...

Good afternoon,

Watching the news about the shootings in Montgomery, MD. Hoping that all Momsters and Dadsters are safe and not near that area.

stronghunter said...

Beautiful story about the wedding dress, Hoda.

JudyE said...

Sitting in car line watching our poor pathetic eagle notice the one is a female in front of Bell . Check out the beak to eye I am on tablet and can zoom better

Hoda said...

What shooting Shirley?
Yes hope all Momsters and dad steed are well.
Nothing on our news feed so far!

Hoda said...

Shirley no news of shootings on NPR, PBS, or the Canadian CBC.
Does it involve a school?
Pray God not!!!

Hoda said...

K found it on google!
Federal Law Enforcement officer is the suspect and he was arrested. Shootings in two malls. A murder last night also. They are inclined to think they are all related.
Very disturbing.

NCSuzan said...

Good afternoon!

Poor eaglets! Have they been dry one time this week? A soggy looking crew for sure!

Hoda, good to hear of an uplifting story in the middle of all the ashes. Best wishes to the newlyweds this weekend. Also hope Deb S. finds her home and property safe.

Quiet day here. More rain in our forecast too.

Jo, hope you are resting and breathing great! Any apple pie lately? Thinking of you and keeping you in prayers.

Take care.

glo said...

Stopping by to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all of you who take on or have taken on a nurturing roll in the life of another. How I see and celebrate Mother's Day has changed for me over the years. I am so thankful for those who have nurtured me and in many ways continue to do so. I think we all need that nurturing touch at times all of our lives. I don't know about you but that was one of the very first things that fascinated me as I watched this nest and the adults raise their first clutch of 3 many years ago. What awesome nurturing parents they both are for a successful fledge. be sure to celebrate those who care for you this Sunday.

stronghunter said...

Wishing a happy Mother's Day to all. Everyone is either a parent or a child if not both.

Yes, the shooter was arrested, Hoda. He was hanging around at a nearby restaurant, believe it or not. He was at the same restaurant where the DC snipers ate. Fortunately, he gave up without a fight. Very strange situation.

stronghunter said...

Thinking of Jo.

Lolly said...

Hi all! What a great day here! Went to TCU program to honor class of '66 not expecting to know anyone. Met up with several I did know. One who was in my major and had lots of classes together, a couple more who were acquaintances, a a couple I knew in the dorm! More fun! Lunch was great as was the tour of the new basketball arena and the Hall of Fame in athletics. Not going to the party tonight, but don cap and gown early in the morn.

Just a little while ago while sitting outside we saw Mississippi Kites coming and going. Turns out we have two nests in our trees. Did a little research and they do nest in colonies. They really are pretty birds.

Also, just talked with Laurel. Jacob has been accepted into the Expo program. That is Denton's talented and gifted program. We are so excited! He will still be on Team One, Laurel's team, but he will not be In his mother's reading class. We think he would have done well with her, so we were not concerned about that. He has been tested for this before, but not accepted. It was his idea to try again. So very proud!

A great day!

Lori said...

Dinner just delivered and all four eagles in the nest now.

Lori said...

Three wet eagles in the nest now eating dinner delivered courtesy of Shep.

I've seen the fires on the news, Hoda. Can't imagine losing everything like that - just gone so fast, but all the compassion from others is glorious!

Have a great time at your lunch tomorrow, Lolly!

We took Priscilla - 10 yr old bulldog with thyroid cancer - to the vet today over in Frederick. She has a UTI. We've had her since pulling her from a local kill shelter (Manassas/Prince William County) in January. Gosh, wish we could post pics right here!

Shirley, were you in Montgomery County during the lockdown today? Seems the sniper shootings and terrorism have pushed police to really up their game. I saw the video of them capturing the shooter today and it was like a tv show. Very fast.

A fellow crafter in my group posted pics of her chihuahuas wearing the first small dog tutus I made. She's going to auction them off on her dog's page to benefit dog rescue. I laughed my butt off seeing those pics. It's nice to have dog pics to smile about! :)

Have a great evening and a wonderful weekend everyone. :) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Hugs to all!

stronghunter said...


No, I wasn't in Montgomery County, Lori. I have been right here at home all day. I just now watched the Channel 4 view of the police coming in on the killer in the parking lot. There was a man who came in to park just before the cops came in. The cops actually smashed right into the killer's car. The innocent guy got out of his car, hid behind it for a moment, then took off through the bushes.

Hoda said...

Good night all.
Beautiful day albeit hot.
Yoga, cycle, walk and time in the park.
People were swimming!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. Two eaglets huddled in the center of the nest. No parent in sight. It looks dry in Shepherdstown at the moment.

Glo, I loved reading your thoughts about Mother's Day - thank you for sharing them.

Lolly, congratulations to Jacob on getting into the Gifted & Talented program. It's nice that it's something he personally wanted to accomplish, rather than something he's doing just to satisfy his parents. There will be more willingness on his part to put forth the extra effort to be successful in the program.

Jo, I hope today is a good day for you. How are you feeling?

I think the sun may return this afternoon. Laundry is on my agenda - how exciting!

Have a greyt day all.

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all on this very special weekend
I am feeling fair - that's about all I can say - i'm making it day by day
Cardinals, crow and squirrels very hungry today

From Deb this morning : Deb Stecyk Jo we are all fine ... rest easy no threat right now fire at our mill is contained!
Wonderful news amidst all the devastation.

Today I won't be attending my ggd's dance recital in VA - they will send me good videos - Michael is there for them. I sent them both an arrangement of pink roses.
Love them dearly

More plants coming to the porch pot out front this morning.

Plus someone should be bringing me a peanut butter cookie......

talk to you later.......xoxoxoxox

Mema Jo said...

My picture is my newest friend from a special friend - Shirley
She has one that watches over her and now I have one also.

She is a beauty with her flaming pink hair!
I love it - ty Shirley

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

What a delightful sight. Clover and Shamrock snuggling!

JO, you have an adorable little mascot--how sweet of SHIRLEY!
Sweet of you to send flowers to your dear dancers today. Wish you could be there, but your job is to rest and recover from the assault by that ugly pneumonia. Enjoy your cookie and those videos!

Kudos to Jacob! What an accomplishment!

LORI, I'm sure those little dogs were Tutu cute in their Lori Creations!

Seth and I will have our Sat/Sun together for the first time in a long time. Tomorrow Julie is taking me to Sleeping Beauty, the ballet. A dear young man we know will be in the troupe and it will be wonderful to see him perform.

Have a great Mother's Day weekend Momsters!

Prayers for all in need!!!


Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,
Have been MIA a lot--just VERY busy. We're going to visit our friends, Jim & Darlene Wilkoski, today. Will be there most of the day, most likely. Jim seems to be getting stronger and stronger--he is starting to walk around without his cane! While we're visiting we'll say some prayers for you, Jo. Keep on getting better and better! Sometimes pneumonia can kick your butt, darn it.

Haven't had time to read back right now, but will later tonight. Hope everyone is OK! Prayers for everybody! Have a good Saturday, and a wonderful Mothers Day! Need to go get presentable now. Later, alligators! I ♥ us!!

Hoda said...

Awesome report on Deb S.
Thank you Jo. You rock awesome yourself.
Grateful you are taking care of your health and flowers to your talented great Grans will bring joy to their hearts.
All good here.
Hot day.
We have Garden Fest today and I am volunteered with the Grans and Eco Society.
We have an emergency training and evacuation program. Be ready and what is essential to prepare for.
We have a music performance in the High School.
So lots of community involvement today.
All good.
Have been riding my bicycle everywhere of late.
All is good. Enjoying the simplicity of it all.
Bought a ticket to the Tiny Light Festival in June. Smallest Festival in the Province.

JudyE said...

looks like they just zoomed the camera in again

been out and at Jordyn soccer game

JudyE said...

Going to a 10 movie with Angie and friends seeing the Mothers Day movie instead of tomorrow gonna go take a nap LOL

JudyE said...

camera zoomed back to normal got some good snips of one close up

Hoda said...

Nine minutes ago Deb S posted
" hello rain"!yay!
I hope it is a deluge!
Yay Yay Yay

JudyE said...


▐█░███████████ ✿ (¯ ✿ ≺¯)(¯ ✿≺¯)
─██▒█████████─ ´¯)░(_.^._)(¯`.´¯)^._)
──▀████████▀── ✿´¯)░░ (¯≻✿≺¯)
─────▀██▀─────── ´¯)░ ░ (_.^._) —

hearts and flowers to you all

Nice evening with Angie and Lori went and saw the Mothers Day movie I liked it.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends - Happy Mother's Day to all Momsters, whether they're moms to 2-legged children or children with fur, fins, or feathers!

It looks dry in Shepherdstwon and it will finally start drying out a little here in Bethany Beach. Yesterday the sun came out in the morning, then in the early afternoon it stormed (10th straight day with rain I think), then it cleared up again late in the day. Today is supposed to stay sunny all day.

Hoda, good news that rain has arrived in Deb S.'s area. And it's good to see you back on the blog more regularly.

Jo, I'm sorry you had to miss the dance recital yesterday. But I must admit (we used to go to them for Denny's 3 nieces when they were little and I also attended some for my students when I taught 5th grade) that those recitals are longggggg, don'tcha think? I hope you'll be feeling better than fair today! Will you and Ed have a houseful today?

Lolly, how was graduation and Joseph's jazz concert?

I don't recall if I mentioned here on the blog that we have a house training boot camp going on here in an attempt to correct Bella's and Jenni's poor inside bathroom habits. Both little dogs are back in crates. Today is day 5 and things are going well so far. There was 1 poop accident on the floor last night that was entirely Dennis's fault. He isn't taking this whole thing as seriously as I am, probably because he doesn't clean up the bulk of the messes in the house. There will be a conversation about doing better when he gets up this morning.

Dennis doesn't know it yet but his Mother's Day gift to me will be taking me to Lowes to buy 2 new large pots, lots of annuals and potting soil (I hate to lug those heavy, wet bags of dirt), dumping all of last year's potting soil that's still in the pots, and refilling the pots with new potting soil so I can pot the new plants. I hope all of the annuals at Lowes haven't drowned from all the rain we've had!

I've been watching the eaglets (or are they juvies now) as I've been typing this post. Lots of preening, wing stretches and some wingercizing and hopping across the nest. No sign of a parent or of breakfast.

Have a greyt day all.

Jewels said...

Happy Mothers Day to all the Momsters!!!!!! XOXO

WVJerry said...

Good morning Judy, Sandi and Carolyn. Happy Mother's Day to you and Happy Mother's Day to all the Momster. Good morning Jo. I see Shamrock and Clover in a sunny and breezy nest this morning. Enjoy your day.

WVJerry said...
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Judie said...

Wishing all mothers the loveliest and most loving day today.


Barbara said...

Belle is supervising the nest, and one eaglet is self feeding off a nice big fish! Other eaglet is catching the breeze and giving an occasional wing stretch. Will they fledge before Father's Day?

Mema Jo said...

Wishing everyone a happy mother's day Sunday
some sun - cool air

enjoy your day

NatureNut said...

Happy, Happy Mother's Day to all the Momsters and to Belle, the Mom of some HUGE babies!

We finally got a nice, sunny day after the "monsoons"!

Have a few nature tidbits to share later. ☺ xxxooo

NCSuzan said...

Happy Mothers Day to everyone! It does not matter what we nurture. It just matters that we do nurture!

Love Dennis' gift to Sandi! Sounds perfect!

Jo, bet your family has some special plans for you today! Will be thinking of you.

And of course, Belle! What a devoted mother she is. Happy Mothers Day Belle!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Lori said...

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Sandi, I hope you didn't get the Miracle Gro Moisture Control potting mix. I got two big bags of it but didn't see the reviews and other articles until I had already done 3 pots. It is a heavy soil that doesn't drain well and kills a lot of plants with root rot. I will buy lots of amendments like sand and perlite to lighten up the other bag.

I'm sure most of you are spending the day with your families and children. I hope it's a wonderful day full of love and smiles for all of you - human and fur moms. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Lolly said...

🌹🌸🌹🌸Happy Mother's Day!🌹🌸🌹🌸. Has been a good one here. Had fun last night with Laurel and the boys here! So, Joseph gathered objects new TCU medallion, Laurel's iPhone, an empty chocolate milk bottle, and I do not know what all. These went into the pot to be won by the person picking the winner in the Kentucky Derby. We all then Picked our horse. I won, staying with Nyquist! Had to stay with him as his rider wore purple and I like him being number 13!!! Lots of crazy laughter as I had to pose with my winnings while standing on the ottoman.

Joseph helped Granddaddy cook breakfast and they went to church with us.

They headed home after church. Next Sunday they will celebrate Mother's Day for Laurel, when Joeywill not be writing a paper.

Cool here, 73 and windy. A few sprinkles this morning but thunder storms predicted for tonight and tomorrow.

Hoda said...

Started to rain in Deb S town yesterday.
She posted on FB nine minutes ago it still raining...

Hoda said...

Good night all.
Loved seeing Little Miss Freyja new photo today on FB Sandi.
Stay well everyone.
Stay safe.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. It's Monday,,, and a school day for me. But tomorrow won't be, so I can do this. I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day.

Jo, I saw so many photos on FB of pots of flowers for your deck,I'm not sure there will be any room for people on the deck!!! Wow - it must look beautiful!!

I potted 18 pots (some small with ony one annual in them) with annuals after we got home from Lowes. Lori, the Miracle Gro Moisture Control that you warned me not to use... that's what we bought. And by the time I read your post, and then read the reviews online, it was too late, everything was already potted. The dates on the reviews I read were a few years old. I went online to Miracle Gro customer service and sent them an email telling them what I had read and asking if the current product is a new formula. I'll let you know what I hear from them. I would really hate to lose over $100 worth of annuals. I would also hate to have to repot EVERYTHING with different potting soil.

Have a greyt day all. Happy birthday in Heaven, Lynn!

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all
Steve has given us a fresh new thread

Come on over