Wednesday, August 12, 2015


New thread.


glo said...

Hands Judie a feather. Good morning everyone. I am wondering if for my family and I life may be going to return to business in a much more normal kind of way. Going to mow this morning and hopefully go to the Fitness Center to swim this afternoon. Have a good day everyone.

Thanks for the new thread Steve.

grannyblt said...

Good morning eagle peeps. Thanks for new thread. Nest is sunny and breezy and empty.

Yes Glo, it is always a relief to return to a normal routine. Hoping Becky rests a bit more to result in a successful healing.

Andrea, hope Ken's procedure goes smoothly.

Hope a wonderful day is in store for all.

Judie said...

Good morning again.

Thank you Steve for the fresh new Wednesday thread. It brought the sunshine and a bright blue sky with it.

Shirley must have enjoyed a cocktail or two as she was stuttering a bit last night. Sure hope she's having a really lovely time at my old home stomping grounds. Before VA Beach became a resort, restaurants were more like coffee houses/Rathskellers and those of us of an age to be concerned sat around with our beer and discussed Viet Nam, the draft, the friends we would never see again, and sang folk/protest songs. While marijuana and LSD were prevalent, we were a far more serious and concerned generation than many thought. JMHO

Jo, so happy you enjoyed dinner out with Michael & Co. Are leaves starting to change color in your valley? Some are around here. Is today a doctor day? I'm sorry I've forgotten. If so, good wishes for good news.

Andy, so sorry you have been so sick but ever so glad you've started to feel better. Take care and positive thoughts for Kubby today.

Janet, so glad Michael got some medical care for that bite. Hope he's feeling better now.

Headed to the scullery for more coffee. Be back in a few.

Lynne2 said...

Wow Judie, that comment certainly gave me quite the mental picture and brought a tear to my eye. I'm too young to remember the details of the Viet Nam years specifically, but I sure do remember parents and grandparents and aunts uncles and older cousins discussing it, and seeing it on the news, and how concerned everyone was. We as a family were very fortunate to have those who were there come home in one piece.

GOOD MORNING! Thanks for the new thread Steve!

And a GORGEOUS morning it is here!!

Janet said...

Morning all!

STRONGHUNTER : knew you were at the beach! But VA BEACH! I know those stomping grounds well! Are you on VA Beach or have you drifted off to Sandbridge (very nice area as well)

MS BOOKWORM: feel better asap! So sorry you have been ill!

CONGRATS TO JUDIE on the new feather! Looks purdy!
THANKS TO STEVE for a mid week thread!
Not sure how Michael’s leg is today, trying not to be a badgering mom…….but I do know he’s soaking and taking his antibiotics…
Have some exciting news. Have you ever had any thoughts, kind of wild, that you’d love to make happen, but you always knew, like, no way. Mine was what would it be like to pet/touch a tiger….house cats are so soft, are tigers soft? But you know, that’s just not going to happen, right?

WRONG! On Aug 29 we are driving up to Charlestown Indiana to spend 30 min with baby tigers!!!! White ones and orange ones and we can touch them, pet them, etc!!!!!!!!
A co workers of mine did it this past weekend. When she said she was going to, I thought, yeah, they will probably touch them thru a cage or something. Nope 12 week old tiger cubs, you can sit in the floor with them (in a group) and interact with them for 30 min. There are other critters too, squirrel monkeys, baby otters, etc….
Wasn’t too bad on price, $27 per person.
SOOOOOOO I’m over the moon excited about that!
Ya’ll have a great day!

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Much thanks to STEVE for a nice new thread and to JUDIE for the feather producing call over!

JUDIE, Autumn is already in the air here,too. Some leaves already falling, mornings feeling cooler. I'm sure there is plenty of hot air left in Mother Natures summer bag, however. Love your reminiscences!

GLO, hoping for normalcy to set in again for you and yours!

ANDY, happy to hear you're back In The Pink, prayers for Ken.

JANET, hope Michael's spider bite continues to dissipate and heal. Ouch!

LOLLY, glad Jacob is getting the dental attention needed--my Julie and my grandson, Cooper both had similar situations when they were teens. All taken care of with a bit of surgery and braces and now Lookin' Good!!

A shout out to LYNNE's 1 and 2--have a happy hump day!

Yep, SHIRLEY was under the influence of something last night--hiccups ☺.

JO, hoping for the best as you learn what the next steps in recovery are!

Prayers for all in need!!!


Kay said...
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Kay said...

My delete, first time I've had a duplicate post in a long time, boo-hiss!

Sandi said...

Hi all - home from tennis to find a new thread. Thanks Steve and thanks to Judie for the call over.

Need to get a birthday card mailed to my nephew Michael whose birthday is on Friday and also buy replacement sunglasses for the ones I broke during the car ride home from WV last week. I think I'll ride my bike and avoid the need to drive around looking for a parking spot in town and also having to pay a meter. Still not sure what the rest of the day will bring for me but I hope everyone enjoys their day!

Janet, petting tigers - very cool!!


Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥
It is breezy out there so I opened the house and turned off the air - feels great.

No plans today - I do feel like a head cold so I have a pulmonary dr appointment tomorrow morning.
I do also have a call back for his Nurse in case he would get me started on an
antibiotic. I wish all dr offices would leave about an hour for the cases that call in
like me to get an appointment the same day.

I am also waiting for a call to schedule my 3 days for the Cyber-knife. This is mainly
advised as a precautionary procedure - gets those ugly cells that you can't see - the ones that are hiding. I was impressed with my radiation dr yesterday.

Mema Jo said...

Thank you Steve for the mid week fresh new thread

I need to go back a thread and see the Early Birds comments

Congrats Judie on yet another feather ♥

Mema Jo said...

Andy - prayers today for Ken to successfully receive a new pace maker or at least a new battery. You sure did have a go around with whatever it was - I so dislike that knocked down dragged out feeling. Andy do you wear glasses and have regular eye checks.
Hurting eyeballs would concern me a little bit. You take care of yourself and Ken too.

Mema Jo said...

Well Sandi I can tell you read in detail our posts - good to know others do the same as me. Question: Who is Donna - Michael's wife... Very quiet happening at a WV church.
Incidentally they are having lunch this Friday in Bethany. I don't know the friend that invited them but I reminded Donna that Denny and Sandi live in Bethany and perhaps
this gentleman may know you all. I didn't get his name - Bad Jo.......

Mema Jo said...

OK Where is JudyE ??????????????

Shirley you gave me a good laugh before I went to bed with your stuttering!
I knew you were in VA BEACH - lol

Lolly - one of my greats had to have 2 baby teeth extracted - they popped right out and then in came his permanent. He is very handsome and didn't need braces. Sorry
Jacob had to experience this............. When older and if ever a root canal he'll then know baby teeth were a piece of cake!

Janet - glad you found out about that spider bite - I suppose now Michael knows that if her ever sees red lines again - to take it serious. Thank goodness for moms who take care of their 'grown' children. ♥

Mema Jo said...

Lolly - where do we send our plaque base orders so that Jack can get started making them? It is beautiful

Sandi said...

Jo, I admit there are times I skim the blog posts but I cannot believe that I missed a mention of Michael getting married!!!! When did this happen?????

Off to the beach - bye!!

Sandi said...

Jo, what a fabulous video of Elliott waving hi!! He is just precious!!!

Bye for real!

Judie said...

Michael? Donna? Michael + Donna? I wondered but thought Jo meant friends named Michael and Donna.

Jo? Please tell me my studmuffin Michael with the Lennox Blue Eyes is not married! I told him to wait for me! lol Sending wishes for happy hearts and a happy life. Hope your cold is just a minor sniffle and doctor/nurse gets in touch asap. Feel better, please.

I think JudyE is working today.

Sandi, good luck on your bicycle-powered shopping trip. Lovely day for it.

Janet, tiger touches? How exciting that will be. Enjoy every moment and give an extra touch from the momsters.

Had to have four permanent molars extracted at age 12. Jaw too small for all adult teeth. Did fine. Jacob will be fine.

Oh, forgot to include how important civil rights/social justice were to us back then.

JudyE said...

245 PUNCH TIME for lunch

sign on and find a new thread


JudyE said...
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JudyE said...



JudyE said...

I is here JO
working 9-6 today I asked my AM if he could fix the schedule that is in two weeks that has me 9-6 3days and ne 8-5 to 7-4 He said he would I implied I think its for the good of the store after all I can't do on hand changes after 4 and with me working after its hard to try to remember to do the next day so I think he saw my point

and I miss out on Jordyn gym when I work till 6 so all I can do is ask and hope he changes it

JudyE said...

I am watching brook falls brown bear cam no bears but I love watching the water falls so relaxing No eagle in nest I also has the on link that shows all calf cams but no eagle bummer

JudyE said...

I forgot to comment this am I miss my desktop Still need to disconnect it and bring to work so Eric can take a peak at it to see what is wrong I have always had it up and running but now with it being kaput I don't I had already packed up the laptop and tablet to take to work and I guess I failed to check in this am

JudyE said...

LYNNE2 I am watchin BEARS at Brook falls

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Gang,
Ken & I just got home from seeing the Cardiology RN. They checked out his pacemaker on their equipment, and it's not quite as urgent as they thought. It needs to be replaced in the next 4-6 weeks, but it's not an emergency or anything close. We have an appt. on Monday the 17th for a pre-op check. They'll do blood tests, review prescriptions, and probably take a chest x-ray. Then they will consult with the surgeon and with us, to figure out the soonest possible outpatient surgery date. The surgery generally takes an hour, and about 6 hours later Ken will be able to come home. His current leads are in excellent shape, so they don't need to replace them. They will re-use them with the new pacemaker. They said that our unit we have at home to check the pacemaker over the phone is now old technology, so they'll give us a new unit that can work by WiFi or by cell phone. It shows more information than the old unit, too. Sounds good.

On the way home from Kaiser Permanente we stopped at Farmer Boys and shared a big order of fried zucchini for lunch. YUMMY! And as a result, I'm in need of a short nap. I see my feet going up in the very near future. After that, I'll have to read back and see what's happening with everyone. BBL.

Judie said...

Good news Andy. So glad the issue is not at crisis level. Kubby, and you, added to prayers for the 17th.

JudyE, hope you get your schedule the way you want it.

Off t the scullery

Lolly said...

Howdeeee! It was 10 yo Jacob that had teeth pulled yesterday. All went very well. Orthodontist came out and said the tooth pulling went great, giving him the shot before hand was something else! Lol. He said he could see it now.....6'6" grown man scared of shots. Laurel added ...shots and frogs! Too funny! Now they wait to see how the permanent teeth come it, and then decide what else needs to be done. Actually, his teeth are very straight coming in. Joseph, who is 14 has already had braces and his teeth are beautiful!

Cakes are made and decorated, ready for baby shower tomorrow! Whew! Glad to have that done!

JudyE said...

ANDY so happy that it isn't as bad as you had thought and amazing that he will go home so soon It amazes me the technology now days in the medical field

LOLLY them shots hurt like hell from the dentist I don't care how much numbing agent they put on the qtip it hurts

JudyE said...

have you even been disappointed in your cheese I bought Gouda and Munster cheese I love I guess my taste buds are on strike Just taste bland

Sandi said...

Hi all - beautiful day on the beach! Hope it was as nice for Shirley in VA Beach.

Judie, I'm glad I'm not the only one who missed that Michael had gotten married. Jo, are you sure you announced this wedding on the blog?????

Andy, I'm glad that Ken's pacemaker replacement can be scheduled rather than an, "Oh my goodness, we need to get this thing replaced right now!!"

Lolly, just saw your eagle plaque on Facebook. Can I place an order for Jack to make one for me???? Just lovely!!

JudyE said...

I am unable to get the live feed u . I had it then it went fooey

And I don't recall him getting married also

JudyE said...

SANDI you can go to any craft store and homedepot and get plaque wood that they have different sizes

JudyE said...


the dentist you all go to do they have a rule no parents allowed with children
Angie found a ped dentist and that is there rule I remember when I went to one when the kids were little we were allowed in

Sandi said...

Judy, plaque wood from a craft store wouldn't be nearly as nice as what Jack made for Lolly! I want what she got!!

Also, my boys both went to a pediatric dentist when they were little and my sister worked as the receptionist there. Their policy was that parents did NOT accompany their kids when cleanings/fillings/treatments were done.

JudyE said...

I think the STILL CAM IS KAPUT along with the live feed Its should be getting dark on the still but not
and if we had the clock we could tell but can't without it

JudyE said...

thanks for the info SANDI and you really should check out Michaels they do have some cool plaques I may get the one that looks like a slice of tree trunk cutting but with it round may not look good will see

JudyE said...

I like the look of the round one and was going to put a pic of when I was up there also on it

Judie said...

Goodnight everyone.

Sandperson is near ready for departure.

Restful sleep for all.

stronghunter said...

Good evening,

Sorry about the stuttering last night. I was in the same room with Hunter and Kathryn, and he was complaining about the little clicks my keyboard was making because he was trying to go to sleep--remember this is the same kid who complained that my Scrabble game was too noisy for him. Anyway, I noticed the stutter, but decided not to make any more clicks by trying to fix the problem.

I am still behind on reading the posts. I did see that our Michael is married. Congratulations, Michael.

Weather at the beach was truly delightful. We spent most of today outdoors enjoying the beach. There were lots and lots of people out there.

For now, I am saying good night. SED, everyone.

Mema Jo said...

Goodnight to all ♥



Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends.

Jo, I'm thinking you thought you told us that Michael had gotten married but you didn't - blame it on the chemo! ;)

On Monday, I emailed someone in the payroll dept. about how I will be paid for my accumulated sick days at retirement. Retirees are paid 1 day's pay for each 2 days of accumulated time. During my 9 years as a teacher, I accumulated 55 sick days. This coming year, I will get 10 days. The reply
I got back said that this year's 10 will be added to the 55 and, next July when I retire, my pay out for ALL of the days will be based on my para salary!!! How's that for the epitome of unfair??? If I had used all 10 sick/personal days each of the past 9 years (like my BFF did every year), I would have been paid for them at my teacher salary. But since I chose to be responsible and not use sick days unnecessarily, I'll be paid for them at this year's salary which is about $100 a day less than what I made as a teacher!!! Obviously I am in the process of appealing this response - have emailed the district superintendent and the state of DE.

Waterslide today for Jacob & Rebecca. Fingers and toes done for me. Then we're going out to dinner on the boat this evening.

Have agreat day all.

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Just a quick hello. Chris and Meaghen are getting ready to go back to Colorado today. We will miss them. It has been fun. Now I have to think about getting ready for hosting my bridge club on Wednesday and getting in touch with Cousin Virginia about her visit. Not sure if they will happen at the same time. Then, in between, I need to get my Euros for the trip to France. And I have invitations from 2 bowling groups. Gracious.

Mema Jo said...

Headed out to Dr concerning my Head Cold
You all know I am a late starter - Sorry for the short message.

Deb just got an update from Steve - As soon as I return I'll post it.
Cams are down for now

grannyblt said...

Good morning

Sandi--all I can say is good luck with your appeal.

Shirley, I hope you are having a great time. My brother lives in Portsmouth, and won't even go to Virginia Beach. He says it has changed so much over the years. , very touristy. But you are a tourist, so have fun.

Glad the pacemaker problem wasn't quite so serious.

The 5 week old kittens are so cute. My neighbor has decided to take both of them. I was seriously considering keeping one of them, but this is really for the best.

I thought I saw Michael with a woman in pictures lately, and thought I had missed ta mention. Congratulations to them both.

Haven't checked the nest today, but presume all is well. Hope our fledglings are doing well.

Kay said...

Good morning Eagle Buds!!!

JO, congrats and much happiness to your newlyweds!

LYNNE1, how nice that both kitties will be nearby so you can watch them grow and enjoy them without all the expenditures that come with pet ownership!☺

SANDI, fingers crossed that your appeal will make sense to someone with clout. What a bummer. Grrrr. This has to be one of the best vacations ever for Jacob and Rebecca!

SHIRLEY, invitations from two bowling groups? You've come a long way, Baby! Good on you!

ANDY, good news on the pacemaker---give us a reminder when the time comes for replacement, please!

Moving on to e-mail, news...but with prayers for all in need.


Judie said...

Good morning.

My goodness. So much good news.

Shirley, next thing we know we will be watching you on some televised champion bowling competitions. Isn't it nice to be wanted? Don''t forget to schedule in Hunter's return to school. So glad Chris and Meaghen have had an enjoyable time and wishing them a safe trip home.

Lynne1, so happy the kittens will have a good home and be together. Wonderful outcome. I understand your brother's comment. For Shirley & Co. it was a wonderful respite with sun, sand, ocean, and the smell of salt water. I'm so glad they had fun.

Jo, glad you are headed to the doctor to tend that head cold. Prayers for mild symptoms and a quick goodbye.

Sandi, sounds as if an appeal is absolutely in order and sure hope you win. Seems that policy should have been explained to you at the time you transitioned from teacher to aide. Really does not seem fair.

Lynne2, how are things progressing with the kennel? The new owner?

Kay, when does Seth return to campus? Hope he plans to continue his Friday night visits with you and Penny.

Wishing everyone a lovely afternoon.

Glo? How are you and how are furry critters?

stronghunter said...


Getting ready to load some pictures onto FB and then onto here. Might take me awhile.

Have had some problems with my hummingbird feeder. My big one has a broken hanger loop, so I hung out the smaller one. Yikes! One of the little flower things was missing. The feeder attracted a multitude of honeybees which crawled inside and drowned. I do not want to drown honeybees, just feed hummingbirds.

We witnessed several bee-bird battles. Finally, Stephanie braved the bee invasion and retrieved the feeder. She tossed the whole thing, dead bees and all into the trash. I will have to decide if I should buy another one, but considering what happened with the bees, I may have to give up feeding the hummingbirds for awhile.

stronghunter said...

So, Sandi, did you not retire as a teacher and get re-hired as a para? Goodness me, I hope you get a fair deal on that situation.

Mema Jo said...



Here's where we are at:

We are in the process of redoing the physical infrastructure of the cam. This means we will be burying cable from the tree to the day care to have a hard wired signal to the internet, which is necessary to have a solid and stable HD signal. We have been working closely with The Outdoor Channel to test HD signals and prepare for a switchover to HD.

Clayton has identified a camera that pans, tilts and has a very wide angle lens. It must also be weatherproof, and I'm not sure if he has crossed that hurdle yet. Once we do we will get the final specs yet for a purchase, but that should be very soon. We would pass that information off to you folks to make the purchase.

We have a purchase request in place for the tree work once we have the infrastructure and the camera in hand. We are likely going to have the new cam and the old cam wired, for redundancy and to give separate images simultaneously if that is required at any time. The tree work this time will require additional structure to mount the new cam.

I asked the guys to have all of this work done before the end of the month. Hopefully they will meet that deadline.

Let me know if you have questions, and thanks for your continued support.


News worth waiting for, I'd say

JudyE said...

GOOD afternoon eagle buds Rough night with coughing I hadn't gotten a cough with this cold until yesterday 6 days and then it shows up

JO I hope you dr appt went ok with your cold

JudyE said...

SHIRLEY loved the pic on fb and Hunter in mask I think

funny loud key typing

I remember I would complain about the key sound when I use to record with my camera

but to keep one awake well dunno about that LOL funny kid I think you should write a short story book on him LOL

JudyE said...

LYNNE1 so happy the kittens have a fur ever home

JudyE said...

SANDI so sorry about the sick pay not being fair

I have 192 hours that is the max you can get AND we don't get it when we quite
We only get any vaca if we have it left
I don't think that is fair To me we should be commended on not calling in but that is how they do it

a percent rolls over to personal but not the whole amt

JudyE said...

I am reading it that we are going to have two two camera two views / yeah I am so excited as well as the rest of you are I am sure and it will be worth the wait I was thinking that went the cams went down yesterday I thought this is Aug and they were going to do the install

stronghunter said...

Posted some pictures on my blog. Yes, that is Hunter in the mask.

Judie said...

Thank you so much Shirley. Pictures are terrific. Everyone looks so happy, even the masked mystery man, aka Hunter. So glad you had some fun days.

Lolly said...

Howdeeee! Yep, think Jo just forgot to tell us about Michael getting married! Wishing them the best!

Have watered pots and now just resting until I go to a meeting/dinner/baby shower/swim party! Yep....all activities combined!

We go Sunday to get Jacob for Camp Hawkwood! Making our shirts this weekend. Bought brilliant lime green t-shirts, Jacob's favorite color. T-shirts are going to have on them, Camp Hawkwood 2015 and underneath that. It's a Jacob thing!

Really going to miss Joseph! He is enjoying band.

We are going to tour AT&T stadium, go to Ripley's Believe it or Not, and also going to see an imax movie. Not going to be a full week as he has meet the teacher Thursday night.

Sandi, that just does not sound right! Do protest! Those days were teacher days!! Good grief!

Sandi said...

Wow - is it a beautiful day!! Sunny, around 80 degrees, no humidity, just about perfect!

When I got home from my nail appointment, Rebecca and Jacob were still here. It seems Jacob wasn't feeling 100% so Rebecca wanted to wait to go to the water park and wanted another suggestion for the day. I recommended going all the way down to the inlet in Ocean City to check out the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum and the arcades and shops on the boardwalk. Since that is pretty much a full day trip, we will put off going out to dinner on the boat until tomorrow evening.

Shirley, last June I resigned, not retired. I can't retire until I have 10 years so I resigned as a teacher and was rehired as para for my 10th year. For that reason, this year's sick days will be added to the ones I have already accumulated. Judy I absolutely agree with you that employees shouldn't lose time they've earned by being responsible and coming to work when they are scheduled. Policies like the one at Walmart and what I am facing just encourage people to abuse sick days/time.

Lynne1, I'm glad your kittens will be staying together and am also glad they'll be nearby so you can visit them and find out how they're doing. How nice.

Jo, what great news about the new camera! Sounds like a huge improvement is in the works for our eagle viewing enjoyment! Thanks for sharing the news.

Janet, how is Michael's leg?

Need to check out the freezer and see what I can rustle up for dinner since we're not eating out tonight. Later

Judie said...

Jo, how was the appointment today?

Jo, okay, I guess I must accept that my handsome Michael has found a younger woman and I have been replaced. lol Please let him know I wish him and Donna all the happiness possible. Also, thank you so much for posting the camera update from Steve. We appreciate your efforts to keep us up-to-date. Camera(s) should be a real treat when completed and active.

Shirley, not sure about what to do about the hummingbirds. Hate to think of the hummers going hungry. Do you have any bee guards?

Sandi, too late for a suggestion but know the dinner was a success and hope Jacob is feeling all better.

Okay, off to read a few pages. BBL

glo said...

Good evening everyone. Busy but good day here. Becky is home resting up for the most part. She did make that short drive to school and to pick up Elia which wasn't actually following Docs orders but I kind of understand. She is definitely feeling better today than yesterday.

My fur critters are all doing good. Zoey is feeling really good. Still taking meds for a couple more weeks atleast. Patches learning lots of new things. She is smart little thing :-) Gabby is her sweet talkative self.

Hoping MeMa Jo got some meds for that cold and feels so very much better very soon.

Exciting camera works in the offing I see. :-)

Janet said...

Good evening to all.

SANDI: just read back! Oh my gosh, talk about the epitome of unfair!!! $100 less per day! I don’t’ think so…I’d be appealing as well! Wow

JUDYE: I agree, sick days should not be lost. To me that is penalizing someone.
SANDI: Michael’s leg is still attached and seemingly improving. Thankful!!!
Was up late last night (11 p.m.) because Livvy went to the gym with Michael & Niki. Consequently I have determined that she will not be going to the gym any nights where I have to get up early the next a.m.
Weather was PERFECT today. 88, sunny and low humidity. I was home early. I sent a client home (last one of the day) because she is having heart issues. I need a dr. note. She understands. Anyway, it was noon, phones not ringing, and the sunshine called my name. I came home, worked on an art project, cleaned out some drawers (another project) , and then put on the radio and laid in the pool for a bit.
Now its almost 8 p.m. and I’m sleepy Bed time in an hour….nite all!

Judie said...

Good almost sleepy time. Eyelids are falling down asleep.

Hope Jo is feeling better.

Glo, so happy Becky is feeling better and the critters are all doing well.

Janet, hope sleep comes easily for you tonight.

Sandperson is packing and will depart soon.

Restful sleep for all.

stronghunter said...

I am looking forward to seeing what the new cam shows us. Sounds exciting. Thanks for all of the information, Jo.

I will have to check out a new hummingbird feeder, Judie. I think it was the bee guard that was missing from one of my feeding ports, and that's why the bees were able to get inside the feeder. However, they were crawling all over the other ports as well.

I remember reading that one way to solve a bee problem is simply to move the feeder. Birds are smarter than bees, so they should find it. At least that is what the article said. We do not want to hang it where it was before--right outside the back door. That created all kinds of problems because it's where we let Luna out. We had to take her out front so we did not have to deal with all of those bees.

Quite a few hummingbirds came along and were not happy about the bees. Sometimes they chased the bees. Sometimes the bees chased them.

stronghunter said...

Yawning. Need to say good night. SED, everyone.

Mema Jo said...

Latte Late evening ...

Time to let these eye lids close....

I did get antibiotic and cough med from my pulmonary dr today...
I just want this stuffy nose to leave!!!

Goodnight to all and SED and AOYP ♥

Ms Bookworm said...

Hi, Everyone,

Well, I'm happy to report that I woke up this morning feeling absolutely 100% healthy! Was able to walk 3x around the Brea Mall with Ken, without feeling absolutely done in. After that, went to the lab and got my blood drawn. They are checking my cholesterol and my A1C. Have a Dr. appt. on Monday to discuss both.

I'm really glad, too, that Ken's pacemaker wasn't an emergency thing. There were 2 times in the past when it was! The last time, in 2009, he went in to the Cardiology office to have it checked, and the computer screen said, "EOL". He asked what that meant, and they said, "End of Life"! The stupid thing had been that way for over a YEAR!!! They hadn't called to check it for that long! He went to the office at 4:30, and by 5 pm he was calling me to let me know he'd been checked into the hospital! I rushed down there, they took him into the operating room, and he was back home by 11:00 pm. However, I NEVER want to have to go through THAT again!!! The time before that, the pacemaker lost it's 2 lower speeds, and only the fastest speed was working! If Ken got up and walked around really fast he felt OK, but if just sitting, he felt awful! That one was an ER trip. They changed to a different brand pacemaker that time. Never a dull moment!

Mema Jo, I hope you are feeling better and got some meds from your doctor. Prayers are ongoing, as always. Feel better, pronto! ♥

Glo, I'm glad that Becky is feeling better. Prayers for her speedy recovery, too. Glad the critters are all doing well!

JudyE, sorry you have a cough! Hope you manage to sleep better tonight. Prayers for a fast recovery!

Wow, the new camera system should really be nice once it's working! Can't wait!
Thanks, Jo, for keeping us posted on that.

Sandi, I hope your appeal helps, and you get fairly reimbursed for the sick time.

Shirley, hope you can figure out a way to feed the hummers without bee interference. I'm with you--don't want to drown bees, or have a bee problem right by a busy entrance to your home.

Well, I'm getting pretty sleepy, so better say goodnight for now. SED, everyone, and God bless! I ♥ us!!

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends. 60 degrees here - slept with the house open to hear the ocean. Another beautiful day is in store.

Jo & Judy, I hope you are both feeling better. Summer colds suck - actually, all colds suck!

Glo, good to hear that Becky is healing & recovering well.

Shirley, I have 3 feeders and have had to deal with ants but never bees. We have lots of hummingbird action right now - I love hearing them when the AC is turned off and watching them chase one another away from the feeders.

I think my r key may be not working correctly - so far this morning I have had to retype fiends and from to add the r. Then again, maybe it's the typist who isn't working.

Tennis for me from 8-10. Rebecca and Jacob are going to the water slide and go carts and then we'll go out to dinner this evening on the boat.

Have agreat day all.

Mema Jo said...

Good Red Friday mooring to all ♥

Especially to wish

Happy Anniversary Sandi and Denny
May your love continue many many more years
and happiness be abundant

Judie said...

Good morning.

Happy Anniversary to Sandi and her sweetpea Denny. Have a wonderful dinner on the water tonight and a marvelous year to come.

Hi Jo, glad you got some meds. Feel better soon.

Off to forage for the weekend.

Wishing everyone a lovely day.

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Congratulations are in order for our dear SANDI and her beloved, DENNY! And they said it wouldn't last ☺! Dinner via boat sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate and you have some fine company to enjoy it all with!

Tis' RED FRIDAY, y'all! Tis' TGIF, too! It's just another day in the life for Penny and me and that's a good thing IMO.

JO, thanks so much for STEVE's update on the camera work. Wow, this next season will be wonderful as we observe Belle, Shep and their offspring as never before!

Wahoo, ANDY's feeling 100% again---there is hope for JO and JUDY!

SHIRLEY, sounds like moving the feeder is a good idea! Hope there is a good place where you and the family can see the hummers in all their glory!

Looking forward to check ins by JUDIE, JUDY n' JANET today, hope all got a good restorative nights sleep!

Prayers for all in need!!!


JudyE said...

Good Morning eagle buds

Thanks for the well wishes
one week now with this cold so it has to work it way out of me
staying home yesterday and today trying to rest and sleep as much as the body will allow


Janet said...

good afternoon to all!!!


Hi KAY! I's a chekun in!

Was too sleepy to post this morning....kept falling back asleep and the silly alarm kept waking me up! I finally got up @ 10 after 6!

Wonderful day at work....

Was hoping to go to see the meteor showers tonight, but ugh, its cloudy now. maybe it will clear???????????????????????????????????

not a lot going on. just being lazy at the moment.

everyone needs to get over these colds!

yikes ya'll!

wondering how my oldest daughter;s first week of full time employment went. big adjustments for her and her family...

Michael and Niki are en route to Atlanta to see the NASHVILLE TITANS play in the first preseason game. They will be back late to night or in the a.m.

Think i'll play on here for a bit, maybe cross stitch some, maybe paint, download another library book.....sigh, so much to do, so many

Later ya'll! hugs

JudyE said...





JudyE said...