Friday, December 13, 2013


Crane is on site.  A perfect day to go up the tree.

New thread


Kay said...

Thank you, STEVE ! We've been wondering about the cam work. So, will be thinking those so hard at work for us in the cold and frosty air !!!

I'll head back for the others.....

Kay said...

Bringing my last post over for today's reading....

Blogger Kay said...

Good RED FRIDAY Morning Dear Eagle Buds !!!

Thanks for all the Penny greetings ! I'm so thankful for the little girl !

JO, good luck with the routine blood work ! Just beware of anyone who says, "I vant to suck your blooood".
I'm not a fan of the vampire craze, but one can hardly avoid some of it !

MARGY, so glad you, LYNNE2 and LORI are finding time to drop in, in spite of being crazy busy ! It's wonderful to know James is getting plenty of time with his mom and grandpa !!!

SANDI, enjoy the party ! Perhaps you'll be needed as a designated driver ! ☺

PAULA, you landed in a great spot--congrats on the bonus !!!

JANET, prayers for Chris---thank God we can live without a large section of that vital part of the body. Prayers for you, too !!!

LOLLY, did you drive yourself to the joyful party last night or did your Jubby drop you off and pick you up ? I worry about you folks who so rarely deal with ice on the streets.

SHIRLEY, wherefore art thou this morning ? What's up for your day ?

I'm staying high and dry--to be 32° for a high today--no melting at that rate.

Love and prayers for all and harboring high hopes that we'll learn something about the cam work today !!!


Kay said...

Wow this is my third Feather, my headdress is filling in nicely !

Sandi said...

Hi all - had a minute to check in at school and I see we have a new thread! Thanks Steve for that and thanks AGAIN to Kay for the call over!!

Steve, LOVE your message at the start of the new thread that the crane is on site! Wish I could be watching the guys going up into the tree - fingers crossed that the cam goes live soon!! I can hardly wait to see our eagles again!!

OK, back to work!

Sandi said...

Had to post before I got the box to check.

Mema Jo said...

Good Lucky Friday the 13th to all ♥
Thank you Steve for the update! It is the perfect day and I am hoping that the cam is in decent condition.

Lucky you, Kay on the feather.

Back from blood work and just finished my breakfast!

BBL - Need to spread Steve's word

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Hi Kay!

No big plans for the day. Just some Christmas prep. Did some on-line shopping yesterday. Still need to shop some more.

Very happy to see that tree work is underway. Thanks for the info, Steve!! We are eagerly awaiting the nesting season.

Hoda said...


Hoda said...

Thank you KAY for call over.
JO glad you are back from blood work. Enjoy your breakfast.

Eagle-Eyed Shar said...

WOOT!!!!!! Anxiously awaiting for the cam to come up!

JudyE said...

GOOD Morning Eagle buds OH I HOPE someone takes a picture him in the crane like last year

Mema Jo said...


Picture posted on new blog

Whoo Hoo! Our sycamore

Ms Bookworm said...

Good Red Friday Morning!

Prayers ongoing for Chris and her operation today. God bless her medical team. Hoping for a complete recovery for her!

Steve, thank you for the new thread, and for the info about the work in the Sycamore Palace today! Excited to think we'll soon be watching Belle and Shep again!

Kay, congratulations on having Penny for a whole year! What a blessing!

Lori, so proud of you, and hoping that you'll have some time to enjoy Christmas and New Years, as well as keeping up with school.

Need to go get busy now. Trying to find our Christmas decorations in the garage, and put up a few of them! Have a fantastic Friday, everyone! I ♥ us!!!

JudyE said...

Thanks JO for the heads up great picture

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