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New weekend thread.


Janet said…
I get the feather! Wooot Wooot
Janet said…
tHANKS STEVE! I have summonsed the others :)
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all especially Janet
Congrats on your feather
Just have my cup of coffee and see I have a black screen on the cam... I'll need to read earlier comments to find out what is going on... Sure hope it is temporary blackout.

Steve - Good Saturday morning and thank you for the fresh new thread.
Enjoy the weather of the day ♥
Janet said…
A quick good morning to all. Just read back.
Puddles, lawyers, lies and more….sickness be gone for all thee I adore!
Blessed and Happy Yule to one and to all.
“longest night of the year”….
We did our family celebration last night and it was quite nice.
I work today 10 to 3 and then Tom and I head to Knoxville to see Tuatha Dea perform! Woot woot!
JO: I had Tom to pose for that pix. He painted it out on the deck. ;)
Light and love to all. Will check in sometime tomorrow….
Sandi said…
Thanks Steve for the new thread and thanks Janet for the call over.

Steve, Merry Christmas to you, your family, and the entire NCTC crew!! Thank you for all you do to allow us to watch this magnificent pair of eagles and to stay in touch with one another's lives!
Mema Jo said…
I read back and realize that we have a lot of "Night Owls" on here. I hope all finally got a good night's sleep.

Cloudy today with 47° right now.

Still cam still black screen...
Guess our weekend is going to be camless......
NEFL does have a bobble head to watch.
magpie said…
WE'll just watch your avatar, Jo

and make believe

Have a Good Day, Every One...
Hoda said…
Sleep felt soooo good albeit for only a short few hours.
Thank you STEVE
Thank you JANET. Enjoy the feather on Solstice.
Kay said…
Yeah, Soltice ! Daylight will begin to grow longer and longer !

Thanks for the beginning of Winter, LOL, thread, STEVE ! And congrats on the feather in your cap, JANET !

Goodorming JO, SANDI, MARGY and HODA !
Kay said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kay said…
And the nest is snow free ! ♫♫ It's a lovely day in the neighborhood ♪♪♪
Kay said…
It's raining cats and dogs here, but temp to rise to 59 this afternoon. All the snow and ice went bye bye ! Penny hates rain and decided not to cooperate with outings---made a big mess on the mat by the back door and the towel I use to wipe her down with. At least she chose some washables for the nasty deed, but why did she have to get runny on this very day ? She's had nothing different in her diet, but maybe got some upset juices going because she clearly knew she'd done a boo boo. They don't need speech to get the point across, she tucks her tail and slinks around with pitiful eyes ! Previous owners must have scolded her excessively at such time. I'm sure she could tell I was less than happy as I cleaned it all up, but I didn't really scold her.
magpie said…
Well I see the nest now also.
Great !

Lolly said…
Goodorming! ( I love that!) Hi Kay! Sorry about your messy clean up. Yuck!!! Raining cats and dogs here too, but 44 so all is well and good. Always welcome rain! We actually had some loud thunder during the night, too.

I am much better, thank you! Nose still running, still congested, but not the headachy feeling.

How about those night owls we had on here? When I can not sleep I stay in bed and eventually fall asleep. I love my cozy bed!!

Going to clean house, finish wrapping and possibly bake some today, but first comes the house straightening. I have let it go these last few days.

Have a great day!
Sandi said…
Jo, thanks for the news about the cam - even an MT nest is a great sight! Goodorming my eagle friends - almost good afternoon!

Sunny and 56 degrees here in Bethany - supposed to go into the 60s today and tomorrow!

Back to wrapping - almost finished!
Kay said…
A lot of wrap sessions going on today ! ♫♫ It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ♪♪♪
stronghunter said…

Nice to learn that the still cam is back up.

Have been working on some Christmas chores this morning. Took a little time to read a bit on my new Kindle. I bought Kindles for Kathryn and Susan, and couldn't resist getting one for myself as well. I had bought them for Rus and Will last Christmas.

Sunny and warm here for now.
Morning all!

Pretty day here but breezy. Took a nice lomg walk wi8th Nick. He is still hunting for min.nows :-)

Got my shopping finished last night except 1 gift...which I can order and pick up this week.

Having dinner with the nei8gvhbors...haven't seen them in a kmonth.

Gotta pick up and put away today...or mkaybe bake.
JudyE said…
from McD
find a new thread

Doing chores :-)

Heard a nice pileated outside ..boy are they loud!

JudyE said…
yet not yer lol silly laptop
NatureNut said…
Good Afternoon Eaglebuds! I sent an "Xmas Card" to the Momster yahoo address, but it's also in the Nook & avatar. Enjoy ☺ ♥
Lolly said…
Really pretty, Loretta! Enjoy your time in Tejas!!!

Taking a break, have done a little house straightening, finished my wrapping, and answering the phone both Laurel and Jack out and phoning with questions. lol
Kay said…
Good Afternoon Eagle Buds !

LORETTA, the card and avatar are so beautiful ! Thank you !

Wow, SHIRLEY, nice Christmas at your house with all those wonderful Kindles !

Julie was due here any minute to visit and pick up THE HELP for return to the library. I heard sirens wailing and the phone rang. She was parked in a Noodle's lot about a mile away and ready to turn around for home. There is a major accident up at the corner of my street and the main road and all traffic was being turned around. Praying for those involved.

Seth isn't coming over tonight as he and long time friend, Dimitri are going to the most recent Hobbit movie and dinner. Times they are a changing. This kind of thing rarely happens for Seth. God bless Dimitri !

Time to think about some dinner before Prairie Home Companion comes on and my evening entertainment begins. Life in the fast lane, eh ?

Oh, Julie says Malcolm has rebelled against going outside today, too. However, he is paper trained in an out of the way spot in the basement. Wish I could say the same for my little girl !

Love and prayers for all in need !

JudyE said…
HELLO home from work

I had the still cam all day I had it at lunch and also its on now

I noticed some said thay didn't have it

stronghunter said…
Good evening.

Susan is bringing her new boyfriend here for Christmas. I think Rus has met him, but none of the rest of us have. Seems like a smart guy. They like to go rock-climbing together.

I do hope Kathryn and Susan enjoy the Kindles. They're not the most expensive ones. Can't really afford to buy three of those. I think I will really enjoy mine. Nice to be able to download a book and read it right away.

JudyE said…
LORETTA loved the card so unique
JudyE said…
SANDI did you get the cam up yet remember that happened to me the other day
JudyE said…
where did you find that flower eagle pic LORETTA
JudyE said…
Loretta I stole your picture and I am using it as my FB cover picture I just edited the names off it
Hoda said…
Great day here.
Sun came out in full regalia blue skies and sparkling snow.
It was bliss.
Right on time too for solstice.

Santa came for breakfast in the biggest fanciest hotel we have. The Prestige Inn.
He came by helicopter as the reign deer have to save up their energy for Wednesday.
He left by boat

Children of all ages were very excited.
Breakfast was a feast free by donation.
3000 dollars raised for the food cupboard.

Labyrinth walk in the park was meditative.

In yoga I succeeded for only the second time to walk up the wall!!! Surprised myself I did... Got out gracefully too I might add!!!

Speaks of snow but I think it is too warm.
25 degrees right now...
Lolly said…
Accomplished everything on my list today and I am exhausted. I finished my wrapping and then Jack pulled out two more for me to wrap. I'll do them tomorrow. Baked three pumpkin rolls and then Jack grilled hamburgers for dinner. Going to veg out for the rest of the evening.

I am much better, just very tired this evening.
Lolly said…
Walk up the wall? Please explain, Soda!
JudyE said…

YEAH LOLLY is feeling somewhat better
and HODA is walking up walls I guess that is better than climbing the walls as the old saying goes LOL
I have two new grandpuppies SNOW and ICE brother and sisters 13 mths old Husky and Lab mix all white and one has one blue eye The female has a black spot just above the eye Waiting for Angie to get home and post pictures of them She put on facebook that snow and ice was coming to Seminole LOL Lots of remarks everyone knows it was 85° today and now 74°
JudyE said…
you bend down in front of wall and walk up it That is what Jordyn does Maybe its the same
Hoda said…
LOLLY you put your feet up against the floor boards.
Your body is facing away from the wall. You are on hands and knees.
You move down to your elbows knees still on the floor.
You use your abdominal and your back muscles to lift up.
One leg at a time. Then you simply walk.
Front of body towards the floor but more vertical now.
The weight is on forearm. From wrist to elbow.
Head is suspended with the crown of the head facing the floor!!!

Preparing for a hand stand!!!

As I said it is only the second time I succeeded in doing it.
I have never done a hand stand.

It sounds like a lot but it was not.
Today it worked..

Hoda said…
Oh dear!
We have just had our first avalanche fatality in BC.
A 29 year old from Alberta went out of bounds triggered an avalanche and perished!!!

Severe storms in Quebec and Ontario with several severe car pile ups.

Sorry to read the young Colorado woman who was shot at school earlier in December died today too. She was only 17 years old. God Rest Her Soul.
Hoda said…
It makes me very sad as the BC avalanche site lists the Purcell Mountains avalanche risk as high!!! What were they thinking I wonder. His friend said they checked the site and knew the risk was high!!!
Had a nice dinner and then George and tony jammed on their guitars for awhile.

Glad you are feeling a little better Lolly ...and my phone wants to call you Lollipops all the time.LOL

Have a great trip Lowreeda !

Mema Jo said…
Another warm day for tomorrow ♥
I need to plan out the menu for
Christmas day when some of the family comes by.

Just finished watching one of the English movies. Calling it a day

Goodnight to all and prayers for everyone's needs.

Hoda said…
Ha Ha Ha Ha!
LOLLY look at who Environment Canada is blaming for the storms in Ontario!!!

It is all a matter of perspective I would say!!!
Read this:
FROM ENVIRONMENT CANADA: A winter storm from Texas has caused an area of mixed precipitation to spread into Southern Ontario as expected and another round is approaching.
Hoda said…
Good night
God Bless Us All
stronghunter said…

Time for sleep.

Funny about the cold Texas weather invading Canada, Hoda.

Very sad about the young lady in Colorado. I did not know about that. Haven't watched the news as much today. God bless her.

Rest well, my friends.
stronghunter said…
Made me tired just to read your hand stand instructions, Hoda. I would hurt myself.
Lolly said…
Ok, Soda, I am going to bed laughing! Oh, and do not think I will be trying any wall walking! Goodness!

I have vegged all evening, but now my head is hurting. I think it past my bed time.

Night all! SED!!
stronghunter said…
Good morning everyone,

Good morning Lolly and Soda. Love it!

Having my morning coffee.

Looking at our snow-free nest.

stronghunter said…
72 degrees here with a severe thunderstorm watch.
JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds
Sandi said…
Goodorming Shirley and all my eagle friends!

Slept with the heat off and the sliding glass door open last night! Very strange first day of winter weather!

Tennis this morning, then grocery shopping and cookie baking. Make it a great day all!
JudyE said…
.♥.EAGLE in nest.♥
JudyE said…
I can see the whole eagle with the exception of the top of the head so can't tell if SHep of Belle
Sandi said…
Morning Judy - what a delightful sight in the nest!
Sandi said…
Judy, I'd guess it's Shep based on the narrowness of the body. How about you?
JudyE said…
Back at ya SANDI sure is nice to finally say we saw a eagle in our nest Gotta head out the door or will be late
JudyE said…
I thought was him to because being skinny looking LOL
magpie said…
Good Morning Eagle Pals...
First Full Day of Winter....

I SEE/and now past tense SAW the eagle in the Palace....
and also one is in the Blackwater Eagle nest, and now TWO as I post...and convention of Turkey Vultures in the Osprey Platform
magpie said…
the branch on the right bottom of our nest with the brown and white...often makes me think I am seeing an eagle at the Palace...then I come back to reality
Sandi said…
We may have to get better at identifying our eagles by their tail feathers this season considering the top part of the nest will be cut off!

Goodorming Margy!!
magpie said…
And Goodorming to you Sandi...
enjoy your freedom these next days to come, and
Special Family Wishes to you on see Brian then, right ??
magpie said…
So glad you got to see the Eagle for a brief moment or two....

JudyE, thanks for the alert....these days I make the nest come up first THEN check the posts :)
Sandi said…
Margy, we're actually seeing Brian and Lynnis for dinner tomorrow evening, then will see them again on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

I see we still have an eagle - or at least part of one - in the nest!
magpie said…
And he or she is back...
Nice tail !
Good time to be watching for a bit longer..

Wake Up Eagle Pals and Join us at the Nest :)
Sandi said…
And I think both eagles are in the nest now!
magpie said…
oh, maybe two !

I see talons and a tail
magpie said…
Definitely two eagles there
Sandi said…
Yup, def. see 2 pairs of feet!
magpie said…
Wonderful Sandi!

And it is very special to share these Eagle moments with YOU !

magpie said…
oh the five second or more trick works too...refresh the view once it goes at least five seconds

that's a Jo clue from a few years back...
it usually works !!!
magpie said…
oh bummer, I did it and the eagle tail disappeaerd ! But I bet they are still close
magpie said…

whatever I WAS going to do right now I am postponing for a little longer

maybe the eagles are headed towards the Potomac for some breakfast before too much rain occurs
Sandi said…
Brian and Lynnis have asked that both sets of parents and the 3 grandparents (both of Lynnis's grandparents on her mom's side are still alive) meet them for dinner in Hyattsville Monday evening. We're thinking there must be some big news to announce - a baby on the way or a promotion/change of post for Brian. Then again, it could be just dinner but ...
magpie said…
There is still one at BWE, beautiful color there.....

Sandi said…
Nest sure does look MT now.
magpie said…
Well, Sandi.....that sounds like a wonderful family gathering coming up...guess you might be on the edge of your seat considering the possibilities you mentioned :)
Sandi said…
Margy, the sun is out here and the skies are still clear - rain isn't expected til this evening. Supposed to get close to 70 degrees today!
magpie said…
Yes, I see Empty Nest now too, except for that imaginary Eagle at the bottom right.....
it also looks like a Big Fish

magpie said…
We have clouds, some light rain,
and temps at 64 and climbing....
with some T-storms watches for here too,like Shirley has in her area

I am off but ON CALL for work, so ..
on that short tether if they need something at work

But on to the day here...

Best Wishes to Every One, for a Very Good Day

(( HUGS ))

Sandi said…
If Lynnis is pregnant, there probably won't have to be an announcement. She would have had to get pregnant before Brian left for Yemen at the beginning of October and, as tiny as she is, she will already be showing by now. Personally, I think this would be bad timing for a pregnancy since Brian still has 2 more 3-month rotations in Yemen. he would miss the entire pregnancy and even the birth, unless he is given permission to come home for that. But, it's surely not my decision to make!

Brian was in Malaysia for 5 days before he flew home. I'm hoping that a management position opened up there and he will be relocating to Malaysia instead of staying in Yemen.

Then again, it really could just be dinner!

Gotta go! Later!
Lori said…
Good morning everyone!

Having a hard time getting used to this new cam angle.

Arrived here in MD yesterday afternoon. Great to be back!

SANDI, so happy you get to see Brian and Lynnis. And, hope he gets the Malaysia job.

MARGY, hope you don't get called in today. No fun being on that short leash.

LOLLY are you feeling better?

KAY, are you wrapping? I didn't think you did that anymore, but was curious with your clever post.

Raining here today and supposed to continue tonight. Kate is going to the Redskins game today. Her company gave her box seats for the day so she won't have to worry about the rain.

I have a 5 hour online math project to complete and think I will try to get at least half of it done today. Did NO school work yesterday. YAY!

Big warm holiday hugs for each and every one of you!

Oh Lori enjoy your visit at home with Kate and the furbabies !

Happy to hear both were in the nest this morning . Sandi :-)
Pretty day here..think we had some early fog.

A walk on the beach and then maybe some cookie baking and wrapping :-)
stronghunter said…
Oh, I missed the eagles! The nest looks fine.

Checked the Weather Channel. It informed me that it was 76 degrees--a record high. Wow! It is also raining.
stronghunter said…
How exciting, Sandi. Love your speculating.
stronghunter said…
Oh, yes, the Redskins. I believe they are playing some team from Texas.
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥
It is 62° in my valley with rain. Our
electric went off around 6:30am and then once again around 9:30.. before I made my morning toast. Here's the funny part: at 6:30am - I was asleep in the recliner with my feet up and I knew I had to get a portable oxygen tank back in the bedroom - I kept pushing the darn button to lower my feet and nothing happened Duhhhhhh
It is electric - so I had to climb out of it - almost killed myself (well not really) but I made it ♥
Mema Jo said…
Lolly is going to come after you Shirley with your comment about...
some team from TX
Good for Kate - hope she can see a Skin's Win!
So sorry hearing about a 5hr math assignment but happy that yesterday was NOT a study day.
Mema Jo said…
I missed our eagle as the electricity was out :(
Mema Jo said…
The white sycamore branches on the left - I mistakenly thought it was snow down on the ground.

Lori said…
Just got off the phone with Comcast trying to get the new box activated. I was on the phone with them for 90 min! Still not working so they will send a tech out on Tues, Christmas Eve. Not happy about that, but, oh well.

Jo, glad you're alive after crawling out of the recliner. You be careful!

PAULA, have fun baking and wrapping today. What kind of cookies?

What's everyone else up to today?

Lori said…
SHIRLEY, how fun to meet Susan's new boyfriend! What has she told you about him?
Lolly said…
Goodorming! Gotta hurry, running behind.

Each day I am better, at nights I am exhausted. Gotta run!
Sandi said…
Hi all! Tennis was great fun today! It is currently sunny, windy, and 70 degrees in Bethany Beach, DE on this first full day of winter! Amazing!!

Think I'll try to get to the store before the Ravens game comes on at 1pm! Later!!
stronghunter said…
New boyfriend: She says he is very smart and owns a nice house. Those are good things. And, he likes to cook.
stronghunter said…
Jo, Lolly has not seen my comment yet. :)

Spell check thinks maybe I meant to say "Lally."
Lori said…
Indeed, Shirley, very nice sounding boyfriend. Hope you like him just as much! Love that he likes to cook.
stronghunter said…
New boyfriend--they like to go hiking and rock-climbing together.
Lori said…
Thanks, SANDI. Forgot today was the first full day of winter. Sure doesn't feel like it. It's 64 degrees here now, but ugly cloudy.
Mema Jo said…

Redskins and Cowboys 1:00

Ravens and Patriots is at 4:30
Mema Jo said…
Well Sandi I for one of many friends am excited to hear what the News is from Lynnis and Brian.

Shirley - happy for Susan to have found someone special. Sure hope you will be impressed ♥
Mema Jo said…
I see some fresh sprigs of pine in the BW nest - that is a very good sign.
I pray BW has a good nesting season.
Lots of loners flying around down there... We don't want any nest drama

Sandi said…
Skies have gotten very gray here suddenly! Headed to the grocery store to beat the rain!

Jo, thanks for the heads upon the Ravens game time.

Lori, math ... UGGHH!!

For sure, I will let everyone know if there is any big announcement made by Brian and Lynnis tomorrow evening!
Some rain clouds here too..across the water.

Making cookies...decorated sugar bottoms...choc chip...Russian tea cakes or Mexican wedding cakes or..they have so many names lol.
Gonna see if I can pick up the skins game on one of the new channels i found
Kay said…
Good Afternoon Eagle Buds !!!

So happy with the nest news of the day ! My son reports seeing a bald eagle swoop down toward the Raritan River near his NJ home. It landed in a tree and put out some calls that were not returned. A beautiful sight ! He has seen a mink in the same area three times lately.

LOL, HODA, leaving those wall walks up to you---not going to put my ol' back through those paces !

LORI, no "wrap sessions" for this girl ! At the time I wrote that post I believe both SANDI and LOLLY were hard at work on their packages.

SHIRLEY, the boyfriend sounds like SIL material---hope you all like him !

SANDI, I'll be waiting with bated breath until the Lynnis and Brian secret is revealed. And then again it could just be dinner ☺. Julie and Hugh lived in Hyattsville when Seth was born. I spent weeks there due to his precarious health.

Oh, Paula, Russian tea cakes ! My mouth is watering for the second time this week as daughter Eileen was baking them up there in MI last Sunday.

Need to get out for a sunny 60° walk with Penny---returning a movie to the library and will walk in the adjoining park. For former Columbusite, SHIRLEY, that's Whetstone Park of Roses.

Love and prayers for all !!!!

stronghunter said…
Again, cannot get the Redskins game on the TV downstairs. Frustrating. I am watching it in my room.

Had a little scare when I went downstairs. Luna was nowhere to be found. After a thorough search of the house, I called Kathryn. Luna is at the groomer's. A person should not make off with the dog without providing information.
stronghunter said…
Have fun on your walk, Kay. I hope to get back to Columbus someday. It has changed greatly, I am sure.
stronghunter said…
Boyfriend does sound nice. It is good that they enjoy doing things together.

I think Susan is impressed with the fact that he seems settled and mature.

She says that when they fix dinner together she brings the salad and a bottle of wine. He does the cooking. Nice.
Watching the Skins and baking cookies.. rainy here now.

Oh making peanut butter cookies with a jersey kiss in the hershey kiss
He sounds nice Shirley

Scanned for new tv channels again ..picked up channel 4 out of DC
Lolly said…
Home from church and ran by the grosssserie store.

I am just going to ignore Shirley's comment. We just turned on the TV. Had it recording the game.

Sounds like Susan has found a good one!
JudyE said…
Hello from MCDs at lunch SHIRLEY what is the new boyfriends name???
JudyE said…
Hello from MCDs at lunch SHIRLEY what is the new boyfriends name???
Next door neighbour Murdock and family are so nice..ran over with some cookies with..came back with a bowl of beef stew.

His family comes down every Sunday.
Heard the look and just saw an eagle...they are around when you least expect it.
magpie said…
HUGE Cliffhanger in Washington

magpie said…
OH wow...
Dallas just scored

this is heavy duty
magpie said…
Game on the line
4th down and miles to go

Dallas up by 1, 24-23...
Cowboys got the game

tough, but Dallas had an excellent recovery making that last touchdown

magpie said…
Glad you got your power back...
wow, wonder what caused that outage

Paula, sounds downright dreamy at Paradise....
your neighbors sound so very nice

Shirley...all the descriptors of Susan's new boyfriend sound very very nice

Lolly, Keep on
getting much much better !

Kay, wow sunny in your sun at all hereabouts

magpie said…
cooking curry, time to go cook the beef and onions and then put all the ingredients together



Happy Sunday Afternoon and
Evening, Friends

magpie said…
The colors at the
Sycamore Palace are nice, rich, and brown
Looks like some nestorations are in progress...the nest is looking fluffier and inviting

and I agree with you, Jo...I see those fresh green springs at

ok, back to the kitchen for me
Mema Jo said…
I just published a comment and got this message:
Whoops, that's an error.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Try refreshing the page to see if things are back in order.

I don't like that happening since I have no idea what caused the Whoops
Mema Jo said…
All I had said was that Lolly was doing her Happy Dance since the cowboys won... I'll still be a loyal Redskin Fan....

Now on to the Ravens at 4:30pm I will root for them ♥

Lolly said…
Yes, a habby dance here in Texas for that team from Texas!!

But, as Jack said, "Even a blind hog can stumble over an acorn."
Great game by the Skins and even tho they lost at the very end
Done with cookies for today. Ran out of vanilla and cream cheese .
Lolly said…
I have cinnamon rolls rising. After I bake them going to do my sweet potato dish. Joseph has already hollered not to forget the sweet potatoes. Tomorrow I am doing the dressing and two pies. I think that is it! Laurel asked for my dinner roll recipe and she is going to do them. hee hee hee That is a first!!
Lolly said…
Paula, I am running low on cinnamon and I am out of brown sugar. I was doing so well trying to remember everything!!!
magpie said…
I see an Eagle Tail agt\t NCTC
magpie said…

JOIN ME ?? :)
magpie said…
And still there....

magpie said…
not there now

in, out, in, out...sounds familiar
magpie said…
Bummerini, Lolly...running out of and low on those ingredients...
Good Luck making it work out!

curry is done, rice is cooking

See Y'all Later !
Kay said…
Yes, Penny and I had a nice walk and she's one pooped puppy ! Had to take advantage of the day as the temp is already changing and will be at least 25 degrees cooler tomorrow.

Poor Eileen in Michigan--she's off work all week and gave the two "kids" airfare to fly home from CO for Christmas. Big ice storm hit her suburb overnight and she won't have power until the 26th they say. So, the kids will have to stay at their dad's for warm sleeping and she's been invited to stay with friends as needed for meals and a bed. What a bummer ! But they're all safe--only Max due to arrive from Ft. Collins tomorrow night--hope flying in is possible.

Lori said…
KAY, bummer for Eileen about the kids.

MARGY, so you are in the kitchen today, too! Sounds good = the curry.

PAULA and LOLLY were cooking. too.

Wish I could bake. It doesn't excite me at all.

Big bummer on the Skins loss. Glad Kate got to see a great game.

Okay, feeding fur babies now then outside to potty for them.

Kay said…
LORI, I'm with you. The only thing that ever excited me about baking was eating goodies others had created ! Now with Diabetes II, I have to just put baked goods out of my mind.

I'd love to have seen those fur babies greet you when you returned home ! I know you're loving every moment with them.
Lolly said…
Cinnamon rolls going in the oven. House is about to smell heavenly! Sorry Lori that you do not like to cook. I love cooking but I especially love baking. I just do not do it except on special occasions, Can not afford to eat many calories!!!
Lori said…
KAY, I am loving seeing the fur babies. Dalai was sooo happy. She couldn't have moved her legs any faster or put her ears farther back (happy). Very cute.

JO, thought of you when Kate called and said she was bringing home Panera food for dinner! Can't wait until she gets here.

Geez, LOLLY. Seems like it was just yesterday you were in the kitchen all week getting ready for Thanksgiving. Glad you love to cook.

MARGY, how did the beef curry turn out? Cool that you got to see the eagles tonight. Can't wait until I get a glimpse of them.

Lolly said…
It has been sunny but rather chilly here today. Presently 39 and going down tonight. Glad this did not happen with the rain. Oh, and we got 1 1/2 inch! Wahoooo! Just need so much more. Need to bring the lake levels back up....NOW!!!
Lolly said…
I agree with you, Lori. It does seem just like yesterday! No baking after Christmas! I have not made candy, but (shhh, don't tell Jack) Laurel has. Yea!!! Yes, Jack, like to help me watch what I eat. lol
magpie said…
Hi Lori
I can picture the furbaby celebration!

Who's happier: YOU or THEM ? I'd
wager it is a TIE !

Curry turned out pretty good, but as good as I had in California!

Kay: oh dear, I feel sad for Eileen's weather-squashed plans...but happy that all are safe and well...and I hope she finds a comfortable warm and comforting place to be at also

Lolly....yay on the rain....we got much less than predicted here, but it's okay, we had a lot of snow melt, the creeks are up
magpie said…
time to get back to some householdy kinds of things here

ttfn xo
Yay Good Wife is on tonight. Finally done all the dishes. Guess I should do some wrapping.
Lolly said…
Uh oh!! Big family rif here!! Jack says the cinnamon rolls are not good enough to take to Denton. Laurel is calling her father a liar! What to do? What to do? Jack is highly offended that his daughter would call him such! Me? I am roflmbo!!!!
JudyE said…
Good evening eagle buds Looks like everyone is having a productive day
PAULA GW is a rerun I think maybe because of the holiday
LORI so happy your furbabies were happy to see you

I was suppose to go over Angie after work to meet my new grand puppies but she texted me and said she would be home till 7 or so
So I didn't go over will have to meet them another day
I was on the phone with her and they were feeding them Well the Snow went over to Ices dish and there was a almost fight I heard barking and growling on the phone
JudyE said…
LOLLY I think he just want them to himself If they don't go they get eatin right away Right
Thanks Judy..will still check it out to see if I've seen it.

LOL Lolly
magpie said…
That's what we call a little white
Cinnamon Roll Lie....perfectly innocent and very well planned !!

JudyE...sorry you did not to get to meet the granpups yet...or, well, if they was a'growling goin' on...
maybe tomorrow is better,
after all !

magpie said…

Shirley: sure glad Luna was accounted for....
Whew! makes your heart skip a beat or two I reckon

Going to finish about a dozen little things I have going on lucky, no calls to go in to work today [yet] and I hope things hold steady until
Tuesday when I return anyway

Good Night in Advance, Eagle Pals.
Thinking of all my friends here...
even though I might not "See" You :)

Prayers for Wellness and Serenity...Amongst us ALL

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox

Lolly said…
Sweet potatoes about out of the oven. Jack got pizza for our dinner will be dinner tomorrow, too! Now wasn't that sweet!

Listening to Christmas music...
♪♪♪ Go tell it on a mountain that Jesus Christ is born....♪♪♪

Love it!
Hoda said…
Very happy to read all of your posts.
All sounds well.
Quiet stay in day for me.
Cooked and cleaned and read and did laundry.

Am absolutely AMAZED by Pope Francis.

Booked a massage for Boxing Day. Have not had one for a few months now.

Excited as I think the Canadian Government will start depositing two cheques into my account as of tomorrow!!!
Part of me still does not believe it!
Amazing rather.
I will phone the bank to see if they came through!
The Teachers Pension went in Friday.
Go Canada Go!!!
Sooooooo Funny!
Mema Jo said…
Paula - hope you weren't too disappointed that Good Wife was a repeat and so was The Mentalist.. I watched 2 Midsomer Murders.. Love them.

Judy Your grand-puppies (I saw them on FB) need separate eating places so it sounds.....
Lolly it sounds as though Jack wants those Cinnamon rolls all to himself
Mema Jo said…

Goodnight to all
God Bless and keep you through the night

I love us ♥

Hoda said…
Good night
Gods Bless Us All
stronghunter said…
Checking in to say good night...

Susan's boyfriend's name is Vince. I believe Judy asked.

Thanks to FB, I was not surprised to learn that there was a new boyfriend. Same guy was showing up in lots of pictures.

Yes, I am pleased so far. I have always told my daughters and my female students that they want a soulmate, not a dependent. Of course, the same applies to my sons and male students.
stronghunter said…
Outdoor temperatures around here are in the 60's. Cooler than last night. I turned on the AC awhile ago, as it was hot and stuffy. Thought about opening windows, but that will not work well as rain is approaching.
stronghunter said…
So nice that you are receiving your pension, Hoda.

Need to turn out the light and crawl under the covers. SED, everyone.
Lolly said…
Yes, that time of night has rolled round again. Jack just cooked some sausage for Christmas morning breakfast and between it and the cinnamon rolls it really smells good around here.

Night all! See you in the morning.

JudyE said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds
magpie said…
Good Morning, JudyE and future Eagle Pals of the morning

Judy, if you work today, I hope things are not mad-house-like, and
that folks are in a kind Christmas spirit

magpie said…
Hoda: Wowser, good on you...
hope those Two cheques DO arrive in your account today $ $ $
magpie said…
Best Wishes To Every One for a Very Good Day....

Janet said…
Good morning !
I was Missing In Action, but you all KNEW where I was…..and yesterday, well, tired didn’t begin to describe it, but a happy tired.
We made it to the hotel (stayed at the Crown Plaza) and checked in by 9:15 p.m. local time (they are on eastern time, we are on central time). SNAZZY digs! We made it to the pub, walking distance time 3 min….by 9:50. Talked to Danny and Rebecca of the group, got a pix, and we enjoyed ourselves celebrating Yule/Solstice til they closed the place! I danced from the first note, til they pulled me up on stage the last song and put me in front of a djembe! Woot woot!

I had lots of “friends” on the dance floor, I danced with anyone…even the photographer dude who was taking pix of the event. Lol. He just looked so SERIOUS….  And after talking to him for a min or two I had him dancing as well! Its Yule, shake your groove thing! Granted not a TRADITIONAL way to celebrate, but the energy was so good! My endorphins were going and the down side was I didn’t go to sleep til well past 4 a.m. and my body woke up about 7 a.m.

Oops. 

Other than achey muscles from the dance dance dancing and being tired, I felt great all day. When we got home, a nap was in order.

We had our holiday celebration @ bowling…..and that was fun as well.

Went to bed at a reasonable time and now am up to go to work!

JUDYE: congrats on SNOW and ICE. Funny names for Florida dogs. They sure are cuties!
HODA: yeah! A massage!   

New boyfriends, lots of baking, lots of holiday cheer and goodness! Love it!
Yesterday, JUDYE was 8 years since Dad passed and I need to thank you. For the FIRST time I didn’t meet the days with a heavy heart and tears. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still miss him and still had my ritual drink with him @ the moment he passed, to celebrate his life and his love for all of us….but I did it so much more light hearted and okay with it all. The closing of that estate has helped me so very much and I want to thank you, publicly, for helping, supporting and sticking with me thru everything! 

Everyone, have a lovely day! Light, love, healing and smiles to all! Blessed Be!
Sandi said…
Goodorming Judy, Margy, and all my eagle friends! Nest looks MT to me.

Didn't get cookies baked yesterday. After tennis and the grocery store, I started feeling headachy, so I ended up taking a nap before the football game. Watched the Ravens - cause for another headache - and then just felt blah. It's just a cold but I really didn't feel like doing much of anything.

I guess cookies won't get baked ti we get home on Friday, no big deal. Will be packing and heading to Mom's in Elkridge around noon.

Have a great day all!
Sandi said…
Oops, goodorming Janet! You sneaked in while I was typing!
JudyE said…
OK yesterday at 7.32 Shep showed up will he also do the same today

JudyE said…
I have to leave in 8 min Come on Shep or Belle
JudyE said…
colors on nest but no eagle
Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all ♥ Took me a minute to realize it is now Monday - All of you not going to work enjoy your day.

It is foggy and wet. 55°

I just realized that I have a foot dr appointment scheduled for this afternoon. Then this evening there is a family pizza hut gathering to celebrate Samantha's 12th birthday.
She was our miracle on Christmas eve ♥
Mema Jo said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mema Jo said…
Double post for me..
I will return - have to get my day started - Hoping everyone feels
well and chipper!
MT nest at 8:44 am I may have missed some nest action - I'll check out the Eagle sites on FB

Lori said…
Good morning!

JANET, sounds like you had the ultimate good time - loved your dancing story - you wild thang! :)

JUDYE, I'll have to find the pic of the grandpuppies on FB. They sound adorable.

SANDI, safe traveling and have a wonderful time at your Moms. Can't wait to hear Brian & Lynnis' surprise announcement!

MARGY, Happy day off! I think you said you don't go back to work until Tuesday. Enjoy.

LOLLY, what's on your baking/cooking agenda today? Thanks to you I'm craving my Mom's cinnamon rolls and she
s 250 miles away. :)

SHIRLEY, loved how you already had the boyfriend scoop thanks to FB! Can't wait for you to meet him. Good advice for your daughters and students about the soul mate.

KAY, hope you and Penny have a great day today. Any plans today?

HODA, what will you be doing today? I always love reading your daily agenda. You do so many wonderful things.

JO, hope GD has a happy pizza birthday celebration tonight. You have such an awesome family.

PAULA, are you working today & tomorrow? Hope you get them off.

Well, I'm off to get a shower and plan the day. Did not get any of the math project done yesterday - NONE! Too many distractions around here. Will have to work on it today.

Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!!

Wahoo ! Eileen called late last night to say the power is back on in her part of the suburb. She called home and got her answering machine, so knew it was so. Went home, turned on the heat and was one happy camper when she called. Answered prayer really !

LORI, love the reunion image received ! Temps have returned to short walk level for Penny n' me. I may make a Kroger run today, nothing more than that.

LOLLY, don't feel sorry for those of us who don't like to back or no longer take joy in cooking--those like you need appreciative audiences ! I really loved to cook and even did some baking back in the days when the kids were at home. It always did my heart good to watch their reaction to Mama's creations. None of them were fussy eaters---it's a wonder they are all so thin and trim. Wish I were !

SHIRLEY, note writing is key to the art of living with others--hope you never go through that Luna angst again ! You are so right about marrying soul mates. Stan and I were lucky to have that and, in fact, I have a soul mate in my life right now. He is a 90 year old man who lives near Wichita, KS in a seniors community. He's sharp as a tack, a poet, up to speed on current affairs, a daily delight for me via e-mail and occasional calls. Ernie's wife and I worked together for many years. She died a couple of years before Stan and we kept up with Ernie after he left AZ to be near kids in KS. When I moved here I made it a point to go through his town for a brief visit which further sealed our friendship. He is a blessing !

HODA, Go Canada, indeed ! Merry Christmas from the PM, et al !

JO, in spite of repeats I kept an eye and ear on TGW and TMentalist while starting a jigsaw puzzle. Picked up on several points I missed first time round.
Kay said…
Oops, LOLLY, that should be "don't like to bake", of course !
Mema Jo said…

BWE Lonely Louie is on the osprey platform
grannyblt said…
GM eagles friends.

Cooler and gray here today. All of the snow has of course melted with the unseasonably warm weather of the last few days. That will make it easier to spot a snowy owl, I hope. My neighbor and I are going lookin' this afternoon. There was one spotted a half hour away.

I too , baked cookies yesterday. The new recipe was from the back of Andes Candies baking bits package. Good minty cookies, but I overbaked one of the pans and today the cookies are tooth crackers--good for dipping. Oh wel, that won't slow me down much.

Saw two tails on the cam yesterday, can't wait until nesting season. There is a new eagle cam up for the nest in Pittsburgh. Doesn't have a very close view. Has the second egg hatched in the FL nest?

I hope all have a great day and if I don't get back here before Christmas, I send my best wishes for a wonderful Christmas.
Kay said…
Thank you, LYNNE1 and a Merry Christmas to you, too !!!

Just read this on Yahoo News--one of the 14 most likely shows to be dropped by the networks next season:

The Mentalist--guess others are as sick of Red John as I am !

"Aside from Hostages and We Are Men, which was cancelled after only two episodes, the next most likely candidate for cancellation at CBS is The Mentalist, with an index score of 0.64. Now in its sixth season, The Mentalist is a police procedural, comedy-drama hybrid that follows a former psychic who uses his observational skills to aid the California Bureau of Investigation. While the show has averaged upwards of 9 million viewers per episode in the sixth season, those numbers are a far cry from the first three seasons, which averaged around 15 million viewers. Since 2011, the series has seen a notable year-over-year decline — CBS might decide it’s simply time to move on, considering the show’s clear decline in popularity."

I do like the cast and hope to see all the main characters on other shows in the near future !

Oh, SANDI, you mentioned we will have to get more familiar with the Belle n' Shep tail feathers with the new camera setting. Easy and well illustrated in JUDY's latest pics on our Yahoo site. Belle has a distinctive and beautiful perfect inverted Vee to her black feathers. Shep does not.
Lolly said…
Goodorming! Quite chilly here this morn, saw 24, but up to 33 now and bright sunshine. I won't say just where the cold air is coming from. lol

On the agenda today...Apple Slices, pumpkin pie, corn bread and then last but not least dressing. Apple Slices is like an apple pie only I make it on a cookie sheet. Family actually likes it better than apple pie.

Silly turkey was moved from the freezer to the refrigerator Friday morning and it is still frozen. Going to be fun wrestling with it today. Actually, not going to prepare to cook it until tomorrow at Laurel's. Jacob was disappointed Thanksgiving that he did not get the opportunity to reach inside the bird. LOL He will be thrilled to do it tomorrow. That's cool, you know!

I have had my cinnamon roll and bacon for breakfast and my coffee is gone so I guess it is time for me to get busy.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!
Lori said…

KAY, you sly, little devil, you! Holding out on us about Ernie all this time. So happy you have someone in your life who obviously makes you so happy! Cheers! :)

LYNNE1 Hope you see that Snowy Owl and post some pictures of it here.

LOLLY, what a clever way to make apple pie without all the time consuming crust making!
Lori said…
Actually, I don't know anyone who makes their own crust anymore...everyone says the store stuff from the frozen section is just as good.
stronghunter said…
Good morning,

Yes, it is still morning. I checked.

Sounds like everyone is closing up the final preparations for Christmas. I am working on tidying and getting the house in order. I've said that I will not be going back to the store. Anything I've forgotten will need to be picked up by one of my four children.

Rus is my expert in preparing roast beef, so I have requested that he provide any seasonings he would like to use. I bought the beef.

And I know I will have to supervise the pacing. He has some issues with realizing that you must put the food in the oven four hours ahead of the time you expect to eat if it must cook for that long. That is my Rus.
stronghunter said…
How nice that you have a soul mate in Kansas, Kay.

Susan is having so much fun being single and free that I do not know if she is ready for the marriage and family bit yet. It is just this year that she has taken up jumping out of airplanes and climbing up steep mountains.
stronghunter said…
In addition to tidying, I do have a few more packages to wrap. I would like to get that done before other family members want to get hold of the wrapping supplies.

Yesterday, I picked up some mice made of pressed catnip. They should be interesting, but I know better than to wrap them and put them under the tree.

As for the cooking tasks, I am planning to encourage my children to take over more of those this year. Will came through at Thanksgiving. I can't quite pull off everything the way I did years ago.
Kay said…
I think the pre-formed crusts are quite good, too. They are what Eileen uses for her scrumptious chicken pot pies. Lee's wife Beth is the family pie baker and does from scratch crust that melts in the mouth ! She learned from her mother Judy who you may remember we prayed for as she battled cancer a couple of years ago. She left a wonderful, satisfying legacy to her daughter ! Yesterday she and granddaughter, Lauren, were busy baking fruit pies and quiche` up there at her dad's in MN. Lee said the house smelled soooo good !

At my request, even though I can eat only a little piece of it, we are having hot buttered gingerbread for Christmas dinner dessert. Their house is full of homemade cookies and candy as well as some received as gifts, so the three of them can get good sugar rushes as needed !

LORI, don't know why the subject of Ernie has never come up before, but yes, he provides daily smiles and laughs ! Life brings a lot of surprises and this precious friendship is certainly one of them !

stronghunter said…
Note writing would have been good, Kay. Or a phone call. Or, just a holler up the stairs.
stronghunter said…
Crust-making: I have two prepared graham cracker crusts in the pantry waiting for my special lemon creme pies. I haven't done much crust-making over the years.
Kay said…
Oh, SHIRLEY, I think this is a wonderful time of life, when our children begin to take over in the kitchen, etc.. Sounds like LOLLY's Laurel is beginning to work her way toward the day when festivities will center around her home. And, there you are helping shift those details to the next generation. Good on you !

It's good that Susan is living life to the fullest, trying new things and sewing any wild oats she may have now. I don't know how old she is, but my kids were all 29 and 30 before marriage. By then they were well traveled, had sewn those oats and were ready to settle down. I also think they've been great parents because they have so much more to offer their kids than I, marrying at age 18, was able to do.
Kay said…
Oh, lemon cream, be still my heart ! I love lemon anything !!!!
Lolly said…
Kay, Jack's favorite is lemon cake with lemon icing and that was Jacob's request for his birthday this year.

Lori, you know me and I always make my crust from scratch. I have never bought a ready made pie crust. My grandpa used to rave over my crust. Learned in high school and still use the same recipe and it melts in your mouth.
Lolly said…
Oh, and Lori, the Apple Slices does have a crust, only I make the crust in the food processor and it is a sweeter crust and there is a glaze I put on top after baking.
Lolly said…
Cornbread is out of the oven, turkey innards are cooking on the stove and I am ready to tackle the pies....only Jack is in the kitchen and I need him OUT! I need more room!!! LOL He is stuffing jalapenos for tomorrow night. Family light supper early, go to church, and then come home and PARTY on "orders"!!!
stronghunter said…
Susan and Will are both 33.

I was 25 when I married. I did enjoy the time I had being single.
Mema Jo said…
I know there is a secret to the tail feathers to ID which one we are watching - Not sure what it is but Paula knows, I think.
On the front neck feathers - Belle is the one with the inverted "V" right in front. Ane of course Shep still has his spot!

Mema Jo said…
Watch our for our SPLIT
Hoda said…
Good morning.
Snow storming here.
Not sure if I will be able to get out today.

Tail feathers: Belle is straight across with more white showing. Shep is uneven tail ends with less white showing.
Right PAULA. That was your observation last year. We agreed with you.
stronghunter said…
Sounds like a good day to enjoy some time indoors, Hoda.
Lolly said…
Sun shining brightly here, Soda. Now up to 43.

Pumpkin pie in the is next. Rolling along! After pies I will tackle the dressing and I will be through! And, no need to do supper, we have the other half of the pizza!!
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