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New week thread.


Janet said…

I got so excited a min ago I stuttered on the old thread. lol

Morning all!
SANDI: so glad you were finally able to connect with the kids. It doesn't sound like the best situation......but they are together and will figure it out. Continuing to hold them close for the best outcome.

CAROLANNE; I am so sorry for the tension. I know it makes a very difficult situation worse. HUGS and love my friend.

LYNNE2 : YOU are the tease! I thought you FINALLY saw your bear!!! It will happen. It has to happen! We want it to happen!!!!

Weights in the living room? STRONGHUNTER: we used to have a fridge in the bedroom for water. With Tom being diabetic, before he got on the ball and took care of himself, he would be very very thirsty and wanted cold water at the ready.
That fridge died and we never replaced it and the good news is, he takes care of himself no need. But, if I were not on top of things, we would have oddball stuff lying around. No car parts, I don't think....but I wouldn't guarantee that one either. Definitely no weights.

It is 79 here currently and cloudy. I can tell se had a light shower come thru. Very muggy.

I went out about midnight last night (hot flashes, need I say more?) and took a swim. The pool temp was down to 86 and it felt great. I floated for a bit hoping to see some meteors, but we live too close to down town and it is just too light out. (Sad face)

But I cooled down and slept well after! :)

Okay, so let me get moving here. Stuff to do. Hope everyone has a glorious day!

(((hugs))) all around!
Mema Jo said…
WOW Janet - LUCKY LUCKY YOU - A feather for your headband ♥

Thank you Steve for our fresh new thread to start our week.
Mema Jo said…
I am going back to the old thread to read all this news that Janet is stuttering about

Lynne2 said…
T hank you Steve!

Glad you were able to chat w/ the kids Sandi! Doesn't sound like the greatest place for them but hopefully they'll be out in that month!

WOW it's a gloomy day here! The kind that makes me want to take a nap.
Lynne2 said…
CarolAnne, I'm so sorry about what's happening w/ your brother regarding your mom's care. Is there any chance that she has an advanced directive making her wishes known in the event she cannot decide for herself?
Lynne2 said…
Judie, Steve does have a primary care Dr at the VA. She calls, he calls back , she isn't available, he is told when she'll call, he sits around and waits, no call comes, he calls back...on and on for over a week now. He has been trying now for 20 minutes to reach ANYONE. No one seems to be answering the phones. OMG. MTBR....
grannyblt said…
Good morning eagle peeps.

Carole Anne, when your Mom goes to whatever facility, there are usually family/ staff meetings at least monthly. Be sure you have expressed your concern to the staff. Good luck.

Sandi, glad to heard from your "kids". , life will sure be different for them for a while at least.

Hoping for a good report from Glo. And prayers continuing for our Jo..
Judie said…
Good morning a second time.

Thank you Steve for the Monday morning thread and congratulations on the feather Janet.

I was awakened by the chirp of the smoke detector due to a power outage. What better to do than check the blog?

CarolAnne, so sorry about the difference in opinion regarding your mom's care. Perhaps her attending physician/hospital social worker can help your brother understand the prognosis for recovery, both physical and cognitive. Perhaps have someone explain the financial cost of various options.

Sandi, hope you all get some beach time. Weather up this way is overcast. So glad you were able to be in touch with Brian, Lynnis, and Freyja. Seems as if the arrangements are less than ideal so wish they can find a better arrangement.

Lynne2, see if Steve can find an email address for the VA administrator and, in addition to phone calls, have him send emails (electronic paper trail) to his primary with the administrator as CC. He is also entitled to contact the hospital administrator regarding lack of communication regarding critical medical information, e.g. test results/follow-up visits/medications/referrals to other physicians. These doctors are overloaded to an extreme but Steve does have the right to timely communication and medical follow through. Squeaky wheel...

Okay, have begun a Grisham book (Gray Mountain) about the effects of strip mining and illegal mining practices. So, today is a good overcast reading day. Also, may venture out to Walmart to purchase baby stuff -- stuff of which I know nothing.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Mema Jo said…
Good morning to all on this 'about to rain' Monday morning. ♥
Anxious to hear from Glo but like she anticipates, Becky's report may not be known until tomorrow at her post Op dr visit.

From all the comments everyone seems to have a handle on things.

Judie - sorry about the early morning alarms beeping that awakened you. To this house when the alarms beep for the power it also means no oxygen - I have a 5' tank for emergencies.

Sandi I am thankful you got connected with the kids - It is a hardship but they will
make it to the next step. Prayers for their housing to become available.

CarolAnne - so sorry there is sibling disagreement - Worry about your mom is enough
heartbreak - Prayers for you and your brother to come to an agreement for mom's well being.

Today is the MRI - no biggie - just lots of psychedelic sounds. I'll be in touch this late afternoon.

LYNNE2 - your bear will come and at that time I hope you are ready to say,
It's Me Bear
Kay said…
Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Much thanks to STEVE for the new thread and to JANET for the call over as she slips another feather into her headdress!

JUDIE, sorry you lost some sleep due to the power outage--I hate when that happens. Hope a nap is on you afternoon agenda!

CAROLANNE, how sad it is when a family cannot agree on the right care and keeping of a beloved parent. I'm praying for a good outcome for your mom.

SANDI, also praying for a good outcome for the "kids" down Mexico way. Glad they were able to connect with you and do some venting in the process!

LYNNE2, maybe it's time to contact your congressman or woman re:the VA inadequacies. Hope you didn't fall down rolling over with laughter over that suggestion!!! Seriously, I'm so sorry you and STEVE are dealing with such a mess.

Fingers crossed as we wait for word from GLO about Becky!

Julie and Seth are touring Ohio this week--visiting all the Presidential homes and museums the State is so proud of. Hugh is in town so I don't have Malcolm full time. Today is a long day for Hugh, so, if it isn't raining I'll head to their house at 2pm and take the pooch for a walk. He won't budge out the door if it's raining, but is, fortunately, paper trained so no harm, no foul, so to speak.

Rain is a definite possibility today and part of tomorrow--otherwise it looks like a wonderful August week should look!

Prayers for all in need!!!

Kay said…
Good Morning, JO! Will be thinking of you this afternoon! I always request they play Oldies but Goodies for me so the clanks and clunks are muted just a tad. I also have to have a little feel good pill prior to an MRI due to pretty severe claustrophobia, unless the unit is "open sided". Gives me a tinge of angst just to think of it---yes, my thoughts and prayers will definitely be with you today and while we wait for the results to be revealed!

Here's hoping our Juvies are enjoying their freedom and finding plenty of food to eat. I'm sure Belle and Shep are happy for an empty nest and the chance to spread their wings more widely for a few months!

On to a few little chores.....
Sandi said…
Hi all. Cloudy here. Rebecca and Jacob went shopping - I reminded Becca that every day is tax-free shopping day in Delaware so she decided to take advantage. School starts for Jacob next Monday 4th grade.

I plan to start a new book.

JudyE said…



1130 PUNCH
JudyE said…
CA is it possible to talk with someone at the rehab place and mention your concerns
And I don't like the "shell have to start remembering" have u sought legal advise on it best interest of patient
JudyE said…
MRI I would love to have music but there is one issue I want to move and dance lol and they don't like that there so I choose no music because I can't stop the body from doing what it wants lol
JudyE said…
I am sure that Belle and Shep visit the nest tree remember two years ago when we had the tree view well I have pic of them in the tree this time that year

JUDIE so sorry about the wake up in the middle of the night I hate that If your like me you can't get back to sleep at all

LYNNE2 come on down to FL they are have one week bear hunting you could just go and observe over population is why they are having the hunt SAD I dislike it but the bears are getting brave three ladies have been attacked

JudyE said…
1 just read my punch time 130 not ll30 would have been a long lunch
Mema Jo said…
Good afternoon - With an MRI they give me ear plugs or ear phones but nothing
eliminates all of those crazy sounds. My young technician today made me feel so relaxed because he was very explanatory about the procedure. Like giving me details of how long I would be in and then once I came out and got the contrast just how long I would be back before completely finished. The hand control he gave me to use if I had to cough would pause the MRI - that was my only fear due to being told previously that if I coughed they would need to do that part again.... today it was explained to me very
differently. All in All it was a good MRI - Now to see if I really do have a brain !

Feet up BBL
Lolly said…
Good afternoon! I am sure you have a brain, Jo! And a good one at that!

I had a bone density test this morn. Hoping to get off some meds! Wouldn't that be loverly?!!!😜

We have a leetle frig in the study. It is right beside Jack's desk and holds beer. Nice not to fill my refrigerator with beer. Also have a frig in the garage. It hold water and overload from inside.

CarolAnne, so very sorry about the "mom" problems. Prayers that that correct decisions will be made.

Going to shake my rain stick!! Terribly dry here after floods in May. Presently102.6 and still going up! Fern and English Ivy is cooking. Watering does not help!

Going to Laurel's tomorrow. Have a few things to take to her. So will take food for dinner and head up!
Lolly said…
Oh, the Queen will see a bear. I will allow it. Roflmbo
Lolly said…
Oh, and I forgot to mention. Jack has made me a small triangular block of Cherry wood to attach my "I came for the Eagles" plaque. Will not loose it now!
Judie said…
Good afternoon.

Jo, glad the MRI is over and the report will no doubt show evidence of a clean and healthy brain bursting with wisdom.

Continued thoughts for Glo's Becky and CarolAnne's mom.

Big adventure this afternoon. Shopping for baby clothes at Target. Not something I am knowledgeable about. Baby is a friend's first grandson. Will be born already having outgrown onsies. So, two 12 month hoodie pants/jackets warm enough for colder weather along with a set of plastic stacking discs. Some things for later on when all the "baby" stuff is outgrown.

Enjoy the evening hours everyone.

glo said…
Well another day without info UNLESS daughter hasn't had time to share it. She went back to her classroom today. Her post op is tomorrow I am pretty sure it is in the morning. AZ time though so for most of us it will be noon or so before I hear anything. Patches going to Puppy Class tonight. So glad for other things happening to keep me busy in a good way. I do feel positive. I just want to read the word and know it's official. Stay tuned.
glo said…
Glad the MRI is over MeMa Jo. You do have a brain. We don't need any tests for that. We all have lots of evidence. I am not sure if it is as big as your heart is, but it is there. I am so glad Sandi heard from her family. Not the best living conditions but they are young. They will have stories to tell for many a year for sure. Carol Anne I am so sorry fr your struggles with your brother while you are already so very concerned for Mom. Prayers for that whole situation.
JudyE said…
picked up my new presc today No longer doing the biweekly patch $50 vs $4 ermonth
Had to have a consultation with the pharmacist LOL she just wanted to make sure I swallow the pills

but I did leave her laughing so hard I knew what she was going to say and I looked as serious as I could and I said I was going to apply each pill with tape like I did the patch LOL she said she will have to remember that one for a meeting that the attend She loved it
JudyE said…
JO you are on smart cookie now brain acknowledgement need
JudyE said…
keep a ear out last night both were in the attic making noises so maybe tonight also about 8ish last night
Mema Jo said…

We had a 2 minute rain shower - I think tomorrow afternoon we have heavy rain in the forecast. There are some brown spots in the lawn - I really think Hubby just has the blade too low.

I have lots of family birthdays this month of August. There also are a few Momsters
celebrating this month. At the beginning of a new month I get all my cards for children and grandchildren and of course the 13 greats. I should buy stock in Hallmark or other card makers!

I think others heard our Royal Couple up in the attic last night. I wish we could see Belle and Shep every once in a while.

With the rain I know I'm not going to see any shooting stars.
Judie said…
Eyelids keep slipping down making it difficult to read the words on the pages of the book. Must be time to dent the pillows.

Sandperson is packing. Not sure but I thought I caught a glimpse of the Evil Juffie slipping into Sandperson's chariot. Hmmmmm. Keep your doors locked tonight.

Restful sleep for all.
Janet said…
late good evening all.
what a busy day !

it was go go go all day and I find myself tired at the moment. we didn't get a lot of rain, just a very brief shower this morning. will need to water first thing in the morning.

heading to work in the morning. hope everyone sleeps well! sweet dreams!
glo said…
Becky's appt is at 9:30 Nogales AZ time. She reminds me it is Nogales so it will run late. She promises to call and i promise to bring the news here almost first. There is a Pastor who I must call and then I will head to the computer.

Thanks again everyone

Lolly said…
I want a 2 minute rain shower!

Must say that the area where we the May mud slide is looking good. We planted new grass and it has spread rapidly. Just now having to water it. It is a sloping area and water just seeps out of the ground....but no more.

Time to serve jubby pie.

Night all! SED!
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends. I have been up since 6:15 but forgot to hop onto the blog.

Rainy day here - rain is supposed to be an all day event.

Prayers for Becky's post op visit to reveal great news for her.

CarolAnne, I agree with whoever said that the folks at the rehab place should be a good resource for you with your mom (I think it was Lynne1). They will set goals for her in order to go home and live independently and, if she isn't reaching them, they will share that info. with you and your brother.

Have agreat day all. I will be brainstorming with Rebecca to figure out how to keep a 9-year old occupied inside again.
JudyE said…
Goon morning eagle bud 9-6 today and tomorrow
JudyE said…
Please return to the blog you are missed

I don't have graphic in my tablet bummer
Judie said…
Good morning.

Too funny Sandy. A sleeping pill should take care of the nine-year-old. (:

Sort of sunshine/overcast combination with a splash of clouds this morning. No special plans.

Will be waiting for Glo's good news about Becky.

Wishing everyone a really wonderful day.
Judie said…
Oh my, so very sorry.


May the day be very special and may the year ahead by filled with joy.
Mema Jo said…

Happy Happy Birthday Dana
Enjoy your special day
I am wishing a spectacular year ahead for you

Dana had been on family vacation in NC - Just recently returned home and now I'm
sure she is preparing for her new school year.
Kay said…
Good Morning to all Eagle Buds and Happy Birthday to dear DANA!

Our nest doesn't look depressingly empty with that bright green decor. Nice touch, Belle n' Shep!

GLO, so glad Becky is back to her routine and will be even happier when we hear the biopsy report. Prayers!

JO, glad you had a good tech and an MRI experience that wasn't all that bad! Attitude has a lot to do with such things and you are ACES in that dept.---no question about your brain power either!

Just another day in the life here--a typical August day following major storms rolling through yesterday afternoon.

Wishing you all a Grrreaattt Day and saying prayers for all in need.

Mema Jo said…
Good late Tuesday Morning to all ♥

Going to be another hot humid day - not much rain to mention - some throughout the night - it does call for thundershowers and rain today ??? Says it is clear tonight so perhaps I can see some shooting stars.

I have appointment at 4pm today - then I'll know what my schedule will be during upcoming week(s).

Nothing else is planned - well, not true - dinner plans this evening with family.

Waiting for the good word from Glo from Becky
Lolly said…
Howdeeee! Leaving for Denton soon! Traumatic day for Jacob today. He and Laurel went to the dentist last week. No cavities! However X-rays revealed a problem. Jacob went to an orthodontist this morning and this afternoon is having two teeth pulled. They are baby teeth but the permanent teeth behind them are coming in crooked and not pushing them out. They think one permanent tooth will straightened out but the other may required upper braces with a "chain" to pull the crooked tooth in line. The tooth is aimed so that it would come out in the roof of his mouth! This all that Laurel needs. She reports to school Thursday although she has already been working in her room. Joey reported in today. Ugh!

I am ready to head out and we will leave in an hour. Try to beat rush hour traffic through Ft.Worth. Also, there iis miles and miles of road construction from downtown Ft.Worth to Alliance. Interstate 35 is adding lanes. Much needed years ago. No other way to get to Laurel's. 😫

Later Gaters!
glo said…
BENIGN but He is not totally pleased with her healing or that she returned to school yesterday. She has had to call the school and get a sub for the rest of the week. No driving til next week either.

Another follow up in 6 weeks or so just to be sure all is back to normal, which it will be. She is a tough person to sit on and make be still, but she will do this.

Thank you for all you prayers and support.
Judie said…
Glo, I can only imagine the intensity of your relief. Everyone will be ecstatic when they read your post. Happy news indeed.
Mema Jo said…
And the GOOD WORD has arrived!

Blessed Be ♥

glo said…
:-) Yes Judie instant happy tears, Thank God
Sandi said…
Oh Glo, what wonderful news - a huge relief for Becky and for you! Ah yes, it's hard to keep a good teacher down!!

Lolly, sorry to hear about Jacob having 2 teeth pulled - traumatic for him, I'm sure.

Judy, just curious - why did you switch from the patch to pills?

We had a break in the rain so I went to the grocery store to replenish food supplies. Jacob & Rebecca went to the movies, only to discover that all seats had to be reserved in advance! Grrr! So they have reserved seats for the next show - Jacob must have been a bit too whiny on the way back to the house b/c he is now ensconced in his bedroom with no electronics.

JudyE said…
On lunch 244 but not at mnds i home came home
I left my laptop home silly me
I noticed it when I got out at work
JudyE said…
I came home. Wow big boo on sentence structure
JudyE said…

~~~▄▄██▌ Its your Birthday so
▄▄▄▌▐██▌ Let the good times ROLL!!!!!!!!!
JudyE said…
SANDI I switched because the pills are 4 dollars and the patches use to be cheap but now are 50 dollars and seem to go up each year
JudyE said…
GLO so happy for the good news

LOLLY so sorry about the teeth the baby teeth isssue
JudyE said…
the first time that I saw what the inside of the head is with all the teeth in pockets of sort before baby teeth fall out to me was horrific
Just didn't think about it until I saw the pic Just assumed they developed not that we were born with all of them in our heads in a compartment waiting to drop down

ok need to mosey back to work I guess sure would love to stay home don't like this shift till 6
JudyE said…
Hello home from work

NCSuzan said…
Happy Birthday Dana! Hope you have a fantastic day and year ahead.

Glo, happy for Becky's good news. Maybe she will take it easy for a couple of days?
JudyE said…
you gotta see this juvie eaglet wants to play soccfer

Juvie want to play ball also
Janet said…
Good evening all!

Its been a little stressful…..a couple days ago Niki came to me and told me Michael has a nasty bite , possibly a spider bite. He FINALLY showed me and it looked ugly. It had red lines running up his thigh….
I sent him downstairs with Epsom salt, tea tree oil and said soak it. Hydrogen peroxide. Clean it..
He did but it was getting worse. So last night we finally got thru to him and he went to the dr this morning. He is now on antibiotics.
He has no health insurance……and so he went to one of the doc in the boxes. I am just thankful.
Niki already took the meds over to him so he has had 1 dose.
That’s been the biggest thing today. I didn’t sleep well last night concerned about him. I see an early bedtime tonight!
Hope everyone is doing well. HUGS to all!
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
My delete. Eagles were trilling
Judie said…
Janet, all good wishes that Michael will heal without too much discomfort or illness. So sorry.

Glo, again, so pleased that Becky's results were benign. Hugs for you both.

Tis early but Sandperson has already thrown sleepy dust in my eyes. Will be headed to the pillows very quickly.

Restful sleep for all.

JudyE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JudyE said…
My delete stupid tablet

JANET so sorry about bite
Thank goodness for a caring girlfriend
JudyE said…
Well I'm calling it a day
See ya in the am ☼ at Sycamore Sunrise Cyber Cafe
Bless this Nest
and all
♀ ♥ ♂
whom watch it at
Sycamore Palace
Healing thoughts for
those in need

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."
stronghunter said…
Good evening from Virginia Beach,

It's been a fun day. We're at the beach with Chris and Maeghen. Still need to read back on previous thread to catch up.

Happy birthday, Dana.

Happy about your good news, Glo.

Not sure about the situation in Mexico, Sandi, but hoping it improves.

Good advice for Lynne2, Judie. I am sure you have picked lovely baby things.

Must say good night. SED.

stronghunter said…
Good evening from Virginia Beach,

It's been a fun day. We're at the beach with Chris and Maeghen. Still need to read back on previous thread to catch up.

Happy birthday, Dana.

Happy about your good news, Glo.

Not sure about the situation in Mexico, Sandi, but hoping it improves.

Good advice for Lynne2, Judie. I am sure you have picked lovely baby things.

Must say good night. SED.

stronghunter said…
Good evening from Virginia Beach,

It's been a fun day. We're at the beach with Chris and Maeghen. Still need to read back on previous thread to catch up.

Happy birthday, Dana.

Happy about your good news, Glo.

Not sure about the situation in Mexico, Sandi, but hoping it improves.

Good advice for Lynne2, Judie. I am sure you have picked lovely baby things.

Must say good night. SED.

Mema Jo said…
Shirley - I bet you finally made it to Virginia Beach! lol

Dinner was at Cracker Barrel with Michael and Donna and Donna's mom who lives in
Washington State. She has been visiting as her granddaughter's wedding was Sat and this is the first we have met her. It was a lovely time and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Time to hit the hay - Goodnight to all ♥
Ms Bookworm said…
Hi, Everyone,

Dropping in to assure you that in spite of having to fight off a really weird virus (flu?--still not sure), I am once again in the land of the living. Started last week with an ALMOST sore throat and a fever. Next thing was, believe it or not, sore eyeballs! Hurt to move them! Probably part of the fever. Then had a couple of really bad isolated incidents of diarrhea, but it improved quickly after that. Felt sore all over, really tired. Wanted to just lie around with my tongue dragging on the floor! Slept a LOT. Must say, my get-up-and-go got up and left without me! Had some dizziness when I stood up suddenly. Absolutely NO stuffy or runny nose or cough. Still feel about 200 years old, but no fever now, and can function pretty well by taking X/S Tylenol regularly. Geez, that was bizarre! Finally felt well enough to go walk the mall with Ken today.

By the way, the nurse in Cardiology who checks out Ken's pacemaker by phone once every couple of months checked it the end of last month, then again yesterday. She told him the battery is getting slower on it. Today they called, and tomorrow Ken goes in to get checked out in person. I bet they replace his pacemaker while he's there. It's done with local anesthesia and sedation, and he usually can go home the same day. Prayers, please, Momsters & Dadsters! I take NOTHING for granted! I promise to keep you posted, too.

Glo, and Mema Jo, I'm absolutely thrilled about your good reports!!!! Thank GOD!!!

CarolAnne, prayers for your Mom, and your brother and you!

Janet, prayers for Michael with that nasty spider bite! Hope it gets better soon.

Shirley, glad you finally got to the beach. Hope the sand felt good between your toes!

Lolly, my brain is still a little foggy--was it Joseph who had to go to the dentist? That sure doesn't sound like fun. Hope he's better soon! Prayers continue.

Well, I'm going to say goodnight. I'm ready to hit the hay! Need sleep!
God bless, and goodnight. I ♥ us!!
Sandi said…
Goodorming my eagle friends.

Janet, so sorry about Michael but glad he finally went to see a doc and got antibiotics.

Jo, did you have a doctor appt. yesterday to discuss next steps? And who is Donna? Prayers continue for you.

Glo, I bet you slept well last night.

A cool front came through last night. The rain stopped after 10pm but I don't know if tennis courts will be dry enough this morning to play. The next couple of days should be sunny and beautiful with low humidity - I'll leave the agenda up to Rebecca and Jacob but the beach sounds good to me for this afternoon.

Have agreat day all.
Judie said…
Good morning.

Y'all head on over to the fresh Wednesday thread Steve sent us.

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