Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Planning on doing tree work tomorrow.

New thread.


Kay said...

Thank you for the nice new thread, STEVE ! I've put out the call to the others and I know they'll all be thrilled to know there is tree work in the offing for tomorrow !

Going back for some catch up reading....

Kay said...

Here I am again, Feather and all !

LOL, HODA ! Oh you Canadians !

JANET, mega-prayers for Chris !

The tundra is still in deep freeze here, but I must try to get out for my Advair Rx and a few grosseries ! I know Julie would do it for me, but I think my GMC Envoy can handle the unplowed and unsalted street better than her Honda Civic can. Most of the neighbors are coming and going so I'll give it a try, too.

Kay said...

Happy hump day to those of you with Monday-Friday work/school weeks !

Love and prayers for all in need !!!


Hoda said...

Thank you STEVE
Thank you Kay
Appreciate the update on the work tomorrow STEVE NCTC is the best!

Hoda said...

In the UK too KAY

Kay said...

Oh, yes, I know, HODA. So many in this world express the date that way and so much of the world lives by the metric system. Americans are a funny and eccentric lot---such a young country with much to learn ! We as a country are kind of like a teenager---a bit rebellious and little full of ourselves at times ! Don't get me wrong, I love the USA wholeheartedly, but I do try to keep some objectivity ! ☺ And, I dearly love you Canadians and your big, wide wonderful country !!!

Mema Jo said...

Good Morning
I was really hoping for this fresh new thread - THANK YOU STEVE

Kay I also thank you and congratulate you on your feather...

Tree work tomorrow is great news
I wish us luck in getting that cam
up/running !

Lolly said...

Good morning! Another chilly morn but already up to 38!! Yea! Ice be gone!!!

Sandi, schools districts here usually have a couple of snow days built in. They have now missed 4 days of school and we have just started winter. Hopefully, the state will excuse some of them. Time will tell.

Going shopping again today and adventuring to Fort Worth. Need to get to a book store and since they closed the one here in our town, I need to go further, about 20 miles. I might even go to the mall to seek stocking stuffers. Laurel is taken care of and so is Jack, but need to work on the boys.

Janet, prayers for sure!

Lolly said...

Yes, Jo, so very ready to see our eagles. It just seems like it has been so long!

Lolly said...

Oh, dear! Just called Laurel, she was out of breath. Joey has gone to get his flu shot and she has just discovered that Bosco is missing. Someone did not fasten the gate and they let him into the backyard. She does not know how long he has been gone, she is attempting to drive out of her long ice covered driveway. The thing is he is so old and so feeble. If he falls on the ice he will not be able to get up. Also, he does not have his collar and tags on. I am so worried!!

Mema Jo said...

Good luck to Laurel in finding
Bosco. Hope between her, Joey and the 2 boys that he will be found.

Lolly said...

Laurel made it out of her drive way and safely back home. She found Bosco who was having a great time investigating the neighborhood. She drove around for a while but found him on a street behind their house.

I am about to adventure out. Later Gators!

Ms Bookworm said...

Good Morning/Afternoon, Everyone!

Oh my, Lolly! Prayers for Bosco, and prayers that Laurel will be able to find him! I hate when a situation like this happens, it's SOOO stressful for all involved!

Steve, thank you for the new thread! So happy to hear that there will be camera work commencing tomorrow! Can't wait to see our eagles again!

It's a little warmer here today. Started out at 43ยบ, and supposed to get to 70! Definitely doable.

Prayers bigtime for Janet's friend Chris, and her family!

Well, have lots of housework to get done today. May try to find some of the Christmas decorations, too. Will check back in when I have a few moments to get caught up here. Hope everyone is having a good day. I ♥ us!!!

JudyE said...


Lori said...

Hi everyone!

JANET, prayers for your dear friend. Glad it is a more treatable disease/CA, nursing school abbreviation for cancer. Prayers that the treatment works quickly and the stomach mass is benign. Big hugs, Janet. I can tell you're very upset.

I come to your quickly today. Promised myself I'd start homework, etc., by 4. I was supposed to have tomorrow off and work a few hours at the Hep clinic, but they changed that today and I still go to the clinic but must first report to the hospital at 6:15, then go back to the hospital after the clinic. Major bummer! I so wanted that time to get caught up. Had a Nutrition test today and barely passed with a 75%. And I studied for it. Enough of my complaining.

At this highly volatile time I cannot tell you how excited I am that tree work will be done tomorrow. WOOOOOOHOOOOOO! What a blessing that will be to see our beautiful Belle and Shep again.

Love you all, dearly. Big hugs and I'll be checking in tomorrow to see if we have our cam back. The thought of it bring joy to my heart.


In case anyone doesn't know, KAY
and I do seven ♥'s because there
are 7 letters in Liberty's name.
Miss him.

Love, light, healing, hugs,
warmth, prayers and joy for

Lori said...

Bad manners!

efforts in getting the cam up
again. Love you all!

Congrats on your feather, KAY.
It looks lovely on you. Big hugs!

Sandi said...

Hi all! Thanks Steve for the new thread and the news that we may be watching our eagles shortly!! Thanks kay, for the call over!

Janet, I sure will keep Chris in my thoughts and prayers that her cancer was caught early and her prognosis is for a full and permanent recovery!

Lolly, scary about Bosco - I'm glad Laurel found him and he was not in any distress. We worry about the same thing with bandit - if he ever got out without being on the leash, he would never hear us calling for him, his vision is minimal, and the dementia has made him so "foggy" that I'm not sure his nose would ever lead him back home.

Well, the school district has rescheduled the parent-teacher conferences that were canceled yesterday - the new date is NEXT MONDAY!!! Teachers have been told that they are expected to be there, even though we might have already scheduled something for that evening! You would never guess that our superintendent was once a teacher!!

Time to get started on dinner - later!

Kay said...

Thank you gals ! I did get a few funny looks when I went to the bank, Kroger and the hardware store this afternoon. I just grinned and said, "what's wrong, haven't you ever seen an imaginary Eagle feather ?" Some people are so clueless !

Once I got beyond my own street the roads and parking lots were nice and clear. My street, a four block long dead ender is kind of low on the city's snow removal and salting list. Boo-Hoo !

LORI, at least you passed. You just have so much on your plate and sometimes "Just passing" is good enough. Take a deep breath after this hug {{{{{{{LORI}}}}}}}}and carry on ! Love you girl and appreciate your reminder re:the Liberty ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥'s !

Yes, it will be grand if the cam problems are solved and we're back in business. What a great Christmas present that will be for all of us !

Kay said...

LOLLY, big sense of relief to know Bosco is home safe and sound ! Does he have a microchip ? Same question for SANDI where Bandit is concerned. It's an easy and not terribly expensive procedure and gives some peace of mind.

SANDI, what a bummer ! Why in the world couldn't those conferences take place in January just this once. That superintendent gets the Grinch award ! Bah humbug !

Hoda said...

" let's DO It!"
So cute.
The roads are do icy I got stuck twice today!
The first time on my way to the dentist.
I saw these three young men in their teens or early twenties. Complete with dreads and low hanging pants. Slightly scruffy looking.Would you mind helping me out I ask.
LETS DO IT they all say thumping each other on the back.
They do give a push and my little car gets unstuck. They are beaming with joy. I say thank you. They say you take care.
How sweet is that.

The second time the guy parked next to me gives me a push and goes off with his wife and daughter. I did not even ask! Thank you I said he waved me off.

Kindness in my life today.

Janet said...

hey all.

put pix of olivia's ice skating costume on my blog.

tired tonight.

chris' surgery is friday.

getting ready to celelbrate lorelei's 1st bday tonight with the kids. truthfully, don't feel much like it. but will.

thank you all for your light and love.

one day at a time.

Mema Jo said...

Janet - saw the pics over on FB - Costumes looked great - Her pose with her smile was excellent. Like Wanda commented - she shows confidence ♥
I will offer prayers for Chris this Friday.. ♥

Lolly said...

Kay, still smiling over your post.....imaginary eagle feather, indeed! I have a whole headdress and it is not imaginary! LOL

Had a successful shopping day and when I got home two package had been delivered. Expecting more, but things are rolling along.

Joey has school tomorrow, but two hour delay. Laurel thinks they will go at regular time. However, black ice will be present as well as freezing fog putting another glaze on.

Tomorrow I have a Christmas party to go to, so I will be cooking for it. Told Laurel I will shop for her if needed next week.

Lolly said...

Forgot to phone died today. I talked with Jack while out and the next time I tried to talk to him it would not turn on. I am so upset. To the phone store I go tomorrow. Grrrr!

JudyE said...

HELLO good evening eagle buds Just got back from Angie delivered lots of yard decoration I am no longer using They can use them more than me instead of being stored Like I have for the past couple of years

I still got a few more items to take over My palm tree and the big sandman that I got from the budwiser display a few years back just don't think it will fit in my bed of my truck with the top on it

I told Angie she needs to keep it in the back yard as decoration all year around being its a sandman LOL

paula eagleholic said...

Evening, all!

Lolly, sorry about the inconvenience for sure!

Glad Bosco was found safe and sound!

No snow here on Tuesday, just rain, then cleared up mid afternoon. Today was sunny and nice, if you call 44 nice. Supposed to be 32 tomorrow.

Bro and I have been chilling...fried up some flounder tonight...don't think he's really going to get to go fishing until the weekend.

Glad to hear they will be up in the tree tomorrow...really looking forward to having our cam back! Hope the cam still works, or Steve has an extra...otherwise it won't be on till then.

Janet, hoping for the best outcome for your friend Chris.

Lori, I agree, sometimes just passing is just fine! You work so hard...we love having you here whenever you can get comes first!

paula eagleholic said...

Kay, glad Seth is doing well in school and has a nice long break. I know you look forward to enjoying a portion of it with him.

Margy, hope you are enjoying your company!

Lolly said...

Enjoying Kelly C's Christmas special. Reba's hubby is from Burleson, where I live. Also, Kelly is from Burleson and married to a Burleson boy, Reba's stepson. Interesting tidbits! So, does she call Reba "Mom"?

paula eagleholic said...

Interesting tidbits for sure, Lolly.

SED, love and hugs for all ♥

Mema Jo said...

Good late evening to all ♥
Watched some more Christmas movies.

Hair cut tomorrow - my hair is almost long enough for a perm - BUT
that would take me some time to get use too.

I don't see Shirley anywhere here today. I'll keep an eye open for her.

Mema Jo said...

Goodnight to all ♥

Prayers for all our needs and also our friends and families.

Look for the sun tomorrow....


Lolly said...

Jo, have not had my hair cut for a couple of months. It is getting long. Well, long for me! Thinking about letting it go this winter. Hmmmm! Should be interesting.

Going to say good night.


Hoda said...

Yes missing SHIRLEY.
Good night all
God Bless Us All

stronghunter said...


Sorry I did not check in sooner. Spent a good part of the day at the doctor's for a re-check on my sore toe. I have been advised to see a podiatrist. Had already decided I should do that.

Tonight was bridge. I provided desert. Decided that Wegman's has wonderful deserts, so I went there and picked up a delicious cake.

The bridge ladies are excellent cooks, and we had a fine feast.

I am too tired to keep making sense, so I will say good night and God bless.

Sandi said...

Good Thursday morning my eagle friends. Two more days til the weekend - the kids are getting crazier by the minute! I am so ready for Christmas break.

Janet, Olivia is such a cute Tigger!! Love the costume! I'm glad she found something she enjoys so much! How's math going??

Prayers for Dana's dad, Kelsey's mom, both Norms, Michael, and Janet's friend Chris - have a great day!

magpie said...

Good Thursday Morning
from work

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds !!!

Judging by the time lapse here everyone must be uberbusy with Christmas prep !

HODA, your "pushers" restore one's faith in man and womankind ! Also a reminder that you can't judge books by their covers, eh ?

JO, you look so lovely with short hair and I really don't like the idea of your inhaling those noxious perm odors !

Pause...I need to take a look at JANET's Olivia....

Kay said...

Oh, what a cute Tigger Olivia is !! A lot of work went into that costume and it's adorable. JANET, I guess you could say a lot of work has gone into the making and taking care of your lovely daughter, too. You and Tom have done a great job, girl !

Kay said...

Well, hello there dearest MAGPIE from work ! Hope all is going well.

Joining SANDI in her prayer list and asking for blessings for every Momster, Dadster, Kidster and Petster !


Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥
Maybe everyone has "freezed up" as not too many early birds on here..

I am so praying that the tree climbers and camera techs bring us good news soon.

No perm fumes for me, Kay - you are so right about that! Short all the way

It is only 23° here and Shep'twn is at 27° Sun is shinning so hopefully the temps will rise...

Mema Jo said...

I'll BBL

Lolly said...

Helloooooooo! Jack and I got out early to go to ATT store. My phone is just dandy. They rebooted it and showed me how to do it. Interesting! Wahooooooo!

Then we did a little shopping. We are going to go to a local winery Sunday. Our favorite local band is playing and admission is a toy. Bought two dolls! Yea! Joseph and Jacob never let me buy them dolls. Nor Zach, either. LOL

Jack has gone to eat lunch with a friend. I made a short trip out and bought a present for Jack and now back home. Going to clean house, wrap a package or two and then start cooking to take a dish to a party tonight.

Later Gators!

Mema Jo said...

I have returned - all is well - I stayed short ♥ Some perms were being given and I was glad not to have to be there too long...

Now I think my feet are going up for an hour.. I've been watching Christmas movie too late at night..

Trying to find some word about the tree climb but with no luck...


Kay said...

JO, glad you didn't have to stay in with those stinky perms for too long !

LOLLY, all those holiday plans n' parties sound like great fun !

I just talked to a dear friend who will turn 97 tomorrow. She's sharp as a tack and very well---her mother lived to 103. Meg was very active in the church I grew up in and she and her husband often hosted parties for we teens as they had a son who was a part of the youth group. What an inspiration !

I realized while paying bills today that Penny has been with me for one year ! I'll count this as her 7th birthday and give her an extra treat ! 12/12/12 was the day I got my Pretty Penny, my Lucky Penny......

I keep checking in to see if there is some Sycamore Palace news, but they are probably still working on the problem(s). Patience, Kay, patience !

Mema Jo said...

I have been watching TV show
Don't know how we will find out any news from NCTC. I also have my Outdoor Channel up BUT they can fix the cam and maybe it won't be up yet
for viewing except at NCTC in house

Holle if you hear anything Kay
I'll do the same


JudyE said...

Good afternoon eagle buds Will be going to Jordyn Christmas show at her school in a bit
I also have the cams up and yesterday they had the rainbow colors with the clock updating and now its just a black screen so something has happened it says no connection to the video source So they did something Waiting is hard
Jordyn school this year is recording the show and selling disc for 8 which is great now we can enjoy while someone else tapes it I love that idea

JudyE said...

One year KAY congratulations of your lucky Penny

Lori said...

Hi everyone!

Just checking in for a cam
update. Hoping and praying
for great news from STEVE.

4 big - huge projects, one
due tomorrow, another on
Monday, and 2 of them on
Wednesday. Don't know
how I'll find any study
time in there.

Send an email on the news of the cam! Fingers, toes are crossed.

Brrrrr. Cold here today. High of 16!

♥ Love you all so much!

Can't wait to see Belle and Shep!!!

Mema Jo said...

Don't think we will be able to see the Sycamore today - After working hours and it's dark out there.
Perhaps we'll get a message from Steve tomorrow...

Mema Jo said...

No eagle around the Blackwater area

FUN! Atlanta Zoo
Lun Lun was resting BUT one of her cubs had a better idea - Play time


Cub is fast asleep

Mema Jo said...

Soon I'm off to watch some more Christmas shows....


paula eagleholic said...

Evening all.

Sorry we didn't get an update on our cam.

We had our longevity awards at work today and Christmas party. Santa arrived with a bonus check for each and every employee..and we had some snacks and punch and door prizes. it was really nice. Our department has our own party next week.

Put my small Christmas tree up here..and some decorations too. Will put up the outside decorations in the next couple of days.

Oh also got to show my brother the ISS flyover was early ..5.34pm.

Kay so glad you got Penny. Happy Birthday to Penny!

Lynne2 said...

HELLO! Just checking in!

Lynne2 said...

Happy Penny Day and Happy Birthday to Lorelei!

Prayers for Chris, Prayers the Lori finds time to study, prayers for Shirley's toe....

I miss you guys! The rescue stuff is getting really busy right now, I'm working extra at work covering for coworkers and of course packing is about to commence....UGH! Our work Christmas party is tomorrow and it will be a nice break!

Janet said...

Good evening all.
Its been a very long week. I am tired.
SANDI: math stinks. *sigh* as soon as this program is over on Sunday we will have to sit down and decide exactly when to start the Sylvan program. Thank you for asking though.
I had a few days off from Massage Envy. Spent it working on the costume and a few things around here.
I’ve been mentally/emotionally dealing with the news from Tuesday. I spoke with Nancy and Chris early this morning. The drs are going in tomorrow morning and removing 3 feet of her small intestine to remove the tumor. From there, once the biopsy is done and they determine all the relevant information…..well, we go from there.
That’s about all that’s going on around here. I’ll be at the ice rink the next few days…
Thank you for holding my friend close in your heart and thoughts. I will update you as I know.
Good night to all.

Lynne2 said...

Off to shower and bed...will check in when I can! Good night and prayers for all!

magpie said...

Good Late
Evening, Eagle Pals...

Trying to stay tuned in to the doins' here...
Sending Positive Thoughts and
Prayers for
Wellness amongst us all...


All is well here, lots of going here and there, and I am working my regular shifts....
I'll try to write more when things
quiet down here with my schedule.
Family is doing well....James is getting lots of time with his Mother and Grandfather

Love and (( Hugs )) to All...
Magpie xoxox

God Bless Us,
Every One xoxox

magpie said...

That's a big operation coming up,
my very best wishes for success and good outcomes for your friend....
and Prayers...

Good Night, Everyone...
Get yourselves some Sweeeet Sleep


Mema Jo said...

I have returned with the Spirit of Christmas in my heart... Movie was really good tonight ♥

Janet - Praying for Chris' medical procedure.. Also praying that our prayer power will get her through this. Olivia's video - they get better all the time! Love to watch her.

Kay - Happy Penny's Day She has
certainly been a blessing to you

Mema Jo said...

Hoping for an update from Steve tomorrow and hoping the best news about the cam...... I am really hoping to see our Royal Couple.

Goodnight to all and prayers for all
I ♥ Us

Lolly said...


Home from party. Only 16 women but we had fun. We always have fun! Lots of love in the group, just like here!

Happy Birthday to Penny! Kay you and Penny were both lucky to get each other!!

Hang in there, Lori. Not much fun working on projects and having tests at Christmas time. You can do is just this year!!

Lynne, we love it when you pop in. We understand how busy you are and if just to say "hi" we love it!

stronghunter said...

Happy birthday dear Penny!

Hope you will be able to settle in for awhile after this move, Lynne.

I am with you, Jo. Hoping we'll be seeing the nest again soon.

Glad you had fun with your friends, Lolly.

Love the skating pictures, Janet. That's a very creative costume and a lovely young lady you have there.

stronghunter said...

Time for me to sleep. Much for me to do around here tomorrow.

Good night!


Hoda said...

God Bless Us All

Sandi said...

Good Friday morning my eagle friends!

Kay, happy birthday to Penny - I'm so glad you two found each other!!

Lori, hang in there!

Lynne, hopefully this will be the last packing job for a while!! Is Feb. 1st still the target date?

Prayers for Dana's dad, Kelsey's mom, both Norms, Michael, and especially for Chris's surgery today.

Faculty Christmas party at a local winery after school today - will go for a little while though I'm not a drinker. Will celebrate that there are only 5 more teaching days til Christmas break!

Have a great day all!

Janet said...

good morning.

have i told you lately that i love you? each of you.

walking in prayer, Reiki light and love today.

blessed be.

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥

Going to have routine blood work done


Kay said...

Good RED FRIDAY Morning Dear Eagle Buds !!!

Thanks for all the Penny greetings ! I'm so thankful for the little girl !

JO, good luck with the routine blood work ! Just beware of anyone who says, "I vant to suck your blooood".
I'm not a fan of the vampire craze, but one can hardly avoid some of it !

MARGY, so glad you, LYNNE2 and LORI are finding time to drop in, in spite of being crazy busy ! It's wonderful to know James is getting plenty of time with his mom and grandpa !!!

SANDI, enjoy the party ! Perhaps you'll be needed as a designated driver ! ☺

PAULA, you landed in a great spot--congrats on the bonus !!!

JANET, prayers for Chris---thank God we can live without a large section of that vital part of the body. Prayers for you, too !!!

LOLLY, did you drive yourself to the joyful party last night or did your Jubby drop you off and pick you up ? I worry about you folks who so rarely deal with ice on the streets.

SHIRLEY, wherefore art thou this morning ? What's up for your day ?

I'm staying high and dry--to be 32° for a high today--no melting at that rate.

Love and prayers for all and harboring high hopes that we'll learn something about the cam work today !!!


Kay said...

Y'all come over to the NEW THREAD !!!
Saw on my way out....