Monday, December 02, 2013


Fresh thread.


magpie said...

Well, How'ra Doin'
Steve? Thanks so much for the New Monday Thread....Hope your Holiday was Great...

What's the News on the Eagle Views at the Royal Sycamore ? Hope you are seeing them a Lot !

Best Wishes for a
Good Week !

Kay said...

Much thanks to both STEVE and MARGY ! This is a nice start for the new week !

Bringing my last post over:

Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

SHIRLEY, the cake is quite attractive and appropriate for dear Hunter ! Note:if you click on the picture it will enlarge nicely ! Too bad his dad missed out on such a wonderful party--it takes a long time for healing sometimes. Sad.

I read about Bao Bao in this mornings paper. It's pronounced bough bough, meaning precious treasure and she is that, indeed !

HODA, always glad to know when you get a good report from the relatives in Egypt ! Every time I read or hear a report from that troubled land I say a prayer for your folks.

LORI, too bad you and your mom have different internal thermostats ! Can you open a window in your room and let some of that frigid air inside ? Hope the sleep deprivation doesn't interfere with your test today !!!

PAULA, what a happy girl you are--and no wonder. Fishing success, thrilling bird sightings and all shared with a great guy !!!

MARGY, "Silent Night" sounds intriguing---I'm putting it on my library list.

Penny and I will be out and about a lot this week, with temps rising nicely. Winter returns for the weekend---ugh !

Love and Prayers for all !!!


Hoda said...

Thank you STEVE and MARGY

This is a post I just wrote on the old thread:

Good morning all.
Stopped in earlier as I woke up for water.
Sleeping well.

Yes SANDI I have the light lamp.
I go use it.
It is encouraging to know that the days will start getting longer than shorter.
I am also increasing my vitamin D to up to 3000 units as the days are getting much shorter and with the weather patterns in the valley during daylight we often have ice fog.

Making an anti cold anti virus potion with the new moon cycle today. Will be ready to use on the full moon.

Glad the ostrich found a home. Is that the clubbed foot chap?

I hope you travel with your friend SHIRLEY. Yes overnighting is a good idea and travelling with a friend an even better idea.
I will go see the cake.

Missing WANDA and JUDIE. Glad LORI heard from JUDIE.

Good morning all.
Stopped in earlier as I woke up for water.
Sleeping well.

Yes SANDI I have the light lamp.
I go use it.
It is encouraging to know that the days will start getting longer than shorter.
I am also increasing my vitamin D to up to 3000 units as the days are getting much shorter and with the weather patterns in the valley during daylight we often have ice fog.

Making an anti cold anti virus potion with the new moon cycle today. Will be ready to use on the full moon.

Glad the ostrich found a home. Is that the clubbed foot chap?

I hope you travel with your friend SHIRLEY. Yes overnighting is a good idea and travelling with a friend an even better idea.
I will go see the cake.

Missing WANDA and JUDIE. Glad LORI heard from JUDIE.

Hoda said...

Well I do not know why it posted twice when I copied and pasted???!!!
Hi Kay

Hoda said...

Thank you KAY much appreciate the prayers

stronghunter said...

Must find food.

Need to go pay my personal property tax. Yuck.

Will be picking Hunter up at school this afternoon at 4:00. He has math club. New twist to the schedule.

stronghunter said...

Funny e-mail situation at Will's work. Some of his fellow employees can't seem to master the difference between "reply" and "reply all." That kind of thing can get you into trouble.

Lori said...

STEVE, thanks for the new thread!

MARGY, gracias on the calls over.

Good morning everyone!

HODA, ooooohhhhh, I am so excited to learn more about your anti-virus potion. What is in it? Please tell me about it not being ready until the full moon. How exciting!

Uncle John just left to go back to his home in Alaska. Long drive.


Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

Reposting this from Facebook:

Good Monday morning. I just want to say before people start complaining about what a "shi**y" Monday they are having, read this. This morning Thelma was going down the steps. Her socks slipped on the step and she fell. Three steps into the fall, one of the dogs (Tytun) had developed diarrhea during the night and he likes to go on the steps when he is not well. Thelma then fell through the dog poop to the bottom of the steps. Woke me up rather quickly. She is pretty sore and I think she may have a little bit of a bent finger. Then I got to clean up the poop from the steps, floor and walls. GOOD MONDAY MORNING EVERYONE!!! My BFF, Angel, spent the night and just covered up her head so she couldn't smell it and acted like she wasn't even here. LOL. Justin did bring me the paper towels but wasn't much help otherwise.

stronghunter said...

And again, Sharon--"Yikes, just yikes!"

Hoda said...

Nice cake SHIRLEY!
I could not prove I was not a robot!
Oh well I was just saying nice cake.

Hoda said...

It is bound to get better from here on in.
Concerned about the number of times THELMA falls. Not good.

Lori said...

Oh, SHARON! #2 will make me barf every time. It was the hardest part of the long term care facility. Bless your heart. Hugs for Thelma.

Mema Jo said...

Good Monday Morning to all ♥

Hello Steve - Hope your Thanksgiving was bountiful and that you didn't spend too much time at Dulles.

Morning Margy - I think you now have another feather - Are you working today and how was your day yesterday.

Sandi - You work schedule leading up to Christmas sounds manageable
When does Brian come home - mid month?

Popcorn was the last remaining little ostrich that the Dash family was raising. There were Skippy, Rascal and Popcorn. Pip was the first one. It is so very sad and you can read all about them in FB at ...

Sorry Sharon about how your day started - sure hope Thelma doesn't bruise easily. Hope your day improves.

Shirley, I saw Hunter's cake over on FB - so very colorful and I hope he enjoyed the day. I have to read other thread in order to understand Hoda's comment about 'dad'.

Mema Jo said...

Shirley - you are going to be 'caked out' when you get your cake next Sunday.

Mema Jo said...

Another simple pronunciation of our little girl cub in DC zoo is
BOW BOW . In January she sure make her debut to the public... I want to be there...........

Mema Jo said...

Reading previous blog - Now I remember you telling us that it is Deer Season, Lori, and that is why No School. Enjoy your day off but I bet you have the books opened ♥

Hoda said...

JO I did not make a comment about " Dad".
There were comments made about HUNTER's Dad but I did not comment.

LORI garlic onion horseradish ginger parsley. Grate and chop. Cover in Bragg's Apple cider vinegar. Shake a couple of times a day till the new moon. Voila a potent potion we here in the Nelson Bubble swear by.
Most of us say no to the flu shot. The two times I got it I was as sick as a dog!!! So no more flu shots for me.
This works.

Mema Jo said...

Popcorn =- I really didn't clarify what happened to Popcorn - Raccoon bit him and he had to be put down.

At 11:40 a pair of raccoons were in the yard, and one reached underneath the corner of the cage and somehow got Popcorn on the right leg. She managed to pull away, but the injury was severe and she was taken to an emergency vet clinic nearby and immediately humanely euthanized.

Mema Jo said...

Sorry Hoda - I went back to the other thread and see that Tom was
invited and how the family would include him at Hunter's b-day. Time will heal and one day he may join
in his son's festivities.....

Mema Jo said...

I think I am all caught up


stronghunter said...

Thanks for the cake compliments! I know about that problem regarding robots. I have difficulty with that, too.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

I am grateful I have not watched the ostrich cam. I do, however, love watching Chaos and her new chuppies on Service Dog Project cam. She had 11 babies and 2 were stillborn. Carlene and Earlene do a beautiful job in birthing babies.

Hoda said...

Does this mean the ostrich that was going to be adopted as per JUDYE post is now dead too???
Oh my sad!!!

Kay said...

SHAR, please gently hug THELMA for me--I've really missed her and find it so distressing that she took a bad tumble. You are a gem and I'm sure she's grateful for the way you take charge ! Falling is bad enough but slippin' n' slidin' through dog poop adds insult to injury, big time !

Oh, JO, what a sad time for we ostrich watchers--have to keep telling myself that wildlife/nature is an uncertain and unkind world--sometimes hard for we humans to accept gracefully ! Yes, I noticed the paper listed the darling little panda girl as "Bough Bough", probably because Bow Bow could be misconstrued as Beau Beau. No matter, we know what it is and just how special she is. I hope you can be there for her public debut, too !

LORI, thanks for the update on JUDIE--won't it be grand to have her and that keen sense of humor with us again ?

JudyE said...

Lunch at Mc d and I find a new thread thanks for the new one

Lori said...

HODA, thanks so much for the info on the anti-virus drink - you have things I love in it, but I bet it comes with an odor that permeates. :) My Dad will be interested in hearing about it. He does everything holistically and is a great source of vitamin/herb information for many.

KAY, you summed Thelma's fall up so tidily. I can't even imagine having dog dooo all over me. I wouldn't know whether to jump in the shower or check for injuries first.
And, thanks for the pronunciation on Bough Bough. Was wondering about that.

JO, did you get your wreaths at the Market yesterday? Are they up on your door yet?

Okay, time to get a few more things done before this day is over.

BBL, I hope.

grannyblt said...

I was confused about the bow bow pronunciation also. Now I know it is like the bough as in a tree limb and not a bow tie. LOL

Sorry to hear about Thelma's slip in the ****. I wonder how many falls in the home are pet related?

Sandi said...

Hi all - home from my Monday!

Got word from my principal today that our teaching team is losing our team office. It's where we store all of our supplies for the year (pencils, notebooks, tape, construction paper, staplers, etc.) In addition, it's a room that the paraeducator on the team can use to pull special ed. kids out when I'm using my classroom for state testing. The school will be getting a full time social worker after Christmas and he needs an office.

Most of the other teams have already lost their team offices to people like the school psychologist, the instructional coach, and our part time guidance counselor. So, while the news didn't make me happy, I really can't complain. It means condensing everything that is currently in the team office into my classroom, which is not a full size room. That includes moving our team refrigerator and microwave (it's not a full size refrigerator), all of my books/teacher's manuals, and my file cabinets. Everything will fit, but my little classroom will have a lot less "free space!" I stayed after school for an hour this afternoon to start getting things relocated - gave me a reason to do some throwing away! I'm not a packrat, but there are things in the team office that I "inherited" when I transferred into the building; I never threw them away b/c I had plenty of room - not anymore!

Shar, so sorry to hear about Thelma's fall, esp. considering what she landed in on the way down the stairs! YUK! Lynne, good question about how many folks trip over their pets!

Lori, I'm thinking you had better get used to bad smells if you're going to be a nurse!! How about this one for your paper - a nurse is someone with a VERY strong stomach!! :)

Hoda, re: your potion. I bet I know how it works - with those ingredients, the smell that will emanate from you will keep everyone from getting close enough to give you any of their germs!! ;)

Jo, Brian is due home on 12/18 - can't wait for him to have his feet back on US soil, even for a short time. We watched the movie Zero Dark Thirty yesterday (about the CIA agent who was largely responsible for locating bin Laden in Pakistan). Watching the actions of the lunatic jihadists in the Middle East scared the heck outta me - almost wished I hadn't watched it!!

Time to fix some food - later!

JudyE said...

Home from work
and watching both eagle cams
stopped by the cell phone tower and didn't get my eagle fix today darn it
KAY I keep forgetting to tell you I LOVED the card that you sent I love the turkey it made loved the music to it also

JudyE said...

Temp is 68° out now so nice

JudyE said...

12-18 SANDI that is just right around the corner

So sorry about Thelma fall on dog poo YUK and someone needs to make a suit for them falling gals there like a air bag or something LOL Just kiddding or am I lol

JudyE said...


Lori said...

Ah, my long weekend is winding down. Still need to organize my study desk (coffee table) and figure out what goes to school tomorrow and what gets put away.

SANDI, so happy to hear Brian will be home soon. Sorry you're going to lose all your storage space at school.

LYNNE, HI! I miss you when you disappear. What's up?

Okay, shower time, or do I want to do that tomorrow morning? Hmmmm. Not ready to go back to school yet, especially for a final!

Lori said...

Sorry you didn't get your eagle fix today. Can't wait until the cam is fixed and we can see Belle and Shep on a daily basis. Kills me that we're missing nestorations and seeing Shep move all the branches around only to have Belle move it again, then of course the bickering would ensue.
Can't wait.

JudyE said...

HEY back at ya LORI Yep I can't wait either so till them I am watching the two Fl camera The SE go back on line a bit ago was down for a couple of days I love the night lite on both of them so clear and I love that the NE zooms more that the SE one right now its zoomed and the eagle is grooming such a good shot

JudyE said...

Think I will go eat a bowl of Wheat Chex for dinner Gonna finish watching the news I think I found a lap top at work its on ad this week has a detachable key board 379. and then my 10% discount will look at it tomorrow during lunch

JudyE said...

Gonna finish up the news When sports are on I really don't watch it and that is whats on now but the 630 is coming on so BBIALW

magpie said...

Sandi...good news, that you will see Brian on Dec 18 - know how that must warm a Mother's heart....

Sorry about losing your office space, good thing some of these things are "not full size." :)

So sorry to read of T-Bird's fall and slippy slide, agreed: Sharon is such a good helper, why, she is like a Nurse herself !

Good Evening, Eagle Pals

Wow Heat wave, in the 40's today and getting warmer over the next few days

magpie said...

Hoda: Loving your ant-cold, anti-virus potion ...
And Sand's comment on it :)

You know, however, the New Moon occurs tonight...does this mean you can use it NOW already, or do you have to let it season for another 28 days ??

magpie said...

I'm v

magpie said...


I'm very displeased to report that there is probably a
Squirrel taking up residence in the wall space beteen my apartment and the upstairs one...this happened once before, 18 months worth of it and it was quite upsetting. It had never made entry, but came awfully close after tearing apart the ceiling space in my bathroom.
Critter guy is due to come have a look...

magpie said...

Way Cool that your Dad is into all things Holistic...

Jo: in answer to your question of many hours ago: I worked noon to 6 on Sunday, but still managed a delightful, yet later and shortened, visit with James...
Today I was off and have been working diligently to get my apartment squared away for company:
James's Mother (my stepdaughter) and his Grandfather are coming in to town this coming
Sunday, for 10 days....
James turns 14 on December so they will be here for that

xoxo ttfn tons of stuff to do

magpie said...

Dec 17 that is, that is James's birthday

Janet said...

good monday evening to all!

it has been a good day. fully booked at work and weather, although cloudy, not bad. 50's. got my car washed (finally!) not vacuumed...but at least the outside is respectable again.

got an email from olivia's science teacher and she called olivia more motivated and a "rock star" in class these days. woo hoo.

that affirmation helped!

olivia's costume should arrive later this week. can't wait to get it to start to sew some sequins on it...i will only have a few days to prep it. i figure that will be my task this coming sunday.

hope everyone has a good day. i am so sorry to hear about the poopy fall....thinking HODA"s antivirus potion likely works as all of those are holistic super germ killers....but....yeah, i bet it is uber strong!!! HODA: do you drink it all at once or do you just drink a bit a day for a while?

not a lot else going on. hope everyone is doing okay.

light, love, hugs and smiles!

Hoda said...

The super potion is mixed on the new moon energy.
It is good to go on the full moon energy
Must be kept in a dark place and given a shake three or four times a day till the full moon.
I then remove all the ingredients and put them in freezer for future cooking options.
The liquid I use a spoon or two with soups and stir fries.
For those who eat meat you could even use it on that.
That is preventative.

At the slightest throat tickle I drink a table spoon full straight chase it with water and take in a tea spoon of raw honey.
Tickle goes within two days at most. It does not turn into a chest infection.

I do not find I have much of a smell with it and none of the yoga buddies have ever said anything!
They are a blunt group.
My hand sanitizer is oil of oregano and they tell me when they smell that.

I go to infrared sauna three times a week and I sweat out what ever toxins I might have in my body. I could go four times a week but I find three is plenty. For an hour each time.

The potion is done and I feel very fortunate to catch the new moon energy till it becomes full moon.

My extended health insurance folks sent me my card and forms and I am good to go with my dentist my optometrist and my pharmacist.

Snowed all day.
Several cars in the ditch and one head on collision!
Amazingly no one was seriously injured and they have already been released from the hospital.
A mandatory check on head on collisions just to make sure.
Cars are totalled.

Hoda said...

When I take it straight I follow up in a couple of hours with a drink of kefir. It is all very healthy

Lolly said...

Hi all! Have been absent all day. Had to take my car in early this morn for a repair. Not sure the problem but we found oil on the ground where it was parked. Hmmmm????

All the decorations are up outside, and got a lot done inside as well.

Oh, poor Thelma! Falling is not good, but falling and landing in dog poop is not good at all!!!! Boy, did she ever break Momster rules!!!!

magpie said...

Oh Hoda! I am really enthralled and mesmerized about this potion and your healthy regimens....
I would like to Join Lori in coming to See You and "drinking in" all this effervescent Health you exude

magpie said...

Sounds good, go go go Lolly....
Never ever a dull moment with you, is there !!

My buggy goes in for general winterizing Tuesday, but I have a much more expensive repair coming up...something to do with an air ejection system, emissions, and engine performance.
Merry Christmas Chevrolet Blazer.
Bah Humbug !!!

magpie said...

Yay, Janet on the positive statements from Livvie's science must be glowing over that

Best wishes with the Costume Design

magpie said...

tubby time here...
"Carry me Away, Calgon"

That's what our Hedgie-Lynn used to say

magpie said...

Good Night, Precious Pals

Hope Every One gets a Good, Restorative Night's Sleep tonight

Prayers for Wellness and Healing Amongst Us

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxo

Lynne2 said...

Good evening....

paula eagleholic said...

Evening all!

Fried my flounder and made some hush puppies too. smells like fried fish in here.

Glad Hunter enjoyed the party. Hope his Dad will join in soon. So glad my ex and I always Got along .

Thelma .do we have to get out the eagle canes?sorry about the poop fall...Yuk.

Totally pooped tonight after work,cooking and cleanup...see ya tomorrow .

Sed love and hugs for all.

Lynne2 said...

MY Monday went something like this...

Four days closed....nine million urgent care needed phone calls in the midst of which Warfarin Side Show Effects start, and then Drunk Man Who Speaks Only French shows up with a sick dog. O M G

I stepped in a big pile of poop in the yard heading for Sheetz to get a Harvest Spice Cappucino. Serves me right. But I didn't fall down.

Glad Thelmas wasn't hurt.

There is not enough Calgon to take me away.....

Lynne2 said...

Steve very impressed with Paula's fish!

JudyE said...

Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all

♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

Lynne2 said...

Snow Geese Margy! COOL! Nice that you are getting some fine company soon, too!

Hunter's cake sounds cute...will have to go check the picture out.

Good news Janet!

Lori, so busy....I must have been drunk when I volunteered as medical coordinator for CSAC. when I was already "kennel buddy" and on the follow up committee. LOL! It's all just taking up quite a bit of my spare time right now.

Glad you and Penny will be out and about to enjoy the rising temps this week Kay!

Great news that American and Egyptian family are doing well Holda!

Gotta run now...I'm going to try to keep up and check in more often...I miss you all!

stronghunter said...

Need to learn more about snow geese so I can look for them.

Time for sleep. I will see everyone tomorrow at some point--it's bowling day.


JudyE said...

OH MY just on the news a lady was walking her two dogs in Longwood its a gated community and she was attacked by a black bear She was able to get away and run to a neighbors house she is doing ok Lucky lady as of this time they haven't found the bear The property borders Florida wildlife preservation

Lori said...

Good Tuesday morning everyone!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I miss our eagles and wish we could watch them and their nestorations going on right now. Do you think we're missing any HP? Probably not yet.

JANET, great news on Livvy's report from the science teacher. A rock star? Whoa ya! Great for her.

HODA, looks like MARGY and I are coming for a visit. We'll stop by Kay's on the way, or maybe fly from Ohio. Wouldn't that just be wonderful?

I've come to the conclusion that studying for tests and finals is never done, because you can always study some more...So I'll take what I know right now into today's final. There will be another couple of girls from the class leaving because they didn't get a high enough grade on the final to bump up their average. Two girls left after the A & P final, and there were many others in tears for fear they would have to leave, too. It's a grueling day.

Must be something in the water here. I didn't fall asleep until 10 (very late for me) last night then woke up at 1 for an hour - went back to sleep at 2 and woke up at 3 ... now Mom is awake saying she can't sleep for thinking of all the Christmas things she needs to do.

LYNNE2, love it when you find the time to get on here. Keep it up!

Hope everyone has a beautiful day, full of love, light, smiles and good health. ♥

Sandi said...

Good morning Lori and all my eagle friends!

Lori, good luck on yet another test! Do you get a long Christmas break - seems like you may need some time to just relax!!

Hoda, I have never even heard of kefir (sp?) What is it?

Busy day at school getting the office cleaned out. There will be 2 subs on the hallway - the math teacher will be out on medical leave until after Christmas.

Prayers for all - have a great day!

magpie said...

Good Morning, Eagle Pals

Good to see the Evening Faces I missed after signing off last night, and the Morning ones today!

Best Wishes to Lori on all her school work, and Today's agenda

Lynne2: I love your avatar, by the way, let's keep listening and watching for those Tundra Swans...

Paula: Your avatar, when I enlarge it: Wowser!

Best Wishes to Every One, for a Terrific Tuesday....

worktime looms

Janet said...

good morning! TUESDAY! again!
3rd day of December. The month is rushing by.

Another warm one here, in the 60's again for a high. I turned the a/c back on at bedtime last night as it was warm and stuffy in here.

I WAS very pleased to have a happy report from the one teacher. :) :) :)

HODA: thanks for the clarification on the potion! it makes perfect sense now. :)

LORI: thinking of you today... go girl!

JUDYE: the price on the lap top is great. I will be in the market for a new one after the first of the year. The prices have come downso far since I bought this one 6 years ago.

Hope everyon ehas a great day!
Ligt, love, hugs, smiles to all!

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

60° right now 77 will be the high today and warmer for the rest of the week SWEET

Hoda said...

Good morning all.

SANDI kefir is fermented milk. I take fermented goat milk as I do not drink cow's milk.
It works the same way as probiotics.
Gut health is now the number one concern with maintaining good health. Fermented foods are a must.

I would love for you KAY and MARGY to come visit LORI
Sorry people are dropping out of nursing program.
Praying for your success and continued good efforts. Proud of you.

JANET also proud of LIVVY.

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Getting ready to head out to bowling.

There was an interesting card for Hunter in the mailbox this morning--thanks Margy. Didn't get the mail last night. It has been coming late recently.

Hoda said...

Well there are a few of us who have been led astray by MISS LOLLY and her accusations that SOMEONE has left the freezer door open! Our own Matriarch is also involved and I am beyond speechless!!! Then our GARDNER EXTRAORDINAIRE pipes in with a four letter word DEMANDING that the freezer door be shut!!!
I tried to warn them that SANTA will not be visiting if they keep it up!!! Reminding them that he lives in THE NORTH POLE and I only live in Canada!!! NO ONE SAY " Same Difference!!!"

Hoda said...

For emphasis that should be MATRIARCH

Hoda said...

In Reykjavik Iceland a report that for the first time in their history the police shot and killed a man!!!
He was a gunman.
Special Prosecutor will now investigate the police.

Mema Jo said...

I forgot to say Goodnight yesterday
so I will start fresh with Good Terrific Tuesday Morning to all ♥

I have my CT this early afternoon and then not until the 16th my appointment to see what it shows. Just making sure that those 2 lung cancer spots are inactive. Pray me well please.

Today thru Thursday should be warmer temps - it is 44° now - good to do outside
decorations. Two of my girls are coming Wed to help with the inside.
Should be fun ♥

Mema Jo said...

Lori - all your studying and all our prayers will see you through to the end of training ♥ Very proud of you ♥

Mema Jo said...

BBL - afternoon hours

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

Hope THELMA is okay today---often one feels worse the 2nd day after a fall. SHAR, do give her a hug and let us know whasup !

JANET, three cheers for Olivia !!!

HODA, an amazing statistic out of Iceland--hope they avoid the copy cat syndrome. Yep, get ready for several of us to descend on HODA's HOLISTIC SPA RESORT ! I could use some rejuvenation !!!

LORI, guess drop outs are inevitable, but that won't be the case for our star student ! Now we know what rigorous training and testing our dear nurses went through. No wonder they often seem more in touch with medical expertise than doctors do ! And, no wonder our dear LYNN was so knowledgeable and helpful ! It's going to be wonderful having a nurse amongst us once more. She would be so very proud of you !

JUDY, what a rude black bear, ignoring gated community rules that way ! Glad the lady is Aok. Black bear sightings in this State are more and more common--it's only a matter of time til' disaster strikes, I fear. The over population of deer is one thing, but bears ? Yikes !

MARGY, Snow Geese and James the kidster turning 14, Yeah ! Squirrels in the ceiling and Blazer repairs, Boo Hiss ! "It's a great life if you don't weaken !"

This is haircut and errand day. I'll be worn to a frazzle by night fall. Just don't have the stamina I once enjoyed. Oh, I do need a week or two at HODA's H.S. & R.

Love and prayers for all !


Kay said...

JO, back to assure you, you are in my prayers ! Here's hoping the report on Dec. 16th will say "free n' clear, see you next year !".

Lolly said...


(The Geevil made me say it) roflmbo

Good morning! Yes, still morning here, late, but morning!

Oh, my about the bear. Wonder if it attacked because of the dogs. Hmmmm???

Lori, hang in there! Do hope you get a break over Christmas!

Hoping to finish up decorating around here. It is about done and then I can get on with the shopping.

Lawn mower in for expensive repair, car in for repair....not good on the bank account!!

Having fun on the Momster messages on fb. Found on my phone I can send recorded messages. Fun!

NatureNut said...

Greetings, Greetings from the Park!
Early this AM there were ♪♫ "Ten Tundra Swans and a Titmouse at the bird feeder!" ♪♫
They saw 4 swans flying over yesterday. They must have heard us discussing them and came to visit!
Gotta run~~~try to eat lunch & answer phone!! What fun.
Have a good one ☺

Hoda said...

I am calm and tranquile!
I am calm and tranquile!
I am calm and tranquile!


I am calm and tranquile!!!

Of to experience winter wonderland.
Have a good one everyone.

Hoda said...


Hoda said...

Meanwhile in Canada:

A pot smoking Mountie published photos of himself toking up in his red serge!
He was surprised when the Brass were slightly upset and asked him to turn in his uniform and check into a clinic.
He feels his rights are violated!!!

In a public statement, Canada falling back in International Ranking for math skills, is blamed on budget cuts to education which meant teacher cuts!!!
Premier and Opposition Leader made the statement!
I could have told them that, as a matter of fact I told them and anyone who would listen, when they started the cuts in the 1980's!!!
Helllllooo! Anyone home?Duh!!!

Lori said...

Hi all!

Home from an unbelievably grueling and emotional day at school. I passed
BNS today with an 89 and am very happy with that. Two classes down, who knows how many more to go.

JO, hope the test reveals nada, nothing there except beautiful, normal lung tissue. Big Hugs and prayers.

LOLLY, sorry your mower & car have fritzed on you at the same time. So when is Laurel's b-day celebration, again? I'm so excited for her to get the dishes. :)

Thanks KAY, LOLLY & SANDI! I'm hoping a get a rest (in MD) over Christmas break, too.

We started two new courses today, with Nutrition and Pharmacology and the work it already piled up. Three chapters to read and homework for them - all must be done's due tomorrow.

Love you all...soooooo much.

Hoda said...

You Rock!
So pleased for you and ever so very proud of you.

Waiting on JO and hoping her tests show clear lungs too.
Glad you keep getting it checked JO.

Sandi said...

Hi all - home from my Tuesday! Had Bandit poop to clean up from the floor when I got home - JOY!! Bandit had walked in it and tracked it all over the floor, but at least I didn't step in it like Thelma!!

Lori, my niece in Missouri is in nursing school and I just read this post from her on FB:

"Hey lovely nursing school ladies.... if you go to quizlet and search for Med Surg ADN, there are over 100 good questions about cardiac!!!!" Don't know if you've already done your cardiac test - you've had so many I can't remember all the topics!! If you haven't, then maybe this site can help you with studying. If you have, then maybe you can search for other topics that you could study for upcoming tests! Good luck - hope it's helpful! I have never heard of quizlet, have you??

Time to feed dogs and people! Later!

JudyE said...


Home from work as if you didn't know LOL

LORI so proud of your grade and what is Pharmacology am I correct in saying Pharmacy study ??

SANDI so happy you didn't slip in the POO

I don't have to watch Jordyn tonight Carl doesn't have a game
No Jordyn time :-(

JudyE said...

It is 71° out now nice

62° will be our average lo this week and the high will be around 83° or a tad lower What wonderful weather we are having Love no AC my elec bill last month was 97 this month should be lower can't wait

JudyE said...

While the rest of the US is cold The cold front will not make it here we have a huge front from the south keeping it up north

JudyE said...

Just on the news the house passed this act now its has to go the US Senate

at least 500 Thousand in change a year is left behind in the dump bins as you go through security. TSA has been saving it not knowing what to do it it so now they have TSA LOOSE CHANGE ACT which is so cool the money will go in to the Military lounges at the airports A place where family can have quality time with a loved one being deployed I think that is so neat
I know Louisville has sort of one I used it when I was flying to my parents to get to their house But not all airports have them They say that 500 T is chump change to TSA

magpie said...

That's great, JudyE...the change for the Military Lounges...I SAW those lounges during my travels....a very good cause, indeed

Lori! Congratulations, once again, sorry of the emotionally grueling part :(
Pharmacology...well, that is what
pretty much sunk me in my brief
nursing school experiment, but you are MUCH more conditioned and focused than I was.
Get this: My instructors managed to not only analyze but also
TELL me that it seemed I only had one oar in the water.
In fact, they were correct!

Good Evening Eagle Pals!

magpie said...

Oh Sandi...Poop Poop de Dooh, sorry about the mishap, if it is any consolation at all, I stepped in some outside today while walking to go pick up my

Lolly: sorry about the Big Buck$ repairs coming up....I got my buggy winterized for $37 today, but the
BIGGER repair is right around the corner


magpie said...

Well, I had a nice half a day

magpie said...

..wait for it, wait for it....

Half a day shift with Jewels today at work! Unfortunately, though, she got called in to work to cover for one who had called in sick :(

Heckuva way for us to get OUR time together in...
Jewels looks GREAT and she is such a good 9-1-1 Dispatcher!

magpie said...

Oh this laptop! I get kicked off the internet often!

lost my last post....but I did remember this part of it:

Happy Birthday to Hunter!

Enjoy your year, young man...
may it be full of
Wonderful Adventures and Discoveries, and Lots of Kid Fun !


magpie said...

Happy Terrific Tuesday Evening, friends...

I am hearing some overwintering Robins here in the Neighborhood, and on the city streets, and the weather here today was like Springtime !

Time for me to shuffle along

ttfn xoxo

Lori said...

MARGY, so sorry your nursing school instructors were so unkind - that seems to be the norm, unfortunately.

SANDI, almost hurled on your Bandit tracking poop everywhere post. What is it with dogs this week? Glad you didn't step in it. I felt so bad that you had to clean it up. :(

Thanks for the test congrats. I needed that.

JUDYE, thanks for the good news on the TSA story. That's awesome! Glad you're having such wonderful weather. It's gradually warming up here - snow melting today and tomorrow.

HODA, I adore you and your potions and your dehydrator and all the service & yoga (everything) you do. You are simply amazing and always offering a smile and a grateful attitude. Thanks for sharing.

Can't wait until we see our eagles again!!!

Hope LYNNE1 & 2 managed to get on tonight.

Love you all - off to bed.

SED & AOYP ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,
I left a post on the other thread last night (duh!):

Hi, Everyone,
Have been MIA again--I have gout in my right knee! It started on Thanksgiving, but I thought I must have bumped my knee on something. It gradually got worse, and by yesterday I was just miserable! Can barely get myself out of a chair, because bending that knee is so painful!
Took some of the meds I have for it yesterday, and today it's a little better. Takes a couple of days for the meds to kick in. Can't take more till Wed. afternoon. It is on the mend, though. This too shall pass.

Glad to hear that the ostrich has a good home. I'm not really caught up much here, so need to do that. I'm pretty tired right now, though, so will do the catching up in the morning.

Prayers for everyone! The porch light is on, and both security systems are enabled. Sleep tight, with SED. I love all of you! God bless, and goodnight. I ♥ us!!!

Monday, December 02, 2013 11:14:00 PM

Want to let you know that today I feel SOOO much better! Thank God!
I'm about 90% better. Got lots of housework done today, and was able to water patio plants, too!

Had to call the exterminator today to find a dead rat in the attic. There was one in a trap, all right. Really strange, though--the guy said it had been mostly eaten, probably by other rats!
Ewwww! He also said that the very, very pricey homes in Anaheim Hills a few miles from here have a terrible rat infestation! They were built with large holes and gaps under the eaves where the critters can gain entry. They've caught as many as 6 in one day! Makes me feel very fortunate!

Jo, praying that your lungs will be totally clear!

Shar, sorry to hear about Thelma's unfortunate tumble! Please give her a hug for me!

Well, gotta pay some bills online, so gotta run. Goodnight, and God bless. SED, everyone!
I ♥ us!!!

Mema Jo said...

Good late evening to all ♥
Andy - praying that the gout pain will leave you - such an achy feeling..
Doctor's orders for me as far as checking out the lungs... Thanks to all of you wishing and praying that my lungs are clear. I won't know until Dec 16 when I see my dr.
Lori - that is a great report on your passing the class.

Mema Jo said...

My day is done -
Goodnight to all ♥

Have a restful sleep and peaceful dreams ♥

Lolly said...

I am right behind you, Jo. Got on fb to say good night with a recording. LOL That is fun. Chatted with Hoda!

Cooked today the meal Laurel requested. Well, really just prepared it, a big job, as Jack will cook it on the grill at Laurels. Made our house specialty, rolled flank steak. Making a cherry cheese cake pie in the morning. Tomorrow she gets her dishes!! Boxes are too big and fragile to wrap! We go up tomorrow afternoon.

Got my car back today. Transmission fluid was leaking. They replaced a gasket. There goes close to $200, but the lawn mower job will be more that that!!

Warm here today and warmer tomorrow. Sleeping with windows open, then tomorrow night the temp starts dropping and Friday a winter storm watch. Lovely!

Time for bed. Night all! SED!

Hoda said...

Roads were like a skating ring when I headed out to yoga. Made it up and down two hills but drove very carefully. Not much room for error tonight!!!

Prayers till the 16 th when you update us of your results JO. Love and Light to you while we all wait.

LOLLY has an awesome voice. Heard her on FB. She still accuses SOMEONE of leaving the freezer door open and then has the audacity to post a video of her decorations shining and twinkelling. And singing SANTA is coming to town!!! He will not be stopping if you do not stop accusing him LOLLY!

Hoda said...

God Bless Us All
See you in the morning.

Hoda said...

Where is SHIRLEY?
She went bowling in the morning and has not checked in since!
I hope all is well.

Lori said...

Good Wednesday morning everyone!

ANDY, sorry about the return of your gout, but sounds like you're already on the mend.

JO, we're waiting with you for the 16th and praying you totally healthy!

LOLLY, I can't wait to hear about Laurel's reaction to the dishes. Sounds like a delicious meal, too. Please tell her the Momsters wish her a Happy Birthday!

SANDI, bet you are crossing off the days on your calendar until Brian gets home. What a Christmas you will have.

Hoping SHIRLEY is okay - as HODA pointed out she checked in yesterday early and haven't heard anything since. Doesn't she know we worry?

KAY, are you getting this snow melting weather, too? It's lovely except for the refreeze overnight. Gotta be careful walking out to the garage. You be careful walking Penny outside.

It's another all classroom day at school. Got most of my homework done last night - finishing up this morning.

JUDYE, PAULA & MARGY, hope you each have a great day at the office.

Sandi said...

Good morning Lori and all my eagle friends!

Andy, sorry to hear about the gout flare-up. My mom gets that occasionally and says the pain is horrible! Ken has had problems with it as well, am I right?

Lori, congrats on your continued pay-off for all your hard work! Did you check out that site Lots of nursing topics on there that may come in handy for you to use to review/study terminology for tests. It's a gold mine for teachers, too! Glad my niece mentioned it on FB.

Jo, prayers that the results show that there is nothing in your lungs except air!!

Checked my work email last night and discovered that my principal is observing me today! I much prefer drop-ins to scheduled observations, but I wish he really would have just dropped in without warning me first! I was awake at 5am thinking about the lesson already!

Prayers for all our needs - have a great day!

JudyE said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

In a bit of a rush. Have to see the doctor about my toe. Possibly a shard of glass in there. It has been bothering me awhile. BBL.

Mema Jo said...

Good Wednesday morning to all ♥

I slept in a little - all is well - 2 daughters are coming around 10 - I have to get my coffee!


Hoda said...
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Hoda said...