Thursday, August 27, 2015


New thread.


Judie said...

Thank you Steve for the fresh Thursday thread. Have a wonderful day.

JudyE, please send some rain up the coast and west to Lolly.

Mei provided some fairly good peeks at the baby but now sleeping.

Okay, have a great day everyone.

stronghunter said...

Good morning,

Just finished my first cup of coffee. Kind of slept in this morning.

Waiting for news about Smokey. When I called, they said the vet would be calling soon and that she had some questions. I gave Kathryn's number as the first one to call, so she may call Kathryn.


Allie says hello.

Just saw her walk into the room. When I called to her, she ran and leaped on me with meows and purrs.

Mema Jo said...

Good morning to all ♥
Just signing on and love the fresh new thread on this Thursday morning.
Judie your Feathers are showing ♥

No plans for this beautiful day
Just the usual relaxing - There are times I wish for more activity

Thinking of Wanda as today is Gene's birthday up in Heaven ♥

Need to read morning comments on older thread.

Mema Jo said...

Hi Shirley and MEOW to Allie ♥

stronghunter said...

Vet just called. Smokey is better. Very vocal, but having issues with diarrhea, so they need to see how she is doing later today before deciding if she needs to stay another night.

The vet said that Smokey speaks to everyone who passes by, wanting to know just what is going on. That is our Smokey, and a good sign, because yesterday she was very lethargic.

They still really do not know if Smokey's problems are from the lily plant or from some other issue. We have to wait and see.

stronghunter said...

On the canned food--the kitties are getting canned food with a little dry kitten food occasionally. The literature that came with Allie recommends canned food. We were accustomed to giving canned food already. George had digestive issues and Lucky was so elderly that he seemed to need it.

It is kind of interesting to find canned kitten food at the grocery store. It is there in the middle of the hundreds of cans of regular cat food. I am getting somewhat better at spotting it without a major search. You would think I would learn faster. Next time you have extra time in the grocery store, go look for canned kitten food. :)

A special meow back to Jo from Allie Cat. (Allie--We like that name. It's the one that she came with.)

stronghunter said...

Thanks, Steve, for the new thread. And, again, thanks, Judie, for the call-over. Another feather in your feather-filled cap.

stronghunter said...

Maybe a stroll outdoors today, Jo. At least if the weather we have been having continues.

I need to venture out and check on my feeders. I have been putting out sunflower seeds. They disappear so quickly, but I have noticed a lot of them are on the ground underneath . . . some empty shells, but also some seeds. Maybe they are the ones harder to open or something.

My sunflower in front is working on producing an amazing number of seeds. I hope to see birds go for them when they are ripe. Maybe next year, I will be able to grow lots of sunflower plants and watch the birds enjoy them. Just have to keep squirrels from eating the planted seeds before they can sprout.

stronghunter said...

Thinking of our Wanda.

Kay said...

Good Morning Eagle Buds!!!

Thanks to STEVE for the fresh thread and to the befeathered JUDIE for the call over.

CAROLANNE, may your dear mom rest in peace and may you be comforted with thoughts of good times shared with her.

SHIRLEY, hope Smokey will soon be on the way home---much longer and she and Allie-cat will need some time to gain the get acquainted ground back!

JO, I'm with you--nothing but relaxation today with a minimum of "have to chores".

Sad about the smallest panda, but happy the larger one seems to be getting the right Mei love.

Also very sad about the loss of newswoman and cameraman in VA. Fighting depression over the almost daily senseless loss of life that is a part of our lives.

Prayers for all in need!!!


Judie said...

Mornin' Shirley. Realize now I may have sounded judgmental in my kitty food comment. Did not mean to do that. A friend uses only inexpensive dry food and cat has urinary problems frequently. Not good. Yes, I recall looking for kitten food. I also recall in years past where cat food was cat food. Hope Smokey can come home today.

I think my headdress is getting way too heavy. Passing it along to Mema Jo.

Sure like to think that Wanda will enjoy a sip of Eagle Talon today.

JudyE said...

Howdy on my desk top I have lost google chrome in the process but can always install it not going to do much now just in case He said try it and if it act up he can put in new system so I just will wait and see

JudyE said...

I found it when I plugged in my desktop

JudyE said...

Odd I can't get the live feed to scroll on the IE on the desktop there is no slide on the right side where its suppose to be I may have to install google chrome before I want to in order to watch the cam on my desktop I have slides on all the other sites like FB Blog and the still feed Odd that its not on the live feed Glitch I guess may just wait don't want to push it LOL

Lynne2 said...


and a GOOD ONE it is!

Had my biopsy procedure today and the lumps are CYSTS after all! WOOOO HOOOOO!

Thanks for all of the prayers!!!

JudyE said...


JudyE said...

Google chrome is now downloaded and I guess the live and still cam aren't working again Bummer

JudyE said...

LYNNE2 the @ went instead of the 2 and my desktop is working great not sluggish so far knock on wood

stronghunter said...

Wow! That is excellent news, Lynne2!

JudyE said...

my vet told me that the food that I was feeding my cat which I got from the grocery store and not the vets office was causing issues also but that was years ago Just thought they wanted you to get their food

stronghunter said...

Nah, you did not sound judgmental, Judie. I think you just wanted to be helpful, and I appreciate that.

Goodness, do you think Jo will be able to handle two monumental feather headdresses?

Sandi said...

Just checking in

stronghunter said...

We are giving the kittens Fancy Feast. I did have a vet at a different office tell me that Fancy Feast was full of sugar, but I haven't seen that in the list of ingredients. We have occasionally gone to a feed store for pet supplies, but the grocery store is usually more convenient.

stronghunter said...

Hi Sandi!!

JudyE said...

live feed is back

JudyE said...

gonna check box haven't check it since desktop was down so gonna do it now

the live feed goes down after a bit I really think that its still not working Its like last night at 10 when you turned it on it was light out and now shadows difference as the cam runs it goes down and i bring it back same image I guess we will see at dark

Mema Jo said...

Lynne - Thank God for Cysts.......... Wish they could tell without a biopsy.

JudyE - it isn't that the cams are NOT working - it is that the cams are still being
upgraded - All depends how you want to look at the situation. Soon, I hope the new equipment is completely installed.

Shirley - your suggestion for me to go outside is a good one! Especially while the humidity is very low. I hope Smokey comes home later ♥

Judie - I'll take that headdress since I still have a hairless head ! I will switch yours and mine every other day! I still have my Ball hat to fall back on

NCSuzan said...

Lynne2, I am ecstatic over your fantastic news!!!!!! Awesome!

And my vet no nos canned food!

Shirley, great news for Smokey so far. No telling what she found to put in that little tummy of hers. Hope this is nothing serious.

Judie, hi from NC. Am usually a reader but have been very slack this summer. Everything I have started I've not finished. Hoping it is just a phase!

Have a great day!

grannyblt said...

Good afternoon. I thought I posted around noon, but evidently it didn't "take".

Yay Lynne for the "only cysts" report.

My vet says cats should be on a mostly wet food diet. I think cats need a high protein diet. My kittens don't like any of the different flavor they have been offered, but will eat Fancy Feast dry. I always leave dry food available but momma cat and Wm prefer the canned.

JudyE said...

back from dentist and guess what Long story short I didn't get a crown tooth seems to be slightly loose and so now game plan has changed Did a impression for a temp partial for lower go nest Thur to get it and the one tooth extracted and a bone graft so am not going to be with out bottom partial SO do I call work and try to go back to work or Keep the vacation for two weeks Not my fault things didn't pan out to be what they were suppose to be

Being I am getting the graft and extraction Thur may need the time off HMM am I just making up excuses ya think LOL

and when I got home desktop was froze at 1245 so ran a couple of hours and froze so powered it down and brought it up lets see how long it runs may need to give back to Eric I think

Live feed is up and running looks windy at nest again I drove by tower and no one at home will check later again and again lol
its seems to have stopped raining Haven't checked radar yet

I see nest temp is 77° we are 81° with the rain showers and I saw on news the top of Fl were having fall like weather Jealous LOL

Kay said...

Heard about some additions to the Oxford English Dictionary today. This one I hadn't heard of and it's already in usage enough to make the big book.

Awesomsauce: when just plain awesome just isn't expressive enough.

Works for me as I think of LYNNE2's good news! So happy it's only cysts, dear girl!

Several others were mentioned on the noon news, but they had to do with body parts or functions and I wasn't impressed. I'd heard them used, but find them unacceptable in civilized company ☺. Aren't I a prude, though?

SUZAN, you and I are part of the same "Book Club"---I used to be a voracious reader, but now it comes and goes in spurts. And, I no longer feel guilty when I fail to finish or resort to skimming a book that hasn't grabbed me within the first few chapters. Life is short and there are other things to do! Julie passes their TIME, New Yorker and Science News mags on to me and I often binge read on those.

Kay said...

I think it's awesomesauce. Wonder if it's in the on-line dictionary yet?

Kay said...

Found the list and learned it is not the Bible of Dictionaries, Oxford English, that put out the new list. It is the Oxford Dictionary which specializes in current words and terms. And, it is Awesomesauce. Sounds like some the words and phrases we Momsters often come up with on this blog!

Kay said...

JUDY, isn't this the second time you've gone to the dental office without being able to get the services you were expecting? They are not the working girls friend, are they?

Oh, here's the link for the new words you can not add to your vocabularies:

Just stroke that link to highlight, right click and pick the "open this link" option.

You gals have me cornfuzzled over what to feed cats! Good thing I don't have one!

SHIRLEY, I hope your home will have two cats in residence tonight!

Well, I've finally tired of talking to myself--see you tomorrow!

Kay said...

Freudian slip----I meant new words you can NOW add......

Judie said...

Good afternoon.

Jo, enjoy the headdress. Now neither one will get worn out. And, the ball cap is just full of awesomesauce!

Lynne2, so very happy for you and the good news. Been there and it is worrisome until you know the results. Rest easy.

Shirley, we have used Fancy Feast which our vet categorized as "kitty crack." We have also used Pro Plan which is expensive but mostly protein. Friskees has some good choices, also. We have also used Maxi dry for treats or to leave out for munchies. Anxious to know about Smokey.

JudyE, I think the dental news is good. Keep the vacation. Your employer seems to owe you, I think.

Okay, need to put my feet up for a bit. Standing in line at the military pharmacy then walking through the commissary grocery has created two complaining tootsies.

Lolly said...

Howdeeeeeee! Missed Lynne's comment but gather it was just a cyst! Yea!!! Habby dance!!!

On the subject of kitty food. We go dry food all the way. As Annie got older and we were encouraging her to eat we gave her any can food she would eat. Skippi has dry food out all the time.

Jane and Herbert are expected late this afternoon. They had some problems with the tow connection pulling their car and suffered some damage to the bumper of the jeep. This happened in Wichita Falls but they are repaired and on their way. They will be here until Sunday. Michael and Zach will be here tomorrow night and spending the night. Laurel and boys will be here Sat afternoon. Busy three days!

Our Kite was here this morning but I think it has ventured away. Not out there now. MIss its' calling whistle.

JudyE said...

Weighing in on cat food All the cats I have had have had dry in a self feeder and once a day I would give wet food in evening after I got home from work I was always told dry is good for teeth cleaning also and I always used
fancy feet wet also when I gave it to them and only one had UT issues

Ashley at work Eric is her hubby that looked at puter it still is locking up He thought I wanted it back for vaca and didn't have it long enough for testing I told him with me having lap top and tablet it wasn't necessary to have it back So I am meeting her in the parking lot undercover to give it back to her ( hard drive he thinks he did defrag and thought it would fix it It ran for a while and let me transfer some pic to terabyte before it froze
She also said keep vacation since I will be getting the bone draft and extraction on Thur may want it off and it is owed to me but now I can go out and enjoy it YEAH with the exception of the rainy day we had

and the dentist apologized to me when he said two weeks that was for the crown three visits to get it the first would be temp then post if needed and then the crown I think that is the procedure that is listed on my estimate and I thought he meant for the partial on the bottom that takes more that two weeks he said so I am getting the temp partial next week with the procedure bone graft doesn't sound pleasant and it will act as my bandage for my extraction So I won't be bottom toothless
and getting all this done with insurance before I retire
don't know if madicare does dental will have to do a supplement when I go full retirement but using walmart insurance till then

stronghunter said...

Vet sent Kathryn a text saying that Smokey is better but needs to stay at the hospital again tonight. I think she tried to call her first. Sometimes Kathryn isn't at her desk when we call. She's busy with customers or doing other

The vet I had for George thought canned food was better for critters. Funny how opinions differ. I have heard Fancy Feast called kitty crack, too. I think it refers to the fact that most cats love it and might not want anything else once they have had it. We went with it for the kittens because it was the kind of kitten food available. The feed store has a nice variety and people who can advise us.

stronghunter said...

Medicare does not do dental. Sometimes I get a discount on things with my AARP card, but not sure about dental. And, you might get something from medicare on procedures that are considered medical rather than dental. It gets complicated.

Sandi said...

Hi all!

Lynne2, talk about answered prayers!!! Hallelujah!! What wonderful news!!!

Judy, sorry about the laptop. Take the vacation - a bone graft and a tooth extraction don't sound like much fun!! If you don't take the vacation days you'll lose them, won't you??

Shirley, glad to hear that Smokey is perking up but sorry that she has to stay another night at the vet's. I'm sure she misses you as much as you miss her.

Nice day on the beach today with my teacher friends. Need to throw something together for dinner.

Have any of you watched House of Cards?? We have been binge watching it and we're almost finished season 1. Two more seasons to go, each with 13 episodes. Very entertaining but I sure hope it doesn't paint an accurate picture of Congress!!

JudyE said...

SANDI laptop is fine its the Vista Desktop my 8 year old baby

SHIRLEY good news on Smokey poor baby will be happy to see you all tomorrow

JudyE said...

nope never see it What channel is it on

glo said...

Lynne 2 I am so happy for your good news. I surely understand the weight that takes off of shoulders.

Fancy Feast and of course and awesome vet has saved Zoey's life. And yes Gabby much prefers it too as she is well pleasingly plump for sure. I try to curb what she gets and supplement healthy weight and yet still try to get enough to Zoey to continue the weight gain she needed after her illness. I think she is pretty much back up to a nice weight now though. Gets 1/4 of a very tiny pill for 2 more days and then the same tiny 1/4 every other day til gone.

Patches may get to go on a doggie swim Sat. Considering she had never even walked in the grass until 4 mo ago and definitely does not like wet grass this could get interesting. However she does love other dogs and the small ones get to swim first. Stay tuned. :-)

JudyE said...

GLO that should be a interesting experience for both of you Are you going to do a video ?

Mema Jo said...

Glo, perhaps peer pressure will get Patches' feet wet !

Sandi - Hubby loved House of Cards

Shirley I hope that one more night at the vets does the trick and that Smokey comes home tomorrow - I bet Allie is wondering around looking for her.

Kay - I'll try to remember 'awesomesauce' - I could use that one a lot.

Hubby and I and youngest son and wife just had dinner down here in the valley at
The Main Cup. Always a pleasant atmosphere.

I had a ggs go to Pre-K today. I'm anxious to hear all about it.

I am going to watch Miss Marple tonight 7:58 to 10:41pm on WETA . I am so hoping that I haven't see it before - but it was made in 1984. Hopefully even if I did see it I won't remember it...... (That happens a lot)

BBL Hopefully to say Goodnight
If I don';t return then you know I wish you SED with AOYP

Lynne2 said...

Well, I know you've all just been waiting for MY cat food 2 cents worth...LOL!

Cats are obligate carnivores. Dry food is full of grains/carbs that they were never meant to deal with. Yes, it's much cheaper, and a whole lot the short term. But I've seen way too many problems as cats age...hyperthyroidism, kidney failure, constipation, UTIs, diabetes. I personally believe that these things happen largely in part to the unnatural diets, namely dry food.

My own Joker spent 2 years with idiopathic inappropriate urination and constipation. He was put on a prescription "urinary health" food, which loosely translated means it has more sodium so they drink more water to keep things moving in both urinary tracts and bowels. Dry food in general has very little moisture, and cats aren't big drinkers. So I put him on canned food only and he has had NEITHER problem for over a year now.

Having said that, all canned foods are not created equal. Fancy Feast is great but you must be careful. The sliced and meaty bite varieties will have wheat in them to make the gravy and for filler. I use only the classic Beef, Poultry and Turkey. So whichever food you use, and it's been said that ANY canned food is better than EVERY dry food, just check for grain content and try to avoid too much of that kind.

There has also been a school of thought among vets for years that as cats age, the amount of protein they should have should be decreased in an effort to prevent kidney damage. But that has started to turn tide as well. SO many older cats are very thin with normal bloodwork and now the thinking is that they need as much or MORE protein as they age, not less.

glo said...

sorry Judy No video but a friend may snap a few photos for me. I will only bring a small point and shoot. I myself will be watching my dog VERY CLOSELY. She still bolts unpredictably if frightened and we will certainly be in a strange environment for her. I am hoping she loves it. Just don't know what to expect. Stay tuned.

JudyE said...

Awesomesauce is on a commercial with the twins on the telephone

JudyE said...

nest is now dark

Judie said...

Dinner over. Scullery in order.

Watching Miss Marple. Always amazes me how much I continue to enjoy the Agatha Christie mysteries no matter how many times I've read the books and seen the British productions.

Glo, will be anxious to hear about Patches and the swimming experience. Hoping it will be such a fun experience.

Sandperson says departure will be at 10pm.

Restful sleep for all.

stronghunter said...

I gave George prescription cat food for years, then I decided to go with regular canned food. He did beautifully. Susan did some research on prescription foods and concluded they weren't so great. I do not have the expertise of our Lynne2, so I can't provide the details, but George and I were happy to give up the prescription food.

stronghunter said...

I am sure Allie is missing Smokey. The little rascal decided to wake Kathryn by kneading on her face at about 4:00 this morning. She is very affectionate.

Janet said...

good evening to all!

LYNNE2 super news!

JUDYE: take the time off I say. No excuses! 

Chiming in on kitty food: dry only here. I was using NUTRO, about $20 a bag. Natasha has an allergy to grains. If I feed them food with grains, she breaks out in scabby bumps. But the catch is they only like chicken flavor. I guess NUTRO quit making chicken and potato I can find duck and potato or salmaon and potato, but no chicken. Found another brand, similar priced, grain free and switched them to that.

But we have to feed them 3x a day. If I leave food out, Natasha will eat until one of two things happen…1. The food runs out or 2. She explodes.
Was a gorgeous day. Work was good. Pool was good. Had some time with the younget granddaughter. Life is good.

Nite all!

stronghunter said...

Oh, Janet, your description of Natasha reminds me of George. We could not leave food out for him or for any other pet in the house. He would eat until he threw up. Cat food or dog food. Kathryn had always kept food out for Luna so she could eat anytime. When she brought Luna here, we put a little wet food or something tasty in Luna's food to encourage her to eat it all immediately. Now she expects that treat every feeding.

I have to say good night. Brain is wearing down. SED, everyone.

Sandi said...

Goodorming my eagle friends - it's Friday. 58 degrees here in August!

Jo, prayers continue for you.

Shirley, I hope Smokey rejoins the Phillips household today.

Brian, Lynnis, Freyja, the dogs & the cat have moved to another apartment. Lynnis says it has a working washer and dryer and the building is full of Americans which she really likes and it's close to the Embassy which Brian likes. But they don't think they will be able to stay where they are now - we shall see.

Tennis for me at 8am - will be wearing a sweater, at least to start!

Have agreat day all!

Janet said...

good morning all.

SANDI: good news! ;)

STRONGHUNTER: Natasha has been known to eat anything and everything. She tried to knock a cake (in a cake container) off of the counter the other day. Thankfully I had weighted it down. Even tomatoes. The cat will eat a darned tomato! We cannot leave ANY type of food out, human or fubutt. She WILL indulge.

She is to say the least, my challenge.

Feeling sluggish this morning. Snuggled up on the sofa in my robe, but must get to moving and a grooving1

Have a great day to all! <3

stronghunter said...

Good morning,


George once chewed his way into a bag of dog food that was on the counter top and ate God only knows how much. He ended up in the hospital. I think that event might have cost me nigh onto $1,000.

Lynne2, so what is the story on dogs and dry food? Luna gets dry food mixed with soft food, cat food, or human food---she loves green beans. Water--well, I just found her drinking from the toilet, but I try to keep a bowl upstairs and one downstairs. (I try to keep all potties closed. Smokey has already found potty water, unfortunately.)

Tomatoes--I haven't had cats eating tomatoes except for one who stole a tomato from the refrigerator when I was a child--but Luna will eat every tomato she gets hold of. There are several tomato plants growing in my backyard thanks to Luna. I do not feed her tomatoes, but she is a counter surfer. I have to keep tomatoes, bread, and such out of her reach.

Oh, Sandi, I do hope Brian and family can stay at the apartment they like. Being around other Americans is a plus. I am sure it's nice to be able to make connections to home. And a washer and dryer, especially with a small child, is essential. Don't know how it is in Mexico, but around here, you can spend a fortune at a coin laundry, not to mention all of the time and trouble it takes.

stronghunter said...

Whoops--Natasha belongs to Janet. Please pardon the confusion. I have only had one cup of coffee this morning. Looks like I need another one.

stronghunter said...

Cool here, too. I was surprised when I let Luna out. Feels more like late September.

grannyblt said...

Good cool here too morning. It is to be back to high 80's for the next 10 days, however.

My grand dog, the beautiful Irish Setter Rojo, is also a food thief. One time when I was visiting he got into a container of blueberries . We don't know if he ate any, but he sure managed to scatter them everywhere. Katie has to keep every food item put under lock and key--so to speak.

Judie said...

Good morning.

Jo, thinking of you today as every day. Hope you enjoyed Miss Marple last night. I had seen it so switched to Inspector Lewis then my eyes fell down asleep. Hope the afternoon is an easy one followed by an ice cream cone.

Mei is sleeping and the Sycamore Palace is redecorating it's summer attire with its autumn leaf decor.

Good grief. Furbabies can be very challenging, yes? But oh how we love them.

Shirley, anxious for Smokey to be declared well enough to come home.

Sandi, good news for Brian & Lynnis and Fryeja and critters. Hope they will soon be settled anywhere they can be happy and safe.

Sunshine, blue sky, cool morning. Wishing everyone the loveliest day possible.

glo said...

Good Morning Head on over to new thread