Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Looks like we will be up in the tree next Monday getting the system back online.  cross your fingers, we are not sure of the condition of the camera.

new thread.


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Hoda said...

Feather is mine

Hoda said...

I will call the others
thank you STEVE!

Hoda said...

I hope the camera is fine.
Thank you STEVE and NCTC.
Much appreciate it

Mema Jo said...

Feather is all yours, Hoda. Thanks for the call over..

Steve, my fingers are crossed and I can hardly type straight upon hearing your news ♥

Mema Jo said...

SHIRLEY - I would have bet money that yesterday you dropped your bowling ball on your toe! lol
Sorry to a bit of a rush. Have to see the doctor about my toe. Possibly a shard of glass in there. It has been bothering me awhile. BBL.

stronghunter said...

Hoping all is well with the cam.

stronghunter said...

Hi Jo,
Waiting at the doctor's now.

Lolly said...

Uh Oh! Hoda is doing a feather dance! What will that girl do next? ☺

Good morning! Had to come over and see what was up. So, up into the tree they go. Wahoooo! So very ready for OUR cam and OUR eagles!!!

Mema Jo said...

Me too - Lolly!

Glad you got an appointment Shirley

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Good morning Steve and thanks for the news of the camera. Praying the camera is in good condition.

Good morning my eagle budlets.

Hoda got a feather. Do they freeze well Hoda? :)


stronghunter said...

Going for a foot x-ray. Gracious sakes.

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

STEVE, you've thrilled us to pieces with your cam news ! May the Gods be with us on this one ! And, thanks, as always, for the nice new thread !

HODA, happy for you ! You need that HAPPY DANCE exercise. ☺

LORI, 89 on the test ! Yeah ! Pharmacology next--soak this one in, please ! We momsters have many questions about our drugs (ahem) and drug interactions ! Seems to me Nursing School is analogous to military boot camp. "I can't hear you ?", the drill instructor shouts. Much attention given to uniforms, etc.. You'll pass muster, just hang in there, girl ! As for snow, no, but we've more coming for the weekend. Having a couple of days of record breaking high temps for December--it's such a tease, but Penny and I are loving it !

ANDY, Gout ! Out ! It's called the rich man's disease, but I pity the poor souls who are plagued with such pain !!!

SHIRLEY, toe woes ! Hope it's easily treated and isn't gout !!!
Where did your bare foot come in contact with glass ?

SANDI, so glad you didn't do a "Thelma" ! I get so sick of dodging dog poop and urging Penny away from the mounds left by inconsiderate dog walkers. And then there are several who don't think leash laws apply so their dogs run freely a lot of the time. Arrrrgggghhhhh ! But, I digress...Sorry Bandit has so much trouble with that system. How old is he, I don't recall ?

JO, enjoy your precious girls ! I love such times !

LOLLY, Laurel's special meal sounds yummy and I know she's going to do a happy dance over those dishes !

Love and prayers for all !!!


Kay said...

Hello, SHAR ! How is THELMA feeling now that a couple of days have gone by ?

Kay said...

Forgot to say, Penny and I saw another beautiful Buck out back with the passel of Does. He is larger than the one we saw last week, but still shy of full adulthood. They love the salt block a neighborhood family has put out for them. I still have a problem with those who entice them, bringing them so close to city traffic.

Hoda said...

My Feather is in my cap and don't you worry about it freezing... Spring is on its way in four months or so!
17 more sleeps HERE COMES THE SUN...

stronghunter said...

Waiting for x-ray. Had to sign into their computer system. Interesting.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

T-Bird is still pretty sore but it could have been so much worse. She said thanks for asking.

Kay said...

Thanks SHAR ! Glad THELMA didn't break any bones ! Please go over Momster rules re:falls with our dear TBird !

Mema Jo said...

The elves have gone home - My home is beautifully decorated. I am really getting in the Christmas Spirit. Now I wish the elves would come back and bake some cookies for all ♥

My feet are going up ♥

JudyE said...



stronghunter said...


Home from all of my errands.

A question--Margy, what day in Dec. is James's birthday?

Got a call from the deputy--they caught the person who stole my bowling equipment, but they haven't retrieved the equipment. They said he had lots of people's stuff, that he has done this before, and that he sells or gives the stuff to others who sometimes pawn it. He is in jail under no bond.

My foot has been investigated and x-rayed. I had a tetanus shot and got a prescription for cipro. The nurse practitioner said that I should not have waited two weeks and that she's treating me for MRSA, though I probably do not have it. Goodness gracious, I hope not.

I was debating whether or not I was being silly for being so concerned about a little piece of glass possibly still in my toe. Now I am wondering how complicated it can get and hoping it won't cost too much. I had to sign a paper stating that I might have to pay for the tetanus shot. Medicare might not pay. Sixty-seven dollars, they said.

I think I will just take a nap.

Lori said...

Hello wonderful eagle lovers!

All is well with the blog and the world upon reading that we will (hopefully) have our cam, and our EAGLES, back with very soon.


stronghunter said...

Isn't it great to know we should soon be watching our eagles again, Lori?

stronghunter said...

Congratulations on your wonderful grade, Lori.

Lori said...

I love you all so much. Can't even tell you how you make my day!

KAY, loved your clever post and the reference to SHIRLEY'S "toe woes."
Must say I agree with you on those who walk their dogs and think the leash laws don't apply to them. It was especially difficult when I used to walk (on leashes) three Bulldogs and trying to keep them under control with a loose dog teasing them was not easy. I always thought it was inconsiderate of others to think their dog doesn't have to wear a leash.

SHIRLEY, I do hope your toe will be fine. Frankly, I think female nurse practioners are about the best thing going. Haven't found one that isn't kind, caring, compassionate, willing to listen and spend the time with patients, etc.

Oh, and so happy they caught the crook who broke into your car. That has happened to me three times (in Calif) and it's such an invasion on privacy.

HODA, Happy, happy, happy that you got today's feather. Big eagle hugs! Keep it warm. ;)

SHARON, so excited to see you on here. You must come around more often. Glad you're taking great care of Thelma, too. Tell her to get her behind back on the blog, from me. Hugs to both of you.

LOLLY, keep us posted on every moment with Laurel as she gets the dishes. WoooooHooooo!

JO, I wanted to tell you something and can't remember what it is now. Oh, loved your BP joke! LOL

Gee, I'm in such a good mood and I can't imagine why - probably just let off a little steam. I was put on probation today, for 4 wks, along with three other fine students. Anyway, their reason is to make an example out of us for a problem they've had for years. I get it, I really do, but don't mess with little, young, me. I won't even write their reason on here, but assure you it's not grades and I didn't break any laws. I do have one thought for all you teachers - if 80% of your class all did something, and they're all good students - wouldn't you have to question the teacher's method or something about getting the message out to her students? URGH. Perhaps I should let it go.

Well, I've taken up enough precious space on the blog for a week. I'm going to bed early tonight - trying to catch up.

Love you all so much! XOXO

Lori said...

SHIRLEY, I couldn't be happier about the news that we could have the cam back next week. It's made my month! We could be watching them do nestorations and bickering over stick placement as early as next week! WooooooHooooo!

JudyE said...

YEAH SHIRLEY so happy they found the culprit and are you getting your stuff back???????

JudyE said...

both adults are in the NEFL nest right now I love that camera and the zoom operator HOW I wonder if that job is available in the near future wouldn't that be a good job to have when retiring

Lori said...

Sounds like the perfect job, but PAULA already has that one!

stronghunter said...


No they did not get my stuff back which makes me wonder how they can be sure it was this guy who took it, though it sounds likely because they found lots of other people's stuff with him.

I just got my car washed today, and was thinking of wiping out the inside. I think I will wait and see if they still want to look for fingerprints. I do want to do everything possible to put this thief away.

As Kathryn said, he must be a repeat offender to be under no bond. The officer said that he would not be terrorizing the neighborhoods. That is a good thing.

Lori--I am guessing you got involved in some kind of rebellion regarding a class policy. If you are in a good mood, you must be satisfied with your own actions. I hope they are looking at your grievances carefully.

JudyE said...

This is from facebook

The Real PIP Ostrich Page
16 hours ago
December 3, 2013

A trip out to the Ostrich Hatcher

Despite Popcorn being gone, we drove out to the high desert. We wanted to meet The Hatcher, who is a very nice man. He has lived in the high desert his entire life on this ranch. He showed us the seven ostrich chicks that are five months old, they were in a pen with chickens, and two Emus. The Hatcher likes to put a brand-new baby chicken chick in with baby ostriches, and they do grow up together. He has a 20-year-old male ostrich as well. This was going to be Popcorn’s foster family.

We discussed ostrich egg hatching techniques, and his wife presented me with a gift of a piece of ostrich egg shell painted with four ostrich chicks. She is an ostrich shell artist. It was beautiful countryside, I look forward to returning someday. Of course I wish that Popcorn could be there..

I will celebrate our experiences and friendships. I do not anticipate further updates for a while.

JudyE said...

He has a picture of the egg painting on his facebook page

stronghunter said...

Time for me to go to the scullery.

Mema Jo said...

Lori - it is exhausting to hear of your 4 wk probation... And in answer to your question to the teachers - I would certainty NOT close my eyes to that teacher's class procedures if I were the supervisor...

Hubby and I ate at Red Lobster..
Was good and of course the biscuits were exceptional.

Checking out my what to do this evening - tv is not very interesting.


Sandi said...

Hi all! What terrific news about the cam possibly being up and running by next week! Steve, you are the best!!!

Lori, details please!!! You can't not tell us what happened that caused your probation!!

Shirley, good news on the police catching the bowling ball thief!!

Kay, Bandit is almost 16.

Shar, glad to hear that Thelma is just sore and nothing is broken!

OK, gotta make dog food. Observation today went great, I thought - haven't talked to the principal yet.

Goodnight everyone - see ya in the AM!

Lynne2 said...

my loves....I have news.

Lynne2 said...

but I must wait to share it.

I just want to say, THANK YOU to all of you who have been holding us in your hearts and prayers!


JudyE said...

NOT FAIR you are a BIG TEASE LYNNE2 and LORI for not telling all LOL

Sandi said...

Oooohhhh - catching up on posts and it sounds like Lynne has some big news! Maybe the upstairs neighbors have moved out??? Maybe Steve's folks have a contract on their house??? Maybe Lynne has quit her job and opened up a flower shop???

Can't wait to hear!

OK, Survivor time - g'night again.

Hoda said...

No no no!
LYNNE saw a bear!!!
Yes even this time of year.
She went into a den!!!

Sorry for the probation LORI.

Put distance between yourself and it and keep your focus on what matters.

stronghunter said...

Dinner over. Dishwasher running.

Kathryn and I agree that it is creepy that a criminal--and not just a kid criminal was in our driveway while we were sleeping.

Hoda said...

Another ice skating day!!!
My oh my it is slick and icy roads out there!
Not sure which is worst walking or driving!
A bit of a challenge going up and down hills.
Of course you know Nelson is built on a side of a hill.

Met some very good people.
Saw some amazing ice formations on trees. Wanted to take pictures but could not feel secure to let go of my trekking poles.
If this keeps up I might have to attach my cleats.
Usually this is a measure I save for January.
Saw a 92 year old chap walking with his walker in the middle of it all. He was crossing the highway to get to the park. All the cars stopped. An amazing sight.
He waved to me.

We were laughing today because we often say we live in the Nelson Bubble! Things at times are very unreal.
Well today it looks like one of those bubbles that have houses and a winter scene and when you shake it upside down and then right it snow comes falling down.
Well this is the Nelson Bubble we decided.

Hoda said...

There are folks in town from Maryland and Massachusetts
Two cars from Maryland one from Massachusetts.
I think it rather cool.

magpie said...

I like Steve's Open Up post...
fingers, toe, everything crossed!
I also like that it posted at 9:11.
Good Evening,
Eagle Pals....

If the internet quits quitting here on me I might be able to read the blog posts for today


JudyE said...

HODA I truly would love to come to you bubble one day I love how you talk about it and yes from the pictures you have posted Does look like a snow globe

magpie said...

Oh sorry about the toe problem....sure hope there are good outcomes....

And VERY impressed that the police have nabbed the thief! I am so amazed, in my line of work, of the young ages of our criminals here....
once one is 18, It is the
Real Deal.....stays on the criminal record....It is very sad to me to see these once-precious youngsters
turning out this way

Lori...whatever it is, I know you will come out of it all with flying colors, the probation thing.

Geeze, is this drama or what !!!

magpie said...

I really love getting

Hoda, Jo.....Thank you for your blessings to me which arrived today
(( HUGS )) across the miles

magpie said...

Oh bummerini about our
Andy having Gout...sure hope that clears up very soon. Captain
Father Warden Gene has had that condition sometimes too
:( BIG WOOF !!!

magpie said...

Birthday to your dear Laurel...I am so sorry I do not know what day it
Actually IS...
I just can't keep up !

magpie said...

Tickled that Loretta saw some Tundra
Swans and that there is some
Eagle Action at the Park....

And for Lynne2: can't wait 'til you reveal YOUR big news...

Lynne2 said...

good grief Shirley....the next time Prince Charming puts your glass slipper on, tell him to be a bit more careful!

Glad they caught your thug. And yep, it would totally freak me out to know some one was outside stealing while you were asleep.

My gosh Lori....must have been something! I think a HIGH FIVE is probably in order? But what does the probation actually mean?

Kay...I HATE when people don't clean up after their dogs. So RUDE. I carry bags and if I see someone "forgetting" I offer them a bad. LOL!

Lynne2 said...

uh careful in your bubble. Poor Lolly, Janet, others...looks like the ice is heading at you, too.

So excited about the cam! Hope I get time to actually watch it!

Does anyone know if BOTH will be running? It surely would be awesome!

Janet said...

Good evening everyone.

Its been a busy Wednesday. I am just nose to the grindstone getting ‘er done!
It was such a lovely “spring” morning here….it got p to 75 today with a nice warm breeze and some sun. before I headed out to the massage this morning, I went outside and got a few things done that I wanted to do. Being able to be outside distressed me. I was feeling a bit anxious about all the “stuff” that needs to be done over the next 2 weeks or so…

I ran out and did my massages and then went to Michael’s craft store. We need to “bling up” Olivia’s tigger costume for her skating solo. I guess I spent close to an hour in there looking at rhinestones, sparkley things, etc.
I stopped at target on the way home and bought a tutu to go with the costume. Once complete, I will post pix.

Then its more errands in the afternoon, pick up Olivia….and then ice skating. I made dinner and then we worked on the costume .
Now., work the next 3 days. Livvy has ice skating tomorrow and Saturday, but Tom will take her Saturday as I will be at work.
Lots of news on here tonight!
LORI: can’t imagine what on earth you have gotten into to get disciplinary action! ????? But congrats on the great grade!
HODA: the song HERE COMES THE SUN is now going thru my head… wont be long now.
STRONGHUNTER: sorry about the toe! Glad they caught the kid who ripped off your stuff…..
LYNNE2: okay, waiting waiting waiting (tapping foot impatiently)
ANDY: feel better!!!!

Hope everyone has a lovely evening. We baked some choc chip walnut cookies tonight.  While I worked on the costume, Tom baked them and they are quite yummy. Make the house smell good too!
Good night to all!

magpie said...

In answer to your question:
December 17, James turns 14.
He's still such a little boy, and a Big Man at the same time :)

Janet..I think I can
Smell those choco chip cookies from here !
Best Wishes on all things, are one busy busy gal

magpie said...

I must go to bed soon, so signing off now.
I discovered yesterday that I CAN access the blog from work but I cannot post....I'll take it!

Lovins' and Hugs to all....
Prayers for Wellness and all good things amongst us...

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox

stronghunter said...

Good night, Magpie!!

Hunter appreciated the card very much. Thank you. :)

magpie said...

He's my pal,
xo (( Hugs ))

stronghunter said...

Guess it was not a kid, Janet.

They told me his name.
He is in jail under no bond.

I think young, but not a kid. That is unsettling in a way.

stronghunter said...

:), Margy.

Hoda said...

Thank you MARGY.
I am glad you received my envelope.

SHIRLEY hope toe continues to improve and upsetting that the chap who broke into your car should have known the difference.

Relax and stop a bit JANET.

Hoda said...

Missing JO. What are you up to tonight Jo?
Not much on TV you said.

Good night
God Bless Us All

Stay warm

Mema Jo said...

There is always a Hallmark movie to watch. I meant no regular programs.

I will need to read what everyone did this evening. Hope all is well.

I'm anxious for our cam to get fixed; however, it is a shame today and yesterday weren't the days to be up in the tree - now the cold weather, rain and ice are coming.. There may be a delay .. BUT it will be soon.

Mema Jo said...

Lynne, I liked the pun about Shirley's toe and the glass slipper♥

Mema Jo said...

Goodnight to all ♥
Prayers for all our needs ♥

Lolly said...

We are home and watched the weather report. IT is coming! Up to 80 today and dropping already. Presently 52. High tomorrow 38. Jack has a large stack of dry wood on the patio. We plan to shop a little tomorrow and that will involve getting some groceries.

Lori, sure do not understand the probation. ??? Really curious!

Laurel was very excited about the dishes. We unpacked them, washed them, and loaded them into her kitchen cabinet. Put a silly video on fb of us singing to her. My baby is 41 now. Yikes! Michael will be 44 next month. Oh, my!

Will see you tomorrow. Time to get this tired bod to bed!

((hugs)) SED!!

Lolly said...

Oh, and Lynne....goodness girl! Do not keep us in such suspense!

Lori said...

Good morning, it's Thursday!

I did another med reduction (yes, still working on that) and the lack of the med in my body is not letting me sleep. So tired. Then all the school drama, I'm worn out. This too shall pass........

LOLLY, so did Laurel totally love the dishes or what? Was she floored by the surprise? Glad it was a nice day for you all, and good weather, too. Bundle up today, for sure.

SHIRLEY, hope your toe improved overnight and you're getting some relief.

Have to leave early this morning so I'd better get hopping!

LYNN, I hope your news is good news!

See you this afternoon.

Love you all so much!

Sandi said...

Good Thursday morning Lori and all my eagle friends! The good news ,,, a 2-hour fog delay this morning! :) The not-so-good news ... I couldn't fall back to sleep after i got the phone call. So, here I am - I will try to get a start on the IEP that I didn't write last weekend that needs to be finished by next Wednesday.

Lori, still waiting for details.

Lynne, still waiting for details.

Andy, how's the gout?

Shirley, how's the toe?

Prayers for Dana's dad, Kelsey's mom, both Norms, Michael, and for clear lungs for Jo!

Have a great day all!

Janet said...

good morning. spring is till here it is currently 69 degrees @ 5:48 a.m. ole man winter is knocking on the door though, yes the bubble is coming our way and it appears to be WET and cold. winter storm watches, warnings, and advisories just west of us. i must put out bird/ squirrel food.....

slept very well. i was in a hard hard deep sleep this morning. weird dream too.

HODA: actualy work for me, massage envy work that is, IS very relaxing. even though i am working on someone's body, i can relax a bit as i do. i will als be doing my yoga for 30 min during my lunch break. mynext day off is sunday.

gotta get to moving! light, love, hugs, smiles and healig for all !

stronghunter said...

Cat has been fed.

Coffee has been made.

It must be morning.

Thursday, I believe.

stronghunter said...

Yes, it would be wonderful if the day for tree work were this week, not next week.

Or, if the weather this week would hold on just a bit. I am still thinking about whether or not to drive down to Raleigh on Saturday. I'm also wondering if my friend Jeanie will be traveling from Kentucky through West Virginia in the coming weather. We shall see . . .

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

SHIRLEY, sounds like you're in good hands---now you must just toe the line. It does the heart good to know that scurrilous bowling equipment thief is behind bars !

JO, glad your elves did a bang up job for you ! They must have been trained by a very good Elf Mom.

LORI, whatever the reason behind the huge insult you and your avid supporters have suffered, please know we're behind you all the way !

HODA, love the image of the old fella and his walker ! You be careful out there !

SANDI, thanks for response to Bandit's age. Penny just turned 7 and we'll see her vet today for the yearly stuff. Don't expect any problems.

Hi MARGY at work ! Hope you're having a good one with a minimum of traumatic events to work with.

LYNNE2, we're dying of curiosity ! We love good news !!!

Love and prayers for all !!!


Mema Jo said...

Good Morning to all ♥
Sky is so grey - I think it is about 53° now - but sure to change later today.

Lynne - I am not holding my breath waiting for your announcement - I am just thrilled that you and Steve may have some good news for all of us who know you.

Lori - sorry about med change not letting you sleep. I so dislike just lying there like a zombie and not even closing my eyes. Also, I am not worried about knowing the details of your probation - I am very proud that you spoke your mind and can now put this behind you.

Mema Jo said...

All the early birds are now at their job site - so Kay and Shirley I hope you have a great day.

Lolly said...

Good morning! 35 and cloudy here. Our high for today!! Weather turns worse tonight! Expecting a good layer of ice. So, Jack and I are going out today. Do a bit of shopping and stocking up on food. Going to spend my time holed up baking. Uh oh, bad bad bad for the waistline.....but fun!

May also think about Christmas Cards and Christmas letter. Also, more shopping on line.

Laurel was excited and very happy with the dishes. Her dishes for the last 16 years were really chipped and scratched. Also, discontinued so she could not replace. They did not do well and probably that is why discontinued. Also, 9 year old Jacob readily breaks plates. Joseph loads the dish washer and washes dishes every night and Jacob dries and puts away, but Jacob is like a bull in a china shop! I have warned him to be extra careful with the new dishes.

stronghunter said...

How do we dirty so many dishes?

Last night, Kathryn finished putting the dinner dishes in the dishwasher. She said they wouldn't all fit. I said I'd do the rest this morning. I just filled it again with a few left over. Good grief. Maybe someone is sneaking dirty dishes into the house behind my back.

stronghunter said...

I really should go out and get my car serviced today, but I just do not want to go anywhere.

Mema Jo said...

Can any of you email me a recipe for a Black Walnut cake. I cannot find my mom's recipe for my daughter...

I check online and came up with a few - They don't sound too much like Mom's

JudyE said...

Good Afternoon Eagle Buds

I am on hold hold hold for now 40 min with IRS I was told may be a 15 min hold by the recording but still on hold and I hate the stupid song that they keep playing over and over and over it isn't a song its just a few notes of a song just repeating itself, but this is better that sitting at the IRS office for hours and hours
Yep I still haven't gotten my refund and was told Nov 18 it came and gone so here I sit

JudyE said...

I just got a human He took info and now on hold agian

JudyE said...

What a bunch of bunk but there is nothing I can do just wait He see all the info on me there but they can't give me a date where as I was told before Nov 18 and now he says the the government shut down maybe the reason I haven't gotten it give another 20 days. I asked him if it would be automatic deposit like I had on my return and he said no that they would probably send a check that way my signature would have to be on it for their record. Now wouldn't you think the auto deposit would be better that mail Could disappear in the mail
WHat A P I A

OK out I go to enjoy this 80° day It is glorious out side

Mema Jo said...

Baltimore Berger Cookies could change or disappear with proposed FDA trans fat ban

I remember Ceil and Helen bringing these to some of our get-togethers

Mema Jo said...

Judy - IRS is going to be the ruin of your patience!

Shirley - just got 4 new tires for our car - I guess that is our Christmas present

JudyE said...

That should have been 30 days not 20 Popping in as walking out the door

Lolly said...

Almost home! 32 and some kind off moisture is falling. Ready to hibernate !

JudyE said...

Nelson Mandela has died - May he rest in peace

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

We aren't going to get any of that mean cold front We have a high that is preventing it coming to up
Yeah on that

Lori said...

Sorry, had a wonderful and long post and it was eaten! URGH. Have to start copying before I try to post.

Will try to rehash in the morning. Going to SLEEP at 6 - I hope.

Thanks for all your support and love. You are ALL the VERY BEST!

Goodnight. SED & AOYP.


Lori said...

LYNNE2, share the news - we can't happy you have good news!!!

Lolly said...

OMG! Went to the grocery store. Man, was it crowded. Laurel just posted she was at the grocery store and in line with all of Denton. LOL It is 30 now and people are starting to accumulate "junk". Schools are closing. Going to be bad!

Mema Jo said...

Lolly take care and be a Survivor ♥
I'm sure we will get our share when you finish with yours.......

Checking out f there is any interesting TV shows for this evening and I see ZILCH


JudyE said...

LOLLY on our weather they mentioned that Dallas is 52° colder than it was yesterday that is one big difference in temps BRRR Stay safe

Sandi said...

The Yemen defense ministry in San'a was attacked today by a suicide bomber and then by armed militants who stormed the military hospital inside the compound. About 50 people were killed. No one has claimed responsibility but the attack had the earmarks of Yemen's al Qaeda branch. The US Embassy in San'a was not attacked and thankfully, Brian has called Lynnis to say that he is fine. We have been listening for any updates but the international news is all focused on nelson Mandela's life and death. I get it, but still I wish there was some news about what's happening in San'a. Prayers for Brian's continued safety are always appreciated.

Hoda said...

Prayers for Brian's continued safety and all the US Diplomats and their family.
You gave a pretty accurate report of what is coming through the Middle East Channels.

Lolly said...

Icing up and accumulating on the roads. Schools are starting to announce closings. Joseph's game was cancelled. We are looking forward to being home for the next several days. Just want Laurel and Joey to be home tomorrow and I am sure they will be. Never can tell about Michael, he has no fear!!!

Lolly said...

Prayers, Sandi! (((hugs))) for you!

Lolly said...

Dinner is cooking, Italian sausage and peppers over parmesan cheese grits. Yummy and such a pretty dish as I use red, yellow and green bell peppers.

Just stepped outside and it is slippery!!

Mema Jo said...

Sandi - my prayers for Brian's safety will continue - I do wish you could get up-to-date information. I am so thankful he called to say he was unharmed.
Prayers for you and Denny and Lynnis
Praying for Brian's homecoming

Mema Jo said...

I am watching The Sound of Music on the TV
Going to close down computer and say

Goodnight to all ♥

Prayers for all our needs ♥

Love us ♥

Lynne2 said...

oh my gosh Sandi....that's awful! I hadn't heard about that. Glad Brian has talked to Lynnis and that he is safe. Prayers continue!

Lolly, remember we have RULES about falling. If you must go out, put socks over your shoes. That helps keep from slipping too much.

One more step to good news accomplished today, hoping to fill you all in by the end of the weekend!

Enjoying the Sound of Music!

JudyE said...

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

paula eagleholic said...

Evening, all!

Sure hope Steve has another camera handy...

Been a busy couple of days, not caught up here at all.

So, on Monday night, I went to grab a phone charger out of my bedroom, and it was melting!! The socket was hot and so was the wall. Another socket in the room was I flipped off the breakers after I talked to Larry. Pretty much no lights in the house, except a small one in the kitchen.

Called an electrician the next day...really good husband/wife team. They came out, replace 2 sockets, a breaker and another socket in another room.

I feel very lucky that I happened to unplug the charger and discover the melting...what could have been a not so good outcome was averted by sheer luck.

Turns out the socket and breaker did not match up, and when it was constantly pulling too much juice from my fireplace heater in the porch, it was melting the wires instead of tripping the breaker.

What was funny, was that when I got back from Larry's on Sunday night, it smelled like a dead mouse...turns out it was plastic melting!

So, now that I got that story off my chest...I'll get caught up here!

paula eagleholic said...

Lynne,,,anxiously awaiting your news!

Sandi, glad Brian is safe.

Shirley, hope the toe heals quickly.

Lori, proud of You!! Please tell us about the probation it's good!

Lolly, got snow yet??

We are supposed to get something in Eburg on Sunday...I surely hope not. Heading home this weekend for John's birthday...coming back to the beach on Sunday. Supposed to pick up my Brother Steve in Germantown...he is coming to visit for next week.

Spent this week getting caught up here at home, plus I had to work late cause I had to run back home to meet the electrician. Worked on doing some caulking and putting in some new door molding and window insulation.

Gotta go grab some stuff out of the dryer...

stronghunter said...

Curious about Lynne's news, too.

A little confused about which establishment you call "home" at this point, Paula.

I spent this evening at the vet's office with Lucky Kitty. He has a UTI, and there may be some other problems. The vet detected a couple of suspicious masses. We're not really surprised. Lucky and I shared a few French fries on the way home. Lucky is particularly fond of French fries.

I asked my Kentucky friend Jeanie if she is still planning to travel to North Carolina this weekend (from Louisville). She said that she will drive if it is snowing, but not if it is sleeting. I am beginning to wonder if my friend Jeanie is a little crazy. (Jeanie is an old college friend from my East Carolina days. We were thinking of getting together this weekend.)

paula eagleholic said...

Hoda..I got your package! IT arrived on Tuesday . Thank you so very much.

Jo..hoping for the best on your test results .

Tomorrow is Friday! Yippie ! Job is still going very well. Did i mention I got my probationary review it a couple of weeks ago. Looks like they'll have me. :-)

paula eagleholic said...

Me too Shirley...they bothstill feel like home.

paula eagleholic said...

Sorry to hear about Lucky.

Hoda said...

Well PAULA what a fright!!!
Gracious me to Royal Betsy!
I became very tense reading your post about melting plugs!!!
Good thinking LARRY

Be careful LOLLY JACK.
Oklahoma City has a snow day tomorrow!
So funny my high school is shut down for a snow day in OKC!!! Who would have thunk it!!! LOL

stronghunter said...

Got the report on my toe. They did not see anything there. I asked why I am still having pain, and they said I could wrap it in gauze or see a podiatrist or both. I am not particularly impressed. I will wait awhile and then see a podiatrist if it is still bothering me. I had already thought that I probably should have gone to the podiatrist to begin with.

stronghunter said...

Well goodness, I just had to sign in, mid-conversation.

Wow, I had missed the part about the melting plug. Yes, it is a very good thing you discovered that, Paula.

stronghunter said...

Did you not have snow days when you were there, Hoda?

Lolly said...

Snow, sleet, freezing rain falling!!!

Lolly said...

Having a big ol' cup of hot chocolate!!

Laurel and the boys are home tomorrow. Hope Joey is too. I am sure he will be. Michael said he will sleep late and then decide. Yucky and dangerous out there!

Lynne, this bod will NOT be going outside. I know when to stay in!! :)

stronghunter said...

Time for me to say good night--I will see you tomorrow.

SED, everyone.

Hoda said...

No never SHIRLEY!
This is why it is so funny to have a snow day in Oklahoma City!

Good night all.

God Bless Us All.

Holding all Americans I the Yemen in prayers and particularly SANDI's Brian.

Lori said...

Good FRIDAY morning. I'm so glad this work/school week is nearly over. WoooooHooooo!

PAULA, you were so lucky that you caught those melting wires. Glad you called an electrician. Congrats on your great review!

I also had a great review at school this week - just 2 sec. before they slapped the 4 wk probation on me & the 3 others. I'm done with that subject. Trying to put it behind me. I will be fine. No need for worry. Truly it was an overreaction on their part, but I do understand their point. Thanks for all your support. ♥

LOLLY, please be safe in the bad weather. Glad Laurel's family will be off, too.

SANDI, Have always kept Brian in my prayers, even before he left for Yemen, and will continue to do so. So glad he called Lynnis and got word to you that he's safe. Big comforting (((HUGS))).

JO, so glad those wonderful elves did your house for you. I bet it looks great.

JUDYE, so sorry about your IRS problems. How frustrating! Hoping you get something resolved today.

Off for a shower and another long day at the hospital. Very happy they assigned me there even though it's a long drive on a mostly windy highway. I can do this!

LOVE you all and prayers for Brian, JO, Michael, the Norms, Dana's Dad and Kelsey's Mom.

Here's to the weekend!

Sandi said...

Good morning Lori and all my eagle friends! It's Friday!! :)

Paula, scary on the electric! Glad you caught it - wow!!

Judy, your ongoing problem with the IRS - what can I say, except I'm not surprised! After all, we're talking about our federal government, which doesn't seem to be able to accomplish much of anything right now! That's the extent of my political opinionating!

Hoda, thanks again for your messages on FB - I so appreciate your opinions on what's going on over there!

No fog delay - oh well!

Prayers continue for all the needs on the blog - have a great day!

Janet said...

good RED friday morning
SANDI: ((((hugs)))))
PAUULA: so glad you caught that! scary!!!!
LOLLY: stay safe in this nasty weather.
LORI: have a great grade day!
Well tv just reported school closing 2 hours early here. I think Olivia is having a snow day. Rather than chance an accident with me running hither and yon, I will let her stay home. People cannot drive in rain here much less the mess that is moving in.

We are upon another weekend. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Time to get the day rocking again! :)

magpie said...

Good RED Friday morning,
Eagle Pals....
thanks Janet for that reminder also...
God Bless Our Military......

and prayers for all in any and all danger zones.....
Sandi, and Hoda...your families come to mind...

Oh Paula! Close call....might be some Guardian Angels hanging out at Paradise with you, and also,
Bravo on the Review from work wishes and positive thoughts and prayers for Lucky....

Wet, rainy and much colder here today, not what some of the rest of the country is getting, YET.
Cleon and Dion are teaming up as a formidable pair (the two named weather systems....)
Dallas! Whew!

Hope all will be safe through this
wintry adventure

magpie said...

It's a wet Royal Nest day for sure....


Ms Bookworm said...

Good Morning!

VERY happy to report that my gouty knee is about 95% better--with very little discomfort! Thank God, I am a functioning unit once again!

Lots of folks & a critter or 2 on the prayer list today, so definitely busy doing some communicating with the Lord on those situations!

Golly, what weather you guys east and north of here are dealing with! Talked to daughter Jen last night. She got to go home from work at 2 pm yesterday it got so bad where she works. Right now it's 23º at her roost in Providence Village, TX with mixed rain & sleet. Snow expected there today, too. Their expected high is 27º. Here at my roost it's currently 46º with an expected high of 61º--sounds like summer in comparison! (I am not complaining!) Actually, I'm loving the cold weather!

Paula, glad your electric is fixed! Somebody up there loves you!

JudyE, wish you well in dealing with the IRS. My sympathy & prayers!

Steve, kudos to you and the crew working on our camera! Getting really excited about seeing our eagles once again!

Well, gotta go pay bills & put a big dent in my checkbook. Glad that today's Ken's payday! Will check in later, between household chores. HAGD, everyone, and stay safe & warm! I ♥ us!!!

stronghunter said...

I am surprised, Hoda. We had plenty of snow days when I was growing up in North Carolina. Maybe you all went to school when it snowed. We did not! A couple of inches was enough for a day off.

Speaking of snow, my Kentucky friend Jeanie has decided that she will not attempt to cross the West Virginia mountains in the coming weather. I am relieved. I was going to chicken out on her. I did not want to travel I-95 on ice.

Kay said...

Good Red Friday Morning, Eagle Buds !!!

Most all schools in this area are closed today. Worried about how I manage Penny if all the predictions come true, but I'll figure out a way. She got a clean bill of health at the vets yesterday, showed no discomfort over shots, but hated her nail trim. This morning she's had diarrhea and I have a call into the doc as directed. I think it's subsided as she's resting comfortably now. I don't want to have to try driving to pick up a remedy, but again will do what I must for my little girl.

PAULA, happy your probationary time is over and not at all surprised that they are happy with you ! So glad you arrived home in time to avert tragedy ! Close call !

HODA, you were in OK in an unusual period. I was born in OK City and visited there often. Snow was not as common as it is in these parts, but certainly not surprising ! Snow days are rare, that's true, according to my relatives who live there ! The whammy this storm system is causing across the nation is extraordinary, however.

I'm doubtful that the family will be convening in Westerville for the Otterbein Christmas Tree Lighting and Dinner this evening. Too early to talk to the "kids" about it.

ANDY, happy news re:gout !!!

SANDI, Brian is most assuredly in my prayers. The news out of several sites in the Middle East is extremely distressing today.

LORI, I understand, "nuff said", just know we're with you 100% of the way !

SHIRLEY, hope Lucky's current miseries will soon be over ! I'm sure the French fries eased her pain !

Love and prayers for all !!!!


Kay said...

SHIRLEY, Jeanie made a wise decision ! Judging by the news reports it's a nightmare across the region she'd have traveled just to get to you.

stronghunter said...

Yes, Kay. I told Jeanie that I am relieved. I had been thinking that I needed to go get my car serviced in case I decided to go, but I just did not feel motivated to do that. And I have not packed nor made a hotel reservation.

Oh, Westerville! My two oldest children went to preschool there, and I did some substitute teaching in their school system. It is a nice town.

stronghunter said...

I think I need to find some breakfast.

stronghunter said...

Funny thing about the weekend trip... Jeanie was planning a 10-11 hour trip over the mountains and I was planning a 3 1/2 hour trip straight south on Interstate highways, and I was more worried than she was. But then, a couple of years ago, Jeanie proposed that we go to Egypt for a vacation. I said no way. That was right before things got really bad in Egypt.

Lolly said...

♪♪Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful♪♪♪ Oh, wait! There is no fire...gotta have a word with the jubby!!

Over an inch of a mixture of snow and ice outside. It is very pretty. Presently 25 and going down into the teens tonight. Laurel said the boys are having fun. I shared her pic on fb.

Michael called. They are without electricity. He said the electric co. said it will be off until tomorrow, so they will go to Nana's or a hotel. Lots of trees down as the trees have not lost all their leaves and so the heavy ice is bringing down trees.

Lolly said...

We have icicle lights on the house, well they are truly icicles today. ☺

JudyE said...

Fine top of the morning or in this case bottom of the morning since its almost noon

Gonna have lunch with Angie then later pick up Jordyn and then we are going to walk in the park and look at the light at Largo Central with Angie and Carl and some friends

WOW Paula you are so lucky to find the melting before it burned the house down someone has your back

Lolly said...

Hoda, we have had lots of snow days here. I imagine you just did not have them while you were there, but have had them before.

Mema Jo said...

Good late morning to all ♥
I have been here and on FB reading all your news.

Shirley - glad you are staying home out of what could be very bad driving conditions. Don't want you celebrating your b-day by skidding off the road.

Lynne - I know you don't want to jinx yourselves, but can't we even have a itsy-bitsy clue about your upcoming news

Paula - Angels must have been watching over you - great on your review but we all knew that would happen! ♥

Mema Jo said...

The temps were 42° earlier - now dropping to 40° - Hope it doesn't go too low. Snow is predicted for
Granddaughter and family are headed tomorrow for a week down at Disney.
Thanks Judy for the weather information.

Enjoy your time with Jordyn. and lunch too with your daughter ♥

Mema Jo said...

Lori - glad you are enjoying your hospital assignment - I wish it were closer - is your riding companion have the same assignment?

Kay said...

SHIRLEY, I agree re:Westerville. It's improved a lot since my earlier stint in OH in the 66'-81'. It's now the epitome of a quaint little college town. Main street businesses have been renewed and there are, in season, beautiful hanging flower pots all along the way. When I mention this city and it's burbs it is for your benefit as I know you can relate to it all !

So far it's just spitting so it's looking pretty good for tonight. Maybe the storm will hold off til' late or better yet, entirely !

JUDY, I can see you now, enjoying lunch with Angie and about to pick Jordyn up ! What fun !

LOLLY, it's fun to catch the excitement of winter from someone who doesn't often see snow ! A good reminder to look for the beauty in it !

stronghunter said...

Speaking of a town that has changed, we lived in New Albany in the 1970's. It was very rural then.

Lolly said...

I am enjoying this weather as it makes for a long weekend for Laurel and the boys and I do not shop on weekend.

Our Ft Worth paper has a cookie contest every year. This week they published the recipes for the winners for the last seven years. I picked out several and today I started baking. A great day for it! First recipe is in the oven, actually bars called Pecan Passion. I licked the pan so I know I am going to LOVE them. LOL

stronghunter said...

Yes, Jo, I was telling myself that I did not have to go just because Jeanie was going, but I do want to see her. I am not particularly thrilled with the idea of driving all of that distance in the rain, not to mention freezing rain or snow. I thought Jeanie would have to change her mind, so I just waited.

stronghunter said...

Pecan passion. That sounds wonderful, Lolly. Maybe you can share the recipe.

I have the ingredients to make some fudge. Might do that this afternoon. I was going to go to the grocery store, but I got a surprise about noon. It is an early release day for Hunter. He is downstairs watching a movie with a friend.

I think I will tell Kathryn that she needs to bring something home for dinner. Nobody told me about the early release. The phone rang about five minutes after Hunter came in. It was Kathryn saying that she thought Hunter would be home early. Hmm, yep.

I do not want to go out in the rain anyhow.

stronghunter said...

Thinking of Brian, Sandi.

stronghunter said...

Posted a new picture on my blog. Actually, I posted it twice. Take a look.

Lolly said...

Good one, Shirley! I am hoping it is a great job for Steve!

Mema Jo said...

Sorry to hear about Lucky, Shirley.
Hubby just made a trip to Vet with Scar - Scar is not a lap cat even though he likes to sit right next to you - Hubby came home without him - he needs to be sedated - hubby said he cried the whole way there and acted like a wild cat once in the exam room. I feel soooooo badly for him! He needs his booster shots and I think they need to do a blood test. Tomorrow between 9 - 11 we will get the call to go get him... :(

stronghunter said...

Lucky cried all the way to the vet's, too, Jo. He grumbled a bit when they gave him a shot.

Hoping Scar is going to be okay, and is happily home tomorrow.

magpie said...

I'm sorry about the cat distresses, I knew when I was watching "Jake" a few days, I became quite attached, and was disappointed when his "Master" had to come early due to bad weather

What weather in this country!
James's mother and grandfather are scheduled to drive North starting Saturday from Florida...due here on Sunday, have not heard yet whether they will change their plans a day or two or not :(

magpie said...

Good already getting dark cold wet and rainy afternoon, Eagle Pals!

Sure hope all of us and all our families get through this wintry
monster, OK...

magpie said...

Dallas is really the happenin' place, not in a good way....

Thanks for checking in with us
about Michael and the family, Lolly

Bake and Cook Away... and I hope Jack has that fire going now !


magpie said...

I sure hope Lucky AND Scar return home Saturday, Shirley and Jo

time to get back to the many
not-so-fun chores here, took the day off to start cleaning, well, one has to declutter a bit before cleaning some things

Good Evening Wishes, All....
so sorry for any cherished plans having to be canceled, including

xoxox (( WARM AND DRY HUGS ))

magpie said...

CUTE AS CAN BE....I just went to your pictures

critter guy thinks mouse he took some
measures to help with the problem...

magpie said...

I really didn't think I had proven I was not a robot, but I bamboozled my way through anyway!

okay 'bye xo

Janet said...

good afternoon to all. wet and cold here in nashville! we are under a winterstorm advisory....anticipating 1/10 " of ice later, or so they say. news will be on in a few....want to catch it. i don't have to be at work til 11 and they are very reasonable, so i'm not stressed. i hope it holds off though til the rush hour traffic is done.

i just got olivia's 2nd costume ordered for the program next week. grrrr, i wish they had decided a couple weeks ago wht to order.....i had to use more expensive shipping.....grrrrrr.

my dogs are currently using me as a jungle gym. don't like days when the kids can't play outside!!! lol. seven was just quite literaly sitting on my shouler....ever have a 30 lb pup on your shoulder????? she gave me a nice little nuzzle and lick....

all right....check in later! ligh and love to all!

Mema Jo said...

Oh Janet - I am hoping you mean 1/10 of an inch and not 1-10 inches LOL
I sorta misread at first.

I may do breakfast pancakes for dinner this evening. That to me is a comfort food!

Be Back after dinner..... ♥

Hoda said...

Had a beautiful day.
Some blue skies.
Terrific yoga practice.
We all agree it is a tad chilly today.
Headed down to -6!!!
People are cheerful and courteous however.
Roads are less icy and I give KUDOS to city workers for being out there putting down gravel
The Fire Dept also were out to decorate the downtown Christmas Tree. They did a good job. So cute to see them up and down bucket ladders to admire their work after they completed a section.
Some wives must have trained them well.

I will head out this evening to support the elves in the lighting of the tree and to hear the Harmony Barbershop choir. Then head out to donate to the local hospice Christmas Tree fund raiser in memory of those we lost. Then there is a Guatamalan supper fund raiser to send Canadian Nursing Students to Guatamala for two months. Then a talk on GMO and it's adverse affect on our health.
It will be late by the time I get in but will check in.

A busy time of year but oh so much fun!

Lolly said...

Baked three different cookies recipes and Jack took plates of cookies to two neighbors. He said it is more slippery out there than this morning. High today has been 28 and going down really low in the morning. Tomorrow I am going to bake coffee cakes.

Joseph an Jacob headed to a near by park with cookie sheets to slide on. roflmbo When I was in college we borrowed cafeteria trays to sit on and slide. Well, in Texas you gotta make do. LOL

Lori said...

Good Red Friday evening eagle pals!

Well, the ice, the snow and rain have all arrived, will die back tomorrow, the return Sunday & Monday. Highs next week here only in the 20's, so there will be no melting going on and ice scares the do-do out of me! Pray I don't have to drive to school in it.

KAY, I hope you and Penny are managing the weather well. Hope her tummy is feeling better. You be careful going outside. We Momsters have rules about falling, so be careful and put your ice spikes on. ♥

JO, glad you got kitty to the vet. Had a cat like that before, beloved Frankie, who screamed in the car. Had to sedate her for the drive! Still, loved that cat.

SHIRLEY, I hope Lucky is doing well. Did the doc say what they thought it was that was bothering him? I'm so happy you did not go on your trip & that you're safe at home.

JUDYE, hope you've thoroughly enjoyed your days off and time with the family.

JANET, thought that was very smart of you to just keep Livvy home for the day. Glad your work is reasonable. That takes a lot of heat and pressure off.

HODA, what's up with you in the great white north of the border? How many sleeps? Didn't see it today.

ANDY, glad your leg is better - get out gout!

LOLLY, rotflmbo at the thought of you licking the PAN! How did they turn out?

SANDI, Sorry there was no fog delay this morning. I know how much you enjoy those.

LYNNE2, so excited for your news. I'm with JO - a hint would be nice for us to speculate on for a day or two.

Snow seems to have stopped for the moment. Good time to go out and check on the kitties!

Have a great night everyone. Big hugs!

Lori said...

HODA, if I could get as much done in a week as you squeeze into a day, I'd be smiling. You're amazing, really!

MARGY, hope you're safely ensconced at home by now and won't have to go out in ice. Have the relatives arrived?

magpie said...

OH Welcome to the Week-end Lori !!!

I took off today to "clean house."
LOL - well, I still have some hours left, mostly just shuffling piles here and there...
stepdaughter and her father..well, they are due in Sunday, not sure if
they will adjust their driving plans yet....

magpie said...

I'd like to be at YOUR house for dinner, and Lolly's for dessert and Breakfast !!

Yes, Hoda is definitely a Whirling Dervish !! Boy, is Nelson Lucky to her as one of their own !!!

magpie said...

If the family does not arrive, then I have another day to get this place ready for them, but I'd rather they be here regardless...they will only need "warm" and "dry."

magpie said...

Hoping Kay's Peny's rumbly
tummy, gets and stays unrumbled...
runny fun !

Shirley: glad you and Jeanie both
made some very wise decisions about traveling

magpie said...

well, back to the grind.
I work Saturday, then am supposed to be off Sunday and Monday...
but, nothing is guaranteed....this is the season of illness, unfortunately

Germs generally, not like me too well :)

ttfn, I am stalling, gotta get back to the grind

xoxoxo !!

Mema Jo said...

It's steady rain and 39°
It is Saturday evening when the temp may drop down to 27° -That is cold !
Then Sun there is an 80% chance of some snow.

lol I thought about Lolly burning her tongue when she was licking the pan... I am so glad it was the bowl..

We ate some IHop pancakes - love them!

Margy - company coming is a good reason to clean house - The rewards are great.

Watching Bones at 8:00 and then maybe a Christmas Angel movie at 9:00

Janet said...

MEMA JO: yes 1/10 (as in one tenth) of an inch, not 1 to 10 inches. but as of nw, 6:16 p.m all precip has stopped here and it is just wet wet wet and about 35. they say going down to 27 tonight. no wind, so if water remains on the road it will indeed ice over. kentucky, and most areas west of us are covered in ice and or ice/snow mix. i am just glad to be in a nice warm house. tom is baking choc chip walnut cookies....smells yummy and they are very good.

gonna settle in, watch some tv, shower later and hit the bed at a reasonable time. ahhhh, friday nights! <3 <3 <3

grannyblt said...

Evening all. Like Lori said, we have had sleet and rain. now snow. Not quite as bad as forecast, but it isn't over yet.
Our woman's club craft show is tomorrow and it will be a shame if we don't have a good turnout. It is a project I have been working on for 6 months, but Mother Nature will have her say.
Hope everyone has a good weekend. SED

stronghunter said...

Lucky is comfortable for now, but the vet thinks that he has cancer. Kathryn just talked with the vet and is thinking about what to do. I told the vet last night that I wanted her to call Kathryn with all of the information. It is her decision. Of course, I discussed the vet's concerns with Kathryn last night.

stronghunter said...

Went back and read your comment under the picture, Margy. Nice that you are not a robot, and I appreciate your remarks.

I have to say that you are the most un-robotic person I know, Margy.

Janet said...

oh STRONGHUNTER, so sorry about the diagnosis. Tough decisions to be made...((hugs))) to you all

stronghunter said...

Thank you, Janet.

magpie said...

Oh dear Shirley, and Kathryn....and
all the family....I am so sorry
about the news about Lucky....
Prayers for the decisions awaiting you....

And thank you,
Shirley, for your always very kind remarks...

grannyblt: Oh, as you say, Mother Nature will have her say and her many events being canceled, rearranged...or going on with a worrisome outlook.....


magpie said...

What I like about "cleaning house"
is discovering the many treasures that I hid from myself and others the LAST time I got ready for company :)
Gee, I wish I had more hours in the day.
All this activity means my
Christmas Card-sending will be running a little late...BUT
as usual I have the stamps, the stickers, the addresses and all the cards.....and a few Christmas stamps left over from LAST year, same situation

magpie said...

Now it is time to get clean....

Hoping to hear what Paula's plans are now, with this weather stuff....

Take care, Eagle Pals....and in case I don't get back here tonight:

Prayers for Wellness, and Comfort, for us all, our families, and our Precious Pets

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox

Mema Jo said...

Shirley - prayers for Kathryn and all concerned in the decision making for Lucky. I do know how difficult it is to go through this - We love our furry friends like family.
Tonight I find myself looking for Scar who is at the Vets overnight.
I can't wait until 9 tomorrow morning to go and pick him up and also praying for good news on his blood work.

Mema Jo said...

Watched another Christmas show
Now it's time to fill the pill boxes for the upcoming week and then off to bed.

Goodnight to all ♥
Prayers for all our needs ♥

stronghunter said...

Watching the late news . . . temp here is in the 40s. Talk of freezing rain and so on. I am very happy to stay home this weekend. Jeanie has mentioned a visit in the spring. That sounds like something to look forward to.

Margy, I hope your visitors have safe travel.

SED, everyone. See you tomorrow.

Lolly said...

Oh, Shirley, so sorry about the kitty. Annie is hanging in there, but everyday I look at her carefully to see that she is breathing. We monitor the amount she eats carefully. Right now she is meowing to go outside. I think not, Annie! Presently 24 and dropping. The news said 40 more hours of below freezing temps and possibility of more precipitation tomorrow. Roads are BAD, even the road crews with their sand trucks are having problems. Jack is managing to keep out little greenhouse 30 degrees warmer. Ol' electric bill will be high!

Lolly said...

Night all! SED!

paula eagleholic said...

Howdy all.

Safely here in eburg .

Guess I Will have a long ride back on Sunday. Of course it wants to storm when i want to drive.

Putting up the Christmas tree tomorrow ...then Larry and I Will go out for dinner. Having lunch with John on Sunday . He has plans for tomorrow into tomorrow evening so can't really change our plans.

Shirley sorry to hear about Lucky. How old is he?

Margy hope your company arrives safely .

Got the flannel sheets on tonight...time for bed.

SED love and hugs for all.

Hoda said...


PAULA be careful on the roads.

Goodnight all
God Bless Us All.

Lori said...

Good Saturday morning everyone!

SHIRLEY, so sorry to hear the vet's suspicions about Lucky. I pray it's not. Big Hugs for you and Kathryn.

JO, hope Scar's tests come back with perfectly normal ranges.

PAULA, I'm worried for you already having to drive back on Sunday, maybe you should go today and not take any chances? Ice is so dang scary!

HODA, how did all your events go last night. I know you had a full schedule. Can't wait to hear all about it. ♥

LOLLY, what are you baking today? How did the pecan cookies turn out?

MARGY, sorry you have to work today. With this weather you'll probably be really busy. Glad you have Sunday and Monday off to be with your guests.

I forgot who asked me, but yes, Cindy, my carpooler and I have the same clinical location, different floors of the hospital, so we still ride together 5 days a week. So thankful for her.

I guess I should get started on my busy day. Yes, homework is the only thing on the agenda all weekend...have math assignments to complete, 8 chapters to read, a test and quiz to study for and a few other things. I'm exhausted thinking about it. Need to get it organized before I start. :)

Love you all and am so grateful for everyone of you. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Counting the hours until we know more about the cam!

magpie said...

Good Morning, Eagle Pals...

Still keeping all travelers and every body in the path of this storm,
in my prayers for safety...and to still be able to enjoy Part of your Plans

Paula: Happy Birthday wishes for John....

I just got called to get to work soon...some kind of problems with a computer and, someone called off sick

Okay 'bye !


magpie said...

I think we will roar right up to the SPLIT in short time...

Lori: Best wishes on your studies...glad you are on your OWN schedule for two days at least

xoxoxoxoxox !!!

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

Sandi said...

Good Saturday morning Lori, Judy, Margy and all my eagle friends! Was in bed by 9pm and slept til 7am - wow!!

Shirley, I'm so sorry to hear about Lucky - how old is he?

Lori, happy studying today - now there's an oxymoron!! :) How is your dad doing these days?

Margy, do you prefer work to be quiet and uneventful or busy? My guess is busy makes the day go faster. I hope you get whatever kind of work day you like best!

So far, only rain is predicted here in Bethany, though it is supposed to get much colder than it has been - temps were in the 60s on Thursday!

I have an IEP that needs writing and a Christmas tree that needs decorating and dirty clothes that need washing and drying and a refrigerator/freezer that needs some food in it - that's my weekend! I'll also squeeze in 2 hours of tennis time tomorrow morning.

Prayers continue for all of the needs on our blog - have a great day!

Ms Bookworm said...

Good Morning!
Dropping in quickly, then must get a shower and get busy!

We are going to visit our friends, Jim and Darlene, for a "Bible Sharing/Church in the Home". Have been going there for a few weeks, and it's a real blessing. Jim has his good days and not so good days, and the doctors are considering a pacemaker/defibrillator for him.
He had a test done, and there are NO blocked heart arteries! Thank God! Will be back later to check in. Prayers for Lucky and Scar.
Prayers for all in need, too.
I ♥ us!!

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥
34° here in my valley but now tomorrow has 90% chance of the snow. The sun was shinning brightly here a while ago and the sky is very blue with a few clouds. Snow shovel will be on the deck waiting to be used.

Mema Jo said...

Sandi, you sure have a lot of "to do's" on your list for today - Happy to hear that tomorrow is a tennis day
for you. Enjoy!

Prayers for Jim, Andy ♥

When duty calls - Margy I am sorry but thankful that you are available! I hope your time is yours when company comes and for James' birthday.

Mema Jo said...

Lori, I had asked about your car pooling buddy. I was thankful for your answer that you and Cindy are at the same hospital & still ride together. Long car trips are ok but much better with a buddy. please take time to remember to eat and sneak a little nap in too.

Mema Jo said...

Hubby has just left to get my buddy Scar back home. Not sure what the vet is going to tell us - but we will know within the hour. I sure did miss him last night! I hope he isn't too angry with us when he gets home............. ♥

Kay said...

Good Frosty Morning, Eagle Buds !!!
Frosty is putting it mildly for most of us, I know. Don't know where the condo ice shovelers/salters are---guess they weren't ready for an early winter.

SHIRLEY, hopefully the vet's early suspicions re:Lucky are wrong. Praying for him just as we do all Petsters and that includes JO's dear Scar Scar, SANDI's Bandit and LOLLY's Annie ! Yep, New Albany is no longer "country"---it's now one of THE places to live popular with companies for Home Offices. You were a pioneer there !

MARGY, phooey, called to work just when you wanted to continue readying the apt. for guests ! You are a gem and I'm sure the folks at work realize that !

ANDY, prayers for Jim !

The tree lighting at Otterbein went as planned for campus residents and a few hardy souls like Julie and Hugh. I opted to stay home, not wanting them to fret about my walking through ice and snow from tree to the dinner or to and from parking lots. My neurosurgeons warnings about staying inside in such weather events kept ringing in my ears ! The kids understood and Seth called later to tell me all about the great fun the event was for him.

Penny and I can scoot out the front and into a sheltered area under the eaves around the building, thankfully. Otherwise I'd have to have help with her needs as there is ice in every direction !

Love and prayers for any Petsters I missed and for all Momsters, Dadsters and Kidsters !


Mema Jo said...

Paula I was glad to hear that both you and Larry are up in Emm'bg. You'll have a traveling companion on Sunday. If Sandi can have Fog Delays - perhaps you can have a Snow Delay at work or at least work half day Mon. There is always a way ! Congratulations on your son's b-day.

Mema Jo said...

Good morning Kay - Happy that Penny's needs can be taken care of without too much trouble - just remember the Momster's Pledge -
No Falls allowed ♥


Janet said...

good chilly sat. a.m. to all! 27 degees, spitting miniscule bits of snow ....all domesticted critters are fed, and suet and peanuts out for the birds and squirrels! as for me, coffee by my side. just few min til i hit the shower and get ready for work.

more preciptitation heading our way tonight. winter storm advisory 9 p.m. to night til 9 am. tomorrow....hmmmm i need to grocery shop sometime pretty soon...

hope everyoe has alovely day. i am feeling very holiday-esq the last couple of days....

light, love, hugs and smiles, healing and comfort to all furried and non furried members and loved ones of this blog! :) Happy Saturday!

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Thanks for your concern about Lucky. He turned twenty years old at Halloween time. He was born to a feral cat in an old bus behind the shop where Kathryn worked then.

Someone found him there with his dead siblings and Kathryn brought him home. He was so tiny we had to buy kitten milk for him. She named him Lucky because he was so fortunate to have survived.

Lucky has always been a very vocal kitty, and he still comes down to the kitchen and talks to us. I think that is because Kathryn talked to him so much when he was a kitten.

He has interesting coloring. We've often said he looks more like a squirrel than a cat. He's always been remarkably healthy. It has only been in the past year or so that he has begun to show his age.
Three years ago, he was able to leap across Kathryn's bedroom.

Years ago, before Hunter was born, Lucky swallowed a piece of string. One end got wrapped around his tongue and the other end did terrible damage to his intestines. Kathryn and I combined funds to pay for his surgery, and he has been happy and healthy ever since.

Lucky was a one-woman cat until Hunter came along. He did not like me one bit. After Hunter was born, Lucky learned to accept love and attention from other family members, but he is still Kathryn's kitty.

He can hiss and fuss mightily, but it is all for show. He is basically gentle, although he was a mighty hunter in his young days when he brought many "gifts" to Kathryn.

He and George do not care for one another. I think it's because they are both tom cats, and they both consider themselves the alpha cat of the household. That's why I have George.

George was once Kathryn's cat and had to be re-homed when he was young and feisty. Now that they live together again, they sometimes hiss at one another in passing, but they are just grumpy old men.

Lucky does, however, terrorize Luna, and he manages to take over her dog bed every day. It gets the morning sun, and Lucky loves to sleep in the sunshine.

Lucky has had a long and happy life. We want him to be comfortable and happy in his last days. There will be no surgery or other heroic efforts to prolong his life.

Mema Jo said...

Not to be forgotten that it is

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day - December 7 1941 72 years ago

Mema Jo said...

Shirley - I think Lucky is very very lucky to be in your family and that your decision for him at 20 years of age is very loving and wise.

Scar is about 12 yrs of age - a very loving feral tom cat but he has never sat on our laps - just always laid right beside us. Scar got a Clean bill of health - I am very happy to have him home rubbing up against us ♥

paula eagleholic said...

Good news on Scar Jo..happy he is home .

Lucky sounds very lucky indeed.
Larry won'tbe traveling back with me..he is staying in Eburg.. fingers crossed he has a contract on his house ..he has to move his workshop and sell some big equipment ..settlement is Jan 10.

Hopefully I will pick up my brother in Germantown tomorrow on the way back down the road .
Working on getting my tree up today.

Hoda said...

Busy last night
Good morning all
Town looks well lit people are happy and children delighted.
The Guatamalan Dinner was a terrific success.
Raised a good bit of change.
Beans and Rice and silent auction and our Nelson Nurses are on their way.
Roads were too icy for me to go up hill where GMO lecture was happening. I decided it was too dark for me to venture up there so missed out on that one.

Off to yoga, sauna, Self Design High Faire, high school students Christmas Faire, then to Waldorf School Christmas Faire. Waldorf is an elementary school.
Will have tea with a friend.

Hoda said...

Thinking of the critters and decisions. JO glad yours is home with a clean bill of health.

Happy Birthday to JOHN. Hope LARRY sells the house.

Thank you MARGY for going in on your day off

Stay safe everyone.

Mema Jo said...

News article on FB
A Pendleton County man was stripped of his hunting privileges in West Virginia for ten years and fined for the killing of a bald eagle.
Natural Resources Police followed the case for months amid reports an immature bald eagle had been shot. They focused the investigation on Chris Armentrout, 41, of Franklin, W.Va. Officers received an anonymous tip Armentrout bragged about killing the eagle and disposing of the carcass.
Officers eventually located the dead eagle’s remains dumped in a stream. He was charged with the illegal taking/killing of a bald eagle. Armentrout pleaded guilty in Pendleton County Magistrate Court November 4, 2013 to illegal possession of a bald eagle. He was fined 1,500 dollars plus 160 dollars in court costs. He automatically had his West Virginia hunting license revoked for 10 years.

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